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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

yoz bloggie..
time for some updates ..

hmm wat did i do..
went to work..
work till abt 6+ n head for home.
then while walkin back on the 'dong ji lian ge zhi lu'
xinyi called.

end up mi reach block still cant go up.
cos in lift cant chat.
so chatted for abt 33mins?
tat is reali reali ver long..

still hav to pluck in earpiece cos the phone ver hot..
scarily lor.

after tat head for home..

work as per normal.
head to makan at jap foodcourt.
had a super full lunch..

after which head to cold storage
n bought vitasoy after much deliberation..

then reluctantly head back to office to work..

ard 6+ 7,
walk to the tourism information building located next to hereen.
cos xinyi is there..

then upon meetin her,
walk back to my office area again.
haiz.. leg in pain..
nvrtheless treat it is before meal exercise.

had dinner at luvin hearts.
then initially wanted to go the pub that xinyi recommended,
but too many ppl le.
so end up walk again.
walk to bugis, dun noe wat to do..
then walk to city hall.

hav to decide where to head.
3 options given:
a. end early n go home
b. walk to clarke quay/ boat quay & enjoy after which take night rider
c. walk to clarke quay/ boat quay & enjoy then share cab home.

given tat my legs are ver tired,
brain is also so exhausted,
so mi choose option a.

then train to marina bay n rebound.
chat w xinyi on some prob she is facin..
Jia You ger :)

n finali reach home..

was awaken by the heat in the room.
so warm n terrible.

then tried to study.
but cant get myself settled down.
so end up watchin amines, chattin w friends on msn.

wake up ard 9+
use compie.
& again try to settle myself for study.
cant make it.

so was chattin on msn w jeffrey till abt 12+

then mi head for makan
help to prepare dinner
n slack at home.

slpt ard 12+

back to work
the tiredness has set in.
keep wantin to close my eyes as im workin.
still workin hard on my goal to clear 'myclaim'

entertain phonecalls n emails n fax..
work till abt 645pm.
then trained to adm.
settled down at mac,
then makan while waitin for cyn to come join mi for chat
didnt manage to catch up w each other for abt 3 weeks?

so while waitin, manage to study abit.
then finali cyn come, mi run.
went to collect my photos tat i have chosen on sun.

continued our chats at mac.
initially planned to go home b4 9pm
cos wan to watch TV drama.
but we chat until forget timin till abt 1115pm.
if dun stop think another panda mi will appear.

so we part.
let my mum see the photos.
mi slept ard 2+..

manage to wake up,
but due to train delay,
step into office abit later than usual.

after which continue my all days work.
productivity had been low.

had to go the washroom to wake up myself up by stretchings n washin of face.
& boom.. heavy downpour i suppose.
the office is ver cold.

then finali time for makan.
head to kopitiam for lunch.
had fried rice & dessert is 'tou suan'

n back to office to continue to work.

& finali ard 4+ i manage to clear my backlogs.
so shiok..

once cleared, ask frank to prepare to let mi help him w his cases.
he was glad tat i ask..
he is drownin w the workload le..

then discuss w daniel abt our exam..
study until abit blur here n there.

since nth much to do,
even manage to study abit.
then abt 6 head for home.

this is reali considered early,
colleagues still askin mi, so early ah..

so trained together w Yvonne,
chat along the way..
then she alighted at AMK.
mi continued to adm.

went to PRIME to buy cheese..
n enjoy the walk back home.
need not walk in a hurry as nth to rush.
quite relaxin other than my heavy load on the shoulder.

reach home ard 7+,
then see abit of pokemon..

n head back to room to use lappie.
makan dinner.

wan to prepare & watch 9pm show..
n later study abit..

tml will hav more cases to do as i requested from frank.
so hope i hav the energy :)

sally to enjoy her precious moments ...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wohoo !!
hiyo dear webby !!
ur writer - Me, has juz come back from her taiwan trip w my mum !!

its an enjoyable trip,
lots of memories to say !!

on thur (before Good Friday):
woke up late..
& rush to work..
hav lunch w mei n xin hui, they juz ended their examinations.
after head back to work..

my boss told mi that ' we take care of here, u need a break '
it seems that my hardwork has been seen & has paid off too :)
honey mentioned tat my black panda eyes is gettin darker each day.
this isnt a good sign rite...

& work non-stop till abt 8+ to clear up my emails/ faxes/ cases
had pizza for dinner n head to bed to rest my brain ("over fried")

Below shall be the trip details:
be prepared for a super long entry :P

Day 1: Sat, 11 April
woke up 830am & prepare + to wake my mum up to head for changi airport T3.
check in our luaggages & head in to makan our breakfast.

then had a long walk to our gate - A18 to board the flight SQ0878.
finally time to board,
& plane took off around 12:25pm.
total flight journey is abt 4hr 20 mins.

i experiment with the remote control to find the channel of shows tat i wanted
watched Japanese show 'Suspect X',
a movie which the drama series i finished not long ago..
[ 神探伽利略/侦探伽利略/伽利略 , 外文名: Garireo ]

had lunch at the same time,
food wise not bad at all.

then watch second /japanese movie:

its such a touching story, which made mi teared on several occassions.

then hear partial album of 'II Divo - the promise'
their voices are powerful yet able to bring out the soothing/ emotion of the sounds
though i may not understand wat they are singing at all..

finally at 4:40pm, we reach Tao Yuan Airport,
weather wise is cloudy,
& we search for the person who is suppose to pick us up.
even made requested the receptionist to help us announce to search for our tour - Polo Tour

then board the bus with 4 other ppl.
one old couple & one sibling pair.

on the way to our hotel,
can see lots of rice paddy fields & highway beside it.
modernise yet traditional...
wires are seen hanging outside, which i feel is quite similar to Malaysia or even indonesia.

head to our hotel - Tao Yuan Da Fan Dian
then since we are all not familiar with Taiwan,
the 6 of us decide to move together as a group,
so the 1st day, got to know 4 new friends :D

place our luaggage & head out to meet for dinner.
went out to makan at food stall, food wise not bad,
then did self introduction :D

walk alot but we were sort of being tricked by the map..
so Jeffrey ask the passerby who brought us to the main road,
n we continue to explore ourself.

the traffic was terrible..
driver seat is on the left side, instead of right side as seen in singapore.
though drivers have lots of manners, & are used to their right of way.
but still i see le, im still scared.
reali alot of motorists, sometimes i feel tat they disregard traffic rules..
in singapore, Zebra crossing is for us, but in taiwan,i doubt its of the same use.

finali reach Tao Yuan Night Market.
lots of food tat we did not see before - im fascinated !!
then head back to hotel..
walk & walk & walk .. tryin to find our direction / orientation.
legs almost cant tahan ah..

& yesh we reach the hotel le...
rest & watch variety shows, taiwan have > 100 channels for us to watch..
reali can be coach potato if one aims to be.

was given small, cute strawberries (not sour at all) bought by jeffrey.
slept ard 2+ in the morning..

Day 2:

morning call at 5am,
nuan until 530am then wake up.
mi wake up 1st & prepare, after which, i wake my mum @ 6am
to prepare & head down for breakfast.
listen to orchestra performance before heading out.

then reach the resturant,
flooded with ppl ah.
not enough seats, but too many ppl makan..
manage to see jeffrey, I-ling & uncle anthony & auntie.
so makan & head out to our coach.
saw our tour guide for the 1st time - Freddy Zhong.

so to our 1st destination: Gao Tie or Bullet Train.
then stop at Taipei & head to take MRT to National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall
took some pics on the MRT too..
in the train, they have priority seats which i find it cool..
as it allow ppl who are pregnant, old, disabled to have tat seat.
seldom ppl will sit on the dark-blue seats..
i dun think the system will work in singapore (sadness)..

& walk over to the Memorial Hall.
on the way took some pic of flowers & even a mobile toilet container.

reach the National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall.
together took our very only 1 Group pic.

after which is some time to explore & continue to take some more pics.
& ended up the 6 of us are the last to board the bus...

then head to Yeh Liu [野柳].
Yeh liu is a place where there are natural rock formations created by erosions of various

had a great time there as there have my fav - wind, land, sea..
was also tryin to capture the big waves splashing against the cliff..
wat a view is tat..

then head to our 3rd stop: Chiu Fen [九份]
on the way, saw a bike with 4 wheels.. interesting..

alight our coach at mid range & took public transport up.
it is located at mountain top,
weather conditions ver cool,
ver much cooler than air-conditioner.

had our lunch as well
for 1st time, tried beef rice.
still ok for me.
tried the spring roll with peanuts & ice creams.
Satisfaction level very high.

walk the small alley & head back out.
once again, we are the last 4.. :P
then took bus down to mid-range to our coach.
the public bus journey down was interestin,
lots of curves & the driver is fast at the turning...

Freddy mentioned the reason why it is called Chiu Fen [九份].
it is due to in ancient history,
there are 9 families in the area, so everything has to be divided by 9 shares.
thus the name arrives..
haha.. dun noe true a not.. mayb should research on it..

then head to Hua Lien.
use Su Hua Highway.

which is abt 1.5hrs bus journey.
slept awhile & took quite some views of the scenaries..
& i have to say tat it is reali mountain everywhere & continuous running..

then have our stop over toilet break at Taroko National Park.
continue to take some more pics.

next to ma zhu temple.
saw gold & jade ma zhu.
make a prayers & head back down to wait for the coach.
took some pics too. :)

then to our next location which is to see Ami Aboriginal Cultural Viilage
choose ourselves a seat, which is seem to prevent our from being 'caught' to go down to

& so the crowd settled, the show started.
quite interestin actually..

really enjoyed the part where they dance the cross bamboo poles..
think need lots of stamina & intense concentration ba..
so its time for the 'grabbing ppl down for dance'
& guess wat - im still caught

since im caught, so i guess i juz enjoyed it.
dun noe y my heart beats so fast..
strange strange de..

then try to follow the dancers' footstep & took photos.
then whole performance ended,
& the photo came out good, so i bought it - somemore with marble casing de
since my $$ is able to help with their education,
guess its a good deed afterall..

after the dance,
head for dinner.

& we have our dinner arrangement.
we are in Table 1.
jeffrey, ai-ling, mum & me same table.
include other 4 members :)

so ended up last one again.
dun noe how come they are able to makan so fast..

after which head to our hotel for the nite - Marshal Hotel.
& rest for the nite..

Day 3:
wake up call at abt 6am.
3 classical music in total.. wahaha..

woke up at 6+
& head for our breakfast.
then off to our coach.

head to ah mei tribe shop
which sells their famous red lingzhi & deer tai pan.
then off to Taroko National Park.

alight & capture some photos of the Taroko Memorial Arch Building
even walk abit further to get pic of beautiful scernaries.
& went to the toilet rest area,
continue to snap snap snap !!

after which went to Eternal Spring Shrine [长春祠]
though the area is cooling, but im perspiring.
got some nice shots too.

then time for makan.
not too bad.
chat w the tour guide too.
as usual i suppose we are the last group to be on the coach.

then 1.5hr ride to next stop - Rei Suai Farm
Jeffrey & me head to the animal farm 1st
took some photos of the mini horses & the mini mini horse.
i touch the mare of the mini mini horse..
haha.. quite comfortable wor..

then took pic of goats, a pair of roosters (male & female)
then we tried to take the top view of the goat tat has horn..
i suppose i got it the 1st time round.. wahaha..

after which head back to the shop & find my mum.
bought lots of sweets & biscuits.
n also bought milk.
& gosh.. the milk reali taste ver nice.. sweet & yummy.
wanted some more wor..

then on the way to our next destination - tai dong [台東]
continue to snap snap snap..
got the feeling that the view seen to be coming out from the advertisement of Nippon

n mi got the feeling that i took more pic of scenaries than ppl.

& we reach our hotel for the night at zhi ben [知本]
this is also female singer - Zhang Hui Mei's Hometown.
the view outside the window from our room is splendid..
enjoyed it ver much...

then wait for time up to abt 6.15pm,
& head down to gather for dinner at a resturant.
after which we walk abt the short streets of the area.
mummy head for massage,
so i head back to room to have hotspring bath [温泉].
frankly, i cant stand the smell of hotspring.
smells like egg yeast.
so shower a quick one
n then watch TV program - feng zhi hua shi [风之画师]

maybe becos of the hotspring,
my whole body relax & i fell aslp at ard 11+
but the bed was hard & not to comfortable to slp on..

Day 4:
wake up at 6am
makan at B1 around 630am.
didnt noe tat we are considered late.

then head back to room to collect our luaggage.
& to our next stop - ping dong [平東]
& on the way, enjoy the shoreline view again.
im so fascinated by it..
was thinkin if i could actually step on the sands & let the waves play thru my toes.

then mid way,
alight to visit the fruit plantation.
& one interestin incident happen.
becos of ladies being crowded,
we end up ask one uncle to help us ba feng [把风] & use the gents.
if not will hav to wait a super long time. wahaha..
wat an experience..

at the fruits plantation,
many variety of fruits were planted,
ver delicious.
juicy & yummy,
even got cross breed of fruits.

then move on to next location - Mei Non Hakka Village [美浓客家村]
this time round,
the food is good.
enjoyed it too :)

then continue to take pics & bought some souvenirs back.

next stop: Fo Guang Shan [佛光山]
reali alot of sculptures, climb the stairs to the top & hit the big bell 3 times
then to the museum of the sculptures of various deities.

then jeffrey who practice buddism explain some stuff to me.
which i agree.
to me watever u believe/practice,
the ultimate is actually to be good & truthful/ honest to urself..
afterall u are responsible for ur self.

we also took some candid shots from different angle.
& took pic under a Rong shu , there is also a shiny leave plant

then move on to Spring & Autumn Pavilion [春秋阁]
amazed by gigantic statues of Dragon & Tiger pagodas

last min bought some snacks.
& head back to our coach.
we are the last 2...
cos we lost track of time,
even the tour guide hav to come down & find us.

visit Hsuan Tien Shangli Temple [玄天上帝神像]
even manage to take a deity pic across the river.
ask damien to take it too :)
touch the horn of the ji xiang wu, which i guess shd be the tian lu [天禄]

got back to coach,
& had to Dream Mall.
it is considered to be the largest SEA shopping mall.
given onli one hour,
we head to the basement to shop.
cos got food,
other levels not tat interested.

& they played classical music over the PA system..

mum was attracted by the CD shops,
so end up purchased 3 boxes of korean DVD drama series.
head out early to gather, & continue to take some more pics,
chat with other tour mates too :)

& with another 1.5hr coach journey,
reach our makan location - Leo He Night Market [六合夜市]
food of various variety & tried their spare rib noodles & hand made dumplings.
then one tour mate recommended chix backside,
so try it too.. not too bad actually.
after which we headto our coach & to our hotel for the nite

arrive at the Citizen Hotel
place our luaggage at the hotel & then head out to meet with our clinque
to shop around.
n frankly nth much to see wor.
see lots of fruit stalls.
then settled at a dessert stall,
tried their specialty - beancurd which also have green bean, red bean, kidney beans & yam.
quite delicious,
but cos im so full from the dinner, i cant reali eat tat much,
at most 3 mouthful..

slowly walk back to hotel & watch TV drama - 风之画师
abt 12+ slpt w/o knowing..

Day 5:

my alarm rang off at 615am.
prepare ourselves for breakfast
early mornin had to be squeeze by the China tour group ppl.
heard from ai-ling that she encounter jap ppl stealing seats from them..

hmm.. breakfast is abit oily, but still consider ok la :)

then 8am, head off to Sun Moon Lake.
initially shd be Alishan,
but cos of bad weather, advisable not to go..

it is a 4hr bus journey.
so slept thru'out the journey.

head to Peacock Garden.
lots of peacocks,
even hav white peacock..
ver beautiful
my patience paid off cos the white peacock onli open up when i was abt to leave.
the other tour member hav headed back to the coach,
so mi n jeffrey & other tour groups busy snapping.
tryin ver hard to capture the right moment..

after which head to makan at Yuan Zhu Ming Resturan
food not too bad..
the deep fried small prawns quite delicious.

then off to Mau's House.
the home of Royal Jelly
we bought some products to try it out..
& took pic w the wife of 4th descendent?

then finali to sun moon lake,
it started drizzling..
still manage to take some pic
& if see the bush/ tree in abstract view,
still abt to see the deer..

so while the boat is driving, mi stood up & continue to take some more pic.

then head to wen wu temple,
rain began pouring but onli for a short while.
walk the temple myself..
then saw a monk, he is giving advice to 2 of the tour mate.
his eyes seem to be full with clarity, ver 透彻

after which the coach head to taizhong [台中]while we continue to slp.
once reach, head to Fong Jia Night Market [锋甲夜市]
walk abt & manage to buy pants from bro.
i suppose tat is the onli trophy.. wahaha..

then its our makan time.
to a ver unique resturant called Wu Jiao Cang Ting [伍角餐厅]
even our tour guide also ask us to take our cameras..

reali ver unique, took quite some photos,
& mi requested to take a Table 1 group photo,
n since waiting for food,
i requested to take individual Table 1 photos.
everyone seem to be enjoyin it..
the ambience is good.
took pics of food too..

the mochi is also ver unique.. wahha..

after the full dinner,
head to our hotel for the nite - shuang xing hotel.
mum said that she didnt want to go for the nite activity - shoppin
so she rest in room,
then the rest of us head out to shop at the shoppin mall next to our hotel.
frankly nth much to shop.
saw a interestin aminated movie thriller.. cool
maybe when it is in singapore, can go watch it..

shop the bookshop,
took some pics,
shop metro with auntie & both damien & his mum..

then head down to VCD shop,
jeffrey saw the cartoon he is finding,
but lucky he did not buy,
cos he mentioned that he research & found tat it is not the complete set.
then head to shop carrefour.

initially wanted to try out the ver 1st originator of bubble tea
which is chun shui tang [春水堂]
but cos hav to wait for 1/2hr,
so we end up decided to giv it up,
cos we hav a long day & will have another long day the next day..

so we head back to hotel...
rest & slpt.
the air condition seem free.
so cold..

Day 6:

wake up at 515am,
prepare myself, then wake my mum up at 530am.
prepare ourselves for breakfast.
reali ver cold lor..

hav to switch off the air-con before i even dare to move.
by the time we reach the makan area,
they haven even start yet.

1st time so early ah..
even early then jeffrey & his sis..

then coach at 7am from tai zhong [台中]to taipei [台北]
hav flowers on the way

went to Martyr's Shrine [忠烈祠] - 10am
see the hourly guard changing ceremony
took more pics & try some interesting angles

then off to National Palace Museum
it sounds like night mkt...
to actually finish lookin at the artifacts will need 10 years, every 3 mths.
so hmm.. tat is reali alot ah..

but with onli 1hr for our tour guide,
he explain the main signature artifacts to us.

then head off to lunch at king Ping Tea resturant.
had dumplings & food wise not too bad.
onli tat cos its lunch period cos started to get crowded.
then the other tour ppl dunnoe how to wait de
keep pushin, some even kick the legs of the chairs to chase us away..

next stop is Tian Lu [天禄]
got to noe more abt myself & as well as my family..
mi hardworking, & responsible,
but i muz be careful of my health (this i suppose i have to agree)
wealth position: dong [東]
lucky colour: white
& better not marry to rat, dragon, monkey.

they keepin pushin mi to buy,
then i keep escapin lor..

after which went to 101 Building
to go up to the observatory cost NT$400, & takes abt 37s as mentioned by the tour guide.
went to ladies but almost got lost,
cos the toilet is connecting,
lucky i took note of the surroundings while walking.
head to Jason Market Place
then shop around it,
at the bakery,
lots of bread to try.
got black black bread - made of squid's black juice
then mum, uncle, auntie & me sat down to rest, they drank coffee

after which, there is new shop opening too - Ted Barker
lots of cameras..
but i dun noe who they are..

then gather & head for shi lin night market [士林夜市]
walk abit,
but frankly nth interesting..
hav dinner - beef noodles but not tat delicious at all.
auntie bought smelly tofu to try, lucky not tat smelly lor.
if not dun even dare to eat.

after which head to our hotel for the nite - Atami Hotel
took down all our luaggage to our rooms.
cos the next day all will depart & all at different timing,
so we need to repack our baggage too..

then damien, ai-ling, jeffrey & me agreed to head out to taipei 24hr bookshop
- cheng pin [诚品]
its a rainy nite,
so we share umbrella,
& train to our location.

then walk to the bookshop.
stay there ard 1hr plus.

damien & jeffrey bought books.
mi & ai-ling did not buy any.
then we head back to hotel.
stop at KFC cos ai-ling bought the cute kid's meal.
after which head to their supermart,
& walk back up to our hotel.
its a long way up the hill.

damien & me saw something like a cat yet not a cat.

finali reali the hotel
& the 1st view is the laughin buddha with the victory look
so comforting.. wahaha..

bide goodnite to them,
then me watch the repeat tel-cast of the 风之画师
& slpt ard 2+

Day 7:

wake up ard 8am
slowly prepare ourselves for breakfast.
left with auntie & uncle,
the rest either hav alrdy left for singapore,
or alrdy makan their breakfast alrdy..

after breakfast,
walk abt at the lobby to sort of digest our food.
then saw our tour members that are abt to leave for the airport.
so chat with them..

then back to room to continue packing our bags
check out & place our luaggage at the lobby,
brought my mum to take train to dan shui.

after tat, saw Damien's aunties,
they shop at dan shui,
they inform which direction to go for our shopping
i suppose jeffrey & ai-ling also there,
but didnt manage to meet up w each other.

saw the stall that is famous for their super tall ice cream
then head to a shop tat sells silk items.

after which head to a store tat sells bag
bought my workbag & others.

then walk into alley,
& saw a wet market,
after which a clothing stall attracts my mum's attention.

as my mum's minister of finance,
i had to calculate the finance of our trip,
so end up hav to spend within our budget.

tried a sausage wrap.
then walk back to buy tie dan & mochi for colleagues..

trained & walked back to our hotel.
on the way bought bread & guess wat - only left with NT $1..

after a long hike,
finali reach the hotel,
rest & waited for our driver.
my mum who wanted to drink coffee but not enought,
so wanted to exchange,
but the resturant staff gav my mum NT$20 to buy coffee.

after which retrieve our luaggage & notice a tie dan & a note.
ai-ling & jeffrey hav bought tie-dan for us to try.
so sweet if them :)

so our bags from 2 become 4..
ver li hai ah..

waited for our driver & at the same time read newspapers.

then the driver finali arrive,
quite a friendly one..

arrive at the airport & bide goodbye to the driver.
went to queue,
quite a long one.
so finali all baggage check in - total weight 46.5kg

got the window seat,
enjoyed the changes in the altitude.
the colour of clouds, sky & the horizon..
ver interestin,
wanted to take pic,
but i guess abit hard to due to flight regulations.

watch the movie 'Twilight'
the male lead quite handsome wor..
wahaha. no wonder xinyi so attracted to it..

then hav dinner
& watch abit of slum dog, didnt manage to complete it..
so time for plane to descend.

landed at 10:28pm.
went to duty free to purchase wine,
& then head out to see my dad waiting for us.

he drove us to changi for awhile & head back home.
im so tired.
unload the stuff in the bags & head back to slp.

wake up ard 1+
then makan & did some housework,
use the lappie & work on the photos..
quite a tough job given that there were 860 pic ++

so whole day doin it, & continue it to sun
at nite chat with one of the tour member - Yan.
slpt 1+

wake up 10+
n slack.

then use compie, & continue to consolidate the photos
upload into facebook & blog entry into notepad.

& i believe Ai-ling & jeffrey have returned
mon will be damien's turn..


will head to slp le..
cos tml workin..
& i hav yet to pack my bag..


woke up for work..
so tired..

after which head to work..
so start all days work..
new colleague in our department too..

then clear my emails..

distribute the keychains to my colleagues team 2 onli.
& share the tibits i brought.

after which head to lunch
had such a full lunch.
then head to back to office to work.

work till abt 8+..
all email for last week & today - cleared.
so tml can touch on other cases le :)

slowly walk to take train.
reach home ard 9+ near 10,
watch abit of the ch 8 show,
then shower 7 use lappie..

slpt ard 1+

mornin woke up seeing lightning & thunders.
so mi n xiao mei remind our bro to take umbrella or even wear slipper to sch then change to sch shoes.
after which time for mi to wake up..

prepare for work.
drizzle on the way..

reach office,
continue to chiong for work.

lunch at waterloo.
then back to work.
dun reali hav the mood to work,
still manage to clear the load..

then work till abt 6.45pm & head for home.
bought dinner to makan.
watch ch 8 9pm show.
then use compie.
chat w jeffrey & ai-ling on msn..
admiring the pic they have taken..

shun bian touch up on the blog entry.
i suppose i can upload le ...

will rest soon ba..

busy the whole day,
tired the whole day
receive the textbook for CGI exams..
so heavy..

left office ard 6+ 7
then headfor home.
by the time i reach home is alrdy ard 8pm.

now watchin ch 8
n doing my finishin for this entry..
gettin longer & longer..

o-ya-su-mi :)

:D ♥; sally


Name : S@lly
School : northland pri, sess, yjc, sim
Birthday : 5 Sept 86

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