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Sunday, April 18, 2010

hiyo bloggie.

time for updates:
anyway it has reali reali reali been a ver ver ver busy week for moi..
n somehow the week is juz gone like tat.

work as per normal
clear work like nobody biz.

had our retreat group 1st meeting.
so settled on some urgent stuff.

& head back to work..
then bus to suntec to meet up w wendy.
rainy day..

makan at marina sq foodcourt & to shop for gifts for XY.
think both wendy n i had a full evening despite moi being ver tired.
tried some accessories, hats, n perfumes.

then while training home,
moi suddenly dun feel well.
so alight at semb to rest,
head to 7-11 to buy milk to drink to see if can calm down a not.
then took bus home..

work as per normal.
had department meeting as well.
but the meeting is quite a drag w the retreat information.

was workin till abt 8+ before heading to semb to meet up w cyn
for dinner @ mos burger.
so by the time we start eating is already 930.
chat & update each other..
so by the time we left nearly 11pm le.

work till quite late also.
but cant reali recall.
think lunch time bought some cadbury hot chocolate packets.
mei say not bad n since promo decide to giv it a try.
until i notice that the promo was actuali no longer on.
so informed the staff,
& mentioned that becos its their fault,
so we are still able to buy it at the promo px.
so i bought 2 pax.

had retreat meeting.
thinkin of our scenes.
n i become the script writer.
not bad..

then work till abt 9+
& headed home.
but still continue to work on script til abt 1+
n guess wat,
too tried, click on the wrong buttons,
all gone !!

so retype fast fast n slpt.

work work work.
SE 1/2 preparin to go serve the nation for the next week or so..
had my retreat meeting at 4+
n the spirit is gettin high.
so discuss , edited the scripts.
n ppl noe their parts.

so moi after gettin back to desk,
retype the script..

then work till abt 630 then rush out of office to go clark quay to meet up w Onz.
makan at pasta waraku.
servin is so so big.
cant even makan 1/2.

then went over to TCC to chill.
moi felt so slpy.
at there, xinyi had the open present ceremony.
glad that she likes it. :)

then ard 9+ or 10,
cab home.
so tired.

had the 4th retreat group meeting.
so was allowing them to replay
& to get the feel rite.
somehow, ppl is getting it..

moi covering for 2 colleagues.
so majority of the workin hrs,
clearing their work that was fwded to me.
then think when nearin the official knock off time,
i then start to clear my work.
so was workin till abt 10pm.
then trained home.
im so exhausted...

head back to office..
reach abt 10am,
was gettin all excited for the filming.
it all went well all thanks to rajes'bro & the team members.
somehow i a little bit like director.

wasnt in the scene at all.
but was doin the background work..
so after viewing the videos,
the cameraman does the editing,
while i work on the powerpoint slides.

those w family commitements head home 1st at ard 1pm.

after tat i decide to go to vivo to find my aunt.
help her w her wine.
then we went to makan at the central resturant juz outside giant.
so a ver full breakfast+lunch+teabreak..

after tat i walk ard
n met up w aunt at ard 6 to go home.
so train to serangoon w purple line (which i slpt thru - so rare)
then to take the new yellow line.
then change to red line.

met up w mum n xiao mei at adm.
then mi n ah yi head home 1st.
moi tried the game at FB.
so intense.
haha. tat y i cant be a gamer.
totally not suitable..

chase my animes.
then went to chat w mum.

slpt at ard 3
was helpin mum w some stuff
n watch DVD..

wake up ard 1.
then head to adm to makan.
rest at home,
end up we sisters tried our ver 1st online spree w USA forever 21.

moi watch Fairytail.
n think will be headin to bed soon.

tml will be another tough week..

sally to mia...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, April 10, 2010

hiyo bloggie.
moi today will update alot alot of stuff..
think mayb need to divide them to different entries?

now multi-tasking too.
uploading pix on FB.. such a long process.....

itineary out, photos ready..
onli left w sally's fingers n her memory (rely on the paper written) to do the work..

31 Mar '10 wed :
work as per normal.
felt so tired after workin till 930 on tues to clear work..
did i mention that my desktop was changed on mon.
but the screen broke down during wed lunch time?

lunch was w shara n honey at ah mei.
saw jun jie too..

left office ard 6+ n head to adm to meet up w mei.
bought some stuff n head home.
prepare myself.
n cab to changi for dinner.
n waited for dad to drive us to go changi airport T3 for my trip.

1st april (thur) :
flight took off at abt 12+ near 1am.
didnt reali slp durin the journey.
so tired after the flight.
reach Pudong international airport (shanghai).
temp ard 16.
as we spoke, got smoke comin out of mouth also..
the mornin was hazy & gloomy..

then someone pick us up n drove us to Suzhou.
the ride was abt 2 hrs.
durin the ride, i gotta cultural shock.
guys standin by the roadside (w cars) erm 'fertilizing' the grounds.
like tat also can ah ?

so we were brought the garden & to meet up w the rest of the tour members.
wat a rainy day.
& tat kick start the tour..

after which head to chang si gong chang (silk products)
end up i bought a king size set for my parents & a single size for myself.
my mum's explanation: since i started earnin, i shd pamper myself.
so bought one set for myself.

& since its the 1st day - 2nd destination
i already touch my card -> $1.2k gone
but nvm.. its for health. so still a good investment..

the next stop was in shanghai (so doze off during the 2hr journey)
to Tong Ren Tang
hav foot massage
& some chi shifu come to help us take our pause & stuff.
keep pushin their product
but whether got use a not, i not sure.

after tat head to makan.
food wise so so.
but i like the pumpkin dish.
the fish - mayb cos its 'dang shui yu' so its ver boney.
think my mei finish it.
n durin makan,
got to chat & understand tat all face the similar situation w Jun Air.
faint ~

next was to the shoppin area - nan jing road
but end up wat capture my attention was the design of the streets
hav the old & new shanghai look incorporated into one area.
still weather is ver cold.
shivering to say.
with our thick wear still not enough ah.
freezin hands..

then to Pearl Center.
lots of pearl products.

after tat head to another location to walk walk.
ver different feel.
all buildings so ancient lookin but w bright lights & modern facilities.

then for dinner.
so so onli.

head to take a boat ride along huang po jiang..
its freezin on the deck.
no choice wanted to take pix.
hands all froze. clickin the camera become a ver hard process.
so went down to defroze myself.

views nice but if w/o the mist will be even better.

after tat back to the hotel to rest for the nite.

2nd april (fri) :
wake up abt 8,
wash up n prepare to go for breakfast.
head back to room to pack bags
n took ride to airport.

waited for check in w the counter.
frankly, ppl dun reali abide by rules.
lines were drawn yet they ignored.
then our guide (female) fight her way thru it to help us get our luggage check in.
walk ard at duty free n rush to our plane at the last min to incheon airport.

flight duration: 1hr 20 mins.

incheon airport is rather big.
still need to take train from within to go n hav our passport stamp.
n at the counter, my mum was met w problem given by the custom officer.
we daughters help got issue meh.
my mum cant reali speak english ah.
damn it lor.

my mum was later brought in to the office to talk.
heng hav other tour members ard to wait while i go collect luggages if not will still be circulating on the travellator.

then head out w anger.
told the korean guide (a taiwanese but stayed in korea).

then off to our next destination.
seagulls ship.

the whole coach was onboard the ship.
so we went on feedin the seagulls.
n frankly its reali cold for us.
but juz nice for the korean ppl..

then made our way to Dongdaemun but w traffic jam.
spend little time there.
bought hat to protect ears.
so cold..

lookin at the items,
suddenly no impulse to buy things.
cos hav the idea tat i can also buy it in spore.
so end up didnt make any purchase.
dinner was so so onli.
had a quarral w my sis as well.

& off to our hotel for the nite - Silkroad hotel.
then gather w tour mates & head out to walk.
lots of nite acitivites such at baseball batting, clubbings, food.
saw some goodlookin guys too.
haha. one of the tour mates busyin takin their pix..

after which head back to hotel to rest.

3rd april (sat) :
wake up ard 6am.
had breakfast & check out.

head to our next location - Everland Theme Park.
did some shopping & walk ard w uncle n auntie as well.
didnt play w rides.
but manage to catch the hua che parade on 2 occassions.
simply beautiful..

went to their animal farm.
lots of cute animals.

then head back to the meetin point to gather.

then off to next location - Ginseng farm
tried the korean costumes.
frankly i think the colour reali dun suit me..
make moi look plump plump de.
had joke of the day too.
our tourmate (a guy) dress up as a ger.
haha.. cute..

then tried making kimchi.
moi kimchi's slim slim de.
mei still help to use up my portion.
tried their sweet potato & fruits too.
tried ginseng too..

after which head to last location - Yeongju korea royal village
outskirt of seoul..
dun noe is it cos i feelin feverish or wat.
surprising i dun feel cold
when the temperature is somewat the lowest of all days.
cos the location is juz below a mountain.
tried their food - ok

& also tried slpin on floor - tatami.

4th april (sun) :
had breakfast
then had the traditional korean weddin ceremony
w one of our newlyweds the bride & groom.
n unknowingly moi become the bridemaid

the whole affair rather jovial.
if tat were to happen in real life, tour guide say we all fail terribly..
but reali is interesting process.

after tat head to try makin snack.
initially not fluent w the hammer.
then w preseverance, manage to hit it nicely & not too bad.

after tat made our way back to seoul.
had lunch - BBQ 1 w rice including in the BBQ mix.

walk ard Shinchon ladies street.
the best is still the starbucks.
shared hot chocolate w mei.
mummy bought a pair of boots.

then to next makan stop - bibimbap..
next was to the public bath.
hav common area & gender area.
tried sauna at common area.
then w tour mate head to ladies.
there they reali bare it all.
so startin hard to adapt.
after tat, dun care.
mentality - they hav we all also hav.
so quite interesting.

after tat session, moi face red red de.

n head back to our hotel for the nite - Lexington
quite a grand one.
gather to walk abt.
but end up shop at convenience store.

then back to hotel to rest.

5th april (mon) :
head to Blue palacce
took some photos
n saw that trees were being 'pluck in w needles'
then later come to understand that they were sick.
saw roller blading police as well - cool..

after that to face shop.
made quite a substantial purchases.
then to the quartz shop.
to makan ginseng chix - not bad.
& head to see herbal shop (the fastest of all).

n to see cultural program.
sat at the 1st row.
actuali not ver good.
lots of erm dust when they dance ard.

then last destination at Seoul - digital media gallery
rather future lookin - think they are reali working towards that aim.

after tat to airport to head to jeju.

open & tony help us check in out baggage.
then tony almost lost his wallet.
so was retracing.
heng that he found it.
so that is the last day he hav w us.
- auntie they all still wanna help to match make , faints~~

then w Open,
we head to Jeju.
had BBQ food for dinner
n to our hotel - Ocean Suite (brand new).

then gather w tour members n walk ard the area.
later ard 10+ or 11 head back to hotel to rest.

6th April (tues) :
wake up n prepare to go breakfast - abalone porridge (where i dun see any).

then to Seongsan Sunrise peak.
majority climb to the volcano top.
moi didnt.
i onli halfway but decided to take a different route to see the sea.
rather nice & moi imagination runs wild again.

head to 'min su chun'
the person introducin to us is rather a interesting lady.
interestin way of lettin us understand the culture.
had hav lunch there too.

then to animal farm.
lots of nice views & animals.
even saw big big piggy.
then rainee accidentally let a rabbit out.
so the rest of the tour mates tried to help catch it.
reali is team work ah..

after tat to the 'yao quan si' temple.
took some sakura pix too..

next to the world automobile jeju museum.
moi took alot of pix there.
then little rainee also got her license.

help mum n mei to take pix.
na de they hav the mood to take pix lor.

then back to hotel.
to go shoppin as time is still early.
found a cosy resturant & hav our dinner

so from initial 3 ppl to 12 ppl after i gather them to go together.
quite a lively affair.

walk ard.
shop ard till abt 10+
n head back to hotel.
so cold..

7th April (wed) :
had simple breakfast
after tat head to mysterious rd.
think reali is interesting.
after tat to Yongduam (dragon head rock).
nice view..

then to local produce store for last min shoppin for souvenirs & gifts.
& to the airport.

everything was ok till we got to noe that our jeju flight to shanghai was delayed.
as they were waiting for customers on the other end.

then when we reach shanghai,
the airline person told us that we missed our connecting flight to singapore.
& the next best available flight will be 11+ to midnite time.
so we all complain.
then somehow, think anger from us quite sever.
so the airline arrange a hotel & also inclusive of dinner for us to rest.

so after dinner,
we had a spare room.
so had our Meeting there.
so talk abt the issues,
like travel insurance claims n stuff.

then moi is the liaison.
rest awhile,
then ard 10 head out to go back to airport.

then think flight took off ard 12.
think i concuss till time to makan which is abt 130?
ate bread n back to slp.

8 April (thur) :
by the time i reach spore already 5+ le.
so collected baggage n dad drove us home.

reach home, let my xiao mei use the toilet (as she is goin work)
then shower n slpt in the living room till abt 930am.

after which head back to slp
glad tat i took this day leave as well.

slpt till abt 1+
then one tour mate called for help.
so was thinkin abt it.
then didnt head back to slp.
but head feelin gong gong de..

so i gong gong the whole day..
combine a few pix together

9 April (fri) :
head back to work.
was clearin my email of > 130.
then also hav time to chat w colleague abt my trip.
then b4 lunch time, was making a claim on my travel ins.

then after lunch continue to clear my email.
then ard 3+ head to HQ for medical checkup.
took abt 45mins.
after tat head back to office to work..

clear my work till abt 830pm.
so manage to clear all email inclusive of fri itself.
so was lookin at my another work source.
plan to do it on mon.

then head back to adm to buy dinner
n online awhile.
slpt ard 1+

10 april (sat) :
wake up ard 1+.
head out to makan w family.
then reach home, makan ice cream,
n started to do some research for daddy
n started to upload pix.
n at the same time update webby.

so now finali upload all the pix.
& think the entries are also done.

not satisfied w shanghai tour
satisfied w korea tour.
reali nth much to buy.
but see alot of beautiful things :)

pix wise..
will upload the combined ones below...


:D ♥; sally


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