...Destination ~ Destiny...

Friday, June 27, 2008

shall do upafte for i can forsee my next 10 days life le..

hmm.. went out to meet serene at PS.
makan then shop.
she hav to do her 3rd yr anni stuff for jason.
n i am her helper.. hehe..
shop at Spotlight.
the stuff there reali intrigue mi to hav some hands on session
i.e. scrape book n stuff, reali interesting.
our ideas come together n so therefore improve on it.
kinda cool to see the finished product.
after tat head to another shop in PS also dealin w scrape book stuff.
another interestin shop but tat is more $$$

then head on to hereen..
shop here n there..

then to taka, then to cineleisure for dinner.
again at kobayashi..
so we sat there, ate n we thought out the idea for the gift.
so after much discussion,
we concluded n rush to Far East.
chiong all the way ah...
haha. lucky the shop haven closed for it was alrdy 9pm le.
n mi by luck manage to buy a red belt too..
after tat we took rebound back to semb where i da bao dinner for my mum.
legs gav way when i reach home...

on tues.
met up w serene at semb to hav brunch together.
head to KFC.
n 1st time ate Meltz.. not too bad..
after tat head to ntuc to buy some stuff so i can cook later.
then head back to my house,
n then begin w the art..
mi took the position of supervisor.. haha..
n also the cutter..
serene is the overall creative designer..

ard 5 plus,
cook pasta w the sauce..
ver nice, make mi n serene so hungry...

then continue to do the artpiece until abt 11plus.
then escort her to mrt station n walk back home..
rest for another day..

nth much happenin..
then at nite,
dad come bac home early.
so he da bao BBQ stingray, Chilli crabs, veg n fried rice.
but some thing happen.
di n mei n dad quarrel.
ver li hai..
haiz.. hard to say but sometimes ver easily things can trigger if not taken care properly esp since bro n mei are at the growin stage,
mentality is different n hav to catch hold of them as if playin kites.

durin midnite,
was watch DVD w my mum.
so funny. at least it has allowed mi to get over my original view abt the show.

then today (thur)..
the atmosphere is ok la..
all like tryin not to touch the line..

then happily use compie,
n was busy findin my bro.
he go friend house but always didnt inform.
haiz.. so hav to go phone huntin..

then my aunt called mi.
she wan mi to help out w the wine fair at taka..
the co. im helpin out is my former co.
since haven been able to find one job tat suits mi,
so work to earn ver little bit ba..

then watch alot of eps of the amine since i last stopped..
watch until 6, then switch to TV to watch Da Chang Jing.
then mi n mum walk to sunplaza for dinner.
end up ate at Mac..
cos lazy to walk the escalator...

then serene come to find mi.
so she has finali finish the gift,
n onli left w the "overall security"
gav her idea to hav a neat one.

after tat took bus home..
n watch abit of tv programs, n read newspaper.
as usual newspaper read for quite some time..
even my bro say 'why newspaper u can read so long de'

now usin compie,
then talkin to dad..
haiz. abit of wanna vomit blood le..
will go slp soon.
if not tml cant wake up..

anyway the European wine fair is on at taka cold storage from 27 Jun to 6 Jul..

sally to mia for now le........

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, June 21, 2008

franky rite now i cant reali rmb wat i did for this past week.
hmm.. train of thoughts rite now......

hmm upload some pics before i start chattin nonsense...

*my dad w the shirt my sis bought for him.. handsome doesnt he!*

*my cousin n his pose!!*

*personally i like this pic, a self taken photo..i like the smiles.. haha..*

on thur,
had an ver impromptu meeting w xinyi.
went to shop for office wear for tat ger found a job le.
so congrats her.
sms mi ard 2 plus.
then met her up ard 4 plus.
shop around n the got reali good deals as metro..
it was havin a G200 offers.
bought top n bottom at ver cheap n affordable price.
waitin time to try out ver long, so to cut time,
we did the unexpected.
haha.. shall not say too much..
after tat proceed centre point, walk abit then i skid off.
cos floor n my slipper so slippery..
then walk to PS.
played w escalator,
then head to Pasta Mania to makan.
rest our legs,
then head to 'This Fashion'
think i recommend her the right stuff.
n her reward was great.
so she spend abt 140 but w many tops.
i spend abt 110 w proper attire.
reali is a great harvest.
after tat took rebound to marina bay back to yishun.
both of our legs wanna giv way le.
went to yishun i da bao for bro then head back home.

as for ytd.
surprise calls from friends.
one is padma from SIM.
updated each other of our recent developments.
interestin i will say.
n here i wil like to thank her for her help too..
Thanks Padma..

then Choon Kee called mi up in his office durin my dinner time.
tryin to ask mi back to work in Giant.
i dun wan le.. there for 3 years is not joke man..
chat awhile then go off the line...

WALK to sunplaza on foot w my mum.
lucky not ver warm abit of coolness at nite.
if not can imagine how i will look like.

finish the korean drama 'Scandal in the Old Seoul' or 'Jing chen fei wen'
my bro watch it w mi.
4 DVD equivalent to 16 esp.
ver interestin n funny show.
it has elements of deception, love to lovers n to the country.
if wan a good laugh can watch it.
onli tat the last disc made mi tear..
touchin and romantic...

for now,
hav to do up my resume.
hav yet to found a job.. sian..

n shall continue w naruto since i left it aside quite some time ago.

sally to chiong ahhhhhh....

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, June 15, 2008

1st thung 1st: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to you DADDY !!!!
rmb today is 2nd sunday of june

ok back to topic
im gettin ver li hai le..
haha.. one week blog once.
for nth significant to blog abt.

anyway tis week quite a filled week ba.

mon ordered the bbq food n callin up the ppl to confirm.

wed nite met up w the gers.
hav dinner at cwp, walk ard n again went to mac to chillout for a little while.

thur went to hav a traditional herb henna for my hair,
quite an interestin sight of how the do the henna.

fri is the day of bbq.
mornin woke up,
went to yishun to buy the stuff.
still hav to wait for my dear cousins,
so buy le, then head to his house to put the stuff so tat they can deliver it down to changi 1st.
then i da bao n head home.

my mum ask mi to go down w my dad 1st.
so went to makan,
n then drove to bottle tree village to collect flower crabs.
environment nice n big.
saw durian trees too.. haha..

after tat drove to changi.
by the time i reach changi is alrdy 3 plus near 4.
so prepare the stuff n head to the pit.
waited for the delivery to come.
chat w my cousin n my mei join us later.
divide the task n then got down to work.
though there were some hiccups.
still it was quite an enjoyable one.

i onli noe the topics among the guys is MAPLE.
dun noe wat they talkin abt.
then ah wei was there teachin mi n seng how to bbq satay n wings.
haha.. now tat we noe the technique quite interestin..
cos the 1st few round, our satay is sweet de.
cos of honey.

abt 12 we got ourself ready to head back.
so see them pack up too.
n abt 1 plus we reach home.
tired ah...

these few days engross w novels.
n still no news from the agency.
think im goin jobless le..

ok now goin back to naruto.
n mayb read the novels i hav juz borrow from semb library.

hear from mi again~~

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, June 08, 2008

thurs at home restin,
went to sunplaza w mum to hav dinner,
n i finali borrow books le.
im so so happy.
tat is a sweet burden.

met up w cailing, n serene at cwp to hav dinner together.
chat a lot, went to foodcourt,
then head to civic centre mac to chill out.
laugh until my face red.
around 11 plus we head for home.

prepare myself n went town w serene n cailing.
i can say it is a long time ago thinggy since we last went out together shoppin.
mi wore heels (as my mum told mi too)
then hurts,
haiz.. who invented it anyway.
bring so much agony to ladies.

met up w them around 2 plus.
head to cine to hav lunch in the HK-like style settin,
then head to far east,
walk round n round,
cailing bought a bag n some other thing i suppose.
cant reali rmb,
but something there excites mi.
there were havin mini control car race,
where the car do drift, n i mean DRIFT.
cool.. the person controllin the car from far ver li hai..

after tat walk to CK Tang,
look look here n try try there.
then head to cine again for dinner which is abt 8plus alrdy.
mi had kimchi chix..
so the spicy + ver warm rice,
can imagine it.
initially felt abt cold, but after takin the food, i was perspirin.
n my nose has broken down again.
cheeks become rosy rosy de.

after tat went to took train n hav the rebound route.
if not my leg will definitely giv way de.
alight at semb w the gers.
end up sat at mac to chat.
n surprisin we chat until 1plus,
then mi n cailing escort serene home,
then the 2 of us cab home.

n reach home, wan to faint,
cos of durian smell.
n did i mention tat serene is goin find her durian feast the next day.

refresh myself, n end up sat in the living room.
bro watchin naruto amine, mi readin my novel.
guess wat end up i slpt when time approaches 6.
but at least i finish off the novel.

so now is sun.
n 1 feelin i woke up,
Y is my leg in so much pain.
big toes, n small calf hurts.

watch last esp of hua yang, then 1st esp of ge duo tian wang.
then do laundry.
n head to adm w mum to fill our stomach.
i didnt hav the appetite so ate green bean soup.
walk around abit,
then went back home.

use my mei compie now,
loaded naruto,
my bro has chasen up in terms of speed le.
my turn to catch up w him..

sally to her amines le.....

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

time to blog.

1st thing 1st: my legs wanna giv way le..
can hardly stand straight..

mornin woke up by jur sms.
she has confirm her lunch date w mi.
so mi woke up ard 9plus, n head to tanjong pagar to meet her.
then she brought mi to Hans to eat.
ate grilled fish dory.. not too bad.
then we update each other n chat abt my future job prospect..

after tat i head to orchard.
i cant find the orchard library at taka.
has it move house? haiz..
so sad wor.
so was there circling round the escalator,

marcus called mi up.
long time didnt hear from him le.
so update each other a while n hang up the phone.
glad to hav made some friends while workin.

then met up w my xiao mei.
goin shoppin together.

she bought some stuff.. like shorts at cotton on.
then went to cine to buy bag for ivy mei.
her reali belated birthday present.

after tat head to herren, then walk to PS.
initially wanted to buy umbrella cos of the unstable wheather.
but unsuccessful in findin the type we like.
so didnt buy any.

head to PS, went to Daiso.
haha.. end up my mei was sort of attracted to it cos of the good deals.
after tat went to makan, walk around,
n chose Yoshinoya.
ate slowly to shun bian rest leg.

after tat went to take train.
took the rebound route.
then at adm, da bao dinner for bro n mum,
then run some errands,
n went to trim my hair.
so i can say on day fully used up.

but i hav hurt my right thumb.
bleedin profusly as if i dun need blood.
w the plaster on it - still hurts, but better than nth.

11 plus le.
goin to continue to watch naruto amines.

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

sat met up w serene, jason n alvin.
head to changi to makan.
then went to the beach to walk walk.
but cant reali walk cos of the sundown marthon run.
longest distance is 72km if im not wrong.
it is such a long distance when i 1st heard it.

around 8plus,
head back to stall.
surprise to see my mum though she said tat she informed mi.
but as usual i didnt hear it.

sun went down to changi again to help out..

i noe tat the results will some how be release today.
haha. n indeed i receive the sms from a friend.
so sprint to action for i was still lyin on bed.
check my results n heave a sign of relief.
though all credits (which is reali not good at all)
(i miss the degree with distinction mark)
but at least i cleared it.
one load down if not im will kenna depression de..

chat w guifang n huiying on msn.
so update each other too.

then head out to cwp w my mum to meet up with my aunt.
went to cold storage to find her,
then head up to cavana to makan n chat.
i hav pink fantasy which i will say so-so onli.
the fries not advisable to try.
not ver nice.

chat until abt 4, my aunt head back home,
then mi n mum went to walk walk.
shop at metro n mum bought a bag.
then head to face shop,
n mei met up w us after her school.
bought some items like liquid foundation, moisture~~~, mask.
haha, mummy say i hav to learn to protect my face
for im known to be one lazy ger who does not know how to put on make up.

after tat head to giordano.
mei bought pants, mum bought tops.
n then went makan.
after tat head back home, ridin train,
at adm bought bread for next mornin consumption.

reach home,
mi n mum cant move.
too tired.
so i read a chi novel.
felt much better.

use mei compie n manage to catch hold of cyn.
almost miss each other by tat few seconds.

chat awhile,
then now i stonin.
one plus in mornin.
think will go slp.
dun noe tml need to meet jur a not (unsure)
mayb if meetin i can ask mi xiao mei to meet mi at orchard to shop.
am i seein something ~ shoppin?
haven head for town for such a long time le.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally


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