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Sunday, September 28, 2008

cant reali rmb wat i did for thur.

thus on fri,
work as usual.
then after work head to hq to collect someting impt.
thenwalk all the walk to hyatt hotel to buy present.
plain lookin but i think it will be comfortable to wear.

then make my way to changi.
hav dinner there.
waited for time up for dad's birthday celebration.
abt 30 ppl, includin us, frens n all his workers.
quite a fun event except for some moments of disturbance.
other than tat was ok..

below are the pics taken..

* dad b'day at changi on fri 26/7/2008 *

these pics are compiled from the camera.

* pic taken by mei at the singapore river *

then on sat n sun,
these 2 days busy chasing the show called 'kuai dao hong ji dong'
reali a nice one..
make mi cry for some time.
touching yet interestin...
n im so in love w the OST songs..
haiz.. everytime like tat de..

manage to spare some time to watch my animes..

now smsin w xinyi.
she wanna dye hair but dun noe wat colour.
n i shd go slp too.
tml hav to work..

so here b4 i end, wanna wish my dad a happy belated 45th birthday :)

sally to slp le..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

it seems tat im gettin on track with the simpler stuff.
assess liability..
somehow or another im gettin there le..

finali frank can assign case to me le..
think he pretty much happy ba..
n hanyang on MC.
the rest say i stress him too much w too much qns.
where got, i onli did wat they ask ma..
dun noe juz ask.

then 4pm hav meetin - whole MI meeting.
actuali it juz reports figs n lettin us understand Income's position.
not too bad actuali.
n b4 this meetin,
everyone ask mi to be prepared to go self intro.
cos new member of MI.
haha.. mi n kenny self intro
i feel kinda scary actuali.

the phone tat i dread has arrived.
somemore is new model de.
staff walk past will look look n see see.
somemore can adjust vol.
mi adjust it to softest.
haha. if can i wanna mute it.
they ring i dun noe.

n scary enough it rang twice,
n for both i throw it to yong siang.
cos i dun noe how to handle it.
callers askin for another person. cant possible to ask mi.
cos 1st day onli.

after work,
initially plan to slowly walk to orchard then take train.
then saw kenny n walk w him.
end up he goin for talk, n ask mi if wanna come along since FOC.
ok lor so went ahead.
search for the location,
n listen to the talk.
3hrs w/o break.. my yao wanna break le..
ard 10plus, head for home.
reach home 11plus, eat dinner n slept.

wed 24/09:
rainy day..
went to work abit later,
still find place to dry my umbrella.

then continue to do the cases..
frank half day..

lunch team head to cafe tat i visit on the 1st day.
n they were sayin tat i gav too much stress to hanyang n frank..
both mia le..

then head to lesson ard 5.
somemore is boss callin for us.
haha.. cos all forget abt the timing..

head to level 3, ver cold..
i think will reali need to buy gloves w fingers tat can come out.

then continue w work until ard 7.
head to PS foodcourt find luipeng n cyn.
then went to Xing Wang for dinner.
not too bad.

after tat to find mei,
chat awhile n we head back home.
chat along on the train journey w cyn.

reach home, chat w mum,
now watchin TV w bro n shun bian use compie..
ought to update when i rmb,
if not i sure 4get n thus defeat the purpose of havin this diary...

i wanna watch my amines..

sally to watch TV n K-drama le.....

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, September 21, 2008

so tired for this week.

continue to read up on cases of my colleague in the team.
from hanyang n frank..
they are ver nice ppl.
teach mi reali alot of things...
then even attend their CRM discussion session..
it was done w their bosses..
muz be prepared when u are to go in to present ya case.

then fri finali come..
mini informal after work SIM fren gathering..
w brian, met up w huixuan at one quay raffle to wait for her to knock off from work.
then head to UOB plaza to meet up w andy ang..
head for dinner,
i had a good time chattin w them,
for i suppose its the 1st time i chat w brian n andy
then after the dinner,
head to the pub tat andy hav freq..

my 1st time to pub w friends.
quite a nice feelin actuali..
then andy suggested playin card/ hand/ dice games.
hand signal zero-5-10-15-all.. i still play until abit blur blur de.
my hand not ver cooperative w mi..
either always close, if not always open.
cant control them at ease.
strange way of sayin my fingers rite..

then move on to playin dice..
tat is one game i seriously like.
pretty much like bluff as in to be confident when u say out wat u wan.
andy always raise the stake so high,
of cuz mi no easy opponent..
he up, mi follow if i can..
then stun..

then drank chivas regal w coke.
still dun reali like the chivas taste, so coke content higher abit.
as we progess, losser to drink bit by bit.
so end up mi drank abt 3-4 cups.
ok actuali.
then around 12-1plus,
decided to sing for not much ppl..
haha.. not tat shy..

sat till abt 2plus,
n decided to settle it for a day..
then mi n xuan cab home..
andy n brian i suppose they head off in diff cab.
but tat may soon change..
when andy move house near to where brian is.

so next time, 2guys-2gers outing..

sat (20sept):
1st thing 1st: Jason, Happy 22nd birthday to u..
may all ya dreams n wishes come true :)

almost cant wake up for my pre-e/m checkup (though i started wking le)
so many ppl, quite disorganise actuali.
then sat there wait for my turn,
n then kenny come along.
his appt is at abt 1115.
so waited for him, n we head off for another X-ray scan at sata.
of cuz i wun not know how to go.
lucky he familiar.
n juz follow him lor.

n finali all done, n decide to hav lunch together.
n thought of place to go,
i say wan air con, so end up walk walk walk n talk bus to funan.
1st time to funan.
he keep askin if im singaporean.
haha.. or i am holding a blue or fin no.
i juz reply him tat im holdin a fin w pink nric.

then walk abit,
saw the Times bookshop,
so much offer make it so temptin for mi..
then head to mac for ice milo.

so now im Auntie sally, kenny end up become Uncle Kenny.
Auntie sally cos my pattern pretty much like a mother..

then he led the way to city hall mrt station,
saw the esplanade n i finali get the bearin as to where i am.

then walk past the church,
n the 2 of us look like tourists to singapore.
i suppose i can play the tourist part ver well.
dun even noe where im am, n wan to take photograph somemore

took train, so Uncle kenny alight at orchard,
when i continue the journey to semb,
go library return n to borrow books.
n head back home.
the sun is blazin, n cant stop perspiring.

reach home,
make myself comfortable,
n with 1/2hr i slept.
haven slept enough n somemore got drink liqueor the nite before.

slp until abt 8plus,
then chat w bro, wait for my mum.
n watch VCD.. K-pop 'Hong Gil-Dong, The Hero'
the 1st 2 ep alrdy ver funny le..
see before an ancient drama tat has settin w a twist,
playing n dancin hip-hop, sunglass, viper snack charmin n other strange stuff.
reali interestin.
tml will continue to chase the show..

ok now. hav to go slp le..
timin is up le..

sally to slp le..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

by this time, i shd be aslp.
still im watchin TV - criminal mind.

woke up early ard 6plus.
then prepare myself for work.
ask my bro to eat medication for he not feelin well enough for sch.

after tat stand thru'out the train journey to report to ntuc hq.
went there for brief orientation,
n also hav my pic taken for the pass.
then got to ppl enterin ntuc the same day as i am.

n also got to know one exec. in for the same position - Kenny Shem.
kinda interestin.
walk w kim, kenny to our work buildin n head to up to where we shd rpt.
the ppl there reali ver friendli.
chat here n there,
intro us to whose team we are in,
n where we sit.

mine is the seat nearest to exit..
kenny sat 3 lanes down,
brian sat the next lane..

after tat head to different level to be introduced to the staff..
cos for some reason, we will be coordinatin w them in the future..
then head for lunch..
7ppl went..

after tat head back office n the staff tried to find things for us to read.
so mi n kenny divide the load n printed them out.
then after tat consolidate n start to read thru them.
i even start hgihlightin n writin short notes.
think is reali sch type.
kinda surprised them ba.
joke ard abit..

then kenny inform mi tat we can collect our Pass at the HR building.
so we head there..
n walk back to PS.
end up havin dinner together at BK.
not too bad.
chat along too.
then he head home,
i went to say hi to my mei,
n shop daiso for 'shin-chan' biscuit..

after tat head home..
so tired.

continue to read up the notes tat i brought back,
then watch news,
lots of movement in the finance n insurance industry.
Lehman brothers, AIG may be declared bankrupt if cant raised the funds.
n was there explainin it to my xiao mei since she ask.

then watch Criminal Mind.. nice one...

now bloggin,
want to find out the meanin of the words tat i dun understand.
then will need to head to slp le..

was informed tat tml we hav to stay back for lesson given by the boss,
11 structured lesson which mi n kenny hav missed one.
so tml go in, lesson n try to understand..

sally to keep her work goin...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, September 15, 2008

woke up early.
then sms chat w xinyi.
she wanted to go swimmin if not shoppin.
but end up didnt la..

then pei my da mei to PS.
she need to go interview for job.
her friend's friend open new shop..
so pei her search awhile.
then after tat went to eat.
then shop daiso.
head to 'this fashion'
help her choose her top for her work.
after tat head to changi.
slowly take train n bus..
finali reach there,
sat there n waited for the LHL staff to come.
hav dinner.
kinda interestin..
then chat abit, talk abit.
n waited for my dad to fetch us home..

mon (today)
woke up ard 10-11plus.
then prepare myself.
head to adm w parents to makan.
after tat shop for shops.
then i head to ntuc income hq.
to sign letter of appt.
so reach there.
alot of doc to sign.
declare here sign up there.
finali im done.

my legs hurt from the new shoe.
bite my sides.. Ouchhhh..
then walk down to 'this fashion'
wanted to shop for more top.
but end up tried le, cant make it.

then shop PS.
find my da mei.
then head daiso again.
help my mum buy some stuff..

took train back.
so many ppl.
so squeezey like pancake..
reach adm, da bao food.
then reach home, makan..
watch 'Bleach: the diamond dust rebellion' Movie
nice nice...

then chat msn w xinyi, n group msn w kelly, elgin n azri..
ok now 11pm.
hav to go slp le..

tml reach NTUC income HQ by 9am,
then orientation an hr or so..
then after tat will head to my official workplace.
wish mi luck..

sally to slp le....

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, September 13, 2008

mornin find it so hard to wake up.
still struggle up n prepare myself to meet cyn at adm for breakfast at mac.
step out of house then suddenly rain -.- !!!
so head back again to take umbrella.

reach mac, mi bought for cyn 1st.
so she reach n we ate.
then after tat head to amk to meet up w other 2 k partners.
lui peng n wenfu (new friend i made today).
funny guy.
cos he is the onli guy, he has to sing the duet part for the guys.
haha... ke lian n his lunch has to be separated into many parts cos of the songs.
then mi act as base, support him..
haha.. lui peng n cyn can sing high,
but mi sing low so sort of follow the guy's way of singin,
onli at some point become ger voice again.
his voice is the guideline for mi to follow.
haha.. singin also need skill ah..

then extend 2hrs to 4pm.
wenfu left at abt 320pm, goin for interview jia you :)
then we continue to sing,
n finali reach stefanie sun's song, mi so high..
think tat is the best le..

after tat head back adm, while luipeng n cyn head back to malaysia.
mi da bao n go home makan.
after tat vaccum floor, mop floor n wash toilet.
in total took abt 4hrs ba.
chat w my aunt when she reach home.
warm up pizza cos hungry after all the work,
then watch a movie 'feel the noise'
quite nice actuali..

now goin to slp le..
hope i can slp ah..
onli one plus.. (for now)
think when i start work will be 'wow alrdy 1plus in the mornin le'
cham no time to slp.

tml goin to meet up w the gers to go shop.
mi need to go buy office wear le..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, September 12, 2008

yoz everyone..
im back.. haha..

woke up late,
then mum say to go chinatown with m aunt.
the chinese newspaper has an advertisment for the massage session goin half price.
so they went.
i initially didnt want to do it de.
but then since my mum mention its cheap so y not giv it a try.
the session not bad at all.
n tat i almost fell aslp, so can imagine how comfortable it is..

after tat my aunt left for home,
then mi n mum head to their foodcourt to hav dinner.
n then went to Emage to cut hair.
this time not mine, but my mum's.

after tat head for home,
so slpy for i suppose it is the massage has taken its effect on mi.
cant slp on my back, need to slp on sides.
even my mum n aunt agree w mi..

head out to sunplaza to meet marcus's financial adviser priscilla.
quite a pretty lady..
hav abit of a chat, then she head to meet another appointment.

n mei come to find mi at sunplaza to take her clothing from mi.
after tat walk abit n i head for home..
mum n dad head for changi.
then ard 5plus, met up w cyn for HighTea @ mac.
mi end up eatin my 3meals...
had some jokes too..
after tat da bao food home for my bro..

went for the interview @ NTUC income for claims executive.
almost late for the interview but heng ah..
manage to reach there juz before the my time.
got to know more abt the job scope.
quite cheem ah..
involve w 3rd party de..

after tat head to tao payoh to meet up w my aunt,
she goin to turf city to do stocks,
i go there walk walk n chat chat w those friends tat i hav made over the 3 yrs.
got to know tat there are alot of changes over these few mths tat i hav left.
change manager, change department head ie. nelson in charge of fresh department has left for a hotel position. so heng tat i manage to catch him tat day..
still go there hav to work abit,
for im familiar w the ticket printin system,
i went to do my usual job. haha..

then at 1230 choon kee finali come,
so he is suppose to be off, but come back to meet us,
he goin back to malaysia for holiday..
n thought i was ah yi colleague when he saw my back view,
cos i was in formal wear n hairstyle has changed quite abit, plus alittle bit of makeup.
no wonder he cant recognise mi.. haha..

doin abit of stuff then head to hav lunch..
n so qiao saw my er shu family n grandparents,
settle down n eat,
my aunt n ah gong talkin,
then mi n choon kee face to face 'mei lai yan qu'
haha.. quite boring ma,
then after tat i change position next to choon kee,
n got alot of updates of the other friends..
the 2 staff of his tat im familiar with are on long MC ie. Ugene had the skin of the finger torn during work. ah hui went back home to hav operation for his ear.
so stunnin to hear tat.
sadness wor...

after tat we chat abt other stuff, quite interesting la,
n abt 2plus 3, he head back to giant to check out abit of stuff b4 headin home..
then us head to changi..

reach changi,
saw my xiao shu doin translation for the chi menu.
haha.. mi n er shen help out abit.
then end up i stuck in their office to do the menu for print out.
not satisfactory at all, but no choice,
then the kitchen staff ver naughty teasin their colleague,
ah liang took the lead, n as mi to talk to them,
then they told mi that the guy see mi face red n ran to the kitchen.
i dun noe wat happen also..
quite of funny actuali...

then auntie linda n her friend tat i know from wine fair come le.
auntie linda saw wat i wore n said this, 'wow ur dressin is like secretary n also dress to kill is it?'
dun noe how to reply her.

drank abit of wine abt 2 red n 1 bubbly white.
n for the 1st time tried the teochew kitchen food.
not too bad i suppose.

after tat chat all the time,
their face red red, mi still look ok..
then waited for the closing,
the workers teased mi abit n left.. haha..
then on the lorry,
mi n xiao shu sat at the back,
then he ask mi for my opinion of the clerk they hav hired.
told him wat i thought, n also was things can be improved,
was glad tat he was mi for my opinion,
but whether it is taken into account is another problem..

reach home,
rest n slp le..

1st thing: Happy Birthday Hafiz..
ok continue..
whole day busy sms chat with huixuan, brian, cyn n hafiz.
n in the afternoon unexpectedly,
i got a call from ntuc income sayin that they considered my offer n is willing to take mi on.
i was like 'wow'.. tat is simply great.
inform mi of the details,
then next mon afternoon go sign the letter of appointment n will start work on tues.
fast huh..

called my dad at the 1st moment,
hear from his voice, he sound happy :)
then told serene who called mi back,
told xuan n ask her abt her interview too.
n also inform brian sayin im goin to be his colleague even b4 his boss tell them tat there is a new ger on the block.

n after tat receive the bad news from jill boss,
the taka thingy i hav to pay for the damages of abt $500+..
so end up it looks like im workin for free for tat period.
sadness lor esp now tat im so cash low..
how am i goin to survive...

o.. did i mention tat my mum n my gina aunt w her friends went to genting?
think they will be back on sat midnight ba..

n as for tml,
cyn n lui peng meetin mi k-session at amk.
cyn say 1 more friend tat i dun noe is comin,
so i said ok.. no prob de..

then xuan ask mi if i wanted to join her, andy n brian for k-session at nite,
i was like 2 session a day,
cant tahan de.
then i told her next time we can go together.
n sound so happy...

did i mention i hav been friendster-mailing w kelly..
erm he is my pri sch n sec sch fren.
long time didnt contact,
quite surprise to see his birthday regards to mi.
got to update each other,
n cool tat he has also manage to find a job :) jia you wor..

sms chat w hafiz,
content also quite interesting,
ask mi to treat him cos sayin tat his birthday brings good luck to mi.
n mention tat we shd go celebrate our birthday together.. n shun bian do some catchin up..
but end up i say u hav alrdy start work, u treat mi ma, cos now cash reserve low..
n replied to mi was 'fine for old time sake' so funny..
some more ask if to plan.
i was like, i dun plan de wor,
so he mention chill out at coffee bean or at the beach.
i say former cos go beach i melt.
then he say stay in water, i reply become more like a lobster.
for goodness how lame can i be? haha..
so when he is free after the next 2 wks,
then will confirm to meet up..

this mth seem kinda interestin for friends tat i hav not contact since sec are contactin each other again..
this is reali a good feelin.. :)
ok now i hav to go back amine,
if not will hav to slp late again..

sally to mia le :D ....

:D ♥; sally

Monday, September 08, 2008

back to blog again..

1st all all wanna share something tat cyn has shared w mi.
im sure this will interest most ppl n it will make their day de....

This is hilarious.....even an Englishman, European or American cannot construct sentences using numeric, which is exclusive only to Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Ah Kaw was asked to make a sentence using 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Not only did he do it 1 to 10, he did it again from 10 back to 0. This is what he came up with.....

1 day I go 2(to) climb a 3(tree) outside a house to pluck fruit.
But the couple saw me, so I panic and 4(fall) down.
The man rushed out and wanted to 5(fight) with me.
I ran until I fell 6(sick).
So I go into 7-eleven to buy drink but the cashier very rude so I grabbed some 8(egg) and throw at him.
He scold my mother so I took a 9(knife) and try to stab at him.
10(thank) God he run away or else sure die.

10(then) I put the 9(knife) back and pay for the 8(egg) and left 7-eleven.
Next day I called my boss and told him I was 6(sick).
He said 5, tomorrow also no need to come back 4(for) work.

He also asked me to go climb a 3(tree) and jump down.
I don't understand.
I so nice 2(to) him but I don't know what he 1(one).
His character very bad, I give him jiro (0)

isnt it funny?
ok shd resume updating...
sat: 7 Sept.
hav slept at 6 near 7 am in the mornin,
i woke up ard 12 plus 1,
then went to adm to eat.
after tat da bao home for my bro to eat.
my da mei suggested tat we go orchard shoppin.
cos she wanna get something for her dance competition.
so walk around,shop around, look around, squeeze around.
reali a lot of ppl.
n outside ngee ann, there is lion dance competition.
but we didnt manage to see cos we still busy huntin.

walk wisma, taka, paragon, then off to far east.
n finali at far east we manage to find the top at a good deal.
think clearance sales ba.
lots of shops tat we visited are havin big promotion on the clothing.
then continue to shop to look for some more clothing,
saw some tat i like, but cant try cos on promotion item.
so forget abt it.
walk in rounds in far east
n after tat head to ck tang basement to da bao jap fan-he.

then head back home.
tirin ah..
walk until wanna giv way le...

then reach home,
mi stuck in room cos doin the deco for the album.
continue to do until 5am plus.
i reali siao le.
but kinda like the end product.
at least not so plain le..
then finish off the novel im readin 'more twisted' but jeffery deaver.

abt 12plus woke up.
sms chat w huixuan.
then went to changi w parents.
brought the album to changi too.
chat w ah eng auntie,
then w many other ppl.
then got the notice tat changi stoppin to wash the market.
the inside will be stoppin business for abt 1mth.
think our side will be abt 1 wk ba..

n today my station is at the cashier counter.
to help out my aunt.
so at least not so messy.
manage to do payment too.

at 8plus, the timin seem to be like 10plus.
too many ppl, n many food were alrdy sold out.
dun noe wat they sellin also.
end up 10pm, they switch off lights le.
cos nothing else to sell le.

head to teochew kitchen w my grandma,
n stay there to enjoy the air-con while waitin for my parents to come.
finali i hav reach home n waitin for the availability of the toilet.

goin to mia le.
wanna check up for some more jobs
n also to watch some more amines which i hav stopped for these past few days.

sally to rest le...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, September 06, 2008

continuation from previous post.

was rainin cats and dogs,
so waited for xiao mei to reach home, touch up on her make up
then book a cab to chong pang w the 4 of us.
my parents they took the lorry.

the photography session was quite long.
cos of my mum being unable to smile to a camera,
n mi for over-excessive smiles plus blinkin of eyes when the flash lights come along.
the photographer say i not smiling but look like a bit mad
plus when i smile, my eyes tend to disappear..
sadness lor...
but the process of jokin ard was fun..
hope the outcome is nice.

after tat alrdy abt 8.
da bao home to makan,
n accompany my parents to changi.
was chattin w wan ting, my cousin..

reach home wash up n use abit of computer n slept.

fri (5th sept)
wat a day..
mornin ard 8plus alrdy sms come to wake mi up.
follow by 9plus, 10plus, 11plus.
they seem to come to interrupt my slp on hourly basis.
then cant tahan abt 11plus wake up.
then wash up.
ask my dad to drive mi to return the robe.
on the way, hav my fav duck rice.
then on the lorry ride,
we chat alot.
from politics, to singapore infrastructure, to army vehicles,
to roads, to driving licence.

i hav also received a call from NTUC about the post i hav applied.
hav to go down for interview next wed.

after tat since i hav some spare time to waste,
went down to changi w my dad.
chat w those ex-staffs.
n saw my aunt n her colleague, uncle tony.
n uncle tony ver friendly,
he offer to drive mi to sengkang cos its on the way n even found out the bus i shd take to reach cwp.
thank u, uncle tony.

took 161, n the bus ride was so fast that i even arrive faster than cyn.
met up w cyn, walk around, n shop popular to buy things.
then went to kiddy palace to look look.
n shop around.
had dinner at pasta mania n cailing join in at a later time.
after tat shop abit of cold storage
n receive a call from marcus's financial adviser.
he recommend her to mi la..
so juz meet up since no obligations.

after tat i part my way from cailing n cyn,
while cyn accompanied cailing to John Little.
i made my way to adm to da bao dinner for bro n mum.
reach home, rest n start doin my present for myself.
to hav the pics in the album i bought n to decorate them.
the pics are in now left w the decorations.
which was alrdy 2plus when im done w the pic.

then used compie to update n check email for the application form n questionnaire by ntuc.
now tat im finali done,
the time is alrdy 5.28am.
eyes wanna close le...

thanks to all my friends for their birthday regards to me..
i appreciate it deeply n thanks for the gifts (cyn, alan, lui peng & cailing)

sally to slp or else....

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, September 04, 2008

quick update..

sunday (31 aug)
went northpoint n sunplaza to do some shoppin..
ver tirin ah...

mon (1sept)
got a call from jovvin from broadcom.
but w no certainty whether im can take up the job a not.
see how ba..

head to sunplaza to print photos fromt he kiosk,
then hav dinner w mei at cavana,
shop ntuc n big bags, small bags go back home.
im so huang lian po le.. haha...

went to adm 1st to makan n shop for clothin for my mei n mum.
then mi n da mei head to chinatown to do hair treatment.
result is ver much like rebonding..
but it is treatment..
sat there for abt 3hr.
my hairstylist say tat my hair is a challenge to him cos it is ver thick.
tat he seem to 'extend' his neck n his use of eye focus.
but indeed he has succeed in 'conquering' this obstacle.
come out quite nice.

then after tat head to sunplaza to meet up w serene n froggy.
had dinner at mac.
then while chattin, the table next to us has a little ger.
n so qiao tat it is the little ger's birrthday (fei fei in the pic below)

so is officially 2 yrs old le..
ver intelligent ger.
even sang birthday songs that i believe made many others look at our table.
chat w her parents while mei entertain the child.
then mei play w her till she dun wanna go home.
hav to trick her to go..
end up escort her to the mrt station.
then the ger gav us big hugs,
n said 'thank you so much'
so heartenin to hear tat...
then our turn to part.

head to northpoint..
aim to buy shoes, n pants for bro.
lucky manage to find them for if u see my bro b4, he quite big size de.
n lucky tat we went at the right time,
cos giordano clearin their old stocks so hav promotion on it too..
haha.. $50 bought 2 pants,
quite a good deal ba.
then makan at foodcourt,
n head to john little.
John little seem to be changin the landscape,
quite messy,
basically the whole northpoint seem to be changin, more than half of their landarea is renovating.

after tat went to collect the altered pants, n head to thread my sis brows.
n then waited for jiali at the coffeeshop.
after tat part out ways.
mi n mum head back home.
so many ppl at the busstop,
n it took more than 4 different buses to clear the crowd.

reach home watch amine 'vampire knight'
n i tell u im lovin it.
n startin n the ending songs are so so captivitin tat i cant stop listenin to it...

woke up ard 12 plus,
then dad investment at Teochew Kitchen today officially begin their business.
n they hav food samplin at 530pm.
onli tat we cant make it cos we hav photoshoot session at 6pm.
heard tat Zhou hua Jian is comin... to teochew kitchen.

this teochew kitchen hav lots of big shot ppl.
think the unusual production some big shot is part of the biz.

may or may not go down to changi later.
see the wheather ba..

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally


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