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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

FeveR !!

haiz.. now mi feelin feverish.. in the afternoon i took my temp it was 38.5 degree celsius.. dun noe y i got sick.. ytd n today mi hav terrible sore throat.. throat ver pain.. drink much water but still no help.. end up goin to toilet many many times.. abt 8 plus i ate medication.. n now the temp is 37.5 degree celcius.. improved le.. but im feelin giddy n hav ear block.. hate tat feeling.. hope condition can be improved.. if not tml i cant go sch n tat hav to see doc.. mi dun like medication.. so muz reali hav speedy recovery le..

ytd mi reach home surprisingly i spent my time readin up the next chpt teacher is goin to teach.. strange is it? then at nite did nth much.. watch some tv program n rot..

i think nth to write le.. so can end here le..

Signin off @ 25th Jan,
Sally is Sick @.@

:D ♥; sally

Monday, January 23, 2006

Nice Movie Show !!

yoz.. today is reali sian day at sch.. can imagine a teacher juz introducin the course guide for more than 1 hr.. i was like almost goin to fall asleep.. n tat the time the lect notes were printed 1 slide on one A4 paper.. so u can see tat it is pretty thick.. waste paper n waste our energy to bring it.. tml still hav to bring the tb for tutorial session like wat the teacher says..

then after the break when i juz happen to sit on my sit.. my shoe spoil le.. haiz.. the whole part come off.. sad.. then charlene next to mi immediately come to my rescue.. she help mi staple my shoes together.. its onli a temporary idea.. so durin the next half of the lesson.. i did not wear my shoe.. after sch mi hav group meetin.. discussion of qn to confirmation some ideas.. then xuan, ying, charlene, krysten, kelly were waitin for mi.. so pei seh to let them wait.. we were rushin off to J8 to watch " Memoirs of A Geisha".. then when my group members noe tat im watchin.. they very good to mi tat they let mi off.. haha.. n tat oso means tat the group discussion oso ended.. Terence was pretty fast.. when he was on the bus mi juz wanted to call the cab.. haha.. then ying called kelly.. n kelly was onli juz up ahead of us.. so we wun not too far behind.. reached le bought our ticket n food.. n thus we went in to sit..

the advertisement b4 the movie was so long.. waste time.. haiz.. n finali the Show begins.. To say.. the story was quite interesting.. the life of a ger sold to okiya ( geisha house) separated away from her sis n nvr had the chance to escape.. met a guy she like when she was down.. tat time i think she was onli 9.. so young n strong willed.. the chance for her to be a geisha came by when she was 15 (i think) Michelle yeoh who brought chiyo under her wing.. made a bet with the Mother (owner of the geisha house chiyo leave in) sayin tat she will be the most popular n highly sought Geisha in tat town.. n of course with the strong advertisement n willingness to be a geisha.. chiyo pick up the skill fast.. with the ability to express herself with words she indeed made people notice her.. this is the war between mameba n Hatsumomo ( Gong Li).. over the jealousy n ability to see who is able to train the next famous geisha..

mameba (michelle yeoh) pet phrase is ' A true Geisha can stop a man in his track with a single look.' n they even put into practice.. haha.. tat scene was funny.. there was a biddin war for Sayuri ( zhang Ziyi new name agter being an maiko - apprentice geisha) mizuage.. Mizuage equivalent to Virginity n her 1st night will be sold to one who has the highest offer.. Pumpkin was her rival.. but Sayuri ( meanin a lily) always took her as her friend.. Pumpkin is reali a strange name..

later the war came abt n event happen.. sayuri was sent off to a dye factory.. then Nobusan went to the dye factory to beg Sayuri to help her.. she was needed to help with the agreement of the american to sign the treaty to allow them to open up the factory..

Sayuri went thru all this was to hav the chance to be closer to the Chairman ( the person who came to her when was down) n at the end.. the Chairman came to her wantin to be her Danna.. danna is rich sleazy guy who gives money.. so can i say tat she hav found her love? i think so.. in her epilgoue (spelt correctly?) near the endin.. Sayuri say tat " havin a Danna, to the guy Geisha can onli be considered a haof wife. Geisha are the wives are night fall. " is their destiny tie down? Mameha says tat being a Geisha is the last resort for there are no other options available.. haiz..

i am now thinkin if i can boorow the book to read.. i think it shd b a good book.. how i wish when i was in Sec sch.. it was appear b4 mi but still i didnt borrow..

when i reach Adm.. i bought a new pair of slippers.. in J8 mi wanted to buy shoes but i cant buy cos i simply cant get my size for 4 TIMES.. alot u noe.. at one straight go.. sad.. draggin my feet to n fro.. so sad.. haha..

haiz.. now chattin with my mum n elder mei abt baby stuff ( alot of her experience at work) later goin to help xiao mei with her physics.. hope i can rmb something.. haha.. TB is now essential for mi..

Signin off at 23rd Jan,

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, January 19, 2006


haven been updatin cos simply too tired to do it.. haiz.. so now mi gonna do a summary..

mon: in the afternoon mi n mum n oso bro went to causeway to shop shop.. the aim is to buy clothing for my bro who is reali lackin with presentable clothin.. then mi bought 2 jeans at hang ten cos hav promotion.. then had dinner n went home..

tues: near the evening.. mi accompany mum to sunplaza to find if there are any chi novel to borrow home to read.. n indeed hav alot.. abt 11.. haha.. n wheni return home.. i sat in my room n spent abt 2 hrs tryin to read finish 'the da vinci code' by dan brown.. such a nice book.. rali enjoyed readin it..

wed: doris was late for sch n tat she wanted mi to accompanied her.. cos i was the oe who wake her up.. in sch.. the lect room had changed.. new venue.. then after sch went to Beauty world to collect our book.. then took a bus to bukit batok.. n then followed by train.. reach home.. read up on the commercial law textbook.. at nite xiao mei ask mi to teach her maths.. n then she took POA.. i oso coach her abit.. at least i didnt waste the time learnin it so so hard for the exam last semster.. but next time i think mayb she will hav to teach mi le.. haha.. pei her until abt 12 plus at nite then i went back to continue my readin..

thur which is today.. lucky tat i expect my sis cant wake up.. i had set an alarm in my clock so tat i could check.. went sch n return my library book.. teacher finish the lect on 'Law of Tort'.. then after sch mi went straight to sunplaza to wait for my mum who will be meetin mi for lunch.. went to the library to find some readin.. borrowed 3 eng novels n 1 commercial law book.. more simplified so easier for mi to read n understand.. n tat it is much lighter in weight as compared to the textbook i bought.. Reach home i went to play the Jacky Cheung DVD live performance.. auntie connie lend mi de.. so so cool.. he sang until so nice.. enjoy the time listenin to it.. then went back to read to read TB.. now sittin in front of compie waitin for my mei to come home so i can pass the baton to her.. i think today will sure hav alot of readin.. hav to check out some stuff for my group meetin (notes).. tml is ure goin to be another tirin day le.. haiz..

Here i have 2 things to share:
1. quote from James Russell Lowell, Fireside Travels.
" Mishaps are like knives, that either save us or cut us, as we grasp them by the blade or the handle"

2. From 'The New Paper'

Salary Theorem
=> The less u know, the more u make.

Proof: kowledge = power - (1)
Time = money - (2)

as every engineer knows: Power = work / time

therefore we can say that
Knowledge = work / money

Solving for money, we get:
money = work / knowledge

Thus, as knowledge approaches zero, money approaches affinity regardless of the amount of work done.

So this theorem is proven.

Think abt it.. funny article.. haha..

Signin off @ 19 Jan,

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, January 14, 2006

TiReD TiReD TiReD !!!

Reali ver tired.. haiz.. went to sch for last class of the foreign lecturer for managing client services.. then after tat went to library with ying xuan n kelly to photocopy past year exam papers.. ver confusin.. so many many paper.. then end up i still hav to go to the information counter to borrow the file to check it out.. n continue to confirm the pages.. by the time we finish the prinitin it was alrdy 2pm.. i was like im alrdy so so late.. my aunt n other promoters in Giant are havin lunch without mi le.. then i took a cab down n went to find them.. had a plate of chicken rice.. but i didnt hav any strenght.. juz too tired.. then finish eatin.. my aunt left for changi while i went to begin my work..

CHAOS CHAOS EVERYWHERE!! haha.. today in Giant, there is a VERY major Problem with the power supply.. all the cashiers counter cant work.. the Circuit fused le.. possible reason is tat there is a water spillage or mayb there isnt regular checkin of the circuits n stuff.. end up the information counter was the onli available one.. n that once the customers heard abt the Problem.. all become automatic (leavin Giant).. NOW comes the MAIN problem.. there are so so many trolleys filled with items tat customers initially wanted to buy.. now they are left alone everywhere in Giant.. mi end up went to help place back the stuff though it wasnt my job.. haha.. confusion was everywhere as others promoters includin mi dun reali noe where to place the
stuff.. so hav to go huntin.. haiz.. under the wine section.. i did it almost instantly.. cos i pretty familiar with the wine (have to be)

and becos of the payment system failure.. Giant has estimated to make a huge loss of > $ 10,000 +++ .. tat is reali alot.. n for mi..cos the is failure mi sales went down again.. more than a dozen of wine im promoting hav returned to mi.. so sad.. so sianz.. i think i can b seen walkin, runnin, poppin out of nowhere to find the items location.. at the same time i hav to juggle my work as a wine promoter.. sweat out as if im drench in the rain.. when im finali settle down at my store.. it was alrdy 630pm le.. haha.. noe wat this means - i can prepare to go home le.. packed up n left Giant with Connie Auntie..

abalone mei had problem with her BF.. then when i was abt to go off.. she took mi that actuali her bf wasnt angry with her.. Now its her turn to be angry.. somemore tat guy is of the same age as i am.. dun noe wat he thinkin.. wish tat i could scold him.. cos he make abalone mei cry wor.. cry until her eyes become rabbit eyes n how can she promote her stuff in the state of condition she is in.. she suddenly break down can scare ppl de leh.. stupid boy!!

i rmb tat connie auntie sayin that she thought i applied brown eye shadow.. but i didnt.. the " brown eye shadow" was actuali my eye bags n rings.. so i think can imagine how i look now.. tired n blur to say.. China's national Treasure - PanDa !!

took a new shuttle bus to AMK cos the original one hav broken down.. so many stuff broken down today wor.. then reach AMK take the stuff from Connie auntie n took the train to Adm.. requested my bro to come out to adm to eat cos i cant find the energy to pack the food home with one hand filled with a bag of storybooks.. end up askin my bro to buy the food for mi.. he has to learn to make orders oso.. mi sat there stonin.. tryin to replenish my energy n cool down my headache tat i hav since afternoon.. its onli gettin serious when i got on the shuttle bus.. reach home le.. went to my room n continue to read Dan Brown book.. cant imagine i still readin cos this book i dun seem to be able to touch it when i was studyin in sch.. the book worm in mi is so caught up in the stories tat i read pretty fast.. flippin the pages like at the ver next moment.. paused my readin.. now im sittin in front of compie to make an entry.. n mayb do some research to add on to my notes.. makin clarification.. haiz..

mi gonna stop here for now.. Nites to All !!

Signin off at 14 Jan (Sat),
Sally is the PanDa Le..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, January 13, 2006

Research For Notes !!

today finali see the Sun le.. haha.. no sun for so many days.. still the weather quite cold.. went sch n then come home.. haha.. nth much happen in sch.. onli tat today more of practical.. n this teacher gave us homework.. then reach home did some research on the stuff tat i dun noe.. sat in front of the compie until abt 5 plus 6.. then went to my room n did the homework.. at abt 7 plus 8.. my Godma n Godpa come my house.. both of my mums busy chatin.. Godpa sat in front of the TV n watch with us.. then at 8pm my bro decided to play his new Xbox game.. mi game idiot still can coach him.. cos i read the instructions to him.. haha..

then mi continue to read my case study.. at abt 9.. mi aunt ask mi to pei her go sunplaza to eat.. cos all of us haven eat dinner.. abt 10pm we reach home le.. heard from my mum that my godparents left soon after we left for sunplaza.. n that my godparents seem to be pretty bad condition.. i mean financially.. so sad.. Wish tat their situation can improve soon..

now sittin in front of the compie again.. mi gonna return to my case study le.. haiz.. one readin can separate to so many many parts cos i tryin hard to understand wat the paper is talkin.. haha..

mi gonna stop here le.. Nitez everyone..

Signin off @ Fri the 13 (13.01.06),

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Brr.. So so Cold weather..

this 4 days mi no update.. cos dun noe wat to write n tat dun hav the chance to use compie..

life was as normal.. nth much happen.. on hari raya haji.. mi slept at home like a pig.. reali rest my eyes n brain.. yesterday mi went home after sch n then accompanied my mum to khabit to see doc.. then went to NTUC for awhile n left yishun.. after tat i reach home at abt 8pm, mi, mei n parents went to adm to eat.. i ate nth cos wasnt hungry but tired to say.. made some payment n got some stuff for home.. then mi juz use compie for a while n did a super fast research to add some more information to my current notes.. more comprehensive n easier to understand..

so so cold.. switch off fan n wore jacket.. dun wish to move abt.. lazy bones i hav.. fingers cold n numb.. haiz.. think the rain will continue mayb till next week? dunnoe.. haiz.. recently i feel myself pretty isolated from my friends.. in the sense tat i dun wish to talk.. so strange of mi.. haiz..

think goona stop here le.. dun noe wat to write..

Signin off @ 12 Jan,

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Rain Rain Rain

Today is reali a RAINY day.. haha.. so so much rain.. n reali didnt stop.. mi inside giant like eskimo.. wearin my big jacket (my fav) haha.. then b4 i knock off a customer come to talk to mi.. reali talk until i hav to stop talkin to her cos i wan to close stall le.. haha.. wan to go home u see.. haha.. after tat we 3 (connie auntie n bao yu mei) haha.. sat on the bus n we 3 shiverin.. after tat we went our own ways.. went to buy dinner n then help my mum buy the medicine from the clinic..

reach home eat bread cos i dun noe wat to eat.. at the same time mwatch '102 dalmination'.. after tat watch the news on ch 5.. so the practice for the terriost act is today 6 plus in the mornin.. now then i noe.. then noe im watchin 'Ren Ci charity show'..

Personally i feel tat though the recent NKF scandal has brought about much unhappiness n mayb anger among people.. i still feel the charity acts of us (people) should not stop.. indeed many ppl out there need help.. so donate within our means ba.. i quite respect ming yi fa shi.. his thinkin of helpin ppl is good.. n tat still he believes in good human nature.. n in chi sayin 'qiu ren yi ming sheng zhao qi ji fu tu' n the good will be rewarded.. so think it abt it.. Singapore is indeed a multicultural society that can work together in harmony n with the different religious backgrounds we still can work together for a common goals.. n to the foreginers they feel tat singapore is a 'fine' city n yet a land of charity kindness act.. so not bring tat to damage tat beautiful reputation..

gonna watch vampire 3 later.. n help my bro pack his bag.. n prepare myself for sch tml.. so nitez to all in advance..

Siginin off at 8th Jan,

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Study & Work !!

ytd i slept pretty late cos i was doin some reserach for macroeconomics..

1. corporate tax rate: 20%
2. Property Tax Rate: 10%
3. Unemployment rate: 4.3%
4. population growth: 1.9% (4,351,400)
5. inflation rate: 1.7%
6. HDB mortage rate: 2.6% (0.1% admin cost)
7. CPF contribution: 13% (employer), 20% (employee)
8. Bank Rime Lending Rate: 5.3%
9. Saving deposit interest: 0.30%

today is sat n so unfortunately i hav sch.. sch from 10am to 1pm.. today the teacher ver powderful.. haha.. taught 2 topics in less than 2.5hrs.. but it is ver concise n simplified.. this teacher thou i cant rmb his name but i noe he is a good teacher.. teaches welll n i can understand it.. his lessons quite interactive..

then i went off n took 184 to clementi n waited at tat bus stop for abt 1/2 hr onli then i noe i waited at the wrong side.. Sad.. so ran to the interchange n waited again for the shuttle bus to Turf City.. so sian.. n something bad happen.. my HP fall off my hand n 'CRASH' le.. the part where the battery is being held has broken le.. but still it can be used..reach turf city n sign in my presence.. requested for tape to secure my handphone to b intact.. haiz.. after tat i went for lunch..

at abt 3 plus i started workin.. again i was busy countin stock n replenishin some if required.. but there isnt enough time.. i went off at 7pm.. sat with connie auntie n we separate our own ways.. sat on train n bought dinner for mi n bro.. now im sittin in front of com feelin tired.. the staff there say they feel im drunk.. haha.. i juz tired.. both physically n mentally.. sian..

notice tat today the timin went quite fast.. time not enough.. haha..

tml gonna continue countin my display.. at least some things for mi to do..

Signin off @ 7th Jan,
Sally {-t-}

:D ♥; sally

Friday, January 06, 2006

Catwoman & Sleep!!

today still wake up at 6am but this time i didnt manage to hop on the bus as there are too many students le.. then i dun wan to deprive them the chance to reach school early.. haha.. send my bro to his bus n went home.. then my mei was busy brushin her teeth.. i help her make breakfast of milk n ceral.. she went sch n i stone at home.. scare tat i fall aslp will be hard to wake up..

went sch for lect n then went for lunch at sch canteen.. had fried rice my long time favourite.. haha.. after tat i went home le.. watch a movie at home 'Catwoman' n after tat i went to sleep.. too tired le.. sleep until 8 plus then i wake up for dinner.. had a quick bath n watch tv.. at 10pm bloggin as u can imagine..

life seem so smooth n normal.. so sian.. Nitez..

Signin off at 6th Jan,

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Here Comes 2nd Semster !!

Sch has finali began.. now i even noe who is in my group except for one person.. so sian.. n tat i even noe when the examination is comin..so fast..

3rd Jan (tuesday) .. woke up super early. thus im super tired.. haiz.. slept late the previous nite at abt 2plus in the mornin.. cos i was busy wrappin my bro n sis books.. my sis dun dare to wrap so i help her.. then i wake up at abt 6am to bring my bro to sch.. but the 1st day isnt successful.. we went down at abt 645am n still at ard 715 we cant get into any bus.. thus we ran home n dig up my father to fetch him to sch.. so he was late on the 1st day.. haha.. after tat i waited for my meetin time to reach.. meetin ying n xuan at adm for sch.. we arrive super early.. ver sian.. we are studyin macroeconomics for this week.. after sch went to the popular fair at the sch lobby.. bought my textbook ( Biz Law) simply dun understand wat it was talkin.. haiz.. then after tat we went to the library n u on behalf of my friends borrow a book for photocopyin.. so went to hav lunch at the canteen n then we went to Beauty World to find the printin shop.. n i took a bus to bukit batok mrt station.. ing they all went another way.. n i went home.. after tat went to hav teabreak with my parents n then went to northpoint kiddy palacce to buy present for my new cousin who was born on 27 Dec 2005.. haha.. so now i hav 10 cousins on my father side.. haha..
went to see the baby.. my auntie is doin her 'yua zi' so cant come out.. the baby name - Wu Xuan.. nice name.. hehe.. she reali look like my uncle.. so alike.. at abt 7 plus we left her home n then went to hav dinner.. then i went home.. so so tired.. bath n then i slept at abt 11pm..

yesterday.. mi oso wake up at 6am.. tis time mi n my bro went out early like the times mi n my sis were goin at when we 2 were at sec school.. we caught the 630am bus n mi reach home abt 715am cos i went to buy nasi lemak to eat.. after tat i read the Straits times to prevent myself from slpin.. n went off to meet ying.. i felt so so slpy durin lesson.. then went i reach home.. onli manage to steal a less than 0.5hr slp.. pathetic.. haiz.. at abt 4 plus my mum, sis n mi went to little indis to find my aunt.. we were goin for a traditional way of removal of facial hair.. the effect on mi was tat it look like my apply pink eye shadow on my eyes while my sis seem tat her eyes hav been boxed.. haha.. after tat we went to the jewellery shop.. sis bought a bracklet for $9.. Xmas Promotion.. after tat we went to Sunplaza.. to makan n borrow some books..n then went home.. tired was the word.. haiz.. tis time slept abt 10plus..

wake up tis mornin n ended up tat i hav to wake up my bro.. then again i send him to sch.. tis time i reach home early but end up tat my sis woke up late.. at abt 7.05am.. then she was rushin like mad.. ver mad.. so at abt 710am she was out of the house.. then i spent my time readin the Straits Times.. then went off to meet my friends.. today the lect is reali similar to JC.. but tis time its reali a ver ver simplified version.. aft that went home.. so i stay at home n read my eng novel.. now bloggin n oso watchin abit of TV.. Gonna slp soon..

now tat i noticed tat i hav finish my lect in the mornin.. my parents haven even wake up.. haha.. so shiok they can slp till afternoon but there is a price for it.. my father onli comes back in the wee hours of mornin while my mum always hav difficulty sleepin early.. hope tat tis situation will change..

Nitex Everyone..

Signin off @ 5th Jan (thurs),
Sally the SleepyHead

:D ♥; sally

Monday, January 02, 2006

Last Day of Holiday!!

yoz.. today 2nd jan is the last day of the 1st semster holiday.. tml gonna start school le.. sian ah..

today mi wake up at abt 9plus.. n prepare myself.. walk down to adm with my mei who was oso on her way to work.. went to atm together.. mi had to teach her how to use.. then bought our breakfast n tat our train come at the same time but at the opp direction.. haha..

mi on the way to my appointment for mi hair treatment.. too many ppl ask mi to go for hair treatment.. my hair mayb look like dry grass ba.. haha.. then ying oso went with mi.. she wanted to cut her hair.. so meet at abt 1130am at braddell.. my treatment is called spa treatment n tat i look like an alien when i was in the process of doin the treatment.. recallin wat i said was 'Space( stylist) is sendin mi to space( outer space)' haha.. when we finali finish with our hair we went down to bugis..

wow.. " people mountain people sea" haha.. then we went over to the bugis street.. shop many shops n ying bought a mickey mouse tshirt.. then we walk n both of us bought a belt.. nice wor.. haha.. the sale personnel quite good.. friendly n her service is ver good.. even offer mi staff purchase pricin.. haha.. after tat we continue to walk n went to buy soya bean milk.. the two of us stood by a lamp post n under the sunlight n wind.. we two found it kinda of comical.. haha.. " feng he ren li de xia wu" hehe.. then we two proceed on to the famous temple in 'si ma luo' pray.. after tat we went to OG to walk walk.. ver crowded.. inititally wanted to buy a orange tee but dun hav our size.. haha.. thinkin of the two of us wearin the same tshirt to school together.. shd b real fun.. haha.. walk on the streets n soon enough it began to rain.. lucky i brought my umbrella so we two share it walk to Bugis junction. she wanted to find atm.. cos her initial purchase was paid by mi in advance..

then after tat we walk abt n felt hungry.. so walk walk n walk to find nice food.. ended up bought our finger food at Old Chang Kee.. one of my favourite.. hehe.. then we continue to walk.. leg tired tired.. at abt 6 plus we decided to go off.. then ying say she wanted to go down to orchard to buy a bag tat she aim ver long le.. haha.. so i juz accompanied her.. again it rain.. this time i walk slowli cos i wan to enjoy the drizzle.. 'im singin in the rain'

n after her purchase we went home.. n now i noe decision can reali change last min.. haha.. the previous min we talked tat we dun wan to sit in the train.. but the ver next min the is two available seats n we juz sat down.. haha.. she alight at yishun n i continue the journey to adm.. bought dinner for my bro n mi.. had mac..

watch some tv n tat now enterin my 2006 2nd entry.. haha.. later gonna become a wrapper.. cos i need help them to wrap their books as i wasnt free due to work.. think tml i will need to wake up as early as 6plus am.. cos need to accompany my bro to his sch.. new sch environment.. 1st dayof sch better to hav someone to accompany him.. let him familiarise his route to sch.. my mum n dad sure wun hav the time de.. they onli slp in the wee hours of the mornin cos of work.. after tat will hav to come home to prepare myself for sch.. haha.. tiredsome day..

nitez to all..

Signin off at 2nd Jan 2006,
Sally is @.@

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year To ALL !!

time for celebration isnt it? hehe.. but now im super tired.. haiz..

sat mi onli work halfday.. cos my supplier say i can go off early.. so instead of 6 i went off at abt 3pm.. but the journey to changi was unexpectedly fast.. sat there read my book.. while my younger cousins were busy workin to open the seafood stall.. then mi chatted with them.. funny guys.. ah biao busy singin.. ah guan (the person they hire to help out) busy runnin in n out.. then them settle down to eat.. in the end i end up being made to run errand abt for my aunt dad n mum.. then at abt 7plus i brought my little cousin, wanting to the Beach.. had a lot of laughter while we were walkin.. see planes flew pass n i explain her qn to her.. sort of being in a higher authority.. strange strange.. when i return.. i was called to look after the counter simply to say cos i cant take orders.. so i in charge of $$... had fun there but the weather was warm.. at abt 10plus.. mi n my cousins hav a dinner together.. so fun.. haha.. we all wanted to 'Cheers' together.. but still they dun dare.. haha.. at abt 11 plus.. biao went home le.. so i continue with my job.. clearin of tables.. haha.. reali become ah sam le.. actuali to say we didnt count down the time.. but i noe the 2005 has ended n 2006 has began.. when they were busy packin up the stall.. i chat with Mr Lee.. hear abt his holidays n i share my little knowledge of wine with him.. at abt 3am in the mornin all of us went home.. mi onli sleep abt 4plus.. tired tired..

today.. struggle to wake up.. mayb cos of the last week experience tis week is much easier for mi.. again not uch of a crowd.. as it rain yesterday n today.. the section im in is reali ver cold.. had to wear jacket.. lucky tat i brought it along to work.. ogawa ppl come ver late.. haha.. hangover from their party haha.. connie auntie off today so for lunch onli mi n potato mei.. now finali i found someone who feels sleep when eatin.. haha.. then we stroll back to giant.. listenin to the techno music at her counter i feel like movin along with the beat.. haha.. mummy say i hav to change this bad habit.. sad.. then at abt 5 i started to stock up the display.. at abt 6 plus i close stall.. busy busy onli for tat 1hr.. somemore rainin ver heavily.. but mayb cos of the stackin mi dun feel the cold.. bought some sweets for sch on tues.. hehe.. then went home.. now sittin in front of the tv watchin vampire 3..

tml will go cut hair with ying.. haha.. then mayb after tat we go shoppin at bugis.. i onli accompany.. ying wan to buy things.. haha...

so now i wan to watch tv le.. nite..

signin off at 2 Jan 06,

:D ♥; sally


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- Ghost Hunt *completed* -
- Ginban Kaleidoscope *completed* -
- Hana Yori Dango *completed* -
- Howl's Moving Castle (film) *completed* -
- K-On!! *completed*>-
- Karin *completed* -
- Kekkaishi *completed* -
- Kemono no Souja Erin *completed on Jan 2010* -
- Lamune *completed* -
- Mahou Sensei Negima! *completed* -
- Mai Hime *completed* -
- Mai Otome *completed* -
- Moyashimon *completed* -
- Nabari no Ou *completed* -
- Neo Angelique Abyss *completed* -
- Night Wizard *completed, 19 Sept 2010* -
- Nodame Cantabile *completed* -
- NoDaMe Cantabile. Finale *completed* -
- Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu *completed 01 Jan 2010* -
- Ouran High School Host Club *completed* -
- Paradise Kiss *completed on 13 Dec 09* -
- Piano no Mori *completed* -
- PreTear *completed 20 Sept 2010* -
- Princess Lover *completed* -
- Princess Princess *completed on 14 Nov 09* -
- Ride Back *completed* -
- Rizelmine *completed* -
- Shakugan no Shana *completed* -
- Shaman King *completed* -
- Sister Princess *completed* -
- Special A *completed* -
- Spirited Away *completed* -
- History Strongest Discipline Kenichi - *completed* -
- Sugar Sugar Rune *completed* -
- Taishou Yakyuu Musume *completed on 20 Dec 09* -
- Tenjou Tenge *completed on 25 Dec 09* -
- Tenshi na Konamaiki *completed* -
- Tokyo Mew Mew *completed on 09 Nov 09* -
- Uta-Kata *completed on 8 Dec 09* -
- Utawarerumono *completed* -
- Vampire Knight & Vampire Knight Guilty *completed* -
- Yume Tsukai *completed* -
- Zero no Tsukaima *completed* -
- Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no kishi *completed* -
- Zombie Loan *completed* -

Manga Mania !!

- Adarshan no Hanayome *completed, 10 Jul 2010* -
- BackStage Prince *completed, 5 Jun 2010* -
- Badminton Girl *completed, 30 May 2010* -
- Baraio My Honey *completed, 1 Aug 2010* -
- Beauty Pop *completed, 28 May 2010* -
- Brilliant Magic *completed, 2 Jun 10* -
- Dakishimete Noir (cat) *completed, 7 Jun 2010* -
- Fairy Cube *completed, 29 May 2010* -
- Hana ni Arasji *completed, 12 Jun 2010* -
- He's Dedicated to Roses *completed, 6 Jun 2010* -
- Kokoro ni Hana Wo *completed, 5 Jul 2010* -
- M.C. Law *completed, 8 Aug 2010* -
- Otokomae Beads Club *completed, 1 Jun 2010* -
- Power (basketball) *completed, 31 May 2010* -
- Psycho Staff *completed, 2 Jun 2010* -
- Shinrei Tantei Yakumo *completed, 1 jun 10* -
- Shinshi Doumei Cross *completed, 31 Aug 10* -


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