...Destination ~ Destiny...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

quickie update..

is not a fast day..
mi head almost kiss the keyboard on several occassions..

makan lunch w honey, fairoz, mr lai at peace center
then walk ard.
n head back to work..

abt 5.45pm left office.
went to sunplaza to meet up w my mum..
makan, n walk ard..

so by the time i reach home already 10+

so tired tat i didnt online,
but still slpt onli like abt 12+ ?

finali its xmas eve..
mornin had mac breakfast.
then have xmas hat..

most of colleagues busy takin pix.
not much mood for work actuali

still manage to all my work b4 i leave the office for the long weekend..
gav present to honey n david, hope they like it
thanks buddy for givin mi a present too.

then abt 1230 had lucky draw..

after which,
stone infront of compie waitin for xinyi to call mi

walk to city hall
n met up w ivan,
had mac lunch,
then walk to esplanade
the walkway have art pieces on display,
caught my attention n camera's out !

they had the idea of borrowin VCD/DVD from library n rentin their video room
great idea actuali
watch 1 movie, n the library closes at 5pm.
so head out n bus to orchard.

met up w sean at orchard mrt station,
then head to find place to rest/wait for the others.

then all gathered n head to NYDC at wheellock place.
food frankly so-so onli
nvr, its a day of givin yadayada..

then had our gift exchange too.
pix taken like we are graduating or something..

thanks sean for the xmas gift - reali like it :)

after which walk to cineleisure
thru the quiet route
not too bad a walk

then went to box office to collect tix.
n waited for our turn to go in.
lots of ppl..

waited for the show to start - i dun noe how many times i hav yawned.
tear also appeared..

finali - Alvin & the chipmunks 2..
not too bad but still like the part 1 better

afterwhich, toilet hunt..

then decide to do countdown together so walk twds orchard mrt
n met w the insane crowd.
dun like it.. too squeezy n ppl still playin w spray..

so heng got the escape route,
if not think we cant breath also..

then walk another route to Tanglin mall.
on the way, did our countdown.. hehe..

then stop at cant rmb the hotel name,
rest at their lobby, n camera all out to snap snap..

haha.. the chairs too comfy le..
not willing to move off..
then drag ourselves out n continue to walk to tanglin mall
continue to snap snap n head home via cab..

journey home quite fast..

by the time i slp near 3am le..

Merry Xmas to all..

woke up ard 3pm. :P

after which stone infront of lappy,
watch animes,
then ard 8 head to cwp
to buy stuff n makan dinner

n home,
use lappy, chattin w sean,
wanted to upload pix to FB but seem to hav prob..

then manage to complete one chi novel while waitin :)
so did some editing of photos to be place here :)

now already 4am,
will need to go slp slp.
mr piggy is callin le.. wahaha...

sally to mia...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

quickly do entry b4 i 4get or drag somemore.. :P

dec 13 (sun)
nite time was a nite of grand classics..
was online chattin w sean on msn
n FB-ing w ulric..

so end up mi chattin all abt classics
busy sharin websites of interesting classical pieces

slpt ard 3am.. :P

dec 14
mi on leave.. wahaha..

then parents back from Bali..
then in the afternoon,
mi n mum head to yishun to find the tour agency to look out for cny packages
so end up cancel the BBK plan
& change to some others - instead go bintan
got some good offers tat can consider

have dinner n head home..

after which decide to do the calculation on the diff of goin direct & via agency..
end up agency is actuali much cheaper as compared to going direct..

so made my choice
& inform all parties to allow them to choose.

& also the whole day classics.. cool..

lunch was at the Cathy,
met up w my aunt n her friends to celebrate Choon Kee's 28th birthday..
long time no see them all ever since i left the wine promotin industry.

mayb cos of work,
mi was actuali stonin while im eatin..

then head back to office n continue to work
& dun noe how manage to work til abt 830pm?
& after work, in dazed & head back home...

quite a fast day..
mornin had discussion w managers for my few cases
then work till lunch & head out to makan..

then 5+ department meetin
& ard 6+ walk to bugis to meet up w frens.
celebratin wenfu b'day..
had seoul garden.
so was grillin the fish n meat..
nice nice..
even tried to use to soup to help cook
then result not bad..
not dry type, but rather taste quite juicy..

slpt ard 1+.

had lunch w honey
so after makan, head to watson.
n honey bought mi my xmas gift
the BIG watson dog.
named it brownie (which mei say its too common a name)..

then durin the train journey,
was carryin it all the way..

& reach home hav porride for dinner
then WQ ask abt the uni options available to him
so help him abit..

fri - dec 18:
went to work w a happy spirit
cos workin onli half day :D

manage to clear all my work by 130pm,
then head to city hall to meet up w serene,
initially wanted to call suwen along, but she not feelin well.
so of cuz hav to rest at home..

head to marina sq to hav lunch.
tried Jack's place,
but the food frankly not good.

afterwhich, went to shop for present for gift exchange.
at the 1st stop already i found wat i wan.

then the mood relax n enjoy shoppin
see see here, touch touch there.
walk up n down & all ard..

then head to yishun to meet up w jason.
had dinner at manhattan fish mkt..
n afterwhich head home..

got to noe the result of my bro's N level


went to hav duck rice w parents
& with our new owned car - 2007 silver honda civic
one of my dad's fav brand.

then ask my dad to drive mi to tampines to meet up w serene n jason
walk abt tampines mall
then head to IKEA !!
hav food there,
then walk abt the area.
reali can come up w alot of home ideas de.
ie. recreation area already thought of.. wahaha...

after which head to changi.
makan food & chat w JW, JR..

update each other..
n listening our & suggestion some ways to look at the problem.

bro came & had his dinner
n then all gathered ard to talk talk ..

then ard 1145pm,
dad drove us home..

woke up late
then was surfin web,
checkin my bro's courses tat are available to him
not an easy job to say

hav porridge for dinner
n slpt ard 1?

Mon 21 Dec -
back to work
suddenly on the journey to work,
had something like a panic attack,
mi burst into cold sweat.
perpeturally drench in it..
scary feelin..
tolerate till reach dhoby ghaut, move abt & felt alot better..

change my focus to work, to stop myself from thinkin abt the feelin..
quite a no of email to clear
so work & work
clear all of them b4 i left
then head back home n relax myself be4 i become 'advisor'

need to discuss w my cousin n bro on their choices of ite courses which has to be submitted by wed..
so by the time we started discussin already 10+
so let them see the video, explain the video to them
& finali finalise on the choice for my cousin was like abt 12+ ?
w my bro more or less settled, but to let my dad vet thru
for mi noe he will wanna dispute the position.
so indeed..

then cousin stay over at our house,
& bro n cousin share the small blanket, so ke lian..

mornin wake up,
throw my blanket to my cousin,
see the 2 of them share one little blanket is ver ke lian de
end up when i throw it down, both covered themselves almost immediately.

so its cold u see..

then trained to work
restin my eye thru'out the journey.

went to work feelin tired..
by near lunch time,
mi head almost kiss the keyboard.
so heavy..

then hav lunch w kenny at the sophia foodcourt
n head to smu
to seat by the mr bean stall
n both of us read our respective books.
the wind was reali reali good..
enjoy it much
n not tat tired..

time to go back to work,
lots of cases to do..
stun mi..

then ard 615 left office
n head to sunplaza to meet up w my mum n siblings for dinner

did some errands
n all head home..

after which,
apply 4 my bro his ite courses
then email the tour agency our particulars for bookin of cny trip.

now listenin to classics (old CD from sec sch times)
sharin it online on msn..

good old times..
studyin n listenin to them..

boy im tired..

cant wait for thur to come..
hope tml is another fast day :)

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, December 12, 2009

think it has been abt a week plus comin to 2 with no entry
lazy lazy mi.

nowadays always in stone mode.. :P

now i shall see how much i can rmb..

dec 1 (tues)
workin w the new jobscope.
but seriously nth much as not many cases were comin in as yet..

left the office ard 6.40pm,
n met up w wendy at city hall to have a makeup lesson - lyrical hip hop
dance teacher: daniel

cool teacher.
he is able to entice mi to learn a little better
but somehow i noe i reali cant dance w sychronisation
still i enjoyed his lesson.

lesson end ard 9
so mi n wendy went to marina sq to makan dinner
had a good chat too.
n afterwhich we head home - feelin exhausted.

nth much to say
had dance lesson,
the warmin up exercise is killin mi w all the stretchin..

had lunch at the grand cathy - picturehouse
1 for 1 meal.
consider affordable..
went w lynda, david n cyndiie..

the 3 of them keep givin mi food.
cos all reservin some space for the dinner later.
so end up i had to eat the most.. haiz..

foreground: david, background: cyndiie (buddy)

everyone is lookin fwd to the year end department dinner at YMCA
n was given a mask to wear
lucky the weather was better as compared to the afternoon when there was a downpour..

took some pix, played some games..

n head for home ard 9+

mornin woke up ard 9+
n head out to bugis to meet up w wendy
makan at toast box
then pris found us,
n head to Top One
ber n edmond come later..

so sang from 11am - 6pm.
n we were tryin to 'compete'
wendy is reali a good singer
pris after her voice warm up also ver good..
cool.. quite high pitch..

after which we trained to tampines
n met up w xinyi
n head to my dad stall

xinyi later told mi tat she had been to my dad stall b4..
during the aprrc event..
think her bf enjoyed the food..

so we makan food,
head to beach to walk walk n digest food abit
afterwhich, they head for home

while i stay on n waited for dad
saw uncle lee
so we were chattin till the stall closes..
haha.. we reali can talk..haha..

was slpin on the journey home..

slpt till abt 2
then my godma mentioned that she is comin up.
so inform my mum,
stone ard n then went to adm to fetch my godma

after which my godma chat w my mum,
while i help my da meiw her project

then head out for dinner
n send my godma to mrt station
then mi n da mei went walkin ard adm
n after which head for home..

7 dec - xiao mei birthday
midnite WQ bought a cake for ris
so wake up ris at the stroke of 12
n he sang b'day song.
mi auto mood went out of the room..

afterwhich he head for home cos still hav sch the next day..

woke up late
n i need not go work cos applied leave (to clear leave)
stone abit here n there
chat w friends on msn,
watch anime
n then head out to cwp to have dinner together at Jack's Place
to celebrate mei's birthday

then went back home to cut the cake
took some crazy photos which made mi laugh non-stop

back to work
whole day busy clearin emails.

left office abt 6
& was ponderin in train if to alight at semb or adm
cos frankly i dun noe wat to eat
so end up alight at sunplaza,
head to popular to see see
then to library to borrow books.
n to this fashion to look look
still dun noe wat to eat.
then end up Sean join mi for dinner (my dinner his tea session)
still can hav fried prawn noodles n desserts
so much for tea.. faint

after which head for home.
n gosh im reali tired

manage to continue to clear emails
n work on my pending cases w new doc
then lunchtime, head to cathy to take pix w the chipmunks
n the weather reali unpredictable.
onli like gone for a few mins,
n the rain was so big
called david to come rescue mi n honey..

last dance lesson
frankly i dun think i can dance.
i reali cant rmb the steps
n i look at myself in the video i wanna faint le
i reali grown quite round le.

then session was quite interestin.
end up it ends at abt 10+
n head for home..

work as per normal
email topic was xmas
all ppl involved are piped up n exciting
n the topic continues..

after work head to cwp to meet up w jur
long time didnt meet up w her le
still pretty as ever :)

we updated each other,
now then i noe she has changed her job abt 5mths ago?
how late can i noe
n she is fallin in love.. good good

so we had a good heart to heart talk over dinner at swensen
till they are closin
after which we head for home.

thanks jur for the dinner :)
& all best in ur work, love & health life :)

was in a happy mood
see my parents off for their holiday trip in the mornin b4 i go work
then reach office quite on time
n then work to clear watever i can clear ie. emails, docs, etc
n then abt 130pm head out to dhoby to train to somerset
wanted to walk, but see the sun,
take the train ba.

met up w pris
n we head to wisma food republic to makan lunch
then walk to far east to shop

bought glittering hairbands, 2 belts n 1 pair of shoes (that can be worn in 3 diff styles)

slowly shop here n there.
then walk slowly to PS to meet up w ber
in btw we hav toilet breaks to escape the heat..

then we reach PS ard 6pm.
sat at mac n waited for ber to join us

then was thinkin where to makan
head to Just Asia (juz above dhoby mrt station).
mi felt so tired.
even makan also tired.
took some pix too..

then continue to chat.
pei them to PS while they wait for their friends.
they were goin to watch Feng yun.
n gav it a pass n head for home.

reach home abt 10pm
stone nap n shower,
then let hair dry n notice i have a bump at the right knee.
quite painful when bend.

apply medication.
n watch coffee prince w bro
then 2am slpt

woke up 10+
stone ..

then usin lappie
update myself w anime, email checkin
lunch cook maggi mee for mi n bro
both of us didnt wanna go out to eat

then dinner went downstair to makan w bro, sis n her bf
n now bloggin b4 i forget..

sally to continue chasin her anime if not to slp...

:D ♥; sally


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