...Destination ~ Destiny...

Monday, March 31, 2008

today is monday.
sat n sun last 2 days of work.
reali can say mixed feelings.
one is happy tat end work le,
but on the other hand, is tat sad tat will miss those friends.
chattin w them, helpin them. i.e. bakery, GMS section..
chat w those promter friends.
n come to think of it,
i can say all my weekends except study breaks went spent there since i took up the job.
tat is reali wow...

see them change boss, renovate the stalls, shifts of wine counters n etc...

on sun the last day, mi dun hav to spend any $$ for lunch.
honey auntie treat mi soya drink,
bakery treat mi tuna puff.
so nice of them.
chat w auntie at bakery,
then she there analyse my character.
haha sort of spot on it.
cool is it?

after tat time for home, bide good bye to time n waited for bus.
n saw choon kee n another staff.
took the same bus,
n the same train,
had some interestin chat n then bide goodbye.

as usual go to 3 different shops to buy bread - 7/11, n 2 bakery

reach home, use compie...
finali watch nodame le.
so shiok....
then hav to do project..
so tired.

as for today, had futures n options.
not too bad though didnt study before hand,
still manage to understand.

then after tat went to meet up w the gers for project.
change from one location to another location.
in library for 1 hour, then roam round the sch,
finali stand at 5th level to do project for abt an hour.

after tat finali can go to discussion room.
quite spacious de...
n i borrow compie from library.
so 3 laptops, 5 gers in one study room.
all doin project n also mini pinic.
they went to buy tibits to makan.
haha... like party like tat....
finali mi n cyn get Dupont ROE done.
tat is so so good.

now goin to mayb watch amine n do some more of the project.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, March 28, 2008

thur- afternoon class,
was doin my project in the mornin at home.
then chiong to put up makep..
so troublesome.
end up reach classroom alrdy 230 le.
haha.. so set for abt 45 min then left the room.
quite alot of ppl leavin the room at the same time,
cos of the networkin thing.

so many ppl think simply more than 200 ba.
after tt we hear all the 15 companies talk their piece of mind.
n end up all felt tired.
most ladies tat i know same prob: leg in pain cos of heels.
haha. think guys were not spared though they dun hav to wear heels.
as usual blisters n company come to find mi.

afer tat which is abt 3 hours later,
head for home,
i walk super slowly.
cant walk fast at all.
n each step is gettin harder n harder.
who invented the heels.
wan my life ah.. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.........

then reach home,
whole body drained w not much energy left.
but still i stayed up to do it.
not too bad but eyes strugglin to open it.
end up 2 plus then i head to bed.

n today woke up but was so unwilling.
slept back for another 45 mins.
sian ah..
as usual copy copy copy..
so sian..

then hav lunch at canteen n head back to classroom.
need to discuss project.
was askin kelvin how theirs is comin along.
n chat about.
it was kind of him to offer one senior's report.
thanks alot.. :)

then time for the most interestin lecturer.
he reali can catch ya attention.
n offer some good advice w the short commerical breaks.
we noe tat $$ cant buy happiness de.

n his action n laughter pretty funny.
like "ching! ching!!", "Ta Da.."
though at some moments u will be scared by him cos of his sudden action like slammin the table or sudden burst of laughter.
think his style of teachin interest many ppl.
n can see that the lect room will be quite full w students.
hard to not go for his lect.

tml last 2nd day of work.
tirin ah...

anyway wish joanna a speedy recovery from her minor op.
:) n we agree tat we wun step foot in the op room until ver necessary.

hav to stop le.
will do project le..
shun bian got time do research for framework..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, March 27, 2008

one more test down.

tues met up w cyn to study in the afternoon.
both of us tried to chiong finish to study the lect notes.
sian ah...

after tat went for dinner n head for home.
reach home, wan nodame..
im reali gettin addicted to it.
initially onli wanted to try to watch onli 2 ep.
end up i watch 6 eps.

today went to sch as per normal.
didnt know it was the last lesson for business framework.
she reali gav us lots of pointers.
will try to follow them de.

after tat break time,
went to canteen to eat,
saw bonnie chat w her abit, n after tat head back to class.
got international trade test.
8 topics, 40 mcq in 80 mins.
it is as if we are catchin bullet train.
need to do super fast.
n mi as i do, the more i get unclear w my concepts.
want to die le..
finali test over,
n the teacher was kind enough to juz teach alittle
cos we are TIRED.

mi follow ying n charlene to take bus 74/.
head to amk n take train to semb.
head for library.
end up hen bu xiao sin de borrow 3 novels.
temptation ver big..

after tat waited for my mum to arrive.
shop around, n around 9 plus head for home.
reach home rest awhile n started usin mei's lappy.
cos home desktop mati le..
type out framework stuff.
think will watch some more nodame b4 goin to slp.
n so fast alrdy 1.29am le.

later on will hav to wear sort of formal to sch for the networkin session.
hav to put on light makeup.
haha. sian....

sally to amine chasing le...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, March 24, 2008

fri is good friday.
so i juz spend whole day studyin.
progress onli 3 topics.
abit slow.
cant find my momentum to study it.

then sat n sun went to work as usual.
not much crowd to say..
anyway didnt do sales also la.
go there slack, chat around n look around.

as for today (sun),
after work rush for home,
cos wanna watch S-Pop.
saw Jam Hsiao.
cool cool.. shy shy guy..

now my turn to use compie.
n here wish my aunt 'Happy Birthday'

sian ah.
ready 12 plus,
tv showin 'wei shi li'
mi goin to watch amine - Nodame Cantabile..
shdnt be a bad one.
got jap drama on it also.
mayb after exam can go buy it.
gosh there is a few jap drama i wanna watch.
haha. somemore no chi dubbing.
onli jap. got original huh..

ok la. now hav to mia le..
goin to study for test soon..
5 more topics to go w test on the wed.
sian ah..

sally to stress up now....

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, March 20, 2008

long time no blog le. so tired...
sunday went to work as usual.
n head to mac at adm after work.
met up w cyn to study
so stay there till 1015pm.

mon test for futures n options.
almost wanna giv up.
read until wanna die le.
after sch went for appt n went home to slack.

tues no sch,
finali got the chance to read my novel.
then ard 2pm ask my dad shun bian drive mi to sunplaza.
meetin cyn for studies.
wanted to do project.
end up study better.
stayed there till abt 7plus 8 for mi.

wed long day in sch.
mornin ate breakfast b4 goin.
then went for framework lect,
lunch time, makan n abit of project.
then continued w international trade lect.
n went to listen to informational talk abt networkin.
tat was from 530 to abt 715pm.
n then finali head for home.
look so so tired after tat.

ferlin was at my house.
chat awhile, then i pei her walk to mrt station.
n i walk back.
so within 2 hr i walk the same path twice.
reach home onli manage to eat abit.
too tired le...
n head to bed ard 11plus.

this mornin woke up ard 8.
need to charge mp3 n hp.
then check emails.
goin out later .
n will hav to start studyin le after seein my exam schedule.
wanna die ah.
so fast goin to exam le.
not enough time to study leh.
dun noe wat the ppl think...

here are the schedule:
Mar 23 (wed) - Framework (215pm - 430pm)
Mar 26 (fri) - Investment (10am - 115pm)
Mar 29 (tues) - Futures & Options (215pm - 530pm)
Apr 05 (mon) - International Trade (215pm - 430pm)
Apr 08 (Thur) - International Monetary Economics (215pm - 430pm)

n we onli end lesson at 11 April.
is it like 1 week of study break as compared to the 2-3 weeks or one mth for previous sems.
they reali wan us to die fast.
sad n sian sia.....

this means no more play time le.
though i dun hav any.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, March 15, 2008

tirin day sia..

fri went to sch as usual but tis time im late.
b4 goin sch brought my bro to barber n also bought some food stuff.
after tat i went to sch.

went in onli after the the break for the 1st lesson.
think all they do is write n write n write..
i hav miss out alot of writin cos i went in late.

after tat finali can go makan le.
da bao n hav group meetin.
group meetin for abt 3 hrs. intensive de.
mi charlene n cyn did the calculations,
ying n kelly do pointers 1 & 2.
not easy wor..

after tat head for home.
n slack.

today woke up ard 9, study abit
n head out to work.
at work also not easy.
since giant stocktake,
mi n joanna counted stocks in the boxes.
lunch break was
tml goin to continue...

after work,
alight at semb n head to mac.
so was there myself till 940pm.
n head for home.
now using compie.
goin to watch amines n also watch dvd (playing rite now).

test is reali comin all the way le.
next mon - F & O
next next wed - IT (8 topics.. die ah..)
next next next fri - project submission
next next next next fri - IME test,
which also marks the last day of sch term.
n also the beginnin of new study week b4 exams..
no breaks wor...
so cham...

will hav to rest.
tml goin to hav the same routinue again.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, March 14, 2008

wow.. was readin the news from cna.
pretty interestin.

1stly on the volatility on stock market.
fed decide to pump in $$ to help ease the crunch.
the news was released ytd or 2 days ago.
n of cuz the whole market rebounce.

but dun be too happy.
the act of the fed isnt the cure.
n this time the whole market is fallin again.
n fall quite terribly.
see this article n u will know.
with rising oil prices above US$110,
inflation, weakenin US$
ie. In the foreign exchange market, the troubled US currency dived under the key 100-yen level for the first time in 12 years, and hit a fresh record low against the European single currency amid mounting US economic troubles.

shows tat US dun go into recession also ver hard la.
since ppl hav the sentiments that they are contractin,
then for such w herd mentality ppl will draw back, hold their cash n transfer to else where.
thus if they wanna to recover reali ver hard.

n now many young investors are investin,
some speculating.
indeed its a good time to buy those blur chips.
but i no $$

enough of finance..
now i move on to weather..
so so cold lor.
wear long sleeve still not enough ah.
so cold.
n these rainy days are due to the natural climate cycle, La Nina.

3rdly, is the hunt for MS.
the hunt is still on.
somehow or another it is affectin quite a no. of ppl.
like ppl crossin the crossway.
heard that now for the malaysian, they hav to scan their fingerprints.
slows down the whole process.
n for traffic though ease abit.
still quite irritating...

and also singapore hav to rebuild its trust to improve the image.
it is considered to be a strain ba..

enough of my thoughts now my life.
tues went to sunplaza to study all wet.
cos big rain.
then elgin pop by, saw serene n jason.
congrats to elgin cos he ORD le. n he found a job too.

wed long day.
interestin lesson for biz framework.
reali need to update myself w current information.
as usual for IT i slacked.
so tired.

thur which is today,
woke up went CWP w da mei, hav mac breakfast.
shop around n head to sunplaza.
meetin cyn for project.
mei also joined in.
she cant go to wawa house.
cos he is sleepin.

so we chat, do project n hav entertainment.
finali project see some progress.
at least some progress.

ard 9 plus, head for home.
reach home, ate dinner.
gettin too fat le.

daddy off from work, stayed at home n hidin beneath the blanket.
cos its cold,
now all watchin TV programs.

bloggin. think will watch amine too.
tml lesson for investment.
after tat will hav project discussion.
need to settle some qns to move on.

then mayb will study.
need to see how.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

hmm. has been some days i didnt update.
frankly right now,
cant recall much,
mayb cos little change in life?

schoolin problems - assignment, tests n lectures :(
workin ok ok..
friends? all seem busy. haha..
life: abit too boring... as commonly known 'no life'
leisure/ enjoyment - hmm.. chi novels, amine chasing...

reali cant think of wat to type.
too tired le.
tml though no sch.
but got to meet w cyn to do project n mayb study.
test on its way to hunt us down...

sian ah..
wed somemore long day haiz...

ok la.. mi shd stop being so crappy. nites.

sally to sing her own lullaby..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, March 06, 2008

yoz. finali im back again.

mon sch as usual,
but this time round is a long day.
almost fall aslp as the teacher taught cos he repeat abit too much.
other than tat not a bad teacher.

tues no sch.
so was doin my resume.
search for website for samples,
search my own file for details.
finali some format come out. so tiring.
ard 4 plus i head to sun plaza to run some errands.
then head to mac to study abit.
n elgin come along.
pass him my fav chem notes.
haha. jia you ah..
n he went back for his run.
mi left sunplaza ard 7plus.
head home have dinner n continue to do resume.

wed long day sch.
sian ah....
biz framwork quite interstin.
international trade as usual.
in btw classes, went to mega bite hav lunch.
so filling...
took some interestin post card.
quite nice.

n had our 1st n foremost group discussion.
n then lesson starts.
listen until 5 head for home.
so cold.
some more raining.
reach adm hav dinner w cyn n then i da bao n walk home.
ver cool day.
was walkin slowly n enjoyin the long paveway.

got home juz in time to watch my SCV amine
then slack here n there.
ard 10plus 11 continue w resume.
doin finishin touch up n condensin it into 2 page.
i hiong hiong cut cut cut..
n finali send it to confirm my presence for the networkin session.

for these few nites while doin the resume.
thanks elgin for ya straight-forward insights to allow mi to make changes.

somemore do some entertain
share it w u guys.
mr brown i feel a interesting person.
has things in a different perspective.
sometimes hear le will laugh but come to thing of it.
pretty realistic.

mrbrown: ERP Drift

The lyrics are embedded in the mp3. If you’re using iTunes it should be a breeze. For those who can’t view, here it is:

2 Many 2 Count - ERP Drift

I wonder if you know,
How they live in Ang Mo Kio
Go to city many gantry
Can’t afford your speed too low
Fast and furious! (Kena!) (beep! beep! beep!)
Slow is dangerous (Aiyah!) (beep! beep! beep!)

I wonder if you know,
How they live in Toa Payoh
Please lah tolong, only Lorong
Not Expressway also tio!
Fast and furious! (Kena!) (beep! beep! beep!)
Spread like virius! (Aiyah!) (beep! beep! beep!)

Many many taxes danglin
ERP now is randomin
Keep your speed ‘bove 45
Or everybody Cashcard won’t survive!
Suka suka ERP on
Happy happy gantry can born
16 new ways to gope your lui
See already want to pui!

Gahmen say take MRT
Cos car is only luxury
Build the road for Fellari
Normal car will up lorry
Ji Pa Ban (uh!), Ichiban (uh)
No million dollars you Lan Lan
CTE is the place to be
Singapore road for VIP

I wonder if you know,
How they live in Ang Mo Kio
Reach work early, at 5.30
Spend three hours drink teh-o
Can’t be seraious! (wah lau!) (beep! beep! beep!)
Live like vampires (ouch!) (beep! beep! beep!)

I wonder if you know,
Where the gantry never grow
Where the lorry Never worry
Travel freely where you go
Pulau Bukom! (Don’t have!) (beep! beep! beep!)
Pulau Tekong (Huat ah!) (beep! beep! beep!)

some other podcasts tat even my mum also enjoyed.

L.A.M.E -Locating And Apprehending Missing Escapee! (the terriost)

the mrbrown show: formula ultimate queue-up system

the mrbrown show: a hong kong crime wave

the wtf show (video): Panasonic Toughbook review

the mrbrown show: the bread and butter sermon

the mrbrown show: bound to fail

the mrbrown show: return to A class

the mrbrown show: golden horse

the mrbrown show: fat hopes

the mrbrown show: healthy messages


hope u all enjoy it.

as for today.
was awaken by my sis.
so now here i am usin compie.
n its a rainy day.
wat a nice day to slp in.
think will be a piggy later.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, March 01, 2008

ytd is Feb 29.
its a leap year.
interestin... once every 4 yrs.

fri wake up around 7am.
try to study.
but ver tired.

finali time for test.
do it. mess it up. n heck care it.
after tat abit of stonin.
n end lesson.

went to clementi with kelly.
hav mac for lunch.
n we head to tanah merah.
she goin expo, i goin changi.

chat durin the train journey.
n at last reach tanah merah.
we part n i went to wait for bus 2.
slowly enjoy the ride,
reach changi.
then greet relatives n proceed to find my aunt at the chalet.
the walkin journey not short at all.
n i walk it twice,
cos went to meet my cousin also.

play with zanne along w meis n wawa.
quite a fun time.
all slackin until abt 5plus 6.

prepare to bbq food le.
of cuz i dun bbq the food, but i fan the fire.
not an easy job.

then was comparin our side with the next door.
ours at most 10-11pax, next door more than 30 ppl.

but still i enjoy it.
seat down chat. then they play mahjong.
i dun noe how to play.
haiz. lucky my er shen beside mi.
then she sort of guide mi along.
n went ard 1plua, our parents come to fetch us.
they a super fast round.
i totally cant catch up.
i juz say, 'quickly game, i dun wan to win'
but actuali is cos i dun noe how to win it.

then finali can go home le.
reach home, i use the toilet 1st.
cos mi need to work tml which is much earlier than them.

my dad shoo mi to slp cos my eyes all closin le..
then around 6am,
mi cousin sms mi n wake mi up.
im so so so tired.
then around 10 force myself to wake up for work.
auntie faye called mi to help her look after her promoter.
so went to work.
did tickets, cos it a new mth le.

then chat with joanna.
n finali time for home.
da bao,n went home to slack.
now usin compie.

n read an interestin article.

from chi newspaper, they were askin abt our past based on our lunar birthday.
n mi, not a good one.
'a traitor in han dynasty, who is chasing fame,& fortune regarldess of tactics, no eyes for law n abused authority'
this sound so so bad....

n my past character even worse
'too much into fame n fortune, n becos of it i got friends into trouble.'
lucky now im not...

enough of it.
now im watchin 'step up'

sally to mia n slp le..

:D ♥; sally


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