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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


ni hao ma? hehe.. mi playin w the chinese program.. today is monday n that serene ask mi to pei he go out shop shop.. anyway for mi.. im noe to juz do window- shopping while mi friends make their purchase.. hehe.. i think i juz cant bear w mi money.. money- minded am i? haha..

when we met up at semb.. singapore being limited by the land space.. make us singaporeans little area to let down our hair.. haiz.. all we do is either shoppin, watchin movies or singin at the KTV outlet like party world and Kbox.. so limited until i oso find it sian to go out to play..
we went to city hall to shop 1st to let the time past by.. we went raffles city tryin our luck to find mi ah yi.. but it was stil in vain cos she wasnt there.. but nvm we contiue our shoppin tothe city link.. as the time is abt to reach 4.. serene rush mi to pei her go taka.. SHE MEETING LESTER FOR LUNCH.. so sweet rite.. haha.. but hor.. we waited for quite some time n that we both wanted to slp while waitin.. hehe.. then finally we met him and that we ate out lunch at the taka food court.. so after the lunch which i feel shd b tea- break or supper.. lester went back to his work post.. mi n serene continue on with our shoppin.. we went cineleisure n then went to herren.. haha.. So sweet knowing that a family can change the person outlook of life from a person who is often being despiced to one who is honored, from a ger who behave immaturely to a ger who decided to take the load of the family to her own shoulders n b strong for them.. wat a nice thing to do though noein the burden is reak heavy.. tis is wat i call a family.. its so cool.. n that i enjoyed it..

then when we finishin shoppin.. it was abt time to go home.. we stroll from summerset to doby gaunt ( dun noe if spell correctly?) haha.. the weather was coolin n that i didnt even sweat.. haha.. cool sia.. then we went to take the train.. haha.. and so concidence.. we met taufiq from our secondary sch.. haha.. he was like the joker n Jadi or Jedi as he like to mention.. hehe.. then we part our ways.. and off to the train.. haha.. and now im sittin in of the computer finishin my email routine checkin and now finishin the last part of today's blog entry.. hehe.. *yawns* .. tired sia.. cailing say she wan cum mi house tomoorow or should i say today cos its aft twelve midnite le.. hehe.. so c how ba.. catch up w ya guys later.. hehe..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, April 22, 2005


mi today went out w serene after her work.. actuali this was ver unexpected.. in the sense that actuali i wun b there if mi mum wasnt at home today.. mi mum had went to extract her tooth n then cant reali talk so she decided to rest at home.. onli then i can go out.. haha.. mi prepare miself in less than 5 min then i went to take the take.. haha.. i reach orchard abt 6.05pm but then i went to popular to buy a book that mi sister, doris required.. after buyin the book mi went to Orchard library to return book.. strollin mi way to find serene which was abt 6.20pm.. serene was busyin cashierin.. aiyo.. when she told mi i thought it was 6pm.. but based on experience i noe she will b late.. haha.. i went to surprise her n there again i was waitin for her again.. when she finally released from work.. yin fen (mi new friend), may (yin fen's friend), serene, mi met up n went to Kbox.. today is thursday and its ladies' nite.. so all go cheaper than normal.. haha.. worth it sia.. hehe.. now bloggin mi entry at this timin.. mi had to prepare to rewind mi tape to see the Japanese amine i requested mi sis to record on mi behalf and that its time for mi to switch off the computer le.. hehe.. nitesz everyone.. sweet dreams.. hehe..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, April 18, 2005


konichiwa.. hehe.. today mi went out w ying.. she msg mi last nite to ask mi if wan go out.. haha.. mi dun reali mind la n that long time no c her so cum out for gathering.. hehe.. then we met up at yishun at 130pm then off we go to orchard.. though she goes orchard almost everyday becos of her work.. we still go orchard.. cos we feel bugis nothing much to shop abt.. hehe.. since we alight at orchard.. i suggested on surprisin serene.. haha.. she there ver busy foldin clothin.. haha.. then cos little consumers we stood there and chat awhile.. hehe.. then she wanted us to pei her eat lunch so we went to shop around first.. but hor her lunch time supposedly at 3 plus becum at 4.. so mi and ying when juz steppin our foot out of taka.. she called.. but she say she buy back to the store to eat cos she noe we wait until wan to slp le.. hehe.. in btw the time.. mi saw clarence of semb sec.. haha.. he oso work for giordano but at lucky plaza.. hehe.. when waitin for serene.. ying n mi buy a pair of shoes.. cheap deal.. haha.. simple n nice.. hehe..

then we went to herran to shop shop.. haha.. shop until we drop.. ying was considerin wheather to purchase the cds but indeed end she didnt.. haha.. then went to centrepoint to stroll.. and back to cineleisure.. actualli we went there to eat Long John Silver.. haha.. we chose the seats and we had the freezin feelin.. it reminds us of LT4 in our JC.. haha.. normali when one enter the LT one will cum out frozen.. haha.. i called LT4 as 'FreeZer'.. Wat a suitable name!! haha..

then aft our search for food.. we went to orchard to take train to Woodlands to mi wan yu.. haha.. she wanted to buy phone.. haha.. so we went there and shop abt.. hehe.. but in the end she didnt buy the phone cos she required some details that she didnt bring along w her today.. haha.. then we went to find lee peng in metro.. but we couldnt find her.. so we shop around.. and in the end w wan yu request.. we went to giordano again.. but tis time round mi brought 3 shirts.. haha.. the promoter say how cum we seem to be stunned when someone serve us.. haha.. mayb cos im not used to ppl servin m i ba..wat a funny guy.. i had a hard time choosin the colour.. haiz.. so in the end i bought light blue, light yellow and white.. haha.. all the light colours seem to fit mi better.. i wanted orange but didnt hav mi size.. sad.. then we continued to shop and its was time to return for home as yu was hungry for the time was 9 plus already.. mi went seperate ways from them.. i took bus home.. haha.. now the time is 1041pm.. and im still survivin.. haha..

w nth to update for now.. i shall hold my fingers for now.. hehe.. catch up w u guys later.. hehe.. Nitez to all.. sweet dreamz n slp tight.. hehe..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, April 16, 2005


yoz.. today friday.. mi went out w friends.. initially wat was planned wasnt followed as many things had cropped up.. so sad..

supposin we were suppose to meet hidayad but she was held up by stuff abt the postin poly results.. luckily she managed to get in after much attempts.. hehe.. so she end up not goin out w us.. but its ok.. cant blame her lor.. hehe.. she havin her orientation tml.. so wish her est of luck ba.. then yin fen ( serene n hidayah friend -- i dun noe her ) oso cant make it.. so i miss the chance to hav a new friend.. hehe.. but there are bound to b other opportiunties to make new friends so no hurry.. hehe.. then mi n serene met up at sunplaza and mi had mi breakfast cum lunch.. then we moved on to orchard where we met up w hwee kuan n jackie.. hehe.. now their turn to eat.. haha.. so we waited and aft that we went to shop a bit.. mi bought bubble tea to drink.. haha.. long time no drink le.. hehe.. as we shop we heard alot of our fav songs being played that we started a mini singin session as we walk abt the stalls.. haha.. shik sia.. mi sing until goin to no voice le.. haha.. then as we are abt to go home.. mi saw mi JC friend, Si Ann.. she was released from work.. haha.. gd for her.. mi now still slackin.. sad.. her work at orchard is gonna end tml n that she will soon start work in woodlands being a logistics admin clerk.. i heard the pay is quite gd.. hehe.. after wavin gdbye to her.. off i went home.. haha.. we all alight at sembawang where i purchase white milk.. haha.. milk ver nice.. and when i reach home.. the timin was juz right for mi to watsch mi japanese amine.. so gd.. onli that the 1st carton i hav missed it.. the cartoon is 'Last Exile' quite nice.. then the one that i managed to catch is the 'Shaman King'.. i wonder if serene managed to catch this cartoon.. as she wanted to watch it.. hehe.. now juzt finishin mi dinner at abt 12 plus to 1am.. i hav finish mi blog entry..

after the long day out.. i think i will stay at home for the next few days... nee dto replenished mi energy.. haha.. now lookin forward to the next possible meetin w hidayah darling.. haha.. and hor.. so sad is that today i cant take pic.. cos dun noe y the pic turn out to b ver ugly.. haiz.. so i think today is the day when i dun feel comfty to take pic.. haha.. if i knew it earlier.. i wun bring the digital camera to add up to mi load.. haha.. i guess i will hav to go to slp w quite a full stomach.. cant tahan anymore.. wan to slp le.. hehe.. nitez everyone.. sweet dreams n gd nitez to all.. hehe..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, April 14, 2005


lyrics to the song --> 'Journey'

" it's a long long journey
till i know whera i'm supposed to be
it’s a long long journey
and i don't know if i can believe
when shadows fall and block my eyes i am lost
and know that i must hide
it's a long long journey
till i find my way home to you

many days i've spent
drifting on through empty shores
wondering what's my purpose
wondering how to make me strong

i know i will falter i know i will cry
i know you'll be standing by my side
it's a long long journey
and i need to be close to you

sometimes it feels no one understands
i don't even know why
i do the things i do
when pride builds me up till i can't see my soul
will you break down these walls and pull me through

cause it's a long long journey
till i feel that i am worth the price
you paid for me on calvary
beneath those stormy skies

when satan mocks and friends turn to foes
it feel like everything is out to make me lose control
it's a long long journey
till i find my way home to you.
to you

kinichiwa.. hehe.. this few days didnt cum to blog.. cos mi com suddenly dun noe y cant access to internet.. but now ok le.. and this credit goes to Frefree didi who hav us once he knew that our computer got problem.. such a gd friend.. hehe.. these few days mi hav been a tv addict again.. hehe.. mi now havin a mania on the chinese show called the 'At The Dolphin Bay'.. haha.. i like the songs they are being played in the show like 'journey and yi shi de mei hao' by zhang shao han.. she got a ver nice voice.. i guess mi gonna change mi blog music le.. hehe.. and finally i finally the show today at abt 5pm.. wow.. the endin still hav concert to c.. shiok .. hehe.. today i oso went to collect mi new spec.. mi spec has blue frame and the lens are can prevent UV rays from hurting mi eyes.. mi look like teacher sia.. hehe.. i think if i was one i think the student will hate mi for sure.. hehe.. at this point of time.. mi gonna end the entry.. hehe.. take care friends.. hehe.. wan an n sweet dreamz to all..

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, April 10, 2005


hiyo friends.. today.. mi got enjoy quite a nice day out.. hehe.. mi met up w serene at semb then we proceed to our next destination which is bugis.. hehe.. but hor there are some hicupps but nevertheless.. we shop super slowly to wait for hidayah.. hehe.. hearing so much abt hidayah from serene but onli up to today is the 1st time we will meet each other.. haha.. actually the whole process is kinda of natural n fun..

the 1st moment we saw each other, we greeted n hug each other.. haha.. then immediately we went to take neoprint.. Super fast sia.. that time we dun even noe each other for abt 10 mins.. but based on our character.. we instantly click.. haha.. hidayah ver fun to b w.. hehe.. the 1st neoprint we took was quite a success though we dun noe wat the machine was talkin.. haha.. goin w gut feelin la.. hehe.. the 1st pic was like a family photo.. haha.. mayb cos we all still haven warm up so abit rigid.. but after that all ver fun le.. haha.. we decorate the pic n off we went to our next destination.. the pic all i like.. ver nice.. hehe.. we shop around.. look around here n there.. hehe.. then received alx call n we waited for him.. haha.. initiali was hidayah who wan to update her warbode but now i think becum serene.. we went to buy chocolate then on to the bugis village.. of cuz for mi.. i was there busy sweatin.. cant stand the heat.. haha.. she saw so many mickey that she quite like it.. she was so tempted to buy.. haha.. aft the shoppin we left for changi.. mi n hidayah darling laugh non-stop in the train.. haha.. i think ppl are beginin to treat us like aliens le.. hehe..

upon reachin changi we went for the beach.. mi n hidayah we busy eatin chocolate and oso talkin abt stars n other stuff.. haha.. we chat n oso at the same time llokin out for flies that are crawlin abt.. so disgustin n as i type i still hav the feelin.. Yucky.. then aft the relaxation at the beach.. went to eat and off we went for home..

poor hidayah darling misses her last bus n train cos of the late timin.. so sad.. then she took cab.. no choice left for her.. then now we chatin.. so next time update u guys.. haha..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, April 09, 2005


hiyo frenz.. today im finally decide wat to do at this late night hour.. haha.. mi change mi nlog skin again.. and this is the 1st time changin it by myself.. haha.. nice rite.. hehe.. i even went to colour the tagboard until abit too colourful le.. haha.. all along the theme of mi blog if frenzship.. so this will oso be the same.. haha.. this is the 2nd time im usin mi-2-u bear.. but i like it.. hehe.. and oso for the 1st time mi use a black background.. had enough of white.. hehe..

today mi began to write abit of mi story to kill time.. hehe.. but hor.. i stuck somewhere.. tryin to figure out wat to write.. hehe.. so i think if u wanna read mayb need some time for mi to write le.. haha.. nth much happen tis few days.. onli many friend went for ns le.. serene alrdy goin to depression mood.. haha.. juz kiddin la.. hehe.. she onli miss them.. but hor i think i wun ask her to think that they are goin on a 'holiday'.. hehe..

today oso help serene do her blog entry cos her computer experience problem.. haha.. so i noe 1st hand news.. hehe..

tomorrow i think im goin out w my frenz.. haha.. then we go chill out.. hehe.. lets enjoy the moments.. hehe.. Take care wor everyone.. many ppl around mi are fallin sick.. so drink lots n lots of water.. juz dun drink to the extent of being bloated.. hehe.. if not ppl cant recognized u.. hehe..

im goin to hold my fingers for now.. hehe.. Wan An le.. sleep tight n hid under ya blankets.. hehe..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

2nd updates.

hehe.. its mi again for the 2nd time.. hehe.. today.. mi when datin w serene.. hehe.. so fun.. n mi little wish has been fulfiled le.. hehe.. after months of thinkin of drinkin vanilla milkshake.. today it has been fulfiled.. we chatted alot n tat so cool to b w frenz.. hehe.. *today oss met up w many ppl --> ladies nite out leh.. hehe.. guys out of the show.. hehe..* then we shop shop.. shop until plan to watch movie.. a ver funny show called 'Son of the Mask'.. hehe.. the baby n its dady so cute.. initial playin naughty until at last becum so sweet.. family ties ver impt de.. hehe.. so i think that the meaning that the show is tryin to bring across.. the show funny yet touchin.. so nice.. didnt regret watchin.. hehe.. then we to eat dinner.. ate w abit of rushness cos i still need to buy dinner home for the young ones.. haha.. so now mi bloggin lor.. hehe.. one more thing.. i think its time for mi to change mi spectacles le.. cos broken le.. so sad.. later then inform mummy abt it.. hehe.. Cya frenz.. enjoy ya nite ba.. hehe..

:D ♥; sally


hi frenz.. its mi again.. hehe.. didnt update for a few days le.. cos preoccupied by some stuff.. hehe.. so now gt time quickly cum n update..

startin on sunday ba.. hehe.. mi finally got out of mi house to go shop shop.. hehe.. counting the days.. i haven gone out for about more than 1 month.. haha.. i think ppl think i rot le.. haha.. mi at home keep readin mi novels.. wheather english one or chinese one.. so enjoy sia.. on sunday mi n cailing went to meet up w serene was was still workin when we reach there.. haha.. so seem stress sia.. cos cashiering ma.. of cuz stress la.. then when she finally release.. she told us that she got perfect for the cashiering.. hehe.. then cos she hungry we went to KFC to eat.. then we chat n chat.. serene even pop up the camera to take pic.. haha.. funny.. then we went to Mango the wisma.. then on to far east.. alot of walkin to do.. then poor mi cos long time didnt walkso much find abit of torture.. hehe.. but luckily i still can hang on.. cailing wan to break down cos reali walk too much le.. hehe.. at abt 7 plus we went to hereen to shop.. haha.. then we all agreed to go to cineleisure to eat n rest our legs.. poor legs sia.. hehe.. then cailing reali enjoy her rest cos she saw alot guys that she consider them gay.. mayb cos of their dressing ba.. hehe.. then we went home le.. but hor.. we all alight at semb.. then chat we all did last min chattin until mi n cailing miss our bus n had to take cab home.. sob.. raining some more.. haha.. but overall the day was well spend cos mi w mi frenz ma.. hehe.. if i dun cum out i think mayb serene will drag mi out le.. hehe..

then on monday.. mi n mi ah yi wen to sunplaza to eat.. then of coz did abit of shoppin then cos always last min got stuff to buy.. we miss 2-3 bus.. haha.. then went home n continue mi adv of story readin.. haha.. but actualli not reali like that.. cos i was busy helpin mi mei to do her REO project that was due for submission this week... now then i noe i can type a report leh.. funny sia.. i was os findin songs that mi bionet dad had recommend mi the website.. so cool.. now i hav a lot of songs to listen to le.. hehe..

today tuesday.. goin to eat soon mayb will meet up w serene ba.. dun noe yet.. hehe.. so catch up w u guys later.. Cya..

:D ♥; sally


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