...Destination ~ Destiny...

Sunday, September 30, 2007

ytd didnt blog as too tired.
work as usual.
so tiring.
was havin lunch by the quay.
but afternoon view at sentosa not ver nice,
as opp is constructing.
so kinda sad..
work as usual.
saw new promoter, he say he is 17 plus 18,
i no matter how i see him, he seems to be my age.
so hard to believe.

today went to work as usual.
had late brunch,
then yellow tail promoter chat with mi.
went back to counter to slack.
try to promote here n there.
ver hard to catch them.

went promoters slack we chat,
then tat guy finali told mi tat he is the same age as mi.
i was like.. y trick mi?
i seem so gullible. sad..

continue to try to chiong sales.
but reali got samples easier to sell those bottles.
not easy as pricin pretty much on the high end.
but not as high as the rest.

even the packin of stocks also ver fast.
mayb cos last min sell quite some stocks.
the counting did quite fast.
then we part for home.
on the train saw seemanti.
so got back the last pic she send half way.
reach home near 11,
ate dinner n watch TV.
so shun ian use compie.

tml hav project meeting with gui fang.
Jia you jia you jia you.
muz begin studyin too...

*mi n seemanti last min took the pic*

*approachable shingleback, horny wolfbass & guai mi promoters*

*mi n florence son - kawaii & entertainin child, interesting boy*

*we call it the wedding chair - isnt it beautiful? :) *

*long waited Korean BBQ Chix set*

*clean dish after my lunch*

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, September 29, 2007

*see this notice, wat is ya first reaction?*
mine was tat the guy must hav done something so wrong to the ger,
tat she has to disappear in her wedding gown.
so sad...
this actuali teaches us to cherish one another.
n tat it is a good lesson to learn
'why do u wan to regret when u noe wat u did is wrong n still doesnt wanna stop?'

reali cant stand it le.
wanna slp le..

this mornin woke up,
but i felt as if i didnt sleep for last nite.
so tired.
drag myself out of bed n went to prepare for sch.

today finali is last lect for this sem,
which also marks the last lect for risk management.
haha.. Jie Tou..

after sch, went to work.
at the bus stop, saw yuling n zhen.
then my bus come, n then chat with friends.
had quite an interestin conversation with them.
then the 3 of us part at outram.
mi head to harbour front.
tried out the wine,
so tired, drink le more tired.

try to sell, but ppl drink no buy.

chat with promoters.
saw some familiar faces.
so nice to see them.

ah yi left around 4,
linda auntie come to replace her.
so the 2 of us chat,
n sell wine.

finali break time,
went to eat at toast box.
ate set 4 - french toast set.
then after tat went out to enjoy sea breeze.
was tryin to myself not too tired.
n time pass by pretty fast.
finali 930.
pack up the samples, n head for home.
didnt noe that train will be so crowded.
from front move to the back.
tedious process.

reach home, see mummy snackin on food,
made mi hungry,
so around 11 plus ate maggi,
now quickly blog.
i reaali need to slp le.

sally to work tml too..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, September 27, 2007

1st of all....
Happy 44th birthday to Daddy!!
i totally forgot abt it.
cos my family also dun reali celebrate birthday.
nor my parents weddin anniversay.
frankly mi memory now reali is lackin le..
brain reali not functionin....

blog blog..

woke up 830am, cos dun wan to wake up.
somemore is a rainy day, wat a good day to slp u noe!!!

so slowly pack my stuff,
end up reach sch late,
was sms~in cyn onthe way.

after tat reach sch, do the practice paper tat teacher gav.
reali need to buck up le.
see le dun noe how to do..
how can????

after sch, went to makan with my group.
think they got a good time laughin their way thru.
mi always look n is indeed blur.
always out of the topic.
after our lunch, we went to hunt for seat to start our group discussion.
agenda: discuss abt interview qn.
so all 6 heads come together, im the 'minute writer'
always askin them how to put it to words.

then wanted to head down to turf city,
but the stocks didnt come.
so think got communication error.
infor, choon kee abt it.
after tat i head for home.
so tired wor.
ate 2 bread, finish up the novel .
n drop to slp.
reali ver tired.

abt 745pm wake up cos hav meetin online.
but gui fang cant make it.
postpone it to next mon afternoon.

so now free time till mon.
hav to prepare abit so wun be so lost.

juz finish dinner,
now watchin TV>
i will slp early tonite.
tml will hav to stand whole day.
after class, goin to Vivo city to work for wine fair for 3 days.
nvm.. jia you jia you.. hehe..
try some more new wine.
onli try.
not drink.
i cant drink.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

bloggin time.
woke up reluctantly.
then refresh myself, n prepare sch bag.
head for sch,
then at Jurong east accidently met up with ying.
so head 'partially' to sch together.
shd juz left it as tat.

last lesson of Biz Framework for this sem.
wow.. now hav to change attention to project le.
major one...

after class,
mi n cyn decide to head to sing K.
went to AMK.
walk around breadtalk, n also bought herbal tea.

think had been quite some time i last sing.
cant sing with my *off pitch voice.

so we two struggle here n there.
n we wrap ourself up like prawns, teeths clickin to each other.
cos too cold le...

finali 7pm, we depart from KBox.
went to NTUC to find my aunt.
ask cyn to try dink the sweet wines.
her face abit red red le.
haha.. i onli pink pink.
after tat we head for train station.

i alight at semb, cos meetin penguin to chat n hav dinner.
she haven arrive so i went to popular to walk abt.
then we went to foodcourt to makan,
n sat outside coffee bean to chat.

we sat until abt 11.10pm.
then went to MacDonalds.
she da bao for her bro, i da bao for my mum.
after head home.
thought i miss the last bus.

end up i 12am reach home.
so so late.
check mails, use compie n bloggin.
now think goin to prepare to slp le.
too tired.

tml i mean later in the day,
still hav sch, project meetin after tat,
n goin to my workplace to pack stocks.
so another day will pass by quickly...

sally is exhausted...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

do a quick one.
woke up around 7plus pretty unwillingly.
cos hav to study.
then prepare myself for sch.
in train saw ying n xuan,
so we 3 went sch together.

finali last test for this sem is here.
did it pretty fast.
even got time to go MegaBites to eat n return back to class.

after class, i head for home.
use compie.
did project calculation.
finali another load down. :)
thanks Cyn for pei~in mi msn to ans to my queries.
now alrdy 8pm le.
no wonder eyes so tired.
didnt reali rest, ren until now.

today is 中秋节.
so here i wish all 中秋节快乐.

cant reali rmb wat i wanna say le.
so shd stop here le..

sally to mia le....

:D ♥; sally

Monday, September 24, 2007

ytd went to work as usual.
saw the big boss then he not ver satisfied with the wine section.
so i suppose choon kee got lots of problem le.

was stonin there.
even if i brought my notes,
i see until i wanna slp.
wenjun same situation.

2 of us went for break together.
chat quite alot.
stand until tired,
wenjun come to find mi.
so the both of us decide to sat down on the floor.
see customer quickly stand up.
so tired.

then after work,
went to adm, n uturn to sunplaza.
my mum n mei wanna go there.
so i shop around 1st.
went to browse clothing, walk around library.
saw so many books tat i wanted to read.

n sit outside to wait for my mum.
then went to eat. shop around n home.

something happen.
mei quarrel w her bf.
then mi my tryinher ver best to cool down.
see le ver angry n sad.
even my aunt come to intervene..

then i called penguin.
caht abt their problem.
so end up we decided hard to intervene so change topic.
chat quite alot.
think dun noe since when we last chat le.
even decide to meet up to sit down continue chat.

then watch TV, slept.
today wake up 10.
ate abit, finish 1 chi novel.
then start to study.
dad ask mi to help him type letter,
so help him, now shun bian use compie.
change my px theory result - HD not too bad.
but dun noe y dun feel much abt it.
goin to chiong the study process again.

sally disappearing...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, September 22, 2007

bloggin time.
ytd lazy to blog.

hmm wat did i do ytd?
let mi think...
went to sch as usual,
then head for home..
watch abit of tv,
then slpt.
cant tahan.

watch last ep of 7pm show,
then study abit,
search for korean songs.
now im so into Korean songs.
or shd i say i am always into it.
after tat slpt ard 1plus.

today felt so reluctant to wake up.
so let my alarm ring.
cos it is playin soothin korean music.
listen le wanna slp some more.
so woke up,
prepare myself for work.
wenjun sms to inform mi she will be there too.
went work, tryin to adjust myself to the new arrangement.
i cant find my wine.
but how come they find it so easily????

so was chattin with choon kee..
quite interestin....
wenjun also come to chat with mi.

so i slowly stock up with wat remainin stocks,
n slowly sell them off.
not too bad for a not much customer day...

so ard 5plus,
choon kee come to chat with me.
haha... he was tryin to hide from his boss.
i stand behind the wine section, no one can see mi.
cos the wine cover mi.
but cos he tall abit of problem.

so he shoo mi off when time abt to reach 6.
he more anxious then mi ah..

so went to amk hub to find my aunt,
walk around, bought some bread to eat.
then wait for my aunt.
drank some wine, they even mix the wine.
the mixed wine taste much much better.

so 8plus left for home.
da bao for my mum.
so now i usin compie.
goin to watch TV.
n study abit..

sally to disappear for her K-mania..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, September 20, 2007

quicky update.

1st wish Jason happy 21st birthday.

then last nite,
was chooin my mei to slp.
many things stressin her.
then i was chattin with my mum.
teared abit too.
so abt 3plus slept.
woke up for sch, felt as if i nvr slp.

at jurong east, ying saw mi n approach mi.
i didnt see her, cos i was approachin the wall,
my usual standing position.
then we head to sch together.

at the bus stop, then i know i brought wrong subject to sch.
i reali goong le...
then voice change, ying say pretty noticeable.
so for lesson, i was busy writin it out in foolscape.
break time went library awhile.

after sch, pei kelly n cyn to listen to 'Work & Travel' talk.
haha.. sound interestin.
but kelly say she is not goin,
cos not reali worth it.

then mi, cyn, alan n his friend Serene went to canteen to eat.
after tat mwe part.
cyn n mi head off for home.
went adm to buy herbal tea.

reach home slpt cos head in pain.
wake up around 7 to watch TV.
eat dinner, now usin compie.
is alrdy 1105pm, how much i can accomplish?
i reali dun noe.

sally in coughin madness....

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

went to sch as usual.
then after sch, made my way to raffles place to meet ferlin.
she is goin to bring mi to one resturant tat she likes.

-=- Eden Cafe -=-
the food are nice, quite differernt from wat i would expect.
cosy n relaxin environment.

pics below....

*interior design*

*lightin at the top of my head*

*bears at the corner*

*flower on the table*

* ferlin's fusion tea - ver aromatic n delicious to look n drink*

*my white wine tea -so tasty*

*my lunch - grilled dory fish tat has roti prata crustin. ver appetitizin*

around 3plus we left.
felt so full.
she alight at yio chu kang,
while i met my mum at yishun.
shop abit,
n head for home.
rest, ate medication n slp cos head goong goong.
can get into slp faster,
then one sms disturb mi.
make mi hav to reposition myself.
cos of the blocked nose.
think shd b 9plus 10 i slp le.
cos da mei come back at 1045pm i didnt noe.

then today, 8plus woke up.
so use compie.
later hav to start studyin le.
sian ah..
eyes still so tired.

the pics below are my sis workplace gift to corporate clients.
she designs n ask the kitchen to do it out.
so classy look*

*wrappin of gifts*

*chocolate gift 1*

*chocolate gift 2*

sally tryin to heal herself...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, September 17, 2007

quickly update.
woke up felt so so tired.
drag myself to sch.
listen to last lesson of price theory.
y so fast?

after tat didnt wanna stay in sch for i felt so tired.
so head for home.
end up waited for the bus for abt 20 mins or so.
then went adm da bao bread as lunch,
dun noe wat to eat, n not much appetite.
then slept from 2plus to 7.
wanted to continue to slp.
but now i still so tired.

then chat with mei,
she told mi tat some of her prelims result out le.
still not too bad la.
can still buck up de.
she know tat herself.
mayb later we can study together.

now goin to makan dinner,
then eat my med.
my voice now quite husky.
haha.. tap abit loose le.

tml after sch goin to meet ferlin at raffles place mrt.
she goin to bring mi to a nice place to drink n chat.
hope will be a leisure day.
before i start to chiong for macro le..

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, September 16, 2007

bloggin time.
cant wake up today.
ended up wake up around 11am.
chiong to work.
start to transfer the wine from old section to new one.
marcus was there too.
so shift here n there.
then choon kee finali come to settle the wine.
he wore home Tshirt.
looks younger.haha.

around 230 mi, marcus n wenjun went to makan.
saw 'Ah Nan'.
after tat we continue to chiong to pack the wine.
chat with choon kee, n ah hui.
manage to settle the sweet, aust, new zealand,french n california wines.
quite an achievement for 1 day.
wanted to complete it.
but quite impossible as too much to do le.

marcus was doin the scannin of the tickets,
but machine abit faculty.
so end up cant do it.
around 7, marcus left.
mi left around 730.

then went to adm to meet my mum.
saw K.C. n chat with him.
long time didnt see him le.
think is after the wine fair we didnt meet.

went to let chi doc take my pulse.
he say my heart pulse ver messy.
alittle while think here, a little while think there.

then went to seach for food.
n so now im home.
goin to eat dinner.
n prepare to rest le.
reali need my rest.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, September 15, 2007

woke up for work.
so tired.
dun feel like workin.
was readin the ST until halfway then chiong for work.
but at least this week feel pretty cool abt it.
cos today n tml will not hav to study for test.
quite a long time i since hav a 'free' weekend.

pack my stocks,
then chat with wenjun, marcus.
went for lunch with the guys,
then went back in.

help choon kee with the facin.
2 of us had a long chat.
today my mood not ver good.
kinda of scare marcus n choon kee.

the facin is reali givin lots of problem.
make mi n choon kee 2 heads become 4 heads.
n mi cos want to settle it stayed till 7pm.
choon kee even better,
tml he off still comin back to settle the wine.

then all of us part.
i went separate ways from them.
reach adm, da bao food home.
for mi i dun noe wat to eat.
so end up didnt it.
watch the VCD endin with my mum.
nice one.. a sad story but reali is successful in capturin ya attention.
finish up readin the newspaper.
now bloggin n lookin around.
goin to see a video on jack neo's blog.
seem to be a pretty funny one..

hav to slp le.
cos they say i look ver tired, which i am.
ppl pls take care (this also include myself.. haiz)

sally to mia le.

:D ♥; sally

Friday, September 14, 2007

*my lunch at superdog with huiying, cyn n kelly.*

had test today.
n i cant rmb the formula.
kill mi pls!!!
qn ask in the way tat i dun understand.
reali high on the verge of givin up..

the program 'hey gorgeous' come to our sch to film.
haha. somemore today is also CCA week/ student SIM week.
so very crowded in sch

break time over.
back to class listen to lesson.
then kelly 'force' mi to pei her n hui ying to vivo.
so we went along with cyn.
she went to collect her godmum phone,
then made our way to eat at super dog.
mine look reali ver appetitizing.

then shop around, went to candy empire.
then shop around ie. daiso, esprit, etc..
last stop, kelly n cyn went to hav their chocolate indulgence.

then i saw a promoter auntie friend,
whom we worked together at marine square.
chat awhile then part.

n we head for home.
mi reach home, my mum say wanna help my dye my hair.
so now mi got red hair le.

scan some stuff for kelly.
so now update.
handin the compie over to mei le..

pics below are for past entries..

*kelly's M&M's file attracted my attention*

*sticker - lust like the design*

*me n cyn beverage at coffee bean on wed*

now mayb goin to watch 1 VCD n then slp le.
tml i hav to work..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, September 13, 2007

damn my memory man!!!
i sm reali losin it.
so sad..
watever i study cant get in.
or get in get out even faster.
so sad!!!!!

test ytd sucks big time.
sorry for the language man!!
was using 'grass' writin for test.
so hard to read.
dun noe how teacher goin to read it.

then after sch, mi n cyn went to westmall.
she need to return book.
then we made our way to sunplaza.
to makan n study at coffee bean.
ate curry chix rice.
then went to order white chocolate coffee ice blended.
1st time drinkin coffee.
erm feelin - strange.
not used to it.
took pics of it.
but lazy to post it.
got time then post.

end up we got pretty comfortable with the chair.
cant reali study.
i wasnt in the mood either. too tired.

then went home.
after tat reach home,
mi went out with my parents.
went yishun central n chong pang.
they ate i stone.
then went to chong pang to buy computer table.
i foot the bill, lucky not expensive.
n dad can diy fix it.

after tat heard FuJian CD,
bought to hear.
haha. cant reali understand cos super long time think 10 yrs didnt come in contact with the language.
so was chattin with my mum,
my mum also revisin her Fu Jian.
so end up slpt 3am.

tis mornin was awaken by tremors.
it felt like a rockin bed.
kinda of comfortable wor.
then chat w mei, n my aunt was in the toilet at that time.

then mi n mei prepared.
went to eat breakfast at mac before i went to sch, she went to work.

wanted to stayed back in sch to study.
but too tired.
so come back home instead.
help to buy ingredients for tonite.
mummy wan to cook simple.
eat outside until i scared.
so now goin to eat lunch.
then to study le.

check my results.
see le dun feel good.
though distinction, dun feel good at all.
sad. im not pressin myself.
think i hav to settle down to think y i hav such results.

sally reali muz reserve energy to chiong le...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

time to blog.
went to sch,
but the whole row onli got mi myself.
kelly in the mornin call to ask if she shd go.
cyn went but skip lesson to study for test.

so after sch,
mi went to da bao food for myself n cyn,
n head o find her.

so we there study study.
i am so surround by foreign nationalities.

no matter how i study dun seem to get into my head.

then around 7 we head for home.
so tired.

reach adm,
i went to buy vitasoy to drink.
then on the way back hafiz called mi.
he was thinkin who i am.
cos it has been 4 years we last see each other.
sec 4.

happen that today is his birthday n i rmb.
easy day to rmb.
he was still wonderin how i noe it.
n tat he mention none of sec sch friend sms him to wish him.
glad tat i hav done tat.

it cheers mi up juz a simple sms.
he said tat still got 4 mths to go to ord,
then mayb goin to jurong islands to work.
sounds cool.

now makan dinner.
then thinkin whether to make any online book purchases.
so tempting.

hav to chiong to study le.
tml is D-day.
2hr paper, 10qn choose 6, n write n write n write.
haiz. so sad.
after sch think still hav to study for risk management test.
which is on fri.
so so sad.
i no life de.. :(

sally to mia la..

:D ♥; sally

blog time.
wrote price theory notes till abt 3am.
then went to slp.

today went to sch.
sort of mini jog to mrt station cos drizzling fat drops of water.
listen here n there.

sch havin student week, got lots of items on sale but no mood to see.
then after sch went to da bao nhunt for seats.
cant find.
end up stood at level 4 chattin with sharon (course coordinator).
so think after 50mins later ,
i finali found a seat.

then sat there makan.
n study.
there is a class of students comin from different regions.
kinda interestin when they communicate.

then finali around 3, cyn come back from group meetin.
2 of us study, chat abit, n mug again.
listen to songs, sometimes sing along with it.

saw joe so chat with him.
he is havin lessons.

ate potato chips, chocolates, sweets.
tibit or pinic session.
think my ulcer will hav a hard time recovering.
so we end up studyin until abt 915pm.
which is new record.
then head down to adm to makan mac.
ate with not much gusto cos tired.
then shop around prime, need to buy oranges.
again lookin at tml tibit time food.

head home,
call zhen to chat abt biz framework.
then refresh.
juz chat with choon liang.
now think will head for bed le.
1am le..
i siao le..

sally to mug later.... (panda my best friend)

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, September 09, 2007

ytd woke up early to study.
then went to work.
saw marcus.
think around 12 plus we went eat.
1st time eat so early n tat with one group of guys.
the topic they talk i dun understand cos i was busy thinkin of my own stuff.

then went back in to help do stocks,
choon kee forget to order but nvm.
walk here n there time past by quickly.
head for home.
watch one VCD while makan dinner.
continue to write then slp around 11 plus.

this mornin woke up around 8plus to study again.
then went to work.
nth much to do.
help to pack stocks.
then mi with my limited stocks try to pack it nicely.

makan bread for lunch,
was focusin on writin notes than eatin.
waited for time to head home.

went to sunplaza to wait for mum.
shop around, ate korean food,
then shop abit, mum bought 2 top for mi.
then we head to adm to meet cyn.
she needs to pass thing to mi.
thanks Ger :)

now usin compie.
goin to write notes for price theory again.
think goin to stay in sch for quite some time for this week.

sally to mia..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, September 07, 2007

think i didnt manage to blog ytd
think was too tired to do it ba.

went to eat mac breakfast with mei before heading for sch.
drank lots of water durin lesson..
too warm a weather.

then after sch,
went to westmall to makan with cyn.
ate zha jiang mian.
so so onli.
mi heng mei you li de chi,
cyn heng you li de chi (cos she felt full).
after tat we made our way back.
she goin over to malaysia.
mi head for home.
wanted to slp but cant.
so watch VCD n then did the accounts.
then slept early.

today wake up around 10plus,
continue to do accounts.
do until forget time which is 3pm.
used the compie then went out for brunch.
my fav duck rice.
brought my bro to AMK hub to replace his card.
so ma fan.
shop there while waiting.
saw one promoter auntie friend.
chat with her for while n both mi n bro left.

after tat head home,
continue to do the accounts.
dun noe y cant balance.
goin to check it out when i hav the time.

then try to do sch project.
if i haven notice, the time now is 10.44pm.
n i haven take dinner or anything.
neck pain, headache, eyes tired.
think will stop here le.

chat with my mum abt the accounts.
see le quite xin han.

now goin to refresh myself b4 havin dinner n watch one VCD to destress.
then hav to start studyin for test le.
one rest day yet dun feel RESTED at all.
wat the....
tml hav to work..
hope tat time can past by quickly when i work.

hav to go offline le.
let mei use.
mi hold on to compie for way too long le.

sally to relax or chiong??????

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

happy birthday to Suwen, Connie auntie n myself.

today wake up for sch,
study biz frame work.
so many notes to take, sian ah..

then after sch, mi, cyn n kelly went megabites to eat.
kelly treat mi. :)
thanks ger :)

then after tat we made our way to library.
kelly wanted to get some materials for readin.
so end up stay there for more than 1 hour.
there was pretty much standardisation of work process,
meanin we are pretty professional.

then i head for home.
reach home,
open up the presents.
the gers gav mi Fila top (nice nice) n nike water bottle.
cyn gav mi a wine glass candle.
so pretty.

waited for time to reach 5plus.
prepare myself to go out.
went to pay for bills.
then head down to city hall to meet up with them.

then made our way to the resturant which i cant rmb the name.
serene gav mi my present, when i on the train then i look at it.
she also gav mi a flower.haha.

serene said she wanna giv mi present by lookin in her eyes.
but i guess tat was onli an excuse mi make mi turn around n not look back.
n guess wat i reali LIKE the surprise.
think it is ver hard to guess.
almost got a shock of my life.
so happy to see her that we hug each other.
then over food we chat to update each other.
then we took little photos.
they say my smile ver ver bright.
see below... haha.

the waitress pretty messy.
keep gettin our orders wrong.

then we made our way to esplanade.
saw piano recitation.
wanted to go roof terrace,
but was close for function.
so hang around there.
n waited for jur's friend to sort of allow us to view the art pieces tat will onli be open to public tml.
the art pieces were so cool...
abt things tat we normalli wun observed or find it disgusted.
think is urban something.
i onli it is cool...

after tat made our way home.
alvin n jur head of via boonlay ,
while rene, jason, weikian n mi head via woodlands.
at yishun still hav to stop to alight.
slowly walked home.
took photographs of the pics.
but i dun noe y i cant upload the pics.
so shd do it another day. :)

now see whether wanna do some accountin.
now i remember i hav to change my dad's records.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

quick one.
think ytd too tired,
this mornin was so reluctant to wake up.
went to sch as usual.
teacher goin pretty fast.
2 topics within 3 hours.
brain nearly dead le.

then ate at megabites with the ger.
was so hungry tat i ate pretty deliciously.
then went to hunt for location to do project.
cos sch library closed,
so hard to find seats.

after the group meetin.
mi n cyn sat to study.
but for mi i can say it is not productive at all.
sian ah.
see the notes angry with it.
revise until abt 7plus then we left sch.
reach home after 830pm.
then chat with mum,
eat dinner.
now mi goin to dad's accounts le.
few more mins to go..

sally disappearin...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, September 03, 2007

tirin day.
copy notes until abt 2plus in the wee hours of the mornin.
didnt manage to study for test.
for i was too slack to touch them.

so today wake up chiong to study test.
actuali studyin/ revision is actuali this mornin.
so ok la.
think can score tryin for HD, if worse case at least DI.
but i wan HD.

after the test,
went back for lesson.
he still manage to teach Factor market.
ver li hai.
onli left last 2 pages.
so i suppose this is the 1st time after test go thru some much for a lect.

after school,
went to shop around in popular.
they are havin a fair.
then decide to buy Card reader for my xiao mei.

then mi n cyn head to adm.
it is rainin heavily.
ate Mac, cos both of us wan to eat fries.
then shop around while waitin for my mum to meet me.
mi pei~ing her to TTSH for checkup.
waited for her turn,
chat with doc,
n take med.
the physician called me Miss Yeo Ah Gek.
whom is actuali my mum.
but i onli help her take medicine.
so at the end,
he still say, 'thank u miss yeo'
i was actuali laughin.
when did i change my surename?

then both of us went to shop around.
walk here n there.
then slowly walk to food court.
saw my godmum,
chat with her,
then i help my mum to buy dinner.
it is freezin cold.
after dinner, chat abit more then we head downstairs.
even outside, non-conditioned is also ver cold.
then shop at This Fashion.
bought a casual top.
try a cute one, but seem kinda strange for mi.
yet still nice, but i didnt buy.

n head off for home.
train so packed.

at adm, my mum quickly ran to chi physician shop to take pulse.
n then went to da bao bread n mooncake.

so now mi using compie.
goin to hold washin machine for my mum.
n mi goin to do my dad's account again.
try to quickly complete so tat i can study for next week 2 test.
siao ah...

sally to try relax herself...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, September 02, 2007

this pic taken last nite.
like it cos piggy wearin spec with my abit fierce lookin eyes..
haha. :P

today is SUNday.
n now one plus in the afternoon n im bloggin.
how long didnt i hav a break durin the weekends?
think ver long, from last sems exam period until now.

woke up around 11plus,
was chattin with my xiao mei n bro.
bro went out le,
xiao mei preparin to go out with her wq,
most prob buyin couple shoes.

now i hav to go offline too.
to Study n wait for makan time.
n OMG tml is the Price theory test 2.
y so fast?
hungry ah..

sally to disappear.

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, September 01, 2007

1st day of Sept.
so fast alrdy 8 mths gone.
n means 2 months gone for this sems.
y time fly so fast?

woke up around 8plus in the mornin.
think used to it le.
then study abit, n went to work.
pack stocks n did tickets.
so around 3 left Giant,
n went to eat with marcus.
n made my way home.

at amk mi sat at the bench,
ver comfortable cos of the wind.
so let one train miss.
n board the next.

now tired.
used compie.
feel tat im achin again.

ard 7 plus my aunt come back home,
with big bags.
then she call mi.
cos there were gifts from her n my another aunt.

*this is onli the wrappers. Good condition rite? haha.. :P *

da ah yi gav big pig cos she say i 扮猪吃老虎.
so here is the 大猪仔.

*big monster-lookin pig*

*this feels like roasted pig to mi :P *

then xiao ah yi gav 小猪仔 for mi to carry around.

*innocent view, isnt it?*

*bat-lookin view when flatten*

so together 猪仔 n friend (ladybird - xiao yi de) :)

*stand up view*

*flatten view*

*lady bird folded*

*UFO-like ladybird*

sally to makan n study le..

:D ♥; sally


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