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Monday, November 30, 2009

Ipoh Trip Entry postt (26 Nov 09 - 29 Nov 09)

from thur nite:
met up w cyn at adm to train to jurong east then to lakeside.
met up w wenfu n alan, + luiping

after which head to take bus to our meetin point.
waited at kopitiam for our coach..

end up got lot of ppl going..
counting shd be ard 16-20 ppl..

then at the m'sia custom met w a difficult officer.
initially spoke to mi in malay
then see i dun understand change to english.
but was reprimandin mi.

i end up told him off.
he wan to fight i told him off.
wat the hell lor..
dun need u to tell mi i also noe tat need to change.
but cant u do in a proper manner.
i dun own u a livin.

afterwhich head back to coach n slept thru'out the journey till i reach ipoh.

reach there abt 5+ to 6
then saw the lorry tat is suppose to fetch us in.
went to the market to makan 1st (food not too bad)..

then we board the lorry (standing)
it is a different experience as mi dad drove lorry in singapore but we were seated not standing..

after some twist n turn + horning,
we reach Gopeng resort
settle down at our room (8 gers sharing 1 room)
then went for briefing..
lunch & then to that the briefing for the white water raftin..
terms to noe: pedal forward or backward, hold on, move to the left/right/front/back, Bom Bom, Jump Jump.
so have to learn to listen to instructions

then off to our water rafting - level 3
dist 10km..

we hav body rafting (meanin to get used to the event that we were thrown off the boat).
mi had not a good experience there as mi was tryin to hold on to my shoes..

then time for the actual stuff.
1st rapid is the double ridge.
had my 1st fall.. but lucky reali hand on to the safety line ard the body
& at the material time, didnt panic..
somehow felt come n still can count down for them to pull mi out of water..

then all change positions.
then pedal to the bank & shifted back to our original position.

then the journey was fun n excitin.
mi end up mi the 'commander'
haha.. pedal fwd hold..

half way thru, big downpour
so we were pedalin in the rain
ver different experience.
n that the water is reali much faster n maybe higher..

thus at the 7km,
the instructors decided to call off as fear of the water level.
i also get to experience how the rescue work was done
& how strong the instructors were..
great job.

teamwork, perservance, & positive thinkin needed + to conquer my fear by takin control of myself

then rode the lorry back
n wash up.
was stonin..

then time for teabreak
n makan dinner (steamboat)
the air is reali coolin..

didnt go for the nite trail as was tired.
so tried the karoke system (so so onli)
then waited for luipeng to shower n all slept..

woke up n hav breakfast
n got took so last min photo b4 we set off to the next location

head to gua tempurung for cavin.
brand new experience for mi.
intially was the dry part (climbin of stairs)
then later got the wet route.

was climbin/walking/sliding up n down
mi learn the cat style of walkin thru the water..
mi head not ver ting hua cos mi head go bang the rock (dun noe wat the exact term was)

& easily 4 hrs gone w/o us realising..

then wash up n head to ipoh town for late lunch..
had penang laksa & ice red bean (ver ver ohyishi)

then to next destination - railway station
took photos here n there
n head off to the dinner location

was feelin quite full
nvrtheless was still delicious.

we even tried out using the pasar malam umbrella to shelter ppl across the road.

then back to the travel agency.
our coach was a superior one.
chair that can be turn to 'bed'
mi slpt thru the whole journey..

a well planned exciting trip by YF
(thanks ger, reali appreciate ur efforts :D )

reach spore ard 4+ in the morning.
then cab home,
chat w bro,
settle my stuff n shower
by the time i slp is abt 6am.

slpt till abt 2pm,
stonin w achin body.

uploaded pix onto facebook

watched my animes..

mon (30 nov)
last day of nov
went to work
but seem to be stonnin.

sat at my new position.
tryin to get used to it..

then whole day abit slackin.

head for home ard 6
makan dinner,
watch anime
n now bloggin..

mi goin to pack bag n to slp slp le..
tml got dance make up lesson


:D ♥; sally

Thursday, November 26, 2009

hiyo bloggie..

quick update before i go off for my trip to ipoh..

18/11 (wed)
dance lesson ended,
n by the time reach home, already 11+

use compie awhile n knock off..

woke up late for work.
so rush abit..
n then whole day quite busy till abt 430pm,
head off for meetin.
ended ard 6pm..

then continue to clear my workload,
n did up the minutes
by the time everything ended, already 9.35pm.

head home in a daze..

finali its fri..
workload quite smooth but heavy..

after work went to adm to meet up w mum,
walk ard , hav dinner..
n due to the tiredness accumulated,
mi reali felt that im a zombie walkin ard.

21/11 (sat)
whole day was playing game
so rare of me cos im not a gamer.
n mi not reali feelin well..

22/11 (sun)
woke up 9+
even manage to finish off 2 chi novel..
then watch movie acted by hillary duff..

went adm o makan lunch..
paly games..

n ard 10+ was chattin on the phone w cailing till 2.05am.
i cant take it anymore..
chat alot on diff topics..

23/11 (mon)
was stonin at work
work come in slow,
then afternoon,
hav panel lawyer meeting..

so drag abit of time, n ard 6+ left the office
head to novena to meet up w my mum..
walk ard.
saw ppl skatin ver ver skilfully..

then my cousin desmond is in the house.
went nite cycle w my bro
mi dead tired..

work as per normal..

left work ard 6+
& head to adm to find mum..

tried pedicure n medicure for the 1st time.
not too bad an experience..

then went for dental appt.
mi hav wisdom tooth..

after which head to mac to meet up w cyn
then makan fries as dinner
n we chat abt the ipoh trip.

left ard 1045pm
n home abt 11pm

watch TV progroms n slept ard 1.40am..

finali awaited day.
last day of work for the week for mi..

work not much..
onli until the end then the work start comin in..

then after work,
walk to Cineleisure..
n took some pix along the way :P

then met up w pris n sean (new fren).
bought movie tix (Xmas carol)
n waited for mr ber..

head to makan at kobayashi..
given time is early,
decide to walk the street.
took photos... snap snap snap..

lot of reindeers, santa , & xmas tree


walk back to cine for our movie.
1st time watchin 3D movie..
cool.. mi even squeked for a few times due to the effect

afterwhich they went to makan at kopitiam,
mi continue to stone..

n later took bus ride to Zouk.
didnt noe its so ulu..

by the time we reached,
already ver crowded..

so was squeezin our way thru..
found a spot,
but the music so so

then head to take drink,
n the music was good (seem to be playin a trick on us)
nvrtheless, continue to take photo,
my bangle even glow in the dark.. haha..

then back to the dance floor,
lota 'fog'
cant reali see the ppl who noe how to dance mambo.
so mi impromptu dance my own..

time went past ver fast..
n its 4am..
so cab home..
mi n sean share cab, while ber n pris another..

by the time i slp already 6 le

26/11 thur:
woke up ard 9+ 10
cyn sms mi w regards to the trip.
so no choice have to wake up.
pack my stuff,
then bro come back w injuries,
was helpin him to put the medication.

then went to adm to buy food for mum
n w dad to yishun to makan lunch,
head to khatib to train to amk to take camera from ber (forgotten to take back from him ytd)

then trained to semb
to meet up w mei.
her eyes swollen,
see doc, pei her makan,
n went to sunplaza to buy shoes n other stuff.

by the time i reach home already 4pm.
then was usin lappie (upload pix, update music)

at the same time, pack my bag for the trip.
so now im finali done.

david inform mi that the shuffling list was done,
n majority change seating position..

so end up david n marcus help to shift my stuff.. thanks :)

now reali wanna slp.
head groggy le..

waitin for cyn to contact mi..
wat a hectic day i had even though i was on leave from office.

sally to mia le....

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, November 15, 2009

hiyo diary..
it has been like abt 2 weeks since i last blog?
now i can hardly rmb..

nvm.. see my calendar..

30 oct (fri)
during lunch time, pei godfather to see showflat..
haha.. his relative wanna buy
now then i noe he also has license to sell/buy flats.
cools.. onli didnt practice..

then hav teabreak buffet..
& after work decide to head to vivo city to find m aunt for dinner..
makan n shop giant..
n aunt decide to take cab home..

n reali ver terrible..
guess wat we waited for more than an hr juz for cab
n from wat we understand, all the cab come in is on call.
then our cab driver mention tat actuali the cab stationed outside is alot
but wanna earn the on call fee.
wat the hell lor..
lucky it a coolin day n mi n ok mood
if not i think wil be cursing all nite..

31 oct (sat)
mornin wake up n head to yck stadium for co event.
lose to win which is also shown on tv..
frankly admire their spirit..

after which got a car ride to see monkeys & dogs at seletar (in car) n head to sunplaza.
have to thank godfather for the ride cos he returnin to the car repairer

after which head to library,
n guess wat the library close until 2 pm.
cos got event.

so head home after tat..

02 nov (mon)
after work met up w wendy at city hall to go pay $$ for our dance lesson.
was tryin the location haha..

n then head home..
mi mum over the weekend didnt feel well..
was suffering from diarrhoea

after work,
n w special request from my mum.
mi head to yishun to buy dinner for her
w dessert.
mi hands wanna giv way le..
haiz. then bus back home..

hands reali trembling..

lunch time
went to bring my shoes to the cobbler
then went to makan muslim food
n head to guan yi temple to pray for my mei n mum's good health
then walk to bugis village to help mei buy belt
n walk back to collect shoes
n back to office..

after work
met up w wendy at cityhall n went makan chix rice
then went for dance lesson
n goodness mi reali cant catch the steps.
wanna cry le la..

so hard though many are able to catch it.
mi mati le..

but i like the warmin up n coolin down exercise.
think mi better at tat than the dance.

n mi body reali ache as if my body being run thru by many cannon..

then after tat head to semb mac to meet up w mei
mei n froggy makan
mi there restin..

n after which head for home..

n it ache until sun..

was walkin w granny speed.

then midnite moi parents quarrel
both mi n sis was awaken from slp
but i dun dare to go out to see
lucky that my bro n aunt was there.

did lots of work
n partically tryin to forget..
head home n stone

anime day.
mi mum went to shop for tour package w my mum
while i stayed home..

nth much..
nite my mum n mei head out for their trip..

will be goin genting n malacca

9 nov mon:
start of war
kenny - buddy on resesrvist
so ke lian de me work 2 person job.

reach home,
train abit of my dance.
wanna commit suicide cos reali cant rmb.

durin lunch went to bugis to buy shoes.
honey n david was w mi..

n after which head back home..
consider home alone as bro n sis not home when i reach.

had meetin at HQ then mi decided to head back to office
to clear some more work

after which abt 645pm,
head to city hall to meet up w wendy.
went to makan chiz rice
n the dance class reali hav alot of gers.
quite a big class i will say.

hav new steps
was revising the old but i still cant catch up..

work work work..

before end work
hav bad news.
got problem w one of my case
that person also ver haiz..

the higher they are, the more stingy they are also.
not tat i wanna say.
go press isnt the 1st time.

so i was called in by my managers to talk abt the case
cos my boss de boss de boss boss wans to be in the loop.
so all thinkin to how ans.

frankly i reali hav alot to learn.
onli like 1 yr not alot for this industry
will need at least 2-3 yrs..

after which work till abt 6+ then quickly rush to vivo
to meet up w jeff n iling they all for dinner
so im the last

had dinner at sushi tei n the queue is still long when im enterin the resturant

afterwhich they plan to go makan ben & jerry
its the 1st for mi.
so the 6 of us share the ice cream
aha n had ice cream chats..

n head for home...
mum n mei came back from their trip

stay home day.
then dinner was at sunplaza
w mei mum n aunt (she come after work)

mei goin to take her theory exam.
ask her to go for her lessons.
to clear them once n for all..

work up abt 11+
then ris friend came over to play

mi n parents head to makan at adm
then went to do specs.
mi sponsor them to it.
after all a good pair of spec is need to help ur eyes n not strain them

n after which,
reach home, finish my jap drama
n finali finish the novel i hav been readin for this whole week

weather nowadays so unpredictable.
durin lunch time sunny
n home awhile being rainy
n now so coolin till abit of coldness

loadin new games
n may prepare to slp.

will wanna revise my dance steps tml..

imagine another week of war coming..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally


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