...Destination ~ Destiny...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

finally entries for webby..
haven been doin so after my b'day..

sep 9 (wed)
went hav dinner w peng, cyn, alan & wenfu at suntec fish & co.
had quite a full dinner..
was there chattin till the shop closes & head for home..

sep 17 (thur)
knock off ard 6+
head to bugis to buy present for jw..
head to zinc to buy the bag.
coordination btw mi n serene.. hehe.
then head home.

sep 18 (fri)
after work, head to PS to meet up w xinyi & gang.
got to know 2 new friends pris n wendy.
mi n pris are like long lost sisters.. ver easily we click.

then rest were puzzled.

had dinner set at PS pizza hut.
so full. almost cant walk..

then train to boon keng & head to the ark..
its a ming ge resturant..
cool.. & nice + interactive
n the singers even po jie sing the songs tat they will not wan to sing normally..

then train to sengkang w pris (ber alight at hougang)
& took 965 home..

sept 19 (sat)
went makan lunch.
then at home slack full time..
was shun bian clearin room as changin tables.
then went for jog w dad.
both of us shun bian try out the new fitness corner.
then head to makan dinner at yishun blk 123 had western food
(so wat i have exercised hav all come back to me.. haiz)

then went to sembawang shoppin center to shop giant.
n head for home.

sept 20 (sun)
happy birthday jason & happy chi birthday to myself !!

woke up ard 8
head to bukit timah hill w bro n dad
our 1st time to bukit timah hill.

dun reali like forest trail - didnt noe its the most difficult trail until we got into it
can die from it.
mention tat learn how to not to giv up.
cos there is no way out other than to complete the whole thing.
almost cried on 2 occassions.
cos i see the stairs - my hatred.
but mayb i can aim to try overcome it..

saw lots of monkeys, one montior lizard

after which head back home.
rest n refresh ourself.
then head to makan at yishun central

bro n mi trained to city hall to meet up w serene they all for pool session
after which train to bugis.
mi went to find wei kian n wei jian to buy cake - cookies n cream ice cream cake

then makan dinner - steamboat
sat there for abt 2hrs?
then makan cake
n head for home.

was havin headache the whole day.
didnt switch on lappy to use so haven upload pics as yet..

mon - public holiday:
happy birthday JW !!

woke up ard 12 + 1.
head to makan duck rice
then to bukit batok.
was lookin at map to get to our destination - hush puppy warehouse sales.
not too bad.. onli didnt hav shoes..

then head back home.
dinner at kopitiam.
makan ice cream n watch animes..

work as per normal.
but dun feel like workin.. sian ah..
slpt ard 11

manage to reach workplace on time..
so the whole day email w pris, xinyi & ber
workin quite on time..

head to sim lim foodcourt to makan lunch,
afternoon so warm.

then ard 3+,
xiao mei came to office downstairs to take G2000 card.
wq wan to buy clothin..

so now entry though im suppose to work..

later will be meetin up w xinyi n ber for dinner.
n mi goin home while they go zouk for mambo nite

sally to mia ...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

do a quick entry..

work as per normal..
fri was given additional work cos another colleage unable to handle the work of our another colleage 2.

so work til abt 8 ba..

then went home & rest..

my b'day..

woke up ard 10+ 11 & prepare to go semb to meet up w mei & serene.
then head to city hall.
met up w jr n jw n head to marine sq.

b4 tat saw elgin n his gf..

afterwhich, decide to go foodcourt as all of us haven makan..
abt 3+ head to k box.

sang n enjoy ourselves..
now they also hav the stop order..
but it will resume onli after a few songs that hav are advertising.

still i believe hav to pay extra $$.

so ard 6+ 7 head out & saw prize stage (a place where got the wa wa machine)
alvin manage to get 2 dolls..
n he left early..

then rest of us head to play pool..
& then went to play prize stage again..
tryin our luck..
& i saw a wa wa doggy tat i reali like..
& got obstacles de.

so tried 5 times & finali got my wa wa - which after a series of namin process
decide to call it 'xiao go'
so made me believe tat my luck is changin..
so xiao go is my lucky charm..

after which rush to kenny roger.
makan there the 1st time & then surprise me w ice cream b'day cake from swensen.
no wonder they are askin mi to not to makan too full if i cant finish.

afterwhich when abt to leave,
then rmb the gift that they gav us was missin.
so head back to prize stage.

n on the way happen to see lui peng they all..
chat awhile n ran to find them.
lucky the person who found is kind enough n gav it to the sales personel.

so continue to play wa wa machine since we are there..
n strangely enough,
though mei mention wanna go home early cos got work the next day,
she is the one who is playin the machine w her da da..

so end up the gers each have a 'gift'
serene's pink-go, sally's xiao go & mei's umbrella.

after which decide to head home cos it was reali late..

slpt till abt 12+
then went makan brunch w parents n xiao mei.
then rest at home the whole day..
was helpin my mei w her project..
then she prepare dinner.

after which head to bed.

work as per normal.
hav dpt meetin at hq.
after which head back to office to work till abt 6+
& then went to adm to meet mum
bought dinner n head home.

another humid day
cant stand it..

went to mrt w xiao mei, she heading sp for forum meetin

went to si ma luo to makan lunch..
n back to work.

work till abt 6+ & head to dhoby to meet up w mum
to go china town.

did the stuff we wanted & head to buy some essential stuff at a cheaper px.
makan dinner (& perspiring non-stop)
& mum decide to cab home.

reach home,
try to finish up my chi novel.
n now do bloggin.

so today (since after 12)
will be meetin cyn they all after work at suntec..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

reali haven been bloggin for quite some time..

didnt reali hav the chance to use my lappie..

so do a quick summary, actual date dun remember..

in office,
a new colleague come & now is our lunch kaki..
do hav some experience from other company b4 coming over to our side.
nice fella..

then was busy doin the compeition thingy for my department w 8 others..
n somemore still went on course..

so my work all pile up even up to today i still cant manage to clear them..
will aim for tml..
wanna regain my club zero status..

have dinner with wenfu, cyn n lui peng at cwp ichiban the day b4..
value meal is reali a ver filing meal..
stomach reali wanna burst le.

hav been workin quite late these few days..
till xinyi cant take it.
keep emailin mi to remind mi to go home early..

but frankly im reali tired..
eyes , brain etc etc..

mornin woke up was clearin my bed..
cos think my mei 'spoil' my doggy..
the small beads comin out..
so mi did some rescue work..

then work as per normal..
then work till abt 7.15pm & head to adm to meet up w my mum n mei.
makan dinner n head home..

now chasing a few novels.
completed a few..
now reading < the brass verdict > by michael connelly
not too bad..

however the book can be smaller abit a not..
heavy to carry around..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally


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