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Saturday, October 21, 2006

went to sleep early ytd.
too tired le.

wake up ard 9plus,
prepare to go work.
think got 5 weeks didnt work le.

then reach work place,
i see alot of blank spaces.
cos ppl bought many bottles.
i was like siao le. pack until mad.
n indeed i pack until mad.
from 12noon to 3.15pm,
i was packin here n there.
now so so tired..

then when i was abt to go back home,
the tiger boy approach mi.
think he too bored or something ba.
cos there not much ppl.
same age as mi da mei.

now at home. 6 plus.
tired sia..
later gonna watch VCD with my mum.

tml hav to work.
but think not goin to open wine samples.
cos lazy too.
next week ba.

think my compie tml gonna hav problem.
may not be able to update.
sad. my diary...

sally keepin awake for the moment...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, October 20, 2006

in advance..
Happy Birthday Cyn!!

ok now for update.
think im goin crazy le.
was chasing after Gong.
n watch until 530 AM.
it in the morning.
even my auntie also went to work le.
i was with my dad n xiao mei.
cos alrdy the last espiode so i suggust we watch it finish.
it was cool.
i like it.
with love turnin a 'icy' person to person who conveys out n understand love.
so cool.
but still the part 2 series, the orignal cast not goin to be there le.

then wake up ard 9plus in the morning.
need to pei my mum go TTS for checkup.
the next follow up treatment is in dec.

on the way to the hospital,
all my head could think of is the ending of Gong..
think i reali love the show.
responsibility, love, friendship, n kinship.
juz to say im lovin it.

then after the trip,
mi n mum went to J8 to eat n make our way to the salon.
we are goin for a haircut.
no drastic change with my haircut.
cos i want to hav it long.
easier to maintain. haha.

then reach home
mi n mum went to watch another VCD - my sassy ger.
how i hav to go.
my mum is goin to follow le.
n one more thing nice porridge hehe..

tml hav to start work le.
wish mi luck.. :)))

sally followin the wind.

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, October 19, 2006

doin my usual routine n visited serene's blog.
after reading her entry,
i felt so so touched.
even hav tears circling round my eyes le.
so hard for to tear in normal situation.
she has left one PS note for mi.

how time flies.
already 7 years of strong friendship.
thinkin back,
i believe we met each other during sec 2 in our CCA - Library.
think i approach her ba.
she say i was always smiling n lookin ver happy.
haha. didnt noe tat was mi.
for mi during sch time n even after sch,
we often hang around,
ver hard to see us separate. haha.
abit of superglue la.
but dun get the wrong idea.

for serene, she went thru alot alot.
i am her rubbish bin, kai xin guo n many other name she gav mi..
i seem to be there to lend her a listenin ear, shoulder or even warm n big hug.
which i dun at all mind givin it to her.
she is my bestie fren n hao jie mei.
knowin her character quite well,
n tat she knows mine..
we seem to be able to communicate easily.

until now i still feel qute strange abt it.
cos of my strange character.
she say i like to bottle up my feelings which i dun noe.
cos during sch days,
tat isnt anything for to worry abt except sch work n/or selective friends.
i used to be like the shortest among then
but the feelin was like i become leader.
cos of my character.
abit too much like Da Jie.
cant help it.
natural for mi to be like tat.
who ask mi at home hav 3 other younger siblings.
but for mi n serene our friendship has endured alot of things.
i noe tat i hav to stand by her no matter wat happen.
think i did tat quite well :)
i tink i am able to sense something tat others cant ba.
n it hav been confirmed by the 2 of us le.
we two are quite amazed by it also.
whenever i feel a very strong urge to sms or call her,
it seem tat she is actualli in trouble or feelin down.
so strange. yet amazing.

but of cuz,
her current BF - Jason is a good person.
he noe tat serene sort of will listen to mi.
so before wooin serene he come to ask mi if can a not.
funny person.
tat time i was at the rojak stall, n he come to find mi to talk abt it.
serene say tat she listen to mi..
i couldnt remember wat i told her.
but she says that i juz tell her one sentence
if not wrong ' follow ya heart'
strange for mi to say tat.
serene need to confirm again wat i say. ok?
so sorry for my super duper short term memory.
so here i wish them all the best ba..

*i am known to them as a person who discourage while studyin,
so for mi to say this is reali reali strange.
so u two better study hard hor.
dun play play ah...
from ya Da Jie.

as for y i started bloggin,
its also influnced by serene.
got my site one mth later than her.
i am a person who is ver lazy to go out.
like to stay at home.
n tat normali i noe of her happenings when i read her blog.
it is one good communication tool for mi.
so i decided to set up my own webby so tat i can also detail our my life.
my is literally a diary of wat i did everyday.
so nth much interesting actuali.
but at least we can still noe wat is happening around us n not feel left out.
like tat she wun say i bottlin my feeling le.
im writing it out for u to read de wor.
so much read hor. :P
n pls take care of ya body wor.
dun sick too often not good de.
wan to see a healthy U..

now tat i strolled up wat i hav type.
wrote alot.
lazy to blog wat i did.
in simple words. chase Princess Hour like mad.

sally continuing her chase...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Im longing for the seaside.

My thoughts....

"As the gentle wind blow through my hair,
a feeling of calmness & serenity feels my mind.
Sitting on the bench by the sea,
the salty air surrounds me.

Stretching out my hands, my body relaxed.
Closing my eyes, i felt the wind brushing against my skin.
I feel secured.

Melodies of music were composed as waves hit the sands.
Its the music of the night.

Emotions likewise has flown away.
Troubles & problems seem to be resurfacing,
yet they seem to be of non-existance at the same time.
Emptiness of mind and gradual warming of my heart
is tipping its toes into my head.
Unnoticeably I was captivated by the scenary.

As the orange sun set, the moon arise.
Strolling along the soft sand, the night is still young.
Moon brightness & sea wideness.
Stars twinkling bright lighting up the dark sky.

yet time flies by quickly,
and the night will be gone.
the end of one day will meet with the beginning of another.
young sun rising with mixtures of feelings to be felt.

Nature has been integrated into my life.
& i will continue to enjoy this beautiful sight. "

after lookin thru what i hav wrote last year,
now i indeed long for the beach le.
i prefer the evening n the night.
sit on bench n stone.
sure to be an enjoyment for mi.

finali i change the webby skin le.
muz thank my mei for helpin mi.
Thank You Doris Xiao Mei!!!!!!

now im gonna continue watchin Gong le.
take care wor ppl...

sally drifting off...

:D ♥; sally

this pic did it juz now.
abit too wu liao juz now.

ytd or shd say today slept ard 4
wake up 1pm
so shiok.

wake up read novel.
life goes on...
so decided to update abit.
watch Gong.
finish exam 1st day.

juz now upload some of my 'Beautiful' drawings.
if u understand wat ' ' means.
haha. too wu liao le..


sally signin off......

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bo Qiang, if u are readin this post..
Happy Birthday to Bo Qiang..
& tat may ya wish from ya wishlist come true :)))

finali last paper done.
but i am reali afraid for this paper.
last night tried to study for it but i simply cant get it into my head.
read until i frustrated.
today read then still feel nth much went into my head.

this paper is one tough one.
some more all is essay.
these type of essay is never n think will never be my forte de.
end up no time to do n tat i simply left one qn - Qn 6 didnt attempt,
some more is 10 marks. so fly ba. nth i can do to let it stay :((((
reason 1 for not finishing: TIME UP!! PUT DOWN YA PEN !!
reason 2 for not finishing: i frankly reali dun noe wat the qn is talkin abt..

for so long did i not complete the paper.
feel quite strange.
after the exam,
i felt so tired.
reali tired.

play with my dress while waiting for them to go.
me, cyn, n harini went to bukit batok to eat mac.
then we separate our ways.
ying they all goin orchard.
abit too far for mi for today.
anyway alrdy planned with cyn
as to wat we wan to do on the last day of lesson.
haha.. Sing K.
even my mum also ask mi to go sing to relax myself. :))
she see i studied until i goin mad.
haiz. cant help it. brain not cooperative so like tat lor. :(

today we tried out the emo songs. haha.
one shot sing some rock music from SHIN yue tuan.
haha. feel quite shiok.
but my mood not there today.
sing all abt strange strange de
me there experimentin with some song as to how i shd approach it.

then ard 815 pm,
we left.
actuali out timin start from 3 to 6 cos we took the student package one.
but they didnt say anything so we sing until they us out.
so 5hrs of singin.

not feelin hungry.
we shop around.
then went off to take train.
the haze is reali ver bad makin mi feel so uncomfortable.
n poor serene sick le.
take care ger.
when u recover then we go out for now i hav to time.
onli hope tat it dun crash into my work days.

now i do wan i want to do.
craze over VCD now.
as im bloggin,
my mum is watchin Gong.
i also wan.
i studied they watch.
i ver auto go room n hide
play mp3 loudly so i try not to be affected by them.

secondly wanna surf thru to see if can change blog skin.

thirdly got time read some novels - english or chi dun mind.

forth sleep while i can.

fifth do a album of mi from infant to mayb now.
mini project for mi.
in case i too wu liao le.

etc for now brain not moving.
haha. too much brain cells consumed.

think i now can relaz for the time being.
wow this post seem abit long wor. hehe :PP

sally stonin at the same time relaxin her way thru the nite.......

:D ♥; sally

Monday, October 16, 2006

wake up see the weather so bad.
feel so warm n sad.
hav to go take exam.
readin was the onli thing i can do b4 entering the examination room.

in the midst of it,
i ask the teacher some qn.
ask also cant help much
cos still i dun noe how to do .
anyhow put figures which i think it will make sense into the formula.

after that finish n i leave the room,
n met up with cyn.
mi waited for the bus for so long.
cyn need go somewhere so went home myself.
then call up my mei to see where she is.
haha. so sorry to let u wait so long.
my parents arrive later.
so bought food home to cook dinner.

mi reach home read novel,
so feel the brain so packed.
need to unload n relax it.

now alrdy 6 le.
will begin later to study.
this will be the last day of studyin le.
tml i will do exam n after tat let myself go crazy.
cant wait for tat moment to come.

sally tryin hard to get her momentum back...

:D ♥; sally

cant get the things into my head.
feel so sad now.

read thru the notes but reali nth went in.
wat am i suppose to do.
will not giv up hope de.

bu yao qing yan fang qi, fu zhe du bu qi zi ji.

later go sleep tml then read thru again.
how i n get them in.

happy 20th birthday serene kawaii turtle.
mi will forever be ya rubbish bin de.
This is a promise n u noe it.

did some wu liao drawin juz now.
now tv showin da ge da.
goin to sleep le.
bless mi!!...

sally struggling hard. @@

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, October 14, 2006

sat le.
so tired.
drag myself out of bed.

my auntie come to my house.
ask my dad to deliver wine for her.
it is white wine -hardys chalin blanc.
onli for raffles hotel and private customers.
no wonder supermarket display shelf dun have.

then initali wanted to go eat de.
then muy auntie say she goin her firend house.
then i ask my mum to go along.
treat it as a stroll ba.
dun let her all stay day in house.
so now mi alone at home.
using the compie.
will resume back to studies later.
eyes so tired.

now listening to Sun Yan Zhi collection CD.
so nice.
cant wait for tuesday paper to end le.

i juz now was surfin the net n notice an article.
so wat my younger sis tell mi is true n it happen to her.
reali when u are able to sleep more.
u will get slimmer de.
no wonder now she slim slim while im not.
website to wat i hav read:
< http://health.msn.com/centers/sleep/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100108153 >

okie. need to stop here le.
Jia You..

Sally drifting off... >.<

:D ♥; sally

Friday, October 13, 2006

yeah.. 2 papers down le.. wohoooo.
after paper end, abit too high.
n the bus 61 reali ver bad.
make mi wait for about 0.5hr.
siao... so long.. n so warm.

mi n cyn board the bus,
then in the bus we ver quiet.
n on the train we continue to be quiet
cos ver tired.

she alight at woodlands mi at semb.
went to meet my mum for lunch.
so so hungry.
during the exam no feel for hunger,
but immediately after exam so so hungry.

reach home then continue the novel n slept.
so so tired.
then wake up n eat dinner.
the soup is so so flavoured.
im lovin it.. hehe..

then watch zhong yi da ge da.
n went back to my room.
to read a new chi novel.

then now juz finish watchin inuyasha.
haha. so kawaii..
think my auntie also like it le.

now watchin shaman king.
thing after that we retreat back to my room.
tml hav to start studyin again.
the papers will end soon.
thanks Mary auntie!!
i will work hard de.
provided my little brain is willing to absorb it.

sally driftin off to wonderland soon.
*gonna to progress with the meetin of zhong gong gong. :P

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, October 12, 2006

first paper finish le.
hav some problems with the qns.
now i dun care le.
wrong or right still not up to me.
after all its the foreign lecturer who will be marking.

waited for friends to end the paper.
stood there stoning hard.
so tired.
then finali they are out.
then procced out of sch.
feel so hungry so met my mum at adm.
then eat n shop for dinner.
mum is cookin dinner.
n the soup is smelling so so nice.

watch inuyasha juz now.
think gonna rest awhile before i start studying,
feelin so drained.
eyes alrdy half closed le.

gonna nap le.

jia you for the remaining papers :)))


now 2nd entry of the day.
after inuyasha,
went back to mi room.
finali i finish readin my novel.
then sleep ard 4plus.
wake up around 6 plus.
sorry cyn for replying u so late.
then refresh myself n studied.
gave princess hour a miss.
the same thing,
the radio at around 7.08pm,
they played the main ost of princess hour.
i was like.. y tempt mi when i tryin hard to focus n not to watch.
nvm i ren..
later record inuyasha again.
the tape seem to hav problem but dun care le.

while studying,
xuan ask mi one qn,
i ask kelly abt it.
so think shd b settled le.
now havin delicious dinner.
hehe. yummy....
gonna continue studyin after it.
hope to get them into my head.
information flowin nowhere.

sally makan..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

wow.. last day before examination.
thought last day of examination.
wishful thinkin.
haha but tat will soon come to mi de.

after i wake up.
help xuan with a qn.
then help xia, bonnie n cl.
need to thank them cos they are helpin mi refresh memory
due to my shortness of memory,
i cant recall anything i hav written the previous time.
so so sad.
so can imagine later wat kind of studyin pattern i will be..

later got steamboat dinner.
n sambal fish.
went to market with mum to buy.
juz the thought of it makes mi hungry.
the aroma of the soup so so nice.
later gonna hav something like shark fin soup.

now gonna cramp my head le.
this weather so hazy cant jog. sian.
i wanna watch Gong n Inuyasha...
Jia you to all.

sally signin off..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

back to bloggin.
i still a distance from my muz do thing.
stiff neck from all the writin.
gonna continue doin later.

wake up see the surroundin blur blur de.
cos the haze is back.
seem to be a white white place that is warm.

watch 'Princess Hour' with my mum.
watch 2 vcd then my mei wanna continue.
so i quickly run back to my room to study.
temption ver big wor.
abt 2 hours later,
i come out of the room to refresh myself.
after tat went back to my room n switch on the radio.
guess wat.
the OST of 'Princess Hour'
i was like.. wat to tempt mi dun need like tat de.

then around 6 plus,
went to sun plaza with mother.
go for dinner.
but end up walkin round at This Fashion,
n then Aries to buy some hair clips and a ring.
now im shakin the ring.
the beads will move de.
ver similar to Kelly's DIY ring.

now watchin TV.
they were helpin a man to propose to the lady of his heart.
the lady hav a 7 year old child.
seem that the guy is reali in love with her.

their idea ver good.
puttin the qn' will u marry mi' on the kite n try to lower it to the lady.

gonna continue to read n write le.
n also read my novel if im tired.

sally @@ off...

:D ♥; sally

today is indeed a family day.

for brench went to eat my fav duck rice..
so yummy.
everytime i eat, my appetite will increase like mad.
after that went to adm.
dad want to go for haircut.
mi n mum shop a little while.

reach home,
i study again.
feel so tired n catch a nap.
within the same hour,
my xiao mei ask mi if i wanna go jog with my dad.
then my da mei return,
my dad ask her to come.
so end up my dad, my siblings n mi went for jog.
saw my JC junior - hui ping.
she also went for jog.
i jog 2 rounds ++ before goin back home.

ard 7, we watch 'princess hour'. wat a funny show.
in the mean time took turns to get ourself clean up after the jog.
then went for dinner.
had dinner opp sembawang shoppin center.
again i ate alot.
seem that im feelin drain with all the energy in studies** excuse** haha..
went to Giant to shop for >1 hour.
n easily $180.13.
that is so so much.

reach home n Retreat to my room to study again.
hope to end it quickly.
think will be ver fast cos this thur will start n next tues will end le.
fast rite. haiz.
now complete writin for 1 part.
gonna continue tml n muz finish it by tml.
cos wed need to focus on thur exam le.

chattin with cyn now.
to all friends: take care of ya health, drink more water.
to fight the midnight oil.

sally gonna sleep le. @@

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, October 08, 2006

didnt entry for sat.
cos nothing to say.
life is gettin boring each time.
while readin FPC, i try to make it interestin.
how? think of urself as the FAR then mayb will hav some insights ba.
but that didnt last long.
soon i went back to slackin mi.
though i was busy writing notes.
i notice tat actuali nothing went into my head.
so juz hope wat i write is understandable, clear for mi.
so that before exam can read thru.
isnt this last minute?
oh Gosh.
i dun like tat but no choice.

the haze was so bad ytd. PSI reading. 150.
tat was so high.
ard 2 plus in the mornin it went down to 145 then 140.
after tat i dun noe.
cos sleepin become the thing i hav to do.
was watchin 'Meteor Garden 2'
actuali some parts were nice to watch.
if onli i can skip those boring parts.

finali the weather was good today.
haze was gone n PSI readin was ard 30++
went for jog.
but i lost my stamina again.
haiz. so jog n walk again.
but i enjoy it cos the wind was nice.
see ppl playin with airplanes, kites, cycling ardn running.
nice to see this sight again.
n of cuz my eyes n throat dun feel irritated.
dun wan to be in 'Smelly genting' if u noe wat i mean. :P

think will go back to my studies soon.
haiz. sad abt it..

sally @@ half shut le...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, October 06, 2006

no jog today.
too hazy le.
the air seem to smell too.

went to Sunplaza to find my mum.
have dinner n then went walk walk.
then my mum bought mi sun yan zi new album.
haha.. think my mei will like it too.

ying they all went woodlands library
i didnt go.
dun feel like goin
so study at home.
nth much went into my head.
think later if got time gonna start new n last subject - fpc.

for the mistake tat my xiao mei point out.
it is mooncake festive.
duan wu jie is dumpling.
still didnt play with my candles.
no one to play with.

think gonna stop here.
sian sian sian.

sally floating off.....

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, October 05, 2006

haiz... *sighin here n there*
ytd can imagin i didnt touch my books onli after 12 midnite.
sad man....
afternoon went to CWP with my mum.
n we two come to a conclusion: we are reali not cut out to shop.
if ever ppl say that gers/ women are shopaholic.
i will stand up (mayb mentally) to say. it is not the true.
so torturous to shop.
n ver easy i will drop - dead tired.

dun noe how we manage to get home.
reach home sit down. dun wish to move.
lazy arent i ... haha..

watch TV n amines.
inuyasha gettin more interestin each time.
lovin it.

went out for lunch n hitch a ride from my dad..
the weather so so warm.
so warm till i feel like melting le.
think later if feel good will go jog.
sweat it out n study..
hope things (my academics) will improve.

*wish to read more suspense/ detective novels.
*tml is duan wu jie..
tat means can play with candles..
juz bought some to play.
kido arent i?
nvm .. as long its fun n enjoyin it. that is cool with mi..

think mayb goin to help my bro edit some pic. haha.
giv him a surprise.

then of cuz need to return to studies as usual.
Jia You to all!!

sal~ ~~~~~

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

some interesting stuff i notice while checkin my emails..

Being a Student...
1. Sundays - 52 days in a Year (aka rest days)
therefore: 313 days

2. School Holdiays - 50 days where u will not have the mood to study.
therefore: 263 days

3. 8 hours of sleep daily - 130 days GONE
Left: 126 Days

4. 1 hour daily playing (for good health) - 15 days
left: 126 days

5. 2 hours of food @ other delicacies (chewing properly n swallowing) - 30 days
left: 96 days

6. 1 hour talking (social) - 15 days
left: 81 days

7. exam days - 35 days
left: 46 days

8. Festive & holidays - 40 days
left: 6 days

9. for sickness - 3 days
left: 3 days

10. movies n outings - 2 days (at least)
left 1 day

11. 1 day is Birthday! how to study????

therefore Balancing it: = O days for studies..
So how can we pass?

anyway good luck to all.. which i think it also includes mi....

one more email.
think it will trigger ya laughter..

Class Time!!
The class was very noisy just now because there wasn't any teacher, but now everyone suddenly turned quiet. That is because the fiercest teacher in the school had entered the class. Her face is as fierce as a lion which will bite anyone's head off if offended...
And if you wanna know more.... follow the lesson.

Students: Good morning , teacher .

Teacher : (shouting) Why is it only good morning ? What about afternoon and night ?

Students : Good morning, afternoon and night teacher !!

Teacher : That is unacceptable ! It is too long . Just wish me best regards for my whole day! That is much better as it is easier and full of meaning. And that greeting can also be used for all times .

Students : Best regards teacher!

Teacher : That's better, sit down! Listen today I'm going to test you all on words that have the opposite meaning. When I say a sentence or word, all of you must answer quickly the opposite meaning to the words, understand?

Students: Understood teacher !

Teacher : I do not want any disturbance .

Students : (silence)

Teacher : Clever!

Students : Stupid!

Teacher : High!

Students : Low!

Teacher : Popular!

Students: Calafare!

Teacher : Wrong!

Students: Correct!

Teacher : Stupid!

Students : Clever!

Teacher : No!

Students: Yes!

Teacher : Oh God!

Students : Oh Slave!

Teacher : Listen to this!

Students: Listen to that!

Teacher : Quiet!

Students: Noisy!

Teacher : That's not a question, stupid !!

Students: This is an answer, clever!

Teacher : I'm dead!

Students: We're alive!

Teacher : I'm lazy to teach!

Students : We are hardworking to learn!

Teacher : Enough! Enough!

Students : More! More!

Teacher : Stop! Stop!

Students : Start! Start!

Teacher : Why are you people so stupid?!

Students : Because I am someone clever!

Teacher : Lack manners!

Students: Taught enough!

Teacher : O.K. Lesson has ended!

Students: K.O. Lesson has not started!

Teacher : Enough, stupid!

Students: Not yet, clever!

Teacher : Stand up!

Students: Sit down!

Teacher : I said CALAFARE was wrong!

Students: We said POPULAR was correct!

Teacher : You people are dumb!

Students: We are gifted!

Teacher : All of you must stay back this afternoon!

Students : Released tonight!

Teacher : (Keep quiet, gather her books and went out)

* isn't this a funny class? haha..
seldom will we hav this chance.
n can do it so upright without gettin scolded
for its the teacher's instruction isnt it?
students juz faithfully carry out the orders given.

now think hav to go back to studies again.
still so laggin behind time..

sally draggin on...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

awaken by renovations again.

edited some pics. quite nice.
hope u all like it. :)))

finalli see sunlight today.
ytd was as if i was at Genting or London (mention by a radio DJ)
foggy de.

now think goin back to studies le.
im still so so lost..
n time is not on my side.

wanna go jog but doesnt seem to be able to.

sally gearin on..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, October 02, 2006

today wed.
wake up by large noise upstairs.
haiz. somebody doin renovations.
cant slp.
hope tml wun hav it again.
u noe how frustrating it can be ba.

then wake up read newspaper.
n then study exam.
afternoon went out to eat n went to khatib.
deposit $$ n activate my debit card.
went home after that.
continue with studies n stone.
help my mei with her project.
went out for dinner with family.
now bloggin.
gonna return to studies soon ba.
reali fallin behind time le.
lag lag lag..

sally gonna move on...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, October 01, 2006

weather or whether?
cant jog.

study abit here n abit there.
dun noe how to start with mood lackin.
my mei also havin her examination.

in the aftermoon,
indulge myself with some choco-mint ice cream.
then watch 'the fast n the furious: Tokyo Drift'
interesting show with cars driftin here n there off the roads n edges.
then tryin hard not to fall asleep.
end up lie on my sis bed for some time.

help her with her project - resume writing n enterprising report.
the idea she n mi came up quite cool.
think it is feasible if we hav a large capital backing.
the two of us are talkin abt it as though we are reali doin the store up.
cool. haha.

juz finish my dinner.
now TV doin Singapore Idol Results Repeat Telecast.

think goin to cram the information n write my notes.

sally dun noe wat to do...

:D ♥; sally


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