...Destination ~ Destiny...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

slpt at 3 plus in the wee hours of mornin.
woke up 9 plus cos of my alarm.
hav to meet up with ferlin.
havin brunch with her.
before tat mi called cailing.
ask her to come out meet mi too.

wan to hav a chat with her.
at least now she feels much better than i hear on phone.
sat at mac for abt 2-3hours.
almost rottin, onli tat think this time change to freezing.

after tat we went to popular.
again we were stuck there.
she lookin at cd, mi lookin at novels.
good bargins i will say.
if got $$ sure will wanna buy.
but tight cash flow so look look n take note.
cos goin to library see if can borrow.

then proceed to library.
mi there 'hunting' for books.
end up borrowed abt 12 (4 chi, 8 eng).
the capacity of borrowin per card has again increased to twice the original amt.
so shiok.
but carryin home is troublesome.
saw meng siew too.
chat n update each other. then she left.

after tat mi n cailing took bus, n part for home.
reach home, mi again busy searchin my diary.
n finali mi found it after 3-4 days.
missed it lots. lots of my life details inside it.

finish watchin amine, n then watch a documentary show from art central 'planet earth'
the mother hunchback whale reali ver li hai.
for she has to starved for 5 mths, while she still feeds her new born child.
then still hav to travel to the food ground at either north or south pole.
so dangerous journey.
reali remarkable (tat is the word im thinkin of).
salute to them :)

now mi bloggin.
think will help my bro settle his mp3.
my mei juz bought him - 1GB.
that is cool...

mi promise tonite will try to slp early.
my rings are appearin to conquer my face.

sally wanna slp le......

:D ♥; sally

woke up quite early though last nite i slept reali late.
prepare myself n went to ah yi to meet another ah yi at bishan.
they say goin to eat mee sian at kovan, n meet up w vincent uncle.

after tat we left for expo.
had food fair.
look at food, mi no shi yu.
so juz look look onli.

reach Dodo store,
the person recognise ah yi,
so gav us free food.
some more 2 rounds,
even gav us the gift bags n frozen food.

after tat went to walk the second level.
ah yi hav bought mi a top,
vincent uncle suddenli decide to buy mi a bag.
cool n nice one.
like it ver much.
had chat with them,
then mi n 2 ah yi went to ah yi bishan house.
n left for suntec carrefour.

packing stocks,
n after tat went to little india.
had went for brow threading n went for dinner.
after tat took bus 65 to bishan.
ah yi alight first.
then we alight n took train.
reach home ard 11 plus.
settle down, watch some amine n now here i am.

tml gonna meet ferlin at 11am.
chattin w friend.

sally gonna slp soon...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

woke up pretty early today.
read 1 chi then 1 eng novel.
chat with parents.
hav interestin commotion goin on.

then change bed sheets.
this is a tedious process.
cos mum had come in to change some arrange.
then mi clean here n there.
wrap here n there.
shift here n there.
vacumn here n there,
then mop here n there.
but after this workout, felt pretty good.

went to freshen up then went to CWP with mum n ah yi.
shop around,
at metro bought 2 pairs of shoes,
for mi ver hard to find shoes tat suits mi.
then went to eat.
n shop around.
went hang ten, bought 5 slippers, 2 bottoms, 1 bag n 2packets of soaks.
so many things.
lucky now is singapore sales.
so promotion everywhere,
still i find it scary.

then move on to S&K.
wanted to buy top for dad.
n end up my mum ask mi to try this n that.
so hav 1 top n 2 bottoms.
i was like, enough le..
so much i see until ver scared.

then they went metro, mi went to buy dinner for bro.
n left CWP.
reach home, continue with wat i left in the afternoon.
then zhiming called mi.
n i went down to meet them.
they were so persuasive.
but still i hav my own stand.
they say my kou cai ver good.
n tat is a plus point.
n weakness is talk w/o goin thru brain.
i noe it is true, but let mi think it thru.
after tat mi 12plus reach home.
talk w my mum abt it.

** chun xia thanks for being there n hearin pour my rubbish out :)
reali reali appreciate it :)

so now think hav to slp le.
3am le.
later still hav something on..

sally deep in consideration (decision making)....

:D ♥; sally

Monday, May 28, 2007

after 3 days non -stop of standing
it is reali a luxury for mi to sit rite now.

ytd didnt blog for im simply too tired of standin.
i suppose nth much happen.
the ppl from lee hua jewellery, alfa romeo n market place are quite interestin ppl.
chat to pass time n same thing, we cant reali sit.
some more ladies in lee hua stil hav to wear heels. wow.. power!!
had fashion shows, went to look for dogs..
they are so cute.
then went over to habour front for dinner after work (abt 830-9pm)

today, customer movin slowly.
had breakfast n Toast Box,
walk around n went to my booth.
n cool that i manage to finish off the wine tat i open today if not will be a waste.
a customer had bought a wine tat i used to promote at a ver good good price.
so i ask him to consider gettin more, after i made the comparsion.
the wine is screw top therefore he can open n close it back easily.
after tat he turned back to my booth n open the wine n ask mi to drink.
interestin isnt it.

chat with ppl from lee hua, fila, alpa romeo, n designer furniture
quite a approachable group of ppl,
n they seem to be willing to come to talk to mi.
for i was the onli single promoter around.

saw the fila bag nice.
but control myself.
no $$ is like tat de.
every thing can save save,
i am seriously reali broke le.
hav to earn them back.

had dinner at harbour front.
then went back home.
finish off my novel.
now i am reali tired.
will turn in soon..

*Doris Mei Jia You for ya 'O' level chinese later (after 12 midnight)

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, May 26, 2007

think im free again?
able to return home early?

mornin woke up.
made a decision, that may disappoint or surprised some ppl.
decided to call it quits though for short time.

last nite was chattin with friends, n i was there like company ambassdor,
but now reverse situation,
when i was chattin with friends, i believe deep done within mi,
actuali im tryin to convince myself tat im in the good industry.
but mayb i noe im not a aggressive, persuaive person.
an agrument where i noe i will not win for im juz like tat.
hence, leavin is better.

woke up feelin tired,
went to vivo to to work.
1st day at vivo.
work from 930am to 8pm.
about 10 hrs, legs breaking.

linda treat us breakfast,
n i went back to booth later on.
got crowd but not customer.
lots of ppl in strange mascots walkin around.

had lunch at banquet,
break at pet shop.
was watchin the cute puppies.
ver kawaii, but i noe i will not rear them.
lookin is good enough for mi.

made the call, n went back to work.
can imagine whole day at atrium sellin onli 4 wine bottles.

then around 7 plus 8,
there was a trial for some fashion show.
find it funny la.

there is also ferrari n alfa romeo car displays.
nice car i will say.
chat with some ppl n left.

went over to harbour front to eat dinner.
so reach home abt 10plus.

chat on phone w ferlin,
meetin up with her next tues at sunplaza for brunch.
then refresh myself n now using compie.

hav to slp le.
tml hav to work le

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, May 24, 2007

another down right rejection.
nvm i takin it well.

drag myself to work,
cos got a sudden overwhelming feeling of fear n uncertainty
nvmtheless go ba.

reach there 3 plus 4.
try fixin but at the end i noe.
got news from past, no avail.
afterall cant force, so let nature take its course.

clive chat with mi, fred taught mi new stuff.
presentation - my most feared!!
hav to learn. muz conquer.

need to slp early,
tml need to wake up early for work.

sally signin off..

:D ♥; sally

back from work.
n wat an experience i will say.
didnt noe that deal are so difficult to get.

mi woke up 9am today despite sleepin around 4am in the mornin.
read my novel.
prepare myself for work.
slack here n there. did abit of home work.
still not ver enough.
hav to jia you.

met up with ph n yuan da to go work together.
sat there n hav lunch.
get to know some more new ppl.
then prepare myself for appointment.
1st appointment, n wan ting pei mi go.
mi treat it as a home visit not reali doin anything much,
but didnt noe so much trouble is to be expected.
for one thing is that $$ has to be taken seriously
n let say not a ver small amt, yet not a ver big amount.
didnt noe my uncle would run 1.5hr 3 times weekly.
so fit.

then went over to auntie house.
alrdy 10pm.
so kinda of paisei.
still nvm.
but still not much of a deal though they are interested.
so nvm.
say not sad is fake one.
but will gain confidence de.
at least i say tat i hav did my best.
after all is my 1st time, so wat can u expected.
at least i gain knowledge n learn to face rejection.
though i noe it is not reali a complete loss.
battle will still continue.

so zhiming went to meet us, n fetch mi home.
gav mi my magnetic mat n i bring it home.
i tried it for 5mins or so,
reali not bad.
at least i noe i still hav quality taste.
for such products, muz think LT n not juz the cost.
anyway, though cost is one of the decision making factor. :)
-anyway thanks for being there for mi :)

printed out my dad's document,
ph called mi check out on mi.
so now think will go prepare to slp, after a nice warm bowl of soup.
gain weight no choice.
but still hav too.

so i should sign off now...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

tired tired tired.
everyday the same startin.
but i reali am tired.

woke up 9 plus.
read my novel.
then prepare myself to go meet zhen at sunplaza.
lend her vcd.
after tat return library books
n made my way down to clark quay to meet poh hwa.
so now i noe wat he is talkin.
but hard to describe to others for im not skilled enough.
so should wait for more news from him.

did something out of the ordinary.
my mum reali noe my character too well that i had to lie to hide.

mi got to noe some new friends,
all friends n approachable.
some from northland pri, n yjc.
reali world is ver small.

n i reali feel tat this is goin to be a new turnin point for mi.
i will succeed, not try but muz.
need to change my thinkin.
n dun feel scared.
think this shd be done everyday n apply it to sch, friends n family.

reali wish to see a change in mi.
hav to rite.
my character sometimes i will say not ver goood.
abit of everything (= nothing to me)

anyway this is it.
chiong but at a street smart way which i noe i lack.
so dun turn ya back on mi wor :)
though it is limited in space.
wish mi luck n success.

ok la.. enough of it.

now already 1plus le.
still hav to wait for dad to help him.
im so tired.

goin to do my packing.

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, May 21, 2007

tired eyes.
but much better than ytd.
at least i can be pig until 11plus.

woke up read novel.
then prepare myself breakfast.
not too bad.

then return back to my novels.
finish off the english n then finish off the chi novel too.
think tml can return them le.

then watch abit of tv with mum.
n i slack in my room.
finali i made myself to pack my notes.
2 large files n all done.
happy hehe..

after tat use compie.
gonna eat dinner.

initiali wanted to go runnin.
but then w/o joggin shoes, cant do anything..

then ying called mi ask mi if wan to go joggin.
i said ok, n then i finali rmb i didnt hav joggin shoes.

finali victor the crab exporter send invoice to us.
hope everything can reali reali reali be smooth sailing.

change my blogskin while chattin with hui zhen.
simple is wat i wan. at least wil not lag too much.

reali hav to get use of sleepin early le..

sally signin off.

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, May 20, 2007

mi finish back at home le.. hehe.
tired is the word..

woke up n then ying sms mi to ask mi watch TV
her junior is on TV.

after tat went to work.
reach work on time, after so long of being late.
but still go there stone.
no crowd again.
sales even worse than ytd.
stone there reali hard.
nothing to do.
so stack beer, maggi mee, then chat with uncle n choon ki.
ppl come, ppl go.
giant staffs alway ask mi to go home la.
i was like, how to find such a good environment to work.
of cuz i didnt go home la.
if not, if spread out not ver nice le. :)

left at 6, n went to CWP to meet serene n jason.
on train saw someone from my sim class.
dun reali noe his name :P (billy or something)
waited for serene at cwp.
n they scare mi cos i was seriously engross in my novel world.

went to food court to eat.
n when i was abt to order my food,
saw edna n her bf.
think they come for the fun fair.
chat with edna, n part when my food come.

they didnt giv mi my rice until serene reminded mi.
whoa... no wonder i find something is missing.
haha. ate le then shop around.
after tat they left n i wen to find my mum who is also in CWP.

after 10plus we left.
had some fun while waitin for my mum.
was sort of playing with my bro.
interestin i would say.

so now mi in front of compie.
chattin with poh hwa.
tues goin down to meet him, see got any luck in findin admin job.
wish mi luck.

sally signin off..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, May 19, 2007

my eyes are so tired.
dun noe y..

drag myself to go work today.
tired sia.
somemore sun so big, shinnin on mi.
melting quite quickly.

reach workplace,
i was thinkin of wat sample to open.
simply cos i dun hav any.
so went to find choon ki,
ask him n my auntie.
so ok lor, listen to him, open affordable wine.
not too bad.. smooth but dun feel much of the spicyness it shd hav.

then i stone there.
nothing for mi to do.
reali stand there n stone hard.
so busy walkin around giant, as if im doin inspections.
walk until sian, so continue to stone hard.

then went for lunch.
dun noe y after half hour,
mi went back to work.
sian ah..
stonin, walkin, stonin.

tried to sell the wine.
at least can move abit.
but reali no crowd at all.

4.05, choon ki come to say goodbye to me,
cos he goin home.
so good.

themi stone, n went to children section.
hug a toy n stand there chat with 2 giant staff.
chat for abt 30mins with toy tat i hug tightly.

help her countdown n take note of time,
n mi return to my post.
guai guai stand there n promote.
heard that raymond didi went back to his home in malaysia.
enjoy the time there ba!!!

serve n stone until i finali can go home.
though reali no crowd, still can sell more than 1 carton.
not too bad.
saw some regulars too.
but they remember mi, n i cant rmb them.
sad. tired..

later in the evenin, i actuali felt cold.
even went i walk home,
i could feel the cool breeze.
imagine tat i didnt even perspire.
achievement for mi ..

watch tv, had dinner.
now bloggin.
gonna continue my novel.
i hav to slp early.
mayb by 11pm will slp le.

so long nvr slp early le..
reali ver long.

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, May 18, 2007

time to update if not i noe i will be a lazy bum.

woke up late today (though i hav work :P)
as usual check for my dad's stuff n prepare for work.
went work place,
for no apparent reason i was sort of being told off for something tat wasnt of my scope.
so went to find choon ki n 'tell' him the story.
n he still tell mi next time any problem ask them to find mi.
i was 'HUH!'
ya advertising, ya orders, i become scapegoat hor..

after tat mi there did nothing much.
chat here n there.
cos simply no crowd.
did many checks, walk the aisle many many times,
until i can stand to slp.
then finali got something to do.
pack rice, pack flour n sugar.
then see choon ki stack wine.
mi dun wan to help.
onli help to open up the box.
n strength n brain i leave it to him.
did tickets.

n stone.
raymond n choon ki we there havin fun.
the way they talk reali hua zhong you hua.
mi tryin not to understand too much.
haha. of cuz i succeed cos i reali dun noe wat they talkin.
fancy a 26-7 year old choon ki n 20 yr old raymond talkin ver cheem things.
mi in the middle reali gav them a ver ver blur look.
ytd also the same situation but with additional 2 more guys.
funny situation.

after tat went to chat with uncle leong.
chat half way, choon ki called up.
ask mi to help him do something to carry the stuff to the counter.
haha. he was alrdy out of giant le.
help him carry the stocks, n went back to chat.
reali nothing much i can do.

then need to call raymond for some stuff.
caht with him.
interesting fellow who like to disturb mi.

after tat wait for time to reach for home.
as usual da bao.
go home watch amine TV.

now bloggin..
now chargin my mp3 with food..
chattin with cailing on phone.

y is my printin down!!
haiz.. how to fix it..

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

wanted to blog last nite.
but too tired so end didnt do entry.

suppose to be a busy day with the stocks
but end up choon ki help to my pack.
so mi load was reali lighten by alot..

after tat had lunch.
then went to find some stuff to do preventin me from being too bored.
then the guys were playin with words,
tat made mi blur n shy.

after tat went home,
bought dinner n slack.
reali am tired.
until now i should be gettin to work.
but i woke up late.
so will be goin late.
sad ah..

my eyes are still ver tired. :(

sally signin off..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

bloggin time.
one tired day today.
wake up as usual.
read many chapters of my novel.
then prepare to go eat brunch.

ate at yishun ave 6.
so long didnt go there eat le.
think got years le ba.
enjoyed it.

after tat turn to khatib.
my mum wan to go see doc.
then mi help her run errands.
after tat, dad ask mi to go change my mobile phone.
wanted to get sony ericsson k6100i red
but dun hav red.
so end up get nokia 6300.
not too bad.
ver classy feeling, with metal casing. nice nice.
went to adm to apply for GST Credit ..

then went to adm,
bought a hp pouch.
help to print out my dad's photo.
finali after 3 weeks :P

n went home.
ate dinner.
watch amine.
play with phone with meis help.
ver li hai.
although dun hav cable.
da mei still manage to use camera usb port to connect.

but space within the phone, quite limited.
mayb tml will buy a bigger size one.

n for E1 gatherin, i hav one person confirmin with me le.
cool :)
hope to see them soon..

ok will hav to stop here.
hav to help my dad look for more exporters.
tml will also have to work (last min notice)..

sally signin off..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

woke up late this mornin.
wanted to pei my mum go check up but end up my eyes cant open.
slp until i force myself to wake up.

then wanted to read novel,
but dad ask mi to help him reply email.
next we watch tv then went to eat.

mi went home n slack,
waited for my mum to call home.
went to sunplaza to meet her.
we shop this fashion for 3 whole hours.
so cold n long.
but at least i manage to get 3 tops.
that is by chance de...

borrow books n ate dinner.
now i am home.

see wat i can do later.

sally disappearing...

:D ♥; sally

im so tired now but i cant slp.
cos daddy haven come home.

this mornin woke up abt 10.
finish the ver last portion of the novel im reading.
then prepare myself to go out.

met ying, xuan , n wan yu to go international plaza find some agency.
so got registered with kelly services.
after tat made our way to town.
charlene end up cant come cos not feelin well.
poor her, take care ah..

then went to hunt for food.
they were sayin tat i hav a hungry face.
of cuz i hav one,
for i did not eat last nite dinner, this mornin breakfast n lunch.
so shdnt my tummy be rumbling n doin flip flops?
ate at yoshinoya.
n we chat there.
after tat wan yu felt uncomfortable n so she went for home.
mi, ying n cuan continue to walk.

all i can say is tat my legs are reali tired.
seem that they are breaking up on mi.
walk from PS to hereen then go in walk 1 round n walk to far east.

they saw alots of button top. haha.
sayin i was actin Jap ask mi go try.
so they tried ver hard to find to make mi fulfill my dare.
so of cuz i went to try.
but mayb i not too suitable or i juz not used to it.
so end up didnt buy.
but ying n xuan bought tops.
then finish with far east, cross bridge to another side.
think is for tourist de.
look so expensive. look le not ver shiok.
went out n walk around,
finali can go home. (6 plus)

stand all the way, cos sit sure tat ver hard to get myself to walk.
reach adm da bao n go home.
stone at TV. resting leg.
9pm watch amine, then watch variety show.
they were showin n telin some horror acts to scare ppl
mi heard it, run to take cover in my room.
then my 2 mei meis are playing with wa wa's PSP.
played until ver engrossed.
after lookin mi went out again.
this time is to use compie.

i wanna slp @.@
my black eye rings are comin out n obvious.

sally disappearin.....

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, May 13, 2007

sian ah.
dun noe wat the exporter is doin.
now didnt see any documents and also any stocks.
so where have they gone?
damn it.

juz the thought of it boils my blood.

woke up tired tis mornin.
was late for work but i dun care.
saw the store manager givin out flowers to ladies (ie. mothers)
for today is mother day..

so i here wish my mum, HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY!!!

help lao ren jia pack rice,
chat with raymond didi.
talk abt some serious topic.
but glad tat he ask for it makes mi ponder.
he doesnt seem to be the sort that wans to settle down though now he onli 20.
cos he words sometimes too sweet,
his GF all dun take them seriously.
so sad.

then went for break.
come back stone.
then pepsi ger come to chat wit mi.
both of us are juz simply too bored.
n soon mi abt time to go off.
lao ren jia still came to shoo mi home.
always find this interesting.

went huntin for jewellery gift for mum.
went to northpoint SK, cant find the piece i wan n went to CWP SK
still cant find cos sold out.
i actuali find myself ver li hai.
cos i alight at yishun walk to northpoint n back to train station in less than 10mins,
then went to CWP n back to train station also less than 10 mins.
wat the hell im doin!!!
in less than half hour, mi in 3 location (3rd is adm)
still end up empty handed.
went to bus interchange.
but didnt take bus.
went back up to take train.
lucky i take train.
cos my mum called mi up to ask mi to da bao.
heng ah.....

then slowly walk home.
n sit there cant move.
watch 'Just follow Law' with bro
tat show actuali quite interestin.
with presence of law, ppl are organised.
but due to the law, too many procedures are in placed.
so cham.

thinkin of changin my blogskin.
hunt for one le.
think can try it out..

tml meetin ying n wan yu to hunt job.
after tat i will see how.

sally so tired @.@

:D ♥; sally

wat a interestin day..
mornin wake up n went to sunplaza.
return book
n made my way to mac.
cos meeting ying n gordon.
gordon was with his family eatin breakfast.
n he insisted on treatin us.
he say one sentence tat we cant say no 'if dun like me treat, like we are not friends'
i was like.. like tat also can ah.
end up we sat there until 12plus.
n i had to leave for work.
was runnin late.

went to work.
n stone.
lao ren jia not there.
so cant disturb.
nvm so i stand there n stone pretty hard.
until 3 still no sales.
n decide not to eat lunch for i hav arrive late n that will hav to go mitchell birthday later.
so ren ba...

serve some customers n in total so more than 12 bottles ba.
consider quite good for a no crowd day.

bought flash drive again.
this time is for my dad.
n went to wait for bus.
made my way to mitchell house.
n when i reach.
my sec friends were there.
so good to see them :)

hav agnes, vivien, huizhen, eunice, wan hua, su wen, michelle, meng siew n ying heng.
onli later shu ya n her bf come along. suwen bf come too.
ate dinner n play cards, MJ.
mi super poor with it.

played heart attack, makin us all so warm.
mi again the fan ger,
pointin the fan to mitchell who is posin for camera with the cake.
finali all the phototakin session, the cake is cut.
n was quite delicious. :)
n we gather around n chat.
chat alot of stuff.
juz recallin back reali interestin.
like who n who (ie. teacher, student etc..)
chat until 11plus, then we made our way home.
mi, shuya n michelle took bus.

now mi using compie.
helpin my dad to do some stuff.
n of cuz link ppl.
must update ourself :)

they are plannin to do a (1-4)E1 class gatherin.
gonna be soon.
see how they goes.
eunice seem qute excited abt it.

mi goin to rest soon.
tml still hav to work.
im so so tired. but still i enjoyed it. :)

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, May 11, 2007

im so tired.
dun noe y..

slept late last nite despite knowing hav to work.
pei my dad watch the tape twice.
see if we miss out anything.

woke up around 9 plus this mornin.
then use compie.
still no sign from them.
then prepare myself to go work.
went out with my xiao mei to adm.
then we part.
she has friends to gather for jonathan birthday!!
while i made my way to work.

waited at adm for nearly about half an hour.
cos reach there too early.
then reach work place.
saw lao ren jia.
he say,' finali u come ah'
then i reach there he alrdy hav job for mi.
so do it lor.
then there is new promoter ger.
nice ger i will say. cute n TALL!!

chat together to kill time.
n went to hav lunch together.
for lunch today instead of my usual 1 hour,
i pei her hav lunch for 1/2 hour.

after tat i saw my stocks so went to pack it.
in the midst of packin sold 8 bottles.
n tat it for the day.

then walk around.
saw fei fei auntie.
help her do ticket.
n mi stand there stonin.
help lao ren jia awhile.

abt 5plus,
lao ren jia ask mi if i can go back abit later.
cos he wan mi to help him pack can food.
but he see my face,
ask mi to go home.
haha. know y?
cos my face look super tired.
no choice.
i am reali tired. :(

da bao dinner.
but onli ate it at 9.
so before 9, i was watchin vcd with mum in her room.
simply too tired to move.
9pm, watch scv amine.
10 went back to watch the vcd.
so now pause.

finali hear some news from the importer.
dun noe wat they wan.
faster get the deal/ shipment goin.
dun drag n drag n drag ah.

tml still hav to meet up with ying n gordon.
n go work.
after work gonna attend mitchell birthday!!
think will hav mini gatherin.
so wat i am goin to wear that can go for my work n after work program.
lazy to think.

sally signin off....

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, May 10, 2007

i saw myself on tv. but onli for a glimpse.
but my aunt was featured the most.

woke up around 9plus n use compie.
was expecting mail.
but none return mi email so decided to use gmail instead.
sometimes i feel mayb yahoo mail has some problem which i cant pin point it out.
nvm. at least hav backup to support.

waited n read my new novel.
quite a thick one.
but not too bad for a story.

help my mum change her appointment with doc to next week.
cos she miss it this week.

after tat went to cong pang with parents to hav brunch.
then shop awhile.
reali ver warm outside.
cant stand it.
bought VCR tape.
cos serious role for it.

then went home.
the bus ride was quite comfortable cos of the aircon.
reach home stone n sit infront of fan.
after tat slack in room n waited for amine to start.
didnt reali focus much on amine cos the exporter finali replied mi.
so manage the email n did a acknowledge letter.
1st time doin dun care too much.
but all necessary details hav to be in. -><-

then watch variety show while waitin for the stall to go on screenin.
they reali cut alot.
so much tat some interestin parts are left missin.
nvm at least it is still featured. :)
ying even sms mi sayin tat she saw mi.
such a short while still can see.
haha. super eye. if i didnt watch carefully i wun even noe tat is mi.

now i wish tat the stocks for the crabs will come in quickly to deal with the shortage of crabs tat my father is facin.
even the pricing from suppliers has increased.
so based on economics, with ever increasing quantity demanded,
cosin price to increase, hence shortage.
n importing is believe to reduce it.
it is a risk tat they hav to take.

soon will hand the compie over.
tml will start workin le.
busy busy...

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

finali time to blog.
hav to do quick entry.

last nite i drank yomeishu (correct spellin?)
nvm abt it.
onli before i drank then i noe it has alcohol content of 14%.
mummy ask mi drink so drink lor.
anyway it aid mi goin to sleep faster n more soundly.
ok la.. around can slp pretty fast n pretty sound.

then this mornin 11 plus 12 then i am willing to wake up.
too shiok less the renovation noise.

then read the novel.
n prepare myself to go hav lunch with parents n aunt.
went sunplaza.
had tom yam fish soup with rice.
all i can say is bad!!
dun noe if im drinkin the soup or oil.
so oily.. yucks.. n not tom yam taste.

after tat went to this fashion.
shop there for quite some time.
wanted to buy top.
but end up try le cannot.
aha. either too baggy or revealin.
looks nice but mi think cant fit.

so end up after all the coldness in the stall,
bought bottoms.
then shop around.
cos heavy rain outside.
so drag feet to walk.
reach home, mi immediately lay on bed n rest.
reali not cut out to be a shopper.
wan shop can.. shop till i drop.
this phrase fits mi well.

then read novel.
watch TV n cook dinner.
i feel not bad,
but mum n di di say not ver good.
i still eat very happily.
my di di ask mi 'Jie the noodles ver nice ah? how come u eat until so delicious'
i didnt ah.. :P
mi feel nth wrong with it ah..

now mi feel sleepy cos come out of shower.
still hav to wait for the exporter to come online to chat with dad with regards to biz.
sian ah...
nvm will read book while waiting.

jia you ris for a last paper...

sally signin off..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

sorry xiao mei,
unable to do the qns cos my eyes reali cant open le.
even my parents say tat i look reali reali reali ver tired.
tat was no joke.
so had fitful slp until 3plus, re-adjust.
too warm a weather.
makin mi frustrated.
nvm abt tat.

slp until abt 8plus,
da mei was askin mi if her dressin is ok.
mi head not clearly awake.
but think shdnt be too bad.
after all she has more taste in dressin herself than i hav.

woke up around 10 plus this mornin.
consider early.
cos dun noe is upstairs or downstairs havin renovenation again.
dun seem to end.
my sis come back from sch,
super tired, n the noise make her more sad.
seem her exams is not goin on too well..

after tat read a chi novel.
felt so xin fu.
then help my dad with emails n stuff.
hope it is for sure n no changes le.
smooth smooth de..

thursday seem to be a good day.
1. xiao mei endin her mid year tat day.
2. our ver first imported live mud crabs shipment from kenya will be arrivin in singapore
3. channel 8, 830pm, dad's stall will be featured ( for mothers' day edition)
as for the rest, they hav to happen for mi to note it down.

ok. went for brunch.
n suppose to head for home.
but dad was takin mi to hp shop.
he was thinkin of help mi change m mobile phone.
so consider but haven get.
cos not too sure if it is a good one.
hav to seek advice from my mei.

headed home.
n stone.
finish up my chi novel.
then went to my mum's room - watch VCD
cute show.

then watch until sian
go back my room n read english novel.
im reali lovin it..

but cant tahan the weather.
so warm n stuffy n dry.
wan to rain, then rain big big ma.
small small rain more frustratin, warmer.

went to da bao for them.
but i didnt buy anything for myself.
dun noe eat wat so dun eat.
sian ah.

reach home watch amine.
gettin more n more interesting.
think gonna finale soon.
happy yet sad...

da mei juz finish her datin n reach home le.
xiao mei think she chiongin her P.O.A. at mac.
jia you jia you.

chat with agnes.
think will offline soon.

in case i forget: Happy 19th Birthday to u Froggy!!!

sally signin off... (havin ver tired eyes.. @.@)

:D ♥; sally

Monday, May 07, 2007

finali finish last paper le.
the paper, i feel abit strange.
but i dun care.
n i reali got short term memory.
cos i ask ying to explain to mi b4
still i forget.
wanna knock my sense out of it.

nvm abt it.
after tat we took cab to suntec.
they wan to go sizzler to eat.
so we went.
ver full sia.
after tat we made our way to marina square.
how long i didnt step foot to it le.
still rmb mi stuck there for 3-4 weeks last holidays.
so there mi abit familiar.

then around 550pm, mi left 1st.
cos hav to meet mei.
reach toa payoh.
then another problem arise.
they suddenly change venue.
if mi n mei board the bus,
think we will scream n scold them like mad.
waste time, effort n money lor...
then we no choice went down to sunplaza.
cos if go home, sure we dun wan to come out.
mei bought her biscuits,
then met up with wa wa,
n serene join in for a while.
after tat we left from sunplaza to some place in semb park area.

the place we went hav bottle bottom trees.
ver rare de.
in the series, Goong, they also hav the trees.

havin mother day celebration.
most of my cousins all there.
missin members: my xiao mei, yong biao n siblings.
zanne reali active sia.

abt 10plus we left.
so full.
think all together hav abt 10 dishes.

after tat mi n mei alight,
dad n rest went to auntie house to get massage chair.
now they juz return.

now chattin with zhen
n she told mi, sch will reopen on 2 July 2007.
quite early.

seem to hav some problems with the shipment.
gonna check it out..

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, May 06, 2007

wow.. im tired.

this mornin woke up early.
then did stats.
im so tired.
then discuss with ying.
but ard 2 plus 3 we stop.
one thing finish discussion.
other hand, mi too hungry, n brain dead.

went to eat 2 big big bowl of porridge.
my mum was like WOW!!
i was like. need to replenish the energy man!!
then my bro watch initial D.
so i watch too.
after tat i went pei my mum watch tv.
then kelly call mi.
n we discuss again.
reali tired after tat.
then stone.
watch some more tv.
cos reali brain dead.

then cyn sms to ask abt stats.
n prepare to go out with mum.
went to sunplaza to eat.
n i finali can borrow books after 2 weeks w/o them
can start readin tml le.. cool!!!!

then last min went to this fashion.
they shoppin for clothing.
the store ppl want to close shop le.

prepare to go home.
now using compie.
n chatin with family members.
reali like market.
but i like it..

tml last paper.
after tat goin celebrate with them/
but dun noe how.
dun noe how they react when they see my change in hairstyle.
dun too shock!!
not ver drastic la.

after tt mayb can meet my family members.
havin early mother's day celebration at turf city/
so last paper will hav to return to turf city ah.
reali is fated de.. hehe..

wish mi luck!!!

sally signin off le..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, May 05, 2007

im so happy. accomplish some stuff today.

this mornin jason called mi cos last nite i sms serene to help mi check mail.
chat for some time n they went out. :)

then got the call from the compie shop.
news: compie fixed le.
afternoon mi n dad went to take it back.
expensive but no choice.

had our lunch at the yishun industrial park canteen.
not too bad. traditional lookin n delicious. :)

after tat reach home went to help my dad check the emails.
n then prepare myself to go adm with mum.
go hair cut.
cut new style with my fringe.
the hairdresser say i look like a kid le.
hope not la hor.. haha..
then dye my hair too.
not too bad.

da bao dinner.
now compie is mine for the moment.
after will hand it over to didi.

charge my mp3 which has been goin without food for days.
poor mp3.
think will add some songs to it.. hav to change it abit.
if not listen same old songs. :P

think will go offline.
hav to eat dinner n practice biz stats.
got some problem with it.
need help ah..
gonna call up ying when im done :)

sally signin off..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, May 04, 2007

one down.
n im so so shagged.
now dun even noe wat i wan to type.

GPRS hav been present for so long.
but mi ver lihai.
cos onli wed nite dinner time is my 1st timeusing it.
cos need to check email with regards to biz.

wed. with cyn reminder.
had lunch with her n wei ping.
ate until 4plus then left for home.
totally cant study
not in the mood ah...

hmm starting from ytd.
tummy cramp like mad.
cant sudy so stone here n there.
then went to adm to eat.
n mi with parents head on to CWP.
cos need to buy washing machine.
home one broken down le.
so reach home alrdy 4plus.
so shag.
then mei was resting.
so i rest with her.
walk around.
slack around.
watch amine n tv.

the actuali studyin onli begins at 10pm.
the studyin is onli reading not writing.
sian ah.
1st time exam i like tat.
abt 1plus, i slept.

this mornin woke up around 640am.
so wanna study.
cos xiao mei readin her books too.
she then rush off to sch.
mi cook my breakfast n then study n eat.
my dad n mei woke up too.
then my dad fetch mi n mei to adm before he go work.
reach adm stone cos still got some time before i meet up with ying n xuan.
then continue to read
cos haven finish studyin the topics.
im so so dead!!!

reach sch n wait for the exam to start.
so cold.
n paper 2hr.
thought shd b ok de.
but end up rush like mad.
me exam come out dun noe y my hair so messy.

then went to compie lab.
my dad gav mi new instructions.

so now here im am.
later still need to print document.
n meet cailing at bukit batok.
which i noe i will be running late.
forgive mi my friend.
im reali ver tired.

*gonna hav some minor change to my job. haha..

*computer u better recover faster!!!

sally disappearing...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

im so tired rite now!!
juz after the law paper. die ahhhhhhhh......
so tough. not enough time.
wan to kill mi? ver easy :(...

so now mi still in sch cos need to use compie.
hav to print out documents for dad.

mi wake up n slept again after reading one chpt of law.
reali hav the way to make mi fall a slp.
after tat mi accompany dad to repair compie.
n hav lunch together.
on the way saw my grandparents n relatives.

after tat i made my way to serene's house.
cos need her compie.
then reach there instead of mi studyin my law.
i was studyin her politics stuff of japan.
reali quite messy for thie political system.
think singapore is much much better.
so end up i try to make her understand wat i hav understood from the reading.
sort of strange la..
jason was busy playing CS on the compie.
mi n serene at some times were talkin craps to destress.

then hav dinner at her house.
auntie got cook my share so muz eat abit.
after tat made my way home.
bought some bread n da bao for my mum.
reach home abt 9plus.

watch my amine n cailing called mi.
chat awhile n watch TV again.
reali not in the mood to study sia.
watch until 1plus.
then i rmb i hav exam the next day.
so quickly went back to slp.

feel tat i didnt reali sleep ver soundly.
so woke up early n made myself breakfast.
went to adm with mei (she goin to work).

n bus at clementi reali ver long.
make us stand in rain to wait taxi.
even taxi also ver rare..
so end up take bus.
reach sch, no time for toilet.
immediately go exam room.
3hour paper, in coldness.

think muz wrap myself to become mummy then can.

ok la.. now goin to print out the stuff.
go home prepare fri paper.
didnt touch it at all. :(
so now i shall be gone...

sally disappearin le...

:D ♥; sally


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