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Sunday, July 25, 2010

yoz webby.
has been quite some time i last update :P

too busy w work ah..

so here goes :

wed 14 jul
morning busy w work
then lunch w alice n cyndiie.

wanted to work, but system down.
dotz, so end up cutting my nails.
then ard 5pm head for department meeting.

ard 6-30pm, head to dhoby to meet up w wenfu to go Semb shoppin center.
met up w cyn n lui peng,
then makan chi food.

tried ice milk tea w red bean for the 1st time (i mean ice milk tea).
ordered tat drink due to red bean . :P

after which we chatted till abt (+.
head back to semb mrt station.
lui peng head for home 1st.
then remainin 3 of us head to mac to continue watchin photo.
& the session ended when cyn laptop died on us..
afterwhich head for home..

thur 15 jul :
work til 9+
hav to thank wenfu for sending moi milk n bread.
if not will be hungry n cant work due to coldness.

fri 16 jul :
had meetin at HQ for NDOC event
then ard 6+
train back w elvin.
the train is damn packed.

return home, chiong animes..

sat, 17 jul :
slpt till 1
head to makan ard 3+
then chiong manga,
dad feelin bored,
drag moi go joggin.
as moi super long time no jog,
still it gentle
dun wanna strain myself.
then continue abit of exercise at the exercise corner before heading home.

dinner was at ave 5..
& went back home..

sun, 18 jul :
wake up ard 9+
continue manga mania.
head to makan at adm.
slack at home, watch TV - documentary w my bro
& updated the song list in my mp3.

mon, 19 jul :
work non-stop
then head to marina sq to meet up w wenfu before headin for k session.
had k dinner buffet.
waited for cyn to come in too.

the method of selection now changes.
not user friendly.
& the words are so hard to read as the font is rather small for me...
ended ard 10.
& we headed home..

wed, 21 jul :
head home ard 6 as work somehow able to pile up..

thur, 22 jul :
hav 2 NDOC meetin at 11am & 5pm.
work till 8,
then met up w xiao mei at PS.
walk ard abit, before heading to LJS to makan dinner.
then head for home.

previous nite had drop her bag & her wallet drop out,
since it dark, unable to see anything.

fri, 23 jul :
chiong my work thru, though had 2 meetings too.
finali by ard 7, cleared up my work
afterwhich walk to raffles city to meet up w ber wa wa & wendy jie.
then head to find food to eat.
then waited for pris jie to come.

makan at the asian kitchen.
ordered food & waited.
moi food delicious.. :)

then after eatin so full,
head to marina sq to watch movie.

the movie was great. everyone in the cinema sat from start till end.
then rush to catch the last train home.
so tired.

sat, 24 Jul :
Happy birthday, Mummy ^.^

morning wake up.
see parents n xiao mei head to RP for xiao mei 2nd yr awards.
got merit award for some module.

afterwhich ard 12+ or 1.
they come back,
then all head out to Alexandra to makan
xiao mei head back to work.
then parents n me head to chinatown.
collect the Aug trip tix.
& shop ard abit.
& then head back home..

which is ard 6.
then i head to rest abit cos not feeling too well.
then nite all head down to makan dinner.
& back home.
watch movies - karate kid n the last airbender.
dun noe where mei hav the source.

watch till 3+
before heading for bed.

sun, 25 jul :
wake up ard 10+
then finish my anime,
watch some novels (currently the 3rd one)
& watch documentarys on how the china young kids train for the olympics dreams
frankly its reali ver cruel.
the whole family hopes on the child's shoulder when they are less than 5 yrs old?
& away for their parents
reali see le ver heartbroken..
see how the young faces the torture of the demand of the sports that took
& how they face the pressures.
reali is unbearable when they end up not being able to make it..

sally now going for dinner..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

yoz bloggy.

have been a wk plus since i last update..

tues, 6 jul
lunch was w azhar, jamaliah & alina.
went to search for our props
& makan at bugis - qi ji

at end of day,
head to marina sq to meet up w cyn n wenfu.
camp at HMV, citylink to wait.

then make our way to marina sq.
initially wanted to go listen to music along dinner.
but that ming ge resturant is playing chiong yao.
so we gav it a pass.

end up we went hunting for dinner.
after walking such a big round, yuan lai the resturant we are looking for is actuali juz beneath.

got a seat n seat to makan.
then servin of food is reali big
the bowl also ver de big....

ard 11
we head for home...

wed, 7 Jul :
after lunch,
rush back to office to go level 6
to go find colleague to bring me to CAD to record statement as requested by the officer.
quite a fast one.
then bus to office.

afterwhich, rush for crm but it stop juz infront of me.

so postpone.
nvm, afterwhich head to see the NDOC segment practice.
quite a interestin one.
so by the time i finali settle to do work is already after office hrs.
so end up i work till 8+ before makin way home..

thur, 8 Jul :
had ndoc meeting at 2pm w main characters.
then back to work after an hr.

ard 5
have another ndoc filming goin on
so by the time im done, is already 6+
then made my way to chinatown to meet up w my mum.
we wanted to book for bangkok trip in aug.
so after walkin round,
manage to find one.
so made our purchase on the spot.

after which, we makan & went to shop for cheap deals
cab home..
listen & discuss music/songs w bro & sis before goin to slp.

sat, 10 Jul :
morning woke up n head to yishun w bro to buy bread n to meet up w our cousins.
goin pulau ubin for gatherin..

so makan n waited for all to gather before takin the bumper boat to ubin.
rented bikes
moi dun noe how to ride bike,
so ke lian my bro to share the double bike w moi.

then off we go..
road quite tough to travel.
also climb the tower n have makan there.
makan bread, enjoy the greenary..

then continue to walk to see the sea..

the overall feel is cool..

then upon seein the clouds,
we decide to return back to mainland.
so returned bike,
& boat back to singapore.
makan lunch/dinner at the market n bus home.

tiring day.
think i was usin the lappy halfway till i went to room to slp on my bro's place..

wake up ard in the afternoon.
then head to makan w dad at adm.
had a good chat w dad.

head home,
then rest awhile & head to northpoint to meet up w my mum.
head to library to kill time.
then went to shop for my dad's top.
then head to makan chix rice.
& back to northpoint to shop giordano & mum bought jewellery

went over to ntuc,
mum went to stock up while i stood outside to wait..

then we cab home.
so tired.

mon, 12 Jul :
morning busy clearing my stuff n my files.
then afternoon ard 3+ head to HQ to go for ndoc training.
moi stuck at the control room doing the ppt n music timing.

while the others do the 1st rehearsal.
so everything ended ard 6.
then during train journey,
was editin my script w more indepth details..

afterwhich, i head to cwp to find cyn n wenfu.
went to civic center to find them in the music studio.
then makan mac for dinner.
n head to starbucks.

thanks cyn for the hot chocolate.
the nite went pass rather slowly.

slp ard 12.

tues, 13 Jul :
which is today.

work non stop.
phone call also non stop ringing.

lunch was w ivy at dhoby Xhange - Just asia
the meal was very filling.

after which waited for my lawyer to come & then all managers to discuss my case.

the more i hear, the more i blur.
reali is of different league de.
then went ended,
head back to seat to digest the information.
n also went to find my boss to clarify.
quite a difficult position we are in..

then continue to work till ard near 7
then train 1 stop to somerset.
met up w wendy,
& went searchin for resturants for our ladies gathering.. hehe..

then finali we decided on one - the italian resturant at lvl 1.
so moi, xinyi, pris n wendy makan
n we chit chat there.
ver ver nice feelings.
ought to do it more regularly.

then happen to see wenfu too.

ard 10,
we head for home.
keep seeing ppl in batches rushin to the train station.
quite puzzling as to where they come from.. hehe..

so now seated in front of lappy,
doing updates.

will be workin, morning to go see bosses for my cases, & afternoon to have dpt meetings
then ard 6,
will pend for wenfu to call me,
n will make our way to SSC to find cyn n luipeng for dinner.
expecting it to be a another nice gathering..

sally to mia.

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, July 04, 2010

hiyo bloggy.

for these past 2 weeks
busy with work esp the 1st week.
even broke my personal records on workin till 10.35pm on friday
juz to clear my work..

m also involved in my company national day observance ceremony
team 4 to put up our performance to be in line with the national day theme.

the idea come out to be pretty cool..

then at the same time,
have been chasing k-drama -> he's beautiful & Pasta.
reali nice show :)

had also celebrated my bro b'day at northpoint on 30 jun.
had chi food.
but was onli so so onli.

have been a long & tiring week.
my colleagues thought i was chasin after the world cup.
juz inform them i watch none. :P

had also met up w my agent on fri (2nd jul) durin lunch at PS
had long john silver.
& lucky that i prepare myself in case of rain.
took bus back from PS to hotel rendavzous.

2nd week routinue is to clear work & then go home chase after drama.
so addictive..

met up w serene, jason n alvin for lunch at woodlands civic center - lerk thai.
n train home..

dad is also currently at home.
he will be more free given that he need not go down to changi anymore.
so more time to look at tv programs too. hehe..

had dinner w the family.
wat a great n simple affair it is.
n we reali do sound like a market.
but im liking it.. hehe..

sally now to return to her manga world..

:D ♥; sally


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