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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

more updates..

hiyoz frenz.. have u all been enjoyin ur Xmas holidays.. hehe.. i think i did.. hehe.. So mi now goin to updates u guys on wat i hav been doin these few days.. hehe..

On the 24 Dec.. mi went to watch 'Kung Fu Hustle' by stephen chow.. hehe.. that show was so cool n that we laugh throughout the movie.. as it was juz the 2nd day of screenin of the show.. the quene was so long n the seats we got were at the 1st row.. hehe.. so when we were watchin the movie.. we seem to be lyin on the chair instead of sittin.. the feelin was fun.. hehe.. then we made our way to changi to enjoy the breeze of the changi beach.. hehe.. then we had our gift exchange.. i think the gifts mi receive were so nice.. thx guys.. hehe.. mi reali like it.. & 4 serene who went huntin 4 mi present.. thx alot.. hehe.. the star container ver nice.. i reali like it.. hehe.. as we did not wan to miss the last bus home.. we had to do our Xmas count down on the bus.. hehe.. as we are sat at the back row.. we counted n surroundin ppl look at us as though we are fm outer space.. hehe.. but the experience was fun.. hehe..

On the Xmas Day itself.. we went changi again.. but this time to is to c Jia Rong n Jia Wen didi b4 they go off 4 their gentin trips.. hehe.. again we are rushin 4 the last bus to go home.. hehe.. the feelin was like on the hot pot.. so uncertain.. hehe.. luckily we managed to catch the last bus.. mi had alot of fun that day as the moon was bright n mi oso c the light of moon appearin n disappearin on the sea.. the scene was magnificent.. hehe.. i think i reali loves the beach le.. i think this is a gd news.. hehe..

On 26th dec, serene went to 'colour' her hair.. n then cum down to mi house.. hehe.. she seem to b a golden-manned lion.. hehe.. Oops.. did i say something wrong.. hehe.. Serene dun scold mi ah.. hehe.. we played n rest n played again.. hehe.. sumtimes i think i cant take it cos serene n mi sis gang up to tackle mi.. Sob Sob.. hehe.. they went home abt 11pm.. n that mi had to shoo serene home.. i think she cum to mi house until dun wan go home le.. hehe...

On the 27th.. which is yesterday.. mi dad n mummy were off fm work.. so monday is officially our family day.. hehe.. we went out to shop, pay bills, n oso mi had a new hair cut.. but i think mi look no different except tat mi hair shorter onli.. hehe.. so mi didnt change much.. hehe.. then at nite.. all of us sat by the television to watch news.. Let pray for the victims of the natural disaster tat happen the past few days.. mi dad told mi that he did mention to mi mum 2 days b4 the incident to go phuket 4 a holiday as the air ticket were cheap.. n if the bookin was successful... we shd b in phuket yesterday.. wow.. when i listen to wat mi dad say.. i was so relieved that we didnt go.. luck is on our side then..

So i think its time 4 mi to sign off le.. but i think tis time i shall end off differently.. i shall type ia pem i written out fm no where.. hehe..

How to u feel when someone luv u?
How to u feel when u luv someone?
Thus how u the both of u feel when u luv each other deeply?

Ur heart will flow w the rythm of love
Ur mind will pursue the joy of loving
So is this wat being in luv feels like?

Frankly speakin.. i dun noe..

However when the atmosphere of luv is gone
Pain, torture n hatred will build up
U say u try to 4get him
But can tat b done easily?
i doubt so..
but nevertheless..
one is ought to try to live 4 the present.. n not the past..
Thou to much to bear w both the mental n physical u been hurt..
Uncertainty arise..
So one shd open up n learn to trust..
Once able to . U hav begin a new life..

So wat is luv?
is it a joy? is it a torture?
And is love everlastin?
i believe the ans will b a Yes or a No...

These Qn are 4 u to ponder n explore..
hope U find the love of ur life &
therefore enjoy the moments of being loved by sumone & u lovin sumone w ur heart..

So all muz Jia You.. hehe..

* sudden inspiration fm best frenz..
Hope u can leave the pain n b carefree again..
mi b there to support u de.. hehe.. dun giv up... jia you.. hehe..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

More Updates

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, December 23, 2004


Hiyoz.. im finally back.. hehe.. sorri 4 mi absence.. hehe.. mi computer break down le.. so cant make u entry.. hehe..

as i say i hav injured mi ankle.. mi now feelin a lot better.. hehe.. so dun worry.. mi will hav ver fast recovery de.. hehe..

today( wednesday).. Serene n alvin cem mi house to c mi n mi 'beautiful leg'.. hehe.. thou dtill abit swollen but i stil can walk .. hehe.. this is considered gd news.. hehe.. as mi was makin stars.. alvin n serene join in.. hehe.. then as alvin found the makin paper star isnt challengin.. he began to fold plastic stars.. all of us found the straw stars beautiful.. hehe.. the serene learn but gav up halfway cos too tough.. hehe.. serene changed fm star to heart.. hehe.. those heart so small.. muz squint mi eye to c.. hehe.. while foldin they listen to jay songs.. a concert was on juz now.. hehe..

then time to go home 4 them.. mi went down w them n that aft seein serene to her bus stop.. mi acc alvin to mrt station.. hehe.. but then mi ended up didnt c him to the station.. hehe.. instead the both of us walk round the the open field n saw stars shinnin brightly.. hehe.. at a certain point.. the lamp post oso help us as the light suddenly went off.. as the light went off.. we saw more stars.. hehe.. & the both of us did sumthing fun... hehe.. we scream out loud at the open field.. n that surroundin the field are housin blocks.. hehe.. so we were kind of scared tat others will shout at us.. hehe.. after all the playin we walk back to mi home.. n off he went home.. haha.. i think tis is a fun memory.. haha.. gonna laugh when i think of it.. hehe..

i think i will catch up w u all next time le.. mi signin off le.. hehe.. Cya.. hehe..

*A friend is like a four leaf clover,hard to find but lucky to have.*
- Samantha Rosales -

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


hiyoz frenz.. its mi hehe..

Ytd (sunday) mi went to changi w mi frenz n we had a ver fun time. . hehe.. but unfortunately i was hurt while playin basketball.. i sprained mi ankle.. but i did not noe initially onli until i reached home.. bearin the pain was still ok in changi as i was walkin ard then mi leg still could stand the pain.. hehe.. alvin taught mi to aim to shoot the ball into the rim.. hehe.. then continousli i got the hand of it.. the a bunch of 'naughty' boys approach mi younger sibling n frenz so we left the basket court.. So off we went to our next destination --> Changi beach.. hehe..
as the tide was high the land area we played at was minimized.. hehe.. but mi walk along the shore n enjoy the water touch mi feet.. the feelin is so refreshin n close to mi heart.. indeed i have a strong likin 4 beach n anything nice scenaries.. hehe.. Bionet Dad will noe.. hehe.. Rite dad.. hehe.. then we drew on the sands, played statue (where mi foot was rooted to the ground by the sand n sea water.. hehe.. then the younger ones requested to walk to the the playground.. hehe.. mi sat at the fitness station n c them play.. hehe.. time flies ver fast.. hehe.. then time to return to the hawker center 4 or dinner.. hehe.. mi saw stars n one special sightin.. 3 stars in a straight line.. bionet dad say that the stars were called 'leh hu xing' hehe.. but i didnt managed to c the bright star called the 'tian lang xing'.. hehe.. the stars wun exactly visible n that mi was always searchin 4 stars until mi frenz oso noe wat i was findin.. hehe.. i think mi action a bit too obvious le.. hehe.. the dinner was delicious n that we ate alot.. the finally time to go home le.. mi n alvin notice serene wasnt rite but onli when we ask her.. she broke down n cried.. we could do nothing but juz let her cry her heart out.. haiz.. serene mei muz jia you.. dun think too much.. time heals de.. thou i dun noe how long..

today (monday).. mi wake up w leg pain.. serene wake up w 'swollen eyes'.. alvin wake up feelin unwell.. i think becos we hav been goin out n not restin enough.. so everyone muz hav enough rest then we can enjoy our christmas.. its comin le.. 5 more days to christmas guys.. hehe..

mi signin off le.. more updates next time.. hehe.. Cya.. hehe..

*A friend can tell you things you don't want to tell yourself. *
Frances Ward Weller

:D ♥; sally

Monday, December 20, 2004


Yoz.. frenz.. mi again.. mi haven been updatin mi blog 4 few days.. hehe.. hav been tired those days.. ( mayb lack of slp.. hehe..)

On Fri.. serene, alice, terance, lemon tea & alvin come to house.. fm this i view mi house as a chalet 4 mi frenz n oso mi sis frenz.. hehe.. they played XBox w mi younger brother n went to mi room to listen to music.. alvin even opened a singin session of reps.. lemon tea said that everytime he come mi house he feels slpy.. hehe. i think the breeze are so soothin n hehe.. put mi to slp too.. hehe.. mi younger sis has received her 'N" level results .. luckily she managed to pass except maths.. there are a variety of courses offer to her.. n alvin da ge help mi explain the staff to mi sis.. as he 'acted' it out.. n alice dun noe anything yet.. hehe.. all of they ended up eatin noodles at mi home as it was so late le.. hehe.. so one by one they left 4 home.. the stars were little tat day.. hehe..

On sat ( Yesterday).. serene, alvin , mi little brother n mi went to chinatown to buy some stuff.. mi n mi brother walk until leg pain cos we are still not used to shoppin especially mi brother as this is the '1st' time he is shoppin 4 so long.. normally onli 4 an hr or plus we cant take it le.. hehe.. we oso met serene n alvin's relatives at chinatown.. hehe.. then buyin the stuff required we make our way to orchard.. serene wanted to buyu Xmas cards n alvin wanted to buy Xmas present.. mi onli there to let mi brother c how orchard is like.. hehe.. i think everything seem fun to him.. he c here & there.. then c big Xmas tree n of course ate alot of food.. hehe.. then we made our way to wisma to wait 4 alice but still she didnt come.. haiz.. but serene, mi brother n mi started to explore the big fish tank or aquaium( something like tat.. hehe..) mi brother was fanastinated by the fish displayed.. hehe.. then we made travelled to sun plaza to eat n we saw penguin's family eatin there too.. hehe.. we ate slowly n hehe.. Serene is reali becomin a glutton.. hehe.. but this is gd news.. hehe.. eat more hor.. hehe..

Today ( sunday) .. im goin to changi again.. hehe.. i missin the changi beach breeze.. cant wait to go .. hehe.. so i gotta go lor.. catch up w u all next time.. hehe..

*However rare true love may be, it is less so than true friendship. *
Fran├žois Duc de La Rochefoucauld

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, December 16, 2004

DaY oUt

Yoz frenz.. its mi.. hehe..

Today mi went out w serene to accompany her to register 4 job.. the buildin that we went was so confusin.. on our way there.. we met some of serene's classmates.. hehe.. wat to say. . Singapore is indeed small n all of time were findin jobs too.. hehe.. mi juz stood at 1 side n do mi stuff..

later we make our way to tampines to meet Alvin.. but of course we were all late n that he waited there since 1pm.. poor chap.. hehe.. Alice oso come late as she overslept.. luckily alvin called his frenz who live ard tamp. so at least someone was there to accompany him.. while he was waitin 4 us.. he went to watch a movie 'Christmas w the Kranks'.. he said the movie was fuuny.. hehe.. i was oso thinkin of watchin the show.. mi aunt say that she wil bring us c next week.. so lets wait lor.. hehe..

& all of us make our way to changi --> our destination.. hehe.. when we reached.. we ate at mi dad's stall n then made our way to the beach.. initinally we were flyin kite but then mi walk to the beach & hehe.. all follow on.. hehe.. mi reali enjoyed the breeze n mi juz wished that mi dun hav to leave the place.. we played w sands .. mi collected some nice shells.. then mi walk along the beach n the clouds were so beautiful hehe.. we oso drew words on the sand.. feelin that it wasnt fun enough.. mi too off shoes n toes touch the sand.. so cool.. hehe.. we played .. we chat.. n we played again.. when night falls.. we played w 'fire crackers' sponsored by serene.. hehe.. the time end fast as we soon hav to go le.. mi felt so sad when i had to leave.. hehe.. later we went back to mi dad stall n some had supper.. mi no mood to eat supper so decided to sit on the railin w alvin, serene, jia rong, jia wen to accompany.. hehe.. mi n alvin talk quite abit.. hehe.. then its was finalli time to return back home.. hehe.. everyone was so tired but of course we had fun.. hehe.. reachin tamp bus interchange.. mi suggested others to take bus so as the journey was much shorter n that the time spent is much shorter.. hehe.. on the bus we had alot of fun when alice talk the most n of course made us laugh like mad.. i think the bus we could onli hear our laughter.. hehe.. serene n alvin got down at yishun to take train while jiajun alice n mi siblings continued w bus journey.. hehe.. alice got down the same bus stop to take another bus home.. mi accompanied her to wait.. hehe.. then when she broad the bus.. Mi finally reached home le.. hehe..

* I think alvin sure hav a hard time tml cos he cant keep awake.. hehe.. jia you wor.. hehe..

mi signin off le.. hehe.. Gd Nitez everyone.. hehe..

*Frances Ward Weller
A friend can tell you things you don't want to tell yourself*

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

un-natural mi w turtle Posted by Hello

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mi n mi 'doggy' Posted by Hello

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Singin at Kbox.. Posted by Hello

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Fun & food at marine south Posted by Hello

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3rd Day oUt

YOZ.. hehe.. mi again..

REgardin abt mi younger sis whose was injured as i mentioned earlier.. mi is now doin fine as she now can go cyclin , play pillow fight like nobody business, n go mad over Jay Chou.. now ppl ard mi like in a Jay mania .. thus mi more or less being influenced by them.. Thou i like to enjoy gd music.. hehe...

yesterday mi went out w serene to find alvin at orchard durin alvin's break time.. hehe.. mi n serene rush in a time limit to go out as we made our decision ver last minute.. then.. aft meetin alvin .. we had fun n joke ard as usual.. walk ard n hehe.. walk to find penguin at PS.. alvin n penguin had their 1st meetin.. hehe.. then its was time 4 alvin to rpt back to wk... hehe.. mi & serene parted w alvin at the mrt station.. then the both of us went to changi where mi father wk as a hawker cookin seafood.. hehe.. mi pre-ordered food n when we reached. hehe.. the both of us juz had to eat our food whereby other ppl were lookin at us w surprise.. hehe... then we went to the beach 4 a stroll.. the day was so coolin n that the swing was fun.. aft that we had a heart felt talk abt anything.. hehe.. aft tat we when home le.. ( serene has accepted Jiarong as god brother on their 1st meetin.. they were initially onli GB frenz.. hehe.. they seem like old frenz.. hehe... )( on the same day.. hehe.. mi become serene's walkin stick.. hehe.. she 4 no reason wore high heels n had so much trouble walkin ard.. hehe.. turtle was being teased by mi n alvin.. hehe.. next time if wanna go changi juz wear simply can le.. more comfortable that way.. hehe.. if wanna go juz call mi.. hehe.. especially if want to eat mi dad's cookin.. hehe)
mi n serene did one fun thing which is to make alvin jealous as he oso wanted to go but was at work.. hehe.. mi say the food until so delicious that he wanted to 'kill mi' hehe.. So alvin got time then find mi n serene & will bring u there de.. hehe..

As 4 today.. mi went to orchard 4 the 3rd time runnin in 3 days.. haiz.. tis time mi went is to complete the registration 4 SAT test.. the process was long.. haiz... then return home.. mi talk to 'daddy bionet' n ended quite soon as mi Real daddy wanted to bring us go eat dinner.. hehe..mi so many daddies.. hehe.. so now mi here to share w u.. hehe.. Catch up w u all next time lor.. hehe..

*Hold a true friend with both your hands. * Nigerian Proverb

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, December 12, 2004

A hectic Day

Hiyo frenz.. its mi again.. hehe.. today i had a rush day..
meetin ying at 940 to go to RELC Buildin to register 4 SAT.. we reached our destination much earlier than expected.. hehe... on our way i saw wei you ( JC library society junior) .. he was there on a camp w international ppl fm ard the globe.. wat a nice experience he have.. hehe.. When we reach the 3rd level of RELC buildin we were rather disappointed in a sense tat the registeration 4 SAT is not available on SAt & sun.. so in a sense it is considered a wasted trip.. haiz.. feelin hungry, we took a bus to Far East n ate our breakfast at Long John.. the bread that we had wasnt appetite n tat 4 the 1st time.. the bread appear to mi wasnt nice.. haiz.. havin struggled to finish the bread we sat there n went thru the SAT registraion form.. it was indeed a ver tough form to fill.. so both of us come up w a conclusion that we hav decided to approach Mr Tan( JC form teacher) .. & Mr Tan was so helpful.. we were glad.. hehe..
havin to meet serene at 1230 at orchard mrt.. we make our way to the mrt station.. ying left 1st 4 home while i waited 4 serene.. hehe.. i oso did a gd deed by lendin mi phone to an auntie to call someone imot.. feel gd aft that.. havin met up w serene who is late,the both of us walk abt Taka n to our next destination --> Hereen.. Mi sis requested mi to go hereen to buy Jay 's album 1-3.. so there goes the $$$.. but hehe.. mi save $12 when buyin the discs.. Due to serene's sharp eyes.. there were promotions on Discount Voucher where a voucher of $10 can b bought t $8.. in all 1 person can onli buy 3 per week .. luckily serene was w mi.. so i save in all $12.. that a lot.. hehe.. then we went Far East ( again 4 mi in 2 hrs..) serene wanted to get new clothin n she bought a skirt n pendin 4 a pink blouse.. due to the limited $ .. the blouse was put on hold.. hehe...
we travel to marine bay 4 our next 'event'.. Eatin Steamboat at marina south.. alvin the baby was late n so we meet him up at marina south.. the 4 of us who were there early decided to act when they reach.. hehe.. kind of fun.. hehe.. later we ate n ate n ate .. cook n cook n cook.. alvin become the prawn peeler.. the aft eatin we begin the game part.. we played alot n at the same time ate alot.. hehe... the aft all.. we left 4 home... & so mi now is finally at home aft all day play.. hehe...
* Alvin Da Ge .. better find back ur 'social life' hehe.. Jia You wor... haha...

mi signin off le. Cya all nest time. hehe.. &(^.^)&

*Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you. * Elbert Hubbard

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, December 11, 2004

=+= Mi & Frenz =+= Posted by Hello

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=+= Mi =+= Posted by Hello

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Gatherin Day

Hiyo Frenz.. C u all again.. hehe.. today actuali i had qutie a relax day.. Alice, serene, & 'Season' lemon tea (hehe..) come to mi house to c c mi sister.. hehe.. had qutie a bit of fun today.. hehe.. as lemon tea was hungry ( ate only 2 popcorn chicken.. hehe ..) i ask him to eat the fun choy .. then jia jun ate the rice i bought 4 him.. ( hungry oso..)..
then those ppl the same age as mi ( alice, serene & lemon tea) went to mi rm top chat chat .. hehe.. mi ask lemon tea to rest as he didnt slp ( bad boy.. hehe.. still playin GB early in the mornin.. hehe.. ).. tonite better get some slp ' season' lemon tea if not i will c a panda walkin ard le.. hehe.. then alice went a bit nuts( hehe.. juz jokin ahh..) wantin to massage ppl.. so lemon tea become her tester.. hehe.. Poor lemon tea.. hehe.. Jia you wor.. abt an hr plus u can reach home le.. ( work until 3am) ..

Then ying called mi to ask if i wana take SAT test in Jan.. initially i didnt wan to .. but in the end after consultin mi dearest mum.. she ask mi to take ( as a form of an additional support to mi entry to university).. so i will go w ying to register.. hehe.. while talkin on the phone.. ying was buz tracin the route on the map.. hope our estimation of time is correct.. hehe.. While talkin halfway thru.. i was called by jiajun( younger sis godbrother) to help him do a school filmin.. mi is photographer but wasnt obvious.. hehe.. mi sis & serene became the 'singers' .. & the songs tat they had sang were by the one & onli Jay Chou.. Aiyo.. hear them sing until i cant stand le.. hehe.. now mi sis still watchin Jay Chou MTV.. haha.. Jay mania is on i n mi house le.. haha..

Juz Now.. mi had a long talk w Daddy (GB) --> Bionet daddy .. & 4 the 1st time i saw his face .. hehe.. he oso saw mine.. hehe.. jia you wor daddy.. dun get too stress fm work hor.. hehe.. daughter get worry de.. hehe... Smilz always.. hehe..

Mi gonna end here le.. hehe.. Catch up w u all next time.. hehe.. Nitez Everyone.. hehe... &(^.^)&

*It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. * Ralph Waldo Emerson

:D ♥; sally

Friday, December 10, 2004

YoZ.. Frenz.. today is another tired day 4 mi....

Met up w ying at 130 to buy present (scented candles n holder) 4 jur mama cum jie jie.. who is leavin spore at abt 630 on 10 Dec.. i think i will 4 sure miss her as she has been a ver gd frenz to mi n that she is a person the i respected her 4 her leadership, responbility n care 4 others.. she is such a gd role model..
Hav A safe flight.. muz remain contact ok? hehe.. Frenz 4 eva..

Later i met up w serene turtle n alice shark.. hehe.. of course we went 4 exercise again.. this time mi run 7 rds n alice 8 rds... Alice improve le... she run faster than mi.. hehe.. but nvm.. im a ver slow runner so no different to mi.. hehe.. aft the run .. all of us were hungry n tired so we went walk walk ard causeway point ( waitin 4 alvin) .. but we ate w/o him.. hehe.. then saw mi 'dear' frenz at the foodcourt.. aft that we continue to walk walk n oso mi had to buy things 4 siblings.. we crack jokes all the way.. hehe.. Alvin arrive n of course we contonue shoppin n that mi younger sis has gone nuts.. she wan mi to buy all the previous albums of Jay Chou.. W 2 jay chou experts w mi, i had no problem in findin the disc.. kind of cool... hehe.. feelin damn tired i slpt off 4gettin abt GB.. But still wake up at abt 1 plus to play w serene.. n leavin the Gb .. lemon tea chattin w mi.. still say wan mi to sayang him to slp cos he lack of slp.. i think tml will b a tirin day 4 lemon tea.. Jia you wor.. dun blur blur serve wrongly hor.. hehe... ( just Jokin ah.. hehe..)
& so i come to mi blog.. hehe.. mi i shd end here le.. if not a panda will b seen walkin ard like nobody business.. hehe.. nitez everyone.. hehe.. slp tight.. ^.^

* True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.*

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

HiyOz.. ppl sally here agAin.. hehe.. today something anguish & panick thing happen to my younger sister...

Goin 4 breakfast w frenz at mac in XXX.. there were 3 gers who say mi sis stare at them n wanted to take it out.. but to their surprise.. the 2 of the gers hav beaten up mi sis n her frenz.. it happen in the mornin abt 7-8 plus..

i was so stunned when i got the phone call fm mi sis teacher at 9 plus in sch.. Police report was made n 4 sfety sake.. mi sis n her frenz were send to hospital 4 checkin.. mi sis was being hurt all over the body n her frenz was hit in the face.. I was like so angry as i dun noe who are the idiotic ppl who hit her.. damn them..( sorri 4 the language use .. (*.*) )... Now mi sis is in pain n i cant do anything.. On our way home.. mi sis received a phone call sayin that the gers were caught n was a relieved to us.. Y do they hav to fight? Crazy them.. Hate them... ( sorri.. relaxin miself) .. Dun Wan to say le.. haiz.. heartbreakin .. pain to c..
Da Mei n ah Ma xiao mei.. mus faster recover hor.. dun go any where these few weeks..

Today the 7 December is mi xiao mei bday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DORIS.. hehe.. sorri didnt get u any presents.. hehe.. enjoy urself w ur kors they all.. thx 9er, freefree, jia jun, lisze n ping xian 4 celebratin mi sis bday w her.. hehe.. all the best doris 4 ur future.. may all ur wishes come true..

hehe.. mi juz change mi blog music.. hope ya like it.. hehe.. giv ya comments to mi.. hehe..
Mi sigin off here le.. Take Care everyone.. hehe.. Cya next time.. hehe..

*Real friendship is shown in times of trouble; prosperity is full of friends. * Euripedes

:D ♥; sally

Monday, December 06, 2004

!!!FuN DaY!!!

hiyoz ppl.. hehe.. today is a fun and 'hot' day....

MeeTin SereNe turTle at 130pm at semb mrt sTaTioN, we left foR somerset to our destinAtioN at CineleiSur3.. we were there to meet AlvIn (serene's cousin) frenz to celebrate bday.. not noein them at first, we talk aMonG ourselVes.. Of courSe , it is StrangE to hav ouR 1st meeTin at KbOx.. hehe... Serene was so shY so i hav To talk to themlike IceBreakEr.. hehe.. there is one ger whose voIce is so powerful tAt all of us were EnGross in her Singin.. She was The CooL onE.. Alvin come In later fm wk.. Aft the kBoxin..(hehe..), mi ,serene n alvin went to our next destination - chalet at pasir ris... serene relatives were havin BBQ n they invited mi to join.. hehe.. when we reach .. hehe.. the Food was all prepared n we ate our way thru.. hehe.. a little paisei.. hehe.. The three of us played game w their sec 2 gp ppl( serene couin frenz..) n of course some triCks were used.. hehe..

later.. we went out to hav our secret meetin.. this is highly confidential as the three of us went 4 a drink-- Vodka.. w bluecurrent n apple favor.. hehe.. we walk a lot to juz find a place thats coolin n secretive.. Guess wat the place we chosen was the bowlin alley( air-conditioned n lots of seats to choose fm..) Being the 1st time to drink alcoholic drink (serene too).. the vodka tasted like ribena due to the flavor.. nothin happen to mi while Serene turned red fm drinkin n the three of us laugh our way thru.. Returnin to the chalet .. it was abt time to leave.. serene was dizzy n when she played volleyball.. i laugh mi way thru becos of her funny action.. And hehe.. she got more dizzy.. hehe.. alvin said that it feels gd to teach the 2 of us to b bad( drinkin) .. haha..

Now at home.. hwee kuan the penguin has been persuaded by mi to do her blog.. hehe.. n of course like mi.. she oso has a lot of problems.. Jie we are in the SamE boAt le.. hehe.. Jia You wor.. U expert sure can Do it de.. hehe.. Muz infoRm mi when finish ah.. mi wanna add u .. hehe.. rmb to add mi hor.. hehe..

Aft Typin so much of mi happenin today..i think its time 4 mi to sign off lor.. hehe.. catch up w all later.. hehe.. TaTa..

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget." -G. Randolf

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, December 05, 2004

A LonG DaY OuT.. h3h3

*Hold a true friend with both your hands. * Nigerian Proverb

hiYo... today's haPpeningS:

EveNt 1. I went to Settlers Cafe w mi jc frenz 4 the last class gathering that we can hav.. n to mi surprise Jur gav us chRistmAs presents ( thank you jur.. im sure the present u gaVe mi will be handy.. hehe..) at the cafe, we play 3 board games.. they were fun n the board games were fm diff countries.. all of us were fantasinated n the friendly staff taught us how to play those games.. Mr TaN was so late that when he arrived we were abt to leave aft an hr or 2... SorRi GerS tat i had to leave early... hope To ctach Out neXt timE.. !(^.^)!

EveNt 2. went to find hwee kuan penguin to take something.. n as i expected.. i was lost inside taka.. but hehe i still managed to find the way thru mi mental map.. hehe.. half way thru mi accompany her to buy food 4 she looks real hungry.. hehe.. sorri jie, to let u wait so long.. hehe.. when free i find u out then u go talk talk anything n everything.. hehe.. dun feel so stress abt work hor.. hehe..

EveNt 3. aft leavin taka, went on train journey to pasir when i met up w serene n alvin (serene's cousin) at tampines... serene told mi to go 4 their relative chalet cos someone is celebratin bday( alvin's mum).. ate 2 rds of food n aft tat went 4 stroll.. again by the highly active serene's request.. we took pics again n again.. hehe.. played in arcade n hehe mi n alvin gang up n trick serene in playin the game 1st.. hehe.. but the px to pay is rather high as initially serene shouted when playin game.. poor ears.. hehe.. at abt 830 the bday cake cuttin ceremory begins.. n some cute stuff happen as the young children fought to blow the candles ( earlier on fought 4 fish balls..) hehe.. so funny.. mi waitin 4 tml fun event w serene n her frenz.. hehe..

so now i signin off.. tata.. hehe.. (^.^)

:D ♥; sally

Friday, December 03, 2004

HiYo FrenZ

Hiyo ^^ ... hehe .. Sally dolphin here hehe @>@.. 1st time usin the blog of mine seems kind of StranGe.. hehe.. Tis webby is done due to serene who requested mi to do it countless times.. & of course w serene n her brother's great help.. the webby is done at serene's house today.. hehe.. leavin the postin to mi.. hehe...

Memories of the past were great but too much to write abt.. hehe so i juz w yty happenin.. hehe

Yesterday went to exercise w frenz.. so happy as i hav gain back a friend as we hav some misunderstandin.. So i think Friends will b 4eVa friends.. Dun u agree? hehe.. then serene called her cousin, Alvin to cum watch movie w us.. hehe.. B4 watchin.. went to aracade.. hehe .. we had a lot of un n mayb mi strenght to much.. the basketball was overthrown.. hehe.. skinny serene had to take 4 mi.. Wat a fun Day!

*The only way to have a friend is to be one. *
by: Ralph Waldo Emerson

:D ♥; sally


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