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Thursday, February 28, 2008

was reading a blog n mention abt the meaning of flowers:
so here it goes..

Roses - Love
Orchids - A belle
Iris - My compliments
Daisies - Innocence
Tulips - Declaration of love
Calla Lily - Beauty
Amaryllis - Splendid beauty
Hydrangea - Heartfelt
Anthurium - Hospitality
Daffodils - Chivalry
Chrysanthemums - Fidelity
Carnations - Pride and beauty
Lilacs - Youthful innocence
Birds of Paradise - Joyfulness
Tiger Lily - Wealth, pride
Peony - Bashful
Anemone - Anticipation
Sunflowers - Pure thoughts
Aster - Patience
Gladiolus - Strength of character

Colours of ROSES:
Red Roses - Love and romance
Black Roses - Vengeance
Blue Roses - Mystery and intrigue
Pink Roses - Gratitude and appreciation
Purple Roses - Love at first sight
White Roses - Innocence and purity
Green Roses - Fertility
Yellow Roses - Joy and friendship
Lavender Roses - Enchantment
Orange Roses - Enthusiasm, passion

isnt it interesting?
think for the other flowers got time then check it out how they look like.
haha.. like science or botantic lesson.
enough of flowers!!

now back to my entry.
seem so long tat i didnt entry.
everyday like ver short.
dun seem to be 24hr at all.

mon- went to sch.
tired is the word.
F&O ok ok.
lucky i pre-read abit.
was able to catch up with wat teacher is talkin.
if not im dazed le..

durin lesson he teachin one topic,
i continue to write notes for another next topic.
can say is multi-taskin
(ear listenone topic, hand n eyes on another topic)
kelly still ask mi wat im doin.

after class stayed back for awhile.
try to finish up the notes part.
then went home & slack.

no sch.
but met up w cyn 9am for breakfast n head to CWP mac to study.
not much crowd at 9plus.

so we study till abt 4 for cyn,
mi abt 5plus.
around 430pm, xiao mei came to find mi durin her work break.
n then ferlin gav mi a call.
she wanted to meet mi.
so there are new change in regulations le.
~ Tax tat add cost n lowers return rate, transfer from Co. to us.
~ CPF bal muz hav at least $20,000 before able to invest.
isnt these two fierce? i mean they can n i think imposed at the same time.
Mar 1 if im not wrong.
so sad...

went to buy bread n head home.
slack again. ver tired.
but still watchin DVD. reali an interestin show '1% possibility'
watch until 3am :P

wed: sch.
long day in sch, mornin Biz framework, afternoon International trade.
teacher can reali repeat n repeat.
make mi cant focus.
fall aslp at certain timin.
cant help it at all..

then took bus to woodlands,
shop around while waitin for time to meet ferlin.

at 7pm,
head to adm to meet her.
brought ferlin to my house.

so chat abt my policies,
then discuss abt my mum, da mei, n xiao mei.
end up onli manage to settle my meis n mine.
ferlin left around 11plus 12.
reali late le.
few hours at my home.

think she had a interestin time at my house ba.
1st time talkin to client while she is lazyin on the bed (my mum),
1st time a person wanna sign the form (my da mei).

send her to take cab,
n refresh myself, watch the endin of the show.

seen on my sch portal an advertisement for WTO (world toilet organisation).
n on the same day SCV was showing the formin of WTO.
- a man in india, broke their tradition.
- eatin w the lowest caste, bringin them to the temple to pray,
- findin work for them...
- at the second intake, the whole village women wan to take part.
isnt tat a significant event to celebrate to break away from tradition.
- yet not enough funds to hav the whole village women to train.
- hope ppl can contribute more to their mission.

- in singapore there is also a person who bring it to light.
many think it is not feasible but it did.
though a strange idea but is a impt idea tat we took it for granted.
awareness is critical i think.
after all it voice down to personal hygiene ba...
at 3am i finali slpt.

no sch.
woke up at 9am,
prepare myself to go sunplaza to find cyn.
made myself breakfast.
read abit of paper on money section.
ver interestin.
seem tat wat im studyin n buyin are reali relevant in the real world context.
tat i find it interestin.

think reali hav to hav the habit of readin newspaper le.
lazy ah..

after tat head to sunplaza,
wheather so warm.
try to do summary.
hav lunch ard 3.
then continue to study.
chat abit of rot.
cos too dry topic, n too tired le..
n i did some shoppin too

around 7 ferlin come to meet mi.
went to my home again.
hav some areas of ammendment.
n finali we settle it.
she left my house ard 10plus.
n was actuali late for another appt at AMK Hub.
so sorry.
went to help her flag cab.
n i came home.

so now im usin compoe.
hav abit of dinner (11 plus).
goin to write the summary out for remainin topic.
so can study more easier tml.
though test is in the mornin...

but my mp3 is chargin,
went flat on mi durin study time.
haiz... it has work hard le.

tml goin to changi after sch.
got BBQ.
thinkin if wanna go anywhere b4 headin to changi.
if not ver early cos dun wan to go home.
go home means ver lazy to step foot out of house.

hope i dun KO b i write finish the summary.
music on for her to be awake.....

sally to chiong for her studies le...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, February 24, 2008

lookin at my past entry,
it has been a few days since i last blog.

n the sequence seem to be a summary of wat i hav done.
think it will continue tat way ba..
either im too lazy or im too tired or im too busy to blog it.
so summary!!
n here goes again...

thur say wanna study but end up i didnt.
stuck in my mum's room watchin 'Er Mo'
ver complicated until i blur.

then fri one lesson in the mornin.
went to borrow TB before start of lesson.
cos next fri test le.
sian ah...

then after class went to canteen to eat w cyn,
n head for home.
reach home, i slack again..
after took nap,
woke up feelin ver giddy, think i caught a cold.
so ate medicine n write abit b4 slpin again..

watch SCV amine 'chuan song zhi wu' ver nice amine.
comin to an end le.
mi n bro tried not to miss out any one of it.

then watch my bro play website game tat has mahjong.
think its the one tat ying they all are playing not long ago.

as for sat,
went to work.
alrdy prepared to pack alot of my stuff,
end up all alrdy pack by choon kee.
cos stocks come too early (on wed).
n mi not there.
off cuz i didnt slack.
i help him pack others.

then i slack.
chat with bakery, honey friends.
even help up with labelin.
if not i reali nothing to do.

went home, eat one more time of medication.
write somemore.
slept ard 11plus ba.

today (sunday)
went to work as usual.
i can say i slack the whole day.
see see here, walk walk there, n chat chat everywhere.

see choon kee they all pack stocks,
i go disturb them abit.
stone while they pack.

then went to bakery to see see their baking skills.
reali they wan it speedy yet of quality.
not easy ah
somemore abit of short handed.

giant cold cold de.
not much crowd...

on the bus journey from TC to AMK,
chat with the cashier.
long time didnt chat with her le..

reach adm, do the errands for my mum n bro,
n then head for home.
complete the 'transferrin of data from book to notes' (handcopying)
spend so many days.
cos im not focused enough.

then ard 8plus, the chingay parade drove past.
mi n bro kneelin by the window watchin it.
n interestin feelin, though its a drive thru,
n we look from far,
then feelin is nevertheless interestin..

so now im usin compie.
listenin to mai hime amine songs tat my bro got frm his friends.
so so nice..
im sinkin in it :D

tml i muz start to chiong for Fri test.
think will meet jur at night for small chat.

this fri im also potentially havin a family gatherin BBQ at changi.
sat seem tat many ppl cant make it.

i think i hav alot of things tat i wanna do,
yet i hav not done or onli partial.
sian ah..

sally to wake up n dun slack le......

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, February 21, 2008

nth much.
afternoon went to CWP to meet mei for appointment.

after tat da bao n head for home..
tried to study but cannot.
cos slackin all the way...

went for class as usual.
biz framework.
think need to complain to rmit helpdesk to get te notes online.
n also got to know our results.
project no bad.
but test result sickening.
onli juz pass.
sian ah..
now i fear for the final examination.

after tat head to canteen to hav lunch w cyn.
n went to 1st level to find xinyi dear.
we study together.
her prelims are comin soon.
so wish ya all the best.

as for mi i busy transferrin data from book to notes.
some point still dun reali understand.

around 5plus we went to megabites to hav dinner.
so full.
n head to next destination to meet up with the gers.

the talk was interestin.
reali gav mi new insights.
thumbs up :) even can apply wat i learn durin the presentation.

around 10 we head for home.
reach home alrdy 11plus.
so wash up n watch amine replayin at 12midnite.
after tat slp..
so tired...

n as for today.
is lunar zhen yue 15.
so i can open ang bao le.
think no one will wait for 15th to open ba.
my mei they all dun noe open until where le.

was awaken by my sis around 10 plus..
told mi there she has cook hotdogs for mi.
n i watch amines.
finish the amine - karin.
funny one....

now hav to go offline le.
later will try to study again.
try not to stop the momentum.

sally to find her directions again...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, February 18, 2008

im so so tired...

sun went to work as usual.
end up stand there onli.
cos all the messy stuff hav been cleared.
so end up stand there,
chattin w other promoters, n following 'lao ren jia' around.
order stocks. (out of 25 cartons, 18 are empty)
this means next week sat i will die from packin the stocks.

so slowly i waited for time up.
hehe.. went home n slack all the way....
watch TV programs,
watch amines..
pack bag n slpt.

woke up around 7am.
forgot to set alarm.
haha.. so set for 8am to wake mi up.
this mornin so cold.
hide myself in the blanket n lots of wawa.

then prepare to go sch.

lect: options & futures.
lecturer pretty strong in his subject.
but when i reach to mi,
i dun noe wat he is talkin abt.
reali blur all the way.
end up i went to borrow book home to understand myself better.

class end early.
head to canteen.
ferlin called mi.
hav lunch, went to computer lab to print notes.

so many problems.
wanna cry le.
end up print every 4 slides (single sheet each time)
think can test my 4 time-table le..

finali aft 2 hrs of 'fighting'
finali done le..

now doin bloggin.
will go down to raffles city to meet ferlin.
she needs to update mi abt my policies.
n after tat i will head home le..

im so so tired..

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Belated to all.. happy V Day :)

wed n thur i cant reali rmb wat happen.
onli noe i part w my money.
dun talk abt it.

fri finali start sch le.
but quite fierce.
2 lessons for the day.
ver sleepy ah.
cant tahan.
eyes closin every now n then..
cyn went off early.

then mi after sch, chat w robin they all.
sharzi (cant get the speling) ran to catch bus.
end up ni robin n matthew took another bus.
mi n robin chat on the train journey.
he headin to raffles place to wait for his GF.
so sweet.

as for mi went alight at tanjong pagar.
need to go to UIC Building.
waited there cos reach there pretty early.

so while waitin got to noe a auntie also from pinnacle.
so she sort of follow mi.
saw nancy they all.
n we went up together.

the food not bad.
they busy singin K.
kinda fun..

i sat at the promoter's table.
the aunties all busy feedin mi.
they cant finish all put to my plate.
end up i felt so so full.
want to slim down seem so hard.

so end up reach home around 11plus.
shower n watch amine.
n sleep.

today went to work.
so tired.
see the counter wanna cry.
so so messy.

so reach there spend abt hour or two doin the facing.
then after tat pack my own display.
out of 25 boxes, 18 are empty.
so can imagine how hard to squeeze the wine bottle out for display.
around 2plus 3 went to makan.
i need food for energy.

then went back continue to work.
do tickets n stuff...
chat w choon kee.
many ppl today start work.

waited for time up.
da bao n head home.
reach home - dinner time & with side dish bbq meat.

now watchin TV program.

hav to mia le..
tml still workin...

sally disappearin...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


continuation from sun.
went to penguin house as mentioned earlier.
hav to pass mei clothin of the day to her.
so ma fan.
chat with froggy n penguin.
ate abit at mac b4 goin to meet parents to head to jin po house.

hav a super filling dinner?
make my mouth water whenever i think of it.

so quarrels come up btw my parents.
nth much i can say isnt it?

after tat head to adm to help mum collect vcd.
n head for home...

at home slack all the way.
watch VCD tooo ( my billie jean)

then on mon.
mornin woke up read novels.
then head to adm to buy veg n meat for cookin.
reach home, prepare the ingredients.
cuttin of meat reali im not skilled at all.
haha.. not up to my mum's standard.
dun expect too much from mi..

then watch SCV ate dinner,
continue with novel.
think i read 3 if not 4 chi novels for tat day.

slept late..

today, wake up still felt ver tired.
y is tat so?

then thought of goin to bai nian.
so ask my mum,
called up my god parents.
n prepare myself to go out..

head to novena square to find my god-mummy.
chat w her, n pei her hav her break.
think we talk quite abit of stuff ba.
then around 5 i left novena.
sat at mrt station to wait for time to pass by.

after tat head to khatib.
went to find my tution teacher.
she has taught mi for 10 years (since pre-pri to sec 3).
n when she ask mi abt my age,
it seem to stun her.

n later in the evenin,
2 friends tat i know come to visit her too.
one even hav 2 kids le.
tat is reali ver fast.

end up at went there to teach a boy spellin, another boy maths.
tution teacher still so busy n anxious...
abt 8pm, i left.
went to da bao food home,
reach home quickly called up my uncle w regards to some stuff.
n hehe...
juz in time to watch the SCV amines.
so happy.

watch le..
finish up the novel (2nd book of the day).
n the now think finishin an entry le..

thinkin whether to go for company dinner.
ah yi say go cos can receive ang bao.
but where is UIC Building?
hav to find out more by thur.
cos fri is the day.
most prob will be goin ba... ???

mayb tml will go shoppin w mum ba.
mi feel like gettin some tops n mayb bottoms for my wardobe.

sally to mia for now le...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, February 10, 2008

**Happy Chinese New Year to all**

basically went to batam trip for this new year.
total strength: 21 pax (about 4-5 families).

1st day
mi wake up 1st.
did the breakfast,
wake up my siblings n parents,
then head to yishun to fetch my cousin who is goin along w us.
n made our way to singapore world trade centre.
met up with grandparents n ah yi's family.

chat awhile n went to singapore cruise centre to board the ferry.
so many ppl.
hardly got standing position,
all busy standin in front blockin the passage way.
we almost miss our boat cos of diff vessel namin.

finali reached batam,
saw the free shuttle bus w my name ' ms sally ng & the party'
look so cool ( though i didnt get the chance to see it for myself)

after tat ride to hotel.
last year bell boy - made
has been promoted to front desk le.
cool.. very cool..
still so friendly n i suppose he stills rmb us.

i check in for all of us,
so dispatch the ppl.
went to view the hotel room.
pretty neat..

so we hav our lunch while waitin for the 2nd group to reach n meet up w us.
sam n desmond played the 'monster vehicle'
cant reali rmb wat it is called.
seem to hav lots of fun.
mi, mei n mummy sat outside the lobby enjoyin the cool breeze.
ver shiok.

walk around waited for dinner time.
head down to 933 resturant.
dinner i can say not to my expectation.
dun reali enjoyed it.
but was enjoyin the fireworks.

dad on the other hand was carry zanne to slp.
he long time didnt carry babies.
so whole body achin.
thus zanne switch from mei to dad to er shen then to er shu.
after tat we play fire works.
ver nice,
think its a great experience.

went back to hotel,
n Made has arrange for complimentary bus svc to the firework location.
he made it possible cos its the 2nd time we come to the same hotel.
so we hao hao tang tang went to the location.
n play the fire crackers.
even come up w name for those tat unsuccessful shots - beauty on the floor.

after tat return back to hotel,
went to sing K.

tiring after all day activities.
5 of us head back to room to wash up n slp.
there goes the 1st day....

2nd day
woke up still feels ver tirin,
quickly increase the room temp too cold le..
wash up n wake up siblings n cousin.
made call to my mum's room to wake them too.
not an easy job.
hard to get them out of bed.

head for breakfast.
n notice tat my necklace gone!!
so sad... :(

prepared the things needed for the activities later on.
met up w the rest n there we go...
head to harris hotel - Money Bar.
played water sports ie. banana boat (didnt capsize), jet ski.
my xiao shu say i drove the jet ski like a drunken.
tat y i didnt even hav the thought of drivin a car.
cant control it.

hav lunch n i become the order person.
simplify food to 3 type - fish & chips, fried rice & bee hoon soup.
im the last to eat.

so after tat went to Go Kart.
think onli 10 ppl played.
i juz watch n see.

next up is to the temple.
this was added in mind for my grandparents.
walk around n pray.

n then head to city.
some went shopin,
mi, mum, dad, yi zhang, ah yi & daphne wanted to go massage.
but all seem to be fully booked.
so instead head to search for fire crackers.
but pricin problem so end up didnt buy.
head back to the shoppin centre.

hav some food n all decides to go back to hotel.
went hotel, i hav a ver quick shower,
n head down to the hotel's lobby to meet mum for massage in the hotel.
pain is the word.

after tat i head back to room,
played with xiao cousin - zanne.
haha.. dance around the room n sat by the window to view firewks.
er shu come to take zanne back to slp.

after tat mi went to hav jacuzzi in the bathroom.
not too bad.
come out of shower n then saw another cousin- wan ting in my room.
so chat w her.
shun bian pack bags. i shun bian pack sam's bag too.
the 2 meis alrdy slpt le.
chat until abt 12 plus, see wan ting back to her room .
then i K.O. le.

desmond went to makan supper.
sam played billard n then come back.
waited for desmond cos he thought des dun hav key.
so cute.
thus end of 2nd day..

3rd day
again wake them up.
waited for desmond to get ready.
head down for breakfast.
once again head back to room.
since all alrdy packed bag,
we slpt for a little while
cos reali ver tired.
eyes can hardly open.

waited for time to check out.
all gather at lobby,
mi dad n shen shen went to settle the bill.
so all done,
set for terminal.
took big family photo.
so cool...
bide goodbye to the bellboy who often chat w us.
n then head for ferry terminal.

mi n dad went to get our boardin pass,
n i distribute them.
all went to the coffee shop to wait for time.
finali time to board ferry.
all chiong ah..
lucky enough to get seats.

2 mei slpt again.
n mi chat w wan ting cos she ver bored.
n finali reach singapore le.

feel tat a heavy load down n tat i hav arrive on familiar grounds once again.

some went to changi for 1st day of work,
then rest took my dad's lorry home.
pack with ppl n bags.

upon reachin home,
mi sat on the floor settlin the bags.
clean or dirty clothins.
n catergorise them.
so tired.
hav my lunch,
n head back to room -slpt like a pig.
2 mei mei and di di still can go out.
ver li hai.

woke up in darkness,(8pm)
mummy also restin.
my whole body seem to ache (think from the massage.)
watch TV, hav dinner n continue to watch TV.

now bloggin.
pics will come as soon as i get them out of camera n from relatives.
dun noe up or down stairs ppl playin majong.
talk ver loudly.

tml mornin goin to penguin house to bai nian.
after tat will go to ji po house to bai nian.
ris will be workin..

so now think will go slp again.
seriously i think im lackin of slp.

sally to hav her slp le...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

HAPPY CNY in adv to all...

last nite so tired.
slept ard 1 plus.
think the afternoon trip to the market too tiring.

then tis mornin wake up.
busy all day.
clean my room - wipe, mop.
then clean windows n vacuum & mop the whole house.

after tat help out in kitchen with reunion dinner dishes.
& around 4plus,
the staffs (7 of them) of the stall came to my house.
chat w them, dad solict with them.
n hav dinner.
nice n filling one.
after tat they left,
watch TV programs.
pack my bag for the batam trip.
now waiting for 12 midnite,
not cos of CNY but cos of repeat telecast of the amine.

hope the 3 day trip will be a fun-filled one.
with additional responsibilities as age come along,
hope tat i can find my place/ role & a peace of mind..
but my mei doesnt seem ento abt it.
sian ah..

sally to another paradise....

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

finali i can blog le..
for these past 1 week,
feel quite busy.
n tat since compie got abit of prob.
tat the reason y i didnt blog.

went to sch all week.
cant reali rmb wat i did.
last lect for foreign lect.
did a little of shoppin.
at work place got to noe a few youngsters.
one is even my sec junior.
think she recognise mi but i dun.

alot of crowd.
long time didnt see such crowd.
then on sun,
wanted to leave at 6 to meet mei n di.
but then pinnacle boss come
so cant run away.
delay till 630pm then leave.
shop around at amkhub,
then went to find my mum..
shop for my bro clothing.
then hav dinner.
n walk around.

tirin is the word...

ytd nite some more clean window, change bedsheets n then wipe walls.
in the middle of the nite.
more coolin..

later will go buy foodstuff for reunion dinner.
gonna help to carry n prepare.
now goin to continue to clean windows n my room table...

Good news for myself: this week til next thur no sch.
so cool...

cant wait for the cny to come.
wanna go play jetski...

sally to mia for now..

:D ♥; sally


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- Zombie Loan *completed* -

Manga Mania !!

- Adarshan no Hanayome *completed, 10 Jul 2010* -
- BackStage Prince *completed, 5 Jun 2010* -
- Badminton Girl *completed, 30 May 2010* -
- Baraio My Honey *completed, 1 Aug 2010* -
- Beauty Pop *completed, 28 May 2010* -
- Brilliant Magic *completed, 2 Jun 10* -
- Dakishimete Noir (cat) *completed, 7 Jun 2010* -
- Fairy Cube *completed, 29 May 2010* -
- Hana ni Arasji *completed, 12 Jun 2010* -
- He's Dedicated to Roses *completed, 6 Jun 2010* -
- Kokoro ni Hana Wo *completed, 5 Jul 2010* -
- M.C. Law *completed, 8 Aug 2010* -
- Otokomae Beads Club *completed, 1 Jun 2010* -
- Power (basketball) *completed, 31 May 2010* -
- Psycho Staff *completed, 2 Jun 2010* -
- Shinrei Tantei Yakumo *completed, 1 jun 10* -
- Shinshi Doumei Cross *completed, 31 Aug 10* -


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