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Monday, March 30, 2009

finali for entry.
reali cant rmb much..
gonna skim thru le..

work as per normal.
the office seem to be in an excited mood.

after work went to tanjong pagar to wait for jur to knock off.
then inital plan was to go makan.

but her friends come to drove us ard.
so cool.. got to noe 2 new friends..

so makan at bukit timah area..
opp beauty world shoppin center.
had teochew porridge..
not bad..

after Simon drove jur n alvin to alight at yew tee..
n mi alighted at yew tee MRT station..
after which i trained home..
so tired..

no joggin on for tat day..
hav meetin after work..
n i am the minute writer..

meetin onli begins at 530 which after the official knock off time.

mi look as if im there to take exams..
special mah.. test topic: how to take minutes.
wat is essential wat is not?

then the meetin completed ard 710pm.
n i stayed back till abt 830 to complete the minutes.
for i noe i will hav no time to do the next day.
send to boss to vet thru..

after tat head from adm,
bought prayer stuff.
so by the time i reach hm, alrdy 10 pm le..
im so exhausted...

jenny n the other staff mentioned tat i did the minutes out in record timin..
they were expectin the minutes to be out like next week or so?
i thought minutes shd be out fast de ah?

then time for manager's discussion on cases.
my PH come down & my managers took care of him..
im there listenin & understandin..
so i suppose a solution is out,
but whether will succeed a not will be another case..

then the whole mornin feelin abit high.
got another call to dispute.
so will put it up for management's decision next wed..
prepare the doc,
n at the same time still hav to handle phonecalls n emails..
so stretch for time..
didnt notice tat time went by tat fast..

after work,
suppose to meet mum to go chinatown,
but end up mi bought dinner home..
so was relaxin myself at home..

finali a day at home..
woke up abt 12+
then in the evenin head to northpoint to walk n makan..

nth interestin to say..

then watch japanese drama & naruto..
then jap drama finali im able to complete..
nice ending..

recommend a few jap dramas..
1. 神探伽利略/侦探伽利略/伽利略
外文名: Garireo
the scientist ver nice lookin..
fit & brainy.. haha..

2. 探侦学园Q
外文名: TanteiGakuen Q
one of the leads is ver much like taiwan actor - tang yu zhe..

3. 交响情人梦外
文名: Nodame Cantible.
one of my fav amines too
classical music gd :)

4. 我的帅管家
外文名: Meichan no Shitsuji
when i 1st see it, i was stunned.
reali cultural shocked & stunned.
how come they hav such ideas & plot..

5. 练舞
外文名: Dance Drill
nice & warm story abt how the gers become cheerleaders..

6. 女警女警
外文名: Joshi Deka
im in the midst of chiongin this jap drama..
onli one case but dramatic twists & turn w a female cop who hav exceptional good eye sight & gun skills.

so on & so forth..
will update more will i continue to watch some more..

wake up ard 11+
then wait for parents to get ready & makan at adm.
by the time i reach home..
alrdy 4 in the afternoon le..

strong wind, dark clouds n soon rsuper heavy down pour.
but wasnt reali for long.

was still busyin watchin my dramas.
n slpt ard 11+ to 12

im tired.
dun reali feel like workin..
still im workin..
lucky got music to keep mi company..

work non-stop..
n ard 7 head for home.

so while waitin for cross the road after the Cathy,
witness an accident between a taxi & a black car.
mi there alrdy busy assessin the case..

the impact of the sound is like a few ballons burstin at one shot..
n the dmg on the taxi is more sever..
then RH headlights & bumper totally misaligned.
can imagine the impact.

but it was the fault of the black car
as it was turnin left on the lane tat was meant for 'going straight' onli...
so down on liab on the black car.

haha so tat is my conclusion..

ok la.. have to stop le.

see got time to continue w my drama a not..

nitez everyone.. O-ya-su-mi ~~

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

time to blog.
but i cant reali rmb wat i did last week.. wahaha..
cos of my super de short span memory..

went to Sim Lim to buy mouse..
always got the feelin that im a conductor of electicity whenever i touch the mouse pad of my lappie.

went joggin with xuan after work.
xinyi not feelin well..

so was slowly enjoyin the jog..
haha.. chat along the way & tryin to match every other's pace..
im reali a super slow one..

after work head to cwp to meet up w lui peng & cyn
head to civic center, lvl 5 to meet up w lui peng 1st.
cyn have not yet arrive.
so was there listenin n lookin at lui peng practice her piano skills.
then met up w cyn n i saw a beautiful pic of the sky..
sad tat i wasnt able to take it down.
reali is like a painting.. ver nice combination of sky/clouds & surrounding colours.

head to yoshinoya to makan..
then walk ard..
cyn look reali ver tired.
so after shoppin awhile, we separate for home..

inform xuan tat im not able to go joggin w her.
cos was suppose to hav meeting but dun noe end wat time.

then end up meetin was cancelled.
& xinyi her rotaract meetin also cancelled.
thus mi n xinyi went makan together at fortune center.
then walk to bugis..
she reali got a lot of good deals..
mi dun dare to buy w/o tryin it..

after tat head to yishun to meet up w my mum.
head to mac to drink n relax.
so mi , my mum n xinyi busy chattin w each other..
finali can head home..

lunch time w fred at fortune center.
then walk to OG.
shop n look abit, & head back to office..
somemore rainin.. ~.~!!!

then evening..
i work till 7+ then head for home..
cant reali rmb much..

slpt till abt 12+
so was busy slackin the whole day.
did housework, use compie..
still i felt tired & tat y do weekend hav to move so fast??

woke up 11+.
prepare myself to go adm makan brunch.
then head to semb to meet up w serene n jason for k session..
train to somerset,
waited for JR n JW.
then to LJS for the boys to makan their lunch.

then head to Cineleisure KBox..
not much crowd at all..

alvin come in when the 1st song was played.

the session pretty good but i find it cold.
serene mentioned tat it was not cold to her..
i was like OmG.. haha..

then we took some photos b4 leavin.
the K session pretty worthwhile..
cos abt $22, sing like from 2+ to 8+

then head to B1 to meet up w jeffrey god bro.
makan at kobayashi..
n then head for home..
train ride is full of laughter..

jeffrey walk w us to our house..
visit the desktop.. he is our computer man.

abt 12+ head head for home..

below 2 pics are taken at KBox b4 we leave..

* with no. fingering ~~ right to left: samuel, Jia wen, jia rong, serene, jason, mi & alvin (centre)*

* OH yea!!!*

so shd entry for the beginnin of a new week..


1st thing 1st - happy Birthday Gina ah Yi....

had a supposed to be a short impromptu team meetin..
supposed assumed to be abt 15mins.
become a 1hr 10 min.
even eat into the 1st lunch break time slot..
discuss quite some issues abt learning & delegation of work & job responsibilites..

then hav lunch at PS, KFC.
shop at Daiso,
bought Lavender essence for my mum for her nite slp..

n head back to work..
after work head to dhoby to meet up w cyn.
she wanted to go vivo..
so we went, & search for food.

head to Kim gary resturant..
order pineapple curry pork chop rice..
not too bad actuali..

after tat walk ard vivo.
went into Toys R Us to look look..
n stop at the National Geographic area.

cool & fanastinating..
then we trained to Seng Kang & took 965 to woodlands
at least the whole journey we are able to rest our legs n mind..

so when im abt to alight,
choon kee gav me a call.
so chatted for awhile n mi finali reach home le...

Ris's friends were at our home..
so chat w them for awhile,
n then start to move for their home as it was late alrdy..

then mi prepared myself & slpt.

(which is today)..

hav lunch at fred at jap resturant..
then head to makan tau suan cos im not full..
mi n my scary appetite is reali scaring me..

after tat head back to work.
office is in a super cold state..

system broke down near knock off time.
then end up being unable to access,
had some small talk w colleagues..
haha.. gettin more interestin each time..

after work,
suppose to go joggin de..
but cos xinyi too tired & her back is achin,
so end up cancel tat joggin session..

met up w her at PS.
had dinner at foodcourt.
U mian not bad at all.. quite delicious to me..

then walk ard PS.
head to Spotlight, to @.@ wat is available..

then to Daiso..
stayed there for quite some time..
xinyi even made a $10 purchase..

after tat trained home..
reali ver tired.

reach home,
read chi newspaper w my mum..
n now bloggin..
will prepare to slp le..

im so tired.

Happy Birthday Fred (though i noe u will not see it)

will be meetin jur for dinner tml..
it reali has been quite some time we since met up w each other..

sally gonna crawl to her bed le..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, March 16, 2009

bloggin time..
but this time round with my ver own lappy..

9/3/09 mon
as usual work till 6+
then as recommended by hanyang,
took bus 124 to chinatown,
went a big round..
was goin to the tour agency to collect the package & air tickets..
after tat reach dhoby ard 7pm,
got the feeling that im hav juz ended work at 7pm..

then train home..
bought duck rice for dinner n enjoyed new Jap drama..

lunch was at swensen..
to celebrate yong siang last day at Income.

but the food at ps not tat good..
mess up our orders n abit of wan or dun wan attitiude..
but i can imagine it as it is a peak period - lunch.

then after tat head to daiso,
bought bed room slippers.
one to put in office, another to bring home..

then work till 6+
head to dhoby to meet up w xinyi for jog..

reach YCK,
then there is rugby friendly match.
look so scarli to me..

then after tat head back home...

hav lunch w fred n norman at fortune center
work till 7+
then head home for dinner..

yummy simply delicious..

then watch TV programs
& use compie to research for details on new lappy till abt 12+
cant tahan so slpt.

work as per normal..
then xinyi sms mi to inform me that she takin mc..
so went to collect her cert & she head to suntec for the fair 1st..
she inform me tat is was reali crowded.
so when i finali knock off from work n head to city hall.

i can imagine wat she is sayin..
simply too many ppl le..
walk also got problem..

end up mi finali reach suntec,
then stun again..
cos reali damn many ppl..

waited for xinyi to come down n meet mi.
cos i think if i were to go up & find her,
i doubt will be able to find her..

so end up head to loving huts to makan..
n shun bian rest legs..

then after tat she head to Big Splash to meet up w her group.
mi train home.

its another long journey back home.

so i was doin the table out..
im so the tired..


almost cant wake up for work..
still manage to wake up n complete the table tat i consolidate half way..

work as per normal.
then discuss the table i hav done w norman.
n seek opinion from my colleagues.
reali is each hav their own opinion..

then after work,
head to city link, hmv to meet up w xinyi.
took the esplanade route n head to marina sq
end up makan at lerk thai..
the chendol is reali vre ver nice..
mi n xinyi reali enjoyed it ver much.

after tat walk to esplanade,
busy takin pics of the lightings..
ver interestin to say..


* the guitarist

* the guitarist 1 *

* the percussionist *

then mei inform me tat she found a good deal n will wanna to make the purchase..
so xinyi n mi went to hunt for dbs bank to do the transfer..
n so there goes my ver own lappie..

then walk to clarke quay.
was thinkin whether to go drink or to go hav coffee..
walk one big round,
end up go TCC n hav drinks..
xinyi hav coffee, mi had green apple twist..
nice nice w the vanilla taste (my fav)

then walk to clarke quay mrt station n train home.
reali ver de tired..

busy slpin the whole day..
it is like as if i didnt slp b4..

n it was rainin the whole day..
so isnt it a nice day for mi to slp?

then woke up ard 8+ 9..
makan n ver soon head back to slp ard 12+
but mayb cos slp abit too much,
the actual timin tat i slpt was 2am ba..

woke up ard 11+.
then waited for my mum to wake up.
head to CWP to look for camera..
the camera tat my sis wanted ver ex ah..

after tat head to foodcourt to makan..

n my mum head to cornation plaza,
while i went to wa wa house.
need to go take my lappie..

was doin the recovery disc..
quite some waitin time.

then uncle try to help me w download pps..
need to change here n there.

so now mi format hav chi & eng..
interestin but still not used to it..

then played w msn web cam w mei..
there explorin the mic facilities.

after tat ard 9,
uncle drove us to area near semb shoppin center to makan prata.
its like so long since i last ate a prate..
so fillin..
then also had milo shake..
so sinful dinner..

after tat uncle drove mi home..
reach home, freshen up n played webcam..
let my mum, bro n da mei to c each other

now mon:
work as per normal..
the whole day seem to feel hungry all day long.
something not ver right..

then got quite some interestin stuff happenin at work..

then work till abt 7+
head back to adm to run some errands.
n after watchin TV programs.
nw bloggin..

will shun bian post some pic up too.

suwen mention that there will be a alumni dinner in may..
tat is like so cool..
in msy will most prob have p2 reunion gatherin..
will it be a success? im still unsure..

* lookin at the world w little littler stuff

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, March 08, 2009

yoz.. another week has juz gone by..
scarily lor...
so here goes the updates..

nth much happening..
at work abt knock off time,
had a mini meetin..
end up ard 6+7 then end..
then da bao duck rice home to makan..

had a short meeting abt the same stuff but to clarify.
then lunch time makan w norman n kenny at sunshine plaza.

after work, head for a jog..
not too bad

the whole da i felt cold..
after the run,
head to northpoint to makan..
had ban mian.
made both xuan n xinyi hungry..
haha.. sorry gers..

then head back home n watch my j-drama..
detective w scientist..
interestin combination..
end up slpt ard 2+

rmb to scan some doc n email to the travel agency.
lunch at kopitiam w fred..
he was sharin his experience of bookin the bridal package w his gf..
haha.. quite interestin..

work till ard 7
then i almost lost my tag..
so was like searchin high n low for it..
muz reali be careful w it..

then after tat head to PS.
went Samuel & Kelvin to buy jacket.
cool i like wat i bought..
haha.. ok but baggy..
my style of jacket...

then head to atrium to find my promoter auntie friends..
mi reach there, shun bian become promoter,
cos they dun hav toilet break,
ask mi to look after store for a while..
chat n update them abt mi..
cos for quite some time we didnt meet up w each other..

then head back home..

lunch went SMU w Honey,
n walk their fair..

then its joggin day..
but becos of the weather,
end up onli manage to walk 4 rounds,
n decide to head home.
cos of thunder n lightnin..
xinyi quite afraid,
even merlion stationary can be hit, wat abt us?
make sense..

ate 2 big bowl of rice.
mum cook herbal chix, oyishi....

dun feel like wakin up..
do case until almost 4get to makan,
head to smu to makan w norman,
try out the new veg stall..

then finali time to off from work,
head to mrt station to meet up w xinyi,
then makan at cine foodcourt,
walk abit dun noe where to go..
wanted to go chiong, but tired,

outside taka,
was a group of youngsters playin percassion (wrong spelling)
they hav reali make me feel alive
n also more in the mood to groove..
listen n ver shiok..

walk abit aimlessly..
so end up went to TCC to chat..
so cold lor..

i had the jap red bean n soya freeze.
so delicious..
still ver cold..

then we head to semb to find penguin,
her grandpa pass away..

sat there talk abit till abt 11+ 12.. i head for home 1st.
cos still hav bus to take..

wake up 2pm,
still im tired..
makan at adm,
n then head back home to rot..

then was preparin dinner w my mum..
had spare-rib prawn noodles soup..
reali is nice de lor..

now then i noe tat the prawn shell can be cook to get enhance the soup..
interestin lesson i have..

9+ use compie..
was chattin w cailing n alvin.
long time didnt chat w alvin le..
he reali = caveman le la.

so alvin if u see this: pls dun hibernate too much ah..

at the same time,
me watch my amine (naruto), n catch up on my j-dramas..
slpt 3+

woke up ard 1+,
head to yishun to makan duck rice,
then head back home to rot..
then ard 6+7,
head out to sunplaza for dinner.
another aim is to look for luaggage bags..
5 wheels cool..

makan at food court w mei n wa wa,
then i head to the library to borrow some books,
n shop abit,
n head for home..

was watch 'wu lin da dao' last eps..
not too bad..
reali the de feel to learn dancing after seein them dance..
reali got the intention, but i do notice tat mi got ver poor cooridnation w hands n legs..

now 1230.. will watch my drama n slp.
sian tml hav to work again..

Can i lengthen my weekend?
y do they hav to pass by so fast????

sally to drama-in le...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, March 01, 2009

today's aim:
- entries of the week (which is an of cuz)
- a quiz i did n its seem so true..
- share some humor emails from friends..

had a late section meeting..
meetin start at the time of our official off wk time.
haha.. so end ard 7..
thus when i board train at dhoby,
sms xinyi & xuan..
one alrdy reach yishun, another alrdy home le..
so shiok lor..

mi then head to cwp to meet my mum for dinner.
then xiao mei end work n come to find us..
had curry chix rice for dinner.
then head to face shop for nail polish (clarify: not mine at all)
n decided to cab home..
reali am tired..

had lunch at dhoby exchange w fred, Honey, maisarah n fairoz..
not too bad also..

then when im abt to stop for the day..
my other section manager walk past my table
n stood there n chat at my desk..
were talkin abt phone n stuff..
mi cant reali offer much advice cos mi somesort of gadget idiot..
can sms, phone, listen to radio n take pic is ok enough for mi le..

then i quickly pack up n head to dhoby to meet up w xinyi n xuan..
its our joggin routine..
walk 2 rounds, jog 4 rounds n walk 1 jog for colling down..
then head home n makan & rest n slp.

manage to reach home at slightly after 7pm..
tat is cool.. long time didnt return so early le..
even had time to watch new amine.
cool cool cool.. haha..

lunch w fred n kenny at the jap 'foodcourt'

then work till abt 630 (waitin for signal to go off)
which was broken down..
cos too tired, forget to giv mi a call to allow mi to prepare..
haha.. i can understand la..

finali met up w xinyi n xuan n head to jog..
slight drizzle at the beginning..
then after goin, we part.

xuan broke out the news that her co. has axe some perm staff.
so of them are from the clique she is w.
tat is reali ver sad to hear..

xinyi n xuan goin for movie w rand,
while mi decide to head for home..
mi miss home..

start watchin a new Jap-show..
1st impression of show: stun & amazed..
does tat reali happen in the real world..
so strange sia..
haha.. end up watch until 1am..

after lunch, walk around the book fair..
n head back to work..

abt 6,
made my way to Hereen, orchard..
met up w xinyi n ah ber..
had dinner at thai express bistro..
had veg pineapple fried rice..
touch on some topics too..

then after tat,
went for the aim of this gathering: sing K..
walk over to cine & waited for the lift..
the system pretty funny.. aha..
find it amazin..

sing till abt 11+..
then K Box shoo us away...
alrdy at last song. but they cut us off..
cant blame them, cos our last song is super super long..

n train home..
early to go home on a fri when the train is still available..
cos normali w xinyi, will end up goin back late on fri..
then whole duration i was wrap up w my jacket.
so super cold lor..

then ah ber mention that he dun feel tat cold,
but seein mi wrap up (left w the eyes to see)..
he felt cold.. cos i look quite warm n comfortable..
xinyi noddin head in agreement w him..
i go no choice, cos from k box im alrdy at the frozen stage..
have reali thaw then the train's aircon is super cool..
so tat explains. haha..

reach adm, did some errands..
n head for home
n slpt early.
cant tahan le..

plan to go natas fair..
but watch some drama did some house work.
so end up reach expo alrdy 6 le..
spend the time listenin to a few ppl talk abt the package.
until i blur..
n tat is like abt 3+ hr later..
which is abt 9pm ba.
then head to the 'offer' area at expo,
found pair of nice covered shoes..
n mi n mum bought one each..
then made our way to pasir ris..
did i mention that rain was super heavy?

then reach pasir ris,
mi n mum end up explorin n went to the wrong bus stop.
so lucky tat we check the board if not will back to yishun..
then walk to the bus stop at the opp side n waited.

reach changi alrdy 11pm le.
da bao wan tan mee n makan..

then i found out tat it is Uncle Adi last day w us..
he goin to become his own boss.
congrats Uncle adi..
he has been w us like more than 6 yrs in changi..
tat is reali long..
so each of the staff busy cheerin him on w more beers n hard liquor.
mi too toast to him half glass of beer.

then head home,
use compie n slpt ard 630am..haha

woke up 11+ n flip thru the brochures,
tryin to decide on one.
manage to start n finish 1 chi novel..

n did abit of laundry n makan,
ask my dad to drive mi n mum to expo to make payment..
end up left the 2 of us goin..
nvrtheless will definitely enjoy it de..

reach expo abt 4+ 5,
long queue ah..
but consider quite smooth..

then head to the booth that mi n mum agreed on.
they were busy,
so we walk abt lookin..

after tat head back to the booth to clarify n to make payment.
the original date tat i wanted - fully booked..
i hav to re-plan my leave..
change the date n confirm on it..
lucky tat it is quite a good deal..

then head to buy travel ins.
bought from Tenet,
mi used to work as part time at natas fair for them too.
they still rmb mi.. tat is so so cool..
so end up i filled up the form myself (save the hassle)
n they were chattin w me..
then they inform mi tat hui ying is there too..
i was like. such a co-incidence.

then i found out tat she workin at tenet.. cool...
update each other abit, n she continue to work,
while i walk ab..
went to the master-card booth,
cos a sports sling bag..
quite nice..
then head out le..

train to tampines,
bus ride to yishun,
n train to semb..
da bao for bro,
return my library books (which i hav me carryin it w mi the whole day ouT)
n makan at food court.
had wan tan mee soup n ate my desired - tua suan..

now using compie..
will have my mei to find some format for her reports..
n go slp soon..

* Quiz: http://www.quizbox.com/personality/test82.aspx

- Your view on yourself:
You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don't like conflict. Because you're so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.

- The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

- Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

- The seriousness of your love:
You are very serious about relationships and aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like. If you meet the right person, you will fall deeply and beautifully in love.

- Your views on education
Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

- The right job for you:
You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

- How do you view success:
You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

- What are you most afraid of:
You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

- Who is your true self:
You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

* after lookin thru i find it so true tat it scares mi at the beginning..

meanwhile, enjoy the *humor below:

1. For Laugh: Memo - Cost Cutting Measures
To: All Staff
From: CEO
Subject: Cost Cutting Measures

As you know, the realities of the downturn have hit home and I am forced to introduce the following cost-cutting measures to help shore up our beloved company. I know you will understand that the pain is temporary and the gains will be there for all of us to reap when the company comes through these difficult times stronger... and ready to ride the next big wave. So with immediate effect, all staff will be required to adhere to the following:

a. The cups on the two vending machines are to be recycled. Annabelle has already sterialised them.

b. Sabbatical leave: Executives booked for New York will now go to Kukup in Johor Bahru instead. Senior executives can go further - up to Yong Peng.

c. Our chalet lease in Pulau Ubin has ended. However, as the management takes a keen interest in staff welfare, we have arranged with Francis (from Admin Dept) to rent out one of his rooms at Blk 923, Pasir Ris Drive. His flat was chosen for its proximity to the sea and you can still see Ubin from the window.

d. Entertainment claims: Staff will be required to go for a 30-min demonstration by Raj from Finance Dept, who will show you how to withdraw your credit card slowly from your wallet (58 secs), so that others at a business lunch will inadvertently beat you to it when the bill comes.

e. The Valentine's Day white chocolates (Deluxeur) which I gave out in January : Those of you who have yet to open the box, please return them expiry date: Dec 2009)..

f. Monthly Best Employee Award : The $1000 cash award will now be replaced by a box of Deluxeur white chocolates.

g. Annual Best Employee Award : The 14-day Disneyland/Hawaii tour and solid gold Rolex Oyster watch will be replaced by TWO boxes of Deluxeur white chocolates.

h. Medical: The Oxfordshire- Hopkins Medical Group will no more be on our panel. Annabelle will give you the address of Hong Tong Hong Medical Hall in Sungei Road. Bring you company pass for a 10% discount.

i. Country Club Memberships : Senior executives must return their membership cards to Annabelle, who will then register your name with Bishan Community Centre.

j.. Transport Allowance : No reduction of rate! However, it will be paid on alternate months.

k. Gifts for clients : New choices. The Bohemian Crystal list will be replaced by the one from 7-eleven.

l. Annual Dinner & Dance : No change (March 20, yay!), but the venue is switched from The Ritz-Carlton to the void deck of Annabelle's flat in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10.

m. Bonus : This time, staff welfare comes first! Instead of the usual amount, we raised it up to $2 million. Each employee will be given a Singapore Sweep ticket. The draw is on March 5.

2. there is a video of the mountain dew advertisment..
so cooll. but i dun noe hav to upload..
so i suppose cant view it..

mi hav to stop here for the moment..
mi now aim for laptop (not so urgent) & digi camera (more urgent)

sally to disappear le..

:D ♥; sally


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