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Sunday, February 22, 2009

this week quite a busy week..
so i can assume entry gonna be long..
but of cuz will try to cut it short.. haha..

shall begin w last sun - 15 Feb
its cailing's birthday..
though she may not like tat idea tat i post the age up.

but frankly..
i was angry on tat day.
on the phone on sat nite ask not to be late..
but she was super late n did not inform us.
made mi wait at the semb platform for more than 1/2 hr..
think a few more mins will reach an hr le ba..

then was tryin not to talk to her at the beginnin afraid tat i will burst out..
after tat train to orchard..
do her shoppin..

reach there..
head to wisma..
so she didnt inform us tat she has alrdy makan lunch..
so the remainin 3 of us hav to eat cos we assume she didnt hav lunch..

so i suppose reali step on the wrong foot...
so while shoppin..
mi n serene manage to buy 1 same top..
quite nice.. hehe..

walk n walk.. c n c.. try n try.
cailing manage to get a few of wat she wanted..
i suppose walk wisma, then far east..
so time for dinner.
it was at pasta mania..
had such a full dinner.
until my tummy wanna burst le..

then head for home.
mi alight alighted at adm n walk home..
i think i will need tat after tat a full dinner..

its a super long day at work..
lunch was w fred at the muslim stall..
the stall tat i freq w honey..

then work til abt 850pm..
cos my senior exec was also doin OT..
so i think i stayed back to help c wat i can do..
thought mi abt the new stage which i hav not touch on.
summon of direction 'SFD' or order of court.
tat is reali a new level le.
so he was there tryin to impart knowledge to me..
so mi tried to absorb it...
but can feel tat my brain not workin ver well..

then after tat sms cyn to see if she wanna come out to meet mi..
im hungr n needs dinner.
waited for her at Mac.
so enjoyed the time..
im super reali tired.

& thanks Cyn for accompanyin mi for dinner at ard 9+ 10.

had department lunch at the pantry..
food wise not too bad...
had a mini impromptu meeting w team.
cos one of colleague is on long leave.
so decidin who to help cover..
it will be done on a routinal basis.

work til abt 6 plus,
then head to dhoby to meet up w xuan n xinyi for our joggin session.
so i was in different door from them..
but then i heard a funny conversation btw 2 teens..
i think they are goin on to sec 1..
their conservation reali wanna make mi lunch.
but of cuz i cant la..

then time for our joggin session..
walk 2 rounds..
then jog 5 rounds.. [4km]
cool down by walkin 2 rounds ..
so in all is (2+5+2) x 800m = 7.2km
after tat the foot can feel some impact le..

so after the jog,
cyn arrange to meet mi at cwp..
this time round, i pei her..
had dinner at ichinban..
mi hav curry udon..
so sinful after the run to eat tat..
but the purpose of the gatherin is cos she wanna drink coffee.
so despite the full dinner we had,
she is still able to drink her ice coffee at mac.

so we were busy talkin abt naruto..
so interestin lor..
n ard 1035 we head for home..
im smelly n tired.

receive a call from one of the lawyers,
askin if i can helpout w my colleagues' cases.
i try to see la..

& all voice down to 1 same problematic w/shop.

alot of energy n concentration has been spent to look into the case.
n yet many phonecalls.
from wither policy holder or to ask to negotiate for settlement..
left ard 7 ba..

lunch was w my senior exec, norman at the sunplaza.
not too bad.. n felt much relaxed..
once again a busy day at work..
n work till abt 7 then head out..
no joggin as xinyi cant make it..

so while i was on my way to dhoby b4 the gates..
saw jr n his gf.
kawaii.. n lookin so xin fu n sweet
chat w them for awhile n head off.

on train jr still ask mi how to get to ps..
i suppose they walk one big rd ba..

was tellin serene abt it too.

so reach adm da bao dinner n home.

watch 3 ep of a new jap show.
kawaii n interestin..

press the wrong button of the alarm.
so it did not ring..
n thus mi woke up late n reach wkplace late ard 910am..
then begun a day of being hectic...

mi work till abt 7..
n walk to city hall n met up w xinyi at the citylink..
brought her to suntec 'Loving Hut'
a veg food outlet..
not too bad..
then walk to clarke quay.
n leg in pain - in need for rest..
which happen to be the case for xinyi too..

so i chose indochine..
one tat i been b4..
n enjoyed the rnb music.

order 1 jug of tiger..
n later one dairiqui..
n 1 glass of tiger b4 callin it for a day..

then one drunken ang mo come to our table.
xinyi handled the situation.
mi dun noe wat to do.
but to put one a dun care him face.
cos i freak out..

wanted to see wat type of guy w come to our table for xinyi..
but nvr expected a drunken one..

so abt 2+
cab home..
cos i noe im fallin a slp soon..

reach home,
still can chat w my mum..
then abt 4 then slp..

woke up ard 2..
then makan brunch..
n watched abit of the jap drama..
n then ard 6 or 7 head to changi..

so then we noe its cos cant level up thus called my bro for help.
mi once again get to see jr gf..
this time round manage to chat..

was talkin to jr b4 tat.
then i noe how jr manage to woo this kawaii ger..
he reali ver fierce..
ger alight bus,
he approach to the ger to get the no.
then on the third day midnite,
pop the question askin the ger to be his gf.
fast rite.
n so they become bf n gf on Valentine day.
wat a easy day to remember..
so i suppose can celebrate all in one day..

hmm.. reach home ard 1+..
wash up n prepared to slp le..

today.. erm.
manage to wake up ard 10+..
so im usin compie.
then my bro woke up n made noise.

mayb soon i reali hav to get my own lappy le ba..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, February 14, 2009

hey its Valentine..
so mi here wish all happy V' day :)

okie.. back to diary.. hehe..

hmm.. now in *recalling* mode..

as mentioned on previous entry..
after work, trained to CWP to meet up w luipeng n cyn..
then we had dinner at lerk thai (civic center)
then walk ard n head home..

after work went joggin..
somemore after rain..
slippery grounds n splashin water..
the track n field ppl are trainin n occupy a few lanes..
makin xinyi super frustrated..
after the run,
head back home..

serene tried to find me,
as she was in the area, so she thought we can go home together.

also a rainy day..
ard 4+ 5 head to HQ for meetin..
shoes n toes wet wet de.

n as usual our section become the target again...
after tat walk to city hall n head home..

work till 6+,
then walk to city link to meet up w lui peng 1st..
then the 2 of us sat there reading while waitin for cyn n wenfu.

finali they came..
wenfu mentioned to me tat it has been a long time we last see each other..
think 1st time was lst yr went i got my job..
then went for k-session to celebrate..

yet mi dun reali feel tat it is tat long..
cham le..
tat is like abt 5mths ago..
alan n jimmy didnt come..
mi also long time didnt meet up w them..

wasnt able to make it for jimmy's birthday not long ago..
makan at marine sq foodcourt..
then head to aracade..
cyn n wenfu play the games while mi n luipeng there feelin excited..

eventuali time for us to head home..
reali is tired..

now i noe tat wenfu is my regular reader of blog..
he even can say out the 1st few sentence of my entry..
cos it is the same beginning.. haha..

had lunch w honey..
work till 6+ then walk to paragon to meet up w xinyi..
got to noe a new friend, Lim..
then shop abit n head to Hereen..
at HMV..
then met up w another new fren, Rand..
xinyi recommend the singer, Jason Mraz..
nice songs.. hmm.. i want his songs.. hehe..

then i shun bian wanted for xuan to come meet us..

after tat head to makan at Fish n co..
then xuan say she wanna go meet ligen n head to cine..
afer tat the 4 of us went to head to cine k-box to check out the rates..
not ver satisfied,
then walk to find pary world which is across the road..

saw kelvin from sim too..

then the 1st 'box' was so stuffy n drinks were not served to us..
then we requested a change of the 'box'
haha.. this time round i manage to find my voice..
sang not too bad..
i enjoyed it.

extended for 2hrs..
til abt 345am..
drank some beer too..
haha.. among all, i drank the least..
whole session a pax abt $55.. stun me sia..

after tat mi n xinyi share cab home..
reach home abt 4+.. by the time i slept ard 5am le..

sat (today)
woke up ard 2plus in the afternoon.
whole body felt tired..

so use compie..
finali i finish the amine, strongest discipline - kenichi..
super nice lor..

then finish my dinner..
its delicious.. haha..

me now chattin on the phone w cailing..
tml her b'day..

sally to mia le.. :)

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, February 08, 2009

so now feb has come..
time y do u fly so fast..

last sun..
went to 3 home for cny visitin..
went to find my tutor too..
enjoy the time spent too..

afer all day visiting..
finali can go home le..
im so so tired..

hard lunch w ang & partners..
not too bad..
makan at cathy resturant.
pretty good food..

then after work
head to buang kok to meet my godma..
went to bai nian..
waited for her to knock off.
then head to seng kang to makan swensen
given not much resturant as a choice in the 1st place..
then took 965 n head home..

went joggin..
seem to slowli hav feel le..
mi xinyi enjoyed our jogging routinue ba.

left work place ard 6+,
head to dhoby to meet my aunt n head to tanah merah
took bus 2 n reach changi..

ahyi treatin us dinner..
present were ah eng auntie, auntie selena, auntie ida n my 2 aunts.
felt so full..
then hav to catch bus to go home..
slpt thru'out the bus journey..

i notice tat now i can easily fall aslp during journeys
esp on cab..
think reali tat tired ba..

no joggin cos of individual event..

mi end work ard then head to outram for CEO talk to us..
understand wat he was tryin to say..
but indeed rite now a jog is indeed a security..
dun expect increment or bonus..
this actuali make sense in the current mkt economy..

after the talk,
after work head 2 northpoint to meet up w my mum..
shop n makan..
n head back home..

went to work as per normal..
the whole day feel sian sian de..
didnt feel like stayin late also..

after tat head back home n rest..

prepare myself for sentosa beach trip w xinyi.

thought the waitin time created some unhappiness.
still i enjoyed it alot.
lazyin at the beach reali is a relaxin thing..
i almost fall aslp..
xinyi actuali fell aslp..
if wanna go next time will have to bring somethihng to lay on..

then try to dip in the seawater..
its so cold tat i also tremble... reali tremble..
then slowly got used to it..

then stay in the water for awhile..
n head back to shore for shower..
lucky when to the ladies early..
cos queue ver long..

after tat waited for xianhuan n mun keat..
n head to Vivo Kim Gary resturant.
not reali tat fanastic to me..
dun think i will patronise it again..

after tat train ride w xinyi.
she alight at amk to meet up w another group of friends for movie.
n i trained home..
slpt thru'out the remainin journey..
super tired.

reach home,
rest n slpt le.

sun (today)..
woke up ard 11+
n wanted to go adm for brunch..
bought a new pair of slippers...
bought some food stuff..

come back home n rest..
then ard 6+ 7 head to sunplaza to makan n shop ard..
went to library to borrow books..
haha.. im so happy..

after tat shop abit n makan at foodcourt..
bought a long dress n a top at tis fashion..
nice nice.

after tat shop at ntuc..
n cab home..
finish watchin the last few min for poseidon..
n now bloggin when i can rmb..
mei watchin 'yi zhi mei'

goin to rest soon..

tml (mon)
will be meetin cyn n luipeng for dinner at cwp..
dun need to work late..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally


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