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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hmm been past 1 week le..

last thur:
- after work went to meet up w cyn instead of jur who cant make it
- had mac w cyn
- enjoy my time chattin n updatin each other.. cool..

last fri:
- work until 8pm then after tat met up w xinyi n head to AMK
- she goin to watch movie w friend so mi go there makan again Mac..
- left abt 10plus n reach home..

last sat:
- woke up early n prepare myself to meet xinyi for ice skatin session.
- reach kallang, then board the shuttle bus..
- make our way up..
- mi tryin to get used to skatin..
- ver fun experience by the 3rd round alrdy tried to skate w/o anyone assistin mi..
- onli fell down once cos of the hole in the ice..
- but once relax, felt so tired..
- bones wanna ache, leg being 'strangled' by skatin boots..

- after tat makan dessert,
- walk ard to wait for time to take shuttle bus..
- part w xinyi n head to changi..
- quite a lot of ppl
- as usual help out abit la..

last sun:
- rest at home..
- whole day watch TV programs (seem to hav lots of shows)
- sms chat w xinyi n she went skatin again.. ver the dragon.. mi ver the worm..

mon (deepavail):
- no work.. haha..
- restin at home..
- continue to sms chat w xinyi.. she went east coast park to exercise..
- reali like fully charged batteries..
- watch the Ch 8 9pm (last ep)

- back to work..
- mood dont reali feel rite..
- did i mention tat i hav ulcer on my tongue.. damn pain when drinkin water n makan..
- after work, went to chinatown for hair cut (trim)
- then ride train back to PS.
- met up w xinyi, shop abit at Carrefour..
- n then head to XinWang to makan
- had cheesey pork baked rice n the cheese as if dun need $$.. ver thick somemore..
- n then train home..

- work work work..
- hav department meetin at 5pm..
- OT till 6plus..
- then met up w xinyi n trained home..
- reach adm, met up w my mum, n saw my aunt.
- da bao dinner home, noe tat sam didnt go changi work
- watch amine - bleach n naruto.. cool..
- will hav to slp soon le..

so tat is all for now..
hear from mi soon....

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

- stay home weekend..
- watch amines.. so shiok..

- work till abt 7plus.
- alight at semb to buy dinner home
- watch variety show: taiwan dance competition.
- then 9pm show: Ding Dang Xin Jin.. (if i got it correctly)

- happy birthday cyn...

- wanted to meet them early but end up cos closing cases so im the last.
can imagine tat my office is nearest but im the latest too..

- abt 7plus went to Grand Cathy to find them (Ah See, Billy, Wen Jian, Xue Ling, Jimmy, Lui Ping n not forgettin the birthday ger...)
- Jap resturant at the basement..
cool.. choice of food to choose n frankly not ver ex..
pretty afforable..

-then abt 8plus 9, da mei come to find mi..
n all head home together..
mi yawning non-stop durin the train ride..

- went for crm session to discuss case,
- head to Delifrance to hav department lunch..
so so onli..
- after tat head back to work,
n 1 w/shop i called back sang lots of songs to me.
haiz.. so juz listen n practice empathy..
- then after tat waited to abt 5pm,
went for lesson w Jenny..
talkin abt Suspicious cases..
pretty interestin to say...
- after tat ask norman some stuff to understand..
- train home, durin journey head in sever pain..

now hav to prepare to go slp le..

- may meet jur for dinner (not confirm)

- no plans as yet

- afternoon will go ice skatin w xinyi dear n her colleague..
see wanna do wat after tat...

ok now i hav to go slp le...

sally to mia for now...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, October 18, 2008

work as per normal,
was assigned w new block settlement for k. kin hin..
so priority over tat of esteem perf..
the cases not easy at all.. so hard to assess..
went for lunch at PS..

then continue to chiong work.
ard 545 head off.. though im late to meet serene..
walk all the way to sommerset.. initially was orchard.
then i reach n saw jr n serene.
waitin for jw.

after tat head to cine to makan..
the resturant tat serene wanted us to try out..
not too bad.. jap food..
end up sat there n chat alot..
can u imagine mi n serene tellin jr n jw wat to look out if they wan to hav a gf..
n jr reali there listen ver intently, cos he has a ger tat he likes.
so wish him all the best.

after tat went to walk walk..
walk ard cine, then to far east n head back home..
so tired.
alight at semb w serene..
took bus home..

work as per normal.
chiong all the way..
then abt 1130am, head off from office to idac at ubin & tan lim w/shop.
tis is our training.

got to see the undercarriage of the car some more is damage one..
cool lor..
learn quite alot actuali..
get to noe which one is the focus especially for claims..
then head to tan lim w/shop.
they treat us lunch at the seafood resturant
think tat resturant was on TV program b4..
had simply lunch then head off to their workshop.
think the guys enjoyed this session ba..
enjoyed the bus ride too..
gettin to noe each other more ie. jenny n some other staff.
after tat reach office at ard 3plus 4..

continue to work,
then brian ask mi if wanna join andy n xuan for dinner.
mi anything..
so manage to close 2 cases b4 leavin the office.

head to one raffles quay to meet xuan,
then walk to marina sq.
walk the long bridge for the 1st time.
n andy told mi tat normali is humid de, cos ytd was coolin..
so walk at the right time.

went to hunt for atms,
then ate at bao jing tian.
not too bad..
cos i recommend de..

after tat walk abt marina sq,
n head to Studio 6 for drink as time still early.
tried 2 pints of heineken n 1 small glass of tiger for the 1st time,
n busy playin dice game (my fav)
after tat joyce (the staff) at Studio 6, played games w us,
n poor brian, lost the rounds n was made to drink 2.5 big glass of tiger (on the house)
wow.. i dun noe how he took it.

after tat cab home,
let andy head back 1st for he has to work on sat.
then the 3 of us took another cab,
wanted to let brian home 1st but he insist on us..
so i anything,
i was awake the whole journey cos mi 1st to alight.
the other 2 were slpin..

reach home 3plus,
then my dad say y so late..
my reply, ok ah.. they close shop at 2am ma.
so fren normali stay till close shop then go off de.
anyway that pub not too bad la.. environment not tat bad actuali..
pretty much friendly..
small n cosy..

of cuz reach home,refresh myself n slpt.

*happy birthday Bo Qiang!
wake up ard 9plus due to xiao mei actions,
after tat slpt back n wake up ard 1plus.
read chi newspaper, makan n then angmoh newspaper.
head back to room to read novel.
read until slp..
so tired..

wake up ard 7plus,
shower, makan dinner n chat w luiping..

now bloggin.
will wanna watch some amines..
this is the time..

tml will do ironin chores.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

recap session:

- do housework
- read novels (enjoyed them so much)
- watch Variety show.

- work as usual
- had lunch w mei at Xin Wang
- my phone line down again. haha..
- most of colleagues lines also affected ie. connecting wrongly thus ending up like conference call.
- all siblings reach home early to watch Ch U 8pm dance competition from taiwan.
ver nice n the family bonding is there.. cool.. :)

tues (14 Oct):
- Happy Birthday Jurcannie!!
- system abit down
- lucky after lunch recover le.
- mei pei mum go TTS do checkup
- lunch went to PS mos burger to makan,
- me on duty to think of where to go. think PS, mos burger thought by others.
- went home ard 6plus

- went to work w the high high shoes (wedges or something like tat)
- time went by ver fast.
- jenny ask mi to do the cases for a w/shop (block settlement)
- so ask colleagues to transfer to mi.. add more workload.. they look so happy
- end up work until 7pm.
- was emailin w xinyi also.. not too good a day for her i suppose.
- as usual we talk alot of craps but at least lift up the spirits.. hehe..
- reach home, saw my mum change new hairstyle.. shorter n permed hair nice nice..
- watch Ch 8 9pm program, funny at some instances haha..
- now bloggin in point form.. idea leh.. haha...
- mayb will choose to watch bleach if i not tired.
- now 10 plus feels like 12 plus. haha..

- in advance wish serene happy birthday
- will meet her after wk at orchard w jr n jw..

- will hav excursion to idac by our office.

sally to mia for now...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, October 12, 2008

so another week is goin past again..

went to work later than usual (onli abt 5-10 mins later)
went to makan chix rice,
nt fillin at all..
then walk around.. to watson..
window shop abit n head back to work..

then after work went to PS to meet up w my mum...
makan at Wang Jiao..
my mum enjoyed it too..
then shop around at john little n daiso while waitin for mei to knock off from work.
reach home alrdy 10 plus 11 le..
so tired.

head to work feelin tired.
then did the assignment tat ghandian has assigned.
930am had my 1st section meeting..
goin to hav major revamp in our section to speed up matters..
cool.. im will be assigned with cases in greater amount too..
tried to clear up the cases tat i hav done,
can close more the better.
so busy makin phone calls n sendin email to w/shop & lawyers..
end up left work ard 6pm,
xinyi alrdy reached bugis le..
made my way on foot to bugis to meet her..

walk around...
then hav dinner n blujaz..
wanted to chill out but then xuan sms mi to invite us to St james..
so decide to go find her..
walk from bugis to dhoby ghaut along the way shop This Fashion..
then train ride to harbour front n tried to find out way to St james..
follow some ppl tat seem to be goin to st james,
xinyi also hav the same idea as i have.

met up w brian n xuan n head in..
then andy n his colleagues..
kenna check IC at entrance..
after tat head in..
frankly nth much interestin to me..
music not the right one,
feel/ atmosphere not there.

slowly the crowd gathered,
mi drank Vodka Lime, quite nice..

then xuan went to bring her colleague, Guo An..
chat around n dance..
i so zhi high.. if not i fall aslp.
play 5-10 for awhile..
then waited to head home..
andy cant find his colleague, but bags still at desk..
so strange lor..

mi, xinyi n xuan cab home,
while brian n guo an took another cab..
on the cab, the other 2 gers chat..
i mostly stay quiet..
xinyi alight 1st followed by xuan then mi..
reach home 3plus, n tat still awake..
shower n head to slp..
so tired.

end up slp until 3plus..
though i did wake up in the mornin..

makan brunch,
watch abit of TV programs,
then went back to room to read novel..
n feel slpy at the same time..

then ard 7 plus,
walk to sunplaza w my mum..
chat along the way...
do some shoppin..
bought a top n bottom.. nice nice...

after tat da bao dinner home.
fish porridge nice to eat..

reach home,
finish off my novel,
then enjoy talkin to my bro as i makan..
watch TV programs n now using the compie..
1plus in the mornin..
i think i shd be slpin soon..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, October 09, 2008

quick entry.

woke up for work,
feelin tired as usual..
read novel on train..
trainin reali hard to complete them..
think tml can finish it le...

then email vote to kenny's idea as to where to makan for lunch..
head to meridian (i think wrong spelling, but hack care)
hav korean dishes...

after tat head back to work..
manage to settle one or two,
n chat on phone w w/shop n lawyer..
abit scary ah..

then went for CRM discussion to due black listed w/shop..
went to reconfirm w Ghandian
after tat wanna slack also got abit of prob.. haha..
drank lots of water,

n finali time for lesson..
went down to level 6,
had meetin in a cold room..
reali is cold...
discussion w quite alot of stuff.

after work,
went to makan w brian, yong siang, kenny n yvvone
had Fish & Co for dinner at parango..
had our 1st group photo too...

*from left to right: brian, yong siang, kenny, me n yvvone
then saw shijie w i think is his gf...
anyway head to Alley Bar to chill out.
end up the guys bsy sayin Ghost stories
scary ah..
had Apple Martini, not nice at all...

i cant take it anymore..
hav to go slp le...

Sally Ng

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

went to work as usual.
wore dots-dots dress.
cold day at work.
busy w new work load...

hav some troublesome cases.
tml will hav discussion with the panel. i think..
so whole day busy doin the files.

then initially 430pm hav meetin,
but end up 5pm then start meetin.
lots of things were talked abt.
like the diff departments progress.
n also my progress.
jenny even mentioned to ask frank n norman to throw 150 cases to mi
instead of the 100 that was mentioned b4..
stunned.. haiz..
my section may soon restructure to hav more speedy process..
meet until abt 645pm...
then after tat head off for home..

durin train ride head giddy giddy de..
alight at semb,
went to sunplaza to buy dinner.
XO fried rice $5.
haha.. manage to finish them,
think im hungry ba..

watch TV programs,
chat w bro..
now use compie...

will go slp soon..
tml hav lessons at abt 5plus till to abt 7..

sally to rest her eyes le....

:D ♥; sally

Monday, October 06, 2008

last thur:
went for induction program.

*frens at induction program*
ver boring to say..
haha.. wanna do some stretchin also abit hard.
but at least the activities were more uplifting.

then finali time for lunch.
makan n walk to bugis.
now then i noe income hq ver near to bugis de..

went to suntec for Rev up course.
its abt customer svc excellence.
n the talk was like so early in the mornin.
at some point in time even felt like slpin..
then hav lunch w orientation frens.
crack some jokes too..

head back to HQ listen some more,
then move ourself for walk.
one orientation fren offer to drive us to tampines contact centre.
so kind of him.
so went there, see see look look.
and finali time up..

head to one raffles quay to meet xuan,
after tat met up w brian n andy.
hav dinner at parklane (wanton noodles famous)
then andy drove us around to next destination.
wanted to go brewerkers (something like tat),
but too full so end up head to IndoChine (forbidden city)
smoky not becos of cigar but cos of the incense sticks.
almost makin mi tear.

tried Frosted Jade n Long Island.
not too bad actuali,
but i suppose w the hip-hop, R&B music as background,
get 'blur' ver much easily.
knowin tat will reach limit auto stop.
n drink plain water..

andy's fren n yong siang come along too..
dance abit..
then waited for time to go back.
reach home abt 3.

stayed at home..
too tired to go anywhere..

stayed at home too.
but went to CWP w mum to walk walk n run some errands.
slept pretty early

head back to work.
n finali my colleagues can start 'throwing' cases to me le..
norman alrdy throw abt 40 cases.
he say to do it in batches so tat i can see them.
frank alrdy got ready will do it after work..
lunch time head to PS for lunch.

my outlook email abit flooded..
haha.. 2 days not in office,
so come back try to clear them.
n manage to settle some.
n i can take calls more confidently le..
think it comes w timin n other essential feeling..

after work,
head adm,
bought dinner,
went back home to eat.
watch TV programs Ch 8 7pm, Ch U 8pm (wu lin da hui),
Ch 8 9pm, Ch U 10pm.

now quickly use compie..
if not u nvr noe wat the compie will do.

tml will hav motor department meeting till abt 7pm.
haiz. another long day..

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

work as usual,
manage to wake up early,
so head to work early (not reali tat early as i expected)
cos of train delays.
then work n work..
feel like slpin at every moment.

then my phone line down again.
sadness lor..
create w big woohaa abt it.. but Mary, jenny n lily.

after work,
head back home,
dun feel like havin dinner.
then slpt at abt 11 plus 12..

rainy day, felt cold the whole day..
muslim colleagues can hav 1/2 day..
so good..

work till abt 6pm,
went out w brian to meet up w xuan n andy.
went shoppin while waitin for andy.
end up, xuan n mi bought a dress..
dun noe if it is impulse buying,
but once i heard tat dun hav to iron, tat seems good enough a reason ba.

then the shop retail assistant talk w us.
was talkin abt Brian n andy.
haha.. sayin abt their looks, height n tone of skin.

after tat head to Fish & Co to hav dinner.
nice one..
then walk to TCC.
they wan to hav a cup of coffee.
mi drank Green Apple Twist.

after tat chat out while andy smoke.
n it felt so cold cos rainin n big wind.
chat there was funny.
then dun noe how it end up andy say to drive us home.
CTE quite heavy traffic..

n finali i reach home 1st.
im the 1st to alight..

reach home, chat w mum.
now using compie..
n juz ended sms chat w xinyi...

think will slp soon le..
cant tahan le...

sally to mia for now...

:D ♥; sally


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