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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Days at Work !!

yoz.. haha.. this term 'work' may seem confusing to some of my friends.. so now i here to explain in relation to how spend my fri n sat..

on fri.. supposedly im have to attend school.. but the teacher went to new york.. so our lesson was replaced on another day.. normali i would want to sleep as much as i can to replenish my energy.. one can see that i have rose to the level of being the China's Precious - Panda..

back to my topic.. automatically i woke up at abt 9 plus in the morning.. tat is early.. of cuz i woke up with an aim - to use the computer for my report writing which i was unable to do on thur nite.. tiredness is the reason.. so i was stuck with 'Darling' for about 11 hours.. cant believe that i cant stand it.. though i sat throughout the time.. haiz.. the report is killing mi.. reali hav a hard time to rephrase here n there.. my 'england' isnt 'powderful' at all (for ppl who noe mi will noe.. tat is a fact..) listen to my playlist while typin has helped mi relieve some of my stress tat im feeling.. hehe.. ate chocolate, bread n sweets..
luckily enough.. i managed to finish the report.. hehe.. so i dun hav to stress abt it on sat n sun.. enjoy abit more..

while i was stuck with my 'Darling'.. my mum n my mei went to salon to have their hair cut n done.. their process was oso ver ver long.. fancy spending abt 9 hours at the salon.. cos they requested for a particlar stylist to do their hair.. thus all they hav to do is wait.. haha..

then at nite.. i allowed myself to watch tv.. haha.. so shiok.. in total watch abt 3.5 to 4 hours of tv at one shot.. haha.. felt so good.. after tat i went to sleep..

and today (sat).. i went to work.. this work is part time work... so i hope the confusion is cleared.. hehe.. but something bad happened.. i broke 3 bottles of wine.. Gosh.. luckily i wasnt hurt.. i was there stackin the bottles when the wine bottles topple n fell.. the total cost of the bottles was $51.70.. haiz.. but the Giant staff who was with mi helped mi covered up.. he asked to to tell the giant staff-in-charge tat the bottles was broken by the customer.. haiz.. told tat lie wasnt good.. but still i told him.. with partial truth.. i called up my supplier n told her the truth.. she wask mi not to worry and juz tell the in-charge the lie tat another stff told mi too.. so i juz follow le.. haiz.. im real blur..

then for the rest of the day.. another wine promoter auntie told mi that it seems that i am chattin with the wine bottles.. haha.. how can that be.. though the side im standin doesnt hav much crowd for mi to promote.. at Giant i oso saw one of the promoter who used to be my neighbour at my previous house.. the world is reali ver small.. had lunch together.. n again among the promoter in Giant.. im believe im the youngest there.. the auntie they like to call mi 'Ah Ger ah' or 'Xiao Mei ah'.. haha..

after work.. meet up with my family at adm for dinner at part of woodlands.. had chicken chop but want reali nice.. nvrtheless.. had a good time.. cos finally get to chance to ride my dad's new bought lorry.. the wind was so comfortable.. hehe.. reach home abt 830pm.. bathed n watch tv.. now i sittin in front of the computer to end my blog entry..

*hope i can have the time to look thru other projects to settle it once n for all smoothly..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, September 22, 2005

@ Time Flies Without Knowing @

hi there.. now is thursady wee hours.. haha.. y ami still at the computer.. shd be slpin by now.. juz hav the sudden urge to update.. so here i am..

tues.. had accounting lesson.. after sch went kelly shifu shixiong jingtao n shiwei to clementi mac to eat n do our hw.. its a new topic on cash flow.. somehow im tryin to absorb it.. arent easy i think.. hav to rmb the format.. will my memory space help mi to retain it? i doubt so.. haiz.. at abt 8 plus i started to study.. but sad to say i cant rmb anything i studied.. but nvrtheless i still tried to write out the notes for easy readin.. hope it will help.. slept onli at 3am in the morning.. accompanying my sis - the last half hour before i sleep

Wed.. i forget to set alarm clock.. but luckily at 740am i did wake up to check the time.. being early i went back to slp.. haha.. but when i next open my eyes it was 830am.. Gosh.. im running late.. durin tat time i was wondering y the 20 min was so long.. so now i noe.. it isnt 20 minutes tat was gone but it was 50 minutes..

ver ver sian day in sch.. cos mayb the activity arent interesting enough.. haiz.. durin the discussion tat she allowed us to hav.. we sidetrack to our other project ( FSI ) which is now a pressin matter to us.. notice tat i keep havin projects, projects n more projects.. lots of preparation needs to be done.. research, formatting the layout.. presentation, handling up on time n to maintain quality in our work seems to be a miniature case as compared to the reali world.. reali hav to train our stamina le..

reach home.. slept for abt 2 hours.. ate my dinner n watch some tv.. n finali my turn to use the computer.. chatted with hidayah darling.. reali long time didnt hear from her le.. then i continue to do the compliation of the things i was supposed to do.. tat is reali takin a long time..but still i managed to clear it.. hurray.. tml or later tonite i will hav to think of ways to type out the draft report for my section.. chatted abit with chester.. had some understanding n sort of relax my mind instead of focusin on juz the project.. hehe.. open the media window player to accompany mi as i do my work.. tis is wat i call 'ku zhong zuo le' - in the mist of bitterness there still can be some enjoyment..

ok.. i shall stop crappin n go slp le.. i am now recognised as a panda le.. hehe.. deep black eye circles.. hehe.. Nitez Everyone..

* To Myself: Dun Trust Any One Easily (mention to mi by a few friends)

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Friend @ Work !!

finali i went to work on sat n sun.. back to where i shd be.. at the workplace.. i met a ger named Jac.. haha.. this ger is 2 years my junior.. but still taller then mi... haha.. whenever we 2 come together.. there will be joy n laughter.. cos our work is reali ver boring.. so i think the things we talk abt it like everything under the sky.. in many many ways.. we are similar.. reali similar.. tat y feel quite easy when i with her.. mi i think is like her older sister.. the 2 of us will chat when our booth has no one for us to attend to.. haha.. then eat lunch n talk rot together.. tis is one of our ways to kill our time.. can imagine how bored we are.. haha.. today is her last day at work.. so got her email.. n may chat with her online is there is any chance.. ^^

today i change the webby song with the helpof my little sister who found a website for us to change the songs we want to be played on our webby.. hehe.. so this song u guys are hearin now is by Angela - Shou xin de Tai Yang.. Hope u enjoy it..

as for my sch work.. thur lesson was suddenly canceled cos the teacher had to return home for emergency.. so initally there isnt a need to return to sch.. but still i hav to.. cos i hav project discussion on.. discuss abt the roleplay we hav to present on fri.. the planin n rehearsal were takin quite some time.. but still it managed to work out somehow..

so on fri we presented.. when i reached sch.. many groups hav alrdy assembled n were busy doin last min discussion.. my group was like coming in at abt 10 when the class begin.. every other groups wore formally except our group.. a ver huge contrast to say.. then finali our turn.. i acted the role as a daughter.. so this role come naturali to mi.. but still our dearest powerpoint failed us.. i got stuck halfway n that chester was there busy fixin it.. i was like.. Does it reali hav to happen to our group? haiz.. the play went on quite smoothly.. nth much to say though.. after my group.. i went out of the class to take a breath.. to cool down the tension i feelin.. at abt 12 noon.. time for actual lesson.. the teacher's lesson was sort of summarised.. summarised to the extent that i didnt noe where n wat he was talkin abt.. when i later realised.. he was talkin abt his our gist of the chpt.. n that later n went on to the lect notes.. the time went on slow.. could see that everyone was in their sleep mood.. many ppl didnt come to class too.. at 1pm.. we were released.. mi went to photocopy some sch stuff so went home abt 3.. n read my novels.. such happy time readin novels..

when readin novels.. i actuali felt emotional.. when the character feel sad or down.. i actuali feel it too.. i would even hav the feelin or cryin.. y is this so? mayb im too engrossed.. i dun noe.. but still i feel it is good thing.. at least im not cold-blooded as i thought i would be.. now is 11 plus on a sunday nite.. i think im goin to throw myself back to novel n mayb do some sch work i recall any.. Take Care Friends.. Smilez Always..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, September 15, 2005

One Whole Day @ home !!

haha.. so cool to stay one whole day at home.. haha.. i think this will be a luxury thing to mi now.. cos hav been goin to sch n work.. didnt reali hav the time to stay n home n relax.. finali hav the time to read my chi novels.. so in total i read abt 3 in these 2 days.. hehe.. so shiok..

ytd had a bit of group discussion but end up listenin to songs from chester laptop.. haha.. yet nth much happen.. guess wat i had shrak fin for dinner.. my mum cook it.. haha.. so so yummp.. then had a super early nite.. 11 plus i went slp le.. cos reali ver ver tired.. hehe..

today no sch.. hehe.. so i made full use of this opportunity didnt go out at out.. hehe.. was waken up at abt 10 plus by my father's friend call.. he wanted mi to help my dad type a letter with regards to work.. so no choice i have to wake up cos my dad noe that im at home.. haiz.. nvm.. i type then i continued usin the com till abt 3pm.. cos i was oso doin my research for my sch project for financial svc industry.. then my bro used the com..

at abt 9 plus 10pm.. again its mi who used the com.. hehe.. still continue on the research.. n did some props for fri roleplay.. i think im gonna hav stage fright le.. *shiver shiver*

chatted with shifu, shixiong, ying, xuan n jur.. so cool.. n now i reali hav to go to bed le.. wakin up at abt 9 to prepare for sch.. need to bring many stuff tml.. bring clothin for xuan to try n oso my props n research.. though the teacher has cancelled tml lesson.. im goin sch as per normal.. hope to achieve alot later..

* Jur jie u will find ya way.. This i promise u..
* Shifu jia you for ya driving test..
* Myself - continue to strive n resukts will show..

** Wan An **

:D ♥; sally

Monday, September 12, 2005

Tests Done !! Projects On the Way !!

hiyo.. yesterday i finally completed my work at suntec.. 2 long days.. abt 12 hr each wor.. yesterday.. ying n xuan did half day cos they wan to study but i decided to stay cos it a promise i made to kelly jie.. so i cant break it.. so durin the breaktime u can c mi busy readin notes after eating.. haha.. poor mi.. then @ second shift zhiwei cum n that mi serene ronald went round to give out the 'bag of joy'.. they went to exchange for free gifts from other counters.. haha.. mi juz follow onli.. mi oso saw my JC chemistry teacher - Mrs Lim.. hehe.. world is reali ver ver small wor..

i concluded that the SA ppl ver scary.. they think that other ppl dun need the bags take so so much.. then alot of aunties keep cumin to take the bags.. not say 2-3 bags but countin as 10-20 over bags.. so i was quite unhappy.. they say i ver fierce.. but i believe i can do it rite.. emotions are afterall hard to control.. hehe.. then Yen Yen ( supervisor) allow us to be released at abt 9pm.. i think i reali appreciated that.. cos can go home to study..

then ronald tell mi that shixiong n jing tao are at starbucks.. they there busy crampin their brain with the contents of our test today.. mi there taught abit of graph n then all leave starbucks.. mi went to meet up with my sis.. serene went to meet up with jason .. then the 3 'gentlemen' went to jing tao's house to continue studyin.. mi reach home ate supper n cum online.. cos to find someone if i have doubts abt wat im studyin.. but.. hehe.. i end up sleepin off on the chair at abt115am.. then my father cum to wake mi up at abt 2 plus am.. hehe.. so switch off computer n slept like a log..

today.. was reali a bad day.. the admin in SIM gave us the wrong timing for the test.. it was written 10am but actuali it was 2pm.. i was like.. diaoz.. mi ver ver tired n with this mixed up i was considered deprived of slp.. of cuz cant compared to shixiong who didnt even sleep wor.. poor shixiong.. most of the classmates' face are ver ver tired.. no energy to even continue listenin to lectures.. mi stayed in sch with friends n studied.. so so sian.. n that mi memory seem to be failing mi.. cant rmb things.. i ponderin abt my exams.. how am i even gonna do it? Stress is cumin ( i predict) .. n so finalli clear the 2 tests.. relieved am i !!

mi reach home read my fav chi novel.. reali long time didnt touch them le.. *sob* read to my heart content.. it was abt 8 plus that i finali finish readin one.. now usin com.. updatin.. later gonna find the music for my group role play.. they wan sad sad de.. so i was suggesting one i noe.. can try it out.. if im not tired mayb can search for my group assignment - written report.. haiz.. i think that will probably b tml job le.. hehe.. cos i wan to replenish my slp.. *oink oink* hehe.. so i think im gonna do some things here n some there.. n off i go to slp.. so Gd nitez everyone..

** Sweet Dreamz n Slp Tight **

:D ♥; sally

Friday, September 09, 2005

One Down !! One More to Go !!

hi friends.. these few days are reali hectic.. busy with studies for this test of 5 chapters.. haiz.. can say i started to study on last friday.. but that time was hectic with project research n work.. thus when i finali got down to study is on monday.. so stress.. i think that y i sometimes will tremble unknowingly.. by the way that wat my mum that to mi to be.. mayb that is true.. i dun noe..

on wed.. i went to hair treatment with my aunt.. after that i went to orchard to find serene at the same time go to the library to study.. the break was when i went to eat with serene @ Mac.. after that we separated n went back to library to cramp my head with information.. so sad.. at abt 630 after serene was released from work.. we went down to raffles to meet up with ying xuan.. then come along shifu n shixiong.. upon reachin the place we sat down of briefin n collected the necessary stuff like our attire -Tshirt.. Went home.. but on train cant study cos i cant write my mindmap.. so decided to test myself again.. sad to say i cant reali rmb much.. alight at semb to hav dinner with jason n serene.. after that i reach home.. continue to study..

thur.. ying decided not to cum to sch for she hasnt been able to complete readin the test content.. mi after sch stayed back with a few of my classmates to study.. i supposed it shd b said to be a Qn - Ans n Clarification of ideas session.. it ended abt 6.. i can say that my brain went nearly total batt flat.. reach home continue to study until abt 2 plus.. eyes half closed i went to sleep..

today.. went for the test.. didnt reali feel much abt it.. but i onli can smile durin n after the exam.. i think it is becos i knew this test is cumin to an end soon.. haha.. after that was project discussion.. went for lunch n continue to study to monday's test.. hehe.. cos sat n sun sure dun hav the time de.. so need to jia you le..

juz returned from chong pang n now watchin tv.. gonna has to do some notes for monday's test so i can bring onli to work.. no time le.. wish mi luck..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Stress to Cum !!

i forgotten when i last udate my webby le.. hehe..

sunday mi went to work n got to noe new friends of different age.. one is 2 years younger than mi n and another is ver ver much older than mi.. i decided to approach them to talk cos there is reali no crowd n that i feel like sleepin if i dun do anything else.. we chat n had some fun.. ate lunch together n mi n the younger one share alot of experiences.. in the sense that i feel she is the younger version of mi though she is taller n more outgoing as compared to mi.. haha.. Time's up n i went home..

next day is monday n it's my birthday.. but somehow i reali feel anything abt it.. but it is for sure i grew one year older le.. so Happy 19th Birthday to myself !! had afternoon class then went to meet up with serene n jason at causeway.. waited at mac for other friends to gather n they treated mi Pizza Hut... Thanks Friends.. ver delicious dinner.. parted our way.. i went to take bus..

but i was stopped by a prudential personnel.. he was promotin a saving policy that oso include insurance.. chatted for some time n i took the stuff he printed for mi for reference.. ask my mother abt it.. then she say she can direct mi to her agent.. haha.. but i dun think i will do it so fast.. considerin the options.. then use msn until abt 2 am offline.. chat with my mum n slept at abt 3am..

today.. had a group discussion for our projects.. the projects are cumin hard at us.. so is the test.. so theory n mountain high of knowledge.. after discussion went to find ying xuan.. need to photocpy notes.. so 1st time toppin up cash card.. kinda fun to play cos not my money.. hehe.. need to pay back of cuz.. hehe.. experiment on the photocopier.. nice to operate with.. hehe.. reach home abt 5 plus.. a long tiring day..

ok mi now gonna fall back to my books le.. here to update cos to relax my mind.. feel like slping.. haiz.. Jia You! Jia You! Jia You!

tml will hav to meet up with my aunt for hair treatment.. after that i think i will hav to think of place to study le.. meetin friends onli at 645pm.. so i think it will be another tiring day.. Sad..

time to stop.. need go study le.. Wan An N hope i dun fall aslp.. hehe..

* Nitez *

:D ♥; sally


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