...Destination ~ Destiny...

Friday, August 31, 2007

slpt around 3 last nite,
was pei~ing my mum watchin VCD.

then today woke up for sch,
reali is my ‘chang wei’ tat is givin mi problem.
made mi dare not eat though i so so hungry.
of cuz hunger won the battle.

after sch, saw lots of rmit graduates.
next year will be mine turn..
tat will also be the 1st time i wear a scholar's hat.

durin lesson cos too bored,
cyn end up buildin helicopters.
here are the pics..

finali lesson ended.
this time round, lesson end we all dun noe.
until we see the teacher packin his bags then we know.
li hai hor.. haha ...

then head for home.
da bao porridge.
since i sick,
i start to eat the food tat i will normally not eat.
like U-mian soup, fish Porridge.

then inform my boss tat i can onli work tml,
cos try to get myself recover better .
inform choon kee too.

then read Straits Times.

1st new tat caught my attention:
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore(CAAS) is goin to be Corporatized.
-> the Govt own the body but adopt private sector practices ie. set of wage rate.

it is different from privatisation
-> which means the private sector runs it but the Govt may hav a stake in it.
sounds cool isnt it.
at least they are tryin to be more efficient
and allow Changi to hav the flexiblilty to do watever is necessary to attract n retain talents. (talents management learn from biz framework)
this is a problem esp tat some senior management staff hav been poached to by other competitiors.

so can conclude tat they wan to remain competitve n improve employee's welfare.

the second news giv me a shock.
"it doesn't pay to save amid rising inflatiom. low bank rates"
this means tat is doesnt pay to save $$ in banks as there is goin to be -ve real i/r **.
** real i/r = nominal i/r - inflation rate.
this is where interest earned cannot compensate for the rise in prices.

n definitely Saver are the ones on the losin end, n Borrowers are on the Gainin side as they can borrow at a cheaper rate.
one of the reasons why deposit rate stay so low is becos TOO MUCH CASH IN BANKING INSTITUTES.
(aiyo so much $$ giv me la.. i help u spend. :P)

therefore Supply of $$ > Demand of $$
-> forcin i/r (equivalent to price of $ or cost of borrowing) to fall.

hence, shd consider investin into higher financial instruments to maintain purchasin power.

Y I took particular attention to these 2 news is cos they look so so related to wat im studying.
mini econs n finance lect. haha.
N felt so happy tat i understood the concept.. haha..

so i change my msn comment,
n jun jie saw it.
chat with mi.
the way i see him ans seem to be something i noe.
i juz shot the qn, ' u are a financial planner rite?'
see i so clever.
his ans endownment gav him away.
anyway nice to hear from him.
long time no news from him.
he is a finanical planner from prud,
n is a collegue of my financial planner too.
wat a small world.

goin to eat my medicine,
n so sad tat i still cant swallow them.
so traditional way, powder/ dissolve them then eat.
can afford to get sick. haiz.
risin cost which made a big hole in pockets,
risin hassle for i dun noe how to swallow pills,
n risin caution in wat ever i do.

goin to pei my mum go out to yishun to shop shop.
shall stop here.
im still havin achin body. sian ah..

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, August 30, 2007

ytd was checkin my results,
but hard to imagine to juz reach the website n access to it,
is alrdy abt more than half an hour gone.
wat a long process.

then slpt.
wake up, head felt ver heavy.
i was wearin jacket while my mum n bro were perspirin.
so yeah.. im ill!!!

didnt hav appetite,
ate medicine, n wrote my notes.
mi n xiao mei in the room doin work n chattin.
quite nice.
around 12, lights out!

then today went to sch,
head abit blur blur de.
listen, quite surprised i can still pay attention.

then after sch,
went to adm,
again a wet weather.
wrap myself like a 'fa mei' dumpling,
cos the shawl was grey colour.
whole body achin.

reach adm n had qiu lian U-mian,
then cyn pei mi to see chi physician.
while waitin for uncle to get the medication ready,
mi n cyn walk around,
bought a fan i like.
so hard to find.

was drizzlin when i come home.
so chiong toilet to prevent mi from gettin sick again.
now used compie while bro in toilet.
goin to study again.
thinkin whether to change subject.
think will ba.
not enough time next week.

sally to stop here for now...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

quicky dates.
wake up chat with my aunt.
then we went out together.
nea personnel come by to check if we breed mosquito.
by the time i sat on the train is alrdy 922am le.
tat is late.
half way thru the journey,
rain super big.
made my way to sch.

listen here n copy there.
chat abt project.
think goin to hav meetin next tues.

then went west mall with krystyn.
she need to buy pants.
so shop 3 shops n tat it.
went home.
now usin compie.
wanna check results.
but seem to hav problems accessin the website.
n i need to wat my brunch.
so so hungry.

sally to wait n to get her stomach full.

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

it is another school day.
today class is Macro 2.
n is one cold day.
heavy rain.
after class,
mi n cyn went to library to photocopy biz framework notes.
also found out how to operate the photocopier.
decide where we wanna go.

went out of sch, saw this images below.
this will explain how cold i am n how big the rain is.

*this shows tat the water is up to the ankle.*
but i didnt manage to get the pic where the torrents of rain water comin down from the stairs.
even brought water out to bus.
cos water level reali high.

made our way to sunplaza.
to gelare.
1st time tryin out the tuesday deal.

*this pic shows cyn last bite*

*n this is my finished product.

both of us come to one conclusion.
not full at all.
onli consider to be appetitizer.
so mi n cyn decide to move on to next desination - food court.
this is to full our poor hungry stomach.
purchase spicy chix korean food.
share it among the 2 of us.

*before we eat*

*after eating. see so clean*
we polish the food.

then we shop around.
walk around This fashion.
reali cold.
but the clothin not bad :)
nice nice.
then went down to level one to shop.
saw lots of things tat brought back my junior years.
kiddies books, handicrafts, big pictorial books, stationaries.

haha. mi n cyn enjoy it.
then walk to next booth.
play with hats.
made our way to ntuc to shop.
wanted to buy sweets but end up didnt buy.

then walk to the shop that sells baking needs.
both of our legs wanna give way le.
then made our way to shop where we buy the cloth.
waited for the bus,
so long.
continue to stand.

finali bus come, then i alight 1st.
da bao food home,
now watchin TV.
n shun bian blog.
goin to study later.
hav to start n keep it goin....

sally mia lor...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, August 27, 2007

quicky update.
so tired,
went home after tat.
then slept.
woke up headache.
sian ah.
then watch TV with siblings.
now my lips are crackin n bleedin.
feel like vampire. hate it.
goin to hav dinner n write out the notes.
tml is another day of sch.

sally mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, August 26, 2007

time to blog.
went to work as usual.
marcus come today.
the 2 of us chat all the way.
was busyin blue-toothin songs to each other.
had western food today,
but not reali to my likin.
n today lunch halfway,
went back in to giant for i was called for.

after tat finish off my lunch,
went in.
stand n try to sell wine.
not too bad,
manage to sell abt 12 bottles.
of cuz with the help of marcus.

then times up for home.
da bao food, n buy the necessary prayer stuff.

help my dad settle his license stuff,
now quickly update waitin for the teacher to upload the notes.
still need to physically copy them.

sally to mia le....

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, August 25, 2007

wat a wet day.
not becos of whether.
but cos im perspirin the whole day.
sian ah.

woke up n wrote abit of notes n prepare for work.
was walkin at ver fast pace to mrt station.
after tat took train n alight at amk.
n run all the way to chase the bus.
heng i ran if not cham.
hav to wait half an hour later.

reach workplace n sauna.
pack all the stocks.
then marcus called to say he wasnt feelin well.
so cant come to work.

so i continue to pack,
as packin, i was there perspirin.
reali cant take the heat ah.
then walk around to cool myself down.
chat with choon kee, promoters.
went for lunch outside.
went in early cos of heat.
then stand walk around,
finali time up for home,
was tryin to cool down in the bus.
walk super slowly on the way back home.
dun seem to hav any energy left to walk fast.
enjoy the breeze, went house downstairs mama-shop.
to buy orange juice in case i hungry.
dun reali hav the appetite to eat anything.

reach home, immediately study abit.
then watch TV.
watch super babies,
then campus superstar finale.
haha. mi support shawn. he ver kawaii.
think when he grows up will sure be a lady killer.
sweet 13. jie di lian.. haha.... with thersa.

then now watchin Guess3.
think later will go slp le.
waitin for hair to dry up.
passin the compie to mei le.

sally is exhausted... !_!

:D ♥; sally

Friday, August 24, 2007

went to sch for risk management.
cant reali focus attention.
cyn left for home durin break.
marcus called mi to chat with mi.

didnt go lunch with my group.
head for home instead.
reach home, try to do the notes.
but cant tahan.
slept instead.

then my dad ask mi to help him do something.
now tat i recall.

doin the quotation and letter now.
goin to hav dinner later.

mi to mia le.
tml hav work

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, August 23, 2007

didnt manage to use compie.
cos mei doin art.
so let her use it.

as for ytd, lesson was biz framework.
quite a no. of ppl didnt come,
suppose of today's test ba.

then after sch,
mi n cyn da bao food to 4th floor.
then ate n start to study.
brought out our doubts n unclear qn.
solve it together.
the air also ver cold.
cyn suppose it is the air-con.
but i think ytd is reali ver cold.

after we arrive.
other groups of ppl from our class come too.
quite a big group.
they stay until 6 plus ba.
mi n cyn, cos got the hang of the momentum,
continue to study until abt 845pm.
tat is reali reali late.
even the part time workin adults took their class break,
the 2 of us still there chiongin our capital budget.

left n then took 961 to woodlands.
lazy to take train.
then wait for 965/969 for quite some time.
saw ris friends.
mi reach home 10pm,
physically n reali mentally too exhausted le.
do anything also ver slow.
hav dinner, not much appetite.

da mei wasnt feelin well.
she sick ah.
mi around 10plus call dad to come home early to eat medication.
my dad also not feelin well.

then help my mum to cook porridge for my dad.
chat with serene on the phone.
she called to 'book' mi.
carry on our chattin till abt 12 plus ba.
try to attempt one last qn,
but got it wrong, yet i dun care le.
cos too tired.
so climb to my bed n once head hit pillow, slept le.

today woke up,
try to attempt the qn,
still cant,
sms cyn to tell her.
haha, met her at adm n went sch together.

reach there went straight to the front seats.
cos nobody will snatch with u de.
n i finish early.
even the course coordinators come to chat with mi.

after test,
cant reali focus on lesson.
cos too tired le.

after class got 3 potential thing i can do.
1. cyn invite mi to join them for lunch date.
2. ying ask mi if i wanna go K with them.
3. thinkin of callin serene for lunch (ended they goin out)
so i made up my choice - HOME SWEET HOME.

ate my lunch,
watch 2 VCD.
then attempt Q7i of capital budget.
didnt finish the revision dun feel shiok.

now goin to hav dinner.
xiao mei n her boy boy went to angela house.
her birthday 2day.

so now i shd disappear.
mayb tml goin to sign the 'workplace agreement form'
happy :)

sally disappearin le....

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

went to sch as usual.
then study on train.
felt tat the train ride ver fast,
onli manage to study one or 2 qn.

then saw ying at jurong east station.
went to sch together.
today lesson compare here n there.
monetarist, classical n keynesian.
change here n there.
blur ah...

after sch went home.
ate lunch n also attempt 1-2 qn.
then prepare to go sunplaza to run errands.
return books, update bank book.

then rush to bishan to cut hair.
looks better n thinner le.
haha. some more V-shape.

then went to J8 food court to wait for my aunt n auntie faye.
hav our dinner, n comes along my uncle n cousin.
shop n refresh ourselves.
n went in to watch.
the rat cartoon not too bad. :)
mayb can catch it next time round if i hav the time.

laugh until my mouth pain pain.
later after tat show end,
mi n auntie faye left for home 1st.
mi n auntie chat durin the train journey.
then alight n head for home.

shower, use compie, then watch abit of VCD with bro.
i reali hav to get back to study.
think tml will stay back after sch to study ba.
n for project, think company settle le.
all thanks to YuLing :)
bIg hugs Ger!

sally mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, August 20, 2007

blog quick one.
last nite was busy crampin myself with the novel.
initial 12 can slp, mi end up 3plus then slp.

then this mornin wake up n went sch.
on train coincidentally saw hui ying.
so want to sch together.
try to study on the train journey but cant focus.

in sch listen to lect.
tis time round class ver quiet ver shiok.
cos whole class given serious warnin
n tat the teacher reali carry out wat he meant.
so cool...
n one thing, the class ended ver early.
if he didnt go thru the past year papers,
think 12noon can knock off from sch le.

after tat da bao lunch to 4th level,
with gui fang, yuling, cyn, jane n hui zhen.
shiok ah..
nice nice wind..

still tryin our luck with the companies.
hope can get it settle,
think will ask teacher to giv us or the whole class extension ba.
hope can suceed.

reach home,
settle the TB.
it drop off so mi took out n restaple them.
easier to carry around n to read too.
chat with mei as she was busy preparing her art pieces.
jia you ")

took a nap cos tired n cant concentrate.
then watch abit of TV, hav dinner,
then watch 'bao jia wei guo' ast eps.
ending ver beautiful.
whole family get married.

now will start to study le.

sally muznt slack anymore.

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, August 19, 2007

back from work.
work up to try to study but to no avail.
so made myself simple breakfast.
juz milo n bread.
eat ver happily.

after tat mi went to work.
sun big big.
but by the time i reach workplace,
dark clouds covered the sky.

try to entertain myself.
did tickets, order stocks, pack stocks.
then walk around.

then finali time up for lunch.
ate fried carrot cake. long time no eat le.
nice nice.
then constantly cold wind kept blowin.
rainin ma...
blow until i feel so cold.

after tat went back to work.
chat with uncle leong.
walk around, then chat around.

sales not too bad for today
cos got 1 customer bought 18 bottles of wine.
pack up for home.
bought 2 tub of ice cream
confirm plus chop is nice de..

reach home, wanted to study but cant focus.
so read a novel.
not too bad for a beginning.

hav dinner.
watch VCD with bro rite now.
goin to copy the notes for tml lesson.
hope can do a quick job.
sian ah...

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, August 18, 2007

lazy to blog ytd,
so blog it today.
ytd on the way to sch,
super big n heavy rain.
hav to carry a big umbrella around.
hav risk management for lesson.
the topics are reali killing mi.
reali dun noe wat the teacher is talkin abt.
sian ah..
can imagine mi in class with a super blur look on the face?

after tat a minor meetin then i head for home.
went home, read novel.
nice one.
then around 5plus 6, watch variety show with mum,
n we head to CWP to shop.

shop around then da bao food home,
n manage to catch 'bao jia wei guo'
thought was the last ep.
after tat watch ghost whisper.
nice one too.

n cant rmb wat i did, n slept.

this mornin went to work.
was drizzling.
after but reach workplace,
i was perspiring.
so can imagine how warm the section im workin is.

pack my stocks,
set up my booth,
n walk around.

hav lunch around 230pm
n study abit of biz finance -topic 2 demo.
was meddling with the financial calculator.
do until ver blur, mind empty de.
the cashiers went lookin at mi when i was doin my studies.
but i didnt reali care,
cos didnt manage to get my attention.
too focus on how to solve the questions.

after tat went back in to sweat it out.
was helpin choon kee n ah hui to pack the cans.
reali cant tahan the heat,
was fannin myself as i help to do face out.
didnt notice tat time went past so quickly.

then change to maggi mee lane,
tat i didnt help much,
cos i was tryin to let myself cool down the internal heat.
went home half an hour later.
was chattin with choon kee. :)
i head for home, he too head for home.
crack jokes on it.
guai guai ah..

tml both choon kee n ah hui off.
so good..
i still hav to work n i wish it is not goin to be boring.
dun noe how to kill time.

think lunch will bring bread, cos eatin outside ver EX..
they increase the price by $1.
too high a price for mi.
consumer expectation not reached.
dampen my mood.

now dun noe to watch TV channel 5 or to study.
let mi make my choice later.

sally to disappear....

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, August 16, 2007

didnt manage to blog ytd.
so instead blog today..
went to sch as usual,
hav biz framework.
half way thru, many ppl left.
mi stayed on to listen.

after tat hav lunch with cyn n wei ping.
da bao our food to fourth level n sat there to eat.
ver nice view n windy.

after tat made my way home.
went home slpt at my mum's massage chair.
ver comfy.

then woke up to go dinner with parents n mei.
at nite chat with mei before they slpt.

today went to sch for biz finance.
capital budgetin.
after tat hav lunch in megabites.
then do group meetin.
eu yan sang n courts turn us down.
so went on with others.
stand inthe library until my legs numb.
so now get the chance to seat n quickly update.

my mum called mi n she whisper to mi to ask mi help her buy things.
cos im in the library.

so now i hav to go now.
cyn is beside mi, waitin for mi.

Ciao... :)

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

comin to the end of one day.
woke up late this mornin.
think ard 845am,
then prepare to go sch.

mi, n 2 yings' come to one conclusion.
dun hav to meet,
got chance then meet up.
if not it is like we are havin competition who is later than mi.
n today mi won!! (this is nth to be proud of)

lesson - macro 2,
but i didnt manage to get the information into my head.
reali not gettin in.

after sch, went adm da bao my lunch n head for home.
reach home,
continue to chase the VCD.
mi later goin to watch the last eps le.

went downstairs to da bao dinner for my bro n mum.
n i sat infront of TV watchin 10pm news.
now mi da mei n mum laughin ver loud in the room.
think is laughin cos of the 10pm channel u show.

sorry serene tat i cant make it.
so paiseh :)
anyway enjoy ya holidays :)

sally disappearin....

:D ♥; sally

bloggin time.
finali down with one test le.
price theory, tricky is all i can say.
i noe i hav some mcq wrongs,
but i dun care le.
too tired n too late to do anything.

after sch,
hav a short meeting with my group,
discuss n come up with some conclusions. :)

then guifang, jane, huizhen n mi went for lunch in school.
mi went to buy a pen in popular after tat..

then made our way home,
this time, mi n zhen climb bridge to other side.
took bus to clementi, then take train home.
long time no take train home from clementi le.

chat with zhen till she alight at woodlands to go repair phone.
then i da bao n made my way home.

reach home,
help my mum do foldings for the prayers,
sit on the floor with her, watchin TV for a few hours.
think from 3 to 7 or 8 ba.
after tat ate my dinner, n hav group meetin online.
n watch the korean drama i hav been chasing.

now think will hav to go slp,
slackin for one day.
tml surely hav to start to try to settle down n study le..
next week another test.

sally is sleepy...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, August 12, 2007

bloggin time.
another day of sauna.
so so warm,
juz by feelin myself still cant cool down.

today sales not too bad.
manage to sell more than 12 bottles.
not bad for a sunday.

this mornin,
woke up around 8 plus to study,
saw my dad in his joggin attire.
he say he cant slp,
so went to jog around 7 plus in the mornin.
dun noe y he cant slp.
yet i not enough slp.

went to work.
chat with choon kee.
stand at my booth awhile,
n hunt for cooler spot.
walk around.

went for lunch,
study at the same time,
the food increase its price le.
$4 for a plate of hong kong noodles.
eat until heart ache.. haha..

receive call from serene,
with regards to the holiday plan she suggested.
look at the site,
sounds n looks ver interestin.

finali time off from work.
choon kee ke lian still got tickets to do.
if ask mi earlier still can help u..

went to adm to find my mum n bro.
then bought prayer stuff.
tml is lunar 1th month.

when comin home,
an indian guy almost had an accident rite in front of my eyes.
red light, car shd stop.
n it juz went past.
lucky tat they were chattin, if not cham.
the car stun. stop after tat, then after confirmin i think from rear mirror then drove off.
scary sia...

now watchin TV - toy story.

goin to try to study n memories the definitions.
i noe my big head, is losig its memory power.
so sad.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, August 11, 2007

im feel so warm..
woke up 8plus in the mornin.
cos need to study.
continue to write the notes for topic 1.
then went to work.
still i late.

the bus juz left rite in front of mi.
so wait for next bus.

went to workplace for sauna.
reali ver warm.
there busy stackin my stocks.
n all sayin so warm.
even got customer wanna help mi complain abt the environment.

then went for lunch.
study abit.
after tat went back in to work.
shd promote,
but end up i become giant staff.
help them pack stocks.

as i went to work late,
mi went head of home also 1/2 hr later.
da bao dinner for mum n di.
then now watchin TV.
quite funny.

mayb will watch 1 VCD to cool down my mind.
later rest le, hav to study again.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, August 10, 2007

*lunch taken by sally - side view*

*lunch taken by cyn - top view*

doesnt it delicious?
woke up reluctantly for sch,
cos last nite slpt 3plus.
then try to study on the train.

reach sch, try to listen attentiveli to lesson.
today lesson damn tough.
dun reali noe wat he is talkin abt.
think after price theory test will hav to study for risk management forward contract le.
my studyin is all pilin up to a high condo le.

after tat we went to westmall.
have to wait for bus, cos we missed it.
west mall find seats, n order food.
we bought set, so quite worth while.
n the 2 of us become tourists.
haha. fancy takin pics of our food.

then chat awhile.
n left,
cyn goin overseas again.
haha. mi still in singapore.
reach adm, ta bao bread for mei,
then i indulge myself with coffee cake - 1st time.
felt tat it is abit creamy.
dun reali like the cream taste, other than tat not much of a problem
ver rare for mi to eat it.
think once a year eat how many times, one hand can count.

then watch 'spider lilies' with xiao mei when i reach home.
quite alot of hidden meanings in it.
mi watch till abit blur.
start from 44th min to the end.
can see lots of changes.

wanted to study,
but end up too tired, so read a novel.
cool down my head.
then use compie.
have dinner - mummy da bao korean food for mi..

so now using.
listenin to K-songs.
super nice!!

now think reali hav to get down to the mood of studyin.
tml hav to work.
n mon hav test.
sian ah..

sally to hav her head burnt..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, August 09, 2007

time for short entry.
mornin wake up abt 11plus.
then did my dad's invoice.
then went to eat with dad.

come home, use compie.
finali had the time to sit down n read the blogs' entry.
then was chattin with mum n mei.
my uncle is in the marchin contingent for this year ndp again.
so so cool.
so will guai guai switch on tv to watch the ndp.
after all, this year ndp is at a new location.
hope it will be captivating.

heard this year ndp song by zhong chong qing.
reali ver interesting..
love it..
the writer of the song even like it.
he almost got into accident when he heard the song 1st time on air in his car.
aha. wat a interestin note..

mei bf bought laptop.
n is a ver good value.

now listenin to songs..
will go back to the invoice again.
hav to finalise them, pick out the stuff that dun balance,
to let them hav a look.
now i know how the LHL is operating.
at the age of 19,
i feel my life has changed.
i have n will change for the better..
Sally evolve ba!!!

:D ♥; sally

it is alrdy 9th Aug - so happy 42nd birthday Singapore!!

last nite was settlin the invoices till abt 3 in the mornin.
then this mornin woke up for lesson.
cant quicken my pace.
too tired.
plus mi wear long dress, ver scare i fall flat n kiss the floor.

today 1st local lect for biz framework.
this lady lect seem pretty interestin..
her experiences n teachings not bad.
she knows her stuff pretty well.

i think for abt the whole of the lect,
were talkin abt the project that we hav to do.
teachin us how to approach,
wat to look out for,
how to be presentable n give good impression to our potential interviewee.

durin the break,
we hav imprompt meeting.
so mi become the minute taker again.

then after sch,
the teacher announce tat she is lookin for potential project assistance.
so mi went to write my name.
i hope to gain experience with it. :)
and it sounds pretty interestin..

after tat i left for home.
met up with dad n di at adm,
then went home,
reach home,
watch VCD.
even my bro got addicted to it.
much more li hai than mi.

hav dinner,
then went to continue with the invoice thinggy.
try to finish it up so my dad can bring it back.
so i shd continue with it.
hand the compie to mei.

cya friends.

sally to divert attention le..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

blog now.
last nite, played the game till 2 plus,
then my dad shoo mi to slp.

so here wish xue hui aka ah hui happy 21st birthday!

tody went to sch,
1st local lect for macroecon 2.
the lecturer quite a interestin person.
dress like construction worker,
heard from ppl behind mi -
later at end of lesson, they upgrade his status to construction foreman.
this teacher reali knows his stuff at the back of his hand.
so cool.
link here link there, become one big circle.
made mi go rounds in circles also... :P

then today bag super super heavy.
cos lots of notes.
he change the remainin topics n also 'bible' is given for this subject.

finali end of lesson.
went to mac with cyn to eat n let her finish up her topic 3 notes.
i reali can write alot of notes.

wanted to go out with aunt de,
but too tired then wan to study for test,
so gave it a pass.
ard 4 reach home.

use compie to 'fill in the blanks' for price theory notes.
reali alot ah.
can take abt 2 hours to fill them up with some understanding.

now listenin to list of compiled Jap & Korean Music.
so so nice...
goin to hand the compie over to mei le.

later will hav to start to sort out my dad's invoices n do recordings.
tough n long night ahead.
jia you jia you!!!

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

durin work,
hav sun yan zhi songs.
nice nice.
then saw eunice, jun xiang..
so cool..
these 2 days at westmall get to see n meet many friends... :)

at nite,
wanted to use compie ytd.
but bro was playin with compie.
so i went into my mum's room to watch VCD.
reali no logic de.
haha.. see le dun noe wat exactly is happening.

then this mornin went to sch,
price theory today.
so listen, n draw, n write.
after sch, went to clementi to take shuttle bus to turf city.
hav my lunch, then went in to work.
reali quite messy ah..
sort them out, did my order,
n wish xue hui happy 21st birthday.

after tat mi made my way to amk.
went there to meet my mum n bro.
sad tat they forget to bring my bro birth cert.
so cant do the ezlink card.
end up hav to make a trip to amk again.

then we went shoppin.
bro need to buy clothin for his 1st theatre trip to watch 'the king & i'
so cool..
help him look at top, but little alternatives.
so we went out of amk hub,
walk around the shops outside,
can say manage to help him find alot.
so hav our dinner.
not bad at all.
nice n fulfillin.
so shiok.
shop around at guardin,
then walk abit to digest, n cab home.
reach home, slack,
then chat with serene on the phone.
played the new msn game tat my mei recommended.
ver interestin.

so now want to study also got a little problem.
cos eyes wanna close le.

tml will be another day..

sally to disappear le...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, August 04, 2007

new work environment today.
west mall Shop n Save.
go there, mi blur blur de.
dun noe where take pass, dun noe where my samples is.
but after tat manage to find them all.
so still not too bad.

slowly waitin for time to pass by.
not much crowd ba.
then serve few customers here n there.
then by chance see xinyi, steven, mum kit n her friend.
xinyi see mi hug mi.
at tat point in time, i still blur blur de.
mind turn super slow today.
so chat with them,
so i understand they are gatherin at steven place to drink n chat.

after they left,
mi continue to stone.
then there is one guy who im served chats with mi.
chat until he wanted my phone no.
sayin he is livin around the area,
so mayb next time can come out to chat.
i was like.. huh!!
then i say, i cant give n tat mi mum will scold.
so with tat, it ends.

after tat continue to stare hard,
then saw choon kee.
he was hidin, thought i see wrongly.
cos he looks different.
haha. younger more child like.
haha. better not let him hear tat.
haha. or shd i tell him? :P
chat for awhile, then 6 he left.
lucky tat i didnt go for break if not sure miss him de.
n he kept to his promise. :D

since i didnt go for break,
i went home half an hour earlier.
but still end up goin home around the same time,
cos i was helpin my aunt buy sweets n cashier long queue.
then went to take train.
reach adm,
chat with the gers in the video shop,
then went to ta bao my dinner.
so come home, eat..

did personal accounts for the mth of july,
notice im spendin abit too much,
but i dun noe where im spending them to?

so now using compie,
listenin to K&J songs.
nice nice nice!!!
sway with the music....

have to start studyin for px theory le.
juz now then notice the text is abt a week from now.
13th August.
1st test for the sem, n is comin so fast.

sally reali need to study le...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, August 03, 2007

im so addicted to Se7en Singing!!
i wan his songs & also Goong S Soundtracks..
im sound so so hungry for music over here.

finali i finish watching or shd say chasin Goong S le.
reali a nice one.
some parts reali are sad ah..
feel sad for them too.

but they end up to be the good ones around when needed.
cool isnt it..

went out of home late,
thus late for sch,
end up many ppl also late.

the lecturer quite soft spoken,
n like to say 'cool'
sometimes i feel he is puttin mi to slp.
onli when calculations is involved,
mi more awake.
i even raised my doubts.
that part is quite loud.
believe im even louder than the lecturer.
after tat heart beat fast fast.
haha. nervous shock ah.

durin break,
auntie faye called mi.
so was to update her abt my pay n her stocks.
so chat on phone for quite some time.

finali finish the lesson le.
then went to West mall food court to eat with cyn.
not bad.

then went to shop n save,
bought candy sweets in tin,
reali ver hard to find them.
haha. thought onli amine hav tat.

was lookin at the stocks of wine.
not a lot, lesser than turf city.
n who noes, my boss reali ask mi to go there to work.

so inform choon kee.
later he receive a sms from my boss,
called to check up with mi.
funny thing, come to think of it will still laugh.
mi n choon kee are sort of cheated by my boss's words.

reach adm, ta bao food home for bro n mum,
then dad fetch mi home.
reach home, ver guai sit in front of TV.
watch Goong S.
went downstairs with mum to buy food.
so now im here.
usin compie.
mayb later will study abit le.
cant be slackin le.
not much time left le..

sally to chiong for her results...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, August 02, 2007

shiok ah..
continuouslly watch Goong S for a few hours.
so shiok.

the small twist n turn,
some sadness, some happyness!!
i noe wrong spellin, but i like it.. HAPPYNESS!!!
haha. reali quite captiviting.

mornin went for lesson.
today is biz finance.
quite early end lesson.
so went straight home.
watch disc so sat infront of tv for quite some time.
wanted to stop, but cant control the urge to follow thru.
so now left abt 3 discs to go.
wooo whooooooooo....

then hav a ver ver full dinner.
stomach gonna burst le.

now watchin 'bao jia wei guo'
later will try to take my eyes away from the tv ba.

*anyone manage to hav 'Goong S OST'
i think im so so addicted to it....

sally glued to TV...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

i feel so tired.
woke up ard 11 today.
then decided to settle the albums tat i hav wanted to.
do for abt a few hours ba.
rearrange them nice nice.
see le happy happy. :)

then pop into my mum's room to watch abit of vcd.
dun reali noe wat it is about.
after tat went with parents to yishun to eat.
tat was around 4plus.
had to try to spend some time wanderin.
cos time for facial still not up.
so walk here, eat there.

went for facial.
ok ok la.
not reali up to expectation.
my mum say so too.

then went to northpoint to ta bao.
now juz reach home.

realise tat i didnt revise at all.
so cham.
slackin abit too much le.
later will continue to watch the disc.
then slp.
tml i hav sch..

sally to mia le....

:D ♥; sally


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