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Friday, April 28, 2006

Day at work

today went to work as usual.. but i still went home at 630pm.. was talkin to one of the promoter auntie.. today ah yi oso come down to turf city to some stock order.. went in n out of Giant to eat.. haha.. ate mac then sat there n read my chi novel.. the whole process took an hour.. hehe.. so long didnt take an hour break le.. then in Giant did nothing much today.. n today pretty cold.. cos rainy day.. haiz..

for dinner mi bought 2 cake from prima deli.. haha.. one is vanilla slice cake.. another is vanilla white chocolate roll cake.. so so yummy.. hehe..

now watchin 'Da Chang Jing'.. probably will read my eng novel later after the show.. hehe..

So see u guys around.. hehe..

Signin off @ 28 April,
Sally the panda

:D ♥; sally

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:D ♥; sally

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Work Work Work..

monday.. woke up super early to pei mummy go SGH to hav her checkup.. did the checkup until abt 11 plus 12.. then went to eat our breakfast cum lunch.. after that we took train n mei n mei alight at summerset train station.. went to take neoprint w mei n then met up with ying, xuan, bonnie, krystrn.. we went to kbox.. haha.. had a fun time.. so long didnt sing k le.. feelin so song.. sang from 2 plus to abt 9pm.. had a quick bite n off we went home.. im so so tired..

tuesday.. went slept until 12 plus.. and went to sunplaza with my mum n auntie to eat.. mi went to borrow books.. did i mention that i hav alrdy started to read my eng novels that i borrowed?

the current book im reading is called 'Elsewhere'.. this is a ver strange book.. it talks abt a ger who had passed away n went to a land called 'Elsewhere' in this place the dead people will get younger each day n when thy become baby they will go thru the process of goin to Earth as a new born baby.. in 'Elsewhere' there is no birth nor death, ppl on earth gettin older each days.. n they will not grow old in Elsewhere.. they even hav advocation job.. this job is of the dead's interest.. n they can even speak dog's language.. so kawaii.. currently mi stil readin the book.. hope to hav more interestin details comin up..

wed n today(thurs).. mi start to work le.. still workin the same one.. but this time is 5 days work.. wed.. did alot of scannin n printing of barcodes.. then today did a lot of cleaning.. reali alot.. then last min ard 5 plus.. i was still helpin my aunt do the stock.. haha.. on these 2 days.. we went home on 630pm instead of 6pm.. cos lack of time.. haha.. hope tml can go home at 6pm..

now mi watch 'Da Chang Jing'.. cya around.. n to those who are goin to marine south for the class gatherin.. enjoy too.. Smile always..

Signing off @ 27 April,
Sally ver the tired..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, April 22, 2006

1st Day of Work!!

today went back to work at turf city.. everything seem normal yet un-normal.. haha.. pack the wine.. did the tickets n stuff.. talk to some costomers.. i think i become SIM talkperson.. haha.. a couple were talkin to mi abt their daughter's choice.. tat ger is younger than mi but took the JC route.. it seem tat her result is abit worse than mi.. but then i continue to talk to them allowin them to understand.. cos they hav misunderstanding of many stuff.. haha.. n they thank mi.. i think i did nth much.. another way of thinkin.. i oso feel like thankin them.. though they did not buy anything from mi but they help mi to kill time.. haha.. many things not offer.. waitin for my supplier to check them out.. if not the wines will not move de..

then after work.. mi contact serene.. she say got something to talk mi.. i thought ver impt.. then i now she was plannin some stuff n wanted mi to go.. until then we talk abt it.. Da Bao food home for Ris n Sam n Ah Yi..

Reach home help mi aunt to do her process package online.. she juz return back to singapore in the wee hours of the mornin went i was sleeping..

now updating blog n gonna mayb continue readin the english novel i started to read today..

Signin off @ 22 April,

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Gatherin !!

ytd went to changi.. haha.. had a good heavy dinner.. went with ying, xuan n kelly.. haha.. all of us ate so full.. n quite economical.. then we went to the beach.. haha.. had a fun time.. once again i took a photo of a flower.. n then i pick seashells.. we took pictures of sky n clouds.. seem to see a buddha.. xuan n ying oso agree with mi.. then at nite we plyed the swing n oso they were so excited when the planes flew past to land at changi airport.. again they took photos n we strolled the beach.. haha.. the sea looks like a Black marbled floor but we know it isnt wat we see.. went back to the stall ard 10.. then we reach home ard 11 plus.. mi waited until 2 plus for my dad to watch the 'Da Chang Jing' recorded with my dad.. then after tat we went to sleep..

haha.. today wake up ard 12 plus by my mei.. she goin out.. mi wake up le then shower n then read a chi novel followed by using the computer.. tried to do a new blogskin but somehow not ver successful.. too long didnt touch it le.. abit of lose touch le.. haha.. then chat with mitchell n jur.. went offline ard 3plus..

afer tat went to causeway point with mum.. then met up with ying, min ming n lee peng.. then chat n walk ard.. nth much to see.. but we chat alot.. haha..

then ard 7 plus mi went off for sunplaza.. ying, min ming n lee peng went on to shop.. ying need to buy some presents for her friends.. mi need to return n borrow books.. borrowed 8 chi novels n 4 eng novels.. hehe.. hope they are good books to read.. then i bought dinner home.. reach home watch tv..

then the variety show show a ver interesting place which i like it.. hope one day get the chance to visit it.. it is called 'Binna Burra Mountain Louge' somewhere near Gold Coast, Australia. hehe.. no TV, computer or wat so ever.. ver close to nature.. hope to hav some holiday.. hehe..

now watching Da Chang Jing.. so happy yet so sad.. hehe..

later gonna stay up to watch the a variety show.. think it shd be some wat funny n nice to watch.. hehe..

Signing off @ 20 April,
Sally is So Tired..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

End of Examination

hahaha.. finali all exams have finish for this semster.. hahaha.. after macroeconomics examination.. we gers went to orchard to have our lunch at Crystal Jade.. haha.. mi ate spicy n sour ramen.. Oi- Yi-Shi.. yummy yummy.. haha..

then after tat mi decide to go home..ying, xuan, charlene n krystyn went to tiong bahru to find some job agency.. when we reach the orchard mrt station.. met Kelvin, one of our classmate.. then we took the same train as him.. chatted n he alighted.. mi continue the train ride n the sky is pouring.. heavy rain. met up with my mumat admiralty n then she makan n later went to get some stuff for our home.. decide to take cab home..

after tat reach home mi went to take a quick shower n then read a chi novel.. a few days didnt touch them le.. haha.. feel so good to be able to read them..

today mi feel pretty uncomfortable when i reach home.. coverin myself in the blanket n then not switchin on any fan mi read my book.. when i notice something was wrong with mi.. mi went to take a temperature reading n *POO** im sick AGAIN.. sian.. swallow 2 flu panadol.. now recoverin le.. y am i sick so often now.. sian ah.. i think sick the fourth time since these 2-3 months le.. OMG.. haiz..

now mi searching for mayb a new blogskin n then updating blog at the same time.. i think these 2 days scheldue will b out soon.. ying they all are plannin to visit my dad seafood stall at changi tml.. n mayb thur goin to meet up with min ming (JC classmate).. busy like a bee.. & this weekend im goin back to work.. so fast.. haiz. i think i reali need to relax while i can le.. haha..

Signin off @ 18 April,
Sally the sickly Dolphin

:D ♥; sally

Friday, April 14, 2006

ExaM On the Line!!

hiyo watashi again haha.. two exam papers hav been completed n now left another 2.. Commercial Law and MacroEconomics... sian sian.. dun noe how to do commercial law.. seem to a ver hard subject to write.. though the topic is interesting..haiz.. case studies impt argument oso impt.. sian.. mi - a 'shou geng jing' ver hard to figure out logic n fight it out.. my arguments always like to contradict each other de.. SIAN.. they dun make sense de.. haiz..

now mi study my mindmaps n oso refer to past year exam papers as tutorial practice qn.. then to relax. i watch 'CARDCAPTOR SAKURA' haha.. my all time favourite Japanese amine.. haha.. reali can relax my brain.. somehow abit too relax until didnt feel much of exam stress.. juz feel tired onli.. hehe.. then i wait anticipate anxiously for the weekday 10pm timeslot of Channel U 'DA CHANG JING' haha.. tis two shows are reali wat i wanted to watch... havin a fever for them now.. hehe.. .

for people who want to hav a good laugh n tat u can understand chi words.. i will recommend this website.. it a funny video of Da Chang Jing.. confirm u like it de.. haha..

currently pei my mei watch sakura.. soon goin to sleep le.. Today (alrdy after 12 midnite) goin to study econ think will try out the papers.. n Today is Good Friday.. So here mi wish all Good Friday.. hehe..

Signin off @14 April,
Sally gettin more like tat--> @@

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Study Madness is here Again!!

mi since thursday alrdy begin to study.. mi n ying now meet up to go study together.. at least hav a partner.. hehe..

currently focusin on Commercial Law.. gonna try to end it by today.. tml gonna start MCS and FP le.. next next week exam le.. the exam schedule make make all of us go bonkers.. Heavy content subject ie. MCS and FP are next day to each other.. cham.. dun noe how to start studyin again.. sian ah..

Thur after sch went to Bukit Timah eat Pizza Hut Student Meal with classmate.. had a good time.. we were busy recollectin our first impression of each other when we 1st met.. charlene say that her impression of mi was tat i sound old.. she thought i waws workin for last year i will ask the teacher qn when i did not know in the lect.. she say my action n reconfimation of ans from the teacher seem that i hav work experience n able to carry myself well.. i was like huh? is that mi? i doubt so.. haha.. then later we went to King Albert's Park to study.. the rest left at abt 6plus.. mi n ying stayed until 8 plus then leave for home.. mi still had to da bao dinner.. these days im broke.. haiz..

fri after sch mi n ying went to woodlands library to study.. had to make use of time cos we noe we wun study much at home.. we two until until abt 8 plus then go home.. watch tv n sleep..

sat i feel i watch TV like for non stop.. dun wish to study.. sian.. by chance when i wanted to ask ying if she wanted to study out on sun.. she msg mi one plus in the mornin haha.. so we agreed on studyin today.. went to woodlands library to study again.. haha.. met one ver bad experience.. cos one lady ver bad temper n that i dun like her.. dun noe where her manners are.. dun think abt it.. da bao food home then now watching TV - Campus Superstar.. haha..

Gonna Sign off now.. hehe.. cya.. Afterward hav to Chong Com. Law.. Nites to All..

Signin off at 2 april,

:D ♥; sally


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