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Monday, May 29, 2006

Finali Day Off !!

haha haha.. finali off for work.. so cool.. still my 'tap' is broken.. non stop flow.. haha.. later goin to swallow the pills le..'ekkkkksssss'

ytd was a promoter friend last day at work. so sad. no one to mpi mi eat lunch again. sian. but never mind can eat myself. no problem.

this week i open 3 wine samples. 1 fruit wine (arbor mist melon white zinfandel) n 2 red wine (monetery vineyard cabernet sauvignon & hardys VR cabernet sauvignon) . the reason as to y i open 3 instead of 2 is cos one regular help mi finish them. sat they came n again stood there to finish it while they chat among themselves as i serve other customers. then sun they say they will come but i dun noe. before i went for lunch the red wine bottle was full. but when i return from my lunch. the bottle was totally empty. REALI empty. so i suppose they did come to drink.
after that was time for home. so i pack up n left. before i went to catch the bus. i went to help the auntie with her customer. sort of help her serve them. the auntie ver friendly de. hehe. everytime after break i auto will go find her de. sometimes even help her customers to come up with the good choice of clothing that suits them. haha. quite fun.

reach home, mei busy vacuumin n moppin the floor. mi sit there n read my book. then ard 11 plus, my 2 mei sat in front of the computer n play. ivy mei play maple. doris mei talkin on the phone. mi readin as usual. then ard 12 plus i went to sleep. long time no sleep so long le.

today onli wake up ard 1plus. so shiok. haha. the toilet become ver crowded. mi n mum went adm to eat n my mum bought mi a new pair of shoes. she like it so ask mi to try n she bought it. haha. tat shoe pretty high n looks cute. haha. pay many bills n reach home mi used the computer. alrdy 7pm le. so fast. y do my off day hav to pass so quickly. sad.

mi think gonna stop here. haha. got time will come b again. haha. Take care Friends & dun fall sick. the climate is changin so do take care. ^.6

Signin off @ 29th May,

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Day pass

now as i am typin.. im waiting for the time to go work.. its sunday today.. finish my mail checkin n arrangin my mp3 song list.

ytd mi went to work as usual. reach turf city then bagan to pack up the stocks. then began the sampling of wine. the whole day mi dun noe wat i doin. feel ver tired. can even try to stand n sleep. haha. then one of the wine regular comen help mi finish the wine sample. so today i will have to open a new one le. tat is the fastest wine sampling i had in Turf City. 1 wine bottle per day. haha. that regular say he will come again so today mi prepare to open another one. haha. interestin isnt it? they say they will bring their own wine glasses. im thrilled by tha. haha. think they are indeed goin to help mi finish the wine bottle today.

at nite after dinner with ris mei. mi end up tie my hair in 2 pony tails on the side. seem to be like a small kid. haha. funny but i like it. we went to adm to top up ezlink card (i top for her) n oso ris meitreat mi ice cream. she tryin to clear up the heavy coins in her wallet. haha. reach hme abt 0.5hr later n search for new songs. haha. read a book n watch some tv. went to bed ard 2plus. *tired*

the day before i forgot to mention i went for a free health screenin. it was by chance n i went for it. haha. saw a guy who kept talkin to mi. funny person. haha. then we part n mi went back to eat. hungry is the word. haha.

mi gonna sign off le.. hehe.. mayb got time then come back n post.

:D ♥; sally

Friday, May 26, 2006

tired is the word

today went to work as usual.. but the other promoter say i look busy.. haha.. always cant find mi.. haha.. mi went to help n guide another wine promoter at the request of the supplier (not mine) juz to do a good deed ba.. haha.. then pack maggi mee n cap noodles as usual.. then did price tag.. but my stock didnt come.. hear that they will onli come tml.. sian.. tml still hav sampling of wine..

bought mp3 for my bro.. $99 for 1G.. haha.. cheap.. Giant on the promotion offer.. haha..

after work went to sunplaza to meet up with xin hui mei, my siao ding dong mei mei, my bro, wa wa.. went to watch the show 'Over the Hedge'.. initially i dun even noe wat the show is abt.. haha.. on the way mi saw hui xuan.. she working.. she so siok.. tml can watch 'Da VinCi code' i still hav to wait.. sian..

now watchin 'Da Chang Jing'.. n settling the mp3 for my bro.. haha. my bro tml goin Sentosa with my sis to play.. haha.. home quiet cool..

think goin to bed soon ba..

Signin of,

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tired is all i feel !!

yoz.. has been some days i didnt update my blog le.. **tired**

ytd (mon) mi met up with wanyu n ying at sunplaza for breakfast at 'Ah Mei's Resturant'.. mi long time didnt eat breakfast le.. somemore meet 930am.. so early.. still i climb out of my bed to meet them.. the roti prata was pretty good.. cos mi long time didnt eat it le.. haha.. then we chat until abt 11 n wanyu went for work.. saw weiye too..mi n ying went to the library to borrow books.. stay there for sometime.. n ying was helpin an auntie to fill up the form forher ward comin to singapore to study.. that boy has the same birthday as i am onli different years.. wat a concidence.. haha.. after that we went to 'This Fashion' to walk walk.. we waited for my mei to come.. as we wait i went to try a blouse.. haha.. mi bought a jumper for my mei.. cos she like it. haha.. then after tat we went to eat.. at tis time ying went home le.. penguin n wawa come.. so again i ate.. haha.. then saw my parents.. waited for them n then my mum say tat she wanted to go 'This Fashion' so again i went.. this time round i bought a pants.. nice nice.. haha.. n went home.. reach home read a chi novel n soon after fell asleep.. slept for a ver long time.. ard 8 plus then i wake up.. haha.. still i felt tired. reali tired.. watch some tv programs n again i went back to sleep..

wake up ard 10plus today n still tired.. i think all this tiredness are accumulated over the past fewdays or weeks ba.. later mayb goin to CWP to shop n watch 'Poseidon' with my mum.. i think 'Da Vinci Code' will hav to wait mayb until next week ba.. tml hav to go back to work le.. hope i enjoy the show..

this few days i been sneezing, havin slight sore throat n oso headaches.. sian.. hav to drink more n more water le. u guys take care wor.. hehe

Signin off ...
... Sally is REALI Tired ...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, May 18, 2006


tues.. jia rong, jia wen n serene n oso froggy come my house to play.. jia wen n rong play the computer n serene in my room chattin.. mi n joa rong exchange each other funny sms.. indeed they are funny.. haha.. when they gather to play cards.. mi read my storybook.. nice story.. after tat for dinner mi went to northpoint.. ate n mi send jia rong n wen to the bus interchange.. n after tat mi went home with mum n didi.. slept ard 12plus..

ytd went to pei mummy go SGH for her follow up check up.. everything ok.. onli that we waited for the doc for abt 2 hoyurs plus plus onli.. after tat met up with my ah yi to go find Space for a hair cut.. mi trim my hair.. lighter now.. then abt 10 plus then reach home.. tired ah..

today went to work.. ver tired as usual.. pack stock n mi accidentally hurt my toe.. ** Ouch** ver ver painful. then one auntie promoter help mi rub.. she ver skilful.. cool.. but still it hurts. so the current walkin speed is like snail.. slowly crawling.. sian..

now mi watchin tv n updatin blog.. gonna drink my 'liang tea' cos we gettin heaty from within.. waitin for 'Da Chang Jing'..

friends do take care.. Cya..

Signin off @ 18 May,

:D ♥; sally

Monday, May 15, 2006

No work today

today finali an off day.. tired sia.. wake up ard 12 noonn.. so long didnt sleep until 12 le.. have been workin for tis past five days..

ytd mi went to meet up with mum at sunplaza for dinner.. then saw old neighbour.. they chat we eat.. haha.. then mi chiong to library to borrow book.. haha.. after tat went home.. sat in front of the TV watchin 'XXX' n 'The Touch' with my bro.. nice shows.. then mi went into my room to read a chi novel.. abt 2am mi finish readin it.. haha.. n slept soundly..

now mi sittin in front of compie updatin blog.. nth much to say.. mi chatin with serene on msn.. haha.. my mei playin her maple like a mad ger.. rhymes rite? haha.. mayb later goin to chiong another 1 or two books le.. haha.. im simply love to read story books.. my mei say im nuts/ siao.. cos they cant wait to get away from them.. haha..

mi wish to go zoo/ underwater world n art galleries to take lots n lots of Pic.. haha.. dun noe y.. juz feel it.. im nuts.. goin to stop here to recoer from my nutness!! haha..

Signin off @ 15 May,
Sally is the Panda

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stack Stack Stack!!

today went to work as usual.. today stock come so i stack them.. took 2 hours to settle them.. nice nice.. cos i do it slowly with lots of thoughts.. haha.. the Giant staff seems pretty busy so onli at the later part of the day mi went to chat with Deva.. help him pack the shift the stuff.. saw florence.. then after that went to help leepeng.. n help the person under leepeng.. help one supplier who is rushin to her next stall.. at time is alrdy 6plus le.. so late still need to run outlet.. so sad.. for my supplier mayb cos i present mi help her abit here n there.. like orderin stocks n packing them up.. frequently i will inform of any updates to let her noe wat is happenin at turf city..

after work went AMK n took train.. met up with serene n jason at khabit.. they got onto the train i am in.. so we alight at Semb.. go makan.. when we finish our dinner cailing then reach. so we chat until abt 8plus n went separate ways.. mi n cailing took bus home.. once i reach home the sky began to pour.. cool.. i think its waiting for mi to reach home. haha.. Thanks.

As for the bookim talkin abt ytd.. 'The Goodness Gene'.. pretty a good book.. the main character - Will, was a clone of Hitler.. created by Hayli to rule the new era of human race.. at the later part Will finali noe who he is n began to ponder.. he went against his "father" n still end up dead.. but it was for a good cause.. so his death was n sacific that brought abt major changes n improvement that he wish for.. so that all..

currently readin another book.. but that seem not ver interestin.. hope to see some change or twist in the story.. its something abt communism...

ok.. mi now goin to sign off le.. im so sad cos no 'Da Chang Jing' to watch.. dun noe they play wat variety show.. sian.. being deprived.. sad.. dun they noe many ppl are actuali watchin n followin the show?.. hiaz..

Signin off @ 11 May,

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Busy !!

ytd went out to meet agnes.. met up at raffles mrt station.. then went to lao pa sha to hav a drink n after tat to her office.. so now i finai now wat she is workin.. it sound temptin but stilli feel there a need to discuss with my parents.. haven ask my father's opinion n approval yet.. see how ba.. then sit at the place in front of the Golden Bowl for a few hours.. then around 8pm i left her office.. she was goin to attend her course.. on the way home i feel ver ver tired.. reach home n chat with my mum.. she explain some stuff to mi.. then i seek Chester gor opinion.. he says it isnt his cup of tea.. haha.. nvm.. see how ba..

today went to work as usual.. but i sort of become Giant Staff.. haha.. sound normal ba.. haha.. cos again some big boss comin to Giant again.. mi help pack some stuff n of cuz the timin went by fast.. ard 2 plus nearin 3.. mi auntie & her boss come by n gave mi a surprise.. haha.. let them see how i maintain the stall.. actuali nth much.. but at least i come out with something to treat the problem.. cos the location of the crate was affected by the air con pipe.. its leakin water.. after tat mi n auntie went to eat Mac.. mi see her to the shuttle bus n i went back to work.. the timin is alrdy 430pm.. after that i resume my work to help Deva n Lee Peng to put the items to the front.. make it a nice display.. haha.. the whole timin has cut short.. n i feel they hav accomplished work half the time they originally needed.. so cool.. feel proud of myself.. went home at 6.. reach adm n bought food home.. watch TV n read my book.. Da Chang Jing juz finished.. so i will return to my novel.. hope to complete it by tonite.. cant wait to see how the guy turns out to mi.. interesting story..

Tml goin to work as usual.. after work will meet serene wawa n jason for dinner..

So cya guys.. Take Care..

Signin off @ 10 May,

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sad News,,

yesterday at nite.. mi receive news that my aunite's Father-in-law hav passed away.. haiz.. so sad.. mi mum also sad.. cos it made her recalled abt her own parents.. sad.. that time i was busy changin my blogy skin n chattin with Agnes ger.. hope tis time not much of a problem le.

today mi went to work n told this news to my Store Manage, Alvin Seah.. he say he mayb cant attend cos his own father-in-law also juz passed away not long ago.. he asked if im goin cos if i goin then he can passed the $$ to mi n i passed to my auntie.. onli later when i informed my mum.. she says that Alvin need not giv the $$.. i think there is some formalities unknown to us ba..

mi open 2 wine today.. n it seems that the red wine sample.. Warburn Shiraz ,Australia is being drank quite fast.. but the sales for it its pretty slow.. hehe.. cos in the afternoon.. an uncle whom i think i serve him b4 came back.. he still told mi wat i told him the last time i met him.. haha.. funny person.. so he bought back the same wine i previous recommend to him n he was the one to help to drink the shiraz sample i open today.. he is reali enjoyin it.. from small cup change to big cup to let him enjoy the wine more.. he told mi mayb tml he is goin to bring his wife along to try it out.. haha.. somemore he cant imagine mi as a ger who is onli approachin 20.. haha.. strange isnt it..

i feel that the shiraz is abit bland but the feelin at the throat is pretty shiok.. warm warm de.. ver nice feelin.. hehe.. then i also got to know 2 new promoters.. they happen to b near my counter.. so mi n the ger were busy chattin when no one is around.. she is promotin Singha Beer.. n the Guy is promotin VitaSoy.. both from poly studying Biotech.. she say she reali dun like that course n that the initial impression was ver different from wat they are doin now.. haiz.. Still mi ask her to Jia You.. not easy to study..

after work mi reach adm n waited for my mei they all.. so long.. wait until i sian.. i even read finish my chi novel wor.. finali at abt 745pm they reached.. ate our food n mi need to da bao for my bro.. so i went home alone.. da mei went shop n walk with her Da.. n xiao mei went to study with Jia Jia & Sandy..

watch the show 'Parent Trap' n chatted with my cousin brother .. he seems pretty stress up.. cos now is common test timin in JC.. Jia You Wor.. hehe.. mentally be with u..

today also Election day.. mi cant vote cos not up to the age.. sad..

so now mi will sign out le.. my mum juz return home from the furnel side.. Take care Friends..

Signin off @ 6 May,

:D ♥; sally

Friday, May 05, 2006

Busy Day!!

today went to qork as usual.. but today start work at 1pm.. reach there arrange the wine n then the Store Manager ask mi to help him arrange the beer.. Giant's Admin staff ask mi to get a vest for the Big Boss is comin to Giant.. so sad.. mi been there so long today then wear that vest.. feel so awkward.. reali cant stand it.. the rest of the stff i noe were laughin abt it when they saw mi wearin it.. cos all along i was the promoter who dun wear the vest de.. haha.. one say i look old with that vest.. sad..

at Giant they hav a ver short (few seconds) black out.. haha.. ver it recover ver fast.. i think they accidentally switcch off the lights ba.. nearin the end of the day.. then we noe that theBig Boss is not comin.. waste our time.. heard from the staffs tat the boss come onli when everything is messy n not in place.. i think he wans to noe wat is exactly the look when he is not around..

bought a bag for my brother cos he wanted it.. at abt 5 plus my stock come.. so late.. so within 35mins mi pack up all the stuff n went home.. reach adm mi as usual bought food home.. pay HP bills for my family.. now sittin in front of TV watchin 'Starship Troopers'.. excitin but gross.. cos of the bugs..

i think i may need to change my blogskin soon.. havin problem in accessin to my bloggy.. sad..

gonna finish my book later on. n watch 'Da Chang Jing'

Signing off @ 5 May 06,
Sally is Tired as usual

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Early Start of The Day

slept in the wee hours of the mornin i was soon awaken by my auntie.. cos i told her i wanted to pei my mum go SGH for her operation.. tat was ard 5 plus in the mornin.. saw my dad watchin the show i recorded for him.. then ard 545am my mum, auntie n mi reach adm.. we took train down to outram park.. when searchin for the buildin tat we were supposed to go.. i feel tat we were playin maze.. if we didnt open our eyes i think we wun noe where we are.. reach the centre n after my mum got admitted into the hospital.. mi n my auntie went to eat breakfast.. long time no eat le.. then after that we went to the garden n sat there.. i read finish my chi novel.. n my aunt fell aslp.. around 10 plus we went back to fetch my mum.. b4 that we had to collect her medication.. alot of medication.. then saw my mum.. seem to b in pain.. her high blood pressure made her stay awhile in the ward for the nurse is not ready to let her go home.. after that when measurin it again.. then we were released.. took a cab home..

fed my mum w some food n she took her medication.. after that she went to rest... ard 12 plus 1.. the MP for our side come by.. i was sort of the representative for my family.. too bad mi not to the age of votin yet.. haha.. chat abit w them n my bro too reach home sch.. mi went to slp at ard 2pm.. too tired.. now tat im awaken.. guess i will hav to coach my bro with his maths le.. my xiao mei is now slpin on my bed.. haha..

tink will hav to call up the hospital on my mum's behalf to sort of clear up our understanding of some stuff.. haiz.. i think im gettin the feel of initiating calls to ppl i do not noe le..

think mayb will go out for dinner ba..

n today mi no go work.. requested not to work today from my auntie..

mayb will call up some ppl to check out some stuff.. hehe.. so will be abit busy for the moment as i presume it to be.. so take care friends..

Signin off @ 4 May,

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tutoring Day

for so long i didnt blog.. now mi do s short one ba.. hehe.. these few days mi read some chi n some eng storyb0oks.. n then watch Harry Potter n Free Willy 2 on Mon.. so so cool.. hehe.. mi feel like goin to catch a movie mayb when im free..

come back from work.. had dinner.. n mi become tutor for maths both my younger brother n sister.. they now havin their examinations.. help my mei ans her enquires.. n that mi sort of force my bro to study.. cos wanted to see him pass his maths.. taught abt 2 hours plus.. my mei sort of finish her revision for maths. n she told mi that she hav to buck up her maths cos she wanted to teach Lisze maths.. tat is her buddy..

Tml my mum will be goin for a minor operation that will be pretty fast.. so i wun go work for tml.. n tml i will still be coachin my bro for his maths.. dun wan him to giv on tat subject which i noe he has to potential to do well.. as for sci i think i hav to slowly find some way to help him.. haiz..

mi so long didnt do maths.. haha.. abit strange but still managable.. think my sec sch teacher shd b happy abt it.. haha..

now juz come by to journal up.. hehe..

signing off @ 3rd May,
Sally @@

:D ♥; sally


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