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Thursday, June 30, 2005


its mi again.. here to update the happenin these few days.. hehe.. so i shall begin my grandmama story.. dun fall aslp wor.. hehe..

on sun.. my work end early cos the food sold were goin out fast.. haha.. then i decided to find serene.. but she could onli make it at a later time.. so i went to roam northpoint's mini toons.. wanted to buy bag but too many variety so ended up juz look look n say goodbye.. hehe.. then i slowly crawl to sembawang.. finali at abt 1025pm.. penguin jie finali cum n 'collect' mi at mac.. i was there alone for abt more than 0.5hr.. luckily there is air con.. noe y? cos it will slower the rate of decomposition.. haha.. kiddin onli hor.. hehe.. reach penguin house but then still hav to wait for turtle n jason to crawl.. so i by chance saw comics & off i went to my comic readin mania.. haha.. wat a funny comic.. haha.. they wanted to teach my play MJ but seein me read comic they oso bo chap mi la.. so i was left there laughin on my own.. haha.. then at abt 1210am i left penguin house along with turtle n Jason.. luckily enough i managaed to catch the last bus home.. haha.. when i reach home.. mi n my two little sis were chattin about our daily life.. cos i was busy with work n that had seldom contact with them this month.. i do cherish that moment with them.. cos it was oso the time when the 2 little sis of mine didnt quarrel.. we were watchin BOA MTV.. my little sis wanted to learn the dance steps.. haha.. then we chatted abt the stuff like correctin each others' words to the about the happenings that i missed out.. we ended our conversation at abt 3am.. xiao mei mei hav sch.. cos sch reopen le.. haha.. the way she pack her stuff was oso quite funny.. cos she keep complainin that she is missin out this thing if not missin out another thing.. cos she say that her bag ws unusually light la.. haha.. i went to use the computer for a while n off i went to slp.. haha..

then on monday.. nth much happen.. xiao mei began her attachment work.. nuch stories were told.. haha.. then when my father return.. the three of us stood next to our father.. haha.. we were cmparin our height.. haha.. xiao mei mei is shootin up.. while mi n xiao mei i guess will remain as we are le.. haha.. short short de.. hehe.. then turtle told mi that she need my help cos her com broke down.. when the 2 of us settle down.. i called her n she ask mi to help her type her bro chi project.. haha.. n knowin that im super poor in my hanyu pinying.. i ask them to help mi.. afterall it was necessary too.. haha.. much laughter was made durin the conference.. then at abt 3am.. the 3 of us went to slp.. tiredness has overcum our feelings.. haha.. flowery language is here again.. hehe..

then on tues.. turlte bro collected his stuff from mi at abt 4pm nearin 5.. n on that day.. i went on shopin spree.. haha.. within that that i spent abt $60.. it was my 2- day salary.. never mind.. haha.. i bought clothin that i believe i will wear it often once sch opens for mi.. haha.. many stores in northpoint were havin sale la.. like Baleno, Giordano, Hang Ten so on n so forth.. haha.. but this day seem to b my good day.. cos i meet some of my pri sch friends.. haha.. like Siling, Siok Poh n Hui Ping's Mum.. haha.. all 3 in one day.. one after another.. hehe.. feels so good to see them.. they seem pretty good n tat though our meetin were short but i believe its was meaningful ( at least to mi la..)

n today.. at abt 6 plus 7 in the mornin.. i was awaken by my mum n xiao mei conversation.. n guess wat.. my mum went to upgrade my line n got mi n new cellphone.. samsung E330C.. i was like.. they were changin my sim card form one phone to another n that once my eyes was clear i then know wat happen.. then i begin explorin the phones function.. n i found voice recordin.. that that can last for 2hr long.. haha.. so cool.. i began to test n i record some songs for my personal pleasure.. haha.. at abt 8am i went back to slp.. haha.. then abt 1pm i woke up n went down to help my aunt.. then juz now went at abt 10 plus went to meet turtle n jason n later penguin.. n they gav mi a surprise.. haha.. T***le & J**on were together.. haha.. i was the last second to noe.. but nvm.. at least they inform mi abt it.. haha.. then i feel that i was a Big Big Light bulb.. lucky jie fu not here if not i hav to hide somewhere so that i wun b too bright fo them.. haha.. n i now i noe that i hav big place in both Turtle n penguin Hearts.. haha.. so u guys dun bully them.. hehe.. we 'zhao' each other.. haha.. sound abit too rough.. haha.. i should say i will b there when they need mi.. good enough? hehe.. ok la.. now is abt 235am le.. i need to watch my amine b4 i go slp.. haha.. tml is another day.. haha.. Nitez everyone..

one more thing.. Today the 30th June is my Ver own Bro's Birthday.. so here i wishes him 'A Ver happy 12th year old Birthday' n jia you for ya studies hor.. ver hard then we see results.. so must jia you.. hehe..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, June 24, 2005

. .``

today mi met up w ying to go SIM to make our payment.. but it ended up that onli i made the payment cos she has some problem with the transaction of cards.. haha.. then the whole thinggy was fast like onli abt minutes.. then ying suggested to roam SIM given that we had some time.. haha.. but it ended up that we gave uo the idea cos the area seem pretty dark though its day time.. haha.. i think need courage to roam abt without any guidances or wat so ever thinggy..

then we make our way to clementi.. i went there to ha my breakfast cum lunch at mac.. haha.. had some interestin incident.. haha.. then we went to roam the place again to find ya li.. a kind of fruit for the rojak.. then wow.. the fruits were heavy.. then mi n ying went our separate ways.. she was makin her way to chinatown n mi i was goin to yishun.. can sing the song 'journey' le.. cos its rali a long journey.. haha..

at abt 7 plus.. cailing cum to find mi.. but she left around 8pm.. then mi mum, sis n bro cum walk down from Chong Pang to find us.. its like a stroll after dinner.. haha.. then i told mi mum that i wanted to go watch movie w serene n that she ask mi mei to take my place.. haha.. so off i went to the next location - Bishan.. haha..

reach there met up w serene then shop around mini toons ( i think so) .. the bags there capture my heart n sight.. haha.. they look nice but it seem that more guys would prefer.. haiz.. some more the bags seem quite big size.. haiz.. like but control.. haha.. u noe temptation.. hehe.. then jason n serene accompany to eat at the food cout. the two of them were busy takin photos comparin whose hamdphone camera is better.. haha..then after my dinner which is around 9.40pm.. we make our way to the cinema,, time for our show.. " INITIAL D"

in the threatre.. the stupid advertisement was playin for so so long.. if i didnt remember wrongly it took abt 20-25 minuts.. cos the timin shown was at 940m.. but the show onli begins at abt 10 plus.. that time i was like goin into my dreamland le.. finalli the show begins.. i reali like the show.. some parts are funny n that i like the looks of those actors when they are serious.. so cool.. esp when they are drivin their cars.. like yu wenle was drivin 'GTR' .. edison was drivin 'FC' another actor whom i dun noe his name was drivin his 'Monster'.. n then chen xiao chun was drivin his 'emperor'.. of course not forgetin the main lead Jay.. he was drivin 'AE86' which was used to deliver tofu n the car was modified.. haha.. can c that his dad wanted him to b a car racer.. haha.. i reali like the way the drove their precious car.. interestin fascinatin n captivatin.. haha.. can go watch the movie.. now im waitin for another movie called 'Ice Princess' n 'War of the worlds' by tom cruise.. haha.. the movie mania seem to b cumin back le.. haha..

i suppose i hav to stop here le.. gonna slp.. now a panda.. haha.. signin off..

* Wan An.. ('a')zZzZ *

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, June 23, 2005

. .

* MoRninG *

yesterday many ppl cum to find mi.. haha.. hav cailing, serene n jason.. haha.. there is one crazy guy there n mi n cailing trick that guy.. haha. but the gy seem so gullible that he believe us.. haha.. cailing say that she n mi are lesbian n that we are gettin registered for our marriage.. haha.. that guy had a fright if his life n than he cum n told mi that he does not object ppl like 'us'.. n he even wishes mi a good married life ahead.. haha.. after that he walked away.. haha.. is it funny? hehe..

after that around 8pm.. cailing say she wanted to buy some bread to eat.. so i accompany her.. then on our way back i saw my primary friend.. hehe.. when the two of us sees each other.. automatically our eyes widen.. haha.. recallin that can make mi giggle.. but i cant recall his name but i noe who he is.. haha.. i guess he noe who am i ba.. haha..

at abt 9 plus ten.. serene n jason cum down.. before that.. cailing played a joke on mi.. haha.. she wanted to noe a guy in sportlink which is next to us.. haha.. then she went up n talk to him askin for his name.. that guy said that he didnt noe wat his name.. haha.. then cailing cum back njoked w mi that she say she use my name to noe his name.. wow.. that freak mi out u noe.. haha.. then my aunt more super.. she directly call the uncle that works there n ask abt the guy detail.. haha.. even the block of where he stays, his age n name.. haha..that scene was funny.. nvm.. again cailing push the fault to mi tellin the uncle that i wanted to noe that guy.. i was like.. i didnt lor.. it her lor.. haiz.. haha.. then when waitin for mi to pack up.. they sat there.. haha.. cailing went of 1st..

reachin semb at abt 12midnite.. all of us went cycling.. guess wat i can cycle leh.. haha.. then i was there teachin serene to cycyle.. i guess on phrase works on her.. haha.. which works on mi too.. hehe.. its 'Dun Cycle for ths sake of Cycling!! but Cycle cos of the moments that u will enjoy the wind it brings along!!' isnt this cool.. n then slowly serene manage to get the hand of it.. haha.. but our endin round.. the 2 of us collide.. luckily no one injured la.. haha.. then we cycle to hwee kuan house downstair the playground.. haha.. that was abt 1 plus le.. haha.. fancy exercise at midnite.. haha.. waitin for the Mosqito to kiss us.. haha..

took the cab home n even waitin for my dad to reach home.. cos hav something nice to eat.. he brought home BBQ Stingray.. wow.. YUMMY.. but im sure i gain weight le.. haha..nvm .. good food cum 1st.. hehe..

now i gonna hav to rush le.. cos meetn ying to go to sim to make payment to reserve our place.. troublesome sia.. then after that still hav to go to my aunt work place to help out.. at nite after the stall closed dun noe if will meet up w serene to c 'Initital D' acted by Jay chou n Edison.. unconfirm yet.. see tonite ba.. hehe.. so cya friends..
( gonna rush like mad le.. hehe..)
* Frenz4eV@ *

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, June 19, 2005

This CarD is illustrated by DoriS.. requested by mi.. n to our dearest father..  Posted by Hello

:D ♥; sally

Friday, June 17, 2005


hehe.. today i hav good news to share.. i finally hav a place in a uni le.. its SIM.. ytd i juz nag abt they being so slow n then today i receive their letter to inform mi that i was accepted.. haha.. finali a heavy load off my shoulders le.. hehe.. my younger sis informed mi when i was at work at abt 8pm.. then i told ying n ask mi sis to call my mum.. but it seems that everyone noe wat the good news when i didnt even tell them anything.. strange rite?? dun reali noe wat they are thinkin in their mind..

this afternoon b4 i went to work.. mi n mi aunt went shoppin at taka for my mother's comin birthday present.. though her birthday is in july.. its abit too early la.. hehe.. but nvm la.. hehe..

cailing cum to find mi.. i guess her aim is to find the person who look like Jay.. haha.. he today didnt cum la.. haha.. so she say she is cumin down tml to find mi.. she say that she will b bringin her homework along.. haha.. i dun noe her la.. haha.. let her do wat she wan ba.. haha.. at least someone is there to pei mi.. which of course i dun mind.. haha..

then mi n cailing went to meet serene n jason at semb.. we went to mac to sit down n chat.. which includes eatin for them.. i was drinkin the milo which made mi feel kinda uncomfortable.. cos too much water in my stomach la.. it feels like a boat is within mi.. haha.. motion sickness.. haha.. i guess that the word to use.. haha.. then jason, cailing n mi escort serene home.. haha.. then off the 3 of us to our way home.. hehe.. we saw ranald n maung htat.. ray seem dai dai de.. then maung htat seem bur blur de.. haha.. both seem tired to mi.. haha.. along the way we hav some laughter n that mi n jason were busy runnin away from cailing.. haha.. i guess ppl who noe us will noe y.. haha.. juz kiddin ah.. hehe..mi n jason initiali thought that there wasnt any bus to take us home given that the time was abt 12 midnite.. haha.. then jason offered to walk mi home la.. luckily the bus cum b4 we left for the junctions.. haha.. close shave to missin the bus.. the bus we took was the last 2nd bus.. lucky.. so now havin finishin watchin my recorded amines.. i cum to blog n now goin to cool myself down b4 i becum a pig.. hehe.. slp is now becumin a luxury thing again.. even since the JC period.. wow.. seem that im gettin old le.. haha.. feel like goin K.. haha.. miss the times sia..

haiz.. now i guess i stoppin here le.. cya friends.. hehe..

* Take Care n NiteZ **

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, June 16, 2005


hi friends.. it has been a wk plus that i hav last update mi webby.. So how hav all of u been?? hehe.. mi still doin the same.. workin but w few new injuries la.. hehe.. i think i had 3 new knife injuries on my hand.. that are juz superficial injury la.. need not worry abt it..
durin this wk.. some fun things had happen to mi.. haha.. when eatin breakfast with my aunt.. the is a group of bus drivers who were eatin then got one uncle saw mi gigglin at their conversation then he talk to mi.. haha..
on sunday.. i hav to close the stall early cos to bring mi sis to c doc.. it was super last minute thinggy.. lucky enough that the clinic haven closed yet.. that time was abt 10pm le.. then after i settle my sis n see her eat her medicine.. i rush to find serene.. she was talkin out to penguin n her dear.. she reali can talk.. when i reach there they hav alrdy started.. so i was supposed to stand aside to listen.. but i dun noe wat it was all abt. so i was like lost.. listenin here abit then listenin there abit.. i got some idea.. but the thing is that i didnt join serene.. instead i was talkin to jason.. there was simply nth for mi to talk abt between penguin n serene.. as usual cos of work i was kinda of out of place la.. everything is changin if one can feel it.. nevertheless.. Frenz4eVa to u guys.. the whole thing end at abt 1 plus.. then i decided i wanted to walk home alone.. though penguin n serene disagree w my thinkin.. cos they say im a female.. but i feel that im more like a male in some ways.. haha.. n so i embark the journey home from sunplaza n reach home at abt 150am.. then i quickly go slp.. im deprived from slp for that few days.. cos on sat i was talkin conference w cailing n serene until 4am in da mornin.. the aunties n uncles can sense that im lack of slp.. then they like wan to suan mi like that.. haha..
on tuesday.. cailing cum down to find mi.. she was job-huntin for a part time job.. then along the way cum n find mi.. at abt 7pm she went to her grandma house to eat dinner.. then she cum n find mi again at abt 10 plus.. haha.. we talk abit here n there.. haha.. n time for closin n so i was busy w my stuff while she waited there for us.. so sweet of her..
on wed which is today.. things was as usual.. onli that ying cum to find mi at abt 1230pm to ask mi pass something to leepeng.. it was lee peng's belated birthday present.. lee peng cum to collect it from mi at abt 8 plus.. cos of work la.. timin of work made it hard for them to meet up.. i was again busy being engross w my storybook.. i can reali say that readin is my passion n that i wun fall aslp while readin books.. hehe.. but or most i think they hav diff idea abt books ba.. hehe.. Rite?? today we closed the stall at abt 11 plus at nite.. i think the coffeshop ppl were waitin for us to close so that they can close the shop.. haha.. this the lastest time to close since i started workin.. i guess i will hav to close at this timin abt 11pm everyday le.. haha.. tired sia..
then as for the uni thinggy.. as usual im still waitin for news from SIM.. xinyi who registered later than mi hav already gotten a place in SIM and everything was done like school fees n stuff like that.. so good for her.. i heard from ying that juliana oso hav got a place in SIM.. i guess its the similar course as xinyi.. mi n ying are still waitin.. n i hope is that cos of diff course the timin is diff.. haha.. let mi pray hard ba..
*yawns* (~.~) zZZ
i think i hav o hold my fingers for now.. cya guys.. anything can still beep mi either email or call/ sms mi.. hehe.. Wan An to All ( good nitez)

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


i guess it has been days i didnt cum to update my webby le.. but i did some minor change to the webby.. i change my webby song to currently playin song.. its a song of a japanese anime 'inuyasha' --> My will by dreamz.. i find it nice to listen n not that easily being bored to tears ba..

for this few weeks or so.. i hav been helpin out at the stall with my aunt.. now i hav becum a full timer le.. cant run away anytime i wan.. cos of the responbililty that i feel i should hav ba.. haha.. down there the aunties n uncles treat mi well.. haha.. then i think its on sat.. serene n cailing cum down to find mi.. haha.. so nice of them.. haha.. serene tell mi that her 1ST TIME eatin tahu goreng.. haha.. luckily its nice n didnt spoilt her appeitite.. haha.. then on that day suddenly alot of ppl cum to buy food.. so serene n cailing was like being left there.. i didnt hav the time to talk to them.. then after the stall has finish the closing.. mi n serene went to sunplaza to chat chat.. though its pretty late at nite.. we chat alot n i think we did enjoy the moment ba.. n from that conversation that i hav w her.. i feel that i hav sort of change into another person that i was shocked to c it.. haha.. i was like talkin so maturely n the thoughtd that cum to mi n out from my mouth was pretty strange.. haha.. dun noe y.. haha.. theni ask serene how she find mi at work.. she say i look like ah sam ( maid to mean) .. cos i was wearin an apron then busy servin n clearin the ppl n tables.. haha.. n then i had to wash up after decidin to stop for the day.. haha.. mi sis called to say she was hungry n wanted to cum find mi to ask mi to pei her eat.. so i ask her to cum down to semb.. we met n then walk our way to the coffeeshop near serene's block.. after feedin my sis.. we escort serene to her blok.. but b4 that i person who claim himself to b a hair stylist approach serene.. haha.. that guy wanted serene to b his model.. haha.. serene was freaked out i guess.. haha.. then mi n mi mei walk home from semb.. the dist isnt far n that it quite coolin to walk at nite.. so i dun reali mind..

i supposed im hav to bring my bro go watch movie.. n tuesday will b a busy day for mi.. hehe.. so if i hav the timei cum update more freq ba.. hehe.. cya friends.. take care n HUGZ..

*sImLeZ @lw@ys*

:D ♥; sally


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