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Thursday, October 29, 2009

hiyo bloggie..
time for mi to impromptu entries..

20/10 (tues)
was informed by wenfu & yeshin tat i will be the rep to buy b'day present
so work till abt 7+
head to PS
walk ard & didnt see things tat reali caught my attention.

end up something kawaii caught my eye.
wenfu say tat i look at things tat are practical.
mayb ba..
but at least it maybe frequently use.

then went daiso to buy the wrapper
n head for home..

system down,
so juz nice spend my time drawin the card

n reali juz nice went done, system back up.
work n work..
non -stop
then abt 7 left office n head to the Cathy.

met up w luipeng they all at jap resturant
n waited for birthday ger to come - Cyn
so makan,
chat n mi pass the present to cyn..

jimmy join us later
n admire his art pieces..
reali beautiful till it seems like drawn by computer & not human
n all head for home..

23/10 (fri) :
work non stop.
thinks keep comin in
so much so tat i decided to stop ard 7pm n head for home..
tat is for tat day

train to adm,
let chi doc take my pulse n waited for my mum.
then mi went to cut hair

after which bought dinner n for home.

reach home,
mum asked mi to email a complaint to SMRT buses..
reali terrible & its not the 1st time im hearin it..
hope something can be done to rectify it.

wake up 1+
went makan at adm n back to home..
surf net till nth much to do.
end up rmb got the classical music - persis.
so was u-tubin for the piece & with different instrument/ tempo
the classical piece reali sounds interesting..

then move off to look for rachmaninvo (cant get the spelling correctly) piano concerto no 2 in C minor op 18
one of my fav in nodame..

so end up spend the rest of the day rewatchin nodame & her in paris..
so nice..
end up 2+ then slp..

same rountine
abt 6 head to CWP to walk walk
end up bought a pair of heels, 2 pants

then makan at toast box..
relax relax n head off for home..

26/10 (mon)
after work head to bugis to meet up w cyn n yeshin for dinner at the jap restuarant
then makan n shun bian wait for wenfu..

so cyn ask wenfu to analyse mi.
quite true la..
time up shifted to TCC ..
continue to chat n time for home...
im so tired..

27/10 (tues):
manage to work fast & finish up my work
head for home b4 6
read up my novel.
n rest..
after which when xiao mei come back
help her w her friend's project
the edittin took place for abt 2-3hrs.
its so drainin.. till i see multiple visions (12+ - brain freeze le)

mornin wake up feelin gloomy..
then when take the lift,
saw my neighbour, the wife has given birth..
looks kawaii..
n i felt better :)

got noe when i reach office that the lesson both mi n xinyi has joined has been cancelled due to insufficient no of students..

had meetin at 4pm..
then abt 6 walk to city hall to meet up w ber..
n the both of us walk to marina sq to meet up w pris
n head to makan cafe cartel
waited for wendy's arrival..

so by the time we makan finish,
timin juz nice n head to the Durian for the mambo event..

it is reali gettin mi addicted to it..
but the gestures not easy to learn as not familiar w the lyrics.
the 4 of us reali had a great time there.

so when the event finali ended,
we head in to enjoy the aircon
cos simply too warm.
so continue to chat..

n mi found a kaki to learn hip hop w mi..
haha.. cool..

then train home..
so tired.
by the time i slp is alrdy 2+..

this mornin almost cant wake up..
drag myself up n head to work w all the barang barang..
goin botantic garden for jog n walk

n juz then receive news that the event is cancelled due to bad weather..
& make mi carry all the barang barang.
n as im typin this , heard the thunder roaring..

ok la..
now work mostly have cleared,
so got time to do entries..

watashiwa now juz waiting for time to be up n head for home..
a long 2hr + ah..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, October 18, 2009

goodness have been so long i last entried.
though hav been passin by it almost like everyday!1

lazy ah..

for short update:

after work met up w xinyi for awhile.
makan & head for home..

9/10 (fri)
after work,
walk to taka from workplace.
n met up w iling they all for dinner.
have dinner at tempopo - jap resturant
1st time hav ramen.
not too bad.
reali hav to make reservation b4 goin.
too many ppl.
n even by the time we left the restuarant.
still got a long queue of ppl waitin..

11/10 (sun)
mum & dad head for holiday to macua..
then mi more like home alone..
so was surfing web,
watchin anime,
watch k-drama (my gf is an agent - erm not sure of title)
then chat on phone w serene,
still hardworkin doin project..
did some research on magnet.
saw some interestin experiments on youtube.

14/10 (thur)
happy birthday Jur :)
have department meeting,
but i did not attend due to pressin issue at work.
after work
head to J8 to meet up w sis n bro
to makan..
had LJS..
then mei brought mi to sony shop.
saw a mp3 that she like.
end up left w 2 & is goin on promotion.
so mi n mei bought the 2..
n head for home..

brought my mp3 to work to makan food..
1st time 8hrs..

16/10 (fri)
happy birthday serene hao jie mei :)

work like mad.
n since kenny started his leave (till next next week then back)
watashiwa will be coverin for him
left for his 1/2 day & the next 2 hrs im already startin to cover for him..

some more mi no time to go crazy.
at most onli talk to myself.

work till abt 6 then cant tahan..
decide to knock off.

after which waited for sis & her bf
bought them to makan at POMO ishi mura.
tried new food..
ok la..

then went to PS to walk walk.

wu mei mei goin gentin trip w bf's family.
woke up.
prepare myself n head to adm
to buy food & prayer stuff.
head home,
makan noodles cos reali dun noe wat to eat.
after which clear my house.
clear the prayer table.
vacuum n mop the floor..
n after which slack all the way..
super tiring..

then parents back from their trip.
heard their stories.

my parents are back..

watch anime.
n hav backache.

went to adm to makan
n let the chi doc take my pulse.
mi simply too heaty..

went to supermarket n head for home.
prepare food for dinner (im not the one cookin.. mi cant haiz)

n hide in my room
watch Gakuen Alice - cried on 2 occassions. *(nice one :) )
previously also completed Princess Lover!!

wu mei mei also back from gentin trip..

now bloggin .
goin to bed soon..

wish mi luck to hav a smooth week ahead..

oyashumi :D

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

have been quite sometime since i last update..

now i cant even rmb wat i hav done..
*checking calendar*

24 sept thur
work as per normal
decide to head off early,
met up w xiao mei n makan at PS
tried ice monster
not my cup nor my sister's cup of tea..

after which head home together..
initially plan to do her project together.
but end up too tired.
so think onli attempt abit..

25 sept fri:
xiao mei start workin for Hilton at the F1 circuit area
she is serving lewis hamiliton table..

will be workin long hours till sun (last day)

sun Sept 27
its daddy b'day
went to climb bukit timah hill w him..
then head for home to wash up n makan

went sunplaza to makan & walk ard.
makan at food court..
& head back home..

mon Sept 28:
didnt go to work cos clearin the leave..
wake up n slack infront of compie
n waited for dad n mei to reach home b4 goin to makan..

so head to northpoint to makan manhattan fish market for dinner..
not too bad..
n then shop ard n sort of got stuck at cottons on
after which head for home..

back to work..
sian ah..

Thur Oct 1st:
so fast oct ..
goodness .. does time hav to disappear so fast?

had dinner w cyn..

met xinyi for dinner at cathy for jap food
ate sushi onli

then part our ways.
she went for her meetin.
mi head home hav 2nd round (onli the dishes)

im so tired...

for the week, was busyin helpin my mei for her report..
not too bad given that im also learnin.. cool...

mum decided to go Ikea tampines.
so dad drove us there.
but it was raining.
luckily i need to return books.
so drove mi to sunplaza,
mi return n went to buy poncho

n my siblings wore it thru'out the remaining journey.
so finali reach ikea.
ver big..
quite interesting also..

after which pamper ourselves w the hotdog bun..

n waited for cab..
no clear direction as to where the cab shd be boarded.

finali we took the cab n head to changi.
chat here n there ..
makan dinner.

11+ head home..
so queue for toilet.
im so tired..

slpt till 1+ then wake up..
head to adm to makan

then stay home..
help out to cut veg for cookin..

then dad drag mi out for jog..
did 2 rounds n i decided to call it an end.
no music, no feel, no energy, no run..

after which makan dinner n watch ch 5 programmes
Primeval (abt giantic crocs in south africa)
flash forward (1st ep) - not too bad actuali for starter..

n after which head for bed..

had our department lunch..
our managers are servin us..
cos of international customer svc week..
then lunch was reali filling.

after which, mi kenny n marcus walk to smu to sort of digest our food
n head back to office..

alittle while later,
walk to HQ for a talk by our divison head..
interestin one..

n then head back to work...
& back home...

today (wed 7 oct):
head to waterloo for lunch..
then afternoon email to groove to enquire on the dance schedule.

was lookin at the site tat aunt recommended for CNY - batam again
so was spending most of my time doin it..
too tired to work.. :P

then was chattin w kenny abt the trip tat he will be goin - dubai..
n soon decide to call it a day, after a suspicious case..

nite head out to CWP to meet up w cyn n gang..
not too bad..
got to noe 2 new friends - YC & yin shin
mi somehow or another become personality analyser.

so makan at ichiban..
n spend out time chattin..
funny experience..

abt 10+,
we head for home..
so now i rmb, quickly do entry..

now need to go wash up (cos was doin entry while waitin for my turn :)

thur: unsure of schedule, wheather can go sing k w cyn they all
fri: confirm dinner w iling n group - at tempopo taka

mi-na-san oyashumi..... z z Z Z...

:D ♥; sally


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