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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

sch per normal.
nth to do.
did cash flow.
basically is a recap. still i dun reali rmb anything.

during break went to hand up project.
the pigeon hole cant slot so went to the 6th floor to hand up.
after that went back to class.
after lesson, went for group meeting.

it is for FPC. last assignment.
manage to come up with something productive.
ard 4 plus went to eat with cyntha.
n we went home.
on the train we kept laughin for no good reason.
i see her i laugh. she see mi laugh then she tried to control.

now watchin TV.
think can sleep early today.
one more thing.
my right eye lid keep 'jumping' for 4 days le.
sian. so uncomfortale.

think tml can go home straight after sch. hehe.

Sally signin off.

:D ♥; sally

no sch today. but still busy day.

went to TTS with my mum today.
its her follow up treatment.
doc say her condition is improving abit but still under medication.
the doc explain to mi wat the medicaiton is for.
n requested mi to continue to keep a record of how my mum felt each day with the medication.
this aid her presciption of the mediationn oso know my mum's progress.

after that we went to Novena Square to shop.
nth to shop de.
then went home.

we were stuck at adm cos of rain.
so ate lunch n walk around.
end up we took cab home.
reach home i rest n fell alseep.
too tired le.
haiz. slept for few hours until 8.
then woke up eat dinner n use compie.

cyntha send mi many nice songs.
thanks ger :))
then struggle with FPC as usual.
all went to sleep le.
left mi. m the timin is alrdy 3 in the mornin le.
guess u will see a panda. haha.

put songs into mp3.
send my files to email.
alternative should anything happen.

tml hav meeting.
tml hand up project.
tml tml tml.

sleepy now
hope can wake up tml..

Sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, August 28, 2006

went to sch as usual.
though its a new week,
it doesnt seem to be a new beginnning.

everything seems slow n tiring.
see majority expression on face - tired.
dark circles under the eye ver heavy.
FSB project due date tis week.
all chiong like hell.
luckily i have ver good group members :))
thanks guys :)))

after sch all had project discussion.
we went to compie lab Rm5-30.
mostly were pack like sardine.
i did some reference before they finalised.

then after that went to find cyntha.
ask her go eat lunch with mi.
end up harini n choon liang come along.
all hungry.
yummy mashpotato. haha.. :PP
im luvin it..

then after tat went back to compie lab to find chester.
ask for his help to clarify wat i dun understand.
still can rmb wat he says juz now 'Sally, u are reali lost. reali lost man!!'
of cuz i am.
if not how would this puzzle face appear leh?

waited for cyntha to end n went home.
cyntha says that i reali hav many expression at different point in time.
today think the 'lost ' appearance wins the game for today.

reach home n mum ask mi to call dad up to ask him buy dinner.
still quarrel arise.
this time my mum broke down.
i dun noe wat i could do.
so i decided not to think about it.
use compie tryin to find information.
but im so frustrated. cant find. haiz. :((
this time i tink dad actuali quite fast.
given his past records. haiz.
alot of problems.
one off day can juz giv it to us n not ya other 'precious' family?
u face them 6 days a week leh. Sian.
think ver hard to hav family day le. reali sad.

after that, my mum went out of the house n sat by the stair case.
ask my bro to go check it out for mi n mei busy with work.
my bro shouted n say.'y everytime mi'
i was like. wat the hell. u didnt do anything lor.
help abit oso cannot ah,
she is oso ya mum leh.
can imagine how angry mi n mei was.
mei tell mi she wanted to slap him.
i say dun care.
so i went out with my aunt to check.
my aunt found her. n i went back home.

soon my mum come in.
went to the toilet to freshen up n then went straight to the room.
i still sat at the compie n search seriously.
but got TV so watch abit.

juz now when i went to my mum's room to ask her wat time she wan mi to wake her.
i saw my bro ther.
then i rmb, my bro actuali i afraid to walk out of home at night.
even to juz throw the rubbish, he can juz scream like mad.
so juz now he pei mummy.

now think goin to sleep.
dun reali noe how to do it.
though hav idea but no material.
chester where got easy to find.
u super lor.

think search abit more then goin to slp le.
tml hav to pei mummy go TTS to see doc.

*for those who is in process of chiong project.
Take care of health.
( think that includes me)

Sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, August 26, 2006

went to work.
time past by pretty fast.

went there as usual,
pack the stocks 1st.
then open wine for sampling.

had mac for lunch.
saw the ger whom i encourage her on the 1st day.
she serve mi on her 1st day of work.
she seems to get on pretty well.
good for her.

enjoy my lunch by myself.
there seem to be a commotion for there is a frog in mac.
haha. i think the frog had jumped into someone's bag n entered mac.
watch TV.
see kids learnin to walk.
the art gallery seem to be havin new stocks.
all the paintin ver nice.
i onli like to see. no money n no place to put.
got time next time go look look. hehe.

then went back to work.
stand n stone there.
sold some bottles of wine.
then time to go home.

like usual,
i bought dinner for me n my mum.
watch TV.
touch up on project.
now waiting for group member to check if im in the right direction.
so now nth to do.

many thoughts about many things pop in my mind.
dun noe wat im thinkin oso.
think listen to songs to relax ba. :)

gonna continue readin my novel.
dun reali get wat it is tryin to tell mi.
but believe soon will de. haha.

now mind is blank.
*in state of Blurness* :P

Sally signin off..........

:D ♥; sally

second entry of the day.
juz feel so tired.
dun noe y.

now sittin in front of compie,
want to do FPC.
but mind is in whirlwind state.

dun noe wat to do.
dun noe wat to think.
dun noe how to flow.
dun noe wat im doin. haha.

now thinkin hard for points.
points points pls come to mi. :P

sudden urge to wan learn to dance.
but mi bones ver stiff think ver hard.
now oso no time. so juz think ba.
*dreamy state -- proceeding soon to stoning.*

who can entertain mi?
think im goin reali nutty.. haha..
this post ver out of my style.
nvrtheless, dun qn it.
its still me.

ok la now stop bloggin.
gonna return to typin le.
if not cant wake up for tml work le.

sally signin off.....

:D ♥; sally

Friday, August 25, 2006

now in school.
dont noe wat to do with information in my head.
flyin here n there cant settle down.

had lunch with hao peng you(s)
then they went group meeting.
mi went to compie lab.
cold cold de.

chat with samuel didi, then cyntha n cheshire the cat
now listenin to yes933 with ear phones in my ears.
shiok. today songs not bad.

strugglin to do something productive today.
waiting for hao peng you.
so back to struggles. ~.~

Sally signin off for now...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, August 24, 2006

finali update le. ytd tried to but to no avail.

tues no sch.
but wake up early, mummy come my room so i quickly wake up.
then did the project research FPC n quickly do the FSB comment.
almost the whole im using the compie.
lucky my bro ver good to mi.
he let mi use.
think the break time was at shower time n when i went out to buy dinner.

wed hav project meetin.
did wat i could but i think im startin on FPC.
then after project meet up with cyntha.
went for lunch (mi is inclusive of breakfast)
stomach openin opera session
then went to take bus.
waited for so so long
then went t westmall Giordano. she want to buy things.
n went home. (of cuz bought dinner)

today no meetin.
but still stay back in sch with cyntha.
end up buyin lunch n hunting for location to makan.
stomach playing symphony le.
finali sat down n cure my hungry stomach
then went up to compi lab.
met up with cyntha group member, choon liang.
they do their gorup work.
i did mine.
do until wanna cry le
ver ver tough.
dun noe how to start.
dun noe wat to do.
Siao le..

after that ard 6 met up with my mei at westmall.
n went home.
now watchin tv.
think goin to think abt project.
mayb tml goin to stay in sch again.
later after show goin to help my mum massage.
dun wan see her so pain.

Sally signin off....

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, August 19, 2006

today is saturday.
work as usual.

friday went to tts to pei mummy see the doc.
went out as usual as the sch time.
then went to novena to meet ah yi.
since the time was early i hav some food before visiting the doctor.
then administrative stuff was done. n we waited.
soon it was time. n in we went.
the doc gav us a calm feeling.
tat is wat we call a good impression

chat n chat.
talka bout history n stuff.
got emotional at some point of time.
the doc concluded that my mum suffers from anxiety depression.
but it is good that the situation isnt bad
the next meeting will be the week after tues.
cos fri i hav school. so hav to postpone.
the doc wan to see if the medication was suitable for my mum.

after that we went coronation plaza to find connie auntie at the same time hav lunch.
had fish n chip.
ver filling.
after that we went to sunplaza.
the bus ride was so long. sit until i wanna sleep.
finalli reach.
help my bro replace his ezlink card.
sian. tired as usual.
reach home slack.

today went to work.
while packing, saw michelle.
she was shoppin for some stuff with her boyfriend.
after tat went to hav my lunch.
the lunch was done in a hurry.
the person was so irresponsible
deliver so late still wan to say so much.
so sorry auntie margaret.
end up as i see the time of my lunch break approaching to an end,
i decided to hav mac.
ate it in a hurry.

after that went to work again.work until 5 plus i left.
met up with ah yi n went home together.
now blogging. gonna do research for project later.
sian sian sian.

sally signin off.

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, August 17, 2006

today is thur.
n finally this weeks two pressing tests are over. Hurray!!

mon hav test.
after the test i feel so so uncomfortable.
went home after class n slept.
so dead tired.

then wake up alrdy 8plus.
ate dinner n began my study for Investment management.

tues no sch.
but mi woke up ard 8plus.
juz as i wanted to sit n start to study,
my sis called mi to ask mi to bring her ic to her at adm.
wat the....
so i went n bought breakfast too.

after tat began to study
so many many stuff to study.
reali alot. so cham. read until i blur.
got course lect, got course material n tb,
mountain high wor.
at nite cailing called mi.
ask mi out on wed.
she wanted go eat sakae.
chat on phone until 2plus.
tired sia.

went to sch.
it seems that many ppl didnt come.
for our row, onli me n kelly come.
so sad.
after sch went to meet cailing
ate sakae.
i dun reali noe how to eat it.
so dun even noe if i was full anot.
then after tat i went home while she n her uncle went to watch movie.

reach home study like mad.
no time to anything.
want to rest also cant.
cos got phone calls for me.
all about study.
study until 1 plus n slept.

today finali is the test.
reach sch early to settle down.
sp read thru my notes once.
n then in i went to the examination room.
all is MCQ .
n 30 qn stands 40% of the whole assessment.
after lookin at the qn. i think more or less shd b able to clear.
n i wan to clear them
i wan HD. haha.
then lessons.
after tat went to CWP to meet my mum.
she went to eat n deposit $$.

i went to eat mac while she shop abit.
soon we went home.
rainin i was drench for my unbrella ver 'Big'.
now finish checkin mail.
waitin for hair to dry.
n mayb nap.
dun noe dinner eat wat. cailing say wan to meet me.
see how ba. haha.
goin to do HW le.
long time no HW le.

tml not goin sch.
pei mummy to TTS.
anything tml then say.

Sally signin out.

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, August 13, 2006

it has been a week i last update.
wanted to update but lazy to.

over the week i say its busy.
national day is on sunday n my auntie come to my house.
cook a soup for us.
yummy yummy.
then watch NDP on TV.
saw my uncle.
he is leadin the Navy soldiers.
the fireworks nice.

thursday, my younger siblings no sch.
mi hav sch.
then my mum told mi those who party on wed how they go sch on thur?
haha. i say like tat lor. if not dun go lor. haha.

friday my mum cried.
she feel the stress comin again.
i heard her talk.
try not to cry.
of cuz i succeed but with much pain

saturday went to work
most ppl say i look ver tired.
indeed i am.
so so tired.
tried to study Investment Management.
reali a tough subject.

sunday went to work as usual (i mean after 2 weeks didnt work on sun)
got one auntie tell mi that,
ger u are young but y do u look so tired.
so hard to explain. i dun reali noe y.

but i end work early today.
catch the 430 bus,
my mum wan me to meet her early for dinner.
so i went along.
today busy studyin for Risk Management.
tml test. cham.
ronald still meet mi to check ans.
he ask mi to do.
so later hav to do it le.

wonder how serene is now,
see her blog she seem say.
similar situation as i hav in now.
hope that she will be fine.
Be strong Girl. It will be fine de.
(TO: Serene & me)

Sally signin off.

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, August 06, 2006


here to update.
my mum is gradually better than she is on tues.
thanks for all ya concern.

on friday nite.
i went to my mum room to pei my mum. i noe she still fear .
so i accompany her n chat with her.
n finali my dad return .
surprising it is alot earlier.
last time 1 plus will then reach home.
bu tnow 12 plus not even 1 will reach home le.
good good.
after that i went to sleep.

then on sat.
i onli went to work half day
of cuz with permission of my auntie.
come back from work around 3pm.
cos took cab from turf city.
that cab driver ver friendly.
chat about sppeding, to cars to wars.
we come to one conclusion:
religion teach us peace n not war.
so no religion is bad.

then reach home i rest n slack.
at nite, my mum cried.
but this is a good sign.
she is relaxin.
ever since tuesday she cant cry out.
wanna cry but no tears.
cant imagine how hard it is for her.
then my younger mei n bro went back to their room.
n my bro cried. *sad sob*
mi went to sayang my bro.
my sis called her friends to chat.
think she is tryin to divert her attention.
as for mi. i of cuz control ah.
cant be possible i cry in front of them ba.
cannot de.
later become crying session, my mum see le will feel more uncomfortable de.

my auntie later tell me that my mum scared we dun wan her.
that CERTAINLY wun be the case de.
u are not a burden to use de.
after that we watch VCD till my dad return home.

today i didnt go work.
i slept until 11plus.
long long time didnt sleep so long le.
then my mum come to my room to rest.
i climb down from the top n chat with my mum.
then i noe that she has vomitted in the mornin.
she dun reali like to hav bread in the mornin.
i mean she dun reali like bread.
n mayb her gastric is playing with her.
she tell mi wat to do.
n so i along with my auntie prepare the brench.
nice nice.
i was thinkin tml how? goin to cook some food for her before i go school?
my cookin ver bad de.
sad. see wat i goin to do.
at least my mum needs to eat something in the mornin.
mayb cook porridge for her. (ask recepie later)
n ask my auntie to warm it.

my bro went out with serene they all.
stubborn boy. my mum dun wan him to go.
still he insisted. my mum no energy to 'fight' with him.
so he goes.

juz nw see my mum eat her food,
i suddenly feel ver sad.
she has difficulty eating her food.
her right hand is giving her problem.
n since she is right handed person,
left hand still not used to it.
so now i noe.
when she eat. i help her with the food.
then she slowly eat.

now i bloggin, my mum in her room watchin tv.
at least some one is at home to pei her.
we are doin it on rotating basis if possible.
ivy mei went to wa wa house.
ah yi goin to meet my another ah yi to get something.
so now ris mei is accompanying my mum.

finish my stuff then i go pei my mum.
quickly finish them. :)

*stay positive*

Sally signin off.

:D ♥; sally

Friday, August 04, 2006

last nite before i went to slp,
my dad reach home from work.
he ask mi to ask my mum not to smoke too much.
i think he cant reali tell that to my mum except thru us ba.

then today went to school.
all tired but at least the mood not as worse as yesterday.
then after school,
i called up serene to see if she wan to meet me for lunch at sunplaza.
n so we met.

she told mi that she also wanted to find time n chat with me after she read my blog.
it seems that we can telepath.
i wanted her to read but i didnt tell her.
she wanted to meet but didnt tell me.
still each of us did wat we thought.
hi 5 sister!!

ate our lunch & chat.
she also a emotional ger.
lucky i control. if not i think ppl will think..
y two teary ger cryin in the foodcourt.

after that we went to OCBC to help my mum do some stuff.
everything went on unsuccessfully.
nothing was done well.

went to NTUC to buy some food.
n i finally buy the ice cream i wanted.
moo~~~ moo~~~

went home after tat.
reach home all watching 'full house'
so i watch along.

around 7plus i had my dinner
n went to adm to transfer things to my dad account.
lucky it is alright le.

now waiting for my dad to return.
i ver tired still i feel i better pei my mum until m dad comes home.
tired tired tired.
tml have to work.

Sally Signin off.

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, August 03, 2006

last night i finish with my FSB calculation,
n wanted to sleep.
i took my pillow n went to the living room.
i laid on the sofa.
about 1 plus, my aunt n mum come back.
they look so weak n tired.
i help out abit n mum shoo mi to sleep.
so lay on bed for a few minutes to hear if anything is happening
n slept.
i am reali tired - exhausted.

today went to school with a heavy heavy heart.
pray before i went out n check my mum is sleepin before i went out.
in the train ride, my brain kept talkin to itself.
im tryin to push out the negative thoughts.
reali tryin ver hard.
easier said than done.

sorry guys tat i hav put a ver blackie face.
they dun noe the reason y.
i think i put the mood to near zero.

reach school i settle down, but the teacher was half an hour late.
nvm. he reach we went in.
and dear mi, i dun reali noe he is talkin about.
after that had project meetin.
discuss some stuff n soon i will be stress for the referencing part.

went home after project,
my aunt told mi that she accompany my mum to doc again.
this time for her stomach gas.
then went to pray.
come back home n rest.
type out today's minutes for project n went to do some of my stuff.

then my mum called mi in to her room.
she wanted mi to handle her bank account books.
n the sad thing is that she cant recall her password.
i was so helpless.
i reali am.
she used to give me her password but i normally will forget it.
watchin her so helpless made my heart reali ache.
so so pain.
*teary eyes*

then aunt went downstairs to burnt the prayer stuff n saw something bad.
then around 8 plus i was helpin my mum to clear my dad's table.
i did some sort of bookkeepin.
now all things arranged in a neat n orderly manner.
see le ver shiok.

around 11plus when i was still in my mum's room filing,
my mei come into my mum's room - crying.
she is reali scared.
then my mum had to sayang her.
my sis told mi that she will sleep in my mum's room tonight.
ask mi to wake her up ard 615am in the mornin.
i see le i oso wan to cry,
still i held back.
no point makin my mum more painful to watch me cry.
reali no point.
wan cry can. not in front of her.
tat y i am controllin all my emotion.
such a hard thing to do.
even xiao mei also scared.
my aunties they oso scared.
all scared.

help my auntie say she got high blood pressure last night
when she heard my mum went to TTS.
i was still smsin her to chat with her.
lucky nothing happen.

tomorrow i hav to help my mum run errands.
i hav to try if i can help my mum to change n transfer some documentations.
hope everything will go on well.
so i can go home early.
think i will go sleep le.

*Everything will be alright de. it will be.*

Sally sigin off.

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

today i feel like makin this entry in chinese.

妈妈, 你不要有事。


看到你last night 突然间不能说出你想说的话


过后 你叫我帮你按摩你的颈项,

今天, 找样去学校读书。
在学校疯疯颠颠, 尽量摆脱影印。

但放学后, 阿姨叫我赶快回家。

到家, 全身是汗。



8点多, 我跟妹妹和长阿姨离开家里。
长阿姨是要回家, 我和妹妹是要去打包吃的。

她说要陪妈妈去Tan Tock Seng Hospital。
一路安慰她, 也跟自己说不要害怕。
一定要坚强, 作弟弟和妹妹的依靠。
所以他们慌 , 我一定要冷静。



Sally Signning off.

:D ♥; sally


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