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Friday, November 25, 2005

Harry Potter Rulz!!

haha.. today finali watch Harry Potter and the goblet of Fire At causeway point cathy cinema.. so shiok.. but now as i recalled back abt the book n the movie.. indeed there are difference..

1. as mentioned by critics, the movie was cut short by alot of the minor details. if not i think the movie will be abt 4 hr or even more ba.. haha..

2. the content of the movie was as fillin as the book but still it captivate mi.. haha..

while watchin the movie i still hav to explain some stuff to my bro cos he dun understand n that i hav read the book so i managed to recall wat it will be showin next.. at some point the words tat they say made mi n serene sing song.. "yesterday.. u made all my troubles seem so far away.. im not whom i used to be.. oh i believe in yesterday..." haha.. an oldies to say..

in some parts it frighten mi, saddens mi, surprise mi and so on.. too much thing s to say abt the movie.. more n more parts are get more gray each time.. n the actors of the shows are reali changin their looks alot.. they have reali mature over time.. yet i feel there are some things tat the movie did not show.. cat blame them though.. the books has too much content le.. havin to squeeze them all in will be an IMP task ba.. mayb not IMP but will become too long le.. sad tat lord voldermort was revived.. haiz.. tat means more fightin to come n more potter mania to expect.. haha.. now i hope for the next movie to come.. n of coz i must make myself read the most recent book of potter.. though i noe i will get addicted once i start touchin the book.. wat an addiction!!

watchin amine on art central.. kinda bored.. i think i will be returnin to my novels soon.. Wonderland..

tml n the day after workin... sian ah.. hope something fun at the work place can interest all of the ppl workin too at the work place.. i think i will hav to expect more stock to be placed at my counter as told by my supplier.. haiz..

ok la.. i think i will stop here.. BUT i will be back de.. hehe..

signin off on Nov 25,
Sally the movie fan

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ris back to Spore le !!

its mi again.. hehe.. lets go in straight to the bloggin process..
on monday.. mi quite busy.. went to Ris sch to help her appeal.. but the appeal may seem abit uncertain.. haiz.. but the teacher was good.. funny to say.. he says tat he always hav a soft spot for the students goin for the HK exchange program.. so my mei is now in sch goin for her appeal with the teacher.. after goin to Ris Sch.. mi n mum went to Sunplaza for our therapy session.. on the way home.. mi saw xinyi n hwee kuan.. they goin to hav dinner.. erach home watch Harry Potter..
on tues was the day Ris come back.. went down to changi first.. Ah Eng Auntie kindly drove us there.. there ate abit of LaLa.. then went to changi airport to fetch xiao mei.. reach home busy unpackin her stuff.. i slept ard 12 plus..
today.. wake up early n tat now im wakin for my mei to wake up to go cut hair.. i tink im goin to cut it short for once.. hehe.. lets anticipate ba..
so endin here.. my bro keep pesterin mi to let him used back.. cos he still in the mist of his mapling..
signin off at 23 Nov,
Sally is me ^^

:D ♥; sally

Friday, November 18, 2005


yoz.. mi too bored so decided to come here to add another wu liao entry.. hehe.. in the mid-day i called up my mei sch to find the teacher tat her recommend to find.. so the appointment is fixed.. next mon either mornin or afternoon.. i suppose shd b in the mornin la.. cos afternoon i hav therapy session ma.. hehe..

after tat call.. mi n my mum went to sunplaza.. again therapy session.. i can see tat i havin my neck back again.. haha.. strange rite?

then it dinner time n went to hav curry chix rice.. yummy yummy.. hehe.. mi went to the library to find the books i want.. but sadly i cant borrow it.. cos the books not in Sembawang and tat they are all on loan.. so sad.. then collect my mood back n went to meet up with my mum at guardin.. bought some stuff for much $$..

reach home sit in front of TV.. now of cuz im still in front.. but still quite bored la.. after the TV session i will return back to my wonder land.. ( Books i mean) hehe.. gonna chase the story back..

Signin out (18 Nov '05 @ 10:25pm)

:D ♥; sally


yoz.. a few days since i last blog.. this few days seems to be rainy days.. pourin waters, gray condensed clouds, display of umbrellas on streets as if like a fashion parade, gettin drenched in the rain as a leisure.. cool huh!! haha..

xiao mei called back from HK on the 1st day, 2nd day n today.. she get to know her postin results (i mean to which class) on 16 Nov.. she got into her class of her choice.. but sadly not the combination of subjects she wan.. Stupid sch to let her go into arts.. So wat abt CCA? shdnt the students go out with good academics n not the background of wat CCA the sch has? moreover the student leavin the sch are graded with their results not the fame of the students.. as the students stand equal under the laws in singapore.. haiz.. dun wan to carry on with it.. sian.. tml still hav to accompany my mum to her sch to send the appeal form.. hope it will be a success..

this 2 days i hav been playin badminton with cailing.. ytd was rainy so we played under the block.. but it wasnt shiok.. haiz.. when i try to shoot.. it hit the celing u for all u noe.. it come down straight to the ground.. so wat is there to play? so cailing n i decided to play it again today.. haha.. today session was reali so so cool.. but i was tired b4 the game.. had to go to meet ying at northpoint to look thru something then buy the mouse.. i thnk either my bro or my dad spoilt the mouse.. now the mouse is smaller and more comfortable to hold in the arm.. then i went to cresent park to collect my mei stuff from her friend.. its her appeal form n booklist..

before this 2 days.. i n ying hav been job huntin but to no avail.. so not talk abt tat.. hehe.. then been visitin sunplaza for consective days.. so borrowed some number no. of novels (England n China) hehe..

soon i think i need go to slp le.. the bills for the electricity alone is abt 200 plus.. way to much due to my bro usage.. early mornin can wake up abt 7 plus n play non stop until we qurrael for our turn to use.. haiz.. this pattern can be seen almost everyday..

i want to watch Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire.. gonna record the Sun n Mon Harry Potter for my sis.. " Harry Potter & the Chambers Of Secrets"

hehe.. mi gonna find mew shoes le.. cos sport shoes spoilt le.. sad..

ok talk to much.. goin offline le.. Cya Frienz..

*for those who are goin for their exams.. Jia You wor..

Signin off at 18 Nov 12:55am
Sally the BluR ^^

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Xiao Mei went Hong Kong Today!!

hiyo guys.. update for today.. this mornin the whole family woke up early each havin their own purpose in mind..
like mi mum, dad, bro n xiao mei were gettin themselves ready to go to the airport terminal 2.. as for da mei n mi.. we were gettin ourselves ready for work.. sad.. cant see my xiao mei to flight.. haiz.. nevertheless i call her friend to check out abt her whereabout.. but her friend was stunned as he was shocked as to how i had manage to call mi sis usin his no. haha..
then when i was at work.. the aunties come around my booth to gather.. today i run quite abit.. cos the price tag were missin n i had to make some trips to the counter to check out the price.. there was one customer who recognise mi n brought wine from mi again.. haha.. n i made the sales thru words n examples from previous customers.. b4 i went home.. saw Jac. in Giant.. didnt noe she was there.. haha.. then went to try auntie connie wine n talk to the Ogawa Promoter.. haha.. cant imagine he is 21 when he looks like 25 above.. haha.. funny guy.. then at abt 6 plus i went home.. on the way home went to supermarket n provision shop to get something for my mum..
reach home abt 7 plus.. went straight to my room.. this time readin my eng novel.. haha.. since the end of the exams.. i think i finish abt 5-6 chi novels n on my way to complete the 7 eng novel.. wat an enjoyment.. now whenever i go pass a book shop i would hav the urge to go in n look @ the books.. am i a book worm? haha.. engross in the world of imagination is so so cool..
as i started to blog.. xiao mei finalli call le.. hehe.. n she is talkin to 3 ppl at a time.. cos we hav 3 phones of the same line placed in the house.. haha.. the call she made to us was HK$6 n to convert to S$ need to be divided by 4.5.. so abt S$ 1 plus ba..
juz finish watchin the barbie cartoon i recorded.. waitin my mei to reply & another mei to return home..
later gonna wash the dishes n someone finish up the milk le.. sad.. wan to drink then dun hav le.. haiz.. goin to prepare to be away for compie for a few moments.. hehe..
Signin off @ 13th nov

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Exam OvEr

haha.. hi there.. its mi again.. not surprised wor.. can see im lame here.. hehe..

juz finish my exam ytd.. n many things have been happenin around mi.. my family ( luckily consider to be solved cos they compromise.. n thanks friends for ya concern..) n of course the examination.. so many unexpected stuff hav come out.. so i suppose we are the unlucky lot then.. the 2 paper last week are reali killin mi.. FSI n FSA.. haiz.. reali dampen my spirit.. so on fri i stayed back in sch to study with friends.. initially the mood was quite sad.. cos of the topid FSA.. then after that i got serious n studied for mon test.. in btw.. the guys played around.. sang song, trash each other n of course study lor.. haha.. then at abt 8 plus i reach home.. ate my dinner n watch the last esp. of the tv series..

didnt hav the mood to study on sat so went to Causeway point with my mum.. then had a headache so cant study.. sad.. on sunday i went for a massage session with my mum at sunplaza.. Jay (therapist) told mi that my reaction was different from others cos i was still laughin away when i was in pain.. haha.. strange am i.. then when it was time for my head massage session.. the most senior shifu, as requested by my mum, help mi.. n the 1st thing he said was that how come my head n neck was so stiff.. i gav him a blur look cos i cant ans him.. tough qn.. he say if i dun treat my head sooner.. i may suffer from miagrain in the later period of time in my life.. the he ask mi to go for treatment to heal the pain.. the 1st few session will be painful cos of some reasonin behind it..

on mon did the 2nd last paper.. then went home to slp.. reali ver tired.. cos woke up 6am to study wat i didnt for the last few days.. on tues which is ytd.. oso woke up at abt 630am.. but still i felt ver ver slpy.. i end the exam early n waited my my friends.. our next destination was to be KBOX.. haha.. a group of us went to enjoy.. now i noe ronald, shixiong, kelly reali noe can sing.. they sang so well.. instead i did little singin cos i was ver tired.. at later part i was busy talkin to shawn.. haha.. we self extended the session from 2 to 9 instead of 2 -7.. haha.. cos the person didnt hurry us.. hehe.. after that went to hav our dinner n went home.. in the way we saw another group of friends.. they wanna go play games.. i cant understand y.. cos i noe i wun play de.. i dun wan to stress my brain any further.. hehe.. reach home abt 11 plus.. n slept at abt 12..

now mi sittin in front of compie typin my entry.. ying juz asked mi if wan go out.. cos bonnie is flyin off tml.. sort of a farewell ba.. need to reach orchard at 3.. mi rushin for time le.. sad.. later after tat i had to rush down to changi.. Ah ma celebratin her birthday.. so long guys.. hehe.. Enjoy ya holidays friends.. & to others.. Jia you for ya exams wor..

Signin off (9/11/o5. 1:11pm)
Blur Sally ^^

:D ♥; sally


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