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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


hiyo.. more updates..

yesterday.. did nth.. went to sunplaza n hav late lunch with mum n bro.. borrowed some many books.. many manage to finish readin my library book which i put on hold for some time.. cos no mood to touch it.. had dinner at home.. dad was off n tat i cant remember it.. dad too seldom at home le.. busy workin.. cant blame him.. afterall he is the sole breadwinner of our home.. haiz.. early mornin i was drag up by my father.. he wanted me to help him tyoe the invoice n tenacy agreement admendemnt..

today i woke up feelin a serve pain in my tummy.. cant stand, sit nor even sleep.. tolerate for a few hours then i inform my mum.. then i stone in my room.. thinkin of ways to reduce the pain.. haiz.. then at abt 2plus went to canberra sec to help my bro buy his books.. then took a bus home.. at abt 5 plus my mum accompanied me to the doc in adm.. the doc say i may hav taken some wrong food so leadin to this pain.. this is actuali a ver mild case.. the more serious case will hav signs like diarrohea, vomittin n headaches.. then after the doc.. mi n mum went to eat dinner at the foodcourt.. after tat i decided tat i wanted to go shoppin alone.. 1st time i ever try it..quite ok actuali.. nice to shop alone.. but i onli went to causeway point n mainy enter the shops like mini toons, gift a name.. to get some stuff.. talk to my mei n her supervisor for a while n then i went home.. reach home at abt 930pm n had my medicine.. watched the 10pm japanese show n then th amines on art central.. new amine on air.. now abt 12 midnite.. think im gonna read my chi novel n slp soon.. tml hav to work.. another day of stockcount= carry heavy load of wine here n there.. busy like a bee mayb.. haha..

Nites to all.. hehe..

Signin off @ 28 Dec,

:D ♥; sally

Monday, December 26, 2005

A Day At Home!!

hiyo.. finali can stay at home for one day le.. can rest n sleep for all i care.. haha.. wake up onli abt 1pm today.. piggy mi cos i wan to replenish the slp i missed on Xmas Day.. i thinki slept for abt 12hr.. hehe..

today wake up le.. had my break-lunch.. haha.. then after tat i went back to room to stone.. then i remember tat i can read my book so soon after tat im in my wonderland.. Finali after hours of engrossin myself in the book.. i read finish le.. So cool.. the plot was interestin and the events reali took twist n turns as and when when i feel there is no way out.. indeed dan brown is reali a good author.. soon enough i will proceed to engross into another book.. hehe.. bookworm am i? mayb can borrow more books from xuan.. i feel tat she can open a library for her collection of the novels by her n her sister.. reali thank her for the kind action for lendin mi 'Angels & Demons' when i was onli thinkin onli.. Wat a good friend i hav.. so i can say she is my bookworm click.. haha.. both of us like to read storybooks.. she like english novels while i like both chi n english ones..

did nth much.. tml mayb hav to accompany my mum to canberra sec to buy my bro sec 1 books..

believe this is one of the shortest post i wrote.. hehe.. nitez everyone..

Signin off @ 26 Dec.
Sally the bookworm

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas To All !!

I wish u a merry xmas.. i wish u a merry xmas.. haha.. a common song but i prefer 'All i want for Christmas' nice song.. haha.. on the eve n todayi hav been workin.. sian to say.. not much of a crowd.. come n go tat all..

on the eve.. went to work early.. so i left my post at 6pm.. took train to tanah merah n then change a bus to changi village.. durin the journey i finali to manage to read 'Angels n Demons' by dan brown.. juz read up to abt 50 pages.. n yet the book has reali attracted my attention.. so cool.. mi went there to celebrate xmas with my family n frenz.. serene, jason, louis, vicent (dun noe if i spell correctly) cailing , wanting n my bro.. later alvin join in.. see them play basket ball then had dinner follow by a walk to the beach.. brought my little cousin sister wan ting to play the swing,, she has master the art of playin the swing.. haha.. took some photos of mi n her together.. haha.. n the surprise that serene prepared was a christmas hat.. haha.. mi cailing jason n serene had hats tat does not hav bells.. the younger ones hav hats that hav bells.. hehe.. ver kawaii.. then went back to the stall n play "snow".. jason kept sprayin at towards.. but later he become the target of the kids.. at the end he become ver "colourful"

they went home at abt 1 plus.. mi n bro waited for my father.. sit the lorry ver cold cos of the cool air surroundin n dad drinkin the car.. onli reach home at abt 3 plus.. i recalled tat i finali slept is 430am.. damn tired..

this mornin after 4 alarms tat i set beforehand i finali drag myself to wake up.. woke up at abt 9am.. need go work.. in a daze.. now then i realised tat i can balance while i close my eyes.. on the journey i try to sleep.. but on the shuttle bus met a friend.. an uncle tat i noe when i was helpin out at the rojak stall.. haha.. then i made my way to my counter.. with my absence at nite.. the sales was quite ok.. haha.. then mi again was doin restockin again.. after therestockin.. mi sat down n stone.. n is reali stonin.. cos i am reali tired.. feel like sleepin all the time.. then vernon ask mi to help hm wrap the bottle he wanted for his sister.. waited for time to pass.. chat with nicholas n potato mei n oso jelly boy.. haha.. mi nick is the worse - Sally long jia pass.. feel like im playin scissor paper stone.. haha.. had lunch n when back to stone again.. walk around giant cos im felt cold then saw piglet wawa.. so cute.. called potato mei to come along.. we two busy huggin the wawa.. potato mei brought piglet wawa to help counter n we two suan nicholas.. haha.. had some funny incidents with nicholas.. haha.. potato mei say piglet wawa is her 'Zhao cai wawa' haha..

finali time to go home le.. indeed the pack up onli took abt 2 mins.. haha.. open store longer.. haha.. went to potato mei counter n oso nicholas store.. haha. had some person tat potato mei wan to avoid.. say goodbye to nicholas n off i went home.. bought dinner n went home.. now sittin in front of com typin my entry.. but eyes on the tv watchin vampire 3.. hehe.. i forget wat i wan to say le.. haiz.. poor n short memory of mine.. nevertheless Merry Xmas to All Again !!

Signin off @ 25 Dec,

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

K Time

today went to k with xuan n ying.. n of cuz as usual i sing until i no voice le.. haha.. started to sing at abt 2.. we sang all the way to abt 9 plus 10.. so shiok.. sang alot of songs tat we dun used to sing.. haha.. n finali no Jay.. haha.. reali dun hav.. so shiok.. haha.. then we sang alot of oldies so cool.. xuan went of early cos she had to rush home for dinner.. but her early is still 8 plus.. haha.. cos she oso sing until too song le.. haha.. the kbox still the same.. ver cold.. cold until cant stand it.. jacket still not enough.. sing until lips tremble n tat naturally hav ~~~ ying.. haha.. mi at kbox jumpin around to gain warmth..

xuan pass mi a Dan Brown book for mi to read.. so kind of her.. i think the title has got to do with angels n demons.. i think gonna read the book soon.. now abit tired n sian cos tml hav to work.. giant wanted mi to work extra cos of the festive season..

now i think i goin to sign off le.. dun noe wat to write.. sian ah.. hehe.. Nitex..

Signin off @ 21 Dec 2005,

:D ♥; sally

Monday, December 19, 2005

At Gentin Many years back!!

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:D ♥; sally

Cool HairStyle!! Short de..

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:D ♥; sally

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Late !!

yoz.. mi today (17 Dec) went work late.. hehe.. cos last nite wanted to try if my HP can do the alarm function when it is shut down.. but onli after 2 mins i fell asleep so wheni woke up i come to one conclusion which is - my hp cant do the alarm function once it is in the off mode.. sad..

reach workplace abt 12 plus then pack my stuff.. open table wine.. taste reali bland.. but still managed to sell abit of some white n fruits one.. not much of a crowd thou.. but an increase in no. of promoters.. a biscuit 17 year old promoter n a group of Great Eastern Insurance promoter.. mi still busy with the packin of the wine.. the supply of wine come in but still there wasnt enough for the other limited wine on display.. sad..

then i waited for the toa payoh bus today to go 'doby ghuat' to meet up with my classmate for a mini group gatherin.. hav our dinner at Secret Recepie.. but the service isnt as good as we expected.. shixiong food come 1st then we waited for the next one.. ying followed by ronald then mine.. but can u imagine that i n ying hav order the same dish but my onli come much much later.. strange rite.. i believe shixiong food has long turn cold le.. then soon after tat shifu come along.. the guys all ver auto.. automatic took the fries from fm my plate.. but i got nth to say.. cos they reali waited long enough for my food to come n all to begin to eat at the same time.. shifu is i think hungry fm work so too took the fries.. then after eatin we went on to Starbucks to drink.. i drank vanilla.. hehe.. yummy yummy.. at abt 10 plus we all separate our ways to go home.. mi , ying n shifu all in the same direction.. chat alot from sch fees to ying exercise program to swimmin n habits.. haha..

today i reali hav a good laugh.. long time didnt hav such laughter le.. ke lian de Ronald always kena suan by shifu n shixiong.. all i can do is laugh n try to hold back my tears n my stomach from crampin ( cos laugh too much le.. haha..)

now my mouth abit numb numb de.. need do exercise for my mouth.. haha.. 'open close' 'open close' .. leg abit in pain cos i think the new shoes i bought im still not used to it.. sad wor.. now sittin in front of compie updatin.. gonna sign off soon.. mei wanna use compie.. TV juz finish 'lord of the ring Part 1 of the 2nd movie'

later goin work (i mean after i wake upfm slp.. hehe..) n this time such not be late de cos i will on my hp de.. hehe.. Nites Everyone..

Signin off on 18 Dec,
Sally is blur

:D ♥; sally

Friday, December 16, 2005

A Day Out!!

today i went out with hui xuan.. 1st aim is to make payment for our sch fees.. finali one load down.. then after tat we when to the canteen have a drink.. i drank plum ice blend.. cos simply too thirsty le.. we chat n drank n chat n drank.. then at abt 3 plus we took a bus to AMK.. cos im searchin for covered shoes.. light yet of my choice.. sat the bus tat has no aircon.. haha.. luckily the wind was big n my hair was blown ver ver messy.. indeed AMK reali hav a lot of shoes.. im spoilt for choice.. shop n shop n shop.. then mi n xuan pop into a book store.. we 2 reali engross in the books n titles.. we hav common things tat we like.. thrillers n sometimes romance.. mine is for both chi n eng.. she is more into eng.. then we went on to popular.. in search of more books.. i think we can go library hunt for more interestin books le.. hehe.. after tat we made our way to the train station.. waited for the 2nd train cos i requested.. the 1st train onli reach yishun.. inconvinent for mi wor.. hehe.. reach adm bought dinner for my dinner n myself.. on the way i saw my old neighbours playin badminton.. said hi to them n then went home..

settle myself down n went to take my dinner.. i can say tat the dinner is my 1st meal of the day.. hungry or not hungry i dun noe.. watch tv from 7pm to now im still watchin.. gonna to watch a korea movie on tv at 1130pm.. seen interestin.. hehe..

ok.. now i need to write abt someone le.. cos i promise de.. hehe.. WEI YE MUZ SEE HOR..
** a friend i noe him since primary sch.. great at makin tweety bird pet phrase ' i thot i thot i saw a puddy cat!! i see i see its over there!!' haha.. cos stayin onli next block.. we often take the sch bus home n then we two we go to the playground n chat there.. he likes to play piano n one more impt thing.. he always wan to compare our height.. mi noe i not tall but he reali like cant control shootin up like a bamboo.. ver fast de wor.. i still stuck ard the same height.. need to clarify one thing.. i grow tall le hor.. as compared to pri sch.. still im ver much shorter than him.. sob.. 184-152= 32cm difference in height.. can imagine the angle of evaluation? haha.. then yesterday when i was at sunplaza we 2 met each other in a rush.. hehe.. reach home then mi online.. we chat n then he ask mi go his blog to see see.. i reali see everything.. ver long long de.. cant imagine how i manage to sit for a few a hours from 11plus to 2am in the mornin.. n words still small small.. haiz.. at last i read finish.. too informative.. n he is quite a sendimental person de wor.. so gers reali muz cherish him de wor.. hehe.. **
So buddy i think i wrote enough le la.. next time still hav anything then i add in.. hehe..

So now im sigin off.. cya tml.. goin to work n hav group gatherin at nite after work..

Signin off @ 16 Dec,
Sally is Tired

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Chicken Little Nice Show!!

today wake up n went sunplaza with my mum.. had lunch n went library to borrow some books.. then i decided to go home 1st as my mum had a therapy session.. while waitin for the bus i met 2 gers who were my ex neighbours.. we normally called them da meimei n xiao meimei.. we chat n exchange phone numbers.. then i alight at my stop.. when i juz reach home they called mi n ask if they can come.. they come n roam abt my house.. haha.. we chat n when my mum return home they decide to go home..

n then i prepared my bro n myself cos we are rushin for time to go causeway point buy the movie ticket for Chicken Little.. there was a bit of hussle n tat luckily the air was cleared up.. i reali enjoyed the movie.. n feel tat the movie indeed is suitable for both parents n children.. this movie convey a few meanins which i personally feel is impt..

1. As a parent, they have to have the time to listen to their child. Thru listenin understandn n communication can be done n the dist btw the parent n the child can b reduced n bondin can be greater..

2. Sometimes confidence n belief are indeed impt to make things successful.. as portray in the movie.. hehe..

now im watchin the jap amine.. i think i will continue watchin tv until i feel like slpin.. tml hav to meet xuan to go sch to pay sch fees.. so cya guys.. more updates comin.. hehe..

Signin off @ 15 Dec,
Sally is me..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, December 12, 2005

Tirin 3 somedays

hiyo guys.. this 3 days were indeed tirin for mi..

on sat n sun mi busy with work.. not busy serving customers with wine but busy stackin n retoppin of wine tat customer hav bought.. all my strength seem to come out of no where.. then godmum say i ver wu liao cos she pei fu mi for doin all these stuff.. i did it oso cos i felt bored n suppose this can be some exercise for mi.. i oso decided to take stock for my aunt in the sense tat she dun hav to take the heavy stuff when she arrive at Turf City..

sat mi had dinner with mum at Northpoint.. need to change my dad polo shirt.. sun went to sunplaza to meet my mum for dinner.. went library twice to borrow books.. so shiok.. borrow alot of books but i had a hard time cos the books are heavy.. hehe.. then my mum stop by Relax Room for a drop in msg session.. then i made my way home 1st.. cos i had to deliver dinner for my younger bro n sis.. sad... watch Vampire 3.. some parts are quite blur but at least i managed to see some light la..

today i went for my hair management session.. haha.. had my hair cut.. but still ver thick.. i think the thickness of my hair is my trade mark.. hehe.. then i dye my hair.. dye wine red colour.. quite nice.. mi still believe im not suitable for blond or brown colour hair.. so red suits mi quite well i think.. hehe..

now watchin the show hosted by mark lee & bryan wong.. seems ok la.. the design shd be more varied ba.. hehe.. ok mi goin to return to my tv.. more update soon..

** feel like K-ing.. haha.. juz a thought onli..**

signin off @ 12 Dec,
Sally -- the red hair

:D ♥; sally

Friday, December 09, 2005

weird abt mi?

Rules of the game:
1. post 5 weird/ random things abt yaself
2. at the end of the quiz, list the name of the 5 people who u wan next to do this and leave a comment " U R Tagged" in their blog n tell them to read ya blog.
5 weird things abt mi:
1. im blur as i can be
2. i look like a boy when i tie up my hair
3. im not photogenic.. always look like a boy in photos
4. im love to read novels, magazine. But not textbooks
5. of all fast food outlets.. i think i hav signed a contract with Mac le.. Im luvin it..
next 5 person to do the quiz: suwen, huiyu, lisze, shifu, huizhen

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Results are OUT !!

hehe.. happy shalala.. hiyo there.. mi again.. this time i finali noe my results le.. quite satified with it.. reported to my mum n dad abt it.. n now to the blog.. since this blog has alrdy become my diary le..

Today is Doris Mei mei Birthday.. HAPPY V+BIRTHDAY TO YOU, XIAO MEI !!

ytd went to thomson plaza at abt 5 plus... went there to find my aunt as she is workin for a wine fair.. i tried the beagulais village.. quite good.. hehe.. then my aunt brought all of us includin her friends to swenens.. my mum thinks tat our desk is the most noisy one.. haha.. i ate salmon n mushroom baked rice.. too bad my bro wasnt there to enjoy.. then mi, 2 mei mei n mum went for shoppin trip.. n juz spent over 200 at a particular shop.. n tat was with the courtesy of my mei who paid for tat expense.. my mum want her to pay for it.. then we went home.. hehe..

now alice is at my home.. my mum n mei went to space for hair maintance,, n alice is happily chattin with my bro.. i think she is enjoyin it.. haha.... i think im goin to fall back to my books.. hehe.. Sons of Fortune by Jeffrey Archer.. nice book.. **to the one i suppose u noe who u are** can find mi to chat if anything arise..

Cya friends..

Signin off at 7 Nov,
Sally the happy me..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Day @ Work

today day at work seem quite ok.. reach AMK station waited for bus.. then met up with connie Auntie (Godma), Nicholas (GodBro).. haha.. then had chat on the shuttle bus.. reach Turf City n sign in.. when i was abt to reach my counter.. i saw my good buddy - Jacqueline.. she was there to work as a promoter for fruit juice which is one of my fav in my childhood.. then went huntin for the duty manager.. every sat i need to hunt for the duty manager cos they change the system le.. every week the duty manager differs.. took some samples n chose to to open for this week..

the 1st half of the day i spent it quite fulfilin.. i was readin up on the wine n made some notes on it.. godma thought i was studyin.. haha.. n she say was studyin but not books.. it is studyin wine labels.. later after bloggin im goinna to type out n do some research.. then make copy of it.. one for godma too..

then at abt 2pm Nicholas called mi for lunch.. the lunch was quite fillin.. durin our lunch i found out some interestin stuff.. yuan lai Godma birthday is the same as mi.. haha.. then nicholas has the same surname as mi.. as for Jac she has similar character as mi.. haha.. so i say we are all related.. haha.. made our way back n for mi i hav nth much to do.. Jac told mi a new.. she was attached n her BF come down to find her.. haha.. he look ok so hope jac n him will work up fine.. then i hop ard n sms my didi - Edneth (i called him Ed didi) cos i need to help though we didnt see each other b4.. he is a friend from friendster.. he ask mi a qn "!? i thought u 17? How can sell wine? " haha.. thx bro.. im alrdy 19 le.. hehe.. n im sorry tat i cant make it for ya bro birthday..im workin on Sat n Sun..

then one of the Giant staff tat im quite ok with ask mi if i knew any website tat the his HP can dL games.. im so nerd so i of cuz dun noe.. but still i promise to help him check it out.. later i hav to do it for him then...

time to go home.. i help Jac do her project survey n off i went to wait for the shuttle bus.. bought food home.. shower n ate my dinner.. now im sittinin front of the compie n typin.. thinkin in mind wat i hav to accomplish today n hopin tat i can do it fast so tat i cant return to my Wonderland.. hehe.. i m mean my chi novel.. if i can finish my chi novel today i will carry on with my eng novel.. hehe.. makin myslef pretty busy wor..

ok so now i off to do wat i hav to do.. cya..

** mi here shun bian wish 'Happy Birthday' to Tution Teacher n Shifu..
** i think there will be more ppl's birthday comin along.. eg. my sis n hui xuan

Signin off @ 3 Dec,

:D ♥; sally


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