...Destination ~ Destiny...

Monday, February 26, 2007

im back from bangkok.
all i can say now is tat im reali tired.

let begin from day 1.
wake up 5plus in the morning.
then mi n my mum took cab down to changi airport terminal 1.
waited for my aunt to arrive.
then we check in.
feel so hungry in the mornin.
we went down to staff canteen in terminal 2.
n can u imagine though we reach the airport early.
we actuali were the last to board the flight.
cos journey ver long.
so i ran ahead to see if they close the gate.
heng haven.
but wat a experience.
being last to board the flight
where ppl are alrdy waited for take off.
so shy..

ate the breakfast provided,
n mi slept for a while.
after all i woke up pretty early.
the flight duration is abt 2hr plus.

reach Bangkok le.
1st thing i feel is the ver ver warm climate.

we were sent to our hotel.
a budget one.
cos this season most hotels fully booked le.
after tat we put down our baggage,
left for massage.
can reali feel the bones cracking.
mine is simplyt like koropok.

then after the massage session which i fell alseep,
we went to MBK. (their famous shoppin centre).
ate pig trotters set meal.
after tat shop awhile.
cos of the tiredness mi n my mum are feelin,
we didnt feel like shoppin at all.
then went back to room,
i waited for mym mum to shower,
n accidentally i fell asleep.
can imagine how tired i was.. haiz..

2nd day...
had a half day tour with the tourguide.
went to sit their boat.
cross the river,
saw many temples, fishes n also the exterior of the royal palace.
even the royal boat can also be seen.
reali beautiful design from the lens of the camera.
need the zoomin to look more clearly.

so after the river tour,
we went to leather shop.
lots of items but not to my likin.
some more not cheap at all.

then the tourguide led us to bee honey shop.
the honey reali taste nice.
still didnt buy.
not in the mood.
had our lunch at the bird nest shop.
i will say it taste pretty mediocore.
then they say we will alight at MBK.
so went to shop awhile.
bought a pair of soft sport shoes for myself.
then went back to hotel to hav our afternnoon nap.
cos their timin is one hour later than singapore timin.
had a hard time adjusting.
always feel like sleeping.

n my aunt n mum say wan to let mi experience sittin tut-tut taxi.
so we sat one.
hair can say is in a mess after tat.

at nite went to Big C to shop at the pasar malam.
nice one.
bought some clothing for siblings.
supposin they can fit.
then went to MK food chain.
eat steamboat.
nice one.
after tat we went to pray four face buddha
n went back to hotel to rest.
slp soundly this time round.

3rd day.
self activity day.
so we wake up late n still in time for breakfast.
then went to room to perpare
n off we went to cha-tut-cha market.

upon reachin the market.
i was 1st overwhelm by the heat then the no. of shops.
it has made itself into the Guiness book of record
for havin the largest outdoor fair.
walk abt.
but no mood to shop.
n soon we got out ver quickly.
took cab n went back to MBK.
3 days in a roll shoppin at the same shoppin centre.

this time round,
mi n mum prepared ourselves for shoppin.
so the actuali shoppin begins.
didnt reali buy much.
for fear tat sisters they all dun like.
so end up buy shoes, tops, belts n pants.
then walk outside for awhile.

saw i supposed their thai pop star who looks quite foreign.
ppl busy takin pic with him.
poor him.
i was there jokin sayin that..
if i were to go take pic with him,
n ask him who he is,
tink will the star faint?

at their timin 6pm,
the radio boardcast their country's national song.
so all ppl immediately stop wat they are doin n stand at attention.
even ppl smokin hav to stop half way also.

call up the massage palor we went.
n they came to fetch us there.
their services reali quite good.
then after the session,
they actuali drove us to Chinatown.
went to the shop my aunt recommended.
indeed this shop we visited, their uniform is red in green in colour.
on the opp side is red in colour.
seem to be ver fierce competitiors.
had seafood for dinner.
n my focus was the fish.

after tat we shop awhile at watson n went back to hotel.
reach home,
i lay out the purchases we made n took 'catergory' photos of them.
then refresh n slept.

4th n last day (sunday)
wake up naturali.
then ate breakfast.
lots of ang moh.
then went back to room to prepare to check out.
actuali to say is rest.

abt 1pm (their time),
they came to fetch us.
went by other hotels to fetch others also.
so by the time we reach the airport,
alrdy 2 plus 3.
so tired.
check in.
then went to in to their duty free shops.
i reali dun like it.
too many repetitive shops,
n prices are not cheap.
some more ver big.
walk until leg wan to break.

ate our not ver worthwhile lunch.
then slowly stroll to our gate.
waited at the cafe for timin to be up.
n so we juz wasted a whole day at the airport.

finali time to board the plane.
put our bags properly
n settle down.
listen to some music they hav n waited for plane to fly.
n wrap hand clean clean n hav dinner.
abit of spicy fish rice.
n ate 3 Jelly.
so for now i think i steer clear from jelly.

then did the puzzle.
was thinkin wat is the last one.
so ask the air stewardess.
but she cant rmb after doin it 10 times.
so at the ver last min i found it.haha.

then i visit the toilet.
my mum ask mi to.
say go experience wat it feels to be in a airplane toilet.
so i went
quite automatic i would say.

then finali time to descend to singapore.
reach singapore 11 plus le.
mi n mum took cab home.
juz in time not double charge.
think one or 2 more mins will kenna le.
my aunt hav my uncle to drive her home.
my cousin desmond also come along.

reach home,
i went to my room.
then my 2 little sis gonna slp.
chat with them
then ask them if they wan to see wat we bought for them..
so bought crawl out,
see le then throw one side.
ask mi this so tired sister to pack for them.
sa sad for myself.
then mi arrange nice nice n went to shower.
n slpt.
too tired to say.

was told tat my compie breakdown again.
so mi gonna call them up again. haiz.
now no warranty dun noe wat will happen.

so now here i am.
in school after law lesson.
simply feel so so slpy in lesson that i almost slpt.

now bloggin for quite some time cos uploadin pics.
163 pics for 4 days.
not reali alot.
cos muz see who hav camera.


now still havin heavy rain.
somemore forget to bring my umbrella.
so considered trap in sch.
lucky cyn here with mi.
think will return back to studies.

sally resting her brains for now.....

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

time to blog.
today wake up ver late.
abt 12 plus.

then sat in the living room,
watch show.
funny one.

then around 2 plus,
went to semb god of wealth temple.
went to pray cos my zodiac sign fan tai sun.
this process took abt 3 hours.
after tat i felt so so tired.

then we took cab to changi.
ate n bai nian.
n abt 8 plus we reach home.
i haven pack my bag for tml bangkok trip.
mornin 630 need to reach le.
sian ah..
anyway goin on a trip so enjoy it ba.

onli scared sun midnite return monday dun noe how to go sch.
think will stop here.
mei busy mi askin mi to quickly let her use.

sally whizzin off...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

happy to new year to all once all.
n finali im back from batam..

i suppose i didnt get tan much.
i hav so much to write.
dun noe how long this post will be..
think bro n mei will be killin mi from behind le.

sun.(1st day)
mi woke my family up to gather at harbour front.
met up with my aunt n her family.
n off we went.
reach there.
then i noe batam timin is one hour slower than us.
but the tourguide say she will follow our singapore timin.
had a 1 day tour.
interestin to say.
think the 2 most enjoyable for day one
is the massage session n Go kart session.
mi 1st time doin massage.
quite nice feeling.
it is indonesia massage.

for the Go kart.
if u are present think u wil be laughin ya head off.
i 1st time play,
n i dun noe how to drive.
thus i went out of course twice.
reali funny event.

the whole day basically drain my energy.
had my bubble bath.
enjoy it.
initially i had a room to myself.
so shiok.
enjoyed it.
then my aunt tell mi that her friend dun hav bed.
so ask if she can bunk in with mi.
so i say ok lor.

they say my guts big.
dare to sleep alone.
actuali nth to fear wat?

after the 1st day of tour,
felt so tired.

2nd day as usual i gav wake up call to my family.
then we went to hav breakfast.
it will be a fun filled day.
so i ate alot alot.

then we chartered a bus for the whole day.
went to play water sports 1st.
played jet ski..
so shiok..
lovin it much.
my dad even let mi drove it..
twice some more.
so fun...
the wind n everything nice nice..

then wanted to play banana boat.
but all didnt bring extra clothin so forget abt tat..

hav our lunch by the sea.
so enjoyable.

then went to Go kart.
this time round i didnt play too sian.
mi become photographer.
those boys are competing among themselves.
see le ver exciting.
then one ger broke my record.
she went out of course more than 3 times,
then drove reali reali ver slowly.
n that 10 mins she drove 2 rounds.
they were sayin im am actuali much better than tat ger le.

then next some went for massage,
some shoppin.
n both daddies went to buy fire cracker.

after tat went back to hotel for a swim.
mi onli stone there haha..

abt 10pm.
We have played fire Cracker...

so nice.
reali ver nice.
bought 2 types.
but the second type reali like the one for national day.
onli miniature one.
then the person come to tell us that we cant play tat.
too loud auntority will definitely be alerted.
so end up didnt play.
sad sia..
the whole fire crackers stuff cost nearly S$200..
its was wow....

so we decide to go sing K..
mi incharge of findin english songs.
mayb cos got mood,
so help to sing two ver hard to sing songs.
hotel california n How deep is ur love.
cos we went in late,
so sang ver little.
n after tat we retire back to ur room.
mi n auntie flora watch show n slept.

Third Day
this mornin had late breakfast.
then went back to room.
i again hav the room to myself again.
so i did wat i wan.
n decide to spent my time,
in bed readin my novel.
wat a way to enjoy life.
onli tat mayb cos im tired,
feel like sleepin.

finali time to check out.
waited for bus n drove us to batam centre.
we went to mega mall to eat A&W.
no kiddin..
reali is A&W.
my fav when i was young.
so i hav wafer n root beer float.
n rush off to the boat.
now mi juz reach home around 630pm.
quickly use blog.

the whole 3 day batam trip,
we took 227 pic.
so so much..
so i posted some into image station..

now think hav to rest.
n bath.
muz do hair treatment.
my hair so dry..

scrolling up.
i noe i didnt type alot.
but got time i will definitely re-edit.
after all it is my diary.

sally dreamin away...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, February 17, 2007

bloggin time..
juz come back from reunion dinner at changi.

went to work as usual.
but the shelf is reali empty.
no wonder aunt ask mi to go back help her top up the shelf.

did a fast one,
n went to semb library.
borrow books.
so i will not feel so '空虚'..

so now im readin one..
enjoyin it..

wanted to buy bread home,
but no bread for mi to buy.
cos all close.
sunplaza the resturant quite li hai.
cos they hav the tables out along the lane.
dun noe how they are goin to serve it..

reach home.
slack then prepare to go changi.
juz goin there alone took abt 1.5hr.
so long.
today bus all travellin ver slow.

eat a simple n delicious meal.
then pei my bro n sis to the beach.
but cant play.
cos all fill with ppl.
malays are campin at the beach.
the whole sandy n grassy area.

took the lorry home.
so cold..
until now mi still feelin the cold.

finali its cny le.
happy cny to all..
mi gonna mayb slp or see how.
wakin up early to holiday le..

hear from mi soon....

sally dancing off....


:D ♥; sally

now onli mornin 8.51am.
cos mayb slept at 11plus at nite.
so now wan to continue to slp also cannot.

so use compie awhile.
juz onli 2-3 days without novels.
i feel so 空虚..
sad dun noe y this feeling.
told mi mum abt it.
mayb before goin work can go library borrow some books.
to fill up my 空虚..

then plan to go work or shd say hav to go work to refill stocks later.
most prob reunion dinner at changi?
dun noe wor.
da mei alrdy went to work le.
7am to 3pm.
poor her.
even the holidays she cant go also.
stupid sch dun let her go.
wat the......

now im so stuck to 伊能静 songs.
her voice reali unique.
kid like yet so nice to listen.
so gentle feeling.

wat am i doin now?
so sian.
mayb after work, come back home then pack bag for tml trip.
ok now talkin abt the trip,
i seem to be so so happy.
i wan go the sentosa flower festive.
told my mum abt it.
think this year theme is fairy tales.
want to take pic of those beautiful flowers.
cheer up the day...
so now i suppose i hav to stop here.
nth for mi to update le.

more news tonite.


:D ♥; sally

Friday, February 16, 2007

macro test end le.
so is the lesson for today n this week.

mornin woke up 9plus.
study abit.
play some music.
eng n chi pop.
stimulate myself to increase brain activity.

then aunt ask mi to help her change bed sheets.
so do it n half hr gone.
after tat quickly settle myself to study more.
then abt 11 nearin 12,
mi, mum n aunt went to adm to eat.
i hav to eat if not can hear my stomach openin rock n roll concert.
finish n went to meet ying n xuan.

train journey all ver studious.
then took bus,
lucky on nearin the last stop i finali finish my reading of notes.
alight then saw cyn.
went to freshen up for im feelin so slpy.
then time for test.
do abit blur blur.
some noe ans immediately
rest think so hard tat brain cells died many.

after tat climb stairs to class,
4th level.
when finali lesson time,
all feel so restless.
i feel so so slpy.
guess its the norm for mi.

abt 445pm,
teacher see us so restless gav us leave early.
he himself also rushin off.
want to run up the stairs,
but stop by student.
then rain come pourin down.
reali ver big.
stand the te bus stop,
water keep reachin mi.
then the bus so long.
waited for 20mins or so then come.
so end up mi, ying, n zhen waited there.
when boardin the bus,
then saw cyn.
she also complain no bus.
if not she will hav rushed off to the custom le.
cold cold...

took train back.
so one by one alight.
mi last 2nd or 3rd to alight.

at adm,
mi went to find vcr tape.
lucky manage to find.
then da bao dinner.

ella from vcd shop called mi into their shop to tell mi they got promotion.
they wan mi to inform my mum la,
cos card is with her.
then carry my umbrella n walk home.
big big rain.

refresh myself,
then ate my dinner.
watch 'Hua yang'
haha.. funny one.
now mi bloggin.
di di wanna use compie.
sian ah...
tml hav to go work.
got aunt need mi to resock the shelves.
then i can mia le.
mayb tml can go hav reunion dinner at changi.

cya frens.
take care...

sally mia le... :)

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, February 15, 2007

another day has passed.
is Total Defence Day n also..

Happy Birthday CaiLing!!

today actuali time past by ver quickly.
quite fulfiling also.

wake up 9plus..
study abit.
then abt 1 plus,
my dad drove mum n mi to my fav duck stall.
nice nice lunch..
then bro called to say he wan was to fetch him n his frens
to Macritchie Reservoir.
they hav cross country today.
so mi n mum went on a ride...
6 boys fill the back of the lorry.

then after tat,
dad got job lobang.
so went to take a look.
of cuz mi n mum in the car so follow the driver.
went there,
mi help dad to move those refuse.
reali not a easy job.
require lots of strength
which i can say i lack.

while removin those bags,
saw lots of housefiles, creepy crawlis, MAGGOTS.
big alive n moving MAGGOTS.
as i shift those bags,
alot of sounds come out like eeeeeee, ahhhhhhhhhhhh...
my parents were there laughin at mi..
so try to overcome the disgust for them n carry on..
then after tat went down to Tuas Incinerator Plant.
reali a long journey.
travelin at 60km/hr.
we took abt nearly 1 hour.
seem like a nvr ending road.

it stinks...
mi n mum stay in the car to watch..
my dad he alone throw those stuff down to the big incinerator plant.
heard tat the hole is reali ver big.
n hear some funny incident abt it.

finali all things done..
travel home..
reach home alrdy 6plus.
so so tired.
then call ying to confirm some stuff.
n watch 'hua yang'
funny show.

then rest n ate dinner.
watch cartoon.
now bloggin.
goin to do invoice for my dad.
n reali hav to go back to books le.
tml test haven even study yet.
wanna cry le..
so tired sia....

Jia You Sally!!!!

n tml is the last day of sch b4 CNY arrive.
still giv mi 2-5pm lesson.

sally disappearing le..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

let mi laugh 1st.. haha..

finali my computer is repaired for now.
there is a grace time for abt 1 week.
so if there is any problem please come out within these few days..
if not hav to pay $$ le la...

last 2 days so tired.
monday stayed back in sch till abt 5.
from no rain to big rain.
then reach adm,
met up with my mum n aunt.
then went home together...
n so hungry..
ate nth for whole day..
so as walkin back home,
busy munchin bread..
then finish off my novel.
nice one..

on tues,
woke up early.
so read a chi novel.
after tat abt 10plus,
my mum went to tts.
wanted to pei her but then got sch so cant make it.
then i stay at home..
abt 1230,
mi n mei on the bed busy cuttin our nails to the little bin.

then went off to sch.
the teacher still dedicate love song for today is v day.
after sch then went back home.
train journey includes kry, hui zhen, cyn n mi.
i was there quite nuts.
cos tired.
read home read another book..
then abt 12 midnite,
went to chat with my mother
n mi slpt.

today v day..
nth specoal.
no school.
wake up abt 9 plus.
read finish one novel.
then help my mum do housework.
n the repair man come fix the computer.
onli a few min tat make us go computerless for days.
anyway muz thank them. hehe..

then ah eng auntie come.
chat awhile.
then mei come back from her nite shift.
she abit funny.
instead of workin.
she slpt n waited for the time to reach to go back.
then she went for her interview.
n now she home.
think preparin herself for later goin out with her dar..

so now i eatin my lunch,
n bloggin.
either biz stats or macroecon.
got macroecon test this fri.
sian ahhhhhhh....

then finish my lunch went out with parents to pray.
abt 4 plus, reach home.
attempted mcq qn for econ.
then abt 7 plus went out to eat.
tired tired.
juz finish watchin my cartoon.

so mi here wish u all Happy Valentine Day...

Sally dreamin off.....

:D ♥; sally

Monday, February 12, 2007

back to bloggin.
currently in sch.
makin full use of facilities available.
of cuz its mi myself again.

im so deprived from bloggin...

ok back to details.
on fri after class,
mi went to bugis to meet up with serene, jason, wei kian n cailing.
shop awhile,
they bought things.
i look at things.

then waited for time to be up.
all stomach openin rock n roll concert le..
n once again, i so tired..
no choice lesson taken too much of my brain juice tat im juz flat...

so abt 7 the 5 of us went to the shop 1st.
began eating.
then wei kian went to fetch jai rong, jia wen n alvin to gather.
ate n chat n ate n chat.
stomach so full.
can hardly walk.
mi ate from 7 plus to 10.
again is steamboat.
how to take it..
ate lots of veg n drank lots of soup.
mi dun wan to challenge the mala soup..
not fit for mi to consume.

so about 10 plus we head off for home.
reach home abt 11 plus near 12.
im so tired.

slept n then wake up abt 8plus.
cant get back to slp,
so did notes for macro econ.
then rush off for work.
they say i look pretty haggard.
think i am.
cos im tired.
then as usual, pack stocks n open sample.

abt 6pm,
mi xiao mei come to find mi.
she wan to change the memory card i purchased last week.
still end up cant find one that match her phone.
so went for refund.
n we head off for amk.
met up with my aunite,
shop around for my mei m2 memory card.
it is so damn expensive.
went around to us n settle on one that cost $55.
i bought it as a gift for her.
to motivate her to study.
big big hole in pocket.

after tat snack abit at mac,
n waited for my mum n didi at amk mrt station.
then waited for taxi to head off to Golden Mile.
they wanted to meet up with my another auntie to eat staemboat..
so i can count tat its the 4th steamboat im eatin this week.
i goin nuts le.
end up i ate little.
one thing is im tired,
another thing is tat if eat somemore steamboat,
im gointo hav phobia le..
reach home, wash up n quickly finish off my novel n slpt soundly.

wake up for work.
nth much happen.
onli tat customers tat i serve b4 seem to come back or contact mi all one time.
surprisin for mi.
all in the same day.

after tat read my novel n finish it.
hav schedule to follow with regards to novel im readin.
dateline comin.

rest myself to slp abt 11 plus.
so now i am here,
after lect for law.
so tired.
songs playin softly..
chargin my baby to full power so i can hear more nice music.
n time now so fast turn 2pm le.
is there is nth for mi to do..
i shall turn to read my law tb..
so many things to read.
headache ah.....

sally mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, February 09, 2007

finali back to bloggin.
on tuesday..
my dearie computer break down.
so i cant do anything to it, can i?

still bvm.. i ren until todaythen come sch update.
poor mi.
though afternoon lesson still come early to blog n charge mp3.
pay so much $$,
of cuz must fully utilised the resources available.

on tues,
nth muz happen.
class was in the afternoon.
then at nite pei my mum chat.
she was catergorizing the prawns tat my dad brought home.
then i help her put into fridge.
soon my dad say he wans supper,
so i help my mum stir porridge.
end up 3+ then slp.

then on wednesday,
a full day ahead.
no sch for mi.
mornin finish off the novel.
then dad announce to go eat duck rice..
i hav been waitin for it for so long le.
but this time round,
i dun tat nice..
dun noe y..
even my dad has the same feeling.
after tat went back to my room to study biz statistics.
n 5 plus,
finali went back to jog.
so long no jog.
all parts rusty le.
jog 2 rounds n went home.
then my dad ask mi to pei him go Grand Hyatt hotel.
there is a biz event over tat.
so i brought my dad to sit the train.
on the train ride,
saw wan yu.
she was goin kick boxing exercise with ying.
keep fit.

over tat there was Asia Pacific Brewery (APB)
they are havin Tiger CNY Appreciation Dinner.
it was also their 75th anniversay.
it was also their new launch of new tiger product.
it is called 'Super Cold tiger'

though we were late,
still many ppl much later.
dinner at 7 become start at 8.
typical dinner in singapore isnt it?

there is one tiger personnel who wanted mi to drink,
for i was drinkin FnN orange..
he noe my dad was there,
so he ask for permission,
n he poured onli ver ver little (abt 3 mouthful).
so i tried my 1st beer.
i find it ver mild in taste.
mayb cos i am used to wine le.
n it is reali ver cold.
think abt -1 degree cel.
nice though..

the goodie bag was quite nice.
then the lucky draw make mi n dad happy for nth.
thought we won,
but end up to be another company.
sian le..
42 inch plasma tv leh..
no joke abt it.

whole thing end abt 11 plus.
then we took train back to adm.
went to axs machine to make payment.
reach home alrdy 12 plus le.
tired sia...

As for yesterday,
i woke up 9 plus,
too bored,
took some photographs.

*mayb cos of angle problem, the 2 cuddlers dun wan to face each other*

*my dear sister couddlers in one systematic role*

*tis is called, 'lian tian bai yu' haha...*

read up on law.
see le reali wan to slp.
so many things to noe.
law ver hard to understand.
make mi hav to re-read everytime.
sian ah.

then call up HP n Courts for the repair of my computer.
so settled at Courts.
the repair person will be comin on wed..
went out for lunch at adm.
bought food that can be prepared for dinner.
then reach home,
rest awhile, read awhile.
n then help my mum prepare dinner.

*overall pic for dinner-ver own steamboat like*
*close up pic. can see the face in it?*
*tom yam steamboat*
but not reali spicy. hehe

*this is the prawn rolls i help my mum to do*

nice to eat.

like tat the whole family will eat the prawns.

*yong tau fu ingredients*

*my aunt fav luncheon meat*

my xiao mei friends come to eat.

they finish most of the soup.


they were pretty curious as to wat my mum has cooked.

seem that they enjoyed it.


then watch some TV programs,

read my tb again.

notice i had pimple outbreak.

ahhhhhh... :P

n finali sleep.

now tat im in sch,

so early in the mornin.

my dear mp3 is feeding on it energy source,

ni playin music.

haha. from mp3.

nice though.

onli hope it is not affectin others.


gonna hav lunch in sch later.

then after sch,

gonna meet up with serene they all to celebrate cailing birthday.

im so so broke le...

sian tml hav to work.

so tired.


think will return back to macro econs le.

hear from mi soon...

cya n take care. :)

.Sally Signin out.

:D ♥; sally

Monday, February 05, 2007

...Day of Food n Fun...

*Whole lot of Food*

*charlene's master piece!! front view*

*top view of prawns eaten - isnt it alot*

*our finish product*

*ying shying away from camera*

*krystyn is bored or seriously studyin the strategy?*

*charlene pondering n questioning*

*xuan n her decision-making session*

*ying waiting for her turn*

went for school as usual. 10am class.

then after school,

we dispatch into 2 groups.

kelly had to go off 1st for she had mission goin on at home.

then xuan n krystyn went to chong pang.

mi, charlene, ying n cyn went off together.

then ying, charlene n mi alight at woodlands.

went to buy a special present for krystyn.

cyn also on mission so cant come..

then quickly went to cold storage to buy some food for steamboat.

met up with xuan n kry.

then come my house.

they went to set up the majong.

mi help my mum to set the tables n ingredients for steamboat.

then finali at 4pm,

we ate.

haha. the gers reali can eat.


then charlene is in-charge of eating the prawns.


end up she help us peel the prawns.

thanks charlene..

after eating,

they played majong while i wash the dishes.

after tat played a few rounds.

won some by unexpectedly.

then i watch my tv program.

drank the green bean soup my mum made.


after tat they suggest to play 'Bridge'

1st time playin the game.


mi reali the blur one.

but slowly tryin hard to understand n catch up with the game.

but if u ask mi to explain i noe i cant.


then played until 1030 they left.

isnt tat late.

lucky tml is afternoon class.

now bloggin.

watchin a funny korea show.


reali funny.

this is wat i call 'yan li chu xi si'


think will stop here for now.


sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, February 04, 2007

posting time again.

before goin to work,
read thru my law textbook.
sian ah..
forget evrything le.
somemore tml lesson is on law.
sian ahhhhhhhh...

went to work as usual.
dun noe how come still got so much wine to stock.
do until abt 2plus.
finali get to rest.

then did my order.
went to find 'lao ren jia'
n follow him to type out the PO.
then see him fax the order.
this is the order from my supplier.
then ask him to write 'urgent' on the PO.
so that can be send over faster.
after tat mi went back to stone.

finali 3pm, lunch time.
then slowly eat, slowly drink, n slowly read my novel.
then went back to stone.
so tired.
not juz mi alone.
most of the promoters also the same.
then chat with auntie..
serve some customers here n there.
then 'lao ren jia' come to chat with mi.

chat until i time to go home le.
so tired.

now juz reach home.
super tired.
later then goin to hav dinner.

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, February 03, 2007

bloggin time.
this mornin woke up early.
so refresh myself,
n settle myself down to write notes for ytd lesson.
onli manage to write part 2.
the rest will hav to be done later.
if not sure late for work de.

walk briskly to train station.
wait n read my novel.
aim to complete it today.
then reach amk, still early so waited again.
continue reading.
today bus uncle change to another one.

reach turf city,
then went to settle some stuff n went to work.
pack stocks.
lucky pack finish
then the buyer - alvin (previous store manager) come.
at least the shelves are stocked up.
then chat with 'lao ren jia'
went for lunch alone.
slpwly enjoy my super big plate of noodles.
eat untili so so full.
slowly enjoy the time for myself.
after tat went back to work.
went to find 'lao ren jia' to chat n help him with the tickets.
still ask mi to help him look after for he wan to go eat snake.
like tat also can hor..

after tat stood at my counter awhile then i wander again.
haha. cant stand still today.
too tired. stand still will slp.
sian ah.

then finali time to go back.
went to adm to wait for my mum.
end up she come onli abt 1/2 hr later.
so in the mean time i was waitin for her at the provision shop.
chat with auntie n uncle.
then see them how they explain bird nest.
so much knowledge for tat.

finali mum come to pick mi up.
went to prime supermarket awhile,
then went to da bao food.
after tat went to the shop tat sells all the prayers' stuff.
spend quite some time over tat.
of coz i gav my input as to wat to chose.
so i hope the god my family is prayin will like it.
chose a black coat.. nice nice..

then reach home,
refresh n hav dinner.
chat with family.
finish up the novel i hav been reading.

then xiao mei come home.
now listenin to songs.

n xiao mei finali hav phone of her own le.
my dad got it for her today.
she cant stop sayin abt it.
haha. she is waitin for her phone to come back from changi.

think will stop here.
mayb return to room to study abit.
now topic is 'talking cock at the parliament'
funny one..
gonna show it to my meis..

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, February 02, 2007

now i will hav to a re-edit information for yesterday.

ok on the train journey to home with ying n cyn,
we were there role playing.

ying hav 妄想症..
she was acting she is a busy lady.
n wan to make appointment with her
muz go thru her agent.
her timin so pack until dun noe when.
so busy wor..
haha :P ...

cyn becomes 自卑儿...
suddenly keep quiet.
playing with her long hair..

as for mi im abit of everything.
so this shd make it up for the lac of precise information for ytd post.

enough for ytd,
now lets move on to today news.

at 10plus woke up.
today afternoon lesson.
did my notes for ytd course.
then went to adm to meet cyn for my brench.
went to Mac.
cos simply dun noe wat to eat.
then the 2 of us felt tat the timin was as if we were eating after school.
so slowly n slack.
but i reali feel slpy.
cyn say my eyes are slpy eyes.
reali slpy eyes.
keep yawnin.
sian ah...

reach sch abit late.
lucky teacher haven start class yet.
today is 1st day lesson for the macroeconomics local lecturer.
today lesson quite interestin.
not reali boring.
he manage to make the class laugh at certain timing.

'internalise your knowledge, crystalise your thoughts'
'retreat to cave to mermorise'

ver interesting.
then after school,
cyn need to go back malaysia but it seem as if im goin to malaysia.
mi seem more rush then her wor.
then run to board the bus.
after tat on the bus we stood n sat.
alight bus 2 of us no energy le.
so it seem as if we were strolling..
so board train chat n she alight at kranji.
then at woodlands mrt station i notice huizhen.
she alight the train..
no chance to call her.

then alight at adm.
bought my dinner n went home.
watch tv,
rest n ate dinner.
juz finish watchin cartoon.
now comin to end of the 9pm channel 8 show.

mayb later goin to study or jia you to finish my novel.

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

finali can relax le.
went to sch as usual.
tired as usual.
went home straight after school.
ate my lunch.
my auntie come to my house.
then we chat.

around 4 plus,
my mum, aunties n mi went to adm.
to take train to Chinatown.
reali got CNY feel.
reali walk till leg tired.
ate dinner.
walk again.
walk n walk n walk.
reali enjoy it with my relatives.
quite fun..

then ard 9plus,
rest for water break.
then abt 10plus we left chinatown.
lucky still not so close to cny.
not much ppl as compared close to cny.
some funny stuff also happen.
bought BBQ meat.
my fav.

took train alrdy 10plus le.
reach adm alrdy 11plus le.
so so tired.
haven do my revision or note takin.
think hav to do tml le.
too tired dun wan to force my eyes open wide wide..

chattin with ying now.
wan to watch the show i recorded tml.
everything tml ..

sally gonna mia le....

:D ♥; sally


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