...Destination ~ Destiny...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

dear diary,

this will for sure + chop going to be a very vey long entry..
these one week quite happening..

sat nite -> sun
cab to golden mile w mei n mum..
found the travel agency n waited for iling to come meet up w us..
onli 5 ppl board the bus..
the rest are boarding from chinatown...

so coach to tuas..
n head to malaysia..
the route travelled is abit different from the norm..

the uncle driving reali seem like driving the harry potter bus..
scary lor..
somemore cos i got the front seat,
got the full action view of the route infront..
reali like seating roller coaster,
make mi dun dare to go to slp..
so tired...

then alighted at the foot of genting,
n change to van to cameron highlands..

the road to cameron reali ver curvey..
& mayb cos im alrdy not feelin well,
try to resist my urge to vomit in the van.
finali 3hrs journey we reach cameron,
alighted n head straight to ladies to puke..
mi reali look ver ver pale..

then waited for their local tour agency to open,
so that we can go for short tour..
finali abt abt 2 hrs of waiting,
they open,
got our tour package n head to equatorial hotel..

again waited for our time to check in (few hrs)..
so rest at the seats,
walk around & explore the area w iling..
end up she bought corns, & we pluck strawberries too..
quite a experience to say..

& again manage to take many pic of flowers.
the flowers are reali bloomin ver beautifully...

head to makan lunch at the cafe in equatorial hotel..
serving ver big n ate until reali cant take it.

finali time to check in..
got our luaggage n head to room..
unpack abit,
n all rest for a while..
manage to slp abt nearly a hr,
n wake all up to go for the tour...

then mum seem to see one of my dad's relative
who happen to be in the same afternoon tour as us..
so this is how we manage to gain new old relatives..
mi n sis dun noe them,
cos reali no contact.

but he was my dad's childhood playmates..
so we went to agriculture of vegetation, flowers, fruits, cactus..
ver interesting..
pics already uploaded in facebook..

then after all the shoppin,
makan steamboat..
reali like eating reunion dinner.
not too bad after all...

stroll awhile at their pasar malam..
mei n uncle makan peanut cake..
& after which head back to hotel..
abt 10+ i concuss already..

wake up ard 6 & prepare ourselves to makan breakfast & check out..
the breakfast at equatorial is reali quite good.
different variety of food availiability..
some more we are considered to be the earliest..

then before we left,
manage to see uncle & auntie siew..
bide goodbye & mi went to handle checkout..
n off we head to Genting..

makan stop..
had quite a cheap but delicious lunch - char siew rice.

then continue the ride up to genting..
finali we reach..
still we have to wait for check in..

so rest at the starbucks near lobby..
had my fav vanilla cream (anyway tat is the onli one i noe how to drink)

my mum head to massage her back 1st..

then when time abt to be up,
mi n iling head to wait at the registration counter..

n as i expected abt the timin,
its our turn..
then went to hunt for our room.

abit erm dun noe how to say.
but nvm, its ok de..

wanted to slp,
but mum say,
since we are there,
go enjoy then come back n slp all u wan..

so went to makan,
n did some shoppin..
mi bought a few sets of animes at what i will consider a good deal..
& also bought a jacket...
then watch harry potter & the half blood prince w iling..

the story has abit of twist & turn.
the actual half blood prince is professor snape,
professor dumbedore has past away..
but whether for a apparent reason i reali dun..

so the position professor snape is good or bad?
1. good but hav to uncover for the order of phoneix so act bad..
2. bad but act good to gain trust thus help voldermot to return??

either way, its out to destroy of the the party onli dun noe is good or bad..
1st time got so much things to ponder..
& cos i didnt read the novels,
so the suspense is killing me...

mum, mei n iling have dinner at mary brown
mi juz stone..
after which head back to room,
wash up n concuss..

wake up ard 10+..
makan at shanghai resturant..
reali ver enjoyable..

bought another 1 or 2 sets of animes :P
& shun bian buy movie tix - ice age 3

mum head to room to rest, iling head to casino
mi n mei feelin ver tired decide to go sing k..
not too bad.. one person abt S$14..
quite ok actually..

then sing like nobody biz.. and all are lady singers.
hhaa... forget to pick the guy singers songs..
sang until abt 4+ & head back to cinema to meet up w iling n mum..
so all head in to the cineplex..

ver ver funny show..
the show some how depicts us humans in real life,
w friends, our internal emotional war, how we work as a team & when facing challenges..

reali enjoyed the movie...

after the movie,
shop ard,
had ice cream & seated infront of the door when the cold wind enters
& guess wat im not wearin a jacket..
ver shiok..
then head to room to put our stuff & relax
while waitin for iling friend to bring us to gentin foot to makan w her maple guild friends...

interestin session..
they are all workin ppl but bonded by the game & thus interaction..
the guild master is askin my mei to join their guild..

then shawn (same age as mei) drove us back to hotel..
later understand from iling that after driving us up,
his car almost cant make it, need to go repair..
poor car..

iling n mum head to casino,
mi n mei head to room to wash up n slp..
ard 11+ mi concuss le..
reali ver ver tired...
plus abit of headache...

slpt till abt 10+ 11..
then all prepare to wash up & pack bag to check out..
mi went to check out 1st & then head back room..
by the time we left the room is alrdy ard 1..

then deposit our bag at the lobby,
n head to makan,
mum brought us to a corner not easily found..
had a full brunch..
then rest at starbucks..
drank my vanilla cream again..

n mi went to check for the bus,
& rest n all head to our coach..

rest abit during the journey..
makan dinner at a resturant..
quite good..

n continue journey to custom.
alighted at near tang dynasty area,
cab home..

n ver fast head touch pillow
mi gone to slp

almost cant wake up for work..
makan w fred for lunch..

juz 3 days, have > 150 emails to clear..

work till 9+ then head for home..
super exhausted..

happy 44th birthday to u, mummy!!

work as per normal..
my 2 bosses did verbal appraisal..

was given ver good comments..
still my headache persist..

after work,
head to yishun Xin wang & met up w my family.
to celebrate mummy's b'day..
cost mi > $100..

& reach home,
slpt ard 1+
cos was watchin the last ep of absolute bf..

the ending is reali ver touchin..
ver touchin..
all becos of love..

woke up 6 & prepare myself..
accidentally broke auntie's perfume,
so clear up & by then already 630am.
& im already so late..

by the time, 640am mi juz reach adm..
so decide to cab..
1st time.. $16..
lucky no morning charges & erp..

reach there abt 7.05am..
approx abt 20min cab journey..

the m'sia custom officer wrote in my passport
- to change photo.. haha..

so play game during the journey..
n reach desaru fruit farm..
so mi busy becomin tourist - snap snap snap!!

even had a little mangosteen as sourvenir..

after which head to makan at resturant,
food wise not too bad..

then bus ride out to the JB shoppin centre..
shop for abt 2-3hrs..
legs wanna break..

then makan at another resturant..
ambience is good, food wise so - so onli...

n all head back to singapore..
the new custom ver nice.. like airport ..

then alighted at kranji n train home..
reach home,
washup & 10+ to 11 slp..
slpt in a rush..

onli wake up at abt 2pm,
which i still feel not enough..

makan brunch which my bro bought for us..
n slack..
watch my anime - naruto, erin, spiral (completed)..

then head to sunplaza to do some errands..
shop this fashion,
then makan at mrt foodcourt.
had dian xin & red ruby dessert..
didnt reali feel like eatin..
so eat some sweet stuff to perk mi up..

work as per normal..
manage to clear my email up to date..
which is a good news to me..

lunch w fred at muslim stall..
tummy dun feel so well..

the whole day cold cold de..
work til abt 6+ n head to CWP to meet up w cyn, lui peng & YF..
makan at pizza hut..
ordered our food
& when it come, it was like how come so big..
so still we ate..
but so full..

then the waitress come to inform us tat they have served wrongly.
but will not charge us..
one thing we dun even noe the size of it..

then tried to makan as much as we can..
n ard 8+ 9 head for train..
alight at adm & bought dinner for mum..

use compie & upload pic into facebook (both corporate & personal)
finali all done..

slpt ard 1+..

went out early,
but still reach office ard the same time..

continue to work on my other claim source..
n finali manage to clear them..
makan lunch at ps w fred, kenny n allard.

then atrium havin wine fair,
saw auntie ida, pat & one i cant rmb her name.. but sayang..
so chat awhile n head back to work...

ver cold in office...

wanted to head out of office at ard 6..
but was unable to do so..
so end up stayed at work till abt 7+.
n head for home..

at adm stock up some home stuff
n makan dinner when i reach home..
watch the ch 8 variety show host by mark lee w the other foreigners livin in spore..

quite a interestin show..
will giv high marks for this idea..
originality is present & informative to watch..

after which head to room to use lappie..
so now bloggin for nearly an hr or so..

will be havin dinner with iling n jeff at suntec tony rama..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, July 18, 2009

bloggy.. hiyo..

time for entry before i go on for my short holiday trip..

went to work w in-pain thighs.. haha..
tat is the after effect..

then work as per normal..
had department lunch n not long after department meetin.
twist w it is the department retreat..
confirmed to be on next sat

so mi same week will be goin to m'sia twice a week..

after work went to PS to meet up w ferlin..
had dinner at BK..
n we sat there for a few hrs till like abt 10+..
after which head for home..
dead tired..

wore new covered shoes.
n my feets is in serious pain.
blisters ~~ faint.
then quickly put plaster
n reach office change to bed room slippers,
but the dmg has been done..
then mi mood seem to be affected by it.

inform fred tat i wanna go PS to buy shoes.
so at abt 1230 head out
immediate action, to DMK
wore the new shoes after choosin it w the help of fred
then mood seem to turn altogether..
mouth auto smile..
soo good.
head to foodcourt to makan.

then walk abit of the jap fair n head back to office.
waited for a difficult customer to reach office.
directly call my manager who has been briefed before by me..

then they discuss i went out to print doc
after which the customer scream.
then my another manager spring into action,
my whole office come ask mi wat happen..
haha.. quite interestin.
security was called up,
n my colleagues escorted him down till he leaves the building..

then whole day reali busy with phone calls.
nvr ending..

n afterwhich..
stay at work till abt 8+ 9
cos too much.
even by the time i left
still unable to finish..

n such a coincidence tat i met elgin in train
he juz end work,
n shop for his gf 21st b'day present.
he reali spends alot on her b'day..
but great to c him too..
chat quite alot.
hehe.. then he alighted at semb,
n mi alight at adm..

reach home makan dinner
n then knock off.
ard 1+

had a 'facebook meeting for our department
mi considered one of the members..

so then continue to work.
calls ringing
emails flooding
claims ever increasing..

lunch at pomo jap foodcourt w fred, kenny n allard.
then walk to the cathy.
fred wanna buy movie tix.
n then head back to office.

not long after need to wait for w/s to come do direct settlement
not much cases were settled.
all in dispute de..

then dun hav mood to work.
still office super cold..
reali reali ver cold.

then fairoz ask m to go down to pantry for break.
one glass of warm/hot water satisfy our crave for warmth..

work till abt 7 n head for home.
met up w mum n mei at adm.
mi bought a bag. hehe..

n then home..
was teachin my sis w her studies
wan to faint lor..

then makan dinner which is abt 10+
pack my luaggage bag..
n ver fast its done..

n watch harry potter 3 w my dad n mei
til abt 3am
n went to bed..

waken by a call (think sales one la)
then decide to use compie.
update webby..
will be doin my chase on anime n another ep of harry potter..

everyone take care..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

spend the whole day devoted to watchin animes..
haha.. tat i how i rot durin the weekends..

finali i finish the anime - kekkaishi..
nice nice..

start on a new anime - spiral
quite interestin - detective style of anime
watch till ep 13..

then ard 5+ went to CWP w my mum..
shop around.
walk around,
bought 2 pairs of shoes..

then makan at civic center (lerk thai)
n head for home..

work as per normal.
went to PS to makan for lunch.
then shop around

n head to the cathy to meet up w them (allard, brian, pauline & fred)
then head back to office to work..

work till abt 6+ & head to adm to meet xueling.
she go see doc - throat inflammation

then da bao food home
by the time i reach home already 9pm..
haiz.. get out of office early, but reach home late..

after which mi play facebook & did quite some no of quizzes..
then was listenin to MJ songs w my bro

n slpt ard 11+

reach workplace slightly early.

work as per normal.
phonecalls seem to come non-stop..
one after another..
dun even hav to time to make entry into the system..

then lunch at peace center mixed rice..
n walk to PS..

browse around w allard while the rest get their stuff.
n end up onli mi didnt buy anything..

head back to office..
good walk after lunch..

then start work as per normal..
manage to clear & leave office around 5.55pm.

durin the train journey,
manage to complete my novel
Author: David Wiltse
Title: Close to the bone

then ending is w such a twist -
end up the agent seem to hav double character.
cos of the fear of dark due to father & darkness.
thus when face w darkness,
his fear will subside n he becomes the tormentor..
tat is ver scary.

though when he recovers,
everybody says tat his kills were due to self denfense
cos the criminals are all highly skilled killers or wanted..

head for home after buying dinner..

after which,
reach home,
then change to my joggin attire
n went to my long awaited jog.

walk n jog abt an hr,
then cool down at the playground.
sat there enjoyin the breeze..

n head for home..
facebook chat w serene
msn chat w jeff n i-ling..

goin go to slp soon..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, July 10, 2009

dear webby...
(abit too sentimental opening):P

time for my routine blog entry..

wat did i do.
manage to reach workplace earlier than usual (but not much)
n all day quite hectic.

the system also go abit of prob..
but no time to notice the severity of it..
goodness lor..

lunch was at sim lim square
had char siew rice..

the auntie who sat beside mi ver de bu zhi dong..
eat until too comfortable cos got TV..
then keep pushin the table.
eat until need to xing ji dang zhang..

after which got cravin for ice cream..
end up head to peace center - mac to buy Chocolate Sundae
so enjoy the ice cream

then also went to walk the bookfair again..
n once again i found something to book..
on promotion 5 books on the topic of stitch at $4..
the diagrams n pics are ver ver nice..
hope i have the time to do some nice work piece..

after which abt time to head back to office to begin work..
time when by abit slow..
dun noe y...

then system abit slow..
so work till abt 7 & head for home..
makan dinner n rest..
played the furball game..
haha.. for more than an hour wor..
goodness lor..
end up slpt ard 1+ ba

almost cant wake up for work..
then whole day super busy..

lunch was w allard, brian, yvonne, lynnette & fred at smu.
then head back to office..

the system today not ver good.
not workin ver well..
n office damn cold as usual.

work till abt 645pm,
head to PS to meet up w mei.
shop Spotlight n her workplace (going to be)

after which bought donuts from the japan fair n head to semb
bought dinner n head for home..

so now blog,
watch animes, n now watchin absolute boyfriend.
interestin story.. but make it into reality is better.

goin to continue watching kekkashi n absolute boyfriend..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

work as per normal.
lunch w fred n allard at SMU..
then makan n had some time..
so walk over to parklane mall..
end up mi book another 5 books for $10..

after which head to office pantry to chill before going back to work.
as usual im in my denial stage .. dun wanna work..
but once start work, hav to keep going..

whole day quite busy with phone, emails etc...

then ard 6+ head for home.
goin dinner w dad n siblings..
head to chong pang.
n ate so full..

my bro ver cute..
he thought mangosteen was mango being steamed.

then ard 9+ head home..
use awhile of compie n head for bed..

manage to get onto the train early,
then i think i saw Siong Yann..
looks ver much the same..
though dun noe if he sees mi..
im onli suspecting its him..

end up went to work as per normal time
cos there is a delay when the train reach dhoby ghaut
the door dun seem to be willing to open..
goodness lor..

after which reach office then continue to clear my work..
office super cold lor.
then when go out for lunch,
then notice tat the floor is wet..
so it rains, tat explains the super coldness..

had lunch w fred n allard at kopitiam
& then walk around cos got quite some time.
walk big round n head back to office

continue to work n review my work.
phone rings non-stop..

at least can clear a few cases which is good news.

then ard 6+ head to pomo to meet up w xinyi for dinner at luvin hut.
along come mic..
so makan, chat awhile..
7.30pm head for dhoby mrt station..
n head for home..

reach adm, met up with my mum
guess cut,
i trim my hair..
if not they get tangled up..

head to supermkt & stock up some items
n head for home..
heavy load.

then quickly finish my novel tat im readin - City of bones
n watch MJ memorial on channel 5..

when i hear the stars speakin abt their friend,
quite heartenin but sad to hear..
at some point i believe i will tear de..

after all, my childhood memories did hav MJ impression..
the games we play uses MJ songs,
then MTVs of his were ver shocking - considered technology advance
at the period of time.

one of the fav movie - free willy
also hav the theme song sang by MJ..

& indeed he is one of a kind..
always have good impression of him till today.

so now i watched, saw his gold coffin,
then finali i hav come to terms w it..
abit late rite?


shall continue to watch his svc..

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, July 06, 2009

went out of home for wk earlier than normal..
but reach workplace later than normal.
strange is it?

during the train journey began readin my novel by Michael Connelly - City of bones.
has been wanting to read it, but not able to find in library.
n by choice last week walk past a book fair saw the book going at $2..
i grab it..

though its the startin..
im already enjoyin it..

work as per normal..
time flew past pretty past,
n time for lunch..
makan w shara & honey..
walk in big circle n reach bugis.
makan nasi lemak & stroll abit & head back to office.

lucky today bosses not around..
if not cham lor..

then continue to work.
manage to complete the things i wanna do.
so move on to kenny's cases.
manage to help him w 7 cases..
then continue w mine..

was busy emailing xinyi too..

then ard 7+..
head for home..

& such a coincidence at dhoby when im abt to go walk the stairs down to take train,
saw cyn..
she goin vivo to meet up w ping ping..
but took bad i cant join them,
cos on a mission - to buy dinner home for my sis n mum..

then in train,
continue w my novel..
it will keep mi away from the thought that im tired & exhausted..

then dun noe how come read until the train reach woodlands..
mi was thinkin hard as to how come its possible..
mayb cos of my headache ba..

then rebound back to adm,
n went to buy dinner
n walk slowly home..

was updatin my anti-virus software
& shun bian makan my dinner..

so surfing web.
see wat to do later on..

sally to rest le...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, July 05, 2009

entry for the week..

mon (29/06/09)
as usual whole day bus w work..
was busy doin the impromptu project..

after which hav lunch w norman at fortune center..
nth much of an event..

head for home ard 7+..

Happy 16th Birthday Samuel..

almost cant wake up for work..
drag myself to work..

n finali hav time to clear my workload since last fri due to the impromptu project.
instruction: to stop all work & attempt the project first..

went for lunch w honey by luck..
after which work till abt 6+
n head to chinatown to meet up w my mum, ailing n my siblings..
siblings went for hair cut..

mi, mum n ailing went to book for our holiday trip..
mi didnt see carefully so went to the wrong location.

after which found the agency.
there is 2 rows of tour agency to say.. scary many..

so we plan our trip..
initially mention to start the trip from sun..
but since there is a sat..
i suggested to go to go on sat & come back on wed..
so talk here abit, check out the rates & we got the deal..
so to cameron & genting..

trip will begin on 18/07/09 9pm at golden mile
end on wed 11+ in singapore?

after tat went to makan dinner
n cab home..
so tired..

so fast 1st July le...
when i woke up, didnt wanna face reality..

train reach dhoby..
n goodness.
the rain is seriously ver big..
mi brave thru the rain w my umbrella..
n still got half of my pants drench w rain water

then saw honey,
she mentioned to me to ask mi go 6th floor to dry my pants cos eunice hav hairdryer.
so i went down..
its too cold not to do so..

then sundrum was there debatin wat colour top was frank wearin.
haha.. between blue & purple.
so almost become a whole section thing.
see who walk pass our area,
they will ask..
haha.. ver interestin twist.. haha..

so the whole day mi eskimo..
& lunch,
makan w honey n fairoz at ah mei resturant..

n head back peace center & saw the bookfair.
so upon seein the good offer,
mi bought 5 books at $10..
which is quite a good deal..

n head to rainbow counter,
wanted to buy travel ins,
but end up system problem..

head back to office ..

n my colleague has a fright of his life..
cos someone gav him a cake written 'dear frank, cheer up'
n dun even noe who the person is..
so busy tryin to track down the person..
lots of theories hav pop up..

n the person called to inform frank tat is was send from the lawyer to frank..
then he distributed the cake, but he didnt makan it..
banana chocolate cake by awfully chocolate..
reali is chocolate..
can expect my waist line to expand..

work till abt 6+ & head for home..
makan my dinner
n paly wii for abt an hr plus..
then slpt ard 11+
im reali tired..

work time went by slowly.
hav lunch w yvonne n brian at the cheap yet delicious char siew rice stall at si ma luo..
then went to makan desserts at peace center
had green bean soup..

the whole day system always got prob..
then i even hav the time to flip thru newspaper (2 sets some more)..

then ard & walk to marine sq to meet up w cyn n randy (new friend)
to sing K..
frankly for mi,
i reali wasnt in the form at all.
cos im reali damn tired.
cant sing the tune at all.
all off tune.. goodness.
mi hear wanna faint le..
then waited for wenfu & felicia (new friend) to come ..
so sang abit n head to makan the buffet dinner..
not too bad la..
*names edited.. hehe..

we sang till 1126
n all rush to find the way out to mrt station..
so walk here abit, & there abit,
finali found our way to mrt station,
ask wenfu to go ahead cos all of us are catchin our last train..
wenfu (to pasir ris direction) 1min,
freddy (to joon koon) 4mins
us (to woodlands) 3mins..
so yea 3 different directions leavin from the central area - city hall..
finali we got on..
not much ppl to say..
& that we were lucky to say.. if delay abit.. means cab le..

nth much to say..
wanted to help kenny do tr for his case,
but end up my work come pouring in..
even got one of my largest claim in..
more than $100k..

hav lunch w fred n kenny at smu..
n then went for after crm
n off to staff lounge for tea reception by i cant rmb which group of ppl..

then ard 630
head off to go adm for my facial appointment.
reali try to rest myself there.

bought dinner home
& mi slept ard 11+.
mi bro & sis not even home yet..

woke up ard 12+.
then watch anime till abt 5+
n then dad come home & drove us to changi to makan & he also has meetin la..

makan at teochew kitchen,
the meat is delicious..

then walk over to changi seafood..
stone there..
chat w my cousin - desmond & god bro - jia rong..

then also chatted w uncle lee..
gave mi some frank opinion which i agree totally.

then ard 12+ to 1 head for home.
by the time i slp alrdy 3 le..

wake up around 10+
finish up the novel 'dead even' by brad meltzer..
its abit a wife who is a prosecutor (acting for the ppl)
& the husband who has indirectly forced to become to defense attorney for the same case..
both are threatened by their client with their spouse's life..

so both end up workin out something though, one of the good guy died..
but the whole story is quite interestin to me..
of trust n brain work..

ver cool ideas..

morning my bro played the wii drum set in the livin room..
listenin to the beats that he is hammering..
quite on track i think..

watched anime 'battle athletes victory.. cool
& today happens to be a rainy day..

sally to disappear again.. till then .. cya all...

:D ♥; sally


Name : S@lly
School : northland pri, sess, yjc, sim
Birthday : 5 Sept 86

- Ulric Ng -

- Cai LinG - - Michelle - - Su WeN -
- TeReNcE - - YinG HenG -

- AlaN - - LuI PinG - - JimmY - - WeN Fu -

- Jia Rong -
- JeffRey ChuA -



Amines Hot!!

- NaRuTo ShipPuDen *chasing* -
- Yumeiro Patissiere *chasing* -
- Fairy Tail *chasing* -
- K-On!! 2nd season *chasing* -
- INUYASHA : Final Act *will start soon* -

- BarTender *completed* -
- Battle Athletes Victory *completed* -
- CardCaptor Sakura *completed* -
- Cluster Edge *completed* -
- Code E *completed* -
- Cooking Master Boy *completed* -
- Detective Academy Q *completed* -
- DraGon Drive *completed on 13 Dec 09* -
- Elemental Gelade *completed* -
- Gakuen Alice *completed* -
- Ghost Hunt *completed* -
- Ginban Kaleidoscope *completed* -
- Hana Yori Dango *completed* -
- Howl's Moving Castle (film) *completed* -
- K-On!! *completed*>-
- Karin *completed* -
- Kekkaishi *completed* -
- Kemono no Souja Erin *completed on Jan 2010* -
- Lamune *completed* -
- Mahou Sensei Negima! *completed* -
- Mai Hime *completed* -
- Mai Otome *completed* -
- Moyashimon *completed* -
- Nabari no Ou *completed* -
- Neo Angelique Abyss *completed* -
- Night Wizard *completed, 19 Sept 2010* -
- Nodame Cantabile *completed* -
- NoDaMe Cantabile. Finale *completed* -
- Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu *completed 01 Jan 2010* -
- Ouran High School Host Club *completed* -
- Paradise Kiss *completed on 13 Dec 09* -
- Piano no Mori *completed* -
- PreTear *completed 20 Sept 2010* -
- Princess Lover *completed* -
- Princess Princess *completed on 14 Nov 09* -
- Ride Back *completed* -
- Rizelmine *completed* -
- Shakugan no Shana *completed* -
- Shaman King *completed* -
- Sister Princess *completed* -
- Special A *completed* -
- Spirited Away *completed* -
- History Strongest Discipline Kenichi - *completed* -
- Sugar Sugar Rune *completed* -
- Taishou Yakyuu Musume *completed on 20 Dec 09* -
- Tenjou Tenge *completed on 25 Dec 09* -
- Tenshi na Konamaiki *completed* -
- Tokyo Mew Mew *completed on 09 Nov 09* -
- Uta-Kata *completed on 8 Dec 09* -
- Utawarerumono *completed* -
- Vampire Knight & Vampire Knight Guilty *completed* -
- Yume Tsukai *completed* -
- Zero no Tsukaima *completed* -
- Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no kishi *completed* -
- Zombie Loan *completed* -

Manga Mania !!

- Adarshan no Hanayome *completed, 10 Jul 2010* -
- BackStage Prince *completed, 5 Jun 2010* -
- Badminton Girl *completed, 30 May 2010* -
- Baraio My Honey *completed, 1 Aug 2010* -
- Beauty Pop *completed, 28 May 2010* -
- Brilliant Magic *completed, 2 Jun 10* -
- Dakishimete Noir (cat) *completed, 7 Jun 2010* -
- Fairy Cube *completed, 29 May 2010* -
- Hana ni Arasji *completed, 12 Jun 2010* -
- He's Dedicated to Roses *completed, 6 Jun 2010* -
- Kokoro ni Hana Wo *completed, 5 Jul 2010* -
- M.C. Law *completed, 8 Aug 2010* -
- Otokomae Beads Club *completed, 1 Jun 2010* -
- Power (basketball) *completed, 31 May 2010* -
- Psycho Staff *completed, 2 Jun 2010* -
- Shinrei Tantei Yakumo *completed, 1 jun 10* -
- Shinshi Doumei Cross *completed, 31 Aug 10* -


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