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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

today no school!!
ao ahiok ah..
slp until 12 noon then im willing to wake up.
cos i seldom then slp till so late.
even weekends im also workin.
how to slp late.

then chat with my mum,
went out for brunch with dad.
went to eat my fav duck rice.

then reach home, watch one ep of Goong S.
brought my bro to sunplaza.
wanted to do his ezlink card.
but then transfer the card replacement to AMK.
so ma fan.
so end up didnt change.
he help mi carry the heavy bag n went library.
return n borrow books.

then made our way to popular.
buy things n mouse.
the mouse move ver fast.
not used to it.

went to food court n eat.
shop around at basement for phone extension n bread.
n made our way home.

reach home, mi also watch 1 eps.
then now quickly use compie.
now goin to continue le.

sally to her chase le....

:D ♥; sally

Monday, July 30, 2007

today time went past quite fast.
wake up late by draggin myself out of bed.
yet reach adm quite early 9am.

went to sch,
on the way from jurong east to clementi,
i suppose a girl played her hp music super loud.
it is reali ver annoyin.
n not tat everyone wanna hears it.
so so inconsiderate!!!!
i was actually shakin my hea b4 i left the train.
so can imagine ah.

saw sch mates at the bus stop so we chat while waitin for bus,
n they noe my fav pet phrase,'huh! wat happened?'
guess she knew mi though it ver seldom tat we chat.

today 1st local lect for price theory.
the lecturer quite interestin.
should not say abt his actions.
but like his ways to exaggarate things.
haha. reali interestin.
he mayb laughin at one thing, but we are laughin cos of his laughings'
n the sentence, 'u may leave the room if u want to talk'
tat is so so cool when he said it.

then after sch,
cyn, harini n mi went to library.
n then mi n cyn part from harini,
n went to adm.
on the way, i was so excited abt the prospect of being able to eat fries.
but cos of my throat, i suggested cheese fries.
cyn was laughin whenever i say 'cheesy fries'

so things went as planned.
went to foodcourt to eat u-mian,
then walk abit, n to kfc to eat CHEESY FRIES!!
so so full.
2 of us had to sort of carry our stomach to walk.
mi after the fries went to buy herbal tea to drink.
then ta bao for bro n went home.

reach home, read a new novel.
the last one n i hav to return soon.

jonathan come to our house with xiao mei.
chat with him while i played with my bro.
ver nice guy, jia you! jia you :) can do it de :)
smiles always :)

continue to read, then my parents went out to eat,
while i use the compie.
was too tired to do anything.
think will eat dinner then go finish my book b4 i watch Goong S disc 4.
it is pretty addictive de.

sally to her sambal fried rice.. yummy!!!

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, July 29, 2007

back from work.

im luvin the movie - High School Musical.
reali ver cool.
the songs are groovy.. nice nice,
almost wanna move n sing along with it.
onli tat their pitch too high le.
mi sing will die from it.. haha..
still i love it..
found the songs in the play list.

went to work as usual.
tried ver hard to drag myself out of bed.
then as i was walkin to mrt station, the rain come.
lucky mi b4 hand call up my mei to ask her close the windows.
the rain got from not too small to ver big big ah..
on the platform still can get abit wet de.

reach workplace,
set up booth,
n off i went to the back store.
cos need to do the tickets.
alot alot ah...
typin quite fast, but the actuali changin takes ver long.
mi even hav to skip lunch to finish it.
ah hui say i siao ah.
n mi wore my specs so the staff were like,
u wear specs ah. same as choon kee ah.
haha. mi told them b4 i wore specs ah.
but today definitely muz wear.
cos too tooo toooo too many no. le.
haha. mi eyes ver easily get confused de.

so do the tickets, settle the wine n beer section.
didnt manage to settle the expensive wine.
but nvm, left it to choon kee.
since he has the 'gun' ver fast de.
mi manual de.
cant compare.

finali around 5plus,
i settle it all.
went to chat with choon kee.
his turn to do the tickets.
ask him to jia you, he say he no oil le.. even worse oil leakin le.
his lazy worms all attackin him. haha...

mi rmb that i hav to settle the order form,
then went to face out the wines.
then past the order to him,
n off i went.
funny incident happen before i made my way out.
all i can say is ' i dun noe wor. u ask him'
haha.. it is of u all words.

ta bao dinner as usual,
then walk home.
quickly refresh myself b4 the 'high school musical' starts at 730pm.
watch it with my bro.
now using compie.
think will watch 1 ep of Goong S before i go slp.
tml still hav sch..

sally to mia le.. la la la la la....

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, July 28, 2007

adapted from 'Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas' by James Patterson.

"Imagine life is a game in which you are juggling 5 balls. The balls are called work, family, health, friends and integrity. And you're keeping all of them in the air. But one day you finnally come to understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. The other 4 balls - family, health, friends, integrity- are made of glass. If you drop one of these, it will be irrevocably scuffed, nicked, perhaps even shattered. And once you truly understand the lesson of the 5 balls, you will have the beginnings of balance in your life."

"There's a saying I remember from my grandmother: One Today is worth 2 Tomorrows."

i juz feel like sharing what i found it to be quite a word of wisdom.. :)

:D ♥; sally

home sweet da home..

dun noe today is considered to be busy or slackin.
mornin woke up late.
think last nite i slept la ba.
cant rmb.
haha. onli noe i finish off one novel le.. cool!!
n frefree didi come my house :)

then today went to work as usual.
outside seem to be hazy n warm.
not too good.
slowly walk, train also slowly take its time.
reach amk juz nice, the bus came.

from cold to warm.
that is the climate in giant.
my section is the warmest.
cant imagine how i hav worked there for such long time.
now i reali waitin for the shift of location le.

open samples,
not much ppl tried.
still manage to sell abt 1 carton.
not too bad.
but compared to my aunt who is stationed at king's albert park,
it is less than her sales by >12 cartons ba.
no choice, no crowd n ppl dun wan mi to serve them.

walk here n there to kill time.
went for lunch.
continue to read the new novel.
not a bad one.

went back to stand.
bored n warm.
sian ah...
mi 'patrol' the section,
wanted to do tickets.
but cant do it.
haiz. im sure tml lots of ppl gonna use the compie.
cham ah...

finali time up for home,
choon kee even called mi up to remind mi to help him do the tickets.
so i suppose tml my time can go pass quickly ba. :)

then went to yishun to meet up with my cousin.
need to take something from him.
chat awhile, n we part for the train. (opp side)
went to adm, ta bao dinner.
reach home, see my mum watchin new vcd serial.
'Goong S - prince hours'
not bad at all.
but when watchin it, try not to link it to the previous 'princess hours'
it is actuali a nice show :)

now mi gonna continue to chase the serial le.
all i can say im addicted to it le..

sally gonna glued to her show le...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, July 27, 2007

tired eyes...
slept early ytd,
then slp till i naturally wake up.
waether cold cold de.
rained so mi went to work late.

was readin my novel.
interestin. the ger is a muderer yet those guys are so hot over heels to her.
still i haven manage to complete it.

reach workplace,
see lots of stocks, but no giant staff in sight.
so called choon kee up to find him.
mi stack my stocks,
weather so cool mi still can perspire,
so can imagine how stuffy the wine section is.
mi rainin ah..

then chat with ah hui,
talkin abt birthday..
haha. his birthday comin le.
then keep sayin i lied to him.
bad him ah!!!!

then chat with choon kee, promoter n merchandisers.

walk around giant, then finali choon kee help mi to pack the remainin stocks
mi dun noe where he wanna put it.
it is on advertised!!!

arbor mist fruit wine - sellin a bottle $13.80
if buy 2 get one free bottle of 375ml exotic flavours.
while stock last!!

haha.. im doin advertisment arent i?

then wanted to go do ticket,
saw choon kee,
he say cant do the ticket today cos still settlin it.
n he is talkin to the technician.
mi stand there n look.
nth for mi to do.
wanted to walk off,
choon kee ask mi to pei him chat.
so see the results of the technician.
cant say its good at all.
then time up to go home.
so i left 1st.

didnt manage to meet cousin,
postponed till tml.
ta bao dinner,
now watchin the 9pm show.
nice nice. father n son challenge.

now showin the guy wooin the ger.
watch movie, watch until wanna slp.
reali funny.
spoilin the ger's mood.

ok la shd stop here for today.

sally to mia for now...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, July 26, 2007

this compie of mine is reali givin mi problems.

ytd ate medication then slpt for few hours.
simply too tired.
then at nite my mei told mi, she has fever/
weather reali ver bad.

xiao mei went to see her friend who was injured by some gangs.
ver wu liao...
dun noe wat they are thinkin of..

last nite revision end ard 12 plus,
decided to read a novel.
so i read it.
nice one.
then ard 3plus chat with my mum until abt 4 then i went to slp.

so this mornin wake up, press off the snooze better.
so end up i wake up ver late ard 840am.
everything do ver quickly.
even manage to meet up with ying.

went to sch listen to last lect.
seems to hav quite some stuff to study.
mad le.
lucky last lesson for this week.

hav lunch with my parents,
now juz help my aunt put songs into her mp3.
think her birthday gift from my aunt n her friend.

tml gonna work.

gonna hand it over to di soon.

sally to rest for now....

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

time for updates.
these 2 days i suppose quite ok de.

wat did i do on tues?
i think made vidoes of my mei n her bf playin wa wa.
ver nice n funny.
the rest i cant reali rmb.

as for ytd,
it was my mum's birthday - 42nd.

*this is the summary of the pics.

mi went to sch as usual,
then went back adm to meet my parents for lunch.
after tat i went home, n rest awhile,
while waitin for my xiao mei n di to reach home.
sam has nafa come home pretty late.
so end up we took cab down to changi where my mum n da mei is.
ate, chat with grandparents,
ah yi n her co. staff were also there.
saw linda too.
then chat with aunt abt her son.

mi drink abit of red wine 'grape varietol - cab sauv syrah'
n also vodka (40% alcohol mix with 7-up n lemon)
my mum say my face pink pink de.
help my aunt mix the vodka,
& i think my aunt got addicted to it.

ard 10plus 11, dad drove us home after much persuasion.
seem to drizzle abit.
hav sch the next day.

reach home,
mi continue to read notes while waitin for the toilet to be avaiable.
so around 1-2plus in the mornin ,
went to slp.

this mornin dun feel like wakin up.
too tired.
cool day, not much sun.
throat now in ver much pain.
so cham.

after sch went library,
saw robin, he also lookin for books.
chat abit then we part.
met him again at bus stop.
finali my bus come,
dun hav to wait long.
went to bukit batok, train also come immediately.
so cool.
toot-toot- toot home.
ate my lunch, now using compie.

think will rest abit n then study again.
hehe got hw.. but will onli attempt it when i hav finish with my readings. :)
so the circle shd continue.

sally to disappear...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, July 23, 2007

last nite do revision do until abt 12 then slp.
was talkin to my meis.
got quarrel btw 2 meis.
cos da de bully xiao de.
always like tat if both happen to be awake at the same time.

today went to sch for risk management.
lecturer not bad.
but i almost fell aslp durin the lect.
too dry n i feel nth much for mi to write.
so concentration lags le.

after sch,
went home myself.
was waitin for the bus for so long.
reach home, chat with mum,
then she ask mi go slp.
cos simply look too tired to do anything else.
so ate some bread n read newspaper,
then i slept till abt 8.
haha. think got 3-4hours ba.
now feelin quite good.
later will chiong the qn i hav left behind on sunday.
bu finish the qns hui bu happy.
dun noe y always get it wrong.
now goin to makan dinner le.

sally to chiong her studies ...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, July 22, 2007

do a quicky one.
last nite, i said i went of to study which i did.
but with the company of my xiao mei.
haha. we were there changin cd, listenin to music
n chattin.
around 2plus, i made my way to my bed.

woke up for work.
then rush to catch train.
haha. cos slp late.
with the trainin i hav,
i can even estimate my walkin time le.
reali quite fast for mi.

reach work place,
long time didnt see choon kee workin on sunday le.
the 3 of them busy packin stocks.
mi there look look n talk talk.

time went past fast with their company.
some jokes were cracked but they censor it.
they say cos im a girl so cannot know.
ok lor. anything they say.
say dun wan to pollute mi mind.

waitin for time to go lunch.
felt warm , so was wishin for breeze.
n the moment i order my food n settle down,
the cool breeze come.
so shiok.
lasted till i left to go back for work.
haha. so good, mi appreciated it :)

saw the auntie whom i help her to buy 4d.
she won $6.
haha. cool..
she say i bring her luck!! i juz smile..

went back to work.
i stone!!
this time round, time went past slowly.
every second seem to be years for mi.
haha. translation**

try to entertainment myself by walkin around, findin some things to do.
then ah hui n u-gene went off.
left choon kee,
but he also busy in the office.
so mi toot-toot stand there staring into blank spaces.

got lots of crowd at wine counter,
but none lookin for wine.
they went bypassin to get to the fresh department.

vicki ask mi not to get depressed.
haha. nice chap.

wrote order form n gave it to choon kee.
around 530 he left,
mi wait n wait till 547.
n one customer last min needs my help.
so i help help help.
try to act im not rushin for shuttle bus which i reali am.
help all the way to the end ba.
but none is my wine.
haiz. sad ah...

ran off to catch shuttle bus.
da bao food home.
adm rainin.
n i was playin with my umbrella.
it is abit sort-sort de.

hav dinner, read newspaper,
listen to my mum n xiao mei lame conversation.

mi goin off to continue with wat i hav left - studies.
haiz. muz finish it before new subject begins tml.

sally doin her disappearin acts...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, July 21, 2007

finali got time to blog le.
hehe. this is definitely goin to be a ver ver long post,
if tired of readin skip it. hehe :P

ytd mornin went to work late cos was busy doin revision n 'fightin' with my financial calculator.
went to work,
see my stocks, i almost faint.
so many cartons.

then choon kee not at work,
haiz, hav to sms to ask him how.
yuan lai nobody noe where he goes ytd.

slowly packed the stocks.
ah hui always say.. 'go eat la.. wanna diet is it?'
of cuz i will eat when the time is rite.
if not hav to stand there to wait for time to pass by ver long de.
had made some phone calls n sms.

break time!! slowly eat n slowly drink till 1hr is up.

went back to work.
find something for myself to do.
walk around, chat around.
then around 5plus, raymond didi come le.
help him abit, then 6 i went off.

instead of goin home,
mi made my way to changi.
ah yi ask mi to go.
so go lor..
slowly toot on the train, slowly toot on the bus.
reach there 7.58pm.
n after greetin my relatives,
i made my way to the beach.
nice nice.
cool cool.. love the wind lots :)
slowly walk, n find a nice bench with little blockage to sit.
lucky i come early if not seats definitely will be taken up.

sat there for abt 45 mins, then slowly walk back to the stall.
chat with my boss n her friends.
interestin groups of ppl :)
nice to chat with them :)
my boss ask mi to finish up the white wine - Renmano River Breeze 'soft sweet white'
so no choice went to take wine glass n fill it up.
i take wine glass many ppl look at mi.
went i pour wine also many ppl turn to look.
so went i want to drink it, my dad look at mi.
so pour le, ran to my dad ask him to try.
he says 'why is it sweet?'
after tat let my aunt drink,
n i slowly finish the 1st cup.
then empty the glass, boss saw it,
say continue to drink ah..
u hav to finish it de.
i was like WOW..
altogether i think i drank 3-4 cups.
tat is alot for mi.
they say my face rosey rosey pink pink de.
of cuz la, got blood circulation de ma.
a few times, my dad turn to look at our table.

after tat ard 9plus, my boss n her friends left.
then joe come along, so mi, my aunt n joe hav our late dinner.
didnt reali ate much.
mayb cos tired le ba.
ahyi went off to catch bus,
around 1050 joe left for home.

mi stayed on to wait for my dad.
so chat with my grandma n grandpa.
then chat with my auntie, got to know some news. interestin.
after tat, was chattin with the staffs.
they are quite funny ppl.
they say, 'my parents look fierce, how come i look so cheerful?'
this i cant giv an ans.
then my dad n uncle sat down to join us too.
now i reali noe tat my dad is becomin more n more interestin.
the girls say tat if my dad were to smile more,
they confirm giv him a 100% grading de.
haha. of cuz la, my dad so handsome..

chat for quite some time, i sort of become translator,
cos the girls dun understand wat my dad n uncle were talkin (in different language)
so time to pack up the stall.
mi wait at one corner.
see here n watch there.
n finali my dad say lets go home.
been waitin for it for quite sometime. haha.
an open air ride.
ver cold.
reach home 2plus, quickly shower, dry my hair n drop on my bed.
too tired to do anything else.

then today woke up pretty unwilling for work.
n at work actuali quite happening.
reach work place, touch up on the facin.
then set up booth.
n finger singal to choon kee.
cant rmb wat topics we were on.
then ah hui n u-gene was packin flour (i called it 'ba fen')
then wanna dust it on mi.
make mi siam ah.
then they laugh until ver shiok.
mi walk around to look look see see.
chat with choon kee,
he help mi with my stocks.
after tat he went for his lunch,
while i continue to stone until i song then go for lunch.
slowly lunch.
went back it, cai ling called mi.
later goin to hav part 2 le.
as usual, ah hui will say 'y haven go lunch, wanna diet ah?'
haha,. the fact is tat i alrdy back from lunch,
somemore wan mi to show evidence.
how to show? haha. i ask him go ask the uncle.
n my funny faces all come out.
u-gene hao xue bu xue, try to do the same funny faces.
then later he show it to choon kee,
n naturally i will do it back ah.
so choon kee laugh.
funny meh? haha.
mayb cos u-gene funny face kinda strange,
still say his funny face is handsome de.
cant stand it when i heard it.

they say i smile ver nice,
then ah hui say, smile so sweet for wat, i dun hav sweets for u.
i was like, when did i smile so SWEET?
haha.normal smile onli ah.
where got sweet?
strange of them. tat means muz unsweeten smile to them?
how to do tat? how????

then around 4plus, saw junxiang - previously known as tiger boy.
he was there for another job.
catch up abit.
feel good to see him again.
chat awhile, then he went to do his work,

mi try to sell my wine, but no one wanna buy.
wat can i do?
so finali abt time to go home.
then saw a regular, uncle Aw.
haha. went to take out the sample from the fridge again for him to drink.
it is a norm le.
even his wife also knows it.
chat awhile, then i fly off to my bus.
slowly take train, da bao n walk home.
when walkin the straight stretch of road got breeze,
so shiok.

reach home,
chat with my mum abt ytd.
ytd too tired to do chats.
then snack on biscuits,
n hav dinner.
now usin compie.
wanted to help mei type,
but i think now got energy n time better go study.

so here i go..
as i say b4.. this is reali a long post.
mi dun noe how i manage to write so much.
dun scold mi for my super long post ah.. hehe .... :P

sally to her endless studies...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, July 19, 2007

finali i can blog le.
last nite was usin the comp, but forget to blog.
im reali gettin blur n more blur each day..

wat did i do?
*in deep thoughts*
after sch,
went to adm to eat with cyn.
hav mee. ver fillin. nice n affordable.

after tat went to buy bread,
both of us come to conclusion tat once we start studyin hav to eat bread.
for mi is to hav something to bite.

reach home.
rest awhile.
then decided to watch the movie 'The pursit of happyness'
is reali a nice n inspiring show.
at some point u reali can see how ppl perserve n believe in their dreams when they are ver down on their luck.
n tat there will always be one person who u will leave for it.
in this case, was the son.
reali ver touching.
comin down to basic necessarity like food, shelter n money n adversity of situation.
but u will still be rewarded if u believe it. :)

enough of the show.
help mi sis type abit.
then ard 12 plus, did my hw.
do until i blur ah.
so cham.

Today thursday.
foreign lecturer for biz finance last day.
the lect actuali quite funny.
onli tat i notice the speed at which he is talkin is quite fast.
many times i juz cant catch it..

on train to sch,
was attemptin the qns i had last nite when i was doin reading.
ying n cyn played along with the calculator.
big rain today.
my shoes wet le.
was tryin to rescue it.
haha. tissue paper did the trick.
during break,
went to buy food cos the sch i think they forget abt us.
so went to buy nuggets n fishballs.
after tat made my way to popular.
manage to get the financial calculator.
so happily i went back to class.
cyn faster hand than mi.
haha. she help mi open it up.
mi took it, switch it on, n STONE at it.
cos i dun noe how to use it.
reali stone at it.
kelly finali came back from break,
ask her how to use it.
muz seek clarification when in doubts.

after tat tried to listen attentively.
but think my mind drift le.
cant catch it.
tryin hard not to look too lost.
finali wait until end of lesson.
the teacher gav us the ans, lucky he did.
if not i dun noe where to get the ans.

after tat mi n cyn made our way to bukit batok.
i left first, she is waitin for wei ping.
mi reach adm, waited for my parents to eat.

n this was mentioned by my dad!!
while eatin, we were on the topic of global warmin.
sayin tat mayb next time singapore may hav snow.
humans can at least find jackets to keep themselves warm.
but birds cant.
they cant even wear jackets. haha.
if u imagine it mention in dialect, this is definitely a funny one.
after hearin this i cant stop laughin.

hav food n shop around for essentials.
then went home.
my bro says he wanted to watch 'bring it on'
so i watch with him.
then after tat, read a chi novel.
went downstairs to da bao dinner.

now using compie.
type abit more then will mayb go study le.
tml hav to work :)

sally to sign off for now :) ......

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

wow i 3 days no update le.
tired is one thing,
no time to update is another.


enjoyed the movie on sat.
bring it on!!
reali nice ah...

work as usual the next day.
there ver hard to kill time.
mi n cousin buzy chattin to reali kill our time.
he also cant tahan, end up we 6pm left together.
then on the train,
saw this army person with his bags,
n one yucky thing is ANTS!!!
mi tried my ver best to avoid or siam the bag.
pray ver hard for him not to move backwards.
haha. went i cant stand it,
ask my cousin to stand infront of mi.
hehe. block the view of the ants.
then cousin alight at yishun,
so mi stand aside n tried not to think of the ants.

went home wanted to watch VCF.
but my mei ask mi to help her do the typin for her work.
so i helped her lor.
help until 4 then i slept.

went to sch with slpy head.
lecturer not bad.
quite clear,
but one thing is tat is onli the beginning.
after sch went adm to eat with cyn,
then went home.
type abit n napped 3 hours.
saw my uncle,
chat awhile then he left.
went to refresh myself then type again.
this time round,
got energy n music.
so pace myself with it.
do until 2 plus.

went to sch,
it is a day of lesson on financial calculator which i do not have.
so use the traditional method to calculate.
seems to make more sense to mi.
finali one teacher tat gives us homework le.

so goin to do it later.
reach home after lunch with cyn,
read a chi novel, n 2 magazines.
see later got time to watch another movie i rent.
now quickly use compie to update in case i get so tired again.
muz charge mp3 if not i will be music-less for tml.
cannot cannot.

sally to sign off...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, July 14, 2007

tummy uncomfortable.
so sian. some more still hav to stand the whole day.
this mornin as usual went to work,
nobody at home except bro.
so wrote a note to him, askin him to call mi when he wakes up.
reali heng da jie jie plus ma ma de feeling.

at work,
mi taught my cousin how to open a wine for sampling.
then i went to settle my stocks.
still got shortage.
sian ah..

then finali can rest awhile.
caht with my cousin,
then an incident happen.

he open the bottle drink, i didnt noe,
so accidentally it falls n kena my pants.
wat will most ppl 1st reaction be?
AHHH.... my pants ahhhhh..

but for mine,
my cousin say i was like, look at the bottle as if nth happens.
abit or shd say too calm.
he was also curious y i hav this emotion.
i even played joke, 'the fannin of the pants, make my leg feels cool'
he was lookin at mi strangely.
reali ver different reaction.

after tat we went for lunch.
chat too.
n went back in to work.
then he abt 330 left giant,
he went to taka to see his gf dance.
a promise he made tat he has to fulfil.
so i help him lor.
but no customer to serve.
so sian.
the period he wasnt there, i onli manage to sell 1 bottle.
somemore none of ours de,

finali he come back, but my turn to go back.
so tell him where to put the samples, n left.
da bao for dinner,
n reach home to finish off the novels.
reali got some twist n turns tat i didnt expect.
quite unbelievable i will say.
james patterson is the author.. not a bad one.. :)

then makan dinner, now use compie.
at the same time listen tn watch abit of news.
was watchin a variety show tat was describin how to communicate with ya child if they are over active, slow in developin the speech or communication, or slowness in studyin.
reali makes sense.
one thing is to encourage n let them take ownership of their emotion, studies n how they behave.
it will nvr be a fast process.
time n patience is needed. of cuz listenin to ya child is also ver impt.
value their inputs is one thing tat i think can allow them to improve n be willing to speak up.

watchin the news.
starbucks in china is closin down cos they say it is a intrusion of chi culture.
interestin way to close this amercia biz franchise.
a super 'wang yan jing' is built in japan to see the space to deliver n break the mysteries of it.
dun noe will succeed a not.

think will stop here for now.
dun noe wanna slp or wanna watch movie.
my 2 dearest sis today later ard 11pm,
goin to watch harry potter.
but at different location with theis own bf.
tat means xiao mei come back late,
da mei called home to say she will ton over.

my parents are finali back from batam.
6 plus reach singapore, didnt call mi to let mi noe.
until juz now 10plus my mum called home.
glad tat they are back :)

*pls pimples dun attack my face le.
haiz. currently sufferin from pimple outburst ah... :(

sally signin off for now...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, July 13, 2007

though i did nth much today.

woke up usual for work,
then when train reach yishun,
i saw my cousin.
he didnt noe tat he will be workin with mi for these 3 days.
so i told him, n boy he was glad tat i was with him.
show him the directions, brought him to makan.
then the both of us help each other to kill time.
by chatting!!

frankly speakin i think the both of us hav nvr reali sat down to chat for so long,
though we are onli one year apart.
he waitin for his nric to be returned on 20 july - ORD.
so temp he got a lot of leave to use.
so block it until ord..
so not to hear naggin from his mum,
he guai guai go work.

so at work place,
we chat from his family, to his gf, to his brother,
then to his army days.
he has lots of stories for mi to listen.

talkin abt snipers, marksman, markman star? something like tat.
he is a marksman.
then talkin abt movies relatin to shootin.
cos i hav read novels abt amercia style of combat ie. SAS
he say tat they are reali super de.
then the guns, bullets no joke de.
so movies play tat they can run around after shootin is actuali not ver real.
when any bullets out of rifle,
front view: a hole.
back view: ver big hole.
something like an explosive.
hav somewat like a tunnel turner tat tear thru the bones n skins.
no wonder cant survive or even hard to recover.

after tat around 6, i leave for home.
he will be workin till abt 730.
so yup tat's it.

my parents went to batam today.
my bro today come back from his camp.
so help him da bao.
then went i reach adm,
i went to TS to find if i can rent the show 'sniper' tat he recommended.
then ella told mi tat rentin 4 can help to extend days.
so i did it.
rent 4 to watch.
in my mind, was to let my dad enjoy it.
but dun noe he will a not.

reach home,
quickli refresh myself.
hav my dinner.
ask my bro to join mi,
then the 2 of us chat abt his campin experience.
hell load of jokes from him - abt the instructors n how my bro sabo his peers.

then finish dinner, watch 'sniper'
not too bad.
quite a story i will say.
hav to settle down to think abt it.
somewat relates to the stories i hav read.

then watch 'ghost whisper'
it seems tat the main character has possessed a new power.
to hold objects and see the past.

after tat watch news.
japan got typhoon in japan,
-> electricity cut off
-> ppl injured
-> plantations were flooded, hardwork of farmers reali goes down the drain.
think the drain will burst too (i think here abit too lame >.< )

so now,
my siblings are sleepin.
mi goin to slp too..
n also today is friday the 13th..

sally here to stop...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, July 12, 2007

finali i can use the compie.
yesterday wanted to do entry
but was too caught up with my studies tat i simply let it off.

cyn went for exam.
mi woke up late, haha.
so went to sch alone.
day was pretty dark, wanna rain, yet no rain.

as for lecture, is reali a compact 3hours.
a hectic day of drawin many graphs n writin many words,
simply too much information is stored.
make mi go mad..
went for lunch with ying, krys, kelly at canteen.
then head for home.
the bus reali made mi stand for quite long.
reach home, immediately head for the bed.
reali cant make it.
even my mum was playin with my fringe i also dun noe.

she wake mi up then went to sunplaza to eat.
mi needed to return books.
n borrow some books to kill my time.
or recharge my energy.
shop around at sunplaza.
bought water bottle for mei,
bought a bag, shoes.
then went to watson shop.
bought quite some no. of things.
n also walk abit of pasar malam.

n then finali head home.
juz by goin out, alrdy took abt 3 hours le.
no wonder my battery flat (physically)
at nite, use compie,
did some research from my studies.
think will send to my friends to see if they wan it.

thursday. (today)
last day for the foreign lecturer.
nice guy actuali.
good with explainin but onli abit too fast to catch.
finish up abt a topic plus.
ver fast also.
can always hear lecturer say 'concentrate for a few more moments'
cos ppl are gettin noisy or fidgettin le.

finali waited until the end of lesson.
then mi n cyn went to bukit batok Mac.
hav our lunch, the 2 of us reali enjoyed the fries.. hehe..
then i lend her my notes for topic 3 to copy.
given the time limit,
wasnt enough time to complete it,
so next time round will continue with the copyin.
board the train,
cyn goin back to malaysia.

then went down to AMK to meet serene.
the 2 of us are goin to relax.
today is also her last day of work.
so quite happy for her.

then we head to cine,
walk around,
went to taka, also walk around,
then walk to wisma n next is far east.
finali back to wisma for dinner.
finali got the chance to sit, my legs wanna give way le :P

here wanna thank serene for treatin mi the german hotdog to 'cure' my 'itchy' mouth & also to thank her for recommendin n helpin mi buy dinner.
nice fried prawn noodles (though i pass all the prawns to her :P )

then walk around top shop to sort of 'fan huo yun dong'
she tried some top, yet not suitable.
then we made our way home.
crowded train.

reach home, shower n went to chat with my mum n mei.
topics are quite wide till i dun reali noe wat they are talkin abt.
my sis reali got alot of hands-on experience.
ytd she even saw many korean stars at her hotel.
so cool.....
she reali got the luck for all these stuffs.
i think i reali lack lots of experiences
wanna cry le.
you zhong 'yi shi wu chen' de gan jue.

now quickly come here blog.
need to send the mails i promise too.
didi comin back from camp tml.
mum n dad goin to batam tml.
mi goin to work tml.
thus i am gonna slp soon..

sally to disappear with her aches.....

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

do a quick one.
today went to sch as usual.
mood not too good.
mayb cos im tired.

listen in class.
ver attentive ba.
even didnt chat.
so cold again.

for break i was stonin hard.
stand there, eyes lookin at the atrium,
but nth comes to mind.
y so moody today?
back to lessons,
finali teacher taught the theory of ISLM.
understand here, blur there.
think reali need to read up abit le.

then go home.
cyn n mi, both are reali tired.
even the walkin speed also ver slow.
but i enjoy the breeze.

went adm, met up with my mum.
ate lunch,
then shop around adm.
my mum bought fashionable necklaces?
n also skirts for my sis.
then went to chi doc to take pulse.
cos i dun feel too well.
the doc say i too heaty le
chat over there, then da bao dinner.

choon kee called me to deliver bad news.
i reali hav to go west mall to work,
then he keep apologisin to mi.
haha. nvm de.
the stock he say help mi pack.
then sunday his off day, he say come find mi.
dun noe real a not.
so think goin to hav a new workin environment this week

reach home,
manage to finish one chi novel.
chat with mei n mum,
ate my dinner,
now usin compie.
think will watch youtube recommended by mit,
later got time will study a bit.

last thing - cyn jia you for ya piano exam tml :)
all the best..

sally to sign off for now.

:D ♥; sally

Monday, July 09, 2007

tired is all i can say.
went to sch as usual.
wore a white top.
mi kinda like it.

then go sch,
1st lesson was macro 2.
today doin review of macro 1.
quite a clear lesson i will say.
thumbs up.
the lecturer was made sceptical abt his own words.
reali funny sight.
think the student ought to reflect their own actions,
fancy makin the lecturer paisei.
then when followin on oto talk abt the same concept,
he will stress the correct ans.
reali funny.
haha... :P

but the gers ver li hai,
cos it is sometime we learn before,
then after break went for lunch le.
n cos kelly drove her car to sch today,
so they got the ride.
mi stay for lesson.
ask them to help mi da bao.
cos 1pm, sch canteen ver crowded de.
class macro ended,
then called kelly to see where they were.
cos want to find food.
they da bao chix rice for us.
some more is 5 star de. :P
reali not bad.
thanks gers :)

mi n cyn went outside 404 to eat.
still feelin the coldness from the previous lect.
reali i think sim air con dun need $$ de.

makan finish, then walk around,
at atrium got activities goin on.
so got the singin club?
they were there singin songs live.
i was there spoilin the songs.

went for class 2 -biz framework.
hear until i blur blur de.
end up i ask cyn if she wanna go library pei mi photocopy the notes.
think will hav to read them up le.
if not i sure lost de.
finali end of lesson.
now i noe printin notes can nvr be fast.
n by the time we are ready to leave sim,
alrdy reachin 5pm.

took train both of us stone.
stop at adm.
she update bank book, mi bought bread.
then we chat.
went to the shop n bought bag.
she wanted to get a gift for her cousin
n there was quite a good deal goin on.
so end up we 2 bought the bags for $15.
actuali each onli hav to pay $7.50 instead of $10.
reali worthwhile.
went home, show mi mei n mum.
not too bad, n they were surprised by the price.

chat with my mum.
chat abt my aunt, grandmother n my dad.
then mi went back to room dun noe to do wat.
think is chat with my xiao mei.
then makan dinner.
now use compie.
n aleady 9plus le.
why do time hav to pass by so fast.
not enough ah...

tml is another day with 2 lessons.
hope i dun fall aslp ..

sally to mia for now le...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, July 08, 2007

back from work.
another boring n warm day.

went to work as per normal.
post a snail mail with regards to my policy.
then went to work.

was chattin with xue hui.
he ask mi to call him ah hui.
haha. still not used to it la.
was chattin abt his collegue - the boy who seems to live for alcohol n cigrattes.
no wonder he look older than the 2 of us.
who are actuali a year older than him.
now i noe xue hui is same age as mi n abt a mth earlier for birthday.
so qiao.

then chat, n stacks stock.
no customers for mi to entertain.
sian ah.
he went for lunch,
mi continue hard to pay attention to my wine.
often enough i become wanderin spirit.
walkin here n poppin elsewhere esp if it is cool.

then finali my turn for lunch.
was watchin tv too.
they were showin an old show abt amry de.
kinda funny i guess.
mi watch until pretty engrossed.

time to go back to work.
stone here abit, stand there many bits.
then walk around, chat with uncle leong.
n ver thirsty cos weather seem dry.
knock off went to buy soya bean sweet sweet drink.

was readin novel on train.
wanna laugh but hav to control.
controllin my mouth not to 'shang yang'

da bao dinner.
make my way home.
quickly finish the novel.
then refresh n hav dinner.
did abit of study of the notes.
now using compie.
chattin with xinyi dear.
long time didnt contact her le.
she is such a busy lady.

for now i shall disappear.
mei wanna use le.

sally to @.@ le....

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, July 07, 2007

tired sia.
the alcohol from the proseco is workin out.

went to work as usual.
but today find it pretty hard to get myself out of bed,
cos big big rain.
so comfortable for mi to slp.
still i guai guai wake up for work.

reach work place,
open my booth,
then chat around with giant staff.
cos to mi not much crowd.
so kinda sian.
help to do face out,
n the beer dun like mi, crash on my toes.
lucky i wear wrap shoes.
so no pain.
one time an experience is more than enough.

after tat went for break.
chiong finish the novel.
though i finish it, but i dun understand.
not too good a book i think.

after tat went back to stand.
still quite bored.
there singing, walkin around to kill time.
even went to take recepie book to look look.
then finali time up to go home.
took train.
went to da bao,
walk around adm,
cos need to buy some essential.

then i reach home,
up date my handbook.
did my accounts n ok..
situation slowly reali slowly is improving.
still muz curb spendings.
nvr noe tat i so li hai,
for last mth, i actuali onli spend $15 on personal entertainment n stuff.
tat is so so cool instead of >$200.
so i will carry on.
control. to be a better financially wise person.
dun wanna go back to the "GOOD" old days, if u noe wat i mean.

then was chattin n updatin with my aunt.
she was talkin abt her job, so i talk abt mine too.
we two are wine promoters but different companies.
my aunt ver li hai,
she is under 3 companies.
this week i under 2.
but next week will revert back to one.
heard that my cousin is comin to turf city to be wine promoter too.
onli next week will i noe if it is true.

n did i mention tat today is 07.07.07?
wat a day to remember.

was drinkin the rposeco (italy sparkling wine)
now still can type ver fast.
dun noe why.
like running fingers.
kinda fun.

xiao mei watchin 'transformer -11.20pm'
bro will be watchin 'die hard 4 -11.55pm'
ver li hai wor.

think i goin to fold the clothings then go slp
wan to sutdy but no mood.
cham ah..

sally to her own land le...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, July 06, 2007

finali i get the chance to use compie.
these 3 days didnt touch compie,
since not switch on, n i switch it on onli for bloggin,
kinda waste electricity.
so went mei use, then i use.
suppose got quite some things to say,
but now i cant remember any.

finali the last day of this week foreign lect (thursday),
he is damn angry with the class.
cos of some inconsiderate groups of ppl, always chattin.
at least respect the teacher n also us - the students.
we pay to study not to hear u guys mumble among yaself,
creatin high level of noise pollution.
wanna chat after sch, or chat for all u wan during break.
no one will stop u de.

enough of them,
cant reali recall wat i did le.

last nite i ver guai.
i study the printed notes.
but haven study the sch notes.
kinda hard le.
muz jia you n clear up my doubts n concepts.
Jia You! Jia You! Jia You!!!!

today went to work (friday)
pack my stocks,
then stone there.
the air con reali spoil le.
dun feel any cool air nor movement of the air.
so sick.
my mini-manual fan reali comes in handy.
chat with the staffs, n also a few regulars.
went for break, chiong my chi novel.
n finali waited for time to reach 530.
left early today.
went to yishun to find my mum.
then went walk walk.
my mole is being lazer removed.
dun noe good a not.
then went to makan.
n home i come.
now using compie.
n watchin amine from scv.
i personally quite some time didnt switch on scv to watch le.
my bro is with mi.

check email.
finali got news from the crab supplier.
still i dun reali get it.
think my dad will read n let mi reply to him..

will stop here le.
tml hav to work.

sally to disappear....

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

complete personal profile from http://www.paulgoldinresearch.com/cg/

You are seeking protection against anything which might seem to be exhausting you or tiring you out. It would appear that you are seeking a life of security and physical ease, free from any problem or disturbance.

You are very orderly, methodical and self sufficient. You demand and need the respect, recognition and understanding of all those who enter into your sphere on influence.

Your confidence has been shattered. There are so many things that you would like to do with your life, so many dreams to be fulfilled - and you know that your hopes and dreams are not just figments of your imagination, they are real and you are looking for reassurance from someone. Basically your fears are such that you may be prevented in attaining your hopes and dreams. Even now you would like to broaden your fields of endeavour but in order to develop your 'inner- self' you need peace and solace. You are distressed by the fear that you may be prevented from attaining your goals. What you really need at this particular moment in time is quiet reassurance from someone close to you to restore your confidence.

Whatever you strive to do, something always seems to be holding you back. There is no subterfuge in you. You are a clear thinker and all you demand from life, in a relationship, is a partner whom you can trust and with whom you can, together, develop a foundation of trust based on understanding. You are your own person and you demand freedom of thought to follow your own convictions. You have no interest in 'two-timing' and all you seek is sincerity and 'straight-dealing'.

You are fed up with other people trying to influence you and you also feel that it is necessary to protect yourself from the threat that your independence and freedom may be restricted. You would just like to be left alone.

last nite slept too late.
today wake up ver tired.
then went to sch.
today lesson at least i can understand.
think teacher heard our inner voice,
thus today lesson went on pretty smooth.
finali after lesson, went to CWP with cyn.
when we finali sat down to eat alrdy 245pm le.

after tat we made our way to civic centre.
wanted to study at mac, then there renovation.
so we went to library.
end up mi bought the card.
sat there n drank the vanilla escape.
cyn loves chocolate.
opposite of mi.
around 4 plus, my eyes cant tahan.
so slack on the table.
read little bit more.
then mi decide to call it a day.
havin minor headache also.

then mi went to cwp to buy bread home,
n made my way home.
so reach home,
ate my dinner.. hehe.
mummy cook dinner... hehe.
now use compie.
da mei return home from work.
chattin with mum n her.
gonna watch the VCD 'Stomp the Yard'
haha.. finali can watch le.
i waitin for u!!!!

later got time will study abit,
then go slp.
i need my slp.
seem tat me n my siblings all plan to slp early today.

sally disappearin le...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, July 02, 2007

i haven been bloggin for 2 days isnt it?

sunday went to work as usual
then saw choon kee.
they were workin overnite to do the tickets.
then he ask mi to help him to do when i arrive.
he looks much younger with bright green tshirt n jeans.
kindda kiddo look.
shoo him back home to slp.
mi continue to work.
then went off to 5pm,
need to reach tampines by 615pm.
gonna meet ying, xuan n kelly.
goin to my dad store to eat.
mi n kelly met up first, so went there to book seat n order our food.
ying n xuan come in later.
ate till i reali reali ver full.
need to carry my stomach to work around.
kelly went off 1st.
then the 3 of us went to walk walk at beach.
saw planes. so big.
then went back to da bao.
waited for the food for quite some time.
then took bus home.
then quickly shower, yet watch abit of tv, then go slp.
cos monday which is today, is 1st day back to school.

so for today,
went to sch, got the dreamy mood.
not in the right mood to study.
wore my wawa top,
i call it 'yun fu' top -> pregnant top.
all loose loose de.
kinda nice.

then lecture start,
n so i was so so so so so so lost.
cos the lecturer goin quite fast.
n the things he talked i reali dun understand.
here i hav to say a big big THANK YOU to Cyn.
cos she was my eyes.
though i wore my specs, still got problem.
finali wait until my lesson ended.
went to library to photocopy the notes,
then chiong to outram to find my mum.
hav my lunch.
then shop around.
reali shop till my legs wanna break le.
hav a relaxin afternoon while waitin for my mei to come to meet us after her work.
sat there with mum, eat dim sum,
enjoy the breeze, reali like tai tai.

told my mum tat i so long dun hav such easy afternoon le.
mei come, she ate then continue to shop.
bought some clothings for mei.
shop till abt 9plus 10.
hav short break at KFC,
ate french fries n drank lemon tea.
then went to find taxi.
cos the 3 of us too tired.
the taxi reali made us angry.
taxi stand taxi dun stop.
then we wait until sian,
decide to walk up to pearl centre,
then finali took a cab.
on the cab we still see the ppl b4 us waitin there.
the taxi dun stop at taxi stand,
they stop juz in front of taxi stand n allow foreigner to board.
reali feel unjust.

finali now im home,
waitin for toilet.
think got time will study abit.
hav to clear my concepts abit.
dun wanna get lost tml.

sally is so damn tired.

:D ♥; sally


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- BackStage Prince *completed, 5 Jun 2010* -
- Badminton Girl *completed, 30 May 2010* -
- Baraio My Honey *completed, 1 Aug 2010* -
- Beauty Pop *completed, 28 May 2010* -
- Brilliant Magic *completed, 2 Jun 10* -
- Dakishimete Noir (cat) *completed, 7 Jun 2010* -
- Fairy Cube *completed, 29 May 2010* -
- Hana ni Arasji *completed, 12 Jun 2010* -
- He's Dedicated to Roses *completed, 6 Jun 2010* -
- Kokoro ni Hana Wo *completed, 5 Jul 2010* -
- M.C. Law *completed, 8 Aug 2010* -
- Otokomae Beads Club *completed, 1 Jun 2010* -
- Power (basketball) *completed, 31 May 2010* -
- Psycho Staff *completed, 2 Jun 2010* -
- Shinrei Tantei Yakumo *completed, 1 jun 10* -
- Shinshi Doumei Cross *completed, 31 Aug 10* -


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