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Friday, January 29, 2010

an entry for a special day...
a day where family go pubbin together (though bro not the age yet).. :P

date: 28 Jan 2010 , Thursday

work as per normal.
mornin free like mad - got time to surf web for trip to korea
then went for early lunch w shara..
she told mi her baby will be due in july..

after which,
back to office to slack
read newspaper.
n unwilling start work.

the work come in at one shot.
so one by one clear them.

JR sms to inform mi that he got into RP design for interactive
but he seem to want to change to supply chain management
ask him quick quick go appeal
n let mi noe the results..

by 7, left the office
n head to bishan to meet up w mei.
saw honey n azhar n we chat along the way..

then got to noe some insider info..
ppl leavin isnt it a norm?

after which,
reach bishan,
met up w da mei,
n head to find mum.
she like on shoppin spree
keep askin us if we wanna buy clothin.
bro went to cut hair. quite stylish lookin.. :)

after which walk to the Club july.
yuan lai its located next to bishan stadium,
overseein the home of the MRT
(erm, think onli i understand wat i wrote :P)

open air concept,
quite cool.
even can see stars if the weather is good.
food wise so so
but the ambience is good..
relaxin. reali hav the chilling effect..

makan dinner
& can also sing karaoke..
think the lady boss also surprise that my dad brought the whole family there
mi dad ask mi to drink 1 pint of heineken,
took quite a long time to drink it.
afterall mi no drinker..

then dad's fren come along.
mi mum n dad stayed behind,
while we made our way home..
by 11, we cab home.
cos mi have to work tml, n siblings hav to school.

n Club july was havin more customers..
reali quite a no of ppl come in.
seem like a hidden paradise w quiet surrounding.

below are the pix:

*them making their way to club july - above the gym*

* the entrance of club july *

* a pix of my family & froggy - mi takin the pix *

* mummy chillin out - shiok !! *

* view lookin over the stadium.. *

juz come out of shower,
n blog 1st...
now goin to rest le.

tml hopefully wil be a smooth work day
n to enjoy the nite at the arena..


:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

yoz diary.
time for weekly update..

20th Jan wed:
whole day as usual busy w work.
then after work ard 7 head to cathy to meet up w sean for dinner at PS
then went HP hunting.
saw the model that bernard recommended
fine it ok ok only.
then walk down to taka & ion orchard to look wat others.
frankly feel that the phones are rather overpx.
since currently still able to use (though feel tat the batt life is shortening)
will not change for now unless good deals come along..
after which head for home..

chiong out after work to go for jog
usual met up w xinyi at train station
then finali reach yck.
n after which started changin n did warm up.
then insects flying ard reali irritates mi.
end up becos of it,
mi joggin speed abit too fast
stilll can sustain for 3 rds is li hai de. haha..

then walk n slow jog.
still speed abit fast.
xinyi power can slow jog 6 rds.

after which cool down n head to northpoint to makan
xinyi went home 1st
so end up makan n chat till 10+
erm sort of hav to leave cos foodcourt closing.

then hm rest..

nth much.
head home to rest after work..
super tired.

afternoon went w sam to pasir ris to meet up w mei n wawa
to go for our cousin b'day chalet.
nth much,
juz there to stone, chat.
then waited for dad to come fetch us.
was slpin on the journey.
too tired.

by the time i reach home already 130am.

24 jan sun:
wake up ard 9+
n by 1030am,
head out to yishun to meet up w sean to watch Avatar 3D at vivo
bfore going to meet w Onz for walk.

makan at kopitiam then went to find ah yi at giant.
bought earphones.
then head for movie.
3hrs - but rather cool.
nice story actuali..
reali show how politics works when u come to think of it
as in u hav to stay by which side n stay loyal to it if u believe it..

afterwhich waited for the rest to meet up
so nuah at giant.

initially wanted to take cab but long queue
so head to take bus..
reach there n walk walk abit.
enjoy the sight.
then wait for wendy n her fren to join us.
then start walkin.
lots of flower variety in the greenhouse at hortpark.
then try the canopy walk.
nice nice..

after which back to hortpark
n offer to henderson waves.
then walk on the bridge - flora walk
which i dun flora.
metallic bridge w greenery..

after which finali reach henderson wave.
then find our way to take bus to vivo
dinner at sushi tei
makan dinner ard 9+

then cab hm w xinyi, ivan n sean.
then rest train..

reach hm,
quickly refresh myself n slp.
reali tired w slight headache.

went to work with groggy head
workload fierce
so sort of help mi to focus & instead think tat i super super tired
but of cuz after all day of work,
n by the time i reach home,
makan dinner, shower n slpt by 1130pm.

26 jan tues:
another fierce day at work.
then email come in fierce n strong.
clear clear clear.
then seek advise from my senior exec
n he had given mi a lesson.
haha.. interesting..

then work til abt 7 or 7+
head for home.
poor stomach hungry..

then when i abt to reach adm,
marcus called mi
long time no hear from him le
so we chatted on the phone,
n mi at the same time bought dinner home.
by the time i reach hm nearly 9
so makan n shower.
then watch TV program
csi (disaster), csi & the murder club..

now hav finish uploaded the pix onto FB
then now complete the postin..

tml will go joggin after work.
i think wil hav a tiring week..
one a positive note: its midwk :)
n i hav finish the new moon (twilight series) & currently reading james patterson :P

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ohiyo Diary..
Time for weekly up-updates before i forget again..

as usual to expect a long (i think.. :P ) entry..

12 Jan (tues)
Colleague - buddy - kenny's birthday !
this time more clever at least will take leave so dun need to be scolded on birthday..
then the day work initally relaxed
afterwhich busy like hell..

clear n clear.. clear non-stop
suppose to meet up w cyn ard 6+
end up met up w her onli 7+

head to sakae(??) sushi to makan dinner
had the most common food - teriyaki chix don.
then cyn hav sushi..
n cyn let mi play her iphone games.. cool..
so we chatted till abt 10+
then mi head down to level 1 to meet up w mum who went cwp shoppin
afterwhich home together..

13 Jan (wed)
lunch was at banquet (ioi building)
was havin lunch w david, azhar n honey
chat here n there.. office politics teaching for mi..

then head back to office to continue to chiong w work.
hectic hectic..

afterwhich met up w sean at pomo entrance to makan dinner b4 heading for movie at the cathy.
so long didnt makan the mixed veg rice cos always makan w muslim colleague (& the food not halah)

heng tat we went in to seat abt 720pm,
cos no advertisement n the show started
the show quite captiviting.
n maybcos from habit of reading thriller books,
mi also started lookin out for details
n lots of humor + acts .. enjoyed it.. :D

then after tat head back for home..

14th Jan (thur)
work as per normal.
had department meeting at ard 5pm..
then ard 6+ head to mrt station to meet up w xinyi 2 go joggin.
my colleague commented tat i look like im wearing pajamins..

then at yck stadium, met up w sean.
after which.
started our routinue warmin up
stretch n stretch n stretch..
then walk 1 rd, jog 4 rounds (which is surprising for myself)
n then walk abt 1 rd, jog another 2, n walk

after which chill abit n head to northpoint to makan dinner
during the train journey,
saw huiying,
so chatted n update each other.
hope to have some time dinner w her next time..

had korean food.
then bought dinner from bro
n head back home...

play msn - draw function.
& end up slpt ard 2 :P

15 Jan (fri)
work as per normal
then quick quick clear as much work as i can
then walk to Taka - Tampopo resturant to meet up w jeff they all
had ramen for dinner
then had a good chat there..
n then abt 9+
train home.
was chattin w jeff durin the journey
he was teachin mi abt networking n office politics..
cheem lesson..

16 jan (sat)
was resting at home,
then ard 6+ head to tampines 1 to shop
bought G2000 goods (on sale)
n also Uniqlo (also on sale)

after which bus ride to changi
makan dinner (yummy)
n stone there for awhile.
chat w grandparents, n aunt
then mum told us to go see kites
so end up w bought kites n also 1 set of kids' sand castle equipment :P

notice tat my mei can drink hard liqueror better than mi
i simply dun like...
then waited for time to go home.

16 Jan (sun)
woke up ard 11+
then stone abit.
try the new game doris recommend
singin online - still hav gradin points de..

then after tat head to chong pang for dinner
n shop abit
then head back home..

17 Jan (mon)
work hectic
try to snake abit also hard
unless the system down
have been takin phone calls non stop...
then onli abt 640 leave office
to meet xinyi at dhoby for jog session
end up by the time we are reaady already 8..
n think cos both of us so tired,
end up walkin 4 rounds
windy but still felt warm
n we chat reali alot

afterwhich head for home..
did a A-Z pix..

18 Jan (tues)
work as usual hectic
office seem to feel the tension
cos appraisal
& its my ver 1st appraisal

seem to go thru quite smoothly.
comments not bad.

work till abt 730pm
n head back home..

then makan dinner
n watch ang mo drama
1. CSI miami (disasters)
2. CSI 8 (interesting plot - thinking of how a crime can be committed & where to get the evidences & the thinkin process)
3. Womens' Murder club (author: james patterson)

- reali enjoyed the shows..
- cool

now watchin ET HD - sandra bullocks.

ok have to go slp le.
mi dad home & shooin mi to slp..

sally will expect a busy weekend..

Diary, oyasumi :)

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

dear diary...

now i think i better blog in case i forget wat i have in mind..

went by quite hectic
email here n there.
busy clearin my work till abt 7+ ?

work was busy.
had met up w a PH & witness.
that during abt
try to end my work ard 630 n walk to marina sq to meet up w the gp..
makan dinner @ foodcourt.

n was thinkin where to chill out.
so walk to esplanade.
initially wanted to go to the harry's bar but was booked for private function,
so walk out & walk abt.
end up decided to go to the coffee bean over at the merlion park.
didnt noe that there is one there.

quite happenin.
now then i noe tat the famous butter factory is there.
how mountain tortoise can i be??

the time at coffee bean was well spent
simply hilarious..
edmund had too much jokes to say till wendy cried laughin.

then abt 10+
we head to raffles place mrt station
mi accidentally fall down.
think cos of shoes ba.. hmm..

after which we took train.
discuss abt our sat plan - go ice skating..

reach home,
use the lappy..
was chattin w dad & help him research on some stuff..
slept ard 5 ba..

suppose to wake up at 1130am
end up overslept & onli woke up at 1215pm :P

then quickly rush n ask my dad to ferry mi to adm.
then trained to yishun to meet up w sean n xinyi.
n off to dhoby.
makan just asia,
n waited for ivan to come along.

then took bus 16 to kallang leisure centre.
quite a fast journey..

shop spotlink,
then stone at burger king
after which, pris n ber came along
n we head to the ice skating rink.
so many ppl..sianz..

then the skating shoes stinks !!
reali ver stinky !!
haiz.. luckily its like a ver rare occassion affair.
so juz ren..

so startin to go the ice.
startin still quite fearful of it.
so was tryin to conquer the fear all over again..

heng manage to do quite fast.
but the ice is frankly in a bad situation though hav been re-surfaced.
too dmg, hard to skate.

mi on several occassion almost fall.
n near the end, i reali fall..
the ice was also wet (think friction is the cause of it)..

after which, we took turns to stone at the seats.
mi immediately felt cold again.
so heng got ber jacket to wear (mi already wearin quite a no. of top le)..

then refresh ourself,
n head to makan at nishi mura.

n walk abt & decide to go to our next destination.
ivan n xinyi head off to the John little sales at expo..

then rest of us head to orchard central roof garden to relax.
quite a lot of ppl, as it is a weekend..

then decided to chill out at the vietnam resturant..
sat outside & waited for the wind to come..

quite shiok.
the big big chairs, silky pillows made mi almost fall aslp..

so was chattin there, n stonin there.

was thinkin abt our group trip abroad..
yet to finalise.

ard 10+ 11 head to find food at 7-11
then head for train station n home !!

while crossin the road,
had the intution not to cross the rd though it turned red, w green man appear.
so i saw another person w the same sentiments.
cos indeed a car beat the red light.
if i were to cross, where will i be now?
dangerous driving sia..
the later the nite, the more dangerous the traffic, the more careful one shd be..

use lappy as usual.
was havin noodles as supper..
hungry sia..
n cant rmb slp wat time..

below is the pix:

wake up ard 1+ by xiao mei.
inform mi tat goin to makan my fav duck rice.
so confirm hav to wake up de..

refresh myself n head out to makan.
weather so warm..

then come home,
finish off my novel
the ending i personally feel still hangin in the air..

then mummy ask mi to go hibernate,
but the hibernation not shiok.
cos seem like i didnt slp.
ver irritating.

then wake up ard 6+,
head to adm ard 7+
to cut my hair n colour it.

went abit too late.

so was seein how the hairdresser handles a kid when cuttin the hair.
reali tough job..

then went to buy dinner home n head hm w mum..
use lappy till abt 1.
manage to watch my anime - naruto & Yumeiro Patissiere
shiok shiok shiok..

mon (11/01/2010):
ber on reservist, pris on mc.
work as per normal,
was busy in the morning,
clear n clear n clear..

then head to lunch,
super hungry cos no breakfast,
can feel my stomach singin symphony.

after which head back to work,
n continue to work.

by ard 3+,
somehow or another,
mi manage to clear all the work tat is email/fax to me.
then left w nth to do,
went to ask buddy for more work,
was helpin her, but it seem not much work done cos not enough doc.

then guai guai work till abt 6+ near 7.
head to the cathy to meet up w sean to buy movie tix for wed - sherlock holmes :D

after which head to PS makan,
walk to digest foodie...

saw lots of manga (make mi think of my animes. :P)

then w nth much,
head back home.

train got technical error,
for 2 stops, unable to open its door.
so all alight at amk.

n miss a train as it is packed.

n enjoy the walk home..

after which at home,
was watchin tv program w bro n aunt,
then upload pix to FB (ice skatin de).

then see my bro play audition..
cool !!

now k-songs playin..

will head to bed soon..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

hiyo diary.

hav been quite lazy to blog.. haha..
mi lack slp..

now i shall 'scribble' the details on the 'pages'..

1st Jan 2010
basically for this day
if i were to rmb correctly i was rottin at home?

cant seem to hav enough slp.

2nd jan (sat)
went to meet up w sean, xinyi n her bro for lunch at northpoint..
then head to sing K at yishun party world

the lightnings not too bad actuali..
but the sound wise, not up to standard
will seem to hav those 'hui xiang'

there is also a leg massager..
sang for abt 4 hrs,

after which walk ard popular lookin at books
to kill time & wait for xinyi n ivan..

head to bugis to arab street to try out turkish food
ver yummy..

afterwhich walk ard n head to illuma to rest.
they drank coffee while i stone ! :P

then part our ways,
xinyi n ivan head to 'drink'
while mi n sean made our way to train station..

tiring day !!

3rd jan:
also another day out..
met up w serene at sunplaza ard 1pm,
then makan at cavana & shun bian wait for cailing.
so chat along the way..

frankly notice that the topic we were talkin no longer like b4..
guess reali movin on to a different stage in life ba.
not tat i wanna face it,
but everything seem so naturally in place.
weird isnt it?

after which head to This fashion to shop abit.
nth much appealin.
then went to cwp to continue to walk..

shop metro..
lookin here n there,
but not much choice..
think the cny clothings not reali out yet..

then walk abit, stop abit n continue to walk..

head to mac to rest leg..
then to Toast Box to makan dinner..
n walk abit to digest..

afterwhich, serene felt hungry so head to mac again.
they both hav ice cream while i continue to stone again..

saw cyn n her cousin
think they juz arrive back to spore ba..

dun noe we 3 gers can chat so long till abt 10+
after which mi insisted tat i wanna go home.
mi have work the next day..

on the way home,
lost my shawl..
dun noe where it drop !! haiz..

then freshen up n rest..

4th jan (mon)
1st official work day for the yr 2010
nth much mood to say..

bro also hav his 1st orientation at the ITE he is studyin in.
understood that he met up w my cousin
n both went to attend sch together..

manage to get it thru w/o much hassle..
head hm ard 7+ ?

met up w xinyi at train n we trained together..
then met up w mum at adm for dinner.
was caught at the AXS machine.
slow & faulty.. not good.
then bought dinner home to makan..
slpt ard 11+ or 12 ba

5th jan (tues)
hectic workload but managed to clear..
lunch was w azhar, honey n david at smu.
long time no makan there le..

work till abt 6+
then head back home..

the email topic w email group was cool..
reali at different stage of life le.
think mi no longer a little ger in my own little world ??

then mei throw a bomb to mi.
ask mi for help for her project.

so was lookin thru it till abt 1+ ba
though i wanted to slp ard 11+
suddenly felt so tired..

6th jan (wed)
mornin went by quite fast
as workload quite consistently in for mi to do..

then lunch time was w david at fortune center
makan noodles soup..

then went to hunt for herbal tea..
n back to office.

was tryin to 'fight' the slplyness away.
then continue to work non stop.
head if for panel meetin to discuss case..
n then settle abit,
n off for the 1st mini section meeting ard 5pm.

touch on quite abit of things,
then ard 6+ near 7 then the meetin concluded..

after which,
continued to work till abt 7+ then head home.

bought dinner home for mum n mi
freshen up n makan..

in 10 mins time will b 11pm,
currently stil pending for my mei to send mi her doc to edit.

listenin to classics as always..

hope tml will be a smooth day
& will be lookin forward to the end of fri..

sally to disappear le..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, January 01, 2010

my previous entry was not uploaded cos of internet connection problem..

still wanna wish all a happy & blissful 2010.. :)

lookin at the entries.
i hav started bloggin like dec 2004?
so the 5th yr of bloggin has juz past..
now welcomin the 6th yr.. cool isnt it?

initially was due to craze..
then serene ask me to have one.
so since then didnt stop onli change in frequency..

used to blog on a daily basis.
now think will be a weekly basis if i not lazy..

ok so now shall blog for the last few days of 2009..

nth much to do at work.
treat every mail like 'bao' cos can at least entertain mi

after work train w xinyi to yishun.
n head for home..

workload smoother..
but i feel stoned !

work til abt 6+ then head for home.
was fillin up the forms for my bro n cousin for their ITE registration over the next 2 days.

my cousin come ard 1+?
so i was waitin for him to come..
if not i think 11+ will hit the pillow de..

brief him, afterwhich he head for home.
then mi climb to bed n concuss.
abt 1/2hr later,
he call mi to ask clearly.
so guided him to abt the forms w my aunt help to find in the particulars.

n off to slp again..

stone !
work again quite little,
so was stonin here n there...

waited for time up to unofficially knock off n make my way down to cine
met up w ber n ivan 1st...

then went to box office.
the movie + timing we wanted - Sherlock holmes sold out.

so decided to hav a long dinner..
went to paragon.
location decided - grandma's kitchen.

so waited at the atm for other to join in..

ber n ivan was sayin tat since typical sporean queues ask mi to join in (they queuing at atm to 'rob' the atm)
so slowly one by one came to gather
n all head in..
quite a cosy seat.

so comfortable tat i feel like slpin :P

so makan, then walk to 313 to walk.
nth much to see, not tat enticin to mi..
n shops were closing..

then head to orchard central rooftop garden.
nice.. the wind is strangely strong n coolin..

took the long long escalator..
when it got higher, frankly its abit scary.. :P

then enjoy the walk n stone by the partion to rest leg

after which head to bus stop to take bus to Zouk !
too many ppl.
see le wanna faint..
even the baggage counter was like so full..
waited quite think more than an hr to hav our bags in.

then even goin to the floor is also a big issue..
ppl pushin all ard.
n poor wendy still hav to 'fight' for her terrority.
the startin songs not tat great.
onli when abt to left that time,
the song selection was good..

still hav to leave, since majority leaving..
by the time i reach home already 4+
slpt in the livin room on the sofa.
quite shiok.

thur (31 Dec 2009)
wake up feelin cold somemore..

prepare myself for work,
n when i sat down by the chair again,
i almost dozed off.

so decided to head out for work
was like stand slpin on the train journey whenever possible.
juz like a zombie..

reach office,
as i expected,
the emails/fax/ hard copies come in later..
so busy clearin them.

had a little farewell gathering for our colleague - seetoh
n my manager suddenly stunned mi by callin out my name to give my wishes to seetoh.
i was like wat to say..
so juz say frankly lor..
seetoh is indeed one of my shifu when i come into the industry/job..
my whole team is my shifu n im grateful for it..

afterwhich sang b'day song to martin,
reali the yr end baby..

though 1/2 day - end at 1pm.
mi end up 2+ then leave to clear my table/work..
leave the office - last day of 2009 w job accounted for :D

went to buy food home for mi n mum,
makan, shower, n slpt soundly..
think slp fm 3+ or 4 to abt 930 ba.
then was lazin on the bed starin at the red sky..

after which,
refresh myself n makan dinner
was watchin godzila n change to watch Jet Li's commentary..

then watch the ch 8 countdown w ris n wq
then the arrival of ris sec classmates.

& they ushered in the new yr by havin KFC together..

then i head back to room to use lappy,
n leave the livin room for them to use the tv for wii games.

now bloggin as much as i can rmb..
listenin to range of music (classical & korean & eng pop)

will be watchin anime too.. :P

afterwhich i think i will go slp slp le..

sally mia :D

:D ♥; sally


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- Sugar Sugar Rune *completed* -
- Taishou Yakyuu Musume *completed on 20 Dec 09* -
- Tenjou Tenge *completed on 25 Dec 09* -
- Tenshi na Konamaiki *completed* -
- Tokyo Mew Mew *completed on 09 Nov 09* -
- Uta-Kata *completed on 8 Dec 09* -
- Utawarerumono *completed* -
- Vampire Knight & Vampire Knight Guilty *completed* -
- Yume Tsukai *completed* -
- Zero no Tsukaima *completed* -
- Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no kishi *completed* -
- Zombie Loan *completed* -

Manga Mania !!

- Adarshan no Hanayome *completed, 10 Jul 2010* -
- BackStage Prince *completed, 5 Jun 2010* -
- Badminton Girl *completed, 30 May 2010* -
- Baraio My Honey *completed, 1 Aug 2010* -
- Beauty Pop *completed, 28 May 2010* -
- Brilliant Magic *completed, 2 Jun 10* -
- Dakishimete Noir (cat) *completed, 7 Jun 2010* -
- Fairy Cube *completed, 29 May 2010* -
- Hana ni Arasji *completed, 12 Jun 2010* -
- He's Dedicated to Roses *completed, 6 Jun 2010* -
- Kokoro ni Hana Wo *completed, 5 Jul 2010* -
- M.C. Law *completed, 8 Aug 2010* -
- Otokomae Beads Club *completed, 1 Jun 2010* -
- Power (basketball) *completed, 31 May 2010* -
- Psycho Staff *completed, 2 Jun 2010* -
- Shinrei Tantei Yakumo *completed, 1 jun 10* -
- Shinshi Doumei Cross *completed, 31 Aug 10* -


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