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Sunday, July 27, 2008

* Cyn, Luipeng & me @ De Coder's Cafe on 23rd July 2008 *

* serene graduation pic @ 9 July 2008 *

* flowers @ serene's commencement location *

* ivy 20th b'day @ semb park *

* 2008 CNY Batam family trip - 22 ppl in all *

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, July 24, 2008

1st have to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!!!
today is my mum's birthday but she n mi not free at all.

woke up then start drillin the walls.
hav to get those things up so ask daddy to help.
so i went downstairs to da bao food.
then dad drill the holes into the walls.
end up lots of dust, n lots of curtain hangin ard in the house.
at least all settle le..

then mop the floor change the bedsheetS in my room.
climb up n down.

then waited for ivy mei to come back.
n wait for pizza to deliver.
nice nice..
watch TV programs at ch 8 n U..
so interesting..

as for ytd,
now i hav say: Thank You Cyn!!!
cyn, lui peng n mi went to de coder's cafe..
it is at balmore plaza.
had chix rice at The Big Bird. interestin name for the shop isnt it..
after tat which is 2pm,
went to the cafe.
quite cozy n personalized attention to u.
the games were interestin too.
haha. slowly gettin the hand of it.
mayb cos onli the 3 of us,
we play ver siwen..
it is ver much affordable n the more the merrier..
below is the website for the place we went.

ard 430pm, we end up takin some pics w some monstrous hair n kawaii hairband.
anyway pics will come onli later...

after tat mi trained to cwp to meet serene.
waited for her to end her sch,
then head to cavana to makan..
after tat trained to semb to walk ard.
went to popular, this fashion n finali Library.
haha.. serene even hav to lend mi her card to borrow books.
thanks ger..

so now 11pm,
the show at ch U alrdy at last 2nd ep.
tml ending le.. sadness...

hav to go watch naruto le.
loadin few times but didnt manage to watch cos too tired.

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

quickie update.

today woke up ard 11plus 12..
so was readin the recruit section of the last sat papers.
searchin for job..

after tat mei n wawa come back.
so chat n tat wawa n mei played the 'magic' cube.
kill many brain cells ba..

then ard 2plus left home,
dad drop wawa at semb,
then drove us to yishun polyclinic.
so there saw semb sec lab technician..
she still can remember us.

after tat waited for my mum's turn.
had our weight taken.
lucky i maintained.

after tat appt head to yishun n trained to chinatown.
slowly shop, n saw the hairdresser friend who frequent my dad stall.
she alrdy pregnant n is givin birth in oct.
so fast.
didnt know onli until juz now.

enjoyed the tu-tu cake..
walk abt to hunt for the paintings etc..
saw many interestin stuff..
n bought reali good budget stuff..
oil paintin $20 medium one.
nice nice..
lucky i suggested to visit the shop n tat we didnt buy it on impulse at the previous shop if not we will miss the bargain le..

had our dinner, n head back to train station..
then i rmb tat there is daiso at Plaza Sing.
so i finali bought my mum there le.
saw the jap curtain that we are huntin for.
so bought it.
at least all purchased.

tirin day.
n the whole day my fingers quite busy.
sms chat w serene n poh poh n cyn.

*serene, relax ah.. dun get yaself so tired n stressed up :)
*poh poh, dun sad ok.. whether right or wrong alrdy cant make changes since wat done is done, but look on the bright side.. will see some light to it de (:

if u are lookin for tution teachers,
u can visit this site --> http://www.tuitioncraze.blogspot.com/
it is a tution website set up by serene.
im helpin her advertise abit..
i will say tat it is nicely decorated n tat the settin makes it ver warmly..

anyway tml, i mean later will be meetin up w cyn n lui peng to play board games :)

sally to slp le... @.@

:D ♥; sally

Monday, July 21, 2008

lookin at the time now,
it has been abt 1 week since i last blog.

basically this week many things happened..
went for my 1st interview.
i think shd consider quite smooth ba..
now up to the avp to see i clear her stage of the interview..
went to hsbc claymore plaza to interview.

n i head to town 4 times in a week.
monday, wed, fri n sat.
ver lihai ah...
mon went w serene to shop..
at the jap food quite good..

then wed went w mum cos went to sign documents.
then shun bian shop but tat is reali early in the mornin..
most shops haven open..

rush back home, cos the fengshui shifu comin to our house.
so he told us of quite alot of stuff.
so my mum's room undergo the largest change.
hav to continue to search for the stuff the shifu wan us to put.
he foresee my future being tat it is best if i can stay abroad..
so stunning..
mine is the most different de.
then nite, head down to changi w my mum sayin tat there is a document for her sign.
but end up it is a mistake..

fri went down cos of the interview.
then shop ard myself.
n head to adm to do my hair.
trim, dye n treatment..
went home prepare dinner w my mum..

sat went down w cailing, serene n alvin come by later.
i think i saw robin at the talkin point w his gf..
then saw my pri sch fren- jacky..
he still able to recognise mi..
haha. guess i haven change much..
a tat day mi n serene wore the same DRESS onli in different colour.
bought tat dress on mon.

feelin so tired.
today woke up onli ard 1 plus,
but still dun feel it's enough.

afternoon use compie,
watch naruto shippuuden..
then mi n mum head to yishun to shop n hav dinner..
then head back.
now w ear piece in my ears for the reason being tat i dun wanna hear quarrels.
not mei but my room mate w her bf..

n sms chat w xuan juz now..
got to noe tat she has some more interview to come..
so i muz buck up too.

sally to mia le... Jia you everyone (:

:D ♥; sally

Monday, July 14, 2008

pics at serene graduation..

* our dearest serene in her robe w mi n her mum by her side*

*from left to right: samuel, pei yun, serene, and mi*
pei yun was surprised tat i noe samuel.. haha.. same jc classmate for 2 years wor..

*mi w the si fang mo.. auntie n serene ask mi to wear.. then saw many ppl followin us.. so shy with it.. haha*

anyway goin to be meetin her soon.
she goin to pei mi kill..
go to the job agency..

mi to mia le....

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Elgin Happy 22nd Birthday to u!!

ok back to bloggin as requested by serene..

basically hav been doin the wine fair.
made some new friends,
n the ppl were simply great.
treat mi makan tibits, desserts..
so kind of them..
but i can say its tiring..
doin afternoon shift n also mornin shift for the remainin 4 days.
still hav to ask boss n merchandiser to relieve mi for lunch.

so finali end on mon.
then rest..
seem hard to get enough slp.

so for these few days,
ate my fav duck rice,
then went to sunplaza, pei my mum to temple,
n from there walk home (location at northlink building).
quite a nice walk actuali..

wed pei serene n her mum to serene graduation.
when they sang the national athem,
memories of pri n sec sch come back to mi..
reali a emotional one..
n then mi become her personal assistant cum photographer.

after tat around 6,
met up w ferlin,
hav dinner at pizza hut together.
quite a enjoyable time..
n time flew past quite fast n reach home abt 10plus.

quite a no. of things happen.
but i suppose hard to say it out,
cos i suppose can say i short term memory..

serene sms today n told mi tat she got to teach in Evergreen pri.
tat is cool n she goin to see principal on mon.

i thinki hav to go knock on doors to find job le..
sittin here doesnt seem to hav much impact.

goin to slp le..

sally to mia..

:D ♥; sally


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