...Destination ~ Destiny...

Saturday, December 30, 2006

1st thing 1st.
Happy Birhtday Hua Xiong...

back from work.
nth much happen today.
miss the shuttle bus so i waited at the train station.
read a new novel.
its reali captivating.
cant stop readin it.

reach workplace.
quickly went to set up my table for wine tastin.
the wine seem to b movin quite slowly.
but better than nth.

went for lunch initiali with one auntie,
then end up with 3 other promoters.
chat n ate at the same time.
time went by quite quickly.

was chattin with deva.
he seem quite of sad.
then finali while chattin he cheered up.
after tat i went home.

after much consideration,
mi decided to part with my money n buy the bag.
think it will not come to waste de.

while waitin for the bus,
auntie n mi went to see a new shop.
she purchased one hair band.

went out n it was rainin.
bought food home.
n reach home,
continue readin the novel.
reali gettin quite interestin..
think will try to complete it tonite.

now bloggin.
wanted to watch the amine
but it is takin abit too much time to juz wait for it to load.
so mayb can wake up early to watch tml.

mayb now can try to watch 1esp.

tml gonna go out after work to find my cousins.
hope to enjoy the countdown tml..

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all in advance.. :P

sally disappearin...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, December 29, 2006

time to blog.
wheather good today.
no rain.

went to work.
tired till i hav to drag myself out of bed.
reach workplace,
busy doin ticketin.
then help to arrange the shelf n other wines.

went to eat.
then shop around.
saw a bag i like.
but dun noe if wanna buy.

then wrap the wine bottles.
wrap until abt 6.
waited for lay peng to finish her work n go home together.
eat lays potatoe chip.
now on promotion offer.

she was talkin abt her new born baby boy.
seem tat her baby is a funny one.

then me alight at adm.
went to chat with the stall owners.
bought food home to eat.

KC sms mi to say he return to singapore.
n wanted to find out if he got coast clear to call his supplier.

slowly walked home.
now bloggin.
juz finish watchin Death note amine.
now lookin at new amine.
'mermaid melody pichi pichi pichi'
seem to be a funny amine.
abt mermaid leaavin in the human world.
one thing bad is tat too many series to follow.
dun noe how long it will take.

now gonna continue watchin le.

sally enjoyin her amine rite now...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, December 28, 2006

back fro work.
so so shagged.

went to work.
reach there,
saw the shop i used to hang out durin break time.
now is empty le.
full of memories over there.

walk thru the lane.
n sign in.
JC booth change place le.
then my booth so so messy.
took time to arrange time.
then raymond tell mi back store hav wine so i arrange.
so so much stocks.
finish them ard 2 plus.

n HORRAY lay peng is back.
nice to see her back.
she bought BK for mi.
so nice of her.
so my lunch was settled.
once i finish packin i went to hav lunch with JC auntie.
after lunch went back in.
so so cold.
went to find my jacket.
wanted to do ticket n end up saw another pallet of my wine.

more than 20 cartons.
so so mad abt it.
then end up re-structure the stocks.
took another 2 hours again.
lucky auntie help mi if not i will cry n until 7 cant go back.
took the 630 bus.
raod heavy jam.
n the bus seem to stink.

took train reach adm.
went to update my bankbook.
reach home go for dinner with family.
daddy off today.

now bloggin, msn chat with penguin n watchin SCV megastructure.
gonna rest soon.
read my novel n wait for my amine to do.
hehe. happy.
hope tml will not be another day of strenous exercise.
if not im goin mad le...

sally disappearing le...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

time to blog.
last nite after finishin bloggin,
pei my dad watch SCV.
watch till abt 3plus.
then i cant tahan went to slp.

slept until 12plus 1.
open the window,
went out to chat with my mum n BOOO..
here comes the rain.

got myself ready n waited for my dad to prepare himself.
went to buy my bro sch books.
went to hav brench n went home.
read my novel for a little while
n went out.
mi went to watch movie 'a nite at the museum'
initially wanted to watch it by myself.
waited to hav some time for myself.
but miss the timin.
so watch the 530pm one with my bro n his friends.

with 1/2hr left to spend b4 the movie.
i went to civic centre to buy a drink.
juz to finish the card i purchase some time ago.
while enjoyin the drink, i read a mag.
n went back.
still it was rainin.

the movie is indeed a interesting one.
reali enjoyed it.
so so fun to watch.
like the 'dum dum n his gum gum'

after the movie went to da bao dinner.
n ask my bro to bring it home first.

mi went to adm to pay off the bills.
then slowly walk home.
reach home, showered n ate my dinner.
watch tv n blog.
gonna help my bro wrap his books.
n watch amine.
one hour plus to 2hr of amine.
shiok sia..

tml hav work le.
ver tired.
but cant be helped.
y i so 'hardworkin' ah?

sally gonna mia le.

:D ♥; sally

another day has end.
n today marks the end of the wine fair im workin.
so so shiok tat it ends.

slept till 1pm today.
think for 1 mth i didnt slp until so late.
reali ver shiok.
then went to adm with mum to eat.
chat with mum n mei,
then went off to work.

reach marina square,
nth to do.
today's aim is juz to pack the stocks.
so i dun even try to promote.
pei auntie go eat snake.
she treat mi milo.
ver ver hot milo.

then went back to work n stone.
finali they found some place for us to put our wine.
still hav to help them clear.
wat the....

then quickly pack n went off.
dun wan to do any other extra work.
took rebound with auntie n she went off.
her stuff is reali heavy.
3 wine, n other stuff.

pack food n went home.
walk in the drizzle.
quite shiok.
reach home settle down n ate my dinner.

watch the 9pm ch 8 show.
went back to my room to organise my stuff.
at least tryin to get my organiser workin.
look thru my next sem timetable.
seem to hav 2 days tat hav 6 hr lesson instead of normal 3hr.
wow. tat is reali lots of information for mi..

add details to the organiser.
then chat with my mei.
help my mum apply her mask.
n watch amine tat im followin.

now bloggin, chattin on msn, watchin SCV.
mulit- taskin sia..

heard from my JC tution teacher.
he says tat for these 3 years xmas.
something bad happens.
24 dec 2004 - iran earthquake killed 20, 000
26 dec 2005 - tsunami
26 dec 2006 - taiwan earthquake leadin to tsunami on philippines.
i say that acts of past destruction is takin its troll on the present.
dynamic world.

now chattin my cousins.
see if wanna meet up on eve of new year.
see how it goes.
gonna slp soon.

now outside rainin heavily.
rainin the whole day without stop.
cold sia.
but shiok.

sally dreamin le...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

*our ice cream*
*our frinks*

* my food*
*mi n serene*

*mi & cailing*

* pic of 3 *

* another pic of 3 *

:D ♥; sally

went to work today..
xmas day work.
so end up slacking hard.
cos no samples to let tastin.
which saves a lot of time i think.
soon went for lunch.
after tat we part.
i went to walk ard alone.
nth much to see.
so walk ver slowly.
then walk back to booth.

later cecila told us to combine booth.
for 2 become 1.
so mi n KC share 1 booth,
long tail n giant wine share the other booth.
hard to pack n arrange them.

after tat ah sheng come to find mi le.
of cuz not find mi.
im juz a smoke screen.

waited for time to be up.
n went down to mrt station to meet ah sheng.
while waiting,
a lady approach mi to ask if she could borrow my phone.
n wans to exchange the SIM card.
i told her i cant.
cos my phone actuali at the back is paste with tape.

then she approach another person.
think the ger saw my reaction n i look at her,
she also say tat she is waitin for a phone call.
we nvr know wat happen.
so better be safe than sorry.

took the train to tampines.
n change bus.
chat for quite sometime.
finali we arrive.
ate some bbq food.
n went to walk long the beach.
ver nice feelin.
ver windy.
after tat we played a little poker n majjiong.
play until a little addicited n also reali late le.
1 plus near 2.
didnt noe tat it was rainin.

mein her dar were busy quarrelin.
see le ver sian.

finish watchin the amine.
now updatin.
goin update the pics with cailing, serene n jason on 24th dec.

ah sheng ask if wanna meet up on the 31st to countdown together.
sounds interestin.
can consider.
hehe. ^.^

sally goona sleep le...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, December 25, 2006

*this is baby zan -the birthday ger.
it finali my turn to hold her.
she is reali a active baby.
we looked rather distracted rite?

*this pic includes mi, my mum, 2 mei n my auntie.
interestin rite?
do we look alike?*

*pic of my cousins.
though not all in.
but better than nth*

*this is the delicious tang yuan i had*

:D ♥; sally


wat a two days i hav spent.
on the 23rd,
wore dress to work.
nth much la.

last min made some sales.
then abt 7plus went off to cuty hall to meet my mei.
goin for my baby cousin's birthday.
reach there ard 8plus 9.
saw my cousins.
all grown up n become ver funny.

there hav 4Y.
Yong biao, yong yuan, yong sheng n yim peng.
after the gatherin at the chalet.
me n my sis, mum head to find my xiao mei at my dad stall.
had dinner there.
then finali when i was abt to finish the dinner,
my cousins they come.
so we chat n enjoyed ourselves.
took some pics.
ver fun.

then we slowly walk back to the chalet.
while walkin,
notice some funny incident n also it rained.
so sad.
still continue to walk.
after tat we went upstairs to stay in the room.
all gathered there n chat.

hot topic is maple.
even my er shen also play.
mi no play, so dun reali understand.
ah sheng say if any one bully my er shen,
call him n he will revenge on her behalf.
wat a good guy he is.

then ah peng is our ver own ' Jay Chou'
wan him to talk ver hard de.
my xiao mei eventuali gave up.
cos he reali live up to the expectation of 'Silence is Golden'.

stay at the chalet until ard 2plus.
reach home, showered n slpt ard 3 plus 4am.
so so 'early'.

24th mornin.
too tired to wake up.
drag myself out n went to work.
i gav the cookies i made to them.
all say i can sell the cookies.
i noe can.
but will be ver tiring de.

**To Nicholas, the chocolate Ryo bought for u..
u forget to bring home.
now is at my booth?
u wan tml or 26 u come find mi.
its in the box.
if not i take le.
sms mi hor.

after work,
wait for serene, cailing n jason to come.
wait abit long.

then went to eat breeks.
busy takin pics.
rene rmb to send mi hor.
wanna post it.
so think now i can post the 23dec pics.

then decided to take train to semb.
go there count down easier to go home.

instead of counting down,
we played poker.
ver nice game.
played until i think all addicted.
n tat coffee bean has to ask us to leave.
cos they closin stall le.
wat a way to countdown xmas isnt it?

to a cab with cailing.
now im reali tired le.
gonna dry my hair n go slp le.

sally dreamin le...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, December 23, 2006

finali time for mi to blog.
im so so tired.

mornin my mum woke up early.
so she prepare breakfast.
so xin fu..
half boiled eggs, tang yuan n milo.
simple enough isnt it?

then went off to work w mei.
nth much happen.
today time seem to pass by quite fast.
cecila ask us to pack the wine from 2 big big facin to the normal shelf.
not an easy job.
how the hell to find facing at normal shelf for all the wine?
siao ah..

one big big facin done b4 lunch,
another is done after lunch.
durin lunch time went to eat at food court.
all eat noodles.
but end up the 2 guys tummy pain.
so sensitive.
mi no problem.
feel nth much.
after tat we went to shop at mini toons n some other shops.

went back to work.
stone n try to sell wine.
ytd after i left my workplace,
lao jiang actuali manage to sell 100 bottles of wine.
cos he person was lookin for banquet wine.
so shiok.

as i was abt to go home,
cecila pass mi 'tang yuan'
she say she too full cant eat, ask mi to bring home eat.
but mi dun reali like to eat so end up throw away.

after work,
lao jiang, kc n mi sat at starbucks to drink.
lao jiang treat us.
quite an expensive one.
sat there for abt an hour or so.
after tat they suggest go shoppin.
so i juz follow.
now they are the 'ladies'
while i become the 'gentleman'.
stay at Topman for abt an hour.
ver super.
i stone there for quite some time also.

went home.
eat my dinner.
then prepare to make the gift for sunday gift exchange.
watch amine 'MAR'.
xiao mei help too.
end up take abt 2 hours or so includin washin up.
now 3am.
i so so tired.
nites to all.

tml will be goin out after work.
tired more.
sian le...

sally enterin dreamland.... @.@

:D ♥; sally

Friday, December 22, 2006

hiyo diary.
went to work as usual.
stood all the way on the train journey.
then pack my booth n stone.

JC auntie today sell alot of wine.
more than 30 bottles.
n mi help her wrap alot of bottles.
cos customer demand de wor.
so i help auntie lor.
then the guys help auntie carry the wines.
cos ver heavy.

then went for lunch.
at mac.
they talk jokes tat i dun understand.

then went to top man to shop n went back to booth.
wait for cailing n serene to come
end up they find mi twice when i wasnt there.
i there they didnt come.
630pm, KC left.
then finali they come n i got ready to leave.
they shop watson.
mi went to listen to xmas carols.
ver nice n interesting.
after that went to eat at yoshinoya.
went to raffles place mall to buy some xmas cards.
then went home.

think i today luck not ver good.
was caught by cecila twice.
1st time i was eatin at my booth.
that is my mistake but i reali ver unlucky.
ah boy ate so many times n i got caught the 1st time.
2nd time was before i left.
she say need to check bag.
so i let her check.
she say need to act abit.
ok lor, i pei her lor.
if not my ears will rot de.

finish 1 chi novel.
ver fast n easy to read.
did a word puzzle.
watch MAR.

did a handwriting personality quiz.
The results of your analysis say:
You plan ahead, and are interested in beauty, design, outward appearance, and symmetry.
You are a shy, idealistic person who does not find it easy to have relationships, especially intimate ones.
You are affectionate, passionate, expressive, and future-oriented.
You are a talkative person, maybe even a busybody!
You enjoy life in your own way and do not depend on the opinions of others.

so is this true?
mayb to a certain extent ba.

then now gonna slp le.
tired sia.

sally dreamin off le..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, December 21, 2006

finali bloggin le.
last nite cant get to blog
so doin it now.

nth much happen ytd.
n yes the sun finali come out.
still it feels cold.
think cos of the 2 days of heavy rain ba.

while at work.
notti KC make mi choke on my water.
then mi tears come flowin out.
reali pain sia.

at nite return home,
went for dinner with my family.
quite nice though.
but i feel im eatin in the cold.

after reach home i finish my novel.
watch the amine i wanted to watch n went to slp.
cant tahan too tired.

now im awaken by sms,
so decide to use compie.
do my regular routine stuff.
n now bloggin.
think gonna prepare for my work le.

Jia you... jia you... jia you...

sally tryin to remain awake...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

* my certificate file!! ver ver big de.
photo is taken on with the file on the floor *

* this is my big big certificate!! *

* isnt is file thick? so heavy!! *

:D ♥; sally

tired ah..

went to CWP at abt 1115am.
to hav breakfast with my friends.
then went to sch.
im so so tired.
nth much to do.
wait for our graduation cermony.
quite a fast one to say.
abt 1/2 hour.
the top scholar for our program is Chester.
Congrats man.. hehe.
the cert also ver big.
become a hassle to us.
ver big certificate like a drawin paper size.
took class photo n then hav break.
n off to orientation program.

saw huizhen.
she gonna be my classmate again in the new semster.
isnt tat cool?

finali orientation finish le.
n time to hand up our stuff.
many many ppl there.
think not the full strenght of next sem class.

sms chat with friends.
cheer up k n dun give up.
as a chi sayin ' 天无绝人之路 '
make always make alternatives de.
but muz be determined :)

then hav dinner at swensen with ying, xuan, krys, kelly n charlene.
ver fillin.
almost cant walk.
then quickly went off cos kelly late for drivin lesson.
still rain ver big.
my small umbrella is tryin its best to work it magic.
then the stupid file is so so heavy.
makin my arm ache like mad now.
need to find arm rest.

sally movin her body to the music....

:D ♥; sally

Monday, December 18, 2006

time to update.
wake up.
prepare myself for work.

n step out of the buildin.
rain come rushin down.
lucky brought my jacket so wear it to work.

walk to workplace like takin my own sweet time.
leisure strollin.
then slowly pack my stocks n open booth.
n stone.

thanks friends for ya regards.
mi feelin much better le.
at least i noe the ankle support is doin its magic.

then wait for KC to come.
n we went for lunch.
then shop for more food.
n sat to rest.
tired sia.
leg especially.

then went back to stone.
slowly sold 1-2 bottles.
no rush for it.
cos rush then i no stock more cham.

finali time to go home.
KC help mi carry the stuff n i stroll in to pack them.
thanks friend.

took train n read mag.
reach adm,
pei him go guardin while i wait for my mum.
he went off i met my mum.
stone at the provision shop n went to have dinner.
ver full.

went goin home.
rain come down again.
even with jacket i feel so cold.
now bloggin.
gonna refresh myself soon.

later gonna read the novel n rest.
tml not goin work.
meetin ying they all 11am at CWP
to hav lunch b4 proceedin to sch.

dun noe wat will happen tml..

take care friends, n cheer up :)

Sally wormin her way out....

:D ♥; sally

now doin a quick update.
afternoon was in my mum''s room talkin.
then went out to sunplaza to hav our brench.
n then i went to borrow books.
finali i can continue to read le.

n met at the relax room.
ask david to see if he can help mi with my ankle.
pain but feelin much better.
can imagine mi there laughin all the way.
cos of the pain.
nuts am i?

then shop around.
went to buy ankle support.
so as to allow my ankle to be in position/

then went to buy the stuff i need to do the cookies for gift exchange.
whole day rainin sia.
reach home watch SCV.
then now checkin abt the updates at work as well as emails.
sian sia.
think will turn in soon le.

take care friends.
& thanks to the 3 siao friends i had at work.
peiseh cant go today.
hear all sales ver good ah..
glad to hear that..

sally makin her way out..

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, December 17, 2006

wake up le.
leg in pain.
cant go work.
sian le.

now waitin for parents to wake up.
then think they will fetch mi to the chi phyisican.
ah yi say my leg now like 猪脚 ..

ok la. gonna stone for now.
outside seem cold n wet.
rainin quite heavyly for juz now i suppose.
mi in the middle of nite,
i caught some glance of lightning that strikes across
the dark sky which was illumilated by the bright clouds.

chattin with KC.
he send mi quite alot of youtube stuff to watch.
haha. and i suppose also 1 movie.
in case i get too bored.

the website he send was abt mr brown.
a ver funny one.
<< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myqyKZsknmw >>

reali can enjoy it.
can listen to hossan leong n ruby.
ver interesting.

sally wobbling her way out...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, December 16, 2006

this is the Cookies & Cream Cheese Cake.
that JC auntie has baked.
tasted alittle chessy n also filled with white chocolate.
simply delicious.
though we were curious as to how auntie made the crust..
yummy yummy.

this is ah boy.
cuttin the cake so softly..
happy 18th birthday to u.
hope u like this sort of surprise celebration for u.. :))

aren't they engrossed in that beautiful cake?

Left: Ryo aka Lao Jiang
Middle: Nicholas aka Ah Boy
Right: K.C. aka Radio DJ
as for mi.. im the PHOTOGRAPHER..
Camera: kindly sponsored by KC's N70.

:D ♥; sally

hiyo ^.^
early mornin went to jog.
feel ver good.
after tat get prepared to go work.
met KC at adm, then ah boy at yishun.
off to work.

reach there pack stocks.
then open wine.
here come the problem.
the store manager come to ask us how was the sales.
mine was onli so so.
n dun wan to order stock.
so u noe. steal here abit n there a bit.
steal as in takin from the normal shelf hor..
poor KC kena 'whacked' for no reason.
reali need advance plannin before sayin anything.

time for break.
we all are waitin for it.
cos wanna celebrate ah boy birthday.
JC auntie bake the cookies & cream cheese cake.
it is so so so so so so delicious.
reali ver yummy.
all of us enjoyed it.
gonna post the pic later.

then went back to work.
mi suddenly sold 18 bottles of soft sweet white.
then now i hav to worry abt the stocks.
cos reali not much available le.
then ah yi dun wan mi to order.
so cham.
n there is one varietal finishin soon le.
suppose to be happy de rite?

then time pass by ver quickly.
ah boy handicraft ver good.
cut names out of the cartons.
see le ver nice.

time to go home.
went to buy some stuff when reach adm.
then suddenly i fell down.
the fish soup gone case.
now left leg in pain.
my aunt say i didnt let my leg rest
so leg went wobble without knowin.
think scared KC haha..
sorry ah friend.
n thanks for ya concern. appreciate it. :))

reach home.
rush to shower n hav dinner.
then see my leg.
think gonna become pig trotter soon.
rub with mediated oil n put medicated plasterS.
then wear socks to secure it.
if not leg will pain easily again.

so now bloggin.
chattin with friends.
sian ah.
dun noe tml still can go work?
wanna hav fun instead of work.
this wat i say for these few days.
everyone seem to be playin instead of workin.
chattin here n playin there.

ok gonna post the pics.
let u see the 3 new friends of mine.

sally doin her acts....

:D ♥; sally

Friday, December 15, 2006

first thing first...


today his birthday.
as usual not much of a crowd.
ryo friend come n being 'attacked' by chocoloate auntie.
think ver little ppl can stand her.

then chat ard n stone ard.
KC friend come.
had lots of jokes.

still i feel tired.
today didnt go run.
too tired.
my mum last nite say my panda eyes how come suddenly become so so dark.
i also dun noe.

finish one novel today..
dinner was pizza bread.
reali eat le ver ver full. cant even walk after eatin.
now watchin amine.
think will slp soon.
suppose tml will go jog le.

sally signin in to her dreamland..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, December 14, 2006

back from outside.
before goin work,
i was eatin peanuts.
so addictive..

then slowly made my way to marina square.
slowly set up booth.
n chat with lao jiang n aunties.

chocolate promoter talk so much we cant tahan.
rotate among ourselves to chat with her.
then all miss KC.
isnt he popular?
haiz. cant stand tat radio DJ.
too much joke to handle.

had lunch at cavana - curry chix rice.
n went back to stall.
basically i feel im juz paid to stand there.
legs so tired.

then after tat went to CWP to find my mum n sisters.
they busy shoppin.
mi stone there.
too tired to do anything.
even for dinner i ate little.

finali reach home.
so shagged.
will try to quickly finish my book.

sally disappearin le...

:D ♥; sally

ytd cant get to update cos my mei dun let mi use.
wat the....

ok. as usual went to jog then work.
mi no life.
KC say im the 1st person he met with no life de.
i think i take tat as a compliment.

yawn so many many times
until i cant tahan le.
so slp here n there.

lunch time went to eat 'bao jing tian'
then slowly take our time to go back booth.
the competition is back.
KC fruit wine now much cheaper than mine.
so sad.

then end of work.
tat is a choir singin Xmas songs.
ver nice.

then went home myself.
reach home watch TV.
read novel.

n sleep.


now bloggin after my mornin jog.
feel quite awake but later i think will feel tired.
KC not goin to work today.
but lao jiang is.

sally busyin herself off....

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

now 10 plus at nite le.
today is another boring day wor.
lucky KC n auntie there.
if not i can rot here n there le.

went to jog before goin to work.
reach work place.
set up booth as usual.
then refill some stocks.
then wrap the bottles.
wrap quite alot until my neck cramp.

then come KC.
he continues singin songs.
while i stone.
i help auntie wrap her wine.
nice nice.
think i can try tat too.
dun even feel like servin those customers.

the time for break.
went to mac to eat.
KC n mi chat quite along of stuff.
even some things went made aware.
tat is cool.
think hav to go thru serious plannin & research for the future.
the no. 2 in the tenth place of our age is reali a heavy burden.
*.learn for the past, look forward to the future & empower the present.*

then went back to booth.
nth much happenin.
KC the radio DJ continue his singin.
we chat n waited for time to pass by quickly.
finali time to go home.

took train.
he busy doin his work.
i look here n there then close eye to rest.
mi alight at semb.
find mummy.
mummy bought mi a top.
nice nice de.
then hav dinner.
ate korea food.
nice nice & so so full @.@
then quickly go home.

while takin the lift.
the lift went mad.
cant go up n trap inside.
lucky we are on the 1st floor.
so force the door open n went to take the next lift.
if not hav to climb all the way up to 13th floor leh.
no joke wor.

now im bloggin.
at the same time allowin my mp3 to eat.

sally wobbling off...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, December 11, 2006

bloggin time..
work up early.
went to jog.
sun again ver big n bright.

this reminds mi of a novel i read.
there is a guy who make wish to the sun.
cos it is considered everlastin.
moon is everchanging.
tat make sense doesnt it?

went off to work.
on the way saw KC.
think we on the same train without realisin.
then went to sign in.
no ppl nor crowd.
dun even feel like workin.
12 days no break cant help.
gonna continue till 18 dec.
cos 19th hav o return sch.
think im sufferin from monday blues le ~.~

JC auntie was there.
so we chat.
even sit around the booth.
thought cecilia see will scold.
lucky today her mood ver good.
even chat with us.

mi today feel so sian.
ah boy n lao jiang not there.
ah boy miss lao jiang durin the journey to work.
today become KC's turn to miss lao jiang.
our bondin has become quite strong for durin the 4 days spent together.
rather a unique experience ^.^

took 2 breaks today.
lunch break eat le then shop around.
wanted to find herbal tea but end up..
KC makin his round on wat he wanna buy.
tat is alot of $$ involved.

second break is taken cos reali wanna slp le.
went to TS,
i chat with the sales rep i noe.
then KC watched Cars.

time up n return back to booth to stone.
finali time up to go home.
pack n left.
took train n reach adm.
saw my mum at TS shop with ella n jasmine.
so i join in.
mi ask KC to head for home 1st.
n he left.
mi continue chattin with them.
mummy has purchased VCD for mi.
can watch it durin my free time le..

after tat not knowin wat to eat,
end up ate mac.
this time round i tried mcspicy.
indeed a bit of spice.
it seems the food i ate for lunch n dinner hav spices.

mi n mum observed tat the financial advisers of some org,
is actuali makin quite a good use of the facilities of Mac.
promotin their policy in mac.
free air con some more.

slowly walk home n watch TV.
now waitin for amine to play.
1230. 25 more mins to go.

after tat reali will slp like pig.
tml hav to work.
those promoters say tml even worse than today.
they expect to hav no crowd.
not even a fly available to catch.
tat can explain the situation im in.

think will stop here le.
seem tat nth much also can type so much.

sally in her dreamy state...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, December 10, 2006

back from work.
work till 8pm.
tired sia.
reach home onli 9 plus near 10.

wake up n lie in bed for 1 hour then prepare go work.
met KC at adm then ah boy at yishun.
all are wearin white.

poor KC.
not enough slp.
then on train,
ah boy say he miss ryu.
cos the 4 of us has 2 days of fun alrdy le.

break went to eat cavana again.
but this time round,
all the 4 of us ate curry chix rice.
reali quite nice.

for mi, sales quite good..
abt 20 bottles sold.
help KC sell more.
he say today not much motivation to sell.

still ryu win cos 30 bottles.
today poor nicholas didi..
sold one bottle.
at least better than nth.

ah boy today ver high.
open moscato drink alot.
even bring it home to drink.
think he high on it.
he today also act quite niang..

KC today didnt open concert.
then ryu not used to it.
he ask him to sing.
ytd KC sing non-stop.
we ask him to keep quiet.
i even ask him to time himself to keep quiet for 1 min.
1 min times up.
he come singin back to mi.
think we cant stand things being too quiet.

then ryu open fruit wine that has a taste of pomelo.
KC drink alot.
think ah boy n KC quite addicted to it.

i open a new sample,
finish le.
reali ver power sia.
i even more power.
the fruit wine sample finish.
i let ppl smell the wine
to let them noe the smell n hence the taste.
tat is how i manage to sell out some of them.

finali time to go home.
went to buy john hoon cd.
reach home listen.
onli 5 songs he sang.
the remainin 5 are instructmental.
tat 5 songs cost mi a bomb.

now bloggin.
juz now chat with niko didi.

tml left mi n KC.
niko onli comin back on sat.
ryu think mayb on thur.
his situation is unsure.

ok gonna stop here le.
watchin variety show.
ver ver funny.
give mi sales ba.

sally driftin off le..

:D ♥; sally

now alrdy pass midnite le.
feelin quite tired wor.
was lookin at my organiser.
mi alrdy work 10 days no break le.

mornin woke up went for jog.
then slowly relax till time up for work.
met up with KC at adm n then make our way to yishun to meet niko ah boy.

then off to work.
today atmosphere at work quite competitive.
mayb cos its weekend,
so we expect more ppl.
so end up each of us set own target n try to reach it.
but this has proven that time indeed pass by reali reali ver quickly..

jacob creek promoter has won.
think sold over 25 bottles of wine.
cant help cos brand so well known.

KC sold abt 17.
li hai de lor.

ryu think sold abt 10.

mi so sad 10.

niko ah boy sold 7 ba.

at least for mi,
as compared to the rest of the week.
today considered alot le.
dun noe y ppl dun come to buy my wine.
today open the tropical fruit wine sample..
gonna finish soon le..
so scary..
1st time sample finish so fast.

went for lunch ard 3 plus.
ate cavana.
slack n watch britney concert.
then went back n stone.

serve n sell the wine till time to go home.
all close booth at 8pm.
the 4 of us went down to city hall mrt station.
KC went off 1st to meet his friend.
mi, niko boy, n ryu went to take train to marina bay.
no crowd n most imptly is to rest leg.
then ryu alight at orchard,

mi n niko di chat on the train journey.
got to know some stuff.
still i find nicholas a good boy.
can repent is a good thing.
lucky tat the chance come early in life.
n glad that i hav this good friend/ brother. ^.^
compliments to u ah boy...
hehe ^.^

now tat i am at home slackin,
quickly blog.
if not i think i will 4get..
memory reali gettin from bad to worse le.
so sad.

*do i hav 'Da Jie' looks?
ryu n KC say i hav.

finish readin a novel.
think gonna slp soon.
eyes dun seem to be able to open le.

sally driftin to wonderland...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, December 08, 2006

hiyo ^.^
feelin so tired today..

wake up ard 9 plus.
then quickly refresh myself n went to jog.
long time no jog,
cant move.
sun still big big, glarin at mi.

after tat shower in cold water.
feel so shiok.
then went off to work.
went to adm with mei.
then take train.
today journey i feel quite fast.

stock were packed,
tickets were placed.
then stone there.

today code is black.
mi wear black so do the rest..
so it a blackie day.

mi so patheic..
last min mange to sell onli 1 bottle.
sad sad...... @_@

poor choon siong..
mood today not ver good.
something has upset him.
so the abit crazy & hyper KC cheer him up.
i think cheer until abit tai li hai le.

ard 3 went for lunch.
mi eat quite full.
yummy food.
all 4 sat there eatin n enjoyin the music.
guessin the song/ artist/ n others.

after tat went back to work.
nicholas went off early.
then ard 7 plus.
mi n KC pack stuff head for home.
finali can go home.

reach home finish my chi novel.
ard 10 at my dinner.
currently multi-taskin.

sally signin off..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, December 07, 2006



went to work as usual.
but b4 that,
went to sunplaza to return books.
the bus after 20 mins then come,
make mi late for work.

walk ver fast to my workplace.
then start the normal routine.
nicholas n KC didnt come today.
another new promoter is there.
at least still got someone to talk to..

went to break alone.
nth with that.
but the time was hard to spent.
ate my food ver ver slowly.
still hsv 25 mind left.
so i walk around.
i am reali not a shopper.
nth much for mi to shop.
onli end up walk in rounds.

went baxk to work 5 mins earlier.
then ard 5pm,
the starbucks next to our booth was havin a promotion.
wat ever drinks we ordered from 5pm-7pm
will be free.
starbucks will pay to the salvation army.
so choon siong went to quene up for it.
reali alot of ppl.
we stood there watching.
n finali my fav drink come to mi.
thanks choon siong. ^.^

choon siong n i notice there is a group of jap guys
comin to my booth twice.
i act busy cos dun wan to entertain them.
scared got language barrier.

then ard 7 i pack my stuff.
bought choon siong to the department head.
can see tat he is frighten by the tone of the head.
i was too stunned by it.
lucky she noe my auntie so gave abit of face.
if not sure ver ver cham de.
can imagine it.
think tml someone will get the "lovestory" fm her.
sad for the person..

went to adm,
saw ella.
she seem shagged.
think too tired.
which i suppose is the same for mi.
think brain will onli function tml.

finish a chi novel today.

check mail for my dad's biz.
got some reply.
now bloggin n watch amine.

sally signin off for now...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

back from work.
tired is the word.
doesnt it rythm??
somemore still hav blocked nose.
water tap will soon gonna be spoilt le..

nth much happen.
again the 3 of us busy chattin.
then KC went to move his stocks.
we cant find him.

end up callin him
n help him.
but nicholas accidently hurt KC.
Ouch is reali the expression.
toes will sure hurt like mad
when the whole thing come crashin the toes.
poor thing...

after tat went to foodcourt to eat.
stone there.
then finali time up..
continue to stone.
around 530,
nicholas left us.
went to pick up his GF.
then mi n KC continue stonin.

topics reach from Sch to camps to horror experience..
then last topic was abt financial statements.
his poly course is accounting.
quite interested in that course.
but now i noe it is not easy at all.
sad sad sad..

after tat make my way home.
gonna take my dinner le.
n quickly finish off my novel.
tml due date.

2nd Last thing: Hui Xuan, Happy 20th Birthday to U.. (Today)
Last thing: Doris xiao mei mei, Happy 15th Birthday to U.. (TML)

Sally sneezin off..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

another tired day for mi.
how am i goin to stand this for another 2 weeks?

lucky KC n nicholas there..
we 3 chat like nobody biz.

initialli didnt noe nicholas..
he stand there ver cool.
dun smile de.
then ask KC to chat with him.
see him too lonely.

then we thought of havin chair n sit there rest.
of cuz cannot la.
wan to picnic also cannot..

then KC sales rep come n left.
then my mum n little sis come to find mi.
they come straight from TTS.
hav lunch at 'bao jin tian' again.
this time i rope in nicholas n KC.
my aunt come later.

we slowly eat cos ver tired
n that not much energy.
poor nicholas food ver 'BIG'

then went back to stone.
chat n i went to help my aunt wrap bottles.
nice nice.
while the other 2 guys stand at my counter chat.
my counter in the middle.
good gatherin around.
then let them try wine.
nicholas 18 also cant tahan red wine.
KC 20 dun reali like red wine.
same as wat i used to be when i 1st tried wine.
he see mi promote n think i bluff those auntie.
but all is true.

then a Giant personnel ask mi to get the details she wan.
she say her big boss say we look abit too young.
tat wat wan to hav our details.
haiz. make 2 trips.
2nd trip, scared sia.
tat personnel known for her temper de.
so end up the 2 guys say pei mi go.
but they stand outside.
mi go in alone.
lucky nth happen.

went back to stone.
waitin for time to be up.
finali time up.
clear quite fast.
ask nicholas to look after my bag.
end up he played a prank on mi.
naughty boy.
then wait for KC to take his bag.
walk to train station.
haha. chat alot of staff.

nicholas alight at yishun.
while mi n KC alight at adm.
went for dinner.
haha. end up i eat 'tian pin'
then went to buy stuff at 7-11.
n head for home.

reach home 9 plus.
so tired.
quickly refresh n then use compie.
now watchin TV.

think will slp soon.
reali im so so tired.
n bless serene..
wish her all the best for her examination..

sally driftin off....

:D ♥; sally

Monday, December 04, 2006

ah-ni-yoh- ha-sayo.
korean greeting from mi..

today was awaken by noisy construction.
reali noisy n annoying.
ppl sleepin,
there drill drill drill.

went to work.
today a different venue.
Marine Square.
went to adm with my mei.
then took opposite direction train.
mi went to meet my aunt at city hall.
then along with fei fei auntie n florence we went to eat.

then florence drove us to marine square.
went to register our presence.
the giant reali ver big n organised.
see le ver shiok.

then wait for the wine to come.
my aunt brought mi to walk abt to let mi get familiar with the surrounding.
i ver wo lo de.

the giant head in charge for wine so troublesome.
like this cannot, like tat cannot..
make my auntie so shagged.
i help to carry the cartons n do the ticketin.

then finalli all done.
wat a task.
went to arrange the normal shelfin.
then went to eat.
ate at a shop called 'Bao Jin Tian'
ver unique rite.
the food is also reali ver hot.
haha. if cold go there eat sure get warm de.
the food quite nice.
eat till ver ver full.

then went back to giant.
aunt went to purchase some stuff.
so i socialise with the other promoters.
got company not so bored.
will be there for 3 weeks.

work time start from 12noon to around 7 pm.

then i come back.
talkin to mei.

then i calculated i will hav 20days of non-stop work.
(excludin 19th Dec.. think i will be tired also)
then i remember the last 4 days,
i hav also been workin.
so hmm..
abt 25 days of non- stop work.
siao ah..

now watchin TV.
gonna quickly read the novel..
suppose will take another one or 2 hrs ba.

gonna rest soon.
so so tired.

sally strivin on to the extreme (?_?)

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, December 03, 2006

now watchin TV.
haha. funny one.

went to work.
before that help my mum deposit $$.
initiali dun need to miss train.
end up train come early n there goes.

work today quite busy.
busy not for wat im doin.
but wat the Giant wan mi to help them to do.
change all the yellow shelf talker to Xmas ticket.
busy sia.
write, type, tear n replace them.
do until ard 7.
so late sia.
then help jamie be spy.
as wat she is sellin.
she saw someone tat frightens her.

then took train to adm.
met up with my mum.
n we end up stayin at the shop for an hr.
the sales ppl for TS adm ver friendly.
one personnel is called Ella another is Jasmine.
but she say wanna be hebe.
so we had fun there.
so the 4 of us includin my mum chat n enjoyed ourselves happily.
then bought food for my bro,
then mi n my mum ate pizza bread n apple pie.

the TV drama finish le.
now quickly blog.

think will return to my book soon.
tml gonna start work at a new venue le.
wish mi luck.

Sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, December 02, 2006

another day of work has went past.
so tired.
woke up abit late today.

then help my mm buy some stuff
n bought bread for lunch.
went to take train.
then by chance saw wan yu.
so long no see her le.
she on her way to yishun CC.
goin there to study.
she still in examination mode.
poor them.
Wish them all the best..

work time.
my counter location was taken away.
then mike n raymond
there laughin.
naughty them.
end up i come up with the idea to share the place.
for my booth small small de.
the promoter named Jamie.
same age as mi.
when she work,
she ver on.
see le i scared sia.

haha. chat to kill time.
n finali time for break.
went to find auntie.
ate my food.
n again i bought some clothing.
nice sia but sure the pattern i wear sure cannot wear out de.
onli i n auntie n my mother noe.
shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ^.^

went back to work.
stone there.
no customer de wor..

time to go home.
while waitin for shuttle bus,
a black man (skin colour.. im not racist ah) approach mi.
suddenly come talkin to mi.
he say he is a professional football coach for ACS.
woo that is cool.
n ask mi if i watch football or any other sports.
ans: seldom or no..
bus come, i went off.

bought rice home to eat.
reac home,
watch TV,
read novel.

actuali quite bored.
still dun wan to go out.

watchin TV.
weather now cool.
think gonna hunt for my jacket soon.

sally gonna rest to recharge...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, December 01, 2006

yoz diary.
went to work as usual la.

reach there,
auntie treat mi eat rice.
big big packet of rice.
so so full..

after tat went in to work.
saw Jenny (Jacob Creeks merchandiser)..
help her with some stuff along with her promoter auntie.
then she treat mi drink milo.
so nice of her.

then after tat went back to work again.
saw Raymond quarrelin with a supplier.
sia la..
he look so fierce.
stunned was the word.
never knew he could be tat fierce.
initial see him, black face onli.
but after tat i chat with him,
he was laughin all the way.
he explain wat happen to mi.
then i understand..

went for break.
read my novel.

then return to work.
bought the fruit wine for my old neighbours.
now got promotion offer.
so cool..

got the news from my auntie supplier.
she ask mi to go work @ giant at marine square.
there is a wine fair there.
need ppl.
so will start work on mon le.
for 3 weeks.
tat is alot of work..

ok la..
now goin to stop here.
gonna quickly finish the ver ver end part of the novel.

sally signin off..

:D ♥; sally

tired sia.
fancy updatin now.

woke up n pei my mei go hav breakfast.
she go sch, i go work.
reach AMK rainin.
ver big.

then took my time to go to work.
cos i noe today will not be a relaxin day for mi.
the stocks finalli come.
need to hav abt 5 trips to collect all the cartons of wine.
still isnt enough to fill the whole display
n tat some variety are still lackin.
somemore air con not on.
tied my hair to 2 pony tail
like xiao mei mei.
no choice hair abit short n weather warm.

then for lunch,
went to auntie stall to hav wan ton mee.
she bought it for mi.

after tat i went back to work.
help another promoter auntie arrange her wine.
she quite old.
so think better help.
after all she did help mi.
help mi kill time at the same time.

after tat prepare to go home.
there was a group of teens.
their attitude see le nth to say.
mayb quite disappointin ba.

after tat bought food home for sibling.
then ard 7 plus 8,
i pei my mum go adm.
went to the provision shop.
sat there n chat for more than an hour.
then went to Mac to eat.
cos reali dun noe wat to eat.

now im home.
watchin TV n updatin.
goona slp soon le.
slpy eyes is here.

sally driftin off..

:D ♥; sally


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