...Destination ~ Destiny...

Thursday, March 31, 2005


... FeeLinGs ...
As the gentle wind blow through my hair,

A feeling of calmness and serenity feels my mind.
Sitting on the beach by the sea,
The salty air flows along with the gentle wind.
My emotions too has flown away.
Troubles and problemsseem to be no longer in existence.
Emptiness of mind and the gradual warming of heart
Is growing within me.

Unnoticeably, I was captivated by the scenic view.
The melodic rythm of waves hitting the sand
Become the music of the night.

The sand is soft, the sea is wide.
Mood is bright, Stars are twinkling.
They are natural decoration for the vast night sky.

Stretching out my hands, the body relaxed.
My blood seem to flow smoothly within my body.
Closing my eyes, i felt the wind brushing against my face.
Thus the feeling of serenity surrounds me.

Yet time flies quickly and the moon will disappear.
The young sun will rise to take it new position.

Mixture of emotions are felt.
Nature is intergated into my life.
And i will continue to enjoy the natural view.
... It's my Paradise ....

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, March 26, 2005

i i i

hiyo.. its mi again.. it has been three days i last blog.. haha.. not that long either.. hehe.. did try abt 2 weeks didnt blog b4 in the past.. hehe.. so i think i shall start enterin my entry le..

ErM.. i last stop at 22nd Mar so i think i shall continue from there ba.. hehe..

on wed.. i went to hav dinner at sunplaza.. and that sincei hav finish readin the chi novels that home that someone giv to mi mum.. im left w the onli choice to go down to the library to borrow.. the nearest one is sunplaza in sembawang.. mi n mi bro went to eat at abt 8 plus and that aft eatin we went to shop n in i went to the library.. hehe.. im gonna immerse miself in the world of books.. so cool.. then i borrowed one chi novel n 3 english novels.. hehe.. quite pathetic that the chi novels available are those that i seem to hav read b4.. haiz.. so of course the alternative will b the english novels.. hehe.. i dun discriminate books de.. hehe.. then i found out that the washin machine has broken down.. all becum manual work for mi ah yi n mummy.. for mi.. i decided to help out one way or another.. like clearin the table, wippin the chair n changin of prayer stuff.. quite busy as the time i did all this was at nite.. so i think i reached abt 2 plus then all finish.. hehe..

on thur.. alvin cum to mi house.. he say that he is rottin le.. haha.. i think he busy to much until that noe he has so much time he not used to it.. for mi.. im usd to it le.. i hav been like that since dec 04.. haha.. im a super lazybone.. haha.. anyone wan to fight for that place? i reali dun mind givin up that place.. i will for sure giv this position to ya willingly.. hehe..

then today.. is qing ming jie..i wake up at abt 740am.. this is the earlest time i wake up for these months.. so tired sia.. mi n mi ah yi when to meet up w another ah yi to pray for mi ah ma.. then we went to pray for ah gong.. the transportation to the destination is thru mi uncle's van.. i can onli say that.. i hav sereve headache especially that the weather is so hot n unbearable.. changin our ,ode of transport to bus.. i found it ver relievin.. so coolin n not that jerky.. reach home the slack at home readin mi novel.. then suddenly decided to go changi along w mi mum.. hehe.. i wanted to eat the food that mi dad has cooked.. so nice n yummy though we onli ordered 2 dishes.. hehe.. later cum uncle michael n auntie catherine.. *Serene.. If u see this.. auntie Cat n uncle Mic send their regards to u.. hehe.. they remember u and oso ya nome.. hehe.. happy wor.. i introduce de.. hehe.. * they are mi dad's regulars.. hehe..i oso get to noe them n enjoyed their company.. hehe.. i can reali c that they reali enjoyed the food.. haha.. smiles were broad n n had talk to them.. gan some insights unknowingly.. hehe.. thay are full of experience from the society.. n for mi i enjoyed hearin from them.. there is oso another uncle who i called Uncle Lee.. he was ver nice.. he shares a lot of stories w mi.. actuali those were his life events.. he is a ver rich person.. board of directors for some bank.. hehe.. cant say out la.. hehe.. confidential.. haha.. but today uncle lee cum quite late n when i was abt to go home he then appear.. haha.. but at least we chatted.. hehe.. he asked mi abt mi uni choice n he offered some advice.. hehe.. then off i went home w mi ah yi.. takin a cab.. mi n mi bro alight at bishan n took train home.. in the train i saw 2 of my Jc schoolmates.. haha.. the world is gettin smaller le.. hehe.. now.. i kind of tired.. so im goin to hold mi pen for now.. Cya guys.. take care n Gd nitzzzzz....

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Hi.. another day passed by le... hehe.. so that means updates is cumin up le.. hehe..

yesterday (monday 21st mar 05).. mi sort of hav a full day at work ( no workin that work but hav activites on ) hehe.. at abt 12 plus in the afternnon.. ying called mi.. that time wor.. i haven wake up.. hehe.. so pai sei.. hehe.. then she say she wan cum mi house to use the computer.. i think she had a few problems with her registeristration so of course i say ok lor.. at abt 1 plus i went out to eat n bought badminton stuff for later use.. so after havin our break-lunch and purchasin our stuff.. we went home.. hehe.. ying arrivied at abt 3pm then i help her to find tha website n the registration details.. mi like kind of expert le.. hehe.. but of cuz im not wor.. so sad to say.. hehe.. mi oso help ying to take down impt details that she would require for her personal use.. hehe.. feels great to help a person.. hehe.. then as ying stuff is more or less settled.. cai ling oso reach mi house.. hehe.. cai ling arranged with mi to play badminton.. haha.. she wan to exercise so i pei her lor.. hehe.. after i send ying off to the mrt station.. i went to join mi bro n cai ling in playin badminton.. hehe.. mi bro play until half way then dun play le.. so mi n cai ling continue lor.. the wind there kind of big n that mi hav to hit extra light.. if not cai ling dun need play le.. juz pick to the ball will do le.. hehe.. jokin la.. hehe.. then somebody from the surroundin blocks played Ken Zhu's album.. qutie nice to listen leh.. hehe.. haha.. mi 1st time hearin it.. i can hear it loud n clear cos the person play the disc at a blast volume.. wow.. so we play, listen n enjoyed the breeze at the same time.. cool sia.. hehe.. onli that we had to stop.. n so the breeze n the music stop too.. all at the same time.. i think we got connection le.. hehe.. then wen to mama shop to buy stuff.. n cailing made her way home.. mi sat down n watch Lord Of the Ring -- The Fellowship Of the ring (part 2) screened on the TV.. w mi dad.. but i dun reali understand the meanin of the endin.. c le not shiok.. haiz.. then ate mi dinner.. n i retreat back to mi room to continue mi novel (tis time english one) hehe.. i think i fell aslp at abt 11 plus 12.. hehe..

and today (22nd mar 05 tuesday) mi gonna pei ah yi go admiralty buy stuff for home usuage le.. hehe.. so i will stop here for now.. smilz everyone.. & hav a nice day ahead.. ^.^

:D ♥; sally

Monday, March 21, 2005


hiyo... as u all can c.. i hav changed a new webby skin.. hehe.. nice? hehe.. hope u all like it.. hehe.. mi oso put the webby song from the jap aminated cartoon 'Spirited Away'.. its a personal fav of mine.. so hope u like it too.. hehe..

Today mi house like visitor centre.. hehe.. 1stly mi youngest sis frenz, jonathan cum to mi house.. hehe.. he cum to do newspaper cuttin which is supposed to b handed up tml.. hehe.. so noe doin last min work lor.. hehe.. n then at abt 5pm.. alvin cum to mi house.. haha.. cos he wan c mi hair.. haha.. so mi again like on extibitation.. hehe. i noe serene n penguin oso wan c.. so mayb u all arrange one day we meet at sunplaza n chat.. haha.. then u all can c until u all wan.. hehe.. then mi cousin brother brought his collegue of his to our house to promote some stuff.. haha.. his 1st time so quite nervous.. jia you wor ah seng.. hehe..

at nite we out to adm for dinner.. alvin went to buy a mountain bike n he rode it home aft dinner.. from adm to yew tee.. he took abt an hr plus.. so i think its quite fast (mayb due to the numerous down slopes he mentioned to mi..) hehe..

i think i better stop le.. cos now goin to 4am.. n that if mi parents c mi usin com at such Early hours.. i think i will hear them talk again.. hehe.. so wan an to all.. Nitz.. Sweet Dreamz.. ^.^

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, March 19, 2005


hiyeee.... today i woke up at abt 9am n prepared miself to go for mi salon appointment that mi mum requested mi ah yi to set for us.. hehe.. in all doris n ivy also follow on.. i was there to do colour rebonding.. this colour rebondin i suppose is 1st in singapore.. never heard anywhere.. hehe.. they 1st dye mi hair then followed by rebondin.. hehe.. my oso includes treatment.. hehe.. mi hair dye is red.. nt the red as in ang bao red.. but is like wine red colour.. then the bunch of white hair of mine turn pink.. somemore seem like neonpink.. kind of strinkin to say.. hehe.... the original paste of the dye is pink.. haha.. 1st time c it scare mi sia.. hehe.. then.. today in all i wash mi hair 4 times.. haha.. we reach there abt 12 noon n went home onli abt 5 plus.. n of cuz.. mine take the longest so ke lian mi 2 sisters who sat there n wait for mi until they fall aslp.. haha.. then after that we went home.. but mi bro say he wan watch movie so we met up n went to causeway to c 'Robots'.. haha.. xinhui ah ma oso got go.. hehe.. we watch the 630pm one.. so when the movie end its abt 8pm.. haha.. then i brought mi bro to eat yoshinoya.. after that we took bus home.. both of us wanted to catch the 9pm channel 8 show.. tady last espoide le.. hehe.. the endin is kind of nice.. hehe..

*havin a feelin that im distantin away.. is this good or bad? i reali dun noe.. dun ask mi anything for now.. but im sure i will find the route one day.. will i? Wat will becum of mi? unsure n unknown.. now searchin for ans.. but in no hurry.. contradicatin rite.. *

Cya frenz.. take care .. ~.~

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, March 17, 2005


da jia hou.. hehe.. on wed which is yesterday.. i slept super late at abt 4am.. hehe.. by that time.. mi parents returned from work n that i was busy chattin w mi ah yi.. hehe.. then when mi parents returned.. we chatted abt mi university choice.. haha.. afterall.. i still hav to face it.. haiz.. after chattin mi went to slp.. hehe..

& so.. when i wake up today.. its already 1 plus in the afternoon.. haha.. recently reali cant wake up early.. hehe.. piggy mi.. n once i wake up.. i walk to mi computer n attempt to register for mi university.. but it seems that afterall its so troublesome.. w no one to help mi n the fear that i will fill the boxes wrongly.. i seek xinyi to help.. hehe.. kinda of pai sei..hehe.. but the whole process took abt an hour.. hehe.. ver long for online application.. hehe.. cant blame mi..

then the rest of the day i did nth muchh.. haha.. onli to hear that mi sister keep playin 'tong hua' by guang liang.. haha.. she more or less rmb the song le.. haha..

w nth much to update.. i goin to sign off.. hehe..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


hi again.. today nth much happen.. quite sian ah.. xinyi already register for uni.. serene gonna register on fri cos she off that day.. as for mi.. haiz.. i think i will register within these 2 days ba.. so sad.. headache when think abt this.. haiz.. ah tan ask mi to make gd decision cos affect mi future career.. mi hate to make decision esp regarding mi life de.. haiz.. but no choice.. i need to choose mi own route to go..

yesterday when mi n penguin online.. i any how press on the whiteboard link on window msger.. mi n penguin begin to play w it.. hehe.. we drew a few ver cute pic but hor dun noe y i save it but i cant open it.. so sad.. then later on serene oso online.. i ask her to join mi draw.. i wan her to draw to forget her worries.. i think though abit childish but its a good way to vent ya feelings out.. so no harm tryin.. then it ended up that we drew one pic that i quite like it.. hehe.. cos i draw her name.. she ask mi if i trace it out.. haha.. of cuz not.. how to trace ah.. hehe.. then feelin tired i went to slple.. hehe.. its around 3 plus.. hehe..

today the 15th of march is 2nd month anniversay le.. haha.. if i 4get for sure someone(s) will 'kill' mi de.. so cannot forget.. cos i still wan to live.. hehe..

doin my daily routine like checkin mails (for jur msg.. our main channel of communication for now.. hehe..) .. i am enjoyin the webby music i hav posted.. jur say the song ver nice but will make her cry cos graduation may mean goin separate ways to our new horizon.. that i quite agree.. but i will keep the memories in mi mind n for sure feel blissed to hav a few go frenz around mi givin mi advice n lendin ear when i need it.. hehe.. i think for those we noe mi well.. i learnin to open up miself.. so slowli observe the change ba.. hehe.. i hope can c ah.. hehe.. dun wan to end like in the past.. ver sad de..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, March 14, 2005


konichiwa.. hehe.. continuin from where i hold my fingers.. hehe.. i shd press the keys.. hehe..

on saturady.. mi met up w wanyu, ying, ming, lee peng, serene n xinyi (along w her frineds..) haha.. we were havin our breakfast at adm.. haha.. then we went to meet ming at woodlands mrt station platform cos she came straight from malaysia.. hehe.. n so off we went to our destination.. hehe.. it is the NUS open house.. there were alot of ppl.. haha.. the quenes were long sia.. n the weather is warm.. on our way there.. i met some of mi friends from Pri sch to sec sch n rite up to JC.. haha.. the world is small indeed.. hehe.. the talks were held.. but i dun reali find it useful nor informative.. ( mayb cos i dun reali noe wat they talkin.. hehe..) but i more or less hav a idea of wat i wan based on mi research.. hehe.. then we went to the FASS tour.. the buildings arent link in numercial order so may get lost easily.. haha.. then the group of us went to the fair that was held almost all yr round ( told by the guides).. mi n serene each did a keychain of our own names.. wow.. the keychains were so nice n it seem to glow cos of the colour... neon pink.. nice.. hehe.. aft collectin the keychains.. off we went to clementi.. hehe.. again we went to sing at party world.. hehe.. onli that ming n lee peng went off 1st b4 we went to sing.. hehe.. then the remainin 4 of us went to K songs.. haha.. had a good time there.. hehe.. they say i sing until mi face full of expression.. haha.. i juz say cos need to feel it to sing it.. haha.. so shiok.. then at 6 the singin session ended.. hehe.. serene went diff way from the 3 of us.. serene was goin don to meet up w jia rong they all to go eat steamboat.. haha.. while the 3 of us hav to make our way home... hehe.. mi bought food n reach home to watch tv.. so cool.. haha.. then mi slpt super early like abt 1210 when mi sis haven even reach home.. haha.. she was w serene eatin steamboat.. i believe they had a great time ther.. hehe..

n so on sunday mi onli wake up at abt 1210.. that means i slept for abt 12 hours.. haha.. piggy mi.. hehe.. but i dun noe y i feelin so tired for this few days.. wan to slp.. i think mayb cos of the weather.. the weather recently hav been bad.. dun like it at all.. givinmi heachaches.. so bad.. did nth much.. haiz..
i think mi parents are quarellin again over some common problems.. so sad.. hope that they will solve the problems.. n that the problem dun appear again thou i noe its pretty hard.. predjuice i feel is in the act.. so sad n so bad.. i found out something new.. frefree has modified the speakers to amplify his mp3.. so cool.. hehe.. so as he walk we hear music.. the ppl were like lookin at him to c where the loud music originate from.. haha.. its from his bag.. hehe.. we ate dinner n back home.. hehe..

n so far w nth more to update u.. take care friends.. i hold mi pen again for now.. hehe..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, March 12, 2005


ni men hao.. hehe.. i juz chnagin mi greetin pattern.. hehe.. mi now bored sia.. hehe.. dun noe wat to do.. lazy to find work n that the work oso wun cum to mi.. haha.. wat am i talkin.. hehe..

i hav been goin out that i seem to hav a bit of phobia.. hehe.. on monday went out w parents to shop shop cos mi dad onli off on monday so monday is mi family day.. hehe..

on tues i ver guai.. i stayed at home.. hehe.. the feelin of being at home is so cool.. i reali like this feelin.. so peaceful n relaxed that i lay around the house like a cat.. hehe.. i did my fav pastime.. hehe.. lay comfortably on the bed readin mi chi novels.. wat a way to enjoy the day.. but the problem of the uni courses is still puttin mi off.. so sad.. i still haven decided which one i like it.. i even thought of puttin engineering as one of mi chance.. thou i dun hav JC physic.. sian ah.. wan to cry le.. sob sob..

on wed.. mi went out w penguin and dear (xinyi) .. hehe.. mi met up w penguin n went to eat chicken wing n drink ice cream.. hehe.. i say drink rite.. hehe.. indeed i drank the ice cream float.. hehe.. so nice but when cum to eatin the chocolate.. its so hard that mi teeth wan to drop le.. hehe.. then we 2 met up w dear to go sing at party world.. hehe.. sing n sing until i almost fall aslp.. too comfy le.. hehe.. then aftter the singin session.. mi went to find mi siblings.. they want to watch jap amine --> HOWL"S MOVING CASTLE.. the movie so nice.. i was like so engross in it.. hehe.. mi n mi sis like the main character who is the wizard.. he so cool n handsome.. hehe.. i even went to find his photo n put it as mi msn photo.. hehe.. didnt regret watchin it.. hehe.. then the 3 of us walk home cos the wind was so nice n coolin..

on thurs.. mi again stay at home.. hehe.. but another person say he becumin zombie n slept the whole day cos i didnt wan to cum out.. hehe.. not mi fault rite.. ren shi hui tired de.. hehe.. so muz rest ma for future trips.. hehe.. sorri ah.. mi talkin rot again... even since mi take results mi hav always been a nuts case.. hehe.. so juz get used to it can le.. hehe.. mi mum oso ask mi to change earrin.. for first time im changin earrin.. hehe..

today is fri..(11th march) went out to eat w ah yi at sunplaza.. hehe.. then i juz reach home at abt 330pm n i received cai ling msg at abt 345pm sayin that she wan mi to pie her to sunplaza.. haha.. am i fated to go sunplaza twice a day.. hehe..now feelin so tired.. wan to slp.. recently feel like im lackin of slp.. hehe.. so mi goin to meet cai ling at 530pm.. haiz.. goin out again.. tired ah..

tml.. i goin to meet up w ying n wan yu to eat breakfast then go nus open house.. hope everything can go on smoothly.. hehe..

i oso got to noe that actualli at nite on art central they are showin 2 Jap amines.. so nice to c.. onli that the timin is from 11pm to 12 midnite.. hehe.. if u bored durin that time can go c ba.. hehe..

the few days 2 of mi mei (doris n serene respectively) fall sick le.. so sad.. doris no voice n that she face red red de. then she tell mi that her home econ tacher say that face red red means healthy.. haha.. sick= healthy.. she got abit of problem w her ideaology.. hehe.. then serene fm her blog i noe she sick too.. so sad.. All of mi frenz muz take care hor.. the bad weather will persist i think.. drink more water ba.. i think the famous haze is worsen.. until o feel that i oso havin a bit of headache.. so sad.. if need go c doc hor.. esp serene ah.. always dun go c.. giv herself self-treatment.. u not doc ah.. hehe.. Fast recovery to all.. ^^

with nth more to add for now.. i shd hold mi pen for now.. hehe.. Take care friends... hehe

Lotsa Love,

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


hiyo... since i take results i didnt cum up to blog..haiz.. mi result consider bad le.. all juz cleared.. But one happen thing to say is that this 'A' levels is the 1st time i pass my GP n Economics.. Wow.. that a bit scary u noe.. hehe.. now mi can say i that i havin headache like mad.. cos w mi results ver hard to find gd course that i initially wanted to go.. like business is now is no no for mi.. mi teachers ask mi to go into arts n social sci.. ah tan say that w mi SAT result mayb got hope la.. i think not.. he ask mi n ying to do a lot of precautionary work like registerin for private candiates or go sign up for NIE.. becum teacher leh.. dun wan la.. i think i will scare those kids away.. hehe..

after takin results we went to meet up w hwee kuan to sign at party world.. that time at nite le.. so more $$.. hehe.. but given the free 4 hr coupon.. serene say that it is best used when the timin is from 2-6pm cos the nite charges cumi in at 6pm.. haiz.. so muzz wait again.. dun noe y now all mi friends ask mi wan go sing songs.. i think mi voice mayb need say gdbye le.. hehe..

then on Sat.. mi sudddenly plan to go suntec to c fair n listen to talks but mi end up late so cant listen to talk.. then after lookin ard w heavy loads of pamplets.. i went to find doris ( mi xiao mei).. she havin a anti-drug dance compeition,.. she say that the results were unfair.. haiz.. wat to do.. hehe..then later mi met up w alvin n bring mi brother to ngee ann to c serene n hwee kuan.. at the same time find dinner.. hehe.. cos hungry le ma.. then the days ends like that..

then on Sunday.. we went to suntec again.. but this time i went w serene n cai ling.. n managed to hear the talk that i wanted.. haiz.. i think the depressin mood is cumin again.. sian ah.. after the talks we went to tis fashion cos cai ling wan buy new clothin then we went on to buy food n walk a long way to esplanade roof terrance to eat.. wow.. so cool sia.. we go there eat n the atm quite nice leh.. hehe.. then later mi n serene bought strawberries dipped in chocolate.. the strawberries like big size de.. so scary.. hehe.. then we move on to Raffles City.. serene wan find her ex-boss at the Cards n Such.. hehe.. we stayed there for some time n make our move to tske trsin to semb.. cos we got a meetin w hwee kuan at semb.. haha.. but when wan to buy fm coffeebean.. they stop sales le.. so we went to Mac to chat.. haha.. there quite cold leh.. mi wear jacket oso not enough ah.. hehe.. chat until abt 1130 like that.. we went home.. hehe.. tired sia.. hehe..

with nth more to update for now.. take care friends.. hehe.. Catch u up next time..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Poem 2

Tis is another passage i got from friendster.. enjoy.. haha.. muz treat ur girlfriends well hor.. hehe..

Love the girl in your heart, not in your mind. If you base your relationship on feelings, it will fail for there are ups & downs in feelings. Girls are there to be loved, not toyed around.

Love her for who she is. Don't even think about changing any bit about her. 6 billion people in this world & 6 billion different personalities. She's special & she will stay that way. You change any part of her, you'll change her forever. Don't substitute her for anyone else, they are just unique in their own ways.

Love whole-heartedly. She sacrificed a lot for you so you'd better really treasure her. She could have just got up & date a so much more dashing guy in town but she chose you instead all because of love. So love her guys, not play with her.

Don't just get the girl to beg you to stay or whatsoever. If you're with her, love her. Don't cause a strain in the relationship, you'll end up loving each other out of pity or charity, that's not respecting love at all. Respect love the way it is & everything will be the best it can be.

Don't expect perfection from her. She's the only one in the world & she's done the best she could.

Like another girl while you're in a relationship? Then I think it's time you remain single for a while. Don't go around breaking girls' hearts, it's the most tragic thing to do.

Tell the truth, never hide anything from her. If you want her to tell you everything, do the same. Don't go calling other girls "honey" or "darling", how would it feel if your girl calls other guys the same way? Be faithful, enough is enough.

Socialise only when you're single. You socialise & flirt around is to get the girl of your dreams.
Get it over when she's already yours, don't ask for more.

It never kills to be romantic. Think, be flexible. Getting that diamond ring isn't the only gift for her. Be realistic, she's human & she lives life just like you. Something sweet & simple always get the job done. Money doesn't exist between couples, it's the love.

Never promise her that you'll love her forever because your forever might end the next day. Love her as if each day is the last.

Sweet talks only apply for singles, not for attached guys. Do that & you'll really break your girl's heart. Isn't good being too well-known too, it'll give her a sense of insecurity. Remember, INSECURITY.

Promise her & make sure you never break it. Swear to her & make sure you keep it. Pledge your love to her & her alone.

Loving her is giving her your heart to break it but trusting her not to. Instead, she'll cherish it & protect it. That's love. Give her your heart, your life, your everything.

Lay down your life & prepare to die for her when the need arises. But stay strong & live through another day, she can never live without you.

Never, ever walk out of her life. She won't just cry her heart out & carry on living as per normal, she'd die. It her heart that you've broken, how would you ever know how she feels?

Winning a girl's heart isn't the final victory. Don't leave her once you've won her love. Love her all the way till the end of time, love her till marriage, love her till old age, love her till death. If you can love her till the end of time, you've earned the honor & respect for you've truly loved her.

She chose you because she believes that you can fulfil your promise. Win her heart & love her over. Remember, the girl isn't a trophy for display, she's someone to love, not to show off to your "friends". Stay humble yet proud that she's the one for you. Respect her for the way she is, never despise her & never mistreat her, never even think of toying with her...

:D ♥; sally

hi friends..
there is one big news cumin to'attack' mi.. haiz..
THE DAY is gonna arrive..
My 'A' level results is cumin out on friday..
OMG.. haiz.. i'm not xpectin any gd result cos i haiz..
hav no confidence at all..
so cham.. Sob sob..
as for now.. i dun wan t think so much..
cos the thoughts may scare mi away.. haiz..
tension is risin n i think i will b diffcult to ease.. haiz..

Dun wan to talk abt it.. i move mi blog entry for today to a poem that i find it meaningful from friendster.. juz read it as per normal.. hehe..
startin now..

To My Friends Who Are --> SINGLE
Love is like a butterfly.
The more you chase it, the more it eludes you.
But if you just let it fly, it will come to you when you least expect it.

Love can make you happy but often it hurts, but love's only special when you give it to someone who is really worth it.
So take your time and choose the best.

To My Friends Who Are --> NOT SO SINGLE
Love isn't about becoming somebody else's "perfect person."
It's about finding someone who helps you become the best person you can be.

To My Friends Who Are --> PLAYBOY/GIRL TYPE
Never say "I love you" if you don't care. Never talk about feelings if they aren't there.
Never touch a life if you mean to break a heart.
Never look in the eye when all you do is lie.
The cruelest thing a guy can do to a girl is to let her fall in love when he doesn't intend to catch her fall and it works both ways...

To My Friends Who Are --> MARRIED
Love is not about "it's your fault", but "I'm sorry."
Not "where are you", but "I'm right here." .
Not "how could you", but "I understand."
Not "I wish you were", but "I'm thankful you are."

To My Friends Who Are --> ENGAGED
The true measure of compatibility is not the years spent together
but how good you are for each other.

To My Friends Who Are --> HEARTBROKEN
Heartbreaks last as long as you want and cut as deep as you allow them to go.
The challenge is not how to survive heartbreaks but to learn from

To My Friends Who Are --> NAIVE
How to be in love:
1. Fall but don't stumble
2. Be consistent but not too persistent
3. Share and never be unfair
4. Understand and try not to demand
5. And get hurt but never keep the pain.

To My Friends Who Are --> POSSESSIVE
It breaks your heart to see the one you love happy with someone else
but it's more painful to know that the one you love is unhappy with you.

To My Friends Who Are --> AFRAID TO CONFESS
Love hurts when you break up with someone.
It hurts even more when someone breaks up with you.
But love hurts the most when the person you love has no idea how you feel.

To My Friends Who Are --> STILL HOLDING ON
A sad thing about life is when you meet someone and fall in love, only to find out in the end that it was never meant to be and that you have wasted years on someone who wasn't worth it.
If he isn't worth it now he's not going to be worth it a year or 10 years from now.
Let go.....

My wish for you is a man/women whose love is
1. honest
2. strong
3. mature
4. never-changing
5. uplifting
6. protective
7. encouraging

8. rewarding
9. & lastly unselfish.

:D ♥; sally


Name : S@lly
School : northland pri, sess, yjc, sim
Birthday : 5 Sept 86

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- Elemental Gelade *completed* -
- Gakuen Alice *completed* -
- Ghost Hunt *completed* -
- Ginban Kaleidoscope *completed* -
- Hana Yori Dango *completed* -
- Howl's Moving Castle (film) *completed* -
- K-On!! *completed*>-
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- Night Wizard *completed, 19 Sept 2010* -
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- NoDaMe Cantabile. Finale *completed* -
- Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu *completed 01 Jan 2010* -
- Ouran High School Host Club *completed* -
- Paradise Kiss *completed on 13 Dec 09* -
- Piano no Mori *completed* -
- PreTear *completed 20 Sept 2010* -
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- Ride Back *completed* -
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- Shaman King *completed* -
- Sister Princess *completed* -
- Special A *completed* -
- Spirited Away *completed* -
- History Strongest Discipline Kenichi - *completed* -
- Sugar Sugar Rune *completed* -
- Taishou Yakyuu Musume *completed on 20 Dec 09* -
- Tenjou Tenge *completed on 25 Dec 09* -
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- Uta-Kata *completed on 8 Dec 09* -
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- Vampire Knight & Vampire Knight Guilty *completed* -
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- Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no kishi *completed* -
- Zombie Loan *completed* -

Manga Mania !!

- Adarshan no Hanayome *completed, 10 Jul 2010* -
- BackStage Prince *completed, 5 Jun 2010* -
- Badminton Girl *completed, 30 May 2010* -
- Baraio My Honey *completed, 1 Aug 2010* -
- Beauty Pop *completed, 28 May 2010* -
- Brilliant Magic *completed, 2 Jun 10* -
- Dakishimete Noir (cat) *completed, 7 Jun 2010* -
- Fairy Cube *completed, 29 May 2010* -
- Hana ni Arasji *completed, 12 Jun 2010* -
- He's Dedicated to Roses *completed, 6 Jun 2010* -
- Kokoro ni Hana Wo *completed, 5 Jul 2010* -
- M.C. Law *completed, 8 Aug 2010* -
- Otokomae Beads Club *completed, 1 Jun 2010* -
- Power (basketball) *completed, 31 May 2010* -
- Psycho Staff *completed, 2 Jun 2010* -
- Shinrei Tantei Yakumo *completed, 1 jun 10* -
- Shinshi Doumei Cross *completed, 31 Aug 10* -


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