...Destination ~ Destiny...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

think it has been more than a week since i last blogged.
cos my compie at home breakdown.
so no chance to use it.

so wat hav i been doin for this past week?
1st n foremost, studyin like a mad woman.
wat else can i do since im a student who is goin for her examination.

the rest cant reali rmb.
u noe i hav super short term memory. :P

xiao mei now also havin her 'O' levels.
doesnt seem smooth sailin to me.
jia you jia you.

sat went to attend da mei graduation ceremony at shangri la hotel.
so so onli.
the hotel is at some ulu place.

n force mi to wake up so early.
the previous nite i onli slept around 2-3am.
did i mention that i hav been burnin midnite oil?
when ppl sleepin i study,
cos afternoon totally no mood to study,
sian sia....

occassionally help out in kitchen to de-stress.
n i hav become 'fatter' le.
mummy cooks almost everyday.
so i grow fat gradually.

last nite, jacky n penguin come to my house.
jacky was tryin to help mi fix the compie.
then mi n penguin were there chattin.
i was suppose to study.
but cham, no mood. die..

so this mornin woke up early to prepare to go sch.
hav to do some admin stuff for myself,
hav job interview this fri.
didnt go for interview before.
cham ah..
was diggin out my certs n stuff so little...

now come sch, print / photocopy them.
n shun bian speed study.
later meetin the gers at 12noon for lunch together in sch.
hav an afternoon paper today.
1st paper - price theory

wish my luck..

sally to mia for now...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

blog time.
slept 5am this mornin cos of studyin.
chiong in the middle of the nite.
not too bad.

woke up around 11,
tried to study,
then read novel,
have lunch, went adm to stock up.

then reach home ard 6, then by 7 try to reach CWP.
goin to meet penguin for dinner,
had some serious chat while waitin for xinyi dear :)
made our way to Mac at civic centre.
had a fun time laughin..

then later mei n froggy join in.
took some pics,
n head for home.

now watchin TV.
hell lot of laughter,
see le reali mouth aching..

will post the pics :)

sally to study again..

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, October 21, 2007

ytd went CWP with my mum.
went to shop courts.
wanted to look for microwave oven.
but end up i ask my mum to buy Tefal Pan.
they were sellin at half price.
ver worth it.
2 pans, 1 cover n 1 tool near $70.
worth it for it is pricely.

then we saw the rice cooker.
ver solid.
still can mak bread n stuff.
but didnt buy.
then shop around,
n head for home.

reach home, watch 'Blades of Glory'
it is actuali a very nice show.
enemy made friends,
differences bring out attention,
seek for dreams,
forgiveness is one big thing,
n of cuz Trust.
super impt.
nice show. highly recommended.
but believe mayb lots of ppl see le.
i slower abit.

then after tat went to study.
until 3am,
want to slp.
but dun noe y cant slp.
think was flippin around, findin my best position.
dun noe noe how it manage to slp.
n until 12 noon then i woke up.

bro juz watch the show again.
so i watch with him,
even my dad, while prayin eyes is on the show.

now goin to freshen up n start studyin again.

Sally to continue n preserve on....

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, October 20, 2007

bloggin time.
did help my mum prepare dinner.

ytd woke up early to go sunplaza.
return books, n meet mei.
need to buy food stuff home for dinner.

did i mention tat i finali got myself a new pair of joggin shoes.
so happy.

got a surpise call from Choon Kee.
haha. he asked when am i goin back to work.
he not used to it.
cos normali on weekend there will be a ger talkin to him (me la).
haha cos i was too bored.
then no one help him with wine section.
chat wih for 5 mins.
then we hang up the phone.

later shuya sms mi to ask if i can attend her birthday party.
i told her i cant.
but think will try to make it.
so many ppl 21, yet i onli attend mit's birthday
so sad. that time hui zhen cos of work i also cant make it.
sad sad..

n reach home, forget wat i did,
i study, i watch TV -tuxedo, ghost whisperer,
n see them play auditions.
think around 1am slpt.
too tired.

today set alarm at 930 but was already awoke by mei noise.
still went back to sleep.
cant tahan.
too exhausted.

so woke up around 12noon.
wanted to study, but end up read novel.
then use compie.
now at home onli left me n mum.
mei n froggy went to makan n head for his grandma house.
xiao mei went to attend her xiao qiang awards ceremony.
di went out with his friends alrdy.
dad juz step out of the house to work.
so left mi n mum.

goin eat bread now.
later continue to study..
im reali muz geared myself with the momentum.

sally to chiong for her studies...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, October 18, 2007

think now bloggin will hav every 2 days.
for these few days compie is reali high on demand
tat i didnt hav the chance to use it.

tues nite,
was watchin TV.
alot of nice ang mo shows like criminal minds n others.
ver interestin.

then on wed which is ytd,
wat did i do.
study here n there.
tryin to get them to my head.

then ard 6 went to adm to find my mum n help her carry heavy stuff.
somemore rainin.
sian ah..

reach home makan dinner, watch TV n study.
chat with xiao mei.
she seem pretty upset of some stuff.
cheer up ger.
i know that trust once broken is hard to mend.
take it easy, can see ya boy ver hardworkin le.

then mi continue to study until abt 12 or 1.
wanted to slp.
but glued to TV.
watch history channel.
then was chattin with mei n mum about some problems.
then let my dad hear it.
around 2plus slpt.

today woke up around 11-12.
xiao mei start on her O level practical.
Jia you Jia you..

my baby cousin can talk le.
she abt 2plus le.
then lead to topic with mum about my childhood.
im the slowest in the family to learn to speak.
think abt 4 when i go into nursery.
then my mum come up with reason.
when i was young often was with parents in sentosa workin.
come across many language but hear too many dun noe wat to learn.
hah. another reason is reali i am a slow learner.

now goin to makan brunch le.

sally to preserve on for her studies...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

ytd rain super big.
then dad drove mi to adm.
need to go orchard to meet ying n i was already late.
on the platform saw my tutor,
so chat with him until yio chu kang when he alight.

then went to orchard find ying.
went to recruit express to fill up forms.
then we hunt for locations to sit down to study.
walk abt then chose cineleisure - LJS.
try to get the info into head but not ver successful.

then went home around 7.
reach home watch TV till 11pm.
think from 8-11 glued to tv.

then study abit n slept.

today the 16th is Serene's birthday.
was smsin chat with her.

then use compie to surf before i return to my books/ papers.
sian ah...

n i put this song.
suddenly wanna hear it again.
hope u all like it :)

sally to find her motivation...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, October 14, 2007

so angry with my da mei.
she talk without thinkin.
mad us so angry.
cos now she holiday, wanna go holidays.
ask mi to pei her, say she feel so bored.
this sentence made my mum so angry.
then my mei still talk back.
wat the hell...

enough of her.
today did nth much.
reali not in the mood to study.

ate mee pok maggi mee, not bad.
then finish off the novel.
watch TV.
where the hell is my motivation..

goin to move on.
tml goin out to study with ying.

before i end, HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY JUR :)

i has to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, October 12, 2007

Pictures Viewing

*food @ your kitchen*
from my perspective - good for 2-3 person.

*see their expressions!! hehe*

*mei come after work - isnt she serious when it comes to eatin?*

*esplanade - nite blue 'thorns'*

*city look with blue thorns*

*this includes the water view, magnificant isnt it*

mornin woke up use compie to draw some stuff.
then went back to room to do some accounts, but speed too slow.
then aunt contact mi to ask my mum go to marina square to support.

was in the kitchen with mum to cook lunch,
then watch VCD.
n made our way to marina square.
not too bad, can see big groups of ppl comin to eat.

even the marina sq food loft management boss come down to help out.
can see how well he treat our stall.
even brought he own group of friends to support.
cool isnt it.

then our turn to eat.
chat awhile, took pics of the night view.
but my hp camera not too good.
so didnt manage to get the best quality :(

then around 9 plus 10 we made our way home.
chat with mei, mum, ahyi.
alight at semb,
bought newspaper n all took cab home.

reach home, wait for turn to shower.
use compie to upload, cant manage to blog.
too tired.
watch one disc with mum, n drop to slp.

mornin woke up continue to do accounts,
finali complete it.
now goin to hav lunch.

see ya. chiong all of the things by today,
then can start to study tml.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Attention to all:
a new stall has been opened in town.
do take the chance to try if u are in the area.
Location: Marine Square Food Court
Name: Your Kitchen
Characteristics: variety of seafood at economic value, n 5 set meals available. drinks like luo han guo is also available.
Beer offered: Tiger in Jug or Glass.
Concept: Open concept, see through kitchen, where one can stand by the glass to see the cooking by the staff.
Additional Details: able to see the esplanade, the bay n also the office buildings,
a captivatin view especially at night.

Dun miss the chance to try out.
Below out the photos:

*front view of the stall*

*left side view*

*right side view of the name*
cant take the whole view abit of problem.
but reali ver nice layout.

so how was the advertising?
haha.. hope it is clear enough,
onli that i didnt take enough pic.

woke up early to use compie,
then chat with serene on phone,
we chat a wide range of topics..
ourselves-insurances-housing-boyfriend type-marriage.

then around 2 we stop.
i wait for dad to go makan.
ate my fav duck rice.
then was thinkin if wanna follow my dad to marina square.
cos today is the investment that the Co made1st day operation.
not too bad.
the design is ver class n approachable,
as glass is used instead of walls,
passerby will be able to look at what the staff are cookin.
pretty a interesting sight.
see actuali see a crowd gatherin.
still got own sittin area.
not bad at all.
quite ecomonical n some variety for seafood.
thumbs up!!

after tat around 5 plus i left,
went shoppin myself.
walk here n there to see.
didnt reali see wat i wan,
so slowly walk through city link.
one thing i can say - change alot.
even the resturant that we went on my birthday - Gone!
MPH shrink in floor area.

then head to raffles city.
shop around, see the price - conclusion: forget it.
then went to basement.
there is one shop that attracted my attention.
wanted to buy, end up put it back.
they are alrdy seelin diary for 2008.

then head to mrt station.
still hav to wait for next train cos too packed.
stop next stop at dhoby ghaut.
waited for mei
then we head to Daiso.
happy shoppin inside.

bought 14 items, of which onli 4 is mei de.
the rest is mine.
reali is a one stop location.
lovin it.
then went to eat mee suay (correct spellin?)
nice nice.

took pic before eatin.
i look so fat!! haha..

head for home.

chat with my mum n aunt.
makan dinner again.
so now usin compie.

goin to slp le.
ver tired.
tml im sure wil be another tirin day.

sally will reali hav to start studyin le...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

continuation from this mornin.

around 12 left for sch,
at jurong east saw zhen, so wait for yu ling together.
then all da bao Jap food,
zhen ideology, last time b4 exam eatin sch food so must pamper ourself.

then weather so so warm.
all busyin fannin ourself.
chiong the project.
some headache parts, but lucky all settle with our preservence.
n time past by ver fast,
already 7,
compiled all the things together n head for library.
print our report, print the risk management notes.
then drop the envelop in the 'box'
haha. a sense of relief on our faces.
dun hav to touch the project.
can guai guai study for exam le.
by the time we left sch alrdy 8plus le.

reach home ard 9plus,
watch TV, 10pm ate dinner.
im feelin so so bloated now.
wanna slp also abit of problem.. haiz..

then finish novel while meis use the compie.
so now finali my turn.
chattin with cyn online. :)

sally to slp soon....

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

blog time
went to meet up with the gers at YCK.
head to NYP to do project.
their canteen not bad at all.
ytd project went on pretty smoothly.
good good.

then took train with zhen,
reach adm, da bao food home.
reach home,
finish up the novel.
then watch VCD.
wtch TV cos of the 'hey Gorgeous -SIM'
so-so onli.

then watch 9pm show channel 8, 10pm channel u ahow
abit of news.
then think i use compie.
n slept.

this mornin was sms~in chat with serene.
then help my aunt change bed sheets.
later mi goin to prepare to go sch le.
try to chiong project.
see can complete it by today :)

sally to disappear le..

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, October 07, 2007

these 2 days,
quite easy to pass.
was helpin my mum carry foodstuff home.
then help to prepare dinner.
cut veg - a ver good form of destress n to train myself takin knife.

then start writin notes again.
slowin doin it.
tryin to understand.

feel like goin out,
but once go out will feel so tired.
so best, dun go out,
wanna go out, do it in my dreams.

juz come back from adm da-bao food stuff home.
made the veg,
waitin for food to be ready.
think will watch TV.
then continue to chiong write notes.

tml gonna meet group members at YCK to go NYP mug over project.
Jia You Jia You..

sally to vanish...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, October 05, 2007

these few days lazy to blog.
cos was busy chiongin project.
so pretty urgent need for time and word limit.
sad ah...
and alrdy so fast, it is friday le.
sian ah....

the day before was at home, pei my mum go market.
n i carry so many things back..

ytd went back to sch for project meeting.
at least some thing was done, onli slow progress.
but suppose on mon all can be done quite fast.

now juz finish readin my novel.
then send the necessary documents to group member.
think will hav to look at wat next to do.

check out my risk management results.
wat the .... @$$#%^%$&^%$&^%
onli get pass.
heard from xuan tat it is actuali pretty good,
cos think more than half of the students fail.
i was like..
set these type of paper where we cant comprehend,
then expect us to pass.
think we god or something ah...
enough of it. at least i cleared it.
left i think 2 more test results to be known.

my xiao mei told mi that her teacher confiscated their phone,
n some more browse thru the content in their phone.
isnt this an intrusion into privacy?
even we the family members dun do such things.
how can n wat is the authority tat allow the teacher to do so.
so angry.....
mayb later will go to sch to see how to get my sis phone back.
will ask if the teacher is willing to bear the responsibility of my sis's safety in the case that she often is out studyin with her friends.
somemore this is the final year where my mei goin to hav her 'O'
see wat the teacher will say.
think my role will be the translator ba.
mi dun reali hav the 'wei yan' went comes to argument.

sally to mia for now...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

im so tired.
legs gonna giv way though rite now im sittin on the chair.

woke up 11 to pack my stuff,
n head to sunplaza.
initiali juz wan to return book de.
end up i return, but i borrow even more books.
so shd say is 甜蜜的负担.

then met up with zhen n head to AMK drive in Mac.
so ate lunch there,
so hungry, tummy can play concert le.

so hav our discussion,
n the interviewee called to ask if
we could conduct the interview today.
all of us were like so stunned,
after tat more shockin news,
interview session is at 8pm.
wow.. tat is reali a long time.
so we were tryin our ver best to kill time.
gui fang head of to meet her friend,
then the rest of us head to AMK Hub to shop.
wanted to watch movie,
nothing interest mi la (cos im not a horror movie person)..

then walk around,
mi, xia, jane sat down at crystal jade bread shop,
while zhen n yuling continue shoppin.
so impressed by their energy.

then went to NTUC.
i went to find my aunt to chat awhile.
after tat head to P.S.

on the train journey,
i sat alone, so read my novel i borrowed.
read in the 1st part of the novel i will kenna internal injury.
cos i was tryin ver hard not to laugh,
if not ppl will think i am a mental nut case.
so was bitin my lips, haha...

alight n head to P.S.
search for interview location.
initial chose Swensen.
then later we head to Daiso.
i say tat i didnt want to buy anything,
but chance upon something tat i fell will make my table neater,
so BUY!!

then saw Marcus,
he was shoppin with his friend.
few weeks didnt see him ba.
then saw Galera.
so we decided this will be the location.

went to food court to makan.
zhen n yuling was testin their alarm they bought,
so when it went off, i was alone at the table.
all pl look at mi .. so paiseh..

after dinner, went to Gelera to 'book' place.
n ver quickly the interviewee come.
scare mi sia..

some more we shd treat him, end up opp situation.
so if dun order dun respect him,
so order lor - vanilla milkshade.
so so nice....

shd take mins but kinda hard.
luuckily got technology - use HP voice recording.
yuling main, gui fang n us backup.

n tat the interview session was pretty interesting
as instead of us conductin the interview, he begin the whole session.
he saw our qn paper n then start to talk.
seem as if he is conductin a tutorial to mi.

ver soon the session was done,
can even go thru 2nd time.
n he reali help us alot.
thank him alot.

saw Jia Li n her BF too.

then he insisted tat he can ferry gui fang, yuling, jane n xia home.
mi n zhen cos out of the way head home ourselves.
mi n zhen say tat we quite grateful this time cos our home is far.

chat n listen to music durin train ride.
then at yishun,
saw Suwen n her BF.
they went swimmin.
chat awhile, n they alight.
walk home at my own pace.
ate potato tat irene auntie has bought for mi.
nice nice.

then use compie.
chat with xia n zhen.
Download Risk management tutorial ans.
think they finali become auto after being 'scolded' by so many students ba.

until now i wanted to jio my friends to take pic,
but i forget.
so nvm will take food pic more then..

now listenin to korean songs n surfin blog.
later will need to drink lin-liang.
tml will hav to settle down to clear my brain n start studyin.

sally signin off for now...

:D ♥; sally

happy belated Children day.
wanted to blog earlier on,
but was chiongin project so cant.
muz do until beautiful beautiful not to let myself down.

today (shd be ytd),
woke up ard 12, then prepare to go out meet gui fang.
need to discuss project.
so went to library to find her.
end up we decided to go to KFC or Mac,
cos got table n chair easier to do things.

after tat around 4plus, we ended the session.
gui fang pei mi shop a little,
then she head for home to rest.
mi went to walk around,
tryin to kill time to wait for the time to go cut hair.

so went to popular bought pens,
went to cut hair,
pretty fast, n i see lots of my hair on the floor,
when i felt tat nth much was cut.
now i feel my hair like octopus.
though trend now is Jellyfish.
haha.. prefer my octopus hair.

after tat went in to BHG.
saw a bag tat i like,
so decide to buy it since there is promotion on it also.
n head for home.

ate dinner,
while eating, was chattin with bro.
we were tryin our best to know wat the singer was singin.
so end up replay again n again tryin to get it rite.
quite fun.
then he played with powerpoint,
i help him abit.

watch a little bit of TV,
read (headings) of chi newspaper.

then do project.
cailing called mi.
so was tryin not to be distracted.
but ver hard.
end up i even more blur than b4.

so do until now, which is 4.14am.
hav to get myself out of here.
im sure tml zhen they all will see a panda mi.

tml hav group meetin for wed interview.
so so fast..

sally to slp le...

:D ♥; sally


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