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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Emotions OverWhelmin !!

these few days.. i find myself kinda of emotionally unstable.. ok la.. not say unstable but it juz that i hav many many feeling that are cumin to mi.. all so strange as i reali dun noe y it happen like that..
yesterday.. i went to yishun to pay utilities bills.. then make my way to my aunt stall ( previously my workin place) stayed there to eat n chat with the ppl i noe.. then serene called mi n ask mi to pei them go play bowlin.. actualli the timin was 7pm.. but as they all cum later than each other they all met up at onli at abt 8 plus.. u noe wat.. i told serene beforehand that i didnt want to go.. cos too late.. then she tell mi xinyi cum becos i was goin.. then i think i felt pressured.. i noe that i didnt want to go but they wanted mi to go.. cos the more the merrier.. but i am so sorry to u guys.. serene say that my face was ver obvious that i look like i wanted to cry.. but then i dun noe wat cum to mi to hav this cryin feeling.. then they went on their own whilei make my way home.. abt 0.5hr after i reach home.. my younger sis n yixin reach home too.. it was their farewell ceremony to say.. doris mei tell mi that yixin was cryin non-stop since sch time to home.. i was shocked.. so i went in to c.. then she is reali cryin.. aiyo.. then she make mi feel that i oso wan to cry.. afterall this 2 weeks though not long but still isnt short.. but she blended in with us ver well.. she treated mi like her jie.. while i treated her like mei.. aiyo.. i think i will reali miss her..
then today.. i went changi.. wanted to go out at abt 3 but cos of housework left house at 4.. an hour late.. then i n my bro went to tampines mall.. n went gio to buy some t-shirts.. n that i oso wanted to buy a gift for yixin mei.. n indeed i bought a gift.. its a necklace.. chosen by my bro n mi.. ver nice.. then we make our way to changi.. ate n i decided to walk to the beach alone.. the air was cool n i stroll along the pavement.. the shoes im wearin isnt suitable for sand.. so pavement instead.. then walk n walk n walk.. then tired decided to go to the swing to play.. swing swing swing.. then time up.. stroll back to the hawker centre.. chat with my mum, aunties.. haha.. then jia rong they all wanted to go to the arcade.. then play abit.. but is reali abit.. cos the timin we went abt abt to close.. haha.. then stroll back to hawker stall.. but i walk past the new changi point ferry point terminal.. i heard alot of nice songs.. then those little boys waited for me to listen to the songs finish then we move on.. so now while updatin my blog i oso findin those songs.. haha.. it was onli that the song that they palyed was one that i didnt know of.. so i hurry them to move along.. haha.. if not i think i will be stuck there listenin to the songs... haha.. then reach the hawker centre.. it was abt time to go home... my aunt n us took a cab.. mi n my bro alighted a t bishan n that we took a train home n onli reach home at abt 12 plus.. i heard from doris mei that they 11 plus then reach home.. wow.. cos all of them got hang at tampines mall.. haha.. now gonna to bath le.. haha.. so late or shd i say so early in the mornin.. haha..
tml i will hav to wake up super early.. cos yi xin is flyin home.. i wanted to send her to the airport.. it the least i can do as 1st a host to her, 2nd a sister which we hav bonded during her stay.. i think there will be many 'broken taps' at changi airport.. haiz.. smooth flight home yixin n her friends.. miss ya all..
monday is the day i will finally go to sch after the 8 mths break.. dun noe if i will rot.. haha.. the main prolem i think is that im afraid i cant wake up to report to sch.. haha.. slpin late n that wakin up late.. haha.. mayb need wake up call le.. haha..

now feelin abit uncomftable due to some reasons.. but hope it will fade away.. need not ask cos i think i will forget.. hehe.. so cya friends..
*Miss Ya!!*

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Happy Belated Birthda, Ah Yi!!

haha.. in this mth.. its the 2nd birthday among those close to mi.. haha.. So here i wish my aunt a Happy 31st Birthday..

so now back to updates..

on mon.. parents off from work.. so at abt 3 plus.. my dad decided to drive to my younger sis sch to see if my sister was released from sch.. wanted to bring them to eat.. haha.. recallin.. yi xin is the 1st time havin meal with my parents.. then after the lunch.. my mum n mi went to salon to do our hair.. initially i only wanted o cut my hair..but later i decided to dye my hair.. red is the colour.. i always feel that i look kinda of gd with my not-so red hair.. haha.. when we finish our hair stuff.. we reach home abt 8 plus 9.. kinda of late.. had dinner or shd i say is supper.. n back n off to bed..

on tues ( which is supposed to b today.. but of late update.. so becum yesterday.. hehe..) nothing much happen.. vaccum floor.. dry the laundry.. housework is the thing now.. haha.. xiao mei n yi xin mei cum home n went out again.. this time their venue is Jurong Point.. they reali noe how to shop.. then yi xin reach home with a big bag of items that she wan to bring home to give her friends.. haha.. then i met up with serene n jason at sunplaza.. serene cum down late cos she was busy coachin her sister maths.. i think my turn to coach my brother soon will cum.. i decided to coach my brother next week onwards for some reasons.. hehe.. now gonna busy continue readin my novels.. this time is English ones.. haha.. hope to finish it before the date due.. hehe.. n hope that the downloadin im doin now can faster abit.. if not i think i will be sleepin at the computer table le.. hehe..

i did some surveys n i shall post the results.. u may wan to try it too..


Your Birthdate: September 5
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What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

:D ♥; sally

Monday, July 25, 2005

Happy Birthday, Mummy !!!

24th July is my mother's birthday.. hehe.. but too bad cant celebrate... my mum oso didnt wan ask to celebrate..i here wish her happy 40th birthday n that she can hav good health always..

today again isawaken by my dear sister.. it seems durin the weekend i will be pestered by my dear sister, ivy.. so sad.. n then at abt 1 plud.. my mum woke up n cum to my room.. haha.. then i wish her happy birthday.. haha.. she seem so comfortable layin on the bed.. haha.. then i told my dad.. he asked my mum to wake up.. haha.. then mi, my bro n mi sis took a car ride from my dad n reach the temple that my mum wanted my sis to go.. so stayed there for a while.. n upon finshin the prayer stuff.. we took a cab to sunplaza.. i met up with serene n ivy met up with xinhui meimei... after our lunch.. we parted.. mi, serene n my bro went to yishun.. then went to find my aunt.. then the three of us walk to chong pang market.. the day seem cooling.. havin walk abit.. we went to the market n had soya bean drink.. so shiok wor.. hehe.. then serene decided to cum my house.. n there is an aim behind this vist.. haha.. we are gonna play car racing again.. but this time is using the XBox.. haha.. one controller n the steering wheel thinggy.. haha.. inititally.. mi n serene scream like hell cos we two keep collidin at the corners n that using the steering wheel.. mi n serene conclude that it is almost an mission impossible for us to use it.. haha.. too hard to control esp for mi.. haha.. im always the last in the games.. haha.. at abt 7 plus.. jason cum my house.. in between the games.. ying called mi to chat awhile.. she say mr tan ask her to return to sch for a chat.. she wanted mi to accompany her.. but i was lazy so i rejectd.. Am i bad to do that? haiz.. But time flies fasst.. so fast 8 plus.. serene said that she was hungry so we decided to go causeway point to eat.. we ate at yoshinoya.. then finishin dinner.. the time was 934pm.. so i called up my mein she was at LJS.. went to find her.. n chat.. then went home.. at 11pm.. watch my tv program n at midnite.. iron the clothin then now bloggin.. haha.. seem pretty borin routine.. haiz..

im anticipatin tml to cum.. cos my younger mei wan to show mi the musical fountain that she has recorded for mi to see.. hehe.. so long friends.. Take Care..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, July 23, 2005

FireWorKs !!

the day before.. my dad did not go to work cos of my grandpa need to visit the doc.. n that i heard from my mum that my cousin is goin into NS.. so fast.. he is 18 this year.. wow.. only younger than mi by one year..

yesterday i suddenly had the mood to change my blogskin.. made quite some amendment.. did it all by myself.. wat an achievement.. haha.. hope u guys like it.. i kinda like that pic cos i feel that curiousity is a good thing as it will allow to widen ya knowledge.. in both theory n practical stuff.. haha..

today went out to play.. haha.. a day of enjoyment.. went to sunplaza at abt 1250pm.. i saw hwee kuan's relatives.. mi n my bro ate lunch then met up with serene jason n wei kian.. n off we go to our next destination.. haha.. on the train.. wei kian keep callin my bro 'tomato' cos he is the onli one wearing red.. i thought the guys will b wearin red but instead we all wear black.. haha.. same age one where black shirt n blue jeans.. so cool.. haha..

upon reachin orchard.. we waited for jia rong n jia wen to join us.. haha.. so i think u noe.. it's time for K.. haha.. sing sing sing.. until i lose voice.. haha.. nevertheless it was quite enjoyable.. n that now i noe the Orchard Party World has more room underground.. cool.. today alot of ppl went to sing K.. haha.. People mountain people sea.. haha..

at abt 6 plus 7.. we leave Party World.. n off we went on to our next destination.. It's Marina South.. of cuz.. the most most fasmous activity is STEAMBOAT.. haha.. at marina bay MRT station.. we met up with Arthur n Hwee Ting.. and so we rode bus n selected the resturant that we wanted.. its 'Chong Pang'.. as we got settled down.. we saw fighter planes flyin above us.. then i know that there is a full dress rehearsal of this year NDP.. wow.. cool n deafening.. the planes are loud to say.. haha.. n we ate the food we BBQ.. kinda nice.. n wei kian kept peelin prawn.. haha.. Prawn Peeler.. then at abt 8 plus.. the fireworks finally cum along.. WOW.. its so so spectacular.. reali enjoy it.. there is even one part that has a cirle n a star in it.. too bad.. my camera is not reali good.. so cant reali take good pics of it.. but never mind.. doris mei who was at area around esplanade managed to catch a few power shots with our digital Camera.. Cool.. and after our heavy meal with the steamboat.. we decided to go to the arcade.. haha.. we all play car racing.. haha.. i played 3 rounds.. haha.. so shiok.. the last round was the most enjoyable.. cos all the seven of us played at the same time.. haha.. even serene oso got down to play.. haha.. so sad.. i was in the 6th position out of the 7.. haha.. then off we went to take bus to marina south n back to home..

on the train.. there is a baby.. haha.. i kept playin with the baby.. haha.. busy makin ugly faces.. haha.. at abt 1050pm reach home.. so now busy bloggin.. haha.. gonna chat with friends b4 i go slp.. hehe.. cya friends.. hehe..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


waken by my mei..she was like 'huggin' literaturally my handphone.. she was busy listenin to the songs she recorded last nite n tat she used up all the energy in the battery that it went flat.. totally flat.. no batt le.. haiz.. then lazy mi.. cos the bed is callin out to mi.. i continue to slp till abt 12 plus in the noon when i heard my bro return from sch.. haha.. then i went to 'feed' my handphone with energy.. haha.. then serene called mi.. she finish her QET le.. n that she wanted to cum to my house so we met at adm for lunch and later to my house.. so abt 2 plus.. all reach my house.. serene was busy drawing.. that is one of her aim when she cum to my house.. haha.. then the two of us stuch in the room.. jason cant stand the heat so decided to stay in the livin room.. onli that he would appear sometimes.. haha.. then i went to do my housework.. haha.. this time is hangin of clothes.. haha.. though 1st time doin it.. seem kinda of natural to mi.. Oops.. did i say its natural to mi.. OMG.. this means something wrong le.. haha.. ok..back to normal.. hehe..
so at abt 5 plus.. serene n jason left.. i continue my adventure on explorin the novelim readin.. its by agatha christine.. she is known to write mystery stories.. when i was in secondary sch.. i think i read her books before..haha.. cant reali remember le.. hehe..
at abt 7pm.. yi xin n doris mei reach home le.. they were so tired.. haha.. then yi xin ask mi a qn. she ask mi if she could call mi jie.. n i say of cuz.. haha.. this means that we are closer le.. hehe.. so good.. then we had our dinner at doris, sam, yi xin n mi all are in the my room.. haha.. doris was busy on the phone n the remainin 3 of us had pillow fight.. haha.. sam was on my bed.. yi xin n mi on one team.. we 'fight' until we all so tired.. haha.. then 10pm.. i went out cos the series tv program i followin starts le.. hehe.. so i follow on with my cartoon amines.. now im still watchin the second part ' Shaman King'.. today inuyasha was quite funny.. haha..
now commercial.. busy chattin with my aunt who has return home from her.. n the topic is on inventin a gadget that will help her out in the stall.. haha.. listenin to it make mi laugh.. so now i should glue my eyes to the cartoons le..
n that i will anticipate the pillow fight again tml.. hehe.. jia you for friends havin exams.. n wear more warm clothing esp if u are in the country that is havin winter now.. Cya..

*Friends 4 Eva*

:D ♥; sally


hiyo friends.. today is another day.. though to say i did the normal stuff like housework which is so so common for me now.. n of cuz to take care of my brother when there isnt any one else to look after him.. nanny cum potential maid.. haha..
ok back to normal.. today i ate my breakfast cum lunch mayb teabreak at abt 5pm.. haha.. went to causeway point with my bro to eat Yoshinoya.. so full.. then we roam abit at the shopping mall.. and went to stock up my house that my mum wanted mi to buy.. like bread n condensed milk that will be used often for my siblings' breakfast.. reach home abt 6plus.. after i reach home mi younger sister n her hong kong buddy, Yi xin, met up with their friends to shop at J8.. i can c that their bonds are now considered reali strong n that i think if my sis were to go our to hong kong for her turn of exchange in this program.. i think it should b of little problem except that mayb communication will lack abit.. we cant speak nor understand canto.. though we are supposed to 'mastered' it.. its our dialect yet we know nuts abt it.. so sad.. then cum to use the computer.. wanted to find some news songs to add into my playlist.. then chat using the program.. haha.. one the 1st attempt.. i chat with a friend.. haha.. i think we can make good friends.. Interesting n Serious is used to describe me from him.. chat alot abt world to daily stuff.. haha.. seems fun n at the same time serious.. feel kinda good to have such conversation.. with some depth and yet humor on the other end.. life isnt that bad to say.. so now.. i gonna continue my work n off to bed.. it is 12.55am or 12:55am.. haha..

** Cya n Take Care too.. **
** Good luck to all friends for their upcoming examinations n tests..
(regardless of who n where u are..) **

:D ♥; sally

Monday, July 18, 2005


yoz.. 17th july.. haha.. today i wake up early then normal.. supposin to say is 10am.. how long did i not wake up so early.. i think when sch starts.. i gonna hav a hard time wakin myself up n of cuz tryin to stay awake.. tough job cumin up..
ivy mei today need not go work.. but we wake up so early cos she wanna eat mac breakfast.. n oso to get to the market to buy the necessary item that she will b cookin for dinner.. reach home nearin 12 noon.. then we chat abit.. pack some stuff n get ready.. doris mei n i got ready by 4pm.. we were supposed to meet her friends at adm to go coral sec together.. haha.. all together there were 6 adm students.. n 5 mothers n a sister ( tat mi) hehe.. i am of diff rankin from the rest.. haha.. to say most of them hav parents to accompany.. but in this case i was the one.. no choice.. my parents workin hard to earn so i am the next best representative le.. but there was some problems.. the bus route didnt cum up as wat we expected.. then we took one big big round n end up being late.. mi sis was quite agitated to say.. so we dun like to b late.. but still we are late.. but more than half an hour some more.. luckily not all the hong kong students are ready.. so that doesnt make us the latest.. haha.. onli self consolin la.. hehe.. then we finali get to noe who doris mei buddy is.. initially we were quite shy.. n she is quite soft spoken.. but nevertheless through my sister hardwork to get to noe her n that when she finali reached our home.. i can say that she slowly got used to our company n chat with us.. she is a nice ger to say.. n yea her name is Summy.. unique name.. we ate dinner together.. n then i decide to offer free help to her.. after all she is the guest here.. i help her iron her uniform.. i think this is the minimumi can do.. try to make her feel comfortable with her stay in singapore.. becum a local tour guide.. but i feel that at least she is here when i am so free.. so i dun reali mind.. onli one more person.. i think life wun change that much rite? hehe.. she was shocked when she heard that in singapore the sch begins at 715am.. in hong kong their isnt that early.. so good.. at abt 10 plus.. both summy n doris mei went to slp le.. doris is tired cos she didnt reali slp well that night.. n as for summy.. takin the flight n preparation.. i think it tired her out.. but there isnt any time difference.. she say that in hong kong the timin is abt the same.. so i think it will b easier to adapt ba.. mayb the weather will b one challenge for them if it turn warm.. lucky enough.. this few days hav been quite a cool day..
n now i gonna prepare slp if there isnt any more housework for mi to do le.. haha.. i think its onli left with washin dishes ba.. i may soon be 'Maria' of my home le.. haha..

*nitez n slp tight*

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, July 16, 2005


wake up at abt 12plus in the afternoon.. it seems to mi that my head is pretty heavy.. cos juz wake up.. everything blur blur de.. but still i waited for the time to cum.. everything will go as plan ( i supposed).. haha.. does this sound serious.. haha.. ok back to normal..
at abt 1 plus.. my bro cum home.. i was still busy again engross in my novel.. haha.. so he waited for mi to b ready.. at abt 3 pm we went to semb.. i was supposed to bring my bro to make a new EZLink card.. which he has lost it i supposed a week ago.. then everything went on smoothly.. lucky enough the data in the translink still hav my bro picture.. if not i reali dun noe where the hell i find money to bring my bro take passport photo.. due to my wrong estimation of $$.. the amount i brought wasnt exactly sufficient.. but guess wat..the $$ that is in the previous ezlink card ( bro's one) .. managed to tide over our lunch.. haha.. lucky wor.. wanted to go check out on serene.. she sound restless n lifeless on the phone.. but the weather isnt with mi.. it was raining so heavily that the thought was erase of the original plan.. then i decided to reactivate the ezlink card as library card.. but the librarian say for precaution sake.. wait for a few months then reactivate.. the previous card n the new card has the same NRIC no.. so wait lor.. but i was happy that i decide to go to the library cos i met a friend there.. she is Mdm Wati ( wat we all call her) .. when i was in JC1 she cum to the library society ( my CCA) n is one of the staff there.. havin a small intake of librarians that year.. all our spirit were bonded pretty close.. that is one of the beautiful memories i had from my JC life.. haha.. so juz now we talked for awhile.. she say that the way i speak change abit.. haha.. from 'little girl' style to now more adult.. haha.. is it true? i dun reali noe.. but that isnt the point.. hehe.. then i oso notice that she was pregnant.. hehe.. she told mi that the baby is goin to due soon.. wow.. me here wish Mdm Wati a smooth delivery.. hehe.. so after mi n my bro make our way to the bus-stop.. of cuz the rain was still as big as ever.. with no umbrella we run through the rain.. haha.. the weather was cold.. real cold.. reach home abt 5pm.. and soon cum along mi youngest sis.. she was soakin wet.. i rush her to bath.. if not she easy get sick de.. gettin sick is no play play thing.. again i fall into the arms of novel.. this time another book le.. hehe.. at abt 815pm.. i went to adm to buy dinner.. reach home abt 850pm.. the wind was cool n i like it.. finish my dinner = start of day (house work)
from 9pm onward to 215am i was busy doin housework.. quite a satisfaction to say.. vacuum floor.. then mop the floor.. moppin of floor is the first time im doin it.. but the result was good.. lucky enough with the effort i put in.. it was paid off.. the floor was smooth n nice to walk.. hehe.. this 2 activities take abt 2hrs wor.. then i went on to clear the clothes.. fold n keep themin respectively cabinet.. my aunt want to wash the cloth n so i went to bath at abt 12 midnite.. haha.. bath cold water.. cos sweaty.. hehe.. then finish le.. rest for awhile n on i go on to ironin of clothes.. mostly uniforms.. my youngest sis ( 3 sets).. my bro ( 2 sets) .. my mum's T-shirt n my another sis's uniform..so everything was done by 215am.. haha.. now i wanna go watch my amine.. waited for it.. cos was recordin my dad's show.. piority on show.. haha.. wish i can wake up early.. wanna continue my novel mania.. hehe.. nitez..
* to serene.. cheer up wor.. there will b solutions to ya problems.. dun think to much n of cuz think positive.. friends4eva de.. i promise.. ^~^

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


today is another day at home.. work up pretty late at abt 128pm.. mayb cos i finally got used to my new bed.. so shiok n cool.. mi chat with my mum.. brought my brother to chong pang.. to eat n to help my mum do some stuff.. then shop a while n off we went home.. it was such a stuffy day.. sweat like hell.. then reach home mi stuck myself in my mother's bedroom.. cos hav fan.. since the new bed arrive in my room.. the prilvege of having a fan was deprived.. cos there wasnt any space to put a fan.. need to find a standin fan instead.. hehe.. then in my mother's room i was there busy combin through my novel.. n yesterday i went to the library to borrow 14 books.. gonna hav a fun time readin the books le.. hehe.. n at abt 735pm.. after my younger mei reach home.. i brought my bro to causeway point.. we met up w turtle n jason.. ate at mac n shop a while.. time flies fast to say.. hehe.. had some fun time.. at mac.. mi n serene were busy crammin our head to a Qn that serene had brought up.. it was a maths qn on Permutation and combination.. n of cuz this topic is wat serene n mi hated most.. haha.. but in the end we still didnt managed to solve it.. haha.. too long never used my brain le.. turn rusty le.. hehe.. then shop at kiddy palacce n a puzzle house.. then i went to buy food home for my sisters.. the process of waiting for the bus is so long n warm.. bus finali cume n rush home to watch my tv.. the show showin at channel u is so cool.. showin friendship n to maintain ya clarity of mind when handling a situation.. got to learn from them sia.. hehe.. did some house work in between n now again stuck myself to tv.. watchin my amine.. n at the same time keyin in my entry.. hehe.. tml is gonna b another day.. i think there will b some diff tml.. hehe.. got time i will cum again.. hehe..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


family day.. haha.. monday is always my family day.. i think i wun b goin work le.. mi mum say dun wan let my aunt too dependent on me.. then mi went to sunplaza to eat.. haha.. got some funny matters durin the time.. haha.. then we go shop shop.. my dad was stuck at the phone shop.. cos he wanted to upgrade his line to a contract based one.. then u got nokia 6610I phone for free.. cos on offer.. our family goes on not so $$ n user-friendly phone.. haha.. then we change our destination to a furniture shop.. mi mum wanted to slowly change our furniture.. cos she say she see its until abit siao le.. then we make our way home.. we waited for my bed to cum.. its a double decker.. its was bought to accomodate one new member into our family who is cumin this sunday.. its my mei hong kong buddy.. so i think alot of happenings will b cumin soon..

then hav dinner n i reach home n go totest my comfy new bed.. so shiok.. air con is like blowin at my face.. i think that spot my younger sis is gonna to fight w mi le.. haha...

n today.. mi didnt nth much.. finish readin a chi novel.. brought my bro to eat lunch n now at home chattin w mi mei n gonna do housework soon.. mi back to home sweet home.. hehe.. mayb gonna meet serene to eat dinner.. see how ba.. cya friends..

** to my dearest Jur jie n Serene mei
friends are forever!! mi here to support u always!!!**

:D ♥; sally

Monday, July 11, 2005

sisters' enjoyment Posted by Picasa

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Sunday, July 10, 2005


updates n more updates.. on fri.. i finali hav an off day.. of cuz not forgettin that i was sick on thur..so 2 days not workin.. serene hav plan the progrom of the day which means that all i hav to do is to follow her.. she specially took an off day to accompany mi.. so sweet of her wor..

early in the mornin i woke up to help my mum run some errands to adm.. after that i reach home n get ready to go out.. our meetin time was 2pm at sunplaza.. then we when to food court..the both of us wasnt hungry.. so serene went to buy a bowl of dessert.. finish it n off we went to take the train.. jason was waitin at Yio Chu Kang MRT for us.. he was in sch earlier on.. soreachin summerset.. we approach Cine to eat.. jason was hungry.. n mi suddenly feel hungry .. went to buy a plate of noodles.. haha.. that noodles was so affordable.. then fillin our hungry stomach we went to Party world.. Finali finali finali.. ITS TIME FOR K!!!! haha.. sing for 4 hours..n that havin the VIP card (my sis one) the expense was minimisied to the minimum.. one person not even $14.. yet sing until mi almost no voice.. haha.. then finish the last song.. we climb out of the room n off we go to Far East.. she say she wanted to take neoprint w mi.. n the colour theme we had is Blue.. the background seem similar but was quite nice.. we shop for a while n went to wisma.. cos serene wanted to find something.. But wat she wanted wasnt there so off we went to take the train..n mi sis called mi to ask mi if i wan pei her eat.. so suggested goin MosBurger to eat.. then at Mos Burger.. jason n serene dun noe wat happen..both becum so quiet n that serene seem to b droppin back into her sad world.. the sms she type for mi to c was so negative.. this shouldnt b the case lor.. i think Jason hav to jia oyu le.. serene isnt as strong as she seems to b.. hav to treat her well n communicate well.. luckily.. soon after mi n mi sis left.. the problem was solved.. i think mi n mi sis are super high Voltage Bulbs.. that y they need time of their own to clear up the air.. isnt it?

n today sat.. nth much happen.. 8 plus woken up by mi sis.. she ask mi to help her iron her cloth.. ironin in this super early mornin when i haven even clear my head.. tough job as a sister ya? then ironin finish i fall back to dreamland.. at abt 9plus.. mi bro cum to wake mi up to help his make his breakfast .. that was an order that mi sis gav b4 she went to work.. they cant let mi slp ah.. then finish the stuff.. i again went back to slp until afternoon 1pm.. haha.. n as usual.. i went to work.. now bloggin n soon will go back to my bed.. it is callin mi now.. Cya friends..


:D ♥; sally

Friday, July 08, 2005

.. .

mi again.. today doin a double entry wor.. juz now i meet up with serene, jason n along cum mi sis.. then five of us which includes mi n my bro proceed to Gio cos serene need to do some work then off we went to eat at the food court.. mi bro ate two plates of rice.. one is sweet & sour chicken then after that is normal chicken rice.. he say he didnt eat lunch.. but i think cos he is in the process of growin up so the demand for food is gettin higher each time.. haha.. scary sia.. then on our way to arcade.. we saw shalene n her Boy boy.. haha.. they hav been together for 3 years le.. so fast wor.. shalene gettin prettier each day wor.. then her biy biy now in navy.. O.. he says that he is goin sail off sea le.. then mi sis say that my cousin's BF now in tekong n another cousin is goin tekong this month.. wow.. tekong seem tob floodin w ppl mah.. haha..

then off we went to arcade.. nth special.. i onli played 2 games..one is race car another is basketball.. haha.. race car i played twice.. the 1st time i got the position of 22 out of 40 drivers.. haha.. quite gd for mi cos normali i will get the last position.. hehe.. then the second time is to compete w my bro.. n i won him by cumin 1st n he 2nd.. haha.. my car like to 'flip' here n ther.. then i didnt use brakes wor.. so its like goin at full speed.. dun noe if my temp got go up.. hehe.. juz kiddin onli ah.. then as we are abt to go back.. my bro lost his pouch.. in his pouch there was hisezlink card.. i was like so so angry.. then i think serene was shicked or wat la.. dun noe la.. then i walk alonefor sometime then serene walk up to comfortmi.. but when she walk up my temper alrdy off le.. onli that i no happy abt it.. then cosi was angry at that time i was searchin for water.. so all of us stop at Long John Silver.. i went to buy drink.. n that their service ver slow.. make mi stand there so long..n nvm still open onli one counter.. dun noe wat they thinkin.. then serene n mi sis begin playin each other phone.. haha.. they listenin to songs from their hp.. listen n sing.. haha.. then jason n mi bro play chess.. i aak jason to bring chess to sort of entertain my bro.. haha.. jason play until wan to vomit blood.. poor him.. haha.. then at abt 1040pm we went home..

lucky still can catch my cartoon amine in time.. but my chi show missed it.. haiz.. the amine is gettin interestin each time.. tv is a fatal attraction cum addiction.. haha..

still tml hav to call up the office to stop my bro card from lettin others used it.. haiz.. n mi meetin serene at 2pm at semb.. so mi goin out n k.. finali.. hehe.. ok friends.. im goin to slp le.. scared my fevercum back though the timin now is alrdy 12 plus.. hehe.. :P

* Nitez Friends *

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Arghh.. for this past few days..i have been suffering from sever headache.. onli yesterday i went to measure my temp.. then i noe i hav got fever.. haha.. now i see the link.. haha.. this mornin at abt 2 plus.. my temp was 37.8 degree cel... then eat panadol..then this mornin at abt 9 plus.. i wake up n took my temp again.. it was 36.3.. so im back to normal again.. now onli slight headache..but whole body achin.. haha.. becum ver old i think.. haha.. sittin in front of the com n that today my bro younger sis didnt go sch cos overslept.. they busy playin game.. now goin off le.. at nitemeetin serene n jason for dinner at abt 730pm.. so long friends..

* Wish all of u Gd Health always *
*Take Care *

:D ♥; sally

Monday, July 04, 2005


yoz.. here to update abt my stuff as usual.. hehe.. this few days seem to b a reunion with some of my long time no see friends.. can range from pri to current de.. haha.. like yesterday i saw my pri sch friend, @lvin.. haha.. he was still as usual.. no much change.. didnt hav the chance to talk cos we were busy with our stuff then we smile n nodded n off we went on to do our work.. haha.. then mi make some new friends.. mainly a uncle n a ger who is at sec 5 this year.. haha.. both are workin at the sportlink next to the where i'm workin.. haha.. i talk to them cos i wanted to enjoy the aircon.. the heat was unbearable sia.. can really melt like hell.. haha.. mi n Li peng talk alot.. haha.. the topics revolove abt studies, weather, bags, so on n so forth.. some of it uncle Ben (i supposed its his name) also involved.. haha.. so its like a gers talk sometimes with a uncle in there.. haha..
on the way to work.. a friend who recognized mi called mi but hehe.. i dun remember who he was.. haha.. then he say the stuff that can try to make mi recall him.. haha.. then finaly he efforts was paid off.. haha.. he was from my tution class that i hav been in for 10 years.. haha.. we chatted until at chong pang i saw one of my dad's relative.. haha.. again mi n the relative was busy talkin.. n mi so bad didnt say goodbye to Zhi Wei.. haha.. nvm.. he was in NUS electrical engineerin year 2.. i noe to find him le.. haha.. cos he say he still stay at the block where i used to live.. my 1st home sweet home.. many fond memories was built n feelings were attached to it.. haiz.. goin sendimental again.. hehe..
the aunties n uncles are askin mi if they can call mi ah ger? ah moi? or xiao mei? haha.. this part always make mi laugh.. cos they keep askin about my age.. their logic is that if i am not over 21 of age.. their still can call mi the names listed above.. haha.. so now when they c mi they will call mi.. haha.. i guess the customers there will noe who they are callin le.. haha.. so paiseh.. haha..
at the stall many happenings hav occured.. the uncle who is sellin popiah is makin alot of problem for himself n us.. wat the.. dun wan to talk abt it.. cos i dun reali care abt it either.. but i jus cant see it to eye that he treatin us like that.. n the thing is that he is the one who requested the stuff n now he is still the one givin us so so so many problem.. dun noe wat the uncle thinkin sia.. arghhhhhhhh.. change topic..
for this few weeks i didnt reali go online.. cos when i cum online the timin isnt right.. its always about 12 plus 1am in the morning... haiz.. but i will still do the normal routinue like checkin my mailbox.. haha.. n replyin to letters that i anticipated.. like Jur Jie n Min Ming letter.. both of them are in different part of the world.. hehe.. hope they can do their best in their stuff ya.. dun stress yaself wor.. hehe.. Study Hard n Play Hard too..
so now i chattin with mi two little siblings.. haha.. n 2morow its youth day as wat they tell mi.. so its an holiday for them yet another workin day for mi.. haha.. im goin to continue my process of checkin mail routinue.. hehe.. Cya friends..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, July 01, 2005

this is the present that doris has selected as my bro birthday present.. hehe.. cute rite? hehe.. Posted by Hello

:D ♥; sally

mi n my bro.. hehe.. juz tat my hair is super messy la.. hehe..  Posted by Hello

:D ♥; sally

Its US!! hehe.. all in one pic!! Do we look alike? Posted by Hello

:D ♥; sally

Bro's Birthday cake.. He is 12 years old le.. Happy Birthday to You Samuel !! Posted by Hello

:D ♥; sally


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