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Sunday, March 28, 2010

hiyo bloggie..

think now lookin at my webby,
has been 2 wks? since i last update.
too lazy le :P

ok so now i think shd be a brief (i hope)

15 mar (mon)
lunch was at ah mei w honey n azhar..
had dumpling soup.
then went we were abt to go back,
suddenly ver ver heavy downpour
was waitin for the rain to subside b4 walkin back.

work wise was as usual super busy.
manage to leave office ard 6+
train home w azhar n azlin
reach adm went to makan w mummy & home ard 8.45pm.
DL antivirus & mozilla firefox.
& the rest of the nite was playin w the theme of mozilla.

16 mar (tues)
lunch was with shara n honey near PS - jalan kayu (indian food)
return back to work
& had a prob w my case.
think despite working 1.5yrs,
moi reali still hav a lot to learn.
legal proceedings etc etc... complex ah...
discuss the case w my SE, & admitted fault n learn from there..
learnin case for moi.. interesting..

left office ard 7 & had dinner w xiao mei n wq before headin home..
watch animax -> K-0n!!

17 mar (wed)
work piling..
& the system hang after work.
so moi hav to work till abt 7pm to clear them...
& watch nodame drama (special in paris)
slpt 1130pm.

a drastic day for moi.
mornin though work piling, but was in happy mood
n finali book the tix to watch nodame at GV for fri.
then abt lunch time,
the tour agency for my korea trip called
& totally spoil my mood.
moi fumin but no one can see until i tell them.
wat the @#$#%#$%$#%$#%...

totally a verbal misrep lor.
too disappointed..
somehow still able to clear my work & left office 530pm sharp.
dun even dare to tell my mum until i check my doc.
so told my mum n she was also fuming.
n called the tour agency.
moi watch nodame drama part 2 to cool down..
slpt ard 2+

a mixture of emotions.
no mood to work, but still try my best.
had lunch w panel paralegal.
not too bad..
n suddenly heavy rain.
n moi was caught in the rain.
work til abt 7 then head out to marina sq to meet up w Onz
watchin Nodame ~~~
& when i finali finish that movie,
then i noe there is part 2..
& OMG..
that is like where the anime stop for moi at that time.
moi cant wait for it also.
n also of us end up discuss abt it.

majority managed to catch the last train home.
then finish chi novel
n got update abt trip (since mum n mei went to the tour agency to talk abt it).

a rainy day where i stayed home..
nite went to adm & bought mummy's dvd/vcd to cash converter.
alot alot of disc & see them counting it..
then makan dinner ard 9+
shop at prime & head home..

wake up ard 9 n prepare to head out to bugis to meet up w wendy jie..
had breakfast at toastbox.
n then head to sing at top1
w pris 1, pris 2, ber wawa, edmund n sean..
sing till abt 6,
then head to makan fish noodles.

after which went to bugis junction arcade.
see them play games.
exciting.. haha..
then ard 8+ head to bishan to meet up w my uncle to collect coat for my korea trip.
home ard 9+

then i finali rmb i hav not yet open my cny ang bao.
so shun bian open..
& slpt after tat..

22 mar mon:
work as per normal.
honey was on leave.
so lunch was alone.
head to PS
walk abt Daiso, & then makan fast fast at basement halal stall (less than 10 min)
& chiong back to office..

knock off ard 6
n decided to go cut hair n do treatment at adm.
then 8+ met up w cyn to makan dinner at mac.
cyn ask moi to be adventurous.
so i tried mcspicy.
n guess wat i almost teared lor.
i now shall stick back to nuggets.
moi cute nuggets.. haha.

both of us chat till abt 1030+ then part for home..

Happy birthday, Gina ah yi !!!

had lunch w lynda at sunshine plaza.
had curry chix for lunch.

after work head to sunplaza to meet up w my mum,
bought thicker clothin to fight the cold in korea n shanghai.
makan at the foodcourt at the semb mrt.
n we were all so tired (w load) that we cab home..

lunch alone at POMO - korean food (tofu set)
& since time was early,
shop ard cold storage, bookstore n watson.
afterwhich back to office

then abt 6 left office after clearin work.
head to cwp
library to borrow books - see until it gives me headache ah..
not used to their way of arranging the book.
then head to cwp to meet up w mum.
makan at foodcourt & walk ard at Value shop.
waited for mum while she jalan jalan the pasar malam.
n we trained home.

wanted to rest early,
but end up i help my aunt do her tax filing.
& also congrats to Sean for ur promotion after much deliberation :)

lunch was at sophia foodcourt - my fav yong tao foo
as usual super busy work day.
somehow still manage to clear the work by 430pm.
then head to hq for meetings.
one by svp (whole division).
n after tat stayed back for section meeting.
so by the time the meetin ends,
is already 7+ le.
head to cityhall to meet up w xinyi, sean n wendy.
ber n pris cant make it..

dinner to celebrate..
head to MOF - & ate kawaii bento set..
& thanks for the treat team leader :P

then ard 10+ head for home.
so so tired.
when i finali slp is already 12+

morning busy doin file reviews
& had meetin w panel as one ph came ..
lunch was at pomo - same menu as wed.
but tis time rd w my book also.

work till abt 4+
then buddy turn to change desktop,
so moi lend her moi compie, even though i also hav work to do.
so abt 5, resume work
n work till abt 620 n rush out to dhoby to meet up w mummy to go chinatown
takin out tix for the tour.
makan there n shun bian go change $$

was tryin luck to see if the hair salon tat we freq go was still open.
so heng tat it was open,
so mum went for a haircut
n guess wat,
moi also get a haircut too .
cos hair felt too thick despite havin cut on mon..
now much thinner n lighter le.

hm ard 11+ or 12.
refresh myself n slpt..

27 mar sat:
wake up ard 1+
makan at adm,
n reach home watch animes..
n pack luggage for tour.
n ard 6+, dad called.
sayin tat changi was understaff,
wanted us to go down to help.
so machiam like ns recall,
within 1hr, mummy, bro n mi were there.
reali is ver ver crowded.
moi dun like to serve cos dun noe the table nos.
so moi clean tables.
not too bad, clean alot of tables.
cos too many le..

i focus the shop front, mummy focus the side..
n ard 9+ saw colleague from another section,
such a coincidence..

10+ had dinner
n then waited to go home.
traffic police operation near the rd after comin down from the highway.
jammed ah..
so home onli 1+..
by the time i slp ard 3+ le..

28 mar (sun):
which is today..
wake up ard 11,
prepare n head out to sunplaza.
weather damn warm,
cant stop perspiring.
so did my own errands.
n initially onli plan to return book, end up shun bian borrows more books - faint..

met up w cailing at HK xin wang cafe,
makan n head out to train to dhoby to make our way to national museum of singapore
for the mummy exhibition
the queue was so long n crowded.
so waited for our turn n then made our way.
glad tat we were there early,
cos later was even more crowded.
initially wanted to follow the guided tour,
but too many ppl,
so chose to walk ourselves.
alot of artifacts..
took some photos n continue lookin..

ard 4+ we finish the exhibition,
so head out.

head to Bugis
n walk abt.
legs jelly jelly le.
then makan at V8..
tried some unique food/drink

n watch liang zu (featuring ah sa, n wu zun, others)
quite addictive,
story quite like romeo n juliet..

after tat walk abt a little
n train to semb.
cailing wanted to look for skirts.
somehow attracted the attention of the kid.
so end up i was playin balloon & 'scissors paper stone' w a 4yr old little ger.
while cailing was busy w her tryin..

by the time cailing was done,
alrdy 930pm.
so bus home.

reach home tried the boots mum bought,
currently waitin for hair to dry n goin to slp le.
so tired.

sally to go meet piggy wawa le...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hiyo bloggie.

checkin the calendar,
moi think have abt a week + of stuff to update wor.

expect to long (provided i can rmb the details, & lock in my HP).

5th Mar - fri
work as per normal.
then head to ah mei to hav lunch w honey n shara
afterwhich moi head to POMO
to find ah yi & saw joe there
so we chatted till moi time's up for work.

work till abt 6+...
n head back home..

wakie up.
afternoon head to adm to makan.
then rot at home, read novel - eclipse..
after which head to sunplaza to return book & hehe.. borrow books.
then makan dinner
n did last min shoppin at this fashion.
return home indulge myself w animes.. :P

seem to be munchin the whole day.
somehow already began to pack our bag for the korea trip
scare cold, so was checkin wat we hav.
makan at sunplaza
then shop shop ard.
home abt 6+

moi internet seem to hav connection prob.

watch Rush Hr 3
slpt ard 2.

work til abt 7+
too much work to clear

after work had company event at sentosa..
so met up w honey n azhar,
then took shuttle bus to sentosa.
bus ride giddy de.
then walk to cafe del mar
not reali a big place.
kinda small to say.
so found our frens (managers) of my department.
so hang ard.
took photos to prove tat we are present for the event (attendence marking :P )

the event frankly ok ok onli
food was like served onli ard 8?
tat is like so late
ppl comin down after work,
n ask us to go hungry till talk finish then can makan.
we hav work next day de wor.

so moi, honey, elvin, clarence n jennifer
stood together n delegate jobs
n took our food
n back to our seatin location
somehow feels like a potluck.
think the camera person also felt interestin
even requested us to do something for the camera.
was tellin toh tat we are low profile de.
how come they notice us?

after tat ard 820,
took a ride out of sentosa.
moi n elvin train ride together

come to think of it.
moi 1st time actuali talkin to him.
cos he looks like one mr cool..

talk abt work stuff.
so moi n him got same thinkin
want to go underwriting
but no chance
& that he made his ideas known to bosses,
while moi quiet quiet.

head to bencoolen st to makan,
then ard 5 head to HQ for department meeting.

walk to city hall & ride back home.
ard 7+
head to jog
felt the need to exercise n perspire it out.
good feeling
wind was good too.
was enjoyin the wind for abt 1/2hr at house downstairs playground
b4 goin home.
tat was like 8+ le..

read novel.
watch TV n also MTV
slpt ard 1..

work til abt 630
b4 rushin to dhoby to meet up w ivan n xinyi
alight at amk
to go meet up w onz group for dinner n movie.
watch Alice in Wonderland 3D.
moi didnt reali like tat movie
mayb cos though they are speakin english
moi cant understand their ang mo
n no subtitle as its 3D

the plot to moi felt abit rushed.
im abit lost w the trail of the movie.

then after tat train home.

mummy n ah yi went m'sia 1 day trip
wake up ard 12+
head to adm to makan.
after tat us (children)
nuan at home.
till abt 6+
then we made our way to changi
its a long journey.

so 1st half was chattin w xiao mei
2nd half was chattin w da mei.

da mei complainin to moi.
wat can i do?

after tat reach changi,
order our food
5 ppl 5 dishes.
hav steamed fish, bbq stingray, sambal kang kong, soup n sparerib (w/o bone)
n also fried rice..

so filling..
after tat head to beach to walk walk
moi n da mei conquered abt 1.6km just walkin.
legs jelly jelly de
after tat head back to stall
n chat
topics changes rather fast.
initially almost become a heated argument
n later become harmony agreement w consenses.

by the time all wash up,
slpt ard 2

wake up ard 1+
head to adm to makan.
then again rot at home.
which i reali like.

rainy day.
then was watchin nodame finale.
manage to chiong all 8 ep..
waitin for more.
moi still waiting....

ard 8pm,
head to cwp to makan n shop.
moi let myself indulge in dvds
all jap dramas..
so happy..

now moi goin to slp le...
tml is another work day (sianz)...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

yoz diary.

moi office system down so do entry now :P

tues - 23/02/10:
jog jog
actuali think is more of walk walk
then home to makan steamboat..
makan onli dishes.
too full le..

work as per normal.
then waited for cyn to go tiong bahru plaza to meet up w peng peng they all for steamboat (again)
quite interesting..
mini mini, moi ate alot of veg.
then so full, & carry tummy home..

cyn n peng were takin some pix..

lunch was at paragon - imperial treasure
lawyer cny treat to us
not too bad for moi.

then after work,
think xinyi too tired till she left her joggin shoes in the office
so end up head to northpoint to makan
then for home..
slpt ard 4?

was erm caught red-handed for being late?

after which boss ask moi to change to 9am.
moi dun wan wor..

then ard 4,
head to staff louge to have lou hei for whole section.
back to work for awhile
n then off for home..

erm force myself to wake up ard 12+
then prepare to go makan w parents,
n head to spore expo w mum (dad is the driver) to see natas fair

the weather is essentially hot !!!
the queue is also ver long !!

& finali we got in,
& moi was flooded by brouchers.

so stood one corner to look look,
see any good bargains b4 headin out to ask.
think moi is the one doin all the askin.
n mummy juz follow.. act fierce.. haha.

ask for quotation of package to korea w jeju from quite a few travel agencys.
then ard 7+
cant tahan,
head out to makan & to shun bian read up wat i hav gathered & made our choice.
cos moi n mum decided tat we wil not return on sun to get squeezed.

so when we are finali done w the package & the travel ins,
head for train station.
got goodies from the korean tourguides as well.
cool.. mostly ginseng products...

after which trained to tampines.
saw the hua che..
n then head to take bus.

initially wanted 969, end up cos too long, mummy change to 39.
so sat there abit sian.
wanna slp.
reach yishun change to 969 to go back home.
tired !!

28/02/10 sun (last day of cny):
dun noe y auto 9+ wake up.
so was readin newspaper, chattin w siblings.
reading novel..

head out to adm to meet up w sean to go see carz..
break for tian dian at redhill market - chendol shiok given the hot weather.
& off to the carz showroom.

see here here, touch there there..
& try to get the feel of the carz.
not too bad a choice :)

then head out to take bus.
went to wrong bus stop,
so look at bus guide & head to orchard.
so bu xiao xin de, moi in orchard.
then trained to amk to watch summer wars.
the queues at amk cathy rather messy..

then walk ard b4 time up at 6 for movie.
then movie good.
interestin.. & the twist n turns of the story caught moi unaware.

sad yet funny,
weak yet strong..

afterwhich, head to makan at foodcourt & home sweet home..

1st March 2010 - Mon:
work as per normal.
& manage to stuck by my aim to reach office b4 830am.

& so fast its march..
time reali juz fly past didnt it.

left office ard 540pm,
n head to sunplaza to meet up w cyn for fries date.
shop at popular to get photo albums,
then to makan at KFC.
moi cant even finish too full le.

then walk ard to digest n head for home.
chat w mei,
ask how her's 1st day of attachment & she informed that she has received an offer for scholarship
but she will turn down.
based on wat she mention, think turn down ba.

then shower & use lappie awhile to get photo from cyn.
n head to bed ard 12+

2nd March - tues:
reach office ard 8.25am
then my compie not cooperative w moi
so restart twice,
n heng that it manage to go on smoothly.

juz now start, but now i look ard seem ok le.
so now muz resume work le.

mayb later if everything smooth smooth,
will end work early
n mayb head home early for a stroll/jog..

mummy going chinatown later, but moi dun think moi will join in..

sally back to work !!!

-- new updates:
lunch was w alice, honey n mdm chua,
then walk rd.
moi alight at level 6 w honey to help her w something.
then clarence walk over to inform that moi has been 'selected' to attend
a company event at Sentosa cafe de mar next wed.
moi look at him blur blur..

then when i reach my desk,
honey called to ask if im going.
then i ask her to confirm w azhar.
if azhar goin, moi n honey will go.
so end up ok set going.

then hav to think of wat to wear - wat is club med attire?

work was more rushed in the morning as compared to afternoon..
work abit here n there
system also hang abit here n there..

afterwhich, ard 530 left office
train w sharon, she alight at toa payoh.
moi reach adm, bought dinner
n head home.
change n head out for jog.
feel quite restless w dun noe where the energy shd channel to
sweat it out is a good idea..

so walk the new greenwood sancturary park to my joggin area
jog 2 rounds.
wind is good, ppl playin w kites too..
jog from 7 to abt 720pm.
wanted to continue,
but see that the sky turnin rather dark,
n there are construction goin on,
so stop at 2 rounds.
jog at the park - onli 3 mins.

so continue to do situps, lift log..
walk to my housin estate,
continue to use the leg exercise machine,
exercise abit here n there.
reach home ard 745pm.

think if were to jog the extra round
shd be quite a good feelin..

head back to room to finish up my novel
makan dinner,
chit chat w aunt n mum

so here i am updating :)

sally finding ways to chill out/relaxed !!

:D ♥; sally


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