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Friday, June 30, 2006

Samuel 13th birthday!!

today is Samuel Didi 13th Birthday!!
around 10plus at nite, we sang the birthday song.
da mei bought the cake.
we sang n eat the cake.

then my mum who is havin some pain cant eat cream.
so she ate the cake without the cream from my didi plate.
n then surprisingly.

we (3 sisters) *Jealous! Jealous*

xiao mei say mummy bias. haha..
think not la.
cos my brother mayb he is the onli boy in our family (kids i mean).

the cake is a Chocolate Cake.
*so chocolate*
my sister n brothers luv it.
i find it alrite.
cos too much chocolate.

today is oso alan last day at work.
wish him all the best.

now i goin to squeeze into my mum room
she watchin the last espiode of the show 'xin niang 18 shou'


Signin off,

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

day out

today went back to SIM alone.
to do wat?
Pay School Fees.
pocket is such deep hole - $3675.

then after that went to lavender.
went to meet my aunties for steamboat.
at the big big canal saw many fish.
so so many.
then went to eat.
so so full.
again. eat all the round round n long long food.
haha. meatball, fishball, noodles n veg.

then after that went home by cab.
cos there is super heavy load that my aunt hav collect from Tiger Beer (APB)
reach home i recruit my sis to help mi fix it out.
we two had a time with it.
then my bro come back.
juz nice we two finish it.
then he kept pesterin us to play with him.
haha. mi tired but play awhile with him.

around 7 plus 8
mi went to Adm to pei my sis eat.
she eatin her breakfast, luch n dinner @ KFC
after tat we walk abit n then she saw her security guard friend.
we took by the road n chatted for about an hour plus.
ard 11 we went home.

now sittin in front of compie updatin.
now goin to take shower.
so warm #$#%^%^&^*

tml stil hav to work.
hear from laypeng tml got someone big coming.
got to look guai guai. haha. wear tat vest n covered shoes.
n of course arrange the wine neat neat.
n mayb the things around my perimeters
that is if im free. then can help out.
think mayb laypeng will call mi out often ba. haha.

Nites to all.

Signin off,

:D ♥; sally

Friday, June 23, 2006


so so full.
tat was the word for ytd steamboat at bugis.
i kept eatin the fishball, meatball.
all round round one.
after tat the hot air balloon caught my attention.
n all of us proceed to see how it ascend n descend.
scary scary.
but i believe the night view is pretty nice.
still i wun wan to try.
scary. ~@~

then today i went to work as usual.
suddenly a supplier approached me
n gav mi his no. n name.
for a sure thing- i dun noe him at all.
i wore spec at work today.
cos my eyes ver sleepy.
thus with spec at least i look more awake.

at work.
i was ver busy lookin at ants.
the ants are moving in some manner that interest me.
curious curious.

when at break.
there was one auntie who is so so willing to spend >$100 on each person on facial.
earning a very high salary (exports n imports of cars)
but is super unwilling to pay for the clothing which cost 5 times less than the facial fee.
somemore still wan to eat the cents away.

juz now as i was walkin home,
i notice a kawaii doggy.
the doggy was wearin snicker shoes on all 4 legs.
so cute.
haha. some more the eyes is big n watery.
fur is long n white.
on the overall,
KAWAII is the word.

wanted to go changi.
but im too tired to do so.
n tat by the time i reach changi will be 7plus 8.
n that when we leave changi will be 12plus to 1.
tml hav to work.
so forgo this chance.

now sittin in front of the compie.
but eyes in TV.
the show now seem to hav a messy many trianglar love story.
messy messy.
now is Guess3.

Signin off,
Sally is tired.

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Updates for now

these days as usual im tired.
so now more updates when i can.

tues i was off from work.
so staed at home the whole day.
except when i went to eat with my mum.
lunch - admiralty.
dinner- chong pang.
when at chong pang,
mi n my mum purchased some tops.
nice - simple yet presentable.
then after that went home.

wed which is ytd,
mi accompany my mum to SGH for her checkup.
officially she is discharged.
tat is good.
i notice something that i n my mum hav in common.
which is -
promotin my dad stall as n when/ where we are.
the nurses n doc seem ver serious when we are talkin abt it
they seem to want to go.
so cool.

then after tat we went to bugis.
mum wanted to go to the Guan Yin Temple to pray.
so i go along since i know where it is.
then each of us got ourself a lot.
my is a lucky lot.
my mum is a medium lot.
we spend some time understanding the meaning of our lot.
then we proceed on for home.
no mood n too tired to shop bugis street.

then arrived Adm,
we ate n went home.
i reach home,
freshen up n slept for some hours.
so so tired.

then at night
i waited for the show 'Da Chang Jing'
feel so HAPPY yet so SAD.
happy with the ending n how things go along.
sad with it being the last espiode cant watch anymore.
i watch it twice -
once it the actual one another is the recorded one.
the recorded on was since in the wee hours of the mornin with my dad -
who juz come home from work.

ard 3 plus i went to bed.
now mi preparin to go work.
so use the compie for a while.
will have to pack stocks again.
later aftre work will hav to go find ying, xuan, charlene, krystyn, kelly at bugis.
they want go eat steamboat.
n since it has been a long time we got together.
thus, this is another gathering.

Gonna rush off for work soon.

Signin off,
Sally is aching n TIRED.

:D ♥; sally

Monday, June 19, 2006

Crab Fiesta

today is the beginning of a new week.
& of course its also the start of my off day.
so so shiok.

woke up at abt 1215pm.
then prepare myself to go out to eat.
went sunplaza n met up with serene
i ate. she drank.
we sat there to chat.
long time no chat le.
juz the two of us.

then i went to the library to check out some books.
n surprising ying sms to see if im a sunplaza
cos she knows its my off day today.
haha. then we met up.
so the 3 of us went shopping together.
i reali dun noe wat to shop at sunplaza.
partically nth to shop.

after that went to Mac to eat.
jason come along n fetch serene home.
mi n ying went to shop for facial foam.
after that i went home.

feelin extremely tired,
i slept.
woke up around 7 plus
n the whole family went to eat.

went to AMK to eat along with my uncles n cousins.
they wanted to celebrate Fathers' Day!
that is belated for sure.
so we had CRAB FIESTA.
1st is chilli crab.
2nd is crab beehoon.
3rd is pepper crab.

but i dun reali hav the mood to eat.
my brother today ver kind to me.
he help mi peel the shell
while i juz have to eat the meat.
my sisters they jealous.
had some fun moments.
baby cousin ver kawaii.

around 10pm we left the place for home.
now juz finish watching 'Da Chang Jing'
Getting more n more interestin.
haha. im lovin it.

goin to take a shower soon.
n prepare for sleep.
Tired as i am always.

Signnin off,
Sleepy Sally !!!

:D ♥; sally

Friday, June 16, 2006


mi more then 1 week didnt update le.
dun noe wat to update also.

today went to work as usual.
pack new stocks.
n did face out for the items.
today Giant ver cold.
hand freezin.
then went for lunch at auntie's stall - Sianeder.
she say i help her open sales whenever im present at her shop.
mi no 招财猫. *meow meow*

after that went back to work.
time goes by quickly today.
after work,
when i was waitin for the shuttle bus,
lay peng suddeny treat mi macdonald ice cream.
scare mi. haha.
then the both of us took the bus.
te bus was filled with the cries of a baby.
ver loud n ver long.
cant tahan the cries.
lay peng is now pregnant. then she says is ver pressurin.
haiz. then i tell her wat my mum told mi.
that when we were young.
my mum says tat we were pretty quiet.
seldom hear cries.
cos we were sleepin all the time.
sound so cool. haha.

then now abit of tummy pain.
went toilet twice le.
think wil be all rite soon.
now gonna watch Da chang Jing le.
last few espiodes le.. *sad*

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Day Off! A Day of Sleep!!

today mi didnt go to work.
cos i went to accompany my mum for her minor operation.
now she is on the route to recovery.
think 2 weeks to 1 mth cant work at changi
cos cant let the skin get oily, dirty n need to keep it dry.
then oso cant take heavy loads.
so can expect my mum to be at home for this 2 weeks.

we woke up 6plus n ard 7 plus we went off.
the train ride today seem slow.
reach the clinic. waited n waited.
i even had to time to finish off the remaining chapters of my Eng Novel.
my mum told mi that she waited for more than an hr in the Ward.
while i waited outside in the holding area.
then on our way back,
we went to blk 4 to collect my mum's medicine.
we saw Mr Teo ( one of the MP ba. last time was education then defence)
haha. he reali stands out in the crowd.
we took cab home.

reach home. the two of us ver ver tired.
mi bath n ate n went straight to sleep.
so so tired.
lucky today wheather ver suitable for sleepin.
mi onli wake up ard 7 plus.
now sittin in front of the computer,
waitin for my dinner to come.
haha. xiao mei doin the buying this time.

think goin to read some other novels.
haha. want to watch 'Da Chang Jing' later on.

Tml hav to return back to work. Sian.
Cya frenz.

...Signing off...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Da VinCi Code

ard 1plus mi went to check out results. they were out.
i didnt do well.expectec at least a HD (high distinction)
but end up with 3 DI (distinction) n 1 CR (credit)
next semster i will hard to earn back my HD. its a aim i wish for.
next sem alrdy the last sem for the diploma course. hav to jia you.
**Chiong Ah!!!!!**

ard 2 plus went to eat with mum.
then mi went to sunplaza to catch the movie 'The Da VinCi Code' alone.
So so cool to catch movie alone.
second time for mi le. hehe.
mi went along with the flow of the movie n as i watch it,
the out that the image i picture as i read the book earlier on was almost the same.
onli that the endin was wat i had guess went Tom Hanks 1st walk into the trianglar museum
so cool.

the self inflicting acts were inhuman to mi.
i can almost feel the pain went the 'jaws' tighten on the thighs
oso the wip hit the back of the person.
they say its the act oso chastise (i spell correctly?)
couldn't bear to watch the scene.

it was said by Tom Hanks that nobody hate history.
Onli we hate our own History.
quite meaningful.

after watchin the movie,
i felt that more can b included.
like decipherin the cryztes(dun noe how to spell it)
in the book there were 3 codes to break,
but for the show onli 1 was shown.
i think it was due to time contraint.
the whole show was abt 2hr20mins
to mi the time was not wasted.
glad i watch the show.
*grinnin brightly*

after the show i went home.
ard 7pm,
my mei, di n mum went to eat
they we walk the pasar malam.
we reali onli walk
until went we decided to buy some food.
then we walked home.
its a nice cool nite to walk.
so relaxing.

now im sittin in front of the computer typin my entry
ONLI with my right hand.
cos left hand holdin food. haha

think im goin to continue readin my book once i finish my book.
tml will b a day that requires strength.
again the packin n displayin of new stocks arrival.

mi stop here for now.
Cya n take care.

...Signin off...
... S@lly ...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Finali Last Day of The week

hiyo friends. :>

finali is the last day of the week.
This means:
1. Get To REST
2. Need not Go work
3. Marks the beginning of a new Week (which i think comes abit too fast)
4. Family Time
5. Novels' Luvin Time
6. Wake Up Late. hehe.
All this accumulates to be so so Cool. haha.

Juz Come back from work. **Tired**
Check Mail, Update my dear Webby (long time didnt check it our)
n now my bro watching 'Toy Story 2' on TV channel 5.

Thinkin of changin my blogskin.
think im makin myself so so busy. @.@

tis mornin mi woke up early
to make egg mayo bread. yummy yummy. :P
then i bought it to work n ate it for lunch.
durin lunch break mi went to find auntie margaret.
help her with some stuff n ate my lunch.

then before i pack up for work,
the regular come again. haha.
me need to thank him for helpin my finish the wine samples if not they will be thrown away.
the two of us stood there chattin n he even wanted to 'advertised' his son to mi.
funny uncle. haha.
mi order for more stocks to come on tuesday then mi arrange on wed.
haha. seems that the wine are movin by themselves.

as usual, mi took the 6pm shuttle bus.
this time on the bus saw leepeng so sat with her n we chat.
took the train n she alight at khatib.
mi reach adm n bought food home for myself n my bro.

now slowly searchin for new blogskin.
hope to find a nice one.

mi tryin out this pattern of writtin out my entry.
Got this idea from my younger sis.
Feel tat i will write lesser.haha.

Gonna Stop here.
Need Eat Dinner.

...Signin off...
- Sally -

:D ♥; sally


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