...Destination ~ Destiny...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


ytd trip to changi was so great.
on the bus trip from my home to tampines,
way too long.
then we alight.
i went to top up my ezlink card,
while my mei went to buy apple apie.
she too hungy.

after tat we manage to catch the bus 19.
this bus is a much faster way to reach changi then bus 29.

then reach le.
pay bills.
after tat went to my dad stall.
they quite busy
so i suggest mi n my mei to go to the beach to walk.

the walk was cool.
dun even perspire or wat.
reali is cool till a little cold.
both of us played swing n we chat as we swing.
poor sister busy yawning.
she was talkin abt her esperience at the OBS camp.
so cool.
heard tat they goin to hav a gatherin soon.

after tat we went back to eat.
yummy yummy..
then i there busy takin pictures of the food.
crabs n others.
dad wanna make a menu but dun seem to be enough.
dun oe how he wants it to be.

mei decided to stay there n return home with my dad.
so i went along with tat idea,
then there is a group of person from ukrane (i didnt noe how to spell)
they were in singapore for the oil rigs.
so my dad entertain them.
their ah mo not good.
so i was actuali lookin at a good of people tat handsignallin or writin.
ver interestin sight.
they ask my dad some funny qn,
n i believe my dad made a good impression on them.
they say they will return.

after tat there is another ah mo who dress like a cow boy.
my mei was called to entertain cos the staff dun noe english.
that person look fierce but mei say he talks ver soft.
lucky my mei manage to hear wat he was talkin.

he has commended tat the previous time he come,
he ate a ver delicious rice - fried rice.
n wanted tat dish again.
when my mei told my dad,
my dad was smiling from ear to ear.
wat a good commend for a chef isnt it?

then chat with my grandparents.
n waited for my dad to get ready to go home.
reach home shower n i waited for my hair to dry.
wei ye called mi up n we chat.
n for sure he like to call in the middle of the nite.
i will rmb tat.

after tat i accompanied my dad to watch SCV Discovery & Animal Planet.
Such interestin documentaries.
abt the perfect disaster - super tycoon,
tat they anticipate it will happen to HK.
n the animal planet was showin documentary on spider.
in the america it can cos so so much in the blck market.
but in cambodia,
it is actuali a delicacy.
so eeeeeeeeeeee..

after tat i slept cos too tired.
4 plus in the mornin.

woke up ard 1plus.
ewad up with the novel im readin.
endin not too good.

then now usin compie.
help m dad with his stuff.
met with some problems.
the person will call mi again. n later i will try again.

gonna hav brench soon.
cya n take care..

sally walkin off...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

nth much happen on mon.
except that i slept until 2pm.
that is so so cool. after days of work.. haha..

then watch TV with my mum.
read my novel.

today (Tues).
woke up 11 plus.
got myself ready to go to sch.
sch for wat?
to pay $$ lor.
then make my way home.
bought lunch for my family.
n read my book.

on my way back,
notice tat 2 boys tied their friend to the poles at the playground.
something like being in captivity..

now 4 plus goin on 5.
gonna meet my mei to pei her go changi.
on a mission here.
to help my dad take photos of the food.
he wants to hav menu.
shd hav done it long ago.

today is reali a $$ out day.
alot of $$ ..
even one has it limit reached.

ok la..
gonna stop here.
continue readin n prepare to meet my mei.
cya friends..

& to those who are takin ya examination.
Jia You wor ^.^

Sally flying off.....

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, November 26, 2006

yoz diary..
work for the last day of this week.

see my stocks.
runnin super super low le.
can say almost dry le.. haiz..
then slowli pack n arrange the wine.

chat with another promoter.
help to pack cans n maggi mee.
nth to do.

then went for break.
receive a reali strange call.
haiz dun talk abt it.
dun wish to rmb anything either.
forget forget forget.....
scare the hell out of mi..

after tat i help auntie pack her cute design key chain.
catergorise them.
nice n neat.
auntie kept playin tricks on me.
being serious when workin cannot ah..

after tat went back to work to continue stoning.
then time to go home.
before tat,
another promoter auntie came talk mi.
she sort of got into a fight.
wow tat is cool..
ger-ger fight....
she got injured.
cos the 'opponent' used her nails n grabbed her.
haiz. fancy fightin at their age.
cant imagine the scene when it happen.

then bought some stuff home.
watch TV.
now bloggin.
think mayb can start readin another book or wat.
see how ba..

sally holdin on for now...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, November 25, 2006

work as usual.
nth happen much.
no crowd.
stone there.
chat with the aunties & continue the process of stoning hard.

the suppliers say i look as if i gonna slp any moment.
had to agree to that.
cos last nite slpt ard 3.
accompany my dad watch SCV dicovery channel.
interestin show.
then cant tahan so sleep le.

still while workin.
feel the coldness of the weather.
see far ahead,
all blurry de.
but suppose if in the mood,
the view shd actuali be quite a artistic one.
haha.. wat am i talkin..

bought a wrap skirt.
quite nice.
but need to see n plan when to wear it.

think gonna stop here le.
nth to do.
soon will return to my novel.
think gonna be the excitin part soon.
with nth to do now,
Cya friends n do take care..

sally gainin momentum with her reading.......

:D ♥; sally

went to work as usual.
again stock didnt come.
so many cartons empty until cannot le.

in Giant today ver cold.
lucky got bring my jacket along.
then on the way to work,
rain super heavy.
the canal next to bishan park,
was almost to its brim le.
think a few centimeters will overflow le.

Giant today offically hand over the store manager position
to another person.
now need to guai guai le.

after work went to meet xuan, ying n krys at Chinatown.
hav quick dinner.
then they suggested to sing k.
so went along to see see.
initially wanted to go the $10 one.
but then no bookin.
haiz. i think the room too little.
then went to party world.
isolated away.
stay in the room unstil 11 plus.
then we rush for toilet n train.
if miss last train means cham le.
cos throat not feelin too well so sing not much also.

on the train lots of indians?
standin next to mi.
then ying feel the same as mi.
not too safe.
ying n xuan alight n i say my goodbye to them.
then the indians? follow oso.
i dun care them.
hear my mp3 n read my novel.

walk home fast fast de.
haha. non- stop since i alight from the train.

now bloggin.
think will turn in soon..
tml still hav to work.

sally driftin le..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, November 23, 2006

another day has passed by..
today supposedly shd b packin stock day.
still again the stock didnt come.
sian le.

met up with my auntie at AMK to go Turf City together.
we went to hav brench at the Peranakan resturant.
i dun reali noe how to eat the food.
still the 2 of us ate till we cant walk.
can imagine how full we were.
then after tat we went to start wrappin the wine.
it is for the festive seasons.

wrap finish 1 group come another.
so wrap quite a lot today.
but the speed was also gradually increasing cos gettin used to it.

then ard 3 - 4,
auntie friend come.
so we went out to the muslim store to hav break.
then after tat we went back to wrap more bottles.

ard 530 we parted.
i went for home.
bought bread as dinner.
dun noe wat to eat.

then now i feelin quite cold.
though alrdy wearin jacket.
gonna hide in the blanket later.
n read my novel.

finish my routine checklist.
now can slack le.

sally driftin off...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

quite early to blog.
juz finish helpin my dad to send some of his documents to AVA via fax.
then pending for some results from them.

woke up around 1.
hav dreams but cant rmb wat they are.
i suppose shd be interestin de ba.

read my novel.
n then went for lunch.
bought a cute wallet.
cos the current one abit too small.
n oso bought the VCD of Jacky chan new movie.
so when will watch it.. haha..
rainy day.
blue is the feeling.
go joggin le.
cool wind shiok...
but the moment i begin to jog,
rain come.
the moment i stop jog, the rain stop.
is the rain playin with mi or wat?
i jog abt the 45mins,
the rain drops for 45 mins.
nvrtheless, im still enjoying it..

gonna hav dinner.
mummy cookin.
simple dishes that captures my heart.
n slack.

sally dripping her way out..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

yoz diary.
hav to do quick update cos mei there rattling her head off..

woke up around 11 plus cos cant slp anymore.
then read newspaper n finish of the novel im readin.
went out to thomas road to eat duck rice.
all time fav. hehe..

then home.
help my dad with his application for some important documents.
the process did abt 2 hours.
not easy.
then my dad see mi use my mastercard..
he seem interested enough.. haha..
didnt noe his daughter got this card.

but then miss my time for jog.
then watch Goong last espiode.
sad sia..
tears come disturb mi again. haiz.

dinner was pizza n chix wing.
mei order n they were delivered rite to our door step.

after tat went back to read up on another book.
then watch abit of tv n now used compie.
gonna stop here le..
need to help him check out on some stuff n return to my book.

sally to drift around..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, November 20, 2006

wake up near 12 plus.
then i stone.
cos the wind from outside ver cool.
the curtain was movin gracefully..

then did nth much.
refresh myself n then went back to my room
to begin my room to begin my journey on a new book.
then around 3 went to eat at CWP with my mum, n xiao mei mei.
shop around while waitin for xiao mei to arrive.
then went to U2.
mei bought 1 top while i bought 2 bottom.
quite ok. hehe..
hope wear le will look more formal or office look abit.

then mei finali arrive.
shop here n there.
had some jokes here n there.
after tat went to face shop to buy stuff my mei wanted to hav.
then prepare to go home.
2 mei mei went home straight,
while i pei my mum go adm.
there is some stuff tat is botherin my mum that affects all of us.
my auntie.
long story...

then reach home juz in time to watch 'Goong'..
my mei even prepare tissue n give mi.
aiyo she knew mi too too well.
n indeed tears did fill my eyes..
watch i think 4th time le,
sad.. but think reaction not as 'big' as the previosu time.
hehe... :P

juz finish watchin variety show.
congrats wang ren fu on his arrival of new baby ger to his life.
happy isnt it?

i wan 'sad tango' by rain.

sally signin off soon...

:D ♥; sally

actuali alrdy did the entry for today le..
stil wanna do another one.

i mention i watch DVD 'Demon Aside'
watch the last 2 espiode of the drama.
i become ver drama oso.

tears brimmin in my eyes.
n roll down uncontrollably.
onli when watchin TV series n novels will i cry until so li hai.
too emo le.
my mei see my tears until cant tahan.
take tissue to mi.
no matter how i dry face still feel wet. :P
then my mum say my mei cold blooded.
while i still hav much feelings.
think mayb abit too much la... :P hehe..

chat with chester n a troubled person,
after all the sobbin,
think now i will go slp le.
quite tired after all day standin n pretty hard stonin.. :P

nites to all...

sally goin to wonderland...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, November 19, 2006

onw day didnt update..
cos too busy watchin DVD,
n compie wasnt made available to mi..

now still watchin..
cos mummy watchin so i follow.. :P

nothing much happenin at work.
no much crowd.
quite quiet to say.
today i stone quite long.
a few hours ba..

finish a eng novel
quite a good book.
gonna continue another new one le.
tml dun need to work ..
tired sia...

these 2 days been slpin onli after 3am..

take care friends... :)

Sally signin off for now.....

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, November 18, 2006

hiyo diary..
time for updates..
didnt sleep ver soundly today.
dun noe y. haiz..

wake up n prepare for work.
miss the train to catch 12pm shuttle bus
so waited for few more trains to pass to catch next shuttle bus.
then reach there slack.
today again wine stock didnt come. haiz.
end up auntie tell mi hav to wait until next week.
cos too rush n tat not enought stock. haiz.
Xmas comin no wonder la..

so end up at Giant,
i help to pack rice, do tickets for them. haha.
the guy like think i dun noe, kept comin to check if i did correctly.
haha. funny.
then another supervisor ask mi alot of stuff today.
he say his boy under his department wan to noe mi. haha.. :P
i was like see them often still need to noe mi ah..
dun need la.. haha..
i will run far far away de.. haha.
but for now i forget it n nth hav happen.
think they jokin onli.

after tat mi went off from work.
took the bus to toa payoh n went to orchard to meet them.
Ying, Xuan, Krys, Charlene & Kelly.
had dinner at Breeks.
mine was something like korean dish.
the rest had western food. haha.

then after tat they suggested to go Coffee Club.
originally wanted to hav Iced Rambutan smoothie.
kelly say i ver Asian.
first korea food next tropical fruits.
so end up all except xuan ate muddy mud pie.

but after all that, xuan cried.
tat is a reason behind it.
charlene made her laugh too hard till she cried.
but there may possibly other reasons. haha..
we come up with one.
cos the food tat xuan order differs from us by alot
in terms of size n price.
hers is more expensive yet much smaller than us.
the 5 of us eatin the mud pie had a hard time eatin it.
so so full.
until now i still so so full. haiz.
ate too much le. :(
after tat we went to walk walk..
they were still decidin where to go but still come up with no place to go.
so i suggested Herren.
cos i wanted to go Action City. haha.

wanna buy mini moringo - i called it Apple.
the pic at the top of the entry is Apple. :P
ver kawaii.
even Kelly agree with mi. :)
but from wat i observed.
the head oval de.
n seem to be a bit flat flat de.
ver ke ai. ^.6

after tat we walk a little n went off to take train.
chat durin the journey.
n they were plannin the next gatherin.
but of cuz nth hav been confirmed.
so until then will i noe.

while walkin home.
saw many stars flickerin in the dark sky.
nice nice.. :)

watchin TV now. haha.
n tat the english novel im readin,
is alrdy or goin to be at the climax.
got chance i will try to complete it later.
but timin now is 1.37am. haiz..

tml is another day of work.

*to my friends who are feelin unwell.
wish u all speedy recovery wor..*

*.*sally driftin off le..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, November 17, 2006

work today super slack.
cos Giant staff send order to wrong company.
so end up tml or sat will do it.

then my aunt n her friends come to find mi.
so i slack 2 hrs.
went to mac eat ice cream n half of chix burger.
then stroll along the shops
n then settle down at malay shop to eat...
then after tat went back to work.
chat with Giant Staff.
n went home.

reach home initially wanted to go jog.
but too tired n tat i was stuck to VCD - a funny one :P
so around 8 went to sunplaza.
eat, return books n also borrow more books.
so the weight of the carrier is almost the same.
haha. :P

after dinner which is abt 9.15pm,
we shop quick quick one de.
so mum got mi a bag.
small but nice de.
haha. like it.

then went home.
now stomach dun reali feel comfortable.

read my novel.
now quickly blog.
mei wanna use le.

tml gonna meet ying, xuan, krys, charlene, n kelly.
gonna hav dinner with them after all of us hav end work. :)

sally drifting to where she wanna go.....

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


my dad off again from work.
but onli went to eat quite late cos he busy sleeping.
after tat shop ard for home essential stuff.
n went home.

then reach home i went back to room to read abit
n then help my dad with his stuff.
ard 710pm,
i ask my dad if wanna go jog.
so we went.
today surprisin i can jog quite fast.
dun noe y.
mayb cos my dad's presence ba.
surroundin air ver cold.

after tat went to Chong Pang to eat.
the trip to chong back n back to home,
i was busy screamin off my head on the lorry.
cos cold ma.
sing i mean scream le feel quite warm.
quite shiok. :P

benson n xuan inform mi that result out le.
tat is so so fast.
told us was 6 Dec but now onli 15 Nov.
abt half a mth earlier.
but tis spell something bad.
reali $$ not enough ah..
need to pay sch fees of $5400+++
by 2nd Dec..
wat a surprise.. so da early wor..
now alrdy plan to use wat card to pay le.
money always matter when u nvr hav enough of them.

but results consider quite ok.
3 HD n the most feared paper - financial plan construction DI.
range: 77 to 84.
still at least clear all.
so shd be happy. :)

the SCV broke my family's heart.
cos many channel cant see cos we didnt subscribe.
sad sia..

dun noe wat to do now.
think will go back to my book le.
tml hav work..
see how the stocktake is goin.

Sally disappearin le..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

dearie diary..

today my dad was off from work.
so he slept until abt 1plus.
but the main reason behind it is becos
he was the newly installed SCV programs until morning 6 plus.

then we went to thomas road to eat duck rice.
that is seriously the best duck rice stall i even ate so far.

after tat we went to khabit.
mummy go see doc.
i go see weighing machine.

then bought shoes.
haha. nice nice nice.
after tat we went home.
help my dad with some of his work stuff.
then around 640pm went to jog.

reach home after jog,
went straight to my room to complete the novel
i hav been readin for these few days.
finali noe who is the killer.
but find it abit long winded.
hope the next book will not be so.. :)

now i watchin 'wan chuan yu le'
5566 de Zax Wong gonna hav a baby in 10 days time.
so cool.
his GF ver lihai.
3 months nvr step out of the house
juz to keep this a secret away from the media.
wow... Super..
Zax normali noe dun cry de..
but now he can cry ver easily.
haha. think he is so so happy ba.
wonder how they manage to keep it under wraps for so long.
Wish them all the best :)

about Champagne continues..
champagne is used to named a area..
normal champagneis other areas uses small cap 'champagne'
but if it comes from the area where it is named it is called 'CHAMPAGNE'.
onli champagne from the France champagne area can be called CHAMPAGNE.
for others they can onli be called sparkling wine.
its a serious offence to use the word champagne for a law suit may come along.
serious wor...

next up is to distinguish the meaning of Table Wine?
there is actuali 2 meanings.

1st meaning:
cheap and low quality wine.

2nd meaning:
it is to differentiate from 'fortified wine'
table wine in this case means tat the wine is gonna be enjoyed on by the Table.

Fortified wine - with the original alcoholic content, more is added.
2 commonly known fortified wine are 'po te jue' (shd be port) from portugal
n 'xue li jue (shd be sherry) from mexico.
both hav alcoholic content of 20% and is made sweeter..

i see until i blur le..

ok la.. gonna stop here.
need to help mei with her homework..

Sally carrying on....
didnt noe that my chi name is also used

:D ♥; sally

Monday, November 13, 2006

yoz diary.

today is another day for mi.
while slpin was disturb by phone call.
so climb down n hear n off to slp again.

around 11 plus 12 i wake up.
read newspaper after my dad's turn.
n ate brench.

around 3pm,
the starhub person arrive le.
setup ver fast.
so by 330pm he was done n he explain.
of cuz i was the one listenin to how to operate.
cos hav to teach my dad or who later on.
not easy. but once got it i understand le.
the was watchin the MegaStructure: Roller Coaster.
then hav to rush out to CWP.
cos meetin serene, jason n cailing for dinner.
so we met n we ate n so we went shoppin abit.

talk quite alot of stuff n reactions seem to be interesting.
reach home, refresh myself n here i am.
xiao mei watchin movie.
my didi went to changi cos my da mei say he miss my dad.
believe it? i think he miss the food ba.
then da mei juz reach home.

now i flipped thru the wine book.
mayb can share a few things of wat i hav read

all grapes can be used to brew white wine.
becos the grape juice is white colour.
n the skin of the grape needed to be removed before brewing.

one more thing is tat white wine isnt exactly white.
it is from straw colour to golden colour.
white wine is called for convenience sake.

if brew the whole grape including the skin,
then it will produce red wine.

as for rose wine,
there is a short contact of the grape juice with the grape skin
to colourised the juice.
then later it is removed to allow fermentation.

sparkling wine is produced when the wine is newly brewed
n immediately put into the bottle.
in the bottle there will be 'er yang hua tan' (shd be CO2 -- ask wen de)
which will make the bubbly effect.
but for most of the wine,
the 'er yang hua tan' is dispersed b4 bottlin it.

think the wine sharing knoweldge shd stop here for now.
mei wanna use the compie le.
may tml i can continue.. hehe..

sally driftin off to somewhere ...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, November 12, 2006

dear Diary,

this mornin woke up by my mei.
she wan mi to pei her eat breakfast before goin to work.
so i woke up n prepare.
n off for breakfast.
after tat we went to work.

today consider to be on time for work.
so reach there help auntie with some stuff then went in.
pack the wine.
set up the counter n stone.

actuali i was there calculatin the remainin stocks
n oso the order to be delivered next thur.
one stock take everyone in n out busy.
so as usual Raymond they all busy counting stock.
mi today quai guai didnt disturb them.
onli help them paste stickers.

during break time,
mi went to try out some new clothing
that juz arrive at auntie shop.
but whenever i try one,
new customers come in.
so in other sense i brought biz to auntie.
end up i also become one of auntie customer.
but i find it worthy so nvm.

took 6 pm shuttle bus,
then da bao food home.
slack all the way.
read my novel at a super slow speed which i cant explain why.
feel the cool air around mi when i was sittin by the table.

watch TV n now bloggin.
gonna make it quick so i can post it before 12.. hehe..
time is impt here. :P
n yahoo.. tml no work.. Happy sha la la.... :)

Sally driftin off to dreamland...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, November 11, 2006

sleepy is the word for now.

wake up for work.
but before tat mi n mei went for our breakfast.
then a funny thing happen as we were abt to leave foodcourt.
the food court blackout!!
n i was on the topic of Giant havin Blackout.
this was onli a few minutes before it actuali happen to the foodcourt.
such a concidence.
then took train together.
we chat abt gettin a savings plan when we are more financially stable.
glad tat my mei has the same thinkin as i hav.
onli when can we do it?
i alighted at AMK while she continue her journey to VivoCity.

reach my work place.
startin unpackin n packin the wine.
do until 3plus.
stil haven finish.
still went for lunch.
stomach singing many songs le. :P
so ate fast one n went back.
then slow down the pace of my work.
all the Giant staff ver ver busy.
cos stocktake.
all hidin at backstore to count stocks.
ver hardworkin.
i in front counting my own stocks.
hope to sell more but not much ppl to say.

rain big big.
i there shivering.
but still stone there cos as usual nth much to do.
finali time to go home.
rush all the way cos cashier need to restart the system.

sit in bus n face the air con to mi.
cold but i still not willing to switch off.
so end up shivering but stilli find it cool.
hav self torturing warnings.

call home n notice onli bro at home.
all went out.
initially was told tat my bro will oso be out
but then last min cancel sohe at home.
so i bought dinner n went home.
walkin in a rainy day seem to be ver enjoyable thing
if only the heavy load is away from me.
still i enjoyed it.

reach home rest n freshen up.
ate my dinner n watch Da Chang Jing.
then read my novel.
tis novel seem to be takin quite some time wor.
read so long but still progress little.
mayb i not in the mood to read.
think will slp soon.
feelin quite tired for no apparent reasons.

Sally to her Dream Paradise Z@Z

:D ♥; sally

Friday, November 10, 2006

dearrrr diary...
hehe. too wu liao..

heard that orchard road preparation for Xmas is gonna be magical.
is tat reali true?

hmm as for today.
Sian is the word.
woke up late cos my DEAR HP didnt ring.
still nvm.
nobody care.
then went off to work with my mei.
she go sch, i go work.
then reach work place i stone.
reali nth to do.
see some suppliers i noe.
so chat with them.
then in front of me,
the Giant staff busy sawin the crates.
power sia.
ver straight somemore.

then go for lunch.
see see, look look, eat eat.

finali time to go home.
bought 2 fruit wine on behalf of mei.
she gonna make it as a gift.
wat a great idea.

n oso bought a book on wine produce by Lian He Zao Bao.
good book but in chi.
so if wan information to giv my mei,
i still hav to help her translate.
but i didnt bring it back.
i lend it to auntie to kill her time.

the wine heavy ah.
carry until hand red red de.

reach home ard 615.
then i prepare myself for jog.
feel like havin some sweat out of me.
feel so tired when i was walkin to my destination.
then slowly jog until quite awake.

reac home rest n shower.
then had a very ver full dinner.
Crab, Sambal fish, Soup, bean sprout n chicken.
ver de delicious.
eat for more than half an hour.
almost cant walk.
haha :P

gonna return back to my novel le.
initially dun noe wat the story talkin abt.
but now im gettin some idea le.
think gonna be more interestin soon..

think i need to slp soon le.
ver tired.
Giant staff say i look pale.
is it? i dun noe.
mayb juz tired ba.
havin slept abt 3plus in the mornin.
chattin with my parents.. :P

Sally driftin off @.@

:D ♥; sally

im back but late.

went to work for a usual thursday.
nth to do so stone there.
stock end up didnt order so not much stock to pack.
arrange my wine section,
then too wu liao went to pack the beer section.
pack until nice nice.
then pack the maggi mee in front of the wine section.
then i walk to the newspaper section.
ver small onli.
to check out if anything nice to read.
n i found one book that caught mine attention.
its a book on wine.
but written in chi.
wow.. that is so so cool.
enjoyed readin it.
wanted to buy but the price quite steep..
so give it a pass le..
n the process of becomin an artefact contiues :P

went for lunch n bought a drawstring pants.
then went back to stone for 1 more hour.
then i saw a regular customer.
qutie surprised de.
cos long time didnt see him n his wife/ family.
mi tat time still hav examination.
so study break.
for abt 2 mths didnt see them

then Simon come.
Simon is another head for Giant i think is IMM de.
he come i hide.
cos i didnt wear promoter vest.
but nvm cos can pretend to be supplier.
weekdays ma. so dun need so obey this rule.

after tat go home while the rain drizzle.
nice feeling.
reach home rest n eat dinner.
yummy is the word.
after tat mi went back to room to continue on my novel - the kingmaker.
finali finish it le.
then ending ok la.
but the middle is interesting.
but still i prefer 'the President's Assassin'
both books by the same author - brian haig.

after tat mi walk to the living to see mei play audition.
so interesting.
but too sad i dun play such games.
so they play i enjoy can le.

Tiger boy inform mi juz now that the Tiger promotion over le.
so this means tat his job at turf city oso end le.
no more company when workin le.
stone again.
anyway wish him luck in his work
as a contact len promoter n his upcoming exam.
see wat a good friend i am. haha.

now listenin to Goong again.
think i goin ga ga over them le.
can nvr hav enough of it. :D

think goin to slp soon.
tml hav to stone again.
juz by stonin can be quite tiring de. :P

sally driftin off to dreamyland...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

hiyo diary mi back again!!

i feel im into a practice of havin to update everyday le.
is this good or bad?
haha. good for mi i think.
so short span memory.
need something to retain some of my memories.
so here i am flooding webby again
hehe ... :P

hmm. for today let mi think.

woke up when there is a sms from my phone.
since im stayin 'penthouse' so hav to climb down.
it was xuan.
she was asked by ying to sms me to check if
next wed wanna go clubbing together.
i was like: HUH!!
mi country pumpkin nvr go before.
n the timin is next week.
too early to say.
till then will noe.
cos thur mi workin.
dun wish to be seriously a panda when i go work
where thur i noe alot of energy will be required de (pack wine)..

then watch VCD by actor Rain.
watch with mum n didi.
then ate n continue.
around 530pm
got myself ready for jog.
nice condition of the surrounding to jog in.
took my own sweet time.
cos i noe i cant run. haha.

then around 630pm,
reach home n rest.
then shower.
always see my face rosy rosy de.
then prepare myself to hav dinner at adm with my mum n auntie.
shop around adm.
see wat to buy so my mum can cook tml dinner.
eatin out reali feel sick abt it.

feelin so tired,
we finali reach home.
then good news come.

a phone call.
sayin that free SCV will be install for us for 1 year.
Cool isnt it?
i believe one of their marketing strategy to retain existing customers.
for it cost more to hav new customers.
applying wat i hav learnt. :P

so now im updating n listenin to my music playlist.
im still so in love with Goong music. cool... ^.^
think will go back to chi novel or watch VCD ba.

sally floating away...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

woke up ard 11 plus.
cos lack of air.
mum switch off aircon but never on fan.
so i was in the room gasping for air.
wat an action to wake mi up.

then finali by chance i SOLVE the problem of my mp3 >.6
happy happy happy.
so quickly add in the songs to it.
still adapting to it... haha..

then went out for lunch.
went to my fav duck rice.
simply delicious.
then reach home continue my readin on another book.

did i mention the previous book title?
its ' The President's Assassin' by Brian Haig.

went for joggin.
wind ver cool.
jog quite enjoyable.

reach home rest n shower.
chat with my mum abt some problems my dad is facing at work.
seems to hav problem occurring one after another.

return from adm.
now using compie.
xiao mei return home le :)
think gonna return to the bookland soon.
dun noe if later got conference with cailing n serene.

sally penning her thoughts....

:D ♥; sally

no work today.
so sleep until 12.
feelin the tiredness in mi.. haha.
last nite plan to slp early but end up didnt.
cos engrossed in my storybook n oso seein wat my younger mei is doin.
she doin homework,
but i cant help much for i lost touch with it for so long le.
sad. reali sad. :(

wake up , read newspaper.
but onli read until half way. lazy to continue.
then went back to my room to muggle over my book im engrossed in.
the book cool sia.
the way the speech n the thinkin is so interestin.
dun think i can even write it tat way.

with the heavy rain mi n mum lazy to go out.
so waited for rain to stop before goin sunplaza.
eat, n went library.
mi went to 'hunt' for more books.
returns are quite good i think ?_?

then we proceed to causeway point.
my mum wanted to buy for mi n mei new mp3.
so shiok.
both creative but mine is korean made.
they say is the better one.
but now i havin such a big problem with it.
cant even get it goin.
need to call up to check le.
sian. dun like this type of thing.

saw ciling.
i called her.
n she come rushin to hug mi.
still the same old her.
cant stand it.
lucky i not serene. haha.
if not think the endin will be quite worse.
haha. but indeed i didnt see both of them for quite some time le.
previously study, now work.
Get a life is wat i say face off.
but in mi i noe i ver lazy de.
hardly a social animal.
more of a zhi bi person. (true?)

wanted to jog but rainin.
so stay home n continue to read.
n finali i finish it.
the ending was quite amazing.

quite like this paragraph:
" The kiss - it is the most universal gesture and, thereby, easily misread. In Amercia it signifies affection, or lust, or even love, whereas in other cultures, and in other societies, its meaning can stretch from a modest greeting to a fraternal gesture, to a mark of revenge or even a promise of death."

didnt noe tat a kiss can mean so much n so powderful in different context.

now think will ponder y the mp3 dun work on the compie.
reali ver puzzling.

just now i still eat cold fries.
notti mi but cos no food le.
so eat abit onli. haha.
control myself quite well.
mayb cos yi du gong du.
throat not as pain.
but nose still blockin.

gonna start on a new book soon. happy :)

sally driftin off..

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, November 05, 2006

last night slept ard 11plus.
that is early.
for so long i nvr sleep so early le.
cos my mum ask mi to pop a running nose pill
to see if it can treat my block nose.
sad >.<

back from work.
so tired.
the whole day sian n was standin there in pure coldness.

woke up late so went to work late.
then at AMK saw Jun Xiang (Tiger Boy)
then went to work together.
weather so warm.

he pack his stuff i arrange my stuff n we count down time to break.
waitin for lunch time is so long.
lunch today for mi was FOC.
tiger boy treat mi cos he bet on the match last night won le.
so heng..
then we bought 4D. Juz for fun onli. :P

after tat went to Mac to kill time.
more than 1/2 hour.
so slack there n then we still doin our guessin on a person.
still now find it hard to confirm if she is chi or malay. haiz.

time up back to work.
then while workin we chat cos simply no ppl de.
then on the topic of names.
n i ask him if he even thought of havin a english name.
so we there brainstorm for names.
funny process but at least he got a name he likes.
haha. but i ask him to check if the name has any connotation.
then 6pm, we depart from Turf City to AMK

mi went back adm n da bao food home.
see my mei play Audition.
went to my room to read novel.
now i blogging.
think gona rest soon.
throat feelin abit pain le.

juz use compie for less than 15min.
but nth to do so gonna let my mei use after this.

s@lly driftin off..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, November 04, 2006

last nite or shd i say wee hours of this morning,
i slept late.
was finishin the VCD..
then finali at 3plus i touch the bed.
but as i was abt to slp,
my mei call mi.
she was quite apprehensive abt her work today.
so chat with her n try to help her out.

i hav a hard time gettin to slp cos BLOCK NOSE!!!!
OMG... so cham..
my nose until now still feelin ver terrible.
trip to work,
i close my eyes when on the train - standing,
n while i sittin in the shuttle bus.
pack the stocks..
lucky tiger boy help mi out.
cos he himself oso too sian le.
haha. so i ask him to help.
so i tried to slowly pack but until 2 i finish le.
so fast.
then we 2 stood there chattin to let the time fly by.

Alvin (store manager) n Raymond (staff) busy packin the section.
now the beer section ver nice..
they busy packin while the 2 of us slack like mad.

finali time for break.
we went outside to eat.
then made our way to Mac.
cos aircon.
he ate fries, i read magazine.
haha. i read to him. finalli.

after tat we went to the betting section in 7-11.
my mum ask mi to buy some no. for her.
then at the same time help tiger boy too.
then we crawl in to work.

say work, think stonin is better.
chatin here n there.
today topic quite interestin.
haha :P
and we ate mentos.
funny thing happen also. interesting!

then it time for mi to say goodbye.
went to adm to meet my mum who come late.
so read newspaper.
then eat n shop.
now i reach home.

juz now my mum giv mi pop medication.
now i feelin super tired.
sleep late, all days work, n block nose.!!
muz drink more water le..

Sally breathing hard.... +_+

:D ♥; sally

finally gonna be end of one day le.
went to work as usual.
but today reali stone there.
totally nth to do at all.
so sian.
some more so cold.
so i was there busy Strolling down the aisles of Giant.
reali strollin for a few times.
like to browse thru chips, biscuit n sweets section.
of cuz nvr buy.. if not drink water wun be enough le. haha...
so bored till can read magazine wor. haha.

bought a top from auntie.
quite nice n simple.
after work went home.
finish readin one eng novel..
quite interesting..

reach home watch TV, eat dinner.
so i so hook on when my younger sister was playin Audition.
the moves are the characters are so cool.
my mum reach home,
actuali dance her own style with music with the character's cool moves.
so fuuny.
how i wish i could dance..
like to look at ppl dancin but think i wun b able to.
haha. hard to coordinate hand n leg.
plus poor memory.

i wanna watch Goong again.
so in luv with the soundtrack. hehe.
now watchin korean VCD 'My Girl'
last second disc le.
watchin with siblings.
tml sure tired de.

think gonna stop here le.
take care wor..
*and ivy mei, jia you for ya 1st day of work tml.. :)

Sally changing channel le. :PPPP

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, November 02, 2006

work as usual.
reach there 1st thing help store manager change the ticket.
good thing that he has alrdy printed it out.
but i dun like the tearing part.
prefer placin the ticket to their rightful location.
tat is easy for mi.
doin these take up 1 hour plus.

by chance the Investment Management Teacher was there shoppin.
haha. think he can rmb mi but dunnoe mi la.
he say got ppl findin him to hav investment in wine
where per bottle cost >$10,000.
he says its small $$..
wow.. from tis can see tat he is a rich person le. :PPPP

then went for quick lunch.
cos need to return to pack the stocks.
ask raymond (giant staff) to help mi carry n push the cartons out.
end up packin the display took another 2 hours.
then reach 5pm,
quickly get myself ready for home.
reach home rest awhile n went joggin.
its is ard 645pm.
this time round, my bro come along.
but with his bicycle.
he cycle i jog.
but end up his bike got problem
so manually push the bike all the way home.

reach home watch the remaining Goong from Channel U.
so enjoying it.

then refresh myself n went to adm to eat.

now at home, waiting for inuyasha to start.
2 more minutes.. hehe..

gonna put more music into the mp3.. shiok..
gonna rest more too.
feelin warm, tired n stoning quite hard :P

Sally drifting off........

:D ♥; sally

im finali back le..
miss my dear diary so so much
im reali miss it
these 11 days without it is simply so so hard.
i reali am forgetting alot of things le..

today.. finali the compie has been repaired n here i am.
bloggin shall begin..

within this 11 days been doin some stuff..
went to VIVOCITY with xuan, charlene n ying on hari raya.
reali enjoyed the view more than the shopping.
but think it wun be a location where i will frequently go ba.
except for my mei.
my supplier/ auntie has approached my mei
to ask her promote wine at Giant.
so become a family affair le..

mi still will stick back to turf city.
heard from my aunt tat the store manager of turf city
dun wa to let mi go over to vivocity when she requested.
thus i believe my time at turf city quite well spent at least build trust le.
worked there more than 1 year le. :))

since my examination finish le.
start work le.
workin from thur to sun.
n family day has sort of change from Mon to Wed or Thur le.

after the vivo trip,
we went on to Changi.
haha. went to eat seafood from my dad or shd i say family biz stall.
so delicious..
then we went to walk walk along changi beach.
haha. settle down at one location n wanted to watch plane comin in.
but surprising,
no incomin planes to singapore for the whole 1 hour we were there.
all say cos charlene was there.
cos for mi its the 1st time i see no incomin plane.. :PPPP
reali enjoy the wind :)) missin it again..

after tat i see them board the bus n i went back to the stall.
i ask my dad if he wanted mi to wait for him,
so he does n i stayed. :))
so in the mean time while waitin for my dad,
chat with my relatives.
talked about my family, cousins n other stuff..
my ah gong suddenly pop up a qn which i dun noe how to react.
he say "when u going to get marry?
u are my eldest grand child & is alrdy 20 le!!
when ah gong can he xi jiu???"
i was like... this is abit too fast..
no partner how to get marry..

then chat with my auntie abt their children.
mostly education la.
cos i still studyin n been thru most of it le.
so talk abt it n then time to return home.

then went back to work n got to noe new ppl.
Tiger boy.. 18 years old n i cant remember his name.
haha. this boy help mi kill time as i help him too..
so most of the time we were busyin chattin cos no customer to entertain.

one incident at work sort of scared mi.
there was a auntie who tried the wine.
& she kept talkin to mi..
her voice was gettin louder as she talked.
then i gong gong (as usual) stand there hear her talk.
tiger boy n Deva (Giant staff) wanted to help mi but they also scared.
volume still ok but the topic was quite racist to say.
sayin about the colours which i dun reali want to talk abt it.
n kept tellin mi onli go pub or disco or wat others with my friends..
n not to go alone.
this i also noe ah..
after that incident, that lady become known as 'my friend'
the staff n tiger boy keep talkin abt it.
:(((( but nvm la.. treat it as an experience.
though to them they know i will be the victim de.
haha. my character so easy to guess de meh???

as usual pack n stack the wines..
but still can rmb the 1st day i took 3.15hrs to juz arrange n beautify the area.
onli 1 mth plus no go turf city all in a mess.
so clear up time.
now much better.

today daddy off from work,
then went to yishun to eat cos need to take the cpu from the repair shop.
but before tat mi n my mum while waitin for the rain to stop,
we went to eyebrow threadin.
reali ver painful.
my eyes even filled my eyes.
but at least the person got skill come out quite ok.
so my my eye seem to hav pink eye shadow.. quite nice haha...

now my head is all Goong music..
i am reali missin n luvin it.

i now occassionally go joggin.
think now become 1 week once or twice le.
haha. sad but true.. :(((
ytd went but the day ver cold, so jog was fun.
after that jog, i sat down at the play ground for half an hour alone.
the time was well spent i think.
feel so calm n quiet n gradually refreshing myself...
no one was there to disturb or irritate mi.
wat a feeling !!!

these few days busy chasin VCD..
haha.. cos my mum borrowed alot.
see until siao.
need to work up timin some more.
different ppl watcin different VCD..

now need to do some other stuff before i go slp if not my bro will kill mi de.
cya n do take care :))))

sally touching up here n there.

:D ♥; sally


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