...Destination ~ Destiny...

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

bloggin time.
do a fast one.

woke up early today.
then didn one tutorial qn.
drawing here n there.
then went to sch.

half way the class,
my frens decided to go bishan.
mi continue to listen in class.
after class,
mi n cyn went to sunplaza.
ate n went to popular.
she wan to buy cards.
mi there watch 'hua yang'
then we shop around.

n abt 3plus we part.
mi reach home.
refresh myself n then study.
did some more tutorial qn.
my rbother was singin along with the music.
for a few hours some more.
mi in room listen ver funny.
enjoy that afternoon breeze period of time.

then 7pm, watch TV.
now eatin dinner.
later gonna watch amine again.
n go back to study.
tired wor.

now watchin soccer match with family.
singapore vs thailand.
current 2: 1
so who will win?
but seem tat the thai players arent reali satisfied.

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

tired ah.
went to sch as usual.
wait for teacher to giv break.
muz praise the teacher for her patience
which somehow or another i lack for im hungry..
haha. stomach openin concert.

ate n then went to toilet.
but too long queue.
so went to 3 toilets.
last one somemore 1 level down.
wat a distance.

after tat continue lesson.
was thinkin of how to do my notes.
haha. draw...

after sch went off with cyn.
notice this 2 days mi n her were chasin after the bus.
if not hav to wait ver ver long.
then on the train we talk rot.
some funny stuff tat mi n her noe.
better not to say it out.

then ate at adm.
she left n i waited for my parents.
wait n read my book.
help my mum buy her food.
then ah eng auntie come.
she see me so tired then decide to send mi home 1st.
so she come up n we chat.
then she was preparin to leave,
my mum come home.
n after tat went to slp.
simply simply too tired le.

onli wake up abt 7.
watch TV.
my mum was paintin the walls.
nice brown walls.

now eatin dinner.
watchin amine.
after tat will return back to my room.
read books or study.
see how.
feel tired again.
how come tis week so so so tired.

my meis now in room so nisy.
suanin each other hp ringtone n other stuff.
noisy like market.
tat is my room.

sally mia le.. hehe.

:D ♥; sally

Monday, January 29, 2007

bloggin time.
went to sch myself today.
cos lazy to walk fast to mrt station.
lucky tat i reach mrt, clementi bus stop..
both transport come quite quickly.
the wind today ver strong.
hair is so messy.
even though its nvr neat.

reach sch,
saw ying n cyn infront.
so chase after them.
then climb stairs.
reali tired sia.

keep yawnin here n there.
tryin hard to myself awake.
for the whole lesson.
not mi alone feels tired.
cyn also.

we two like zombie after class.
wanted to pei her go posb.
we went but queue too long.
so i went off 1st.
went home rest awhile n pei my mum go chong pang.
ate n shop.
bought quite alot of piggy pics.
haha. kawaii..

went to take shuttle bus to semb shoppin centre.
i walk while my mum n aunt run.
cos they scared bus run off.
mi slowl walk.
they say the piggy pic too heavy le.

reach le shop ard.
went giant.
saw 2 familiar faces.
the store manager n also the akira promoter.

then purchase some stuff.
n went home.
busy preparin the steamboat veg.
watch tv.
now gonna eat le.

later mayb study or wat ba.
or read novel.

sally goin out..

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, January 28, 2007

tired tired tired....
slpt quite alot still so tired.
dun noe wat is wrong with mi..

went to work as usual.
again forget to bring order form.
then my auntie say 'ah b have u been eating too much sotong balls?'
i was like mayb haha.
cos i blur ma.

then pack my stock.
stand n rot there.
rot till 'lao ren jia' come.
then went to disturb him.
he see mi say how come didnt help him face out the stocks.
naughty him.
still help him.
as usual as him to do the top one.
i stand there lookin haha...
keep askin mi not to call him 'lao ren jia'
he say i call him too much,
he feels reali old.
so cham meh?

went for lunch.
the abalone auntie was tellin us her story..
quite a sad one.
her hubby passed away last year aug.
so sad.
lucky that her religion n friends pulled her thru this difficult period.
i hear le also feel sad.
she was tearin.
make mi wanna tear too.
so i control.
but good tat she say it out.
at least she will feel better.

went in to rot again.
before goin in to actually start rottin,
i went to purchase a DVD player for my mum.
she wants one.
help 'lao ren jia' pack goods.
n went for home.

was like closin my eyes the whole journey.
juz feel the strain.
plus the headache i was havin the whole day.

reach home help fix the dvd player.
but can see pic no sound.
watch some tv programs.
ate my ver spicy sambal rice.

read newspaper.
read one news.
a group of 7 kids from age 8-10 was doin theft, shopliftin etc.
the masterhead was onli 10 years old.
if it was for a 23 yr old person who caught 2 redhanded,
think they will continue with their acts.
they did it for 1 year le.
can u imagine tat?
the kids still steal bicycles n were dismemberin the parts
for more sales.
reali got biz head.
if onli they put it to the correct path.

waited for mei to finish usin the compie.
now goin to offline le.
mayb will change my blogskin.
see how.

sian tml hav class.
biz stats.

sally goin offline le..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, January 27, 2007

no one to snatch compie from mi.
xiao mei n didi went to changi.
da mei went for chalet.

last nite.
after bloggin,
i went to finish off the HK drama series.
when my dad return he also watch.

at the last ep,
the guy say that it is a once in a lifetime thing
that a guy puts a ring on the lady's finger.
then my dad suddenly pop out this sentence.
i was like.. huh? how come?
then i suggested celebratin this year anniversary.
n ask my dad put ring on my mum's finger.
then my mum say ' wan also muz wait until 25th wedding anniversary'
cos this year is onli 21st year they got married.
same as mi onli earlier.
haha. think ard feb ba.

after the talk n finish the show,
i went to slp.

woke up ard 9 plus today.
need to meet up with ferlin.
she treat mi breakfast at KFC.
then talk abt the policy.
since i miss my bus.
we continue chattin till the next one comes.
enjoy the chat.

went to work.
see some changes.
chat with 'lao ren jia' .
then i went to do my stocks.
he didnt help mi order.
used wat is available.

slowly packed.
then open samples.
n so so tired.
went for simple light lunch.
after tat went in again.
requested 'lao ren jia' to help mi move out my wine at backstore.
before tat still help him face out the cerals.

he taught mi how to do multi-item tickets.
he for sure will teach mi.
cos next time he can ask mi to do.
wat a guy.

then i say mayb mi gonna hav no job.
then he say he will surely miss mi.
reason: no one help him pack stocks n do ticket.
wat a supervisor.
ytd they will makin major changes.
then he ask JC auntie how come i not there.
even wanted to call mi down to work.
lucky didnt.

though not much crowd.
at least still can sell a few bottles.

time up for home.
but didnt dampen my mood.
juz feel calm.
bought bread n my own dinner.
ate dinner.
so full now.

still i feel cold.
the wind reali freezing my fingers.
think will wear my gloves soon.
ver scary rite.
singapore climate still need to wear glove.
wat a ger am i...

think will go read novel or study a bit.
tml hav work.
mon hav sch.
juz thinkin of it makes mi tired.

sally signin off..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, January 26, 2007

now bloggin.
woke up ard 9plus.
refresh myself n went to read my novel.
then mei return home to change n went out again.
she got interview for her attachment.
after that i prepare myself to go out.

took my dad ride to semb mrt station.
then went to yishun to meet min ming, lee peng n ying.
hardly we met.
n tat min ming n me wore black top,
while ying n lee peng wore red top.
goin to orchard.

ate up we ate at cineleisure.
the jap stall tat serene brought mi to.
tried the terpanyaki lunch set.
nice one.

after fillin our empty stomach,
we went shoppin.
lets say not reali shoppin but juz walkin ba.

went to john little.
end up juz waitin for payment can wait for more than 10 mins.
so tired after tat.

went to hereen.
shop around.
then at the top level,
the 3 of them bought drinks n sat there.
once we sat down,
we dun feel like movin.
leg tired sia.
wanted to take neoprint.
but the machine i dun like.
so i suggest far east.
then rainin outside.
took out our handy umbrella n walk down to far east.

walk around the basement level.
then to level one.

we saw newbie havin promotion.
so cool.
everything goin out at $10.
then i decide to buy top for my meis.
initially is per top $10.
but the sales presonnel gav us 2 tops for $10.
wat a good bargain.
so i end up buy 3, ying bought 1, min ming bought 2.
n the three of us are buyin for our younger sisters.

after tat we went to the neoprint shop.
took our photos.end we decorate it.
we took quite a long time decoratin it.
think more than 10 mins?
cos the machine we use has unlimited decoratin time.
didnt noe until the end.
we were thinkin y so long?
how come the machine haven ask us to stop ir anything.
we were to tired after the whole thing.
there is one error on my side.
put the wrong date.
mi beautify 2 pics, n the 3 of them 1 pic.
the process for them is quite funny..
different funny inputs.
then i cut the prints out.

the 1st n 3rd pic startin from the left are decorated by mi.
shdnt be too bad ba.

finish cuttin the pics,
went to walk around.
n head off for home.
cos min ming still need to cross over to malaysia.
took train.
pack with ppl.
mi chat with ying.
min ming chat with lee peng.
after tat both lee peng n ying alight.
follow by mi n then minming.

reach adm,
went to buy book stand.
n then buy dinner.
n my way home,
saw siling (pri sch friend).
she is makin some purchases with her mum.
then i went off.

walkin along the street,
light rain come fallin down.
mi strolled along with umbrella at hand.
the view n the surrounding gave mi a serene feeling.
ver nice.

reach home,
quickly finish off the novel i read this mornin.
then refresh myself n ate my dinner.
watch TV program.
funny one.

but was sad to hear bad new.
jur jie's grandpa juz passed away a few hours back in spore.
death is inevitable.
jie n ya family muz take care wor.
now they are makin plans on how to return to spore.
for their passport are in spore,
they went over by visa.
think administration stuff has to be done.

hope they can tide over this period..
Cheer up :)

now still rainin.
think the gods above are crying.
feelin so cold now.
reali cold.
fingers as usual goin numb on mi.

tml still hav to work.
im so tired.

sally signin off le.

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, January 25, 2007

now doina quick update.
my fingers now numb from coldness.
the cold wind blowin ver hard.

went to sch as usual.
last day of foreign lect for microeconomics.
refreshin my memory here n there.
then after sch went to beauty world.
collect our law book.

i went to POSB to change my bank book n made the necessary transfer.
the thing may be so busy.

then mi, cyn, hui zhen n yuling went to hav lunch
at the hawker above.
we finish n head off for home.
during the bus trip,
i was chattin with hui zhen.
long time didnt chat le.
somemore chat abt wine.
recommend her fruit wine.
then mi n cyn alight at adm.
she goin back to malaysia later on.

havin done the necessary emails checking.
added yuling's webby link to my blog.

my dad n mum now discussing how to settle their room.
got abit of a problem ah.
dad juz watch the air con at the balcony.
think will hav a cooler aircon today.

gonna check my songlist le.
hav been hearin te songs over n over again.
read my novel or watch tv later?
now so sleepy. :(

sally movin off...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

time to write.
went to sch as usual.
cold lect room today.

after sch,
mi n cyn come to my house.
i enter she stood outside.
cos lazy to take off shoes.
then we went off to sunplaza.
had korean food.
after tat went to the library.
think she stunned by my pattern for borrowing books.
i borrow 12 books.
with i think 5 of the sme author.
like the author's style of writing.

after tat i went to popular n buy quite some stuff.
3 pocket files, 2 set of 5 foolscape papers.
n one pen.
ver heavy.

after tat went to find my mum at the diy shop.
n off we went for home.
decide with my mum wat colour of her walls to paint.
then i went back to arrange my notes.
so many things to learn.
sian le.

then went off to buy dinner.
now usin compie.
gonna pass it over to mei le.

mayb later study or read novels.
ample books for mi to read.

sally hoppin off...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

time for bloggin.
went to sch as usual.
but on the way to meetin my friends,
i stroll my way.
the wind was cool
n feel tat if everyday hav such breeze how wonderful will tat b..

went to class.
this time the classroom reminds mi of my JC lecture room.
lecture went on as usual.
notice my notes ver colourful.

after school,
i took bus 61 alone.
was chattin on the bus with my auntie on the phone.
then she told mi tat there is wine tastin at office.
so i agreed to go listen n try the wine.

went to westmall to find something to do to spend my time.
ate some bread,
n stroll ver slowly.
saw ying's bag.

then went down to jurong east.
met them n jill boss drive us there.
the pffice is next to the train tracks.
go sch can see it.
the session start abt 3 plus.
b4 tat i was there helpin my aunt staplin lots of paper.

now tat i noe the history of 'Port'
quite interesting.
natural sweet wine from portugal.
fermentation abt 36-48 hours.
alcohol content 19-20%.
grapes farm on very steep mountain slopes.
it is sweet cos of the natural grape sweetness tat is absorb fron the sun.
cant rmb any more.
though onli frank little little.
but feel tat head went heavy le.
chat around then abt 5plus we left.

n took bus to JE.
then take train home.
was chattin with auntie connie.

reach adm.
did some shoppin.
wanted to buy some stuff but end up put back.
dun noe if it was a need or a want.

after tat went home.
finish up my eng novel.
endin seem quite strange.
like no ending de.

ate steamboat dinner.
so full.
yet the strong wind blow into my house,
till i feel so cold.
even my sweater come out le.

after dinner,
my aunt n mum went busy paintin the room.
mi here bloggin n watchin TV.
think gonna start on my notes le.
lect notesi write until so small.
dun noe how i manage to write so much.
sure at the end will hav lots of stamps le.

sally mia le....

:D ♥; sally

Monday, January 22, 2007

makin a quick one here.
woke up late for sch.
the clock was playin a trick on mi.
no batt still trying to tick.
lucky i noticed n woke up.

on the bus trip saw candy (diana auntie's daughter).
she was also on her way to sch.

reach sch abt 1005.
then listen n listen.
write n write.

breaktime padma told mi good news.
then i spread.
so went to order books.

after sch,
i went my own separate way from my friends.
went to J8 to meet my mei.
had jap lunch box at the basement.

after tat we made our way to the salon we frequent.
made an appointment last nite with Space (our hairdresser).

mei cut a nerdy hair style.
see le ver funny.

mi trim n colour my hair.
not too obvious but still i like it.
during the colourin of my hair,
the space-light orbits heater was placed ontop of my head.
so i said, 'space is havin alien to surround mi'

now head feels light.
after that my xiao mei n mum arrive.
my mum cut her hair till real short.
'WOW' is the word.

after tat went to sunplaza to eat korean food.
shop around,
n went to find diana auntie.
shop for some steamboat food.
n went home.
the whole day im out.
no wonder im so tired.
sian ah..

think will stop here le.
mayb fri or sat will meet my financial adviser.

nites to all.

sally soon will turn off le...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, January 21, 2007

waitin for this page to arrive is reali ver long.
back from work.
so tired.

on the way to work,
i notice along the pavement,
the trees are sort of havin different seasons by themselves.
one is bloomin..
others are fallin the leaves.
their chang can happen over nite n that the beauty shortlived.
still quite a nice view to see while goin or back from work.

went to work as usual.
nth much happenin.
onli that auntie has broken a wine bottle.
though the wine smell quite nice. hehe.

after tat stone.
chat with deva n the pepsi ger.
fun chattin with them.

n when 'lao ren jia' arrive chat with him.
interestin person.
he ask mi not to call him 'lao ren jia'
cos if i call out too much,
he says he feels old.
but mi call until abit used to it le.
nvm giv him one big big smile can le.

he say call him 'lao ren jia' when he needs to move those heavy stuff.
so tat he can ask raymond to move it
xin ji hao heavy de 'lao ren jia'.
then we were on the topic of him findin a gf.
so 'lao' le. muz find one.
haha. though he onli turnin 27 this year.
then lead to topic of him wantin to become a PR.
so now he for the past 7 years been in singapore,
now then thinkin of becomin PR.
then he says mayb this year then apply.

after tat mi continue to stone.
the boss ask him to shift things here n there.
sounds ver tough, but i still see him smilin brightly.
then he says, juz listen. dun hav to care too much de.
good way of makin yaself happy.

after tat went for lunch.
auntie treat us.
cos she won lottery ytd.
nice n ver filling.
went back to stone job.
manage to sell a few bottles of wine today.
not too bad i think.
my targets aren't high.

finali time to go back.
rainin at amk,
no rain at adm.
reach home,
read my novel.
n was chattin n talkin abt physics with my xiao mei.
she doin qn from her tb.
then ishe ask mi qn which i cant ans.
n my fav is the TB
speed read n found the ans.
went to find my old text n help her with it.

now bloggin with da mei new Jay album playin in the background.
second time to say le.
mayb watch tv aliitle while n go slp le.

nites to all....

sally typin off.....

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, January 20, 2007

dear diary.
now watchin hongkong dvd series.
title: forensic heroes
like these type of shows.
still got ou yang zheng hua..

this mornin woke up.
have breakfast n went to work.
still cant manage to catch train.
so with me perspiring hard.
i waited for the train.
reach amk miss the bus.

waited with my novel.
n rain come along.
pack stocks.
open wine samples.

after tat went for lunch.
n soon went back home.
reali rain is big big.
even my jeans also got wet till my knee.
make mi walk so diffcult.

reach home.
rest n hav dinner.
now busy with tv.
more n more interesting le.

sally mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, January 19, 2007

bloggin now.
wake up late today.
no school.

my auntie called mi to ask if after the batam trip wan to go bacgkok with her.
i anything de.
then think hav to miss 2 lessons.
1st time so on despite school time.
fancy goin out of singapore twice.
can take plane le..

after tat i read my chi novel.
hand long itching for it.
hav lunch at adm.
bought bubble tea to drink.
then mi n auntie exercise at the fitness corner.

went home.
finish the novel.
then help my mum prepare dinner.
doin steamboat.
of cuz with my standard,
not ver nice on the whole.
but i believe in good quality interior.
mi n my rots.

gonna eat soon.
later i wan to watch mar amine,

think will stop here le.
the smell of the soup so nice..

cya friends n take care.

:D ♥; sally

continuin from the previous post,
mi n cyn stay at the compie lab till abt 4pm.
then make our way to clementi mrt station.

mi n serene goin to orchard, while cyn is goin back.
so continue our journey to orchard.
shop ard while waitin for cailing.
after that we went to ck tang to shop.
saw lots of glimmerin shoes.
and clothing.
and all cost ver beautiful.
lucky i not a shopper.

after tat we made our way to cine.
shop abit while waiting for serene new fren to come.
kee wee (correct spellin?).
ate at the jap resturant.
n they suggested to watch a movie.
movie we watch is related to majiong

so while waitin for the time to reach.
we shop around.
went to wisma face shop.
then to shop at herren ?
then made our way to cine again.
the cinema is at level 9.
pretty new ba.
looks like a landshop.

the cinema was quite enclosed.
about 6 chairs on each side n that think abt 6 rows ba.
quite small.
the movie rather interestin.
still i prefer the 1st esp of that movie.

then after tat made our way home.
now mi bloggin.
da mei reali noe how to complain here n there.
hear le ver sian.
dun noe wat to say.
forget it..

think now gonna refresh myself
n go slp.
finali no sch tml.
can rest.

sally dozing off le.....

:D ♥; sally

continuin from the previous post,
mi n cyn stay at the compie lab till abt 4pm.
then make our way to clementi mrt station.

mi n serene goin to orchard, while cyn is goin back.
so continue our journey to orchard.
shop ard while waitin for cailing.
after that we went to ck tang to shop.
saw lots of glimmerin shoes.
and clothing.
and all cost ver beautiful.
lucky i not a shopper.

after tat we made our way to cine.
shop abit while waiting for serene new fren to come.
kee wee (correct spellin?).
ate at the jap resturant.
n they suggested to watch a movie.
movie we watch is related to majiong

so while waitin for the time to reach.
we shop around.
went to wisma face shop.
then to shop at herren ?
then made our way to cine again.
the cinema is at level 9.
pretty new ba.
looks like a landshop.

the cinema was quite enclosed.
about 6 chairs on each side n that think abt 6 rows ba.
quite small.
the movie rather interestin.
still i prefer the 1st esp of that movie.

then after tat made our way home.
now mi bloggin.
da mei reali noe how to complain here n there.
hear le ver sian.
dun noe wat to say.
forget it..

think now gonna refresh myself
n go slp.
finali no sch tml.
can rest.

sally dozing off le.....

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, January 18, 2007

last nite was chattin with my mum before i go to slp.
woke up pretty early today.
wish my mei good luck for her chem test.
her being so hardworkin now shd b able to make it de.. :D
now still in school.
finish lesson le.
then went to eat with cyn, xuan n kelly.
ying, charlene n krys. didnt come sch today.

cyn n mi come to compie lab to use compie.
while i wait for time to meet serene after her school.

nth much happen.
think i now goin to use webby le.
for my own research.

sally disappearin le.....

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


last nite, the 3 of us we were playing.
n finali went to slp.

went to sch as usual.
end up kelly, xuan n charlene didnt come sch.
the teacher reali makin mi doze off le.
alot of stuff which i find it hard to comprehend though all are english.

ying they all sat at outside the class after the break.
mi inside tryin hard to stay awake.

n class end.
went to library with ying n kry.
n mi n ying took bus.
went to khabit to meet my parents.
ate there n bought some snacks.

went home.
use compie.
but too tired, nap.
then mei called mi.
how would i noe how to use the thing.
im not a tech advanced person.
n that thing dun wan to coorperate with mi.
wat shd i do?

continue to use compie for research.
but see le ver frustrated.
will do it again after this.
sian ah...

went to sunplaza with mummy to meet ah yi.
had dinner n went to shop at ntuc.
bought portable chairs.

abt 9plus reach home.
tired ahhhhh....

now usin compie again.
think will quickly do my stuff again.

to doris: jia you for ya tests.
saw a good change with my xiao mei.
now she quite motivated n hardworkin.
good to see tat.
even da mei also de same le.
think i will soon hav to follow them.
creat a ver studious environment in my room.

sally mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

now finali bloggin le.
went to sch as usual.
today lesson i can say i shut down my brain le.
reali dun noe wat she talkin.

then debatin abt the law book.
i stand by wat i wan.

after tat mi n cyn initially wanted to go sunplaza to eat.
but then went back to adm.
hav lunch.
shop alittle.
cyn bought a cross stitch.

after tat went home.
then rain come.
sudden one.
n suddenly went off.

reach home.
see the websites.
blur n tired ah.
then headache attack mi.

now watchin tv.
gonna stop here.
eat dinner.
watch MAR amine.

headache shoo shoo shooo...

sally mia le....

:D ♥; sally

Monday, January 15, 2007

start law module today.
ver sian.
like grandma story.

now got problem with the book.
hope to solve it.

end of lesson.
went to adm to meet cyn.
she finali got out of malaysia le.
ate at mac then let her copy the notes.
ard 4 plus we left.

i reach home,
rest n use compie.
try to do my tutorial.
act hardworkin.

now chattin.
think will offline soon.
let my mei use.

my head now reali in pain.
like goin to explode or wat.

gonna continue my work.
short post?
think will slp early le ba
cant escape from it.

sally in pain....

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, January 14, 2007

finali time for mi to update.
n it is reali reali ver cold.
now i feel myself trembling.

today for once i went to work on time.
on the way to work,
i finali finish my eng novel.
reali captivating.
author: Kay Hooper.
most of his storys are abt psychis.
reali interesting.
alrdy read think 4 of his books.

reach work place.
stone there.
too bored went to find 'lao ren jia'
help him pack stuff.
after tat i stone again.
went to eat.
n finali time for home.

reach home watch abit of tv
n then went to 688 for dinner.

now i bloggin n watchin tv.
gonna freshen up n rest le.
tml hav sch.

dun noe how cyn is doin.
her home in malaysia is seriously affected by the flooding.
i sms her today
n she say the situation is even more worse than the previous flooding.
she say think she cant make it to sch.
gonna listen in class carefully le.
though i hav been doin so.

ok la. gonna stop here le.

sally mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, January 13, 2007

cant wake up for work today.
end up goin to work late.
as usual, reach there pack stocks.
reali the usual.
nth much to explore.
pack here n there for hour plus.
then open the wine for sampling.
n off for lunch.
the weather reali cool sia.

saw the old store manager of giant.
he seem to be a happy man le.
much more approachable i guess.
chat with him for a while n he went off.

after tat went home.
took train read my novel.

reach adm,
wanted to juz buy bread n go home.
but was stopped by a Financial Adviser from prudential.
went to hear wat she has to offer.
mayb cos i was taught the subject on insurance b4,
so i noe wat to expect (was approached by them not once).
end up her manager come to explain to mi.
actuali the time went by quite fast.
explain the details.
noe the i wanted a traditional (whole-life)
not an endowment.

after much chat,
i fianli made up my mind to buy one.
my ver 1st own policy.
of cuz hav to wait for the to approve 1st.
but at least i noe i now am covered.
more at piece of mind.

can u imagine while the manager actuali explain to u the policy,
he actuali at the same time ask mi if im interested in joinin his team.
to be a financial adviser.
wat an experience.
mayb cos we chat abit to engross or something.
their collegues quite often look over at our side.
cos we were jokin most of the time.
the manager reputation seem to be a ver good one.
top 12 FA in prudential.
was even awarded a award for his excellent service by Lee Kuan Yew.
cool isnt it?

after tat mi went to buy bread n went home.
finali no rain for today.
yet feel the coldness of the weather.

reach home watch abit of tv.
read up my policy n noe wat is it exactly abt.
think now gonna go read my book/ or study.
im tired again.

sally disappearing le....

:D ♥; sally

back from gathering.

mornin was waken up by cailing phone call.
then mi continue try to slp.
cant do it.
so wake up read up on econs.
sian ah.

then watch disc with my mum.
n went out for brench with my parents.
reali hav been rainin the whole day.
bought a pair of shoes before meetin serene.
reach there juz nice 330pm for 'Death Note 2'
the show reali ver good.
worth the money.
Last name written was Light.
but last person to die is L.
misa was actin quite a interestin role.
but this show the fav character for mi is L.
he has kinda cute in his own sense
n tat he is more human in this part 2 movie.
his actions are kinda cute.
kawaii nei...

finish the show.
outside rainin ver heavily.
then we make our way to orchard mrt station to meet cailing.
n off to far east.
had our dinner at LJS.
while eatin saw agnes n vivien (sec sch friends).
then finish eating,
saw serene JC classmates.
so we continue shoppin.
1st stop, cailing bought necklace.
n she gave mi one.
thanks cailing.
but dun noe when i can wear it.
after tat shop around.
look for bags.
but before tat serene bought a bottom.
then went second level to continue shoppin.
cailing bought a bag.
n then serene notice xuan.
she was with my uni friends.
so today consider world small small.

after tat went home.
reach home 11pm.
chattin with my meis.
n freshen up myself.
mummy went to changi.
juz finish watchin my amine.
bloggin comin to an end..
seem tat mid feb gonna be busy.

tml still hav to work.
poor mi.
no $$ is like tat de.

gonna drink herbal tea.
my pimples comin out like nobody business.
so ugly. haiz..

sally tired le...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, January 11, 2007

time to blog again.
now reali ver heavy rain.
as if the rain is tryin ver hard to come into my house.
still i can say the wheather ver cold.

mi today late for sch.
ying called my house no.
cos she cant reach mi thru the hp.
fancy havin class at 10am.
wakin up at 9am.
cool isnt it?
journey to sch is 45mins.
they say i cant possibly so late haven reach
so think they noe i overslept ba.

these few days feel like im havin trouble sleepin.
ytd after writin my notes for macroeconomics
i watch a bit of scv with my dad.
slept ard 2plus 3.
by rite shd be able to slp soundly de.
but dun noe how come need to hav some time to actuali fall aslp.
i even can hear movement when my siblings woke up.

went to sch.
didnt miss much
then after sch mi went to eat with cyn at adm.
then we shop ard n went home.
we wait from heavy rain to little rain.
so the walk home thru the drizzle is ver shiok.
onli scared the bag get wet.

reach home study n write notes.
do it until abt 6 plus.
then drop to the bed..
tired sia.
after tat ard 8 plus woke up.
chat with mei n continue readin notes.
wait for dinner to come home.
n watch my amine.
usual routine isnt it?

now chattin with KC.
he gonna work at vivo.
surfin the web.
lookin at some online stuff.
mayb will watch another amine later.

sally mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

so cold today.
when to sch as usual.
read the notes on the train journey.
ver tired.

reach sch,
nth much to do.
time for lessons.
reali ver heavy content.
think my brain cant load it on.
though i studied it before.
the gers were busy gossipin.
mi keep quiet cos i dun noe who they are talkin abt,
didnt notice those ppl.
think tat is mi ba.
cold cold cold....

after sch,
went with ying n xuan to sunplaza to meet wan yu.
n sorry cyn ah.
cant meet up with ya friends.
hehe. next time round will meet them de.
so ate my brench.
super hungry.
after tat went popular to shop.
wanted to buy things.
but end up didnt buy anything.
we were there lookin at palmistry.
haha. n also our fortune for the comin pig year.
think shd b ok ba.
not too bad.

then went to this fashion to shop.
end up mi bought a top.
quite a nice one.
think mi changin my style of dressin for a day or two.

then went to first level.
shop n saw serene n jason.
they alrdy off frm sch le.
jason today is slave for serene.
serene bought books, he carry them back.

bought bread home.
n we part.
reach home.
my mum n aunt are paintin the walls of my room.
cloudy effect.
nice nice.
mi move my stuff out n sit in the livin room to study.
abt 6 plus, too tired n went to nap.
abt 9 i woke up.
so tired sia.

continue with a few slides.
n went to watch my amine.
did i mention i finish off my novel.
finali sia.. break for some time cos for studies.

now mi finish off my routine le.
bloggin is the last item for mi..
think will go study? slp?
see how ba.
cold cold cold..
wearin long pants now. cold sia.

got to noe my cousin mayb not goin holiday with us.
little fun. nvrtheless believe still can enjoy de.
gonna help my mum put mask on her face.

sally mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

dear diary.
here i am again – twice..
blogger say cant upload.
So save it lor..
Wat to do. Dun wan to retype.
Now bloggin with nice music around.
haha watchin variety show.

this mornin end up cant wake.
drag myself out of bed alrdy 815pm.
so got myself ready for sch.
so tired.
end up durin the train journey i hardworkin reading my notes.
still read i understand but then when i attempt all seem to go out.
so sad..

today human traffic seem ver high.
waited for train at Jurong east n bus at clementi was quite long.
end up ying they all faster than mi.
reach sch settle down n lesson begin.

durin lesson mayb cos i feel like slpin,
i keep sort of disturbin ah xia.
poor her..
of cuz i hav my serious moments.
ver reali short one for today.

finali time up for sch.
the teacher left the last slide for unemployment didnt teach.
think if got time mi gonna read it up.

after sch went to meet my mum n dad at adm.
ate n went home.
chat with my mum abt wat paint she shd buy.
cos she was thinkin with her little energy,
she wan to paint..
so talk abt it.
so think finali come up with so idea.
soon after my xiao mei n ah seng come.
ah seng is my cousin.
he say bored so come over.
dun wan to go home too early.
keep takin photos of xiao mei.
funny guy.

then ard 6 he left.
me did the review qn.
n after finishin it,
i selpt.
too tired n headache seem to attack mi.
n 3 hours later i woke up.
felt much better le.
think haven been restin properly ba.

watch my amine.
watch variety show.
interestin enough.

now bloggin.
think mayb will try to read my novel or read my notes.
sian ah...

wanne watch death note 2..
KC make mi addict to it.
sad. haha..

ok la mi disappearing for now.
xuan muz take care ah.
drink more water. think tat goes for mi too.

sally mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, January 08, 2007

finali time to blog.
now i gonna multi task.
type, chat n watch tv at the same time.
so busy. haha..

last nite,
my xiao mei officially come to my room to slp.
reali ver long didnt hav 3 sisters bunkin in 1 room le.
since i take the top,
da mei take the second.
she took the floor.
then all actuali need slp cos all need to wake up early for sch.
but all end up chattin to 1 plus, xiao mei slept..
then mi n da mei continue till abt 2 plus.
cos simply cant slp.

drag myself to wake up in the mornin.
prepare n went out to sch.
met the gers n went to class.
reach sch quite early.
think abt half an hour earlier ba.
cos wanna hav a good location to sit in the class.

lesson went on smoothly.
lecturer quite clear in explanation.
a good thing.
she even said tat she ban rulers in exam.
cos its a waste of time to use rulers.
wat a teacher isnt she?
hope the local one too hav tat quality of teaching too.

after sch,
ying n charlene suggest goin to sing k.
i anything so i went along.
the 1st bus come,
but krys say wait for her.
so waited for the next bus.
reach there went to eat.
mi n krys ate korean food.

after tat we went to K Box to sing.
took the student package.
they hav new drinks le.
seem cool.haha..
also hav jelly in the drinks.
so gummy..

sing until no songs,
went to sing oldies.
fun one.
then session end ard 7.
n we went home.
mi alight at adm n then bought a pair of shoes.
n went home.

slack in my room.
help my mum with some stuff.
refresh myself.
ate my dinner.
n now bloggin.

think will return to book le.
mayb read abit of my novel then sch stuff.
Jia you for the new sems..

sally blurrin off...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, January 07, 2007

back from work.
n i so so tired..
slowly get myself to work.
then i slowly set up my booth.
actuali to say today the time went by quite fast.
hav lunch.
n it is so so filling.
think that plant of xing zhou mi fen can eat 2 ppl.
after eatin tat i feel so tired.
then the slpin bug come huntin to mi.
make mi so so tired.

today 'lao ren jia' didnt ask mi to do ticket.
borrow from mi pen.
funny guy.
the whole day didnt get to see him.
hidin himself in the office.
then ppl ask mi where he is.
i say how i noe.
didnt even see him.
n finali saw deva today.
his mood seem at least better still not too good.
cos his section i can say is reali in quite a big mess.
sad for tat..

there was a customer i supposed a french.
he reali talk with a french accent.
interesting person.

finali time to go back.
my mp3 die on mi onthe train journey.
after tat mi went to buy food for mum n didi.
n went home.
reach home.
slack all the way.
now bloggin.
soon will hav to hand the compie over to my mei.
then i will return to novel
gonna pack my bag too.
tml sch reopen le.
tired sia..

sally goin thru a transitional stage...

:D ♥; sally

back from penguin bbq session at downtown east.
went to work as usual.
set up my booth n open wine.
samplin today.
now then i noe hardys vr chardonnay actuali not bad to drink.
quite nice to consume.

then when i finali finish settin up,
'lao ren jia' ask mi to help him do ticket.
he reali noe how to not let mi get bored.
by exploitin me.
but with the spped i slowly gained,
soon help him finish it.
nth he can say.

after tat he busy shifting all the pallets..
poor him...
'lao ren jia' need to shift those heavy things here n there.
mi help to look after to prevent the things from fallin.
not an easy job.
mi still can laugh at the songs while his face abit black.
after he hear mi laugh n hear mi talk rot,
he then laugh.
laughter spreads de.

then saw the promoter who is my old neighbour.
she say i talk like not like my age.
quite matured?
is tat so?
dun noe wor...

then slowly stand here n there.
help here n there.
n finali time up to go back.
last min bought a red wine as a gift.
find a easy to drink one.
i mean for mi la.
think shd b ok for her ba.

didnt go straight home.
went to penguin bbq session.
say far not far.
say near not ver near.
went there didnt eat much.
cos dun reali noe how to enjoy bbq food.
dun noe y.
still i enj0yed the satays.
ver nice.
ard 9plus,
sing birthday song.
penguin ver busy takin photos.
think her smile from natural become not natural le.
after tat cake smashin time.
they smash i see.
too tired to join in.

weather ver warm.
cant tahan it.
help uncle fan.
tat is my contribution.
cos of my 'background' n experience,
mi there busy fannin ppl.
arm ver tired.
he is the main 'chef' overlookin the bbq pit n the food.
not an easy job.
ver warm.
i cant stand it.

finali penguin can sit down to talk le.
which is ard 9plus.
poor ger.

then alvin come along.
ver 'early'
chat i think shd b quite along.
then xinyi, alvin n mi went off.
hav to go home le.
miss the last train..
took cab to tampines n take 969...
erm until noe i rmb i haven pay the cab fee.
rmb to tell mi how much hor...

quite fast reach home.
the nite sky quite starry.
ver nice.
after that i was sort of trap at the door for abt a min.
cos mei playin audition n i dun noe where my keys went to.
place myself until the runnin water.
feel so relaxed.
now reali need to slp le.
think cant hold on any longer le.
nites to all.

sally dreamy le...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, January 06, 2007

back from work.
today quite a interesting day.
ate the fried rice b4 goin work.

rach work place,
dun noe y feel so bored.
so went walkin ard giant.
then giant staff he ver funny.
he scared i too bored.
ask mi to help him do tickets.
think cos he dun wan to do la.

help him do the tickets quite a few rounds.
do until there is some speed le.
after tat went to eat.
auntie treat mi eat.

after work,
mi went to city hall to meet my auntie.
goin for company dinner.
some awars are given out.
incentive for those who hit their targets.
mi not involved cos i not full time promoter.
then the assistance manager was promoted.
congrats to him.
reali cool.
he is one cool n funny person.
but the new title comes with heavier responsibilities.
think he can take the new role well de.

then dinner was a nice one.
wine tasting was also good.
taste 4 new type of wine today.
2 wine n 2 red.
both are gonna be new imports.
cool sia.
mi drink until quite alot.
a little here a little there.
add up become many many.
of cuz i hav my way to tackle.
drink lots of plain water.
then go to the restroom
so i not so tipsy.
after tat took train home.
talkin with connie auntie all the way until she alight the train.
then i slowly walk my way home.
the nite is beautiful.
gentle wind.
but now my leg abit painful.

reach home.
my mum actuali bought mi a handphone chain.
she say is for good luck for the ppl born in the year of tiger.
ver elegant n beautiful.
love it lots.
then my mum oso cut her hair.
the type of style i always wanted but i noe i cant get it.
nvm at least my mum look good with it.

tml gonna hav my old table comin back.
cos gonna create additional study space.
small room but still able to hav quite a lot of things.

now think gonna refresh myself.
n also i finali can view serene's blog le.
waited for quite a long time wor...

think tonite will hav a ver good nite slp.
nites too all.

sally gonna be tipsy soon. haha.....

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, January 04, 2007

back from work.
so tired.
finali the stocks come on time today.
n packin today was reali quite fast.
then went to do ticket.
not once but twice.
cos they wanted the pricing to be on the new ticket.
the new ticket ver cute.
2 small dolls by the side, n the centre hav one yuan bao.
ver chi new year feelin.

by the time i finish all these,
alrdy 4pm le.
so went to eat.
Jacob creek auntie treat mi eat mac.
mayb cos ver tired,
didnt reali eat much.
feel quite full..

then went to chat with giant staff.
n finali time up to go home.

reach adm,
waited for my auntie.
then we went to walk pasar malam.
bought a 3piece cd for my mum.
all oldies love song.
so nice sia..

then went home.
rest n freshen up n ate my dinner.
read my eng novel.
seem to link with the other book i read.
cos same author ba.
still i find it interesting.
gonna continue chasin it if i hav the energy.
wan to watch the amine at art central.
gonna be time soon.
after tat think i will go slp le.
cant tahan le.
reali tired.
tml is gonna to be another long day le.
hav company dinner.
gonna meet my aunt n connie aunt at city hall after work.

sally mia le...

:D ♥; sally

finali now i can blog.
so tired.
alrd 144am in the mornin le.

last nite, i found it hard to slp.
feel quite sad.
cos 'downstair' my sis is 'Talkin' to her BF.
understand wat it means?
sian sia.
fancy 'talkin' abt such small stuff.
when will it end?
see my mei like tat will feel heart pain de lor.
wanna be together dun hav to change her de.
friends n family are part of her.
so dun u even think abt it.

then i slept.
too tired.
woke up n saw my mum talkin to her.

after tat she prepared to go work.
mi n mum prepare to go sunplaza eat.
mi went to library.
did want we want n went home.
so tired sia.
reali not meant to b a shopaholic.

reach home.
finish the chi novel.
then hav dinner.
mum last min cook it. haha.
enjoyed it much.
9pm decided to pack my room.
on the surface seem that nth has changed.
but on the inside almost everything has been changed.
change the location,
throw alot alot of stuff...
was flippin thru the stuff n many memories come floatin back to mi.
reali enjoyin it.
sometimes i wonder if i ever make decisions tat are wrong.
quite a cheem qn..
dun noe how to ans it also.
a strange ger thinkin her strange qn..

took 2 hrs plus to clear my room.
quite satisfied.
then watch amine.
wash up n pack some stuff for my sch.
gonna reopen soon le..
mei played audition.
newbie or noob if u wanna call it.
mi definitely worst off than them.
not a gamer material.

now chattin with ah xia..

gonna turn in soon.
tml hav to work.
sian sia...

sally dreamy state le...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2nd or shd i say 3rd day of the New Year.
think serene shd b back from her holiday trip le.
still nothing much has happened.
wasnt expecting much to happen or change my life either.

was actually up at ard 12plus.
but the tiredness in me actuali made mi crawl out of bed at 2pm.
tat was reali cool..

then went to eat.
even eatin i also no energy.
my mum say that is the pattern after workin for too many days without break.
think i will hav to agree to tat.
simply too tired to do anything.

today also the last day of holiday for my younger siblings.
tml they will begin sch.
one sec 4, another sec 2.
time reali fly fast doest it...

reach home from brench.
went back to my room to read my novel.
quite interestin.
abt ideaology n genetics.
"90% of violent crimes are created by man"
so these 2 ladies went to create a disaster tat can wipe out man.
tat was cool.
initial with good intention to cure the bad gene in the person,
to mass killing thru the chemical produced is actuali pretty scary.
given tat science n technology can be so advanced..
n that with the rite ppl, it will work to ur advantage.
but with the worng ppl, it can work out to be a mass destruction.
n finali i finish the book. hehe.

went to hav dinner at adm.
we went shoppin ard.
the chi new year ornaments were alrdy out on sale le..
so fast.
look at some shoes.
all ver nice n seem pretty to wear.
mayb tml can see if wanna buy.

saw the sky change its colour.
the colour was actuali pretty scary to mi for no apparent reason.
juz feel tat it isnt the normal sky.
it seem as though the sky wanted to eat the whole building.
doesnt seem to be a good omen.
think im thinkin too much le.

then ard 11pm,
mi n sis watch SCV 'yi gong shen yen lei or 一公深眼泪'
reali a ver touchin show.
though i onli manage to watch the last 2 ep.
it was better than nothing.
the ger - Aya was reali strong n determined to live her life to the fullest despite the illness.
writing her feelings out by her own hand is a reali diffcult task for her,
but it has allowed her to find a purpose n the reason for her existence to be alive to carry on surviving,
has encourage numerous ppl from all woks of life.
havin to giv up something she deem impt is indeed noble of her.
askin them to continue livin well n strong is not tat easy for her either.
her legacy still live till today.
she has passed away at the age of 20 at 1988.
still i reali like the Soundtrack.
reali love it. wanna hav it.

now finali my turn to use the compie.
though quite late le.
my dad told mi tat Olinda (singapore idol) has come to eat at my dad store.
isnt tat cool.
but onli my dad recognise her cos he got read newspaper.

think now will turn in to bed le.
it is callin mi le..
nites to all.

sally dreamin le...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, January 01, 2007

finali dun need to wake up so early for work.
slept till i cant slp le.
wake up.
chat with mum.
hav breakfast with parents.
reach home read a novel.
now usin compie.
chat with my cousins.
n watchin the mermaid amine.
seem to hav lots of problems.

thanks sheng for recordin the fireworks ytd.
ver pretty indeed. hehe.
wat a little post for today.
think tonite hav some good tv programs.
will watch if hav the time. hehe

sally disappearin le....

:D ♥; sally

HAPPY 2007!!

1st entry for the year.

still i muz now post my last day of 2006.
went to work as usual.
but the attire today is a different one.
today the wines seem to be awaken.
movin themselves quite fast.

but met with customers tat reali treat mi as though im non-existence.
pour themselves. NVM.
but pour to the cup brim. NVM.
but with many many rounds. NVM.
but NVR BUY ..
sad sia...
see them like tat... reali typical singaporean.
see le dun noe wat to say....

enough of that.
spoilt my mood.
on the lighter note.
mi was enjoyin talkin to the giant staff.
he laugh alot today. good.

for lunch mi n the group of promoters ate
n went to see furnite.
hav alot of ideas abt the furnites.
mi n other ger were busy discussin givin our ideas of how we will wan it to be.

finali time up to go off.
took the shuttle bus to toa payoh.
met my sis n her dar at city hall..
make our way to Olio at suntec.
ate there.
the bill also ver big.. $$$$
mi pay 1st cos got card.

then we made our way to marina square.
see alot of ppl.
sis went to buy a wallet.
then went out to see the fireworks.

but it was sure a big scam...
reali nth big abt the fireworks.
juz some shots n tat it.
abt 10-15secs onli.
then we stone there n waited discuss wat to do.
end up mi decided to go home along with bro n cousin bro.
walk the way down see le ver scared.
reali jam the the same spot.
n is so so warm.
the staircase was filled with ppl goin against our direction.
n it last for quite a distance.
so when i 1st see it, so amazing.
onli 1 lane for ppl goin to mrt station.

then went to toilet.
quene super long.
after tat we made our way to the station.
ah peng alight the train.
mi n bro made it home at the stroke of 12.

now my legs hurts like mad.
think these 3 days is reali a restin day for mi.
n finali i finish readin the book.
wanna go borrow some more..

gonna stop here.
enjoy yaself..
mi gonna relax le..

sally goin to her relaxin mode le.........

:D ♥; sally


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Birthday : 5 Sept 86

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