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Monday, February 28, 2005


hiyo i thnk its the second time i doin this blog entry cos the previous one juz disappear when i publish it.. so sad.. wan to cry le..

nth much happen this few days ( i think abt a wk) hehe.. except that i went on a triple date w serene n hwee kuan.. haha.. the person who say she was flexible becum the lastest to b ready.. n when plannin whee to go.. she always MIA.. so i guess u noe who u are.. hehe.. i dun need to spell out.. hehe.. then we went to eat at cafe cartel.. wow.. the food servin was large n i was impressed by jackie who ate the largest portion in the fastest time.. haha.. then the rest of us were like strugglin to finish the food.. haha.. then aft that we went to esplanade.. th roof terrance was coolin n that there were quite nice views.. hehe.. mi play hp games.. the games like dun like mi like tat .. always make mi die.. sob sob.. then time to go back home.. hehe.. tirin day..

n the O level results are releasin so i think my result will b out soon.. sob sob.. i even had a dream that i score E8 for every subj.. that reali scare mi.. hope its not for reali.. time for mi to sign off.. hehe.. catch up w ya next time.. hehe..

* i hav change mi webby song to S Club 7 --> i nvr had a dream cum true ..
hehe.. hope u all like it.. hehe.. Cya friends..

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, February 20, 2005

sentosa n sat

hi frenz..
1stly need to say sorri to penguin cos she noe it n then hav the same reaction as serene.. but i think i cant blame them cos i was the cause of the problem.. sob sob.. sorri sorri penguin jie.. i can promise there will b no next time.. reali no next time.. when meet up w u i will open mi ears big big n let u scold mi de.. so dun angry le hor.. n jia you to fight ya sickness.. mayb need c specialist to get ya medicine since u hav allegy.. hehe.. n ya examination oso jia you hor..

abt the sentosa flowers 2005 i gather some in for.. hehe..
Wat flower u belong to?

Jan: frangipani
-sweetly scented
-blossom all-yr-round w pink, white, red n yellow in charmin unmbrella-shaped trees
- b'day colour: hot pink

Feb: Rose
-universal symbol of love-tasty fruits like berries, apple, pears n cherries in the famiy
-colour: deep crimson

March: caesalpina
-delicate vermilion petals rimmed in gold
-commonly called peacock flower
-colour: vermilion

Apr: Daisy
-cum in thousand of diff colours n sizes
-siblings are sunflower, zinnias, gerberas
-colour: yellow

May: bougainvillea
-tough n hardy-often thrive when others fail
-colour: magenta

June: water lily
-nymph of mystery
-bring magic to ponds w ur floatin leaves n sweetly scented petals of pure colours-inspired countless fables
-colour: deep pink

july: orchid
- get moisture n nourishment fm air
-colour: mauve

aug: ginger
-gods & goddness of kitchen-great tastin roots that help spice up feast

sept: bauhinia & vines
-climb in all forest of all climates
-hav beautiful petals
-giv wine thru Grape Vine
-colour: deep orange

Oct: hydrangea
-onli natural blue blossoms ard
-queen among the lot is himalayan poppy
-colour: sky blue

nov: banana
-best known for honey-sweet fruits
-boast some of the most spectacular flowers inthe Tropica, like Bird of Paradise, the Heliconia & the giant Traveller's Palm
-colour: yellow orange

dec: hibiscus
-most celebrated as the chi hibiscus w wide, colourful trumpets n velvet stamens
-part of mallow family,provide fruits lke Okra n flavours like Roselle
-colour: carmine red

i think the flower display will b on until i think end of feb.. i reali hope u all to go n hav a look.. hehe.. its reali spectacular..

n back to the updatin u guys.. ytd the 18th feb mi went out w 2 of mi gd pals in JC.. they are ying n wan yu.. hehe.. 1st we went to the international plaza as yu wanted to sign up for tution assignment to earn extra.. hehe.. she seem to hav alot of things that she wanted to buy.. hehe.. then instead of them bring mi to the destination becum mi bringin them to their destination.. hehe..

then aft the form fillin.. we went to orchard n hav a fun time chatin n singin.. hehe.. so fun.. yu seem to b the host of the day.. hehe.. then i becum the tour guide of the day.. hehe.. n i think ying is the tourist of the day.. hehe.. at abt 7 plus we left for home but yu who was late for meetin kept postin her timin w her work friend.. hehe.. but i think she still end up late aft all the postin.. hehe..

when i reach hm i watch tv n oso managed to finish the coss-stitch which i was supposed to finish years back.. hehe.. n i stil hav 2 more cross-stitch to do for mi siblings which are oso supposed to b theirs since 2 yrs ago.. hehe.. sorri ah.. hehe..

time for mi to sign out.. catch up w u guys later.. hehe..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, February 18, 2005


hiyoz guys.. today i goin to update mi webby w new information.. hehe..

as ose who noe mi.. mi love life has always been blank for these 18 yrs.. hehe.. so whenever Vday comes.. i will b with mi frenz.. hehe.. kind of normal for mi.. hehe.. but this yr.. mi celebrate w mi dear.. hehe.. i think serene will b super happy to hear this.. haiz..

* Serene turtle sorri for hidin fm u.. reali sorri.. hehe.. be stromg hor.. hehe.. frenz4eva ok? hehe..

& continuin fm wat i hav said.. mi Vday is diff fm as in mi celebrate it on the 16th instead of 14th due to some reasons.. hehe.. so mi dear n mi decided to set our own Vday at 16th.. hehe.. so tis is one way that is diff.. hehe.. so on this day we went to sentosa.. one of the aim is to go find mi godmother who is workin there.. as since it concide in the chi new yr period.. therefore mi went there to vist them.. hehe.. n sentosa is oso havin a flower 'showcase' which i find it reali cool.. hehe.. the flowers are all so beautiful n pleasin to eye..

when we reach sentosa.. we went to eat at the hawker centre at the same time find mi god mother.. hehe.. at the ver same moment.. mi shoe spoil le.. haiz.. but luckily i managed to walk normally.. hehe.. after eatin n talkin to mi godmother.. mi n dear went off to the ferry terminal to find shoes.. hehe.. of cuz the two of us chose orange slipper which was onli the colour that is nice n suitable for mi.. hehe.. that slipper is so the strikin.. hehe.. then off we go to the flower gallery.. so cool to c all the flowers that are planted for display.. the flowers all so captivatin.. i was so engross but one thing is that i reali cant stand the heat.. hehe.. dear say he mayb goin to sun burn.. hehe..then he say i under the sun until like oso red red de.. sayi oso goin sunburn.. but i dun think so.. cos its the heat that hard to bear not the light.. the sunligh seem to giv the plants another bright n vibrant life which i reali like it.. hehe.. then after the 'suntannin'.. hehe.. we went to take a free ride on the monorail train.. hehe.. the two of us were like tourists lookin here n there.. hehe.. for mi everytime i take the train.. i will always look here n there.. its a normal thing for mi cos since young i alrdy hav this pattern le.. hehe.. then after sittin one round sentosa.. we alight n went to take bus ride.. hehe. cos firstly the bus is air-conditioned n secondly we had nth to do so take the ride lor.. anway we hav paid for it so take it lor.. hehe.. the air con the bus is reali coolin.. dun feel like alightin aft one ride.. hehe.. then we went alight we sat at the departure area to wait for bus to cum.. but hor as the wind hav finaly cum to us.. we sat there n do nth but enjoy the wind.. hehe.. finaly plannin wat to do.. we left sentosa.. we tok a bus to cck n tat the journey was raher fast ti mi.. mayb cos we were chattin n mi again busy lookin ard @ mi surroundin.. hehe.. mi born to b a curious ger.. hehe.. cant blame.. hehe.. arrivin at cck we went to library.. haha.. mi fav handout durin sch time.. hehe.. library remind mi of the sec n jc sch times i hav.. so fun n enjoyable.. hehe.. then we went to check out the shops ard.. mayb becos i long time didnt go shoppin.. mi becum nerd.. always lookin ard to find new things.. hehe.. then we decided to catch a movie.. dear call out serene cos he wanted to confess to tem.. but its alrdy a mth late.. tat y serene was ver angry w us.. n that y i was made guilty.. sob sob.. serene if u continue to cry n flood mi hor.. i will oso cry de leh.. then a happy day wil becum a sad day le.. ok? so forgiv mi hor.. hehe.. ^^

then the guys were buz fightin while serene n mi were laughin at them.. funny.. hehe.. after they ate.. we went to the park.. we chattin n when one fone call arrives.. serene becum emotional.. haiz.. when will the problem of mi sis n her frenz end.. everyone muz jia you n mayb accommodate each other.. hehe.. when the time is late we left for home.. hehe.. so home sweet home.. hehe..

w nth to say any further.. i will end here.. hehe.. Cya frenz.. hehe..

* true luv cums fm the heart nt the mind...*
Sally.. hehe..

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, February 13, 2005


hi friends..


after mi ten full days of work.. i finally can relax for new yr le.. hehe.. on the eve of cny mi hav a super expensive reunion dinner at seoul garden.. haha.. n we went at quite a late time tat they were closin le.. hehe..
all of us had fun cos of the bbqin.. hehe.. but the new yr itself i find it kind of borin.. hehe.. mayb cos i growin older n the atm is gradualli missin le.. hehe..

the the 1st day of lunar new yr.. mi went house visitin at abt 2 plus 3 when others have alrdy done 2-3 house visitin le.. hehe.. i can say that our family did it at a super slow pace.. hehe.. in all we went 3 houses n got one free super nice homemade pineapple tarts.. hehe..

then on the second day of lunar new yr.. many pl cum mi house.. firstly at abt 12 plus our neighbour cum over.. hehe.. mayb cos to c our house oso.. mi house hav a brand new look.. hehe.. ver nice de.. hehe.. but hor i forget to ask them how they feel when they c mi house.. hehe.. so leave ya comment if u this this msg.. hehe.. thx.. then abt an hr or 2.. mi friends cum le.. hehe.. penguin n her dear.. froggy n turtle.. then jia rong brother n alvin... haha.. all alrdy noe how to cum to mi house le.. haha.. mi place highly accessible de.. haha.. then after givin the gd wishes serene they all requested to take pic.. haha.. i think the details i need not say cos i believe someone will say until ve r clearly de.. haha.. then after phototakin session we went to penguin house.. then serene was like a mother hen as she handle the younger ones.. haha.. we left semb abt 3 plus 4.. hehe.. so next up is the kbox.. haha.. aft singin jay last song the thing hang.. n then so bad we had to restart n the chi words cant b read.. so bad.. so sad.. but nvm at least i think we enjoy it.. hehe..

on the 3rd day mi went to xinyi house.. hehe.. she was organisin a bbq session..hehe.. so i volunteered to help her.. n indeed the preparation was super fast.. hehe.. kind of cool.. then i oso saw steven one of jc frenz.. hehe.. talk alot abt army stuff.. hehe.. then the time arrive when mi sis they all cum.. then the bbq session was abt to begin.. hehe.. mi sis becum the cook of the day.. haha.. the place was super windy.. hehe.. blow until mi hair all messin.. hehe.. at abt 9 plus we left for home.. hehe..

and now on the 4th day.. mi goin off to somewhere else.. hehe.. updates u guys later.. hehe.. cya..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Hi friends.. mi long time no blog le.. hehe.. its all becos i hav started workin le.. hehe.. mi workin as wine promoter.. sellin red n white wine fm chile n south africa.. hehe.. hehe.. then i oso sellin bacadi Breezer.. hehe.. fm france de lei.. i oso like the breezer cos onli 5% alcohol content n ver frutiy sweet.. hehe.. so nice.. n i can say i drink it everyday since i started workin.. hehe.. bad hor.. hehe.. but never mind.. its FOC anyway.. so drink it lor.. hehe..

Fm mi work place i get to noe i few friends.. hehe.. so cool.. they are oso wine promoters but diff companies de.. hehe.. mi aunt oso there.. so i run abt the counter to chat chat.. cos no customer to entertain mi.. hehe.. the we take a sip of each other wine.. i think wine n rum becum our drinkin water le.. hehe.. there oso rather the cold.. mayb if u find mi can c mi wearin jacket.. hehe.. i met many customers n had many funny encounter cos of their behaviours.. some even stunned mi.. haha.. the best of all if that i seem to age cos mppl say i look like i am in mi early twenties when im only 18 goin on 19 this yr.. hehe.. mayb cos of mi appearence a.. hehe.. if u all wan find mi can cum down to hall 6.. hehe.. mi there until 6th feb.. fm 11am to 9pm .. hehe.. mi tired le.. so signin off fm here.. hehe.. Nitez Everyone.. hehe..

*The rain may be falling hard outside, But your smile makes it all alright. I'm so glad that you're my friend. I know our friendship will never end.*
Robert Alan

:D ♥; sally


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