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Saturday, March 31, 2007

wanted to hav an update ytd
but end up my msn go virus so cant use.
sorry to friends who are affected by mi.
cos i also dun noe.
they send mi i also gotit.
now can onli use window messenger le.
but at least better than nothing.

yester mornin woke up n prepare myself breakfast to eat.
then went to adm to meet cyn.
goin sch to chiong law assignment together.
do n do n do.
go bonkers n bonkers n bonkers.
n abt 4 plus,
we decide it is enough for the day.
cos cyn still hav to go back to malaysia.
so we ate at megabites.
cyn say we are havin a little pre-law assignment due celebration.
think for mi it is still a long way to go.
hav to cherish these 2 days precious timin.

reach home,
i watch some VCD with my mum,
n cartoon.
then who noes, mi msn got virus.
then Jeffrey di come along.
still ver hard to fix it.
end up i didnt use compie.

went to slp at 1plus,
cos im too tired.
my panda eyes reali all come out le.

today is sat.
dun noe y wake up so early for wat.
so chiong law again.
goin to work later.
now goin to eat my breakfast.
so Jia You ba!!

Sally in the midst of her own world..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, March 29, 2007

sad news.
mi part b is not complete at all.
wrong focus le.
reali wan to cry le la.
left onli 3 days to monday before the submission.
how to do it in time?
muz chiong le la..
bure more midnite oil le..
still hav to work sia..

Good news.
finali long awaited result
for previous test on prices n markets is out.
then finali finish the last test of the semster.

now mi goin to choing law le.
do until i ver angry.
angry with myself.
nvm still will preserve.
eyes bag gettin enlarge each day.
im so tired.

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

quick update.
yesterday didnt blog cos too tired.
hav biz stats.
then after sch mi n cyn stayed back until abt 7.
but onli reach bukit batok at 745.
cos waiting for the bus.
while waitin saw alot of profeesionals walkin into SIM.
we seem to look so different from them.
when they walkin big groups,
i feel tat i hav to excuse myself to let them cross.
scary sia..

then went reach adm.
mi n cyn bought bread.
n i went off...

reach home watch TV n hav my dinner.
didnt do much of project
cos too tired n mei was huggin the compie.
slept abt 1plus.

then today early mornin 6 plus, da mei tell mi something.
then i went back to sleep.
then abt 8 plus wake up again.
wanted to do work.
but my eyes cant open.
so of cuz went back to slp again.
then finali at 12 plus i woke up
switch on compie n did the usual.
check mail n webbies...
n suddenly my mail cant open.
freak out.
sent to cyn to see if she can open n request to send it back to mi.
lucky can.
if not i cry ah...
my days of effort inside tat work..

juz finish my part b..
hehe.. happy.
goin to eat le..
stomach openin concert.

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

now at home doin a quicky date.

went for lesson.
felt so sleepy.
tryin ver hard to to fall alsp.
not easy u noe!!

then end of lesson le.
then we went to compie lab.
i was there dun noe doin wat.
can say that im not productive at all.

then abt 7pm we left sch.
reach adm alrdy 8.
then mi n cyn went to eat.
abt 9plus i reach home.
so tired.
quickly shower n watch the amine.
more n more interestin le.
im luvin it.

then use compie until noe.
was tryin to sr of finalise the body of part b law.
onli this part i hav started.
the rest still at state of peace.
reali need to quicken le.
im so short of time.

thur hav test.

juz added some new linkies..
all are artisits.
links sponsor by friends who 'adores' them.

sally Jia You!!!

:D ♥; sally

Monday, March 26, 2007

time to hav a quick update.
yesterday was busyin doin laws until i go mad.

went to work as usual.
mi reach 1st so did the tickets.
quite fast to say.
then marcus come onli abt 1plus ba.
finish tearin the tickets n off for lunch.

ytd is marcus last day at turf city.
then we chat quite alot.
interesting to mi i will say.
things i noe i will not experience.

then at abt 630 we part.
mi went home.
then headache ah..
dun noe y..

as i noe mi 'feel' will onli come at 1am.
so i slack all the way.
watch variety show.
i was laughin all the way.
mouth didnt hav the chance to close.

then finali time up for law!!!~!!!!!
stress up.....
then abt 2plus go slp.

this mornin woke up n still went back to slp.
onli 845 then i finali push myself to wake up.
hav class today.
then group up with ying n cyn at jurong east.

law lesson today is abt bankruptcy.
interestin n will hav lots of paper to print le.
lucky ther is a website to gather all information.

had our lunch.
cyn, charlene, xuan, ying n mi are now compie lab.

goin back for prices n markets.
n cyn ver good help mi check my ang mo

later mayb will stay in sch.
see how 1st.

sally disappearing le..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, March 24, 2007

back from work.
feel tired.

last nite tryin to do law.
so try until 330am.
so early ah..
went to slp then wake up abt 10am.
then cook myself some noodles b4 goin work.
then as i was abt 2 finish it,
my bro ask me y didnt cook for him.
for he juz wake up.
then my mei also wanted.
so end up cook for them,
n rush off for wor.
late for an hour.
but doesnt seem to be much of a impact.

surprising the all-time-will-come-late Marcus end up reali there abt 10plus.
n mi end up reach there late.

slowly pack the stocks,
then waited for choon ki to help think of how to place the excess stocks.

abt 330pm, went for break with marcus.
end up didnt eat.
but drank n sat there chat.

then went back choon ki tried to help mi find block stack but cant find.
so put it at back store.
accompany him around to restock n also to expensive room.
talk lots of joke.
haha. funny.
always wan to mi help him clean the shelfin.
now he 'ming shi' mi n not 'an shi' mi to help him.

so i tried ella method of talkin.
ver interestin.
he was laughin all the way.

mi say i will stay back an hour cos come late for work.
then he say, dun need la.
u can leave at the original timin.
so good hor..
so i end up goin half hr later than usual,
half hr earlier than i wanted.

tml think i will be busy.
cos hav to help him change the shelf talkr.
help him ba.
i so good ger :P

then went for home.
da bao dinner.
ate at room, was reading prics n market.
test comin.
then did my rountine.
wastea bit of time.
cos im tired.

so after the bloggin will hav to mug on law again.
dun noe today will do until wat time.
the feelin to do law aster come!!
dun keep mi waitin!!!!

sally rubbing eyes [panda best friend le]

:D ♥; sally

Friday, March 23, 2007

time to blog.
mornin wake up.
stone at bed for a while,
then drag myself to living room.
switch on the computer for it to run.
then went freshen up myself.
sit in front of computer,
do daily rountine stuff though left te compie at midnite one plus.

then start to do law.
nth much was done.
but better than nth.
finali time to meet up with cyn.
both of us were late.
then went to mac.
initiali wanted to discuss but end up we slowly ate our brench.
reali like as if nothing is goin on.
no stress or wat so ever.
think second time the both of us havin this feelin at the same mac.
ate for abt hr plus.
then went off to sch.

reach adm, fukang called mi from behind.
i didnt noe.
thought i was hearing voices.
then went i sense something was wrong i turn n saw him.
he say i stared at him.
where got!!
chat awhile n he went off to buy bubble tea.
mi went to sch.
n manage to go with zhen n yu ling.

went to library return book n photocopied some work.
then went for class.
lunch break went to compie lab to print some documents.
the printer like no ink de.
think gonna make a second trip le.
went back for class.

today's lesson went off pretty fast.
n today also marks the end of MacroEconomics lesson.
reali ver fast.

in less than a week, prices n market test.
4th day after test, hand up law assignment.
n now i nothing concrete.

n exam also coming.
exam dates as follows:
MacroEcons -23/04/07
Law of investment & financial markets - 02/05/07
Prices & Markets - 04/05/07
Business Statistics 1 - 07/05/07

juz as i step out of class,
cailing called mi out for dinner.
so i went along.
anyway long time no gather le.

went to civic centre library,
wanted to juz pei her.
but end up i also borrowed 3 storybooks.
recommend her some books tat i like n hav read before.
then saw serene's younger brother :)

after that we walk over to CWP to hav dinner.
then saw Esther
ate our foo n slowly went for a walk.
walk into mini bits,
then the sales person was talkin to mi.
cailing thought they are my friends.
the sales personnels quite friendly.
n more than willing to help us.
good service. :)

then after that went to popular.
cailing bought some stuff.
then went off to metro.
she want to buy shoes.
n she manage to find a shoe tat suits her.
personali i feel its quite a nice one.
then we tried out the sunglasses.

then pei her go buy bred.
cos she wanna see 'handsome' guys at the bakery over at cold storage.
n we part.

now reach home le.
come to update.
gonna continue with law.
too brief was the comment.

later then watch cartoon.
waitin for it n it will keep mi awake for now.
music is by my side.
im luving it.

tml still hav to work.
dead tired.

sally signin off le...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, March 22, 2007

time to blog.
nth much happen today.
went to sch as usual.
listen to teacher talk.

then come home.
7pm watch amine.
now bloggin.

haiz. goin to start doin law le.
cant stand it.
how to start?
wat to add?
how abt the content?
cham ah...
die ahhhhhhhh....

sally signin off....

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

enjoyable day.
woke up n no school.

then waited for time up to go meet marcus.
goin to AMK Hub to find connie auntie.
went there but cant find her.
n finali noe tat she is at Levi's shop.
buys tryin out jeans.
then went out to eat.
so full.
mayb cos before goin to meet marcus,
ah yi had cooked a bowl of noodles for mi.
ate little.
then after tat went back to auntie workplace to stone.
then not long after went to Mac for their break.
again ver full.
mayb cos food haven digest ba.
then pei them go back until abt 4 plus, mi n marcus left.
marcus left for home,
while i continue to second level.
goin to find Margaret auntie.
her shop moved over to AMK Hub.
n saw quite some new collection of clothing.
even the chi DJ - Fen Yin also went there this mornin to buy cloths.

so for a while, i become a model.
try this n try tat.
so in the end bought a pant n a top.
love tat top.

then auntie say she treat mi eat ice-cream.
it is as if she sign contract with tat ice cream shop.
stayed there for abt 1.5hours.
chat with her.
but after this purchase think i will hav to not buy anything for the next mth.
easily almost 2 days' work pay gone.
sad man!!!

after tat come home.
now using compie.
help my dad print some documents for tml use.
n i saw serene's msg @ the tagboard.
n went to visit WU ZUN's blog.
reali its his BLOG..
i hav alrdy linked it.
so cool..
so hard to calm down my ga-ga-ness,
now the feel is back again.
cham ah..

reali hav to start studyin le la.
my law! my law! how to do!!!

goin to watch the amine soon.
n quickly go back to room to get frustrated.

mummy today cook dinner.
yummy yummy.

sally disappearin to her Ga-Ga World...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

time to blog diary again.
been waitin for it.
too used for it a a habit le.

this mornin i woke up.
suddenly feel quit lost.
dun noe y.
thought of wat day it is today.
thought sat.
cos woke up late.

then wake up use compie for a while.
consolidate the statutes i thought can be quite useful for examination.
then ah yi bought food home.
ate n get ready for sch.
i onli left my house at 1pm.
reali late.

met up with ying n cyn.
went sch together.
climb to 4th floor.
n juz in time, lesson goin to start.

listen n tr to attempt the qn.
teacher today like tryinto catch train.
teachso fast.
make mi write n listen until blur.
n blur mi today go sch didnt bring calculator n biz stats table.
think all the wine yesterday blur my head.
hehe *im findin excuses, didnt i?*

then break time.
ate n went to toilet.
i notice that my hair today ver naughty.
think the wine drunk my hair n make them 不听话..
tie here drop there.

went back to class.
tryin to understand wat teacher is talkin.
these 2 weeks brain reali not functionin ver well.
not too coorperative with mi.

then time to head for home.
hav krys, zhen, cyn n mi.

on the way home,
bought bread.
just in case they wan to eat.

reach home, stone.
no more 'hua yang' make mi feel so lost.
still nvm.
help my mother change the bedsheets.
so now my room new bedsheets.
nice nice.

now bloggin n chattin on msn.
tml gonna meet up with arcus to find connie auntie.
still joke wan to come my house to fetch mi.
funny friend.

ok. gonna stop here.
think wil return to books soon.

sally in blurry state of mind...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, March 19, 2007

time to blog.
im so tired rite now.
think finali the wine within my body is tryin to work its magic on mi.

went to sch as usual.
n while walkin to take train,
my aunt sms mi to confirm with mi
that i will hav to attend the wine trainin today.

then went to sch alone, until i saw cyn at Jurong East.
waited for her at clementi n went sch today.
law topic today still not too bad.
though sometimes i juz dun noe wat they are talkin abt.

then after sch,
went to eat with cyn, yuling n huizhen.
then mayb hui zhen sit behind mi,
i always accidentally call out her name
when i was actuali talkin abt someone else.

then they went to compie lab to use compie,
while i went off to AMK Hub to NTUC to find connie auntie.
sat a non-air con bus,
but today not too warm.
the bus seems quite cool.

then slowly went to find auntie.
saw her then she told mi that someone stole her 'lao hua yan'
she told mi that this mornin a merchandiser actuali lose her bag.
so can imagine how serious the problem was.
then waited for her to knock off.
her husband fetch us to meet pick up ah yi n auntie ida,
b4 drivin us to Traders' Hotel.
it is the place where my aunt was married out.
then went there n went to 'Ah Hoi's Resturant'.

having wine trainin today.
saw the principle today.
young australi of age 26.
he was there busy servin us wine.
then another ang mo is the import n export somebody.

then think taste quite a no. of new wine.
think hav Banrock Ball Island, Quayside, OoMoo etc.
quite good.
n in terms of money,
actuali the quality is on par with the cost.
they come from quite good wineries.

as i taste, i drank quite a few glass of ice water.
if didnt drink water,
sure get dehydrated n also drunk on wine.
after all the tastin,
all ppl face turnin abit red.
mi onli minor.

then waited for time for dinner.
before tat,
many ppl hungry,
so went down to Tanglin mall to buy some chips.
n finali at 7 we began to eat proper dinner.
feeling ver full.
then they also serve crabs.
not up to the standards.
see lei dun dare to eat.
end up i eat the man tou.
ver nice.

after tat some of the promoters rush off.
tonight all NTUC outlets in Singapore are doin Stocktake.
so hav to rush off.
so sad.
abt 9plus, we finish n left.

Jill Boss send mi to bishan to take train.
she is my ah yi's boss.
manager of the company.
cool isnt it?

so now tat im home,
did the routine.
onli tat i wan to continue with using,
but eyes are closin on mi.

anyway thanks Cyn for the articles.
not too bad.

dun noe is good or bad news.
the exam schedules are out.
this time round,
the examination dates are quite spaced out.
good.... or Oomoo in austalia native language means Good.

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, March 18, 2007

back from work..
after whole day of smiling n laughin,
i felt so drained.

went to work,
but end up miss the bus.
so decide to take cab.
ver rare indulgence in takin cab.
in the cab,
the taxi uncle keep talkin to mi.
so i noe the uncle background.
he actuali held a senior post in some big company in singapore.
then the company was merged with GE something.
n so he says tat the company hav to seek advice from them.
so the new management decide to lay off the senior managers.
n hire new grad of lower pay,
for they will like to the management.

so now the corporate world works like tat.
while he is driving taxi,
he still sends out job application.

then alight n went in to start work.
today sales quite good.
they move by themselves.
then marcus see le stress.

then slowly serve.
then 230pm, marcus ask mi to go lunch.
he wan to escape from his friend.
then the stall lady say we are couple is it?
i was like,
yesterday is brother n sister,
now upgrade le ah.
juz becos we 2 wore black Vshaped neck Tshirt,
doesnt mean we are couple ok?
then 2 of us laugh.
chat n ate.

then went back to work.
then his turn to chiong for sales.

then my auntie Gina called mi,
then chat awhile n went back to stone.
not much of a crowd.
then my aunt come to find mi.
let her try wine,
end up she there try to help mi sell wine.

after tat mi went to find 'lao ren jia'
ask him to call my supplier.
then he say, call mi can call her dun wan.
then i was told him,
"dun need to call mi, mi rite infront of him."

then went ot his office.
he called up ah yi,
then i was there waiting for their conclusion from their conversaion.
n while waiting, i wasnt free.
cos there was a cockroach visitin his office.
so i look seriously at it.
he thought wat happen to mi.
how come i so quiet n lookin seriously at the floor.
so when he noes he was laughin.
nvm. at least let him laugh.
see him quite stress up also.
poor him..

then chat with marcus.
abt time to go off.
then i tried his wine sample.
not too good as compared to yesterday.
so end up throw away the wine.

then went off le.
took shuttle bus with ah yi.
n upon reachin adm,
da bao n went home.

went to find the meaning of 2 words n send to marcus.
now watchin charity show.
same time bloggin.

*mayb tml hav wine trainin session.
this is still unconfirm for now.
auntie goin to check n let mi noe.
cos i onli part time staff.*

sally signin off..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, March 17, 2007

back from work.
watch VCD with my aunt.

ok .
abt work today.
supposed to pack stocks.
but new promoter come.
then he help mi.
so i end up doin little while he do the heavy stuff.

chat here n there.
then raymond didi come disturb mi.
we half quarrel half talkin.
still can end up laughin.
reali funny.

he reali has lots of friend.
come Turf city such a ulu place,
still hav so many friends to say hi to..

ate lunch n went back to work.
no crowd so slack here n there.

then his friends come to find mi .
mi went off cos time to knock off.

reach home decide to disturb serene for no apparent reason.
cos i too bored called her up.
then we two over the phone goin woooo n ahhh.
wang dong chen n wu zun rocks!!!

then serene was tryin to u noe 'an wei' Jason.
serene say he jealous cos for no reason,
he has 2 too strong a love rival.
so funny.

then finali we end the call,
cos serene say jason was angry n hungry.

now sending some stuff to serene.
think she will go wooo n ahhh like mi..

to drag myself back,
think abt law.
then high feelin will automatically drop to the lowest point.
wat a way!!

sally goin offline..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, March 16, 2007

bloggin Time.
went to sch with empty stomach.
so my dear tummy keep singin concert to mi.
sad ah...

then reach sch.
guai guai listen to lecture.
didnt disturb kelly wor.
cos i brought my brain to sch today.
in much better condition as compared to yesterday.

then went home.
waited for Hana Kimi.
& i feel excited yet sad.
exciting that the story is comin to the climax.
n that the climax will end with it closing last espiode.
enjoy when i can.

think i soon will go gaga over wu zun.
control myself.

now watch variety show.
tml still hav work.
hav to start on law thingy le..

sally signin out......

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, March 15, 2007

doin a quick one.
today went to sch.
but it seems that i didnt bring my brain out.
goin nuts in sch.
think they cant tahan mi also.
then end lesson,
cyn say i look tired.
but once i start to talk.
it doesnt sound tired - sound ver much alive.

then went to wait for bus to home.
then while waitin for bus,
saw bonnie.
chat with her.
long time didnt talk to her le.
she change her course to another one.
she alight 1st,
then mi n cyn carry on.

bought food home.
now quickly use.
cos my show goin to start.

now tat i finish my show,
it is reali gettin ver interesting.
mi luving it le..

now mi alone at home.
Compie Music open loud loud.
so shiok.

talkin to cailing.

mi disappearin for now le...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

came back from lunch alrdy 4 plus.
then study abit.

ris friends come over.
they goin to stay at my house overnite..
ate steamboat.
then they play 'zhong ji mi ma'
end up all bloated.
mi watch the Dance Floor.

then watch amine,
now watchin variety show.

think gonna continue with my macroEcon notes.

cya around friends.

sally signin off.

:D ♥; sally

mornin i mean afternoon to all.
no sch today.
mi mentally n physicaly tired ah..

now doin a quickie entry.
today is 14 March - 白色情人节
n from wat i gathered from my mum yesterday nite,
it is also the date they got married n hold ceremony.
i was like wow..
think they got registered in Feb.
if this is the case,
they hav been married for 21 years le.
same as mi.
*sweet sweet* :)

白色情人节 goes back to ancient Rome.
the King on Feb 14 save a couple from capital punishment,
n to commerate it - he make 14 Feb V Day.
n to this couple who make vow for their love to lastm
make it on 14 March.

In Japan,
last time used to be ger express their likin for a boy on 14 Feb.
but nowadays,
who initiate to giv the present is no longer impt.

so current in Japan n Taiwan 白色情人节 is ver much in trend.
so the way they do it is tat,
if one party receive a present from the opp gender,
n will like to express the same feelin / likein to the person.
they will prepare n giv a present to the party that gav him/ her.
n this means for this year
their 'hearts are linked (direct translation) - 心心相印'

found this from website.
cos im curious how come so many V day around.
haha. :P

then now chatin with cyn.
she ver hardworkin in sch.
mi still slpin till got phonecall wake mi up.
later will hav to study le
dun wan to watch TV until it is 7pm.

later will go eat le.
think stomach is goin to sing opera to mi.

sally muggling off...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

wake up.
watch TV.

then board train to sch,
saw my pri sch friend.
she is with her bf.
wish her all the best inher love n sch life. :)

then on train,
mi busy studyin.

biz stats test today..
abit too challengin le la..
every qn got the option 'none of the above'
wat to do with it?
n reali playin with words de.
mi EngLand so PowDerFul.
how can understand!!!
sian ah...

brain freeze after the test.
cos the test venue simply too cold..
my teeth almost gritting ah...

then went to class.
lesson ended late today - 530pm.
teacher wan to finish off the topic of Hypothesis Testing.

then mi quickly went to compie lab to print some stuff.
thanks Cyn for accompanying mi.

n boom..
the big big rain juz come down on us.
when bus come,
n i was abt to board it,
the rain suddenly gush down.
then i finali know where the water come from.

then board train.
cyn alight 1st.
mi alight at next stop.
then saw mei.
she waitin for her bf.
so i pei her.
mi waitin for my mum.

then i waited for them.
eat vegeterian food.
then went home.
now again im watchin TV..

think gonna read up on wat has been taught these 2-3 days.
cos of test,
stop for awhile.
muz resume back to normal.
if not major exam come,
i cham.

sally currently destressin herself....

:D ♥; sally

Monday, March 12, 2007

back from sch.
not much ppl attend the lesson today.

still today lesson actuali quite interesting.
all death n broken relationship.
divorce etc.
quite a interesting topic i will say.
at least caught my attention.
think will hav to visit the statute website for more details.

reach adm,
then dad drove us to thomas to eat duck rice.
after tat went back home.
then i called up my godfather.

think later will hav to his stall.
sit n chat.
now using compie.
chattin with friend.
findin articles for law..
so tough.

will stop here le..

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, March 11, 2007

back from work
so bored.
no crowd.
so end up stone there.

nth much to say.
study for biz stats.
do until i frustrated.

then sample test dun noe wat the qn talkin abt.
wanna cry le.

think gonna stop here.

sally signin off..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, March 10, 2007

back from work.
im so tired.

didnt want to wake up for work today.
feel so sleepy..

then went to work place.
did pricing tickets,
count stocks.
tues stock count.
so i count the pallet n those of my company's brand wine.

then time for lunch.
ate muslim food.
juz outside Giant.
didnt want to go out.
too warm outside.
then study for test.
cant stand it.. my eyes are closing on mi...

then went in.
try to make myself busy.
cos i didnt open wine sample.
lazy to open.
somemore no crowd open for who?

then finali time up 6pm.
went home.

reach home,
surprisin no one use compie.
then i noe this compie break down again.
too much of a frequency le la.

then i try to fix it.
so now im using it.

think will mayb study later.
now pei auntie watch tv.

*the new pic does it seem to hav patches of injury?

sally disappearing.

:D ♥; sally

Friday, March 09, 2007

im so tired.
no novels to read.
so bored.
head say wan to study.
my action ask mi not to.
so im sittin in front of compie
tryin to find something to do.

try to wait for my parents last nite.
but they come back quite late.
so i slept.

wake up abt 10plus.
then finish off the last VCD of the show.
then read the Straits Times.
so long didnt read newspaper le.
discuss some interestin news with mei.
then went to my room.
intend to study.
but end up meddlin with my nails.
cut them short short.
now my fingers once again look like a kiddo hands.
small n fat fat de. :P

time up for sch.
prepare myself.
sun big big.
still i walk slow slow.
dun seem to hav the urge to move fast.
n sometimes,
havin some Vitamin D from the natural sun is a good thing.

went to sch myself.
felt so bored n sleepy.
reach sch,
listen to teacher talk.
he teach quite fast n yet quite clear.
onli that my little brain isnt coorperating with mi.

finali end of lesson.
went off.
while waitin for bus,
mi alone stood under the sun.
as i mention above,
mi tell them i run by solar power.
so need the sun.
then cyn say she run by 'AA' battery.

finali bus come,
n off we went to board the bus.
then saw hui zhen.
3 of us took train home together.
mi there of cuz talk rot la.
too tired need to de-stress abit.

reach home.
chat with my mum.
check out my macroEcon test result.
not too bad.

then watch Hana Kimi.
gettin interestin.
i wan the VCD..
so dun hav to 'chase' everyday for onli 1 hour.
though trend now is to watch it online.
but i cant imagine mi sittin in front of compie for too long.
i will feel ver sleepy de.

then read 'wan bao'
watch variety show.
then cartoon.
then now here.

tml hav to work.
Giant is goin to hav their stock take on tues.
think can be quite busy ba.
dun noe if the promotion for the wines are still on..
if not on.. think i dun need to work le.
will render volunteer work to Giant..

to console myself, now listenin to hana kimi songs.

sally disappearin le.

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, March 08, 2007

finali test for microEcons is over for now.
some trick qn so re-read quite often.
then after the end of the test,
the pic of our diploma graduation is out.
i look so eeeeeeeee.
hair is in such a mess.
never a person who looks good infront of camera.

this mornin wake up.
instead of studyin.
i was that watchin VCD with my aunt.
like as if i havin no sch like tat.
reali need to buck up !!

then went to lunch early.
crack some jokes along the way.

then waited for ying they all to come n off to sch.
mei went to work.
nvm abt tat.

test today.
after lesson as usual carry on with lessons.
then teacher keep repeating the point,
'MC must cut MR from below"
dun noe how many times he repeat until reali can fall aslp de.

finali after lesson,
see tat many ppl are celebratin some special occassion today.
saw 2 group of ppl havin cakes at their table.

reach adm,
bought dinner for my family.
n off i went home.
cant imagine the turtle speed im moving.
cyn also has the same feelin as mi.

reach home, eat laksa.
watch TV.
until 8plus.
now quickly use compie.
cos wanna watch amine.

after tat most prob will continue to watch VCD.
im goin to wait for my mum to return to singapore.
still no news from her as yet.
so late le.

gonna prepare myself for another test next tues.

sally signin off..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

no school today.
woke up 11 plus,
cos im reali tired.
slept 2 plus yesterday.
was watchin 3 variety show at one shot.

then study abit of law n biz statistics.
then focus my studies on prices n market.
gonna hav test for it.

around 1245pm,
went to adm with mei n ah yi to eat.
then mei go work.
me n ah yi shop around.
bought quite some bread.
n bought piggy umbrella.
current umbrella spoil le.

head for home,
n went back to room to study.
then rest awhile.
watch VCD with ah yi.
then i continue to study.

finali 7pm.
watch Hana Kimi.
so funny.
the julia finali come le.
then they mention that wu zun is together with lin yi chen?
gossip gossip.

went downstairs to buy dinner for my siblings.
then come back n eat.
ate for abt 1/2 hour.
quite long.

now gonna watch amine.
after tat hav to go back to studies le.
dun feel like im havin test, dun i?

tryin to squeeze all the 3 topics into 1 pic of paper.
i mean front n back.
think i study sure need my glasses.
if not stamp will sure come find mi de.

wish mi luck.
n mummy is coming back tml.

sally signin off le..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

bloggin time.
this mornin,
found it hard to wake up.
still try to wake finali.
touch up on quite some stuff.
then chat with my mei.
she is workin afternoon shift.

then we felt the whole building shakin.
mi sittin on chair, hand takin highlighter, goin thru law
then found it puzzling as to y im shakin for no reason.

then mei was layin on her side on the bed,
doin her cross word puzzle.
she was also puzzled y she is shakin when she has alrdy stop.

then we faced to look at each other.
with same qn in mind, " Was tat Earthquake?"
we stood up n look out of the window.
n blur us come back with one conclusion -
better go back to original position when we felt it shakin.

then we revolve our topic around earthquake.
it isnt the 1st time i felt this.
think the previous time i also did feel it.

we were chattin as to where we shd go when the building collaspe.
reali shd join in the conversation.
make sense yet quite comical.
then mi listen to radio for any news.
cos we were not sure if there is reali a earthquake.
i suppose its indonesia.
n gosh when they reported it,
i was correct.
somemore is 6.6 on the ritcher scale.

sms my xiao mei to tell her.
she too say she felt it shakin in her classroom.

then mi n mei went to my parents room to tell them.
mi didnt even think of evcation.
wat are we doin?

then i prepare myself to go sch.
met up with cyn n ying.
biz stat today.
revision on test for next week.

then time to go back.
wait for bus,
reach adm buy dinner - bread.
then went home.

reach home,
my mum alrdy left le.
she goin to northpoint 2 meet my grandparents n da gu.
they goin to thailand.

so now i bloggin at the same time watchin tv.
gona stop here.
think will proceed to studies soon...

sally signin off..

:D ♥; sally

finali i can blog.
sian sia.
2 lessons today.
with an hour break in btw.
so tired.
brain can considered dead le.

during lunch break,
ate fried rice.
then went to pay off the bills.
n went to library.
end up borrowin a law book.
but i see le sian.
think mayb it will confuse mi more.
so frustrating...

after sch,
went to adm,
buy myself bread for dinner,
n went home.
finish up the notes for macro.
n watch hana kimi.
then went back to study.
see the text i blur.
reali cant make it...
not cut out to be a lawyer.
think law will juz eat mi up.

finish helpin my dad with some of his biz,
help serene to ask mi mum do survey.
then waited for my mei to use computer for 'SHORT' while.

now still lookin up for dun noe wat stuff.
cant put my finger to it.
wan to study but fear to study.
wan to find but dun noe find wat.
wat am i doin??????
think better study test for thurs n next tues ba..

sally signin off for now...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, March 04, 2007

back from work.
n im so so tired.
nth much to do.
hav been chattin with 'lao ren jia'

then mi went for laugh
n saw 'lao ren jia'
so sat with him.
both of us look so tired.
no crowd at Giant
after he left for work,
mi continue to read my novel.
finali i finish it.
so shiok...

went back to work.
then mi stone here n stone there...
then finali time up for home.
went to yishun to meet up with my mum.
she wan go northpoint shop shop.
so i follow.

shop here n there.
then went to eat.
buy dinner for aunt n bro.
now home to blog.
so tired.
my back is breakin into pieces le.

tml hav 2 lessons -> 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm.
1st time like tat.
shd brain juice go dry.
my brain cells...

enough of my madness.
shall stop here.
nite nite :)

sally takin off...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, March 03, 2007

back from work.
1st day of work since CNY.
today i feel that time went by quite fast.
as usual im tired.

nth much happen.
chat with 'lao ren jia'

then lunch,
went back to work.

Jason (electrical department staff) today last day.
so sad.
befor ehe left,
he went round Giant to gather signatures.
on his Giant Tshirt.

serve few customers.
n hehe.. times up..
home is callin mi.

help my mum buy dinner.
n went home.
now bloggin.
juz went to friendster site @ @...

mi gonna stop here.
mayb read up my novel,
or study.
few tests comin le.

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, March 02, 2007

back again.
wake up abt 10 plus.
then watch abit of VCD.
then went back to my room to look at law.
dun even noe where to start.
sian ah..
nth come to mi wor..

then prepare myself to go sch.
listen here n listen there.
then time up to go back.
tis time round i went back myself.
cyn went off 1st.
she need to go overseas.

so bought some bread home.
finish up the chi novel im readin.
then watch TV program.
hana kimi, amine n now news.
about the big ToTo pricin..

then think will soon go back to studies.

heard from my aunt that she pack the stocks amazing in 45 mins.
reali a short period of time.
mayb tml i hav to settle it.
1st day back durin the CNY.

ok la.. think will stop here.
goin check out some impt website for studies.

sally signin off....

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, March 01, 2007

finali again i can use the compie at home.
but still hav to thanks my dad for he solve the problem.
but now new problem arise.
printer cant use.
sian sia....

on tues,
had afternoon lesson.
so onli ard 1 then went to eat with mum.
so went to sch late.
lesson to class try to understand.
then attempt qn
n time to go back home.
cant reali rmb much..

as for wed,
wake up 10 plus,
then study abit .
went for lunch at Sunplaza.
the library is onli open at 2.
think they hav some event goin on..
after tat i went home 1st.
the whole day is rainin.
big rain.

then ard 4 plus,
i prepare myself to go AMK find connie auntie.
end up i went late so waited for her at the MRT station.
we are goin for company dinner at the Apollo Centre.
dinner i didnt eat much.
tired i suppose.
mi at the dinner,
become K.J.
in charge of helpin them find songs.
even microphones breakdown,
i still hav to ask ppl to change it..
it is enough to tired mi out.
esp i drank some wine too.
lucky i drank little
if not cham.
so abt 11 plus,
we went off.
auntie ida's son ferry us to bishan.
i alight, n aunt ask mi to take cab.
so i take lor..
reach home.
refresh myself.
n help my mei with her maths.
long time didnt do maths.
brain rusty le..
then watch hana kimi with mum n slept.

as for today,
woke up 9 plus,
read my eng novel.
dun feel like studyin for now.
then snack abit with mum while waitin for dad.
went adm to eat.
walk around n went for home.
reach home,
mi called up singtel with wrt the bills my mei is having.
then to change the name of bill for my another mei.
then my dad tried to fix the computer.
cos i suppose it was the same problem as the previous time.
internal switch in the CPU loose le..
so now doin quick update.

scannin here n there.
think will let my bro use le..
good for compie to be back..
hav to start on the law project soon..

now my dad jio mi go jog.
long time no jog.
think sure got problem.

sally joggin off..

:D ♥; sally


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