...Destination ~ Destiny...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

my results of this sem has been released.
this afternoon durin lunch we were still talkin atbt it with shiau ping.

hmm results were pretty unexpected.
2hd n 2di
HD for both px theory n macro (2 not confident subject)
Di for both biz finance n risk management.
all low in quality.
sad sia...
but this is better than nothing..

drag myself to wake up for work.
so hard sia.
then chiong to bus stop to wait for bus.
then a perm staff chat with mi.

reach workplace, breakfast time.
then chiong for voucher id.
ver so laggy.
frustrated with it.
went for lunch,
then come back watch amine.

after tat 1-3pm i was doin sortin.
n those papers i sorted, will be the things i hav to key into the system.
reali can faint n knock wall.
simply too much le...

after tat continue to chiong Utac entries.
chiong until ying n xuan went home.
mi n kelly still at work.
kelly is helpin mi to lightened my workload.
thanks alot :)

hav maggi mee around 7pm.
n continue to speed thru.
shiau ping come in n say tat the voucher id is jumpin ver fast.
so i suppose tat mi n kelly are competin with each other.
then kelly inform mi that her godma will fetch us home.
so good.

so end work at around 910pm.
n went downstairs to wait for her godma.
n her godma remembers mi.
haha so glad for it...

after tat they let mi alight n they went to find their dinner.
mi reach home.
wanted to watch amine.
who noes tat the news of the release of results come out.
so but the time i rmb, the show juz ended.
sad :(
so think will catch it tml durin lunch break.

hav to go refresh myself n fill my tummy.
n chat with frens with the lastest exam results :)

sally to rest le..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, November 26, 2007

ytd was indeed a tirin day.
went to work as usual but onli attire different.
went there chat, then saw ah hui gf.
kinda cute. :)

then it was marcus last day at turf city.
then after work went to paya lebar to meet my aunt.
cos my ah gu is gettin married.
so here wish them xin hu tian mi & best of all - quickly hav children.

at the dinner saw alot of relatives.
then saw chat with them.
haha there is a ah gu called ah be while im called ah bee.
then the 2 of us busy disturbin each other.
last time when i was small, he disturb us.

then after tat, mi n bro cab home 1st.
cos i need to work.
mei they all pei mummy to changi to find dad.

in the cab mi chat with bro.
then reach home settle the stuff n i went to sleep.

today went to work.
so tired.
then chiong the stuff, n add more new stuff.
but then i forget how to do.
so cham.
stuck there.

then i continue n did more OT..
do until abt 845pm.
then rush home.
wanted to watch amine.
but surprise!!
my grandparents come to my house.
even until now we are still chattin.
read from my mei blog, she felt our grandparents (dad side) affection.
as for history, its a long story.
but still meet my mum's side de.
wanna to recall my materal grandpa can find my uncle.
they hav reali close resemblence.

will load pics.
so now go eat dinner (11.31pm) i growin so fat.
n then mayb wait for bleach at 1230am.
see how.

*relatives at attention*

*uncle singin his famous song*

*mi n my cousin - Jia xuan*

*all females allowed*

*the 4 of us*

*mum surrounded by her children :P *

sally is so damn tired.

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, November 25, 2007

blog now if not tml i think i will not blog.

went to work.
saw choon kee,
so the both of us busy chattin.
haha. bully each other. :P

then was settlin the wine section.
n we head for lunch together.
so funny stuff happen durin lunch.
so i was laugh all the way.
mouth pretty tired after tat.

then i went in to the backstore to chat with them.
they were aarragin the stuff.
simply too much.
so i was there 'supervisin'

occassionali went back to my own counter to check.
then head back in.
at 6 head for yishun.
meet my mum to shop n hav dinner.
bought one or 2 top.
not too bad.
then saw chris at john little.
after tat mi n mum went for dinner.
8plus still quite a lot of ppl.
after tat head for home.
now i so tired.
juz finish up the amine i was watchin this mornin.
one eps still need to divide them to 2 parts.

my mei say i look as if im doin my homework or takin exam.
cos i was busyin takin alot of notes.
see each line- copy the main gist of it.

ok le.
now need go slp le.
tml will be a long day.
think will be wearin skirt to workplace for the 1st time.

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, November 24, 2007

finali got time to blog.
these few days busy chiongin for work.
cos reali got alot of backlog stuff.
then ytd su hwa come to talk to us.
muz try to complete as much as possible if not will cos accruals.
ver troublesome ah...
so i suppose i will be doin quite a no. of OT le.
luxky get paid for it.
if not i where got so guai.

then kelly join us for work too.
she help us with some stuff cos her work allocated personnel isnt there.

n it was kind of the staff to ask us to join in their birthday celebration.
their chocolate cake i suppose is from 4 Leaf ver nice.
though i dun reali eat chocolate.
not too sweet i suppose :)

wore my new spec at work.
not too bad haha...

n ytd was doin OT until abt 830pm.
then shiau ping offer mi taxi ride home.
so good.

so reach home - watch TV, makan , slp.
doesnt this sounds like a pig to u?
eye bags are formin.
so scared of it...

n i am so addicted to amine 'Bartender'
fancy makin notes for this amine.
can find it from crunchyroll.com

now i am goin to start slowly chaasin eps 6.
n then go to work at turf city.
after work at will meet mum at yishun.
she go massage, i go find cushion for my work.

cya friends :)

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

bloggin time.
today system abit of lag.
so was doin paperwork.
then help xiao ping to do her paperwork.
after tat was inform that the system can use le.
so now juz finish one stack.

goin to continue with another one.
was watchin the amine 'Bartender'
a reali interestin story to follow.
still get to learn how the spirits like margarita is formed.
made quite a no. of small notes.
juz feel like it. :)
im so addicted to it.
but onli can watch it slowly.

then choon kee called sayin tat he saw an order tat seem to hav my handwritin on it.
of cuz its mine.
so chat while then hang up.

lookin at the receipts i almost faint.
one not too small mountain with faintin words.

then another good news.
kelly will be joinin us to work together.
she juz come for an interview today so she was accepted.
n will be startin work tml.
so xuan, ying, kelly n mi 4 workin together.
think by the time school reopens mayb will see each other until sian.
cant wait to see kelly tml :)

today style of dressin is like a hairstylist.
ying n xuan say put combs, scissors n clips at the pockets then confirm look like one.

now already 5pm le.
will catch the 6pm shuttle bus.

mummy didnt cook today.
later will go collect my new specs :)
dun noe how i will look like,

go home will chase the amine on SCV -keikaishi n bleach :P

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

quick update.
last nite work OT until 8pm.
then mi n ying bus to woodlands n took train.
before tat a guy was standin behind mi.
then he cough i almost faint.
the cig smoke too heavy.
cant stand it.

after tat rush home to watch amine.
then variety show.
around 12plus went to find my bed le.

mornin woke up to come work.
juz finish my lunch.
goin to start work soon.
was surfin for amine at crunchyroll.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, November 19, 2007

hahaha.. im back to blog..
went back to turf city to work on the weekend.
they hav change quite abit in terms of layout n stuff.
so there was a new wine promoter called carmen.
she is more than twice my age
n is a interesting person.
think her life can be written into more than two books ba.

marcus was there too but on n off.
awhile here, then later will disappear de.

so was chattin with carmen n she treat mi grapes.
nice n juicy.
pei her look at shoes.

then on sun after work,
ask my mei to pei mi go make a new spec.
its high time i change one.
i noe that the left n right eye differ by quite abit.
but now i check left eye is 50, while right eye is 350.
a total of 300 difference between the 2 eyes.
sad sia..

did quite a no. of double checkin.
hope tat the spec will come out fine.
will be collectin it on wed. :)

these 2 days i hav been watchin TV programs once i reach home.
tryin not to derive myself from basic enjoyment.

at nite xiao mei friends come to our house.
so they hav change their hair colour.
then i chat with them till abt 12 n head to bed.

so rite now hav juz taken breakfast n will begin to start work.
ying already started to type.
later mummy will go checkup so will check out with her see wat doc says..

sally to continue to key..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, November 16, 2007

time to blog.
n currently i am in the office.
workin. n it is 8.37am.
so early ah..
eyes can barely open.

ytd was workin at this timin.
then chiong all the way.
at 5pm,
ying, xuan n mi left for Taka.
need to submit the timesheet.
so damn sian..

so waited for the bus for ver long time,
n train down to orchard.
submit the bill head to the basement to buy food.
was tryin out the new korean stall food.
not too bad.
all had street sausage with fries on it.
pretty fillin i will say.
got pic but cant show.
i onli noe tat i was eatin it ppl were lookin at us.

after tat we shop around,
n head for train.
i alight at khatib to meet my parents.
shop abit then went home.

watch TV programs,
read my novel.
n caught the amine with bro from 12midnite to 1am.
if dun catch it cant slp.

so end up 2pm slp cos of one stupid show tat until now i dun noe wat is happenin to it.
so woke up find myself blur blur de..
lucky today dress down.
dun hav to think too much as to wat to wear.

so after this bloggin.
will chiong all the way le.
aim to finish the stack of papers in front of mi by today.

tml gonna go back to turf city.
dun noe wat to expect.

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

was readin my novel juz now.
reach home after work,
rainy day..

again rush to work.
cos got out of house late.

at work,
not too bad cos mi n ying sometimes were competin against each other.
did a little tinny winny more as compared to ytd.
then at break we raise a qn to hsiao wei.
she is actuali miss liaw (JC GP teacher's younger sister)
haha.. world so small...

in the meetin room,
mi n ying switch on music to listen.
so shiok.
if not ver quiet.
feel ver suffocated.
then mi n ying see figures until my eyes all blur.
almost cant differentiate between 6, 5, 8..
sad sia..
think my degree is reali chiongin high le.
even now i didnt wear specs,
type with a little difficulty..

now think will amend the work hours,
cos got free shuttle bus at 6.
may as well work until 6..
OT 1hr, got $$
so why not. haha..

now goin to read somemore then rest le.
need to slp.
tired eyes.. :P

sally to disappear...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, November 12, 2007

*friends who attend shuya birthday :)*

*shuya n her bf - youyi*
dun u feel like he similar to physics teacher, jimmy lee?) :P

*mi n darling - mitchell*

above are pics i got from friends' blog.
taken wat shuya birthday pary.

today went to work.
look at my dark rings cant tahan..
reach there wait for them to allocate thingd for us.
end up i did different stuff.
i mean all will do different stuff ba.

was brought on a mini tour of the office.
didnt noe that the office was so so BIG.
so secret compartments de.

so my workplace i suppose is in the conference room with ying.
xuan is at another location.
did pairing of documents.
it is similar to wat i help mei last nite till abt 1am.

da bao lunch to pantry.
the staff they were friendly n ask us to join them along :)
the uslim food we bought quite value for $$$
quite a big serving n not too expensive :)
somemore still pretty nice to eat.. i mean for mi ..

the pantry fully stock up with drinks, bread, n filings.
even got my fav Vitasoy.. hehe..

continue to chiong with work with accuracy n speed.
then around 6 left the office.
heard that there is free shuttle bus service.
so y not make full use of it.
i board the bus towards adm.

then went to TS shop, to see wat disc i can rent.
end up i didnt rent any, but help my mum rent.
then jasmine told mi that she will be onli workin until i think the end of this month.
so sad...
anyway i wish her all the best in her next Job :)

then went to 'Mad about Shoes'.
saw a pair of shoes that caught my attention.
wanted white colour de.
but dun hav my size.
so i bought the black.
pretty simple n classic..
pic below. comments anyone?

how hav to go off to slp le.
tml to work again.
most probably will hav to face the computer le..
so eyes will close on mi..

sally to mia le....

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, November 11, 2007

ytd a tiring day.
wanted to wake up late but cant.
so around 8 auto wake up.
so used compie awhile.

then go back to room finish 3 novels.
i was like y am i reading so fast.
then pack my room.
now look cleaner but nth much was dispose.

then went to adm to do some stuff n head for shuya house.
alight the bus, walk up the stairs.
i fell.
dun noe y i fell.
still felt quite puzzled.
this time is left leg. sad...

at shuya house.
shuya aunt come to talk to mi.
after the celebration,
stayed back n chat.
including mitchell, her bf, michelle, meng siew n suwen, yong yi n shuya.
reali had a good time over there :)
muz thank yaya for inviting mi :)
pic will hav to go mitchell's friendster to grapped :)

stayed until quite late.
i left 1st cos father drove mi home tat was already like 2am in the morning.
head home, watch abit of TV n slept.

today wake up around 12plus,
cos xiao mei was chattin on phone with her bf.
so disturbin. haha.

n think will be the last time i will be sleepin until 12plus.
cos will be workin from tml onwards.
so by tml 12plus at work...

wake up leg still felt abit pain.
then stone n help my mum prepare our brench.
had 'carrot cake w/o carrot fried rice'

finish eating, i use compie awhile.
later around 4 hav to hand back to samuel.
will go there early if possible to go library.
will be meetin serene later around 7 for dinner.
mayb havin gers talk.

finding games for bro, themes for myself.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, November 09, 2007

finali all papers down..

nth much to sad..
didnt reali any euphoria or anything.
1st feeling: i need sleep.
but till now i didnt slp.
but read 2 chi novel.
watch amine, then ghost whisperer.
today's espiode pretty strange.
muz watch next week de.
so excited abt it.

today durin exam some funny happen.
jing tao sat on my seat n wrote his name on the writing paper.
so when i arrive,
he finali noe tat he sat the wrong seat.
went to hunt for his seat n brought his wriiting paper to exchange.
think the guys around mi were laughin.

ying they all after paper went to marina south to hav steamboat.
i gav it a miss.
too tired to go, they are all ver energetic.

train with cyn she alight at woodlands mi at adm.
then walk home,
ate potato chips.

how come until noe i still havin pimples n alot of it.

these 2 days will get my ample rest.
cos once start work is no break till sch reopen.

mayb tml wake up will pack those paper.
n clear the area.
wan it clean clean.

anyway in adv: Happy 21st Birthday Shuya :)

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, November 05, 2007

this mornin before the test saw siling.
long time didnt see her le.
so update each other n head for school.

today paper dun noe to say it's tough or wat.
but one thing i notice is tat too many parts.
waste of time.
therefore, 1st time cant finish paper.
dun care le.
so another load down.

went to library after the test.
then head for home.
at bus stop saw jun jie.
chat with him for a while.

on train saw hui zhen.
so chat with her.
after tat went to adm to meet my mum n xiao mei.
hav lunch for i was super hungry.
exam drains my energy.

after tat shop round prime n market.
shoulder in pain n i was ver tired.

reach home,
use ocmpie.

jovvin from broadcom contact mi.
ask about some stuff.
she say i bubbly, friendly n approachable.
is tat the case?
didnt noe that the 1st impression i gav them was so good.

now alrdy 8plus.
later mayb will watch amine on SCV ch 56 or 256.
dun noe which one.

n my pimples all poppin up.. arghhhhhh...
today will begin to start atround 10pm ba.

tml will meet cyn for studies again.
juz now she head to sunplaza to study herself, saw the OT guy.
then in sch library i saw the OTT guy.

now let head rest before adding more information to it.

sally to destress n get more stress le...

:D ♥; sally

here i am again.
this mornin woke up read abit of novel.
then went to adm to meet cyn.
hav 'breakfast' then head to sunplaza mac.
as usual study.
but dun noe if it got into my head.

tried out the practice paper.
not too easy..
did it thru with cyn.
then i stop to play games.
cyn say i look so serious when i played the game.
as if it was something impt tat i hav to attend to.

went to walk around at this fashion.
see see here.. look look there.
less than 1/2 hour i back to mac.
wait for cyn then around 9 plus we part.
reach home check out some stuff.
ate my dinner.
chat with meis n all busy blue-toothin.

now hav to go slp.
if not cant wake up to study n eat.
tml is biz finance mornin paper...

*shd try listenin to this song -
'if it is ok with u' by sean kingston
mayb i can try to find it n put it.
quite a meaningful song.

sally to mia..

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, November 04, 2007

have been busy studyin.
goin siao le..

fri went for interview.
now then i noe the location is actually pretty near my house.
can even walk there.
think about 1/2 hour walkin distance ba.

called my wine boss as her if she willing to be my referral.
then go gav a nod. so good..

in the train, the interviewer called mi
to say she has selected mi n ying.
good news.
so i hav no worries as to findin office job le.
then down to meet cyn for studies.

then around 3plus,
jason from recruit express called mi.
to ask mi n ying to go down to the office to sign the contract.
he is reali a fast action person.
wan to su zan su jue..

so around 4 plus, met up with ying n xuan to taka.
followed by the official contract.
n then went back to sunplaza again.
basically one word - TIRING...

went home,
chat with mum- heard some not so good news.
nvrtheless no choice de.
hav dinner n slpt.

today woke up ard 9plus,
went to meet cyn early.
then study biz finance.
reali drain the brain.
frm 12noon to 950pm,
study biz finance - not completed.
hav to go home.
brain cant take it.

hav maggi mee for dinner.
chat with da mei n mum n froggy.
now usin compie.
surf web.
chargin up my mp3 n hp for more energy.
their energy will boost my energy when i study.
desperate for music to keep mi alive n going.

tml to meet cyn to chiong for BF (biz finance)
then mon take the exam.
jia you jia you to all my friends :)

sally to meet my pillows le...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, November 02, 2007

quick one.
hav to rush out to meet ying.

paper on wed. haiz dun noe wat to say.
dun even noe if i wrote the correct stuff.
went back home- journey felt is ver long.
cant study.

then ytd met up with cyn in the mornin at sunplaza to study macro
saw serene's bro studyin for 'o'
then mi n cyn continue to cram study until abt 9.
reali ver tiring.

reach home,
so mum cook fried rice for us.
nice for the brain.
after tat chat with them.
wanted to study but dun seem to hav the time.
around 3 slpt.
cos was watchin amine with my bro.

woke up around 7.
juz prepared myself to go job interview
go out now.
saw my next sem class - think got 2 days with 2 lessons each.
so in total think will go sch for 3 days for local lects..

ok now hav to chiong le.
after interview still will go down to sunplaza to cram study again.

sally wants to find her momentum...

:D ♥; sally


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