...Destination ~ Destiny...

Saturday, September 30, 2006

now havin a minor headache.
start to write notes for investment management..
cos my note book tat i did previous was missin.
*heart achin like mad*

my compie dun hav sound card so even i wanna *dragon* cd.
also cannot.
sian ah..

weather ver cool.
dun noe whether to go for jog.

kelly jie u take care of yaself wor.
no voice le.
n sleep more. :)))

juz now in the afternoon,
watch VCD 'Take The Lead'
so cool.
Hip Hop incorporated into classic dance.
see le ver shiok.
onli tat the sound not ver clear.
haiz. such a petty.
see when got time then watch
'The Fast The Furious: Tokyo Drift'
like their songs.

now hav to return n see later mayb goin dinner at sunplaza.
achieved so little little.
see le oso sian le..

sally draggin on....

:D ♥; sally

Friday, September 29, 2006

second entry of the day.
now askin help for my doubts.
thanks for helpin mi clear my doubt.

afternoon ard 3 plus leave home for chong pang.
my mum went for acunpuncture.
mi wait there.

then after tat went to shop n eat dinner.
my mother bought mi my 1st long dress.
nvr wear so long before.
dun noe how i will look like.
strange ba..

studyin now.
crammin my information.

sally strugglin off...

:D ♥; sally

it the late mornin of friday.
boy i feel tired n wishin i can slack.
but sad inoe,
this cant be realised.
exam is alrdy progress fast towards mi.
sian, stress n etc etc.

ytd went sunplaza for lunch n then i borrow some books to relax.
haven touch them cos need to touch the 4.....
ard 4plus reach home,
help my mum prepare dinner.
then i went back to room to cramp my head with information.
ard 6, went jog.
the jog session wasnt satisfactory..
no mood to jog ytd.
n no wonder i find it hazely.
the haze was back n tat it was at its highest -PSI 66.
got it from the news.

nite time,
dinner n watch tv.
10 went in room wanted to study but i was chattin with my youngest mei.
she is havin problems with friends n also we were chattin abt our academics.
mei stand by wat u think is right.
u got mummy's character.
n dun worry, i stand by u de..
smiles ok?
after exam continue to work hard for ya 'O' next year.
dun noe i can try to help. :))
we chat quite alot.
for abt an hour ba.

then time for mi to return to TV.
watch my Fav amines - inuyasha n shaman king.
after that my second mei ask mi to help her with her project.
cos was reali on the verge of cryin le.
i dun noe how to help her.
so my youngest mei come out n sort of taught us how to us.
so end up i see n help her finish the project.
but thanks to them,
i have something new..
tat is cool..

then return to room cramp abit of information n sleep.

now tat i hav awaken up.
use the compie.
in any case i scared i wun hav the chance to use it.

by instinct i juz sign in to my student portal n *BOO*
the FSB results is out.
not ver good wor.
i mean did alot for it.
but wat are we lackin?

now no time to think abt it.
try to finish readin this topic by today n progress on.
im so laggin behind time...
Save mi......

sally struggling on..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

firstly n ver importantly..

Happy 43rd Birthday Daddy !!!
still he has to go work so early today.
for extra consignment.
to earn eatra income for the family.
he is the family's onli breadwinner....
i wish him good health n dun think too much.
haven see my dad today.
if wanna see hav to wait till 2 plus..

today i was waken up cos i didnt remove the alarm i set for last week.
so crawl down from my 'penhouse' haha.
n silence it.

then mei's hp alarm rings..
haiz. quickly ask her to quiet her phone.
but she ask mi to wake up cos she thought i hav sch today..
haha.. end up i ask her to wake up..

dun care so much n i went back to sleep.
wake up alrdy 11 plus.
as usual flip thru the Straits Times.
then wait here wait there.
wait from no rain to rain n back to no rain.
finali step foot out of home to eat..

shop here n there.
reach home is alrdy 2 hours later..
read novel,
continue to write notes.
ppl has been counting down to how many days exam will reach.
haiz.. 15 days more.
n how am i able to study finish..
think my joggin routine will still continue,
for tis is one avenue i can turn to de-stress,
n train my determination..

sorry serene that i cant attend ya chalet on 15 Oct.
next day is exam though i noe it is also ya birthday.
anyway do enjoy it..
afer my exam celebrate with u but is a belated one.

@.@ 'firing' up her energy...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

afternoon diary...

wake up pretty early today.
n notice tat no one is at home.
so sat down n read newspaper.
then my aunt come back from the doc.
she felt unwell.

finish readin the newspaper,
i then went back to my room to write notes.
my parents come back from breakfast.
so i ate mine.
then my mum told mi tat my dad today cant get to slp.
so wanted to go out early.
lucky my mum woke up eary if not i reali dun noe how my dad if goin to spend his morning.
mum say dad today blur blur de.
they went to see doc.
then hav to apply medication on my dad's body.
we joke abt it.
sayin that my dad has lazy snake around his body.
this is actuali not good, if u noe wat im talkin.
i dun reali noe how to say.

then switch on compie to check out some terms of wat i come across tat require explaining.

now abit bored n surf the net for a while.
come across articles saying abt dolphins.
haiz. the researchers actuali say that dolphin are stupid.
dun believe it.

read it if u are interested, nice article i will say.
here is the address of the article:
< http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/story/0,,1869580,00.html >

think nowi hav to go back to mug with my notes again.
when is this goin to end..
*thinkin n sobbing hard*

sally is closin her @.@ le..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, September 25, 2006

wake up, ver guai sit there quietly to read newspaper.
then slowly my parents wake up.

in the mean time, i went back to study.
haiz. study unti wanna cry le.
so hard.

ard 3 went for lunch.
know so developments at with the family business.
then shop around to buy essentials n off we went..

reach home, i continue to study.
endless one.
then i see the floor so dirty cos my dad was servicin the air con.
the way i vacuum is by squatting all the way.
cos didnt noe where my dad place the extension.
dun need to jog alrdy got such impact.

now bloggin,
watchin tv.
waitin to go for dinner with my family.

gonna study again later.
think wil be of another subject le.

sally driftin off....

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, September 24, 2006

ytd nite.
suddeny hav the feel to study so do n do n do..
without knowing,
its alrdy 4 plus in the mornin.
so went to slp.
my dad was still in the livin room,
so i pretend i was wakin up to visit the toilet.
if not he will sureli ask,
how come haven slp.. tml no sch ah.
indeed no sch. haha.
then of cuz go to slp .

then wake up ard 12 plus cos lack of air.
haha. same as sat situation.

my mum was cookin brench.
all lazy to go out cos weather too hot.
after the brench,
i went back to studies.
come upon some problems.
n seek help from friends.
then continue to do.
n at ard 5 plus, same as sat,
feel sharp pain in the head.
still i continue to attempt the qn w aid of solutin given by lecturer.
ard 6, i prepare myself to go for jog routine.
while walkin to my destination,
see many ppl flyin kites n playin with the planes.
feel good to look at it.

jog 3 round non stop (improve)
then walk n jog the remainin 2 rounds.

now bloggin at the same time,
lookin at singapore idol.
juz started.
gonna hav dinner soon.

later goin to complete the Q n A - budget.

sally floatin off..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, September 23, 2006

sat is yet another day..

woke up at about 11 plus cos lack of air.
my parents switch off the air con n dun wan to switch on the fan.
so no choice wake up in the end.

sit infront of tv n open eyes to watch..

ard 12 plus, CNA was playin a documentary of Dirty Bomb.
initially when i 1st saw the adv a few days back,
i was pretty attracted to it.
so by chance i manage to switch to the channel so i watch.
it was abt sept 11, 2001.
i felt the impact n the acts of ppl were so impactful.
i was like caught in that show.. cant move my eyes.
then my sis tell mi that a movie will be screenin sayin abt the twin tower.
now tat i noe,
i will definitely wanna watch it when they screen.

after tat pei my mum to adm to eat breach.
walk home n then i straight went back to my room to study
haven been studyin these 2 days.
at least wrote out the notes..
have some sharp headache.
worte the notes within the time limit.
then i went to jog.
5 rounds abt 1hr.
first 2.5 round, jog without stoppin (Improvement haha...)
then i walk abit (few lampost)
then continue to jog.
walk n jog the remainin 2 rounds..

reach home ard 745pm..
then blog.
haha. now goin to hav a nicenice cold shower.
think goin to continue study le..

sally driftin off.....

:D ♥; sally

my compie juz reformat..
no sound card.. haha..
for all of a sudden not used to the compie being so quiet.

afternoon watch Boa Concert VCD..
then pei my mum go to chong pang for acupture (wrong spellin)
the doc was quite funny.. haha..

after that we took bus to sunplaza..
but forget that the route change so forget to alight.
end up sittin in the bus for 10 min plus for the bus to reach the terminal..
mum say take a ride but abit too long i feel.

da bao dinner n then went home..
mi reach home n then prepare myself for run.
its alrdy 7pm.
so i onli jog the small round 3 times.
feel quite satisfied when i jog two round without stoppin..
last round jog n walk lor.
the whole thing takes about 40 mins.
can imagine how slow i was.

now juz watch finish amine.
goin to study abit if possible.
haven been doin much lately.
need to quickly start le..
if not reali will lack time le..
lucky that tis few weeks i will not be goin to work.
prepare exams.

n too all take care..

sally is exhausted.

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, September 21, 2006

ytd nite,
when my father come back from work.
we were discussin about the thailand politics then back to singapore politics.
alot was talked about.
i always knew my dad knew alot.
but didnt noe that he noe noe so much..
i so so impressed.
got insights from a commoners' view.
but this will be a closed door thing.
no way i will be writin it on the blog.
if u noe wat i mean.
then from politics change topic to the family biz.
my mum was conveyin her thoughts to mi abt how they manage the stall.
haiz. feel that communication n understanding has not been reach.
such a tough thing to do..
my mum say she will not wan to step foot into the family biz
i feel its good, for thinkin abt her current health condition
i totally will not let her go back her.
voice down to family politics: it is never easy n mayb as complex as national politics.
so chat until around 3 then i went to slp.

no sch today.
so wake up at around 12plus..
reali drag myself out of bed wor.
dun noe y so tired..
mayb cos of run n stuff ba..

recently if u did read my previous entry.
i suddenly hav the urge to run..
one reason is cos of the breeze..
so soothing n calming.
while running,
all i can say is tat my mind is blank
n juz thinkin to how to reach the next stop then i can walk abit.
haha. afterall im not a runner..
i am onli a ver slow jogger with walker in me.

after study / read up on FSB - P & L statement.
got to understand better le.
haha. but dun noe if paper came, i understand?

finali manage to write my notes within the time allocated i set.
time for run, i mean jog.
initial start was always bad.
slowly i pace myself n jog abit here n abit there.

the place i jog has one big round n one small round.
so i today hav made achievement.
i run one big round n then 3 small run.
of cuz with walk in-between.
erm the whole thing took abt near an hour..
nvr run so long before.
but feel the sweat is all worth it ba.

when i was at my last round,
saw my mum n auntie.
my auntie say 'poor u. we walkin yet u hav to run'
then they walk one big round to adm,
while i continue my jog towards my home.
did some coolin down exercise before i make my way home.
reali i like the breeze soooooo much.. haha..
cant stand being melted my the heat..

bloggin now..
i shd soon go back to my books le..

tml mayb goin to si ma lu to pray with my mum.
my mum say she wanna go.
so i pei her lor..

see tml hav chance to run anot..
haha.. think im nuts le..

sally bouncing off..... ^6

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

yoz.. my compie is dying on us..

ytd.. went out for lunch with serene they all..
she wanted to pass mi present tat she has prepared..
n after tat we part, an FA approach mi..
n at nite another FA called mi..
ver they approach mi? haiz..

went running again..
then run till ver shiok..
cool breeze brush against the my skin..
so so good..

after tat went home to rest..
n did some bloggin.
unfortunately.. the computer got problem.. haiz..
then there goes my blog entry..

was watchin the TV serial channel 8 9pm.
there were talkin about divore??? wrong spelling.
the child indeed end up to be the most innocent victim..
n tat one shd ask the child wat he/she wants..
she think differently from us.
their simplicity will sometimes make us shame of adults' complexity..

nite did notes again..
n of cuz bed time..

today went for the official last lesson for the sem before examination -FSB.
did the practice paper.
ask qn to clear my doubts tat was good.
after tat went to lunch with cyn n her friends.
so i got to noe 3 new friends..

n after lunch we part n the 2 guys went back to sch.
mi cyn n her friend whom i cant recall her name. *apologise for my poor memory*
went to lot 1..
wanted to buy the bag but got another one..
n by chance i saw my pri sch friend.
feel so good to see her.
think it was 11 years since we see each other..
that was when i was in pri 3..
surprisin we still can recognise see each oter at the 1st sight..

bought another bag that u will not expect.. haha..
hav two quality control personnel n 3 colour chooser for mi..
haha thanks gers..
then shop around Lot 1..
cyn n her friend searchin for gifts..
n that i saw a ver kawaii 'da tou' slipper n oso the piggy from Jing San Shun..
reali ver cute..

then went to basement.
bought some bread for my dinner.
reali dun noe wat to eat.
n i see my JC temp class friend.. haha..
world is reali small wor..

now that the computer is still at the workable state.
quickly blog if not i goin to cry le..

gonna continue to study.. muggler...

sally signing off..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, September 18, 2006

woohaa diary,

wake up abt 10 plus, then slack.
i say i wanted to start studyin today,
haiz.. still didnt.
mayb later.

then for lunch went to khatib to eat.
cos mama go see doc.
after that went to causeway point to meet mei,
she wanted to get the singtel student promo plan.
but too sad for her, for sch is not recognised in the plan.
after tat went home,
mi went to my mum room to slack.
after tat, i decided to go for run,
feel good to sweat it out.
haha... still i cant run, sad.. so walk n jog lor.
cant 一步登天 :'(
but at least i feel it is alot better than the 1st run..
after tat i try to climb the stairs..
n OMG it is so so hard.. felt so breathless.

finali reach home.. so tired.
meis were playin techno songs.
so i move along with it.
feel so shiok.
went for a slow shower while m mum they all went to eat.
so cool n so relax..
now sittin in front of compie, meddlin with the mp3..
n watchin 'twister'..

think will do some work later.

sally closin here..

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, September 17, 2006

sun - last day of work for mi till mid-Oct.

this mornin when i was in the train,
saw caroline (JC friend) n Grace (Secondary tution friend).
Grace onli one year older than mi has alrdy married n given birth to a boy.
she seem happy.
feel happy for her.

always feel tat one shd hav a child when young,
for not to hav too big a gap btw parent n child.

when in the shuttle bus, i accidentally see that in another bus,
there is a little couple (onli sec students ba),
doin PDA (public display affection),
feel strange for is there such a need?
haiz.. or am i too consevative n 老古板..

as for work,
nth much happen.
stand there n feel like slping..

after work went to yishun to wait for my mum for dinner.
rainin heavily, n make ppl at the hawker center.

as mi n my bro walk together,
we were playin along ther way.
can imagine mi 20 tis year still playin n 'fightin' with my bro (sec 1)
haha.. then i told my mum that even i am 20,
ppl wun say if i were to stand with my bro.
some kid am i..

now watchin TV.
wish to slim down.
haha.. juz onli a wish,. but hard to do, haha....

think tml will hav to start studyin le.

sally driftin off le..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, September 16, 2006

nth to do much so diary im back.

frankly nth much happen within this 2 days.
today went to work as usual,
this is goin to be the last 2nd second before i go for my exam study break.
this exam juz to think of it can make mi shiver.
i dun noe y.
*sobbing hard*

went to work, saw the shelf n display so empty.
so end up packin all of them, like my usual start work.
then pack n pack, ppl buy n buy, so i pack n pack.
there is one customer who bought 12. cool..
the whole day i relax. haha.

got one promoter auntie come to talk to mi,
then she suddenly pop out sayin that i sound independent.
i was suspectin that sentence.
am i independent?
mayb some areas yes, but i guess for most areas no ba..
dun noe..

durin work,
i saw my JC economics teacher, Mrs Lim.
chat with her for a little while then she went walkin ard with her family...
while i went back to work again..
it is nice to see someone u noe.

after work, i sat on the shuttle bus,
watchin the rain drop fall,
feelin cold in the bus.
but still not willing to move,
lazy bones n comfortable is the reason.

pei my mum hav dinner n went home.
finish readin a novel n then watch VCD with my mum.

now i realised tat in such a cool climate,
my fav is to sit on the bed n hide myself under the blanket.
so warm n feel so secure.
*cos i noe im one who need security.. haiz..*

temp cool, sleepy spell dawn on mi.
bed n huggers
doggy, winnie to pooh, tigger, xiao dian dian n milk bottle' is callin mi out..
my mind is driftin there le.
my blanket too. hehe.. :P

think will stop here.
nites to all.
n that good luck will go out to all for all reasons u can think of..

Sally is drifting to her wonderland zZzZzZzZ..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, September 14, 2006

today for mi is so called the last day of this for tis week.
tml not goin sch. haha..

went to sch late.
wore skirt.
cant imagine how long i didnt wear skirt le.
feel awkward cos cant be too boyish.. but nvrtheless that is me. haha..
in class teacher went thru the exam papers.
found tat it was helpful.
then come to think of it, if exam were to come out. i think cham.
*sad n sobbin hard*

after sch went to find cyn in the compie lab
n had lunch n then we chiong to KBox in Lot 1..
we sing from 4 to 9.. that is pretty long.
but we onli pay to sing until 7.. student package.
they didnt shoo us so we continue..

sing until ver high.
see those with ver power one. like Xing Yue Tuan, FIR. so cool man..
sing until my voice MIA le.
reali had a fun time..

wanted to buy bag, but the shop close le.
they hav the design i wanted like my current one/
hehe. next time can go hunt for it..
onli if they are there still.

rush thru dinner n went home.
i wanna catch Jing San Shun.. last espiode le.
wan to watch amine also.
so many tihngs to do.

I so happy.
tml gonna make my debit card along with cyn.
haha. happy..

sally's thoughts flowing on... ^.^

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hello Diary,
disturb u with my mindless stuff..

now late at nite, early in the mornin. haha...
last min update.

finali i juz the so-called final report.
haha.. haha..
so cool.. tml can hav things to discuss.
settle it by tml then PRINR!!! PRINT!!! PRINT!!!

finish printing then can SLOT!! SLOT!! SLOT!!
happy happy..
finali load down for projects.

but another hav load will come..
omg it is so fast..

juz now chatting with cyn.. thinkin of gettin a debit card.
think will get it on fri.
after singin K with her on fri if there is nth on with my click.

sorry michelle cant make t for the BBQ.
enjoy u guys enjoy it..

sally penning thoughts...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

yoz.. today not sch.
but still quite busy for mi..

mornin wake up pei my mum do some housework,
then we went to down to TTS to do some followup session.
the doc say my mum condition is improving

then the next follow up session will be 5 weeks from now.
that is cool, but it happen to be on the last day of my examination.
told my mum that i mayb i will change the date to suit my timin.
better to hav a person goin with her.

after that went to sunplaza to eat n shop abit.
my mum bought 2 shawls for me.
nice nice.

reac home i slack at home.
read my novel.
finali i can read them. so long didnt touch them le.
then surprisin i say i wan go for run.
initially wanted to go ytd but i reach home it rain cats n dogs.
so postpone.

so long no run,
cant run,
haha. as i run, i thought y im torturing myself.
my mum pei mi, but she did the smaller walk.
think i walk n run. tired is the word.

after that walk to adm to buy food.
before that we sat outside the clinic to rest.
heartbeat beating fast.
then my aunt come n went to eat.

i look fat.. my mum look slim.
wanna cry. :'(

now reach home le.
restin n waitin to shower.
hope to do some work.
n watch Jing San Shun.
gonna end le. sob.....

sally penning thoughts....

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, September 10, 2006

today sun.
end of work.
bought a nice top today.
but wonder when will i wear it.

watch Charlie Angel.
finish 1 round of blog readings.
finish 1 round of mail checkin.

so sian now.
hav to wait for group mate to send the rpt over.
hope to receive it asap.
i wanna sleep.

sally loggin off for now.. :)

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, September 07, 2006

today is the 7th of the month september.

tues went back to sch for preparation of ppt n report.
morning before comin to sch,
mi n cyn met up at adm to eat breakfast.
we had mac big breakfast.
so full had to carry my stomach to walk. haha.
reach sch chiong all the way with project.
then went home 5 plus 6 with Cyn.
met my mum at adm for dinner.
so so tired.

wed which is ytd mi hav sch.
after sch got meetin.
mi here need to thank charlene, kelly, ying, xuan, ah xia, krys, bonnie & Jane.
they bought pizza to celebrate my birthday which was on tues.
had imaginary candles.
wat a unique birthday cake.
after that 10 min session, i went back to my project.
seem to hav problem with presentation.
so end up we went home with heads puzzling.
went to compie lab to wait for cyn.
at the same time, started on my speech.
after cyn had ended,
we made our way to bukit batok.
n had fries at mac.
didnt hav full breakfast nor lunch.
stomach singin songs like mad.
too tired to care abt time le.
haha. we ate n chat.
then made our way to Giordano in west mall.
cyn need to buy some stuff.
mi then see see look look.
after that went home.
so shagged. so tired.

today in sch, is investment management.
n OMG. so hard to understand.
listen until my eyes more than half closed.
now that class has end,
its time for project again.
now finalisin the ppt,
n 'BOO' will be the presentation.
*wish mi luck*
think i reali need it.

Sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, September 04, 2006

today went to sch
know result for risk management - not to my satisfactory.

did project.

found a nice website (jur recommend)
from this website.

Guardian (SJ)

You are sensible, down to earth, and goal oriented.

Bottom line, you are good at playing by the rules.

You tend to be dominant - and you are a natural leader.

You are interested in rules and order. Morals are important to you.

A hard worker, you give your all at whatever you do.

You're very serious, and people often tell you to lighten up.

In love, you tend to take things carefully and slowly.

At work, you are suited to almost any career - but you excel in leadership positions.

With others, you tend to be polite and formal.

As far as looks go, you are traditionally attractive.

You take good care of yourself.

On weekends, you tend to like to do organized activities.

In fact, you often organize them!

Sally signin off..

:D ♥; sally

finali the wine fair has ended.
n the result of the 2 days sales me n connie auntie has made,
is an amazing 300+++ bottles of wine.
some had to be ordered n delivered by the company.

but the prize that i hav to pay is,
aching shoulder n painful little toe.

sat b4 goin to wine fair,
i hav alrdy started to work.
went back to turf city to pack n order store,
then went off to raffles city.
at turf city i oso managed to notice my JC junior.
such a small world.
but sad cant work together for tis week.
bought fries n ate while goin to work.

standin the whole day n had the same action when servin the wine.
indeed i tried some good wine.
n i quite like handpicked cab. merlot.
clancy red of peter lahmann also not bad.
our neighbourin store has some fruit sparkling juice ( non-alcoholic) also nice.

the uncles at the neighbourin store ver friendly.
fuuny group of ppl to be with.
then request for tissue, cups, wine opener...
then in return they treat us nice indian food n nice wine n non-alcohoic drinks.

today n ytd usual.
when i 1st arrive, lazy lazy de.
ver sian.
then later when all the big shot of our store left,
we then chiong all the way.
sell as much as possible
but i noe i not ver good,
cos i cant reali push the products
connie auntie is the superb one.
can imagine sat sales?
270+ bottles of wine sold.
that is alot.
so today not much samples left,
sad. promote until dun noe wat to promote.

ard 9, mei nu jie jie n jason come along.
need to close store le.
even until the ver last min they are still selling.
count stock until i blur.
then jason was there experimentin with the tape dispenser.
funny person,
with my guess at least he didnt get himself puzzle as to how to use it.
after that we are the 1st store to get settle.
the supervisor was surprised
but we lucky for most wine hav been sold,
so not much to pack.
durin packagin some funny stuff happen.
finali finish packin.
the other stores are still packin n counting.
me n connie auntie went home.
while mei nu jie jie n jason stay back for chat.

mi alight the train n took a stroll back home.
but it was alrdy 11plus. but nvm la.
did it on sat n sun.
nice weather to stroll.
not much disturbance on the pavement.
enjoy it wih the mp3 im hearin.

juz now watch VCD with my mum.
now 132am in the mornin.
goin to slp.
almost forget tml hav sch.
after sch still hav project.

:D ♥; sally

Friday, September 01, 2006

now in sch.
today is 1st sept 2006.
so fast its the beginning of a new mth le.
its the 9th mth of the year.
finish lesson. finish project discussion.
waiting for cyn to end her project.

ytd went home straight after sch.
my mum ask mi y i didnt go eat with friend.
juz told her i didnt want to.
actuali i hear her sayin that she onli ate bread in the mornin.
so change plans to go home straight.
while walkin home,
there was light drizzle.
reali light.
but i seriously enjoyed it.
but once i reach home,
the sky began to pour its heavy droplets to the mother earth.
suddenli become so literature style.

at nite,
i ver guai,
i read thru IM on bonds n derivatives.
see until sian.
then before sleepin i chat with my mei.

her course has actuali frighten her.
the teacher actualli show them the process of alaughtering the animals.
like lamb, bear etc.,.
can sense the fear in my mei's speech.
she is an animal lover.
n the reacher actuali wanted them to go overseas to watch the slaughterin live.
i was like. haiz. Mei say n i say dun go the best.
if not end up becomin vegetarian.
my sis tlod mi that even since she watch the video,
she didnt eat meat.
like order chix rice but didnt eat chix. onli eat rice.

ard 2, i switch off all the lights in my room.
suppose to slp but end up sitting down on the chair n look at the red sky.
dun feel like slpin at that moment.
finali tiredness has dawn on mi.
so slp lor.

now stoning in front of sch compie.
with earphone in my ears.
dun wan ppl to say i 'spy' on them.

see later how.
dun noe wat to do for the moment.

tml got work at raffles city.
wine fair.
finali can work with connie auntie.
hehe. *happy*

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally


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