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Sunday, July 30, 2006

after work

sunday is today.
workin as usual. updates now.

mi onli work half day.
finish stacking the stocks n went home.
my auntie come my house to play majjong.
cos if i not there, will be 3 short one.
not nice to play.
now even my didi oso noe how to play le
so if my mum, auntie n mi wan to play. ask my bro to join in.
from 3 plus to 11. haha.
quite long.
after that read finish chi novel n slept.

today went to waork.
sian. nth to do.
n for no reason, i was given the 5 golden rules of merchandising.
1. clean the shelf
2. clean the product
3. face out the wine
4. first-in-first-out
5. forget the last one. haha.

then after work
da bao food home.
watch TV.
noring. nth to do.
mayb later goin to study ba.

tml hav project.
study again.
sian sian sian.
nth to do now.

Sally signin off.

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, July 29, 2006

quick update for today.
went to sch as usual, but kelly didnt come.
ask mi to help her do some stuff.
then during lesson i ver quiet cos mayb i tired or wat la.
my friend say she didnt dare to talk to mi.
think face abit too fierce le.
mayb im trying to focus n study ba.

after sch read thru the project with chester.
Great work done.
so after the readin mi went off.
while waiting for bus, cythayn come along.
so took bus together.
she alight at woodlands while i alight at Sembawang.
mi goin to find my mum.
she went for a hair cut.
so i went along.
did wash n cut.
now hair short again.

reach home read my chi novel n slack.
use computer to find project research.
so now goin to bed le.
simply too tired.
eyes half closed le.

nites to all
*my auntie comin tml.so i dun noe if im workin.

Sally Signing off here.

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

mum's birthday

yesterday wanted to update blog de.
but there seem to hav problems when i tried to log in so put off that idea.

yesterday was Mummy's 41st BirthDay.
Happy Belated Birthday mummy!!

i after school had project meeting,
n i decided to buy a present for my mum.
i called up ying n ask her if she could accompanied mi,
so she say she will wait for mi outside OCBC at northpoint.
we went chip lee to buy.
i bought a ring.
Ver Nice, like my current one onli bigger and shiny.
it cos about $120 - $130.
went to hav lunch at adm with parents.
bought a pair of shoe.

my brother reach home soon after.
he too bought present for my mum
so sweet of him.
it happen that we were at northpoint but we didnt noe onli.

then we waited for my 2 mei mei to come back so as to pass the presents to my mum.
all gather in my room.

at nite went chong pang to eat.
witness a 'almost' baby being abandone by the parents.
the actuali happening im not sure
but ppl speculating that the parents were quarreling n that one of them stood up n ran.
while the other chase.
soon the baby cried ver loudly n i find it so strange.
so during dinner time we were like giraffe lookin here n there.
some jokes were told. haha

juz as we were about to finish our dinner,
the couple come back with police.
the whole incident ended.

then for today went to sch as usual.
after school went sunplaza to meet my mum.
had lunch at return home.
i reach home watch Final fanstasy movie with bro.
n went to sleep.
too tired.
ard 9 mi then wake up so now updatin n checkin mail.
gonna return to room n do work again.
gosh im feelin so tired again.

Signin off,

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, July 23, 2006

after work program

today wento work as usual.
then afternoon, pu yao jing auntie come n talk to mi,.
she had some problems n wanted a listening ear.
so i lent her mine.
at least till the end she is happy n noe wat to do.

then after work,
uncle tommy wants to see me.
so we met up at the Jacks' place .
he treat mi dinner.
1st time in such a place so i ask him a silly qn.
how do i go about ordering my food?
end up i had Grilled Salmon bake.

1st dish was a soup.
follow by fish
n then Ice Cream.
the both of us had red wine.
nice. of cuz i onli drunk 1/2 glass.
the rest uncle finish it.
around 8plus we left n i went home.
reach home ard 9plus n then watch ending of 'Bring it On'
one of my fav show.

did a super long quiz n now updatin blog.
gonna quickly finish my notes takin n sleep le

Signing off,

(Click here to post your own answers for this meme.)

× I miss somebody right now. (There is nobody for me to think about ^^) I don't watch much TV these days. (i watch VCD onli. haha.) I own lots of books. (not alot but enough to say)
I wear glasses or contact lenses. (Glasses is the way to go!!)× I love to play video games. (dun think i get addicted to it anyway!!)× I've tried marijuana. (Am i stupid to do that to myself ???)
× I've watched porn movies.× I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship. (huh? im not psycho..) I believe honesty is usually the best policy. (usually it is, but to tell a white lie is for their good. ^.^)
I curse sometimes. (reali sometimes onli. use fingers oso can count de.) I have changed a lot mentally over the last year. (changing myself from a girl to a young lady i think...) I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me. (i do when i go to work. cos hav to cut the boxes. n its in my pencilcase.)
* * * * *
× I have broken someone's bones. (how counld i? haha..)× I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal. (i hardly hav secret to be ashamed of. I am who i am.)× I hate the rain. (i like to look at rain but not drenched in the rain.)
I'm paranoid at times. (this i dun noe y.) I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar-free. (but is there such a thing in life?)× I need/want money right now. (current situation allows me to relax a bit. but i dun mind having more.)
× I love sushi. I talk really, really fast. (many people say that.. so i think it is.)× I have fresh breath in the morning.
× I have long hair. (used to n going to be)× I have lost money in Las Vegas. (nvr been there before.) I have at least one sibling. (not onli one but THREE.)
I was born in a country outside of the U.S. (Of cos. Im a PURE SINGAPOREAN)× I have worn fake hair/fingernails/eyelashes in the past. (i dun do that to myself..Yucky!!)× I couldn't survive without Caller I.D. (ok la. can ask who that personis before speaking.)
I like the way that I look. (natural is good.)× I have lied to a good friend in the last 6 months.× I am usually pessimistic. (sometimes. depend on situation. but hope to be the opposite!!)
I have a lot of mood swings. (that is onli human)× I think prostitution should be legalized. (dun think so. legalise to let guys be more unfaithful.Come On!!)× I slept with a roommate. (wat the**!! i no sure person.)
I have a hidden talent. (i think everybody does. its onli if they noe it)× I'm always hyper no matter how much sugar I have. (hope so. i wan t that energy for work n studies.) I have a lot of friends. (hi-bye friends)
× I have pecked someone of the same sex. (huh?)× I enjoy talking on the phone. (i enjoy talkin face to face better)× I practically live in sweatpants or PJ pants. (wat's tat?)
× I love to shop and/or window shop. (i onli like to window shop. shoppin nvr my favourite.)× I'm obsessed with my Xanga or Livejournal. (nope.im blogspot user.)× I'm completely embarrassed to be seen with my mother. (WHAT !! TOTALLY NOT. i feel its cool to be with my mum!!)
I have a mobile phone. (i have that all rite!)× I have passed out drunk in the past 6 months. (drink but not drunk) I've rejected someone before. (yup. reject to go shoppin haha.)
× I currently like/love someone. (nope nope)× I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life. (i juz hav an idea to how life my life.)× I want to have children in the future. (see how)
I have changed a diaper before. (yup. my siblings')× I've called the cops on a friend before. (huh? is it that serious?)× I'm not allergic to anything. (think so for now.)
I have a lot to learn. (who doesnt? live n learn is the 'thing' now)× I am shy around the opposite sex. (mayb ba. unsure. see situation)× I'm online 24/7, even as an away message. (wat.. who is goin to pay the bills?)
× I have at least 5 away messages saved.× I have tried alcohol or drugs before. (alcohol i tried. drugs nvr.)× I have made a move on a friend's significant other or crush in the past. (im not tat type of person.)
× I own the "South Park" movie. (i nvr like it)× I have avoided assignments at work/school to be on Xanga or Livejournal. (y shd i do that) I enjoy some country music. (yup i perfer oldies)
× I would die for my best friends. (die? i dun think there is sure a need)× I'm obsessive, and often a perfectionist. (Perfectionist yes. obessive i hope not.)× I have used my sexuality to advance my career. (dun think so)
× I think Halloween is awesome because you get free candy.× I have dated a close friend's ex. I am happy at this moment.
× I'm obsessed with guys.× Democrat.× Republican.
× I don't even know what I am.× I am punk rockish. I go for older guys/girls, not younger. (is that a sure thing?)
I study for tests most of the time. (yupi wan to score not pass.)× I tie my shoelaces differently from anyone I've ever met.× I can work on a car. (i get headache if i do so)
I love my job(s). (interesting to meet n observe people.) I am comfortable with who I am right now.× I have more than just my ears pierced. (Ouch)
× I walk barefoot wherever I can. (i think that will be at home onli)× I have jumped off a bridge. (wan me to die ah?!! bad of u!!) I love sea turtles.
× I spend ridiculous amounts of money on makeup. (Ouch (for my pocket), i dun put makeup) I plan on achieving a major goal/dream. (to hav good savings for the future. Plan it out)× I am proficient on a musical instrument. (nope. but i like to listen to them.)
× I hate office jobs.× I went to college out of state. (i was never in the US state.)× I am adopted. (NO NO)
× I am a pyro. (wat is that?)× I have thrown up from crying too much. (EEEEEEE)× I have been intentionally hurt by people that I loved. (dun think so)
× I fall for the worst people.× I adore bright colours. (attract attention)× I usually like covers better than originals. (not necessary)
× I hate chain theme restaurants like Applebees and TGIFridays. (wat is that? i love Macdonald)× I can pick up things with my toes. (learnin to do it.) I can't whistle.
× I have ridden/owned a horse. (wish to) I still have every journal I've ever written in. I talk in my sleep. (not many times i think. fingers can count)
× I've often thought that I was born in the wrong century. I try to forget things by drowning them out with loads of distractions. (seldom it succeed. so let it be.)× I wear a toe ring.
× I have a tattoo.× I can't stand at LEAST one person that I work with. (im not that bad. they hav their good side too)× I am a caffeine junkie. (i drink neither coffee nor tea. ^^)
× I am completely tree-huggy spiritual, and I'm not ashamed at all.× If I knew I would get away with it, I would commit at least one murder. (i wun do that. live in guilt. wat is the point.) I will collect anything, and the more nonsensical, the better. (think so. interestin stuff attracts mi)
I enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner. (i juz did that.)× I'm an artist. (not reali. but enjoy drawing rubbish)× I am ambidextrous. (huh?)
I sleep with so many stuffed animals, I can hardly fit on my bed. (agree. one row of toys. my huggers. can live without them.)× If it weren't for having to see other people naked, I'd live in a nudist colony. (huh?)× I have terrible teeth. (nope. definitely not)
× I hate my toes. (ok la.born with it. so live with it)× I did this meme even though I wasn't tagged by the person who took it before me.× I have more friends on the internet than in real life.
× I have lived in either three different states or countries.× I am extremely flexible. (not extremely)× I love hugs more than kisses.
× I want to own my own business. (ver hard.)× I smoke. (i DUN smoke. Good for health)× I spend way too much time on the computer than on anything else. (no. seldom the chance.)
Nobody has ever said I'm normal. (agree) Sad movies, games, and the like can cause a trickle of tears every now and then. (yea)× I am proficient in the use of many types of firearms and combat weapons. (not a army personnel)
I like the way women look in stylized men's suits. (ver cool n organised)× I don't like it when people are unpleased or seem unpleased with me.× I have been described as a dreamer or likely to have my head up in the clouds.
× I have played strip poker with someone else before.× I have had emotional problems for which I have sought professional help. I believe in ghosts and the paranormal. (dream of it that is so so real.)
× I can't stand being alone. (on la. im gettin used to it.)× I have at least one obsession at any given time.× I weigh myself, pee/poo, and then weigh myself again. (wat the point.)
× I consistently spend way too much money on obsessions-of-the-moment. (tat isnt mi.)× I'm a judgmental asshole.× I'm a HUGE drama-queen.
× I have travelled on more than one continent.× I sometimes wish my father would just disappear. (NO i wouldnt do that.) I need people to tell me I'm good at something in order to feel that I am. (low self esteem is up to its tricks)
× I am a Libertarian. I can speak more than one language. (chinese n english) I can fall asleep even if the whole room is as noisy as it can be. (onli if i am so so tired)
I would rather read than watch TV. (if the story catches my attention) I like reading fact more than fiction. (both i like. fact for interesting stuff.)× I have pulled an all-nighter on an assignment I was given a month to do. (i wun wan to do that.)
× I have no piercings. (pierce ear when i was young)× I have spent the night in a train station or other public place. (nope)× I have been so upset over my physical gender that I cried. (y would i?)
× I once spent Christmas completely alone because there was a miscommunication on which parent was supposed to have me that night.× There have been times when I have wondered "Why was I born?" and may/may not have cried over it.× I like most animals better than most people.
× I own a collection of retro games consoles. The thought of physical exercise makes me shiver. (i dun like to exercise)× I have hit someone with a dead fish. (will like to try)
I am compulsively honest. (most of the times)× I was born with a congenital birth defect that has never been repaired.× I have danced topless in front of dozens of complete strangers.
× I have gone from wishing I was a girl to revelling in being a boy to feeling like a girl again in the span of five minutes, and not cared a whit for my actual sex.× I am unashamedly bisexual, and have different motivations for my desires for different genders.× I sometimes won't sleep a whole night or eat a whole day because I forget to. (no way)
I find it impossible to get to sleep without some kind of music on. (sometimes onli)× I dislike milk. (i LOVE milk)× I obsessively wash my hands. (ok la. hygiene ma)
I always carry something significant around with me. (wouldnt b obvious.. wallet phone n others wor)× Sometimes I'd rather wear a wig in day-to-day life than use my own hair. (nope.) I've pushed myself to become more self-aware and thereby more aware of others. (i try to)
× Even though I live on my own I still cry sometimes because I miss my mother.× I hand wrote all the HTML tags in this document. I've liked something which a majority of people claimed was either bad or weird. (sometimes. depend on wat u talkin about)
× I have been clinically dead for a brief period of time. Instead of feeling sympathy/empathy with people and their problems, I simply become annoyed. (if it is repeatitive.)× I participate/have participated in auto drag races and won.
× I do not 'get' most comedy acts. I don't think strippers are money-greedy or slutty for dancing. (they do that for a living. cant say them that way) I don't like to chew gum. (i dun like to spit it out. yucky)
× I am obsessed with history/historical things and can't wait for someone to build a time machine so I can be the first to use it.× I can never remember for the life of me where I parked the car.× I had the TEEN ANGST thing going for at least 2-3 years.
I wish people would be more empathic and honest with each other. (everybody is different with their own strength n weakness.)× I play Dungeons and Dragons weekly. I love to sing. (like to listen more.)
× I want to live in my mother's basement when I grow up. (mi mum no basement)× I have a custom-built computer. (not that hi-tech)× I want to create a certain someone's babies, even though there's a 0% possiblity of ever achieving it.
× I would be in a relationship with one of my pets if they were human.× I've gone skinny-dipping. I've performed in three plays. (primary sch Red Cross, sec school CCA, JC teachers' day)
× I enjoy burritos.× I'm Irish and loving it.× I have a thing for redheads.
× I am a twin!× Most of the times, I'd rather do something intellectual instead of doing something generically 'fun'. Once I set out to finish something, I always stay at it until it is completed before I move on to something else. (focus on it n not divert it)
I wish there were a way to erase past mistakes. (like a computer hittin the 'Delete' button)× I sleep more than 12 hours a day. (i wish for it) I wish I could be prouder of what I've accomplished, but it's never enough.
I need more time to myself. (to relax n stone) I wish I was more open-minded. (some of my thinkin are still readitional)× I hope that I go really prematurely grey. (huh?)
I download songs from the internet.× I've just reenacted chapter 58 of Death Note with my best friend. I say random things to freak people out.
× I'm still a little mad about the ending of Death Note.× I love playing Truth or Dare. I love listening to slow music, but I hate singing to it. (1st part yes, second part no)
Music helps me remember that I am not alone.× Playing my favorite sport makes me temporarily forget my problems. I think this survey is particularly long. (ver long)
× I prefer my LJ friends to my real-life ones.× I can only hate someone that I love.× I've ordered an extra two shots of espresso to an Americano at Starbucks. (no coffee pls)

:D ♥; sally

Friday, July 14, 2006

after school program.

today is the last day of lecture for the week
n oso the last day of lecture for the foreign lecturer.
so sad she cant speak.
she has lost her voice cos of teachin us.
but still thank her for clearin out my doubt.
she is a friendly teacher ^^

in between the lesson,
chester call mi up sayin to chat about some stuff.
so we went out n began to talk.
we were busy chattin about our project.
seem that many people observe it.
cos the oints for my part may need some flow,
n of cos during the chat new ideas pop up.
haha. cool.

then we finish chattin, it was oso the end of lesson le.
mi didnt the last part of the lesson.
so stuff were done by my friend.
still nvm.
went to take the bus to bukit Batok.
n meet up with cythia.
chatted n took train together.

after that ying, xuan, charlene, kyrstn, kelly n me alighted at Adm.
ate our lunch n they all come to my house.
play majong.
initially they play 3 person. cos me, ying n xuan didnt noe how to play.
after 2 rounds, mi went in to play with my mum help.

so rotate here n rotate there,
soon my aunt come in to play.
about 4-5 plus kelly left,
so left mi & ying to play.
we play it slowly for we are reali 2 new beginners put to together.
surprising we won many times.
mayb we got the lucky seat that kelly has left for mi.
time flies n around 7 plus,
they went off le.

my mum, aunt n mi went to sunplaza to eat.
before tat mi went to borrow books.
shop around after dinner.
bought my mum her birthday present.

now watchin TV
mayb gonna to play majong (3 person).
sian tml still hav to work.
Heard that Uncle Tommy is gonna to bring someone to meet me.
WOW. scary. haha.

gonna think of points to add in for my project.
need giv chester outline soon.
*headache- stiff neck*

Signing off,

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Isnt she Cute!!

introduce to u..

My Youngest Cousin - Zanne

:D ♥; sally


this week is a busy week.
today onli tuesday but many work has come.

mi abit crazy.
pei my mum watch world cup final.
this final isnt good.
there doesnt seem to be much high feeling about it.
then i watch until cant tahan n scolded.
cos i was oso doin my research as well.
my mumjuz look 'gong gong' at me.
cos she didnt noe i actually noe how to scold.
mi onli didnt scold but not say dun noe how to.
onli i find it not nice to listen ba le.
that y normally use simple understandable words to scold. haha.

the world cup end so late. 5 plus in the mornin.
mi woke up late for 1st day of class for FSB.
half an hour late.
lucky ying call mi.
if not i cham.
i still talk rubbish when i 1st listen to the phone.
still in dreamland.

after school, had group meeting.
as usual i volunteer to do the minutes to update everyone
& oso referencing for the report.
after that went home n slack.
feel ver ver tired or shd say exhausted.

i believe for this whole month i will hav no time to rest at all.
5 days of studies n 2 full days of work.
no time to do revision.
near exam sure read like mad.
tat my prediciton.

for today,
after school,
mi, ying, xuan n krys went to school library to find stuff for project.
mi did a lot of printing for the data i required.
then after tat krys went to join the floorball club at the cca open house in SIM.

then we went to bukit batok, west mall.
mi went there to meet mei cos she oso juz happen to be after school.
we went to food court to eat.
shop a little while n went home.
the rain was damn heavy
mi n mei trap in adm.
so went to mac.
i drank hot milo n try to concentrate on studies.
n of cos it can b done
im simply too tired.
mei rest at the mac.
about half hour to 45 mins later.
the rain decrease.
n i went to buy food home.
mi shoes no friciton.
made me like skatin here n there.
so dangerous n scary.

reach home bath n slept. super tired.
then ard 10 plus use compie to do the HW teacher requested.
n Damn it was so hard.
even though all are English words.
but when they put together cant understand wat exactly it means
teacher will hav to solve it tml.
if not i think the project i will go bonkers n go into the process of dying.
haha. serious huh!

tml still hav to wake up early for project meeting before the class.
*dun late dun late*

now 1 plus in the wee hours of morning.
wan to sleep
but homework not yet done finish.

Take care Guys Dun fall Sick.

Signin off,

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, July 08, 2006


today is the last day of lecture by the australian lecturer for insurance.
i was a hefy information feeding man.
at the end of everything head feel so loaded.

after school,
ying, charlene, krystrn n mi went to causeway point.
took cab to go. n it balance out.
i was sittin in front n was lookin at the road.
sort of guidin the uncle as we go along to where i finali where we are.

we went to foodcourt to makan.
yummy n full.
then mi went to CPF Board to find information.
still i cant find wat i wan.
think hav to use email to clarify the doubts i have le.
ying went to singapore post to pay her bills.
after that we make our way to 'Party World'.

at 'Party World',
some funny things happen.
lstly is tat there is blackout.
not once but TWICE.
i overheard the person saying that they didnt pay for something
uncle says 'u all pay i resume back the power'
the mood n atmosphere was severly interrupted.
Chester who called mi oso went to CPF Board to request for the same thing.
it seem that we two hav the same answer back.
so he says he is goin to try out the email method.

after the K session,
we went to CWP.
charlene went off 1st,
n ying pei mi go computer shop to buy my printer ink.
then to popular n waited for mi to tink of wat i wanted.
haha. pai seh wor.

after that mi ask ying to go home 1st
while i slowly figure out wat i still need to get.

i felt so sad when i realised that the 2 wired hearts accessories on my phone were lost.
the gold heart was 1st,
followed by blue heart.
i reali like it.
i shd hav kept them in the bag,
cos this mornin they actually went loose le.
i didnt see the symptoms as warning signs of the future event.
so so sad.

now mi sittin in front of computer goin to check the ink of the printer.
finish with my mail checkin n chat with Jur.
gonna sleep soon.
tml still hav to work.

signin off,

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Assignment is out

now that it is comin to an end for the first week of school.
still i feel tired.
these few nights mi busy writing notes for FSA.
i'm not hardworking JUZ that
i dun wan to cry when i attend FSB next week.

these few days when i was in class,
i head went a bit nuts.
kelly n ying cant stand mi.
i was there talkin, playing n makin strange noise by myself.
i nuts rite?

on tuesday (juz the second day of school),
the assignment has been given out.
fast wor.
but think its a good thing.
at least there is more time to start n end it early
wun crash with others project.

today juz had a short meeting,
next monday goin to hav meeting to go thru the project.
this week topic is on Risk management & insurance planning.
in simple word - Insurance.
gonna do some research.
but dun seem easy to find them out.

the day before mi n my mum change the arrange of bed in my room.
did alot of cleaning n so so tired.
after that sat at the chair not wanting to move.

for this week i think i pretty busy,
after school go northpoint or sunplaza to meet my mum.
makan n do some purchasing.
heavy leg n tired i am.

now quite engross in korean drama.

think im gonna start studying again.
mayb tml can go CPF Board at woodlands to get do research.

Signin off,
sally the tired ger always.

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, July 02, 2006

last day of school holidays

tml startin school le.
3rd & last semster for diploma course.

my dad, aunt n mi all woke up late today.
so went to work late.
nth much to say.
though its sunday,
but the crowd is not as much as expected.

my aunt is feelin terrible with the way my grandfather is treatin her.
all lot of problems hav arised.
hope the resolved them soon.
n do it in a systemic way.

after work went to northpoint to meet up with my meis.
had dinner n went there shop.
not say shop but to buy some stuff for school.
to say it wasnt me who bought the stuff.
it was my sisters but i was the one providin the money.

durin dinner,
we waited for some people who are not considerate at all.
dinner time is rush timin at foodcourts but this couple esp the guy so so stupid.
keep lookin at the phone.
wu liao.

now watchin TV program,
gonna to type my dad's invoice le.
later hav to continue revisin the FSA.
if not for FSB i sure cant make it.

feel like drinkin the white wine i aunt gave mi.

take care friends.

Signin off,

:D ♥; sally


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- NaRuTo ShipPuDen *chasing* -
- Yumeiro Patissiere *chasing* -
- Fairy Tail *chasing* -
- K-On!! 2nd season *chasing* -
- INUYASHA : Final Act *will start soon* -

- BarTender *completed* -
- Battle Athletes Victory *completed* -
- CardCaptor Sakura *completed* -
- Cluster Edge *completed* -
- Code E *completed* -
- Cooking Master Boy *completed* -
- Detective Academy Q *completed* -
- DraGon Drive *completed on 13 Dec 09* -
- Elemental Gelade *completed* -
- Gakuen Alice *completed* -
- Ghost Hunt *completed* -
- Ginban Kaleidoscope *completed* -
- Hana Yori Dango *completed* -
- Howl's Moving Castle (film) *completed* -
- K-On!! *completed*>-
- Karin *completed* -
- Kekkaishi *completed* -
- Kemono no Souja Erin *completed on Jan 2010* -
- Lamune *completed* -
- Mahou Sensei Negima! *completed* -
- Mai Hime *completed* -
- Mai Otome *completed* -
- Moyashimon *completed* -
- Nabari no Ou *completed* -
- Neo Angelique Abyss *completed* -
- Night Wizard *completed, 19 Sept 2010* -
- Nodame Cantabile *completed* -
- NoDaMe Cantabile. Finale *completed* -
- Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu *completed 01 Jan 2010* -
- Ouran High School Host Club *completed* -
- Paradise Kiss *completed on 13 Dec 09* -
- Piano no Mori *completed* -
- PreTear *completed 20 Sept 2010* -
- Princess Lover *completed* -
- Princess Princess *completed on 14 Nov 09* -
- Ride Back *completed* -
- Rizelmine *completed* -
- Shakugan no Shana *completed* -
- Shaman King *completed* -
- Sister Princess *completed* -
- Special A *completed* -
- Spirited Away *completed* -
- History Strongest Discipline Kenichi - *completed* -
- Sugar Sugar Rune *completed* -
- Taishou Yakyuu Musume *completed on 20 Dec 09* -
- Tenjou Tenge *completed on 25 Dec 09* -
- Tenshi na Konamaiki *completed* -
- Tokyo Mew Mew *completed on 09 Nov 09* -
- Uta-Kata *completed on 8 Dec 09* -
- Utawarerumono *completed* -
- Vampire Knight & Vampire Knight Guilty *completed* -
- Yume Tsukai *completed* -
- Zero no Tsukaima *completed* -
- Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no kishi *completed* -
- Zombie Loan *completed* -

Manga Mania !!

- Adarshan no Hanayome *completed, 10 Jul 2010* -
- BackStage Prince *completed, 5 Jun 2010* -
- Badminton Girl *completed, 30 May 2010* -
- Baraio My Honey *completed, 1 Aug 2010* -
- Beauty Pop *completed, 28 May 2010* -
- Brilliant Magic *completed, 2 Jun 10* -
- Dakishimete Noir (cat) *completed, 7 Jun 2010* -
- Fairy Cube *completed, 29 May 2010* -
- Hana ni Arasji *completed, 12 Jun 2010* -
- He's Dedicated to Roses *completed, 6 Jun 2010* -
- Kokoro ni Hana Wo *completed, 5 Jul 2010* -
- M.C. Law *completed, 8 Aug 2010* -
- Otokomae Beads Club *completed, 1 Jun 2010* -
- Power (basketball) *completed, 31 May 2010* -
- Psycho Staff *completed, 2 Jun 2010* -
- Shinrei Tantei Yakumo *completed, 1 jun 10* -
- Shinshi Doumei Cross *completed, 31 Aug 10* -


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