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Saturday, May 28, 2005


hi frenz.. mi gonna share w u all a msg i receive from a friend.. hehe.. guess wat im a swan.. if u wan can type it in my taggyboard n we all share.. hehe.. here we go..

Date of birth

21 Jan - 17 Feb
A cool exterior disguises a fiery temper and is very opinionated - although those opinions are not always shared by everyone. They are proud and particularly home-loving, although have a tendency to be quarrelsome.

18 Feb - 17 March
Goldfinch people are colourful characters who are sensitive and always alert. They are gregarious by nature and love being in groups of people, which offers them security. They need to find an outlet for their imaginative abilities or they are sometimes be in danger of becoming nervous and irritable.

18 March - 14 April
A powerful individual which displays courage and a sometimes ruthless determination. Avoids problematical obstacles with skill, although must be fully targeted so as not to waste energy in fruitless chases for the impossible.

15 April - 12 May
Has a tendency to have a mind that wanders, but when in search of a particular goal, will travel great lengths to achieve it. Occasionally, the albatross may become caught up in things it shouldn't when not seeing clearly enough.

13 May - 9 June
Peace-loving by nature, doves will bill and coo about things close to their heart. They enjoy a fulfilling love-life and rarely fail to satisfy. They are also patient, adaptable and personable. Their lack of aggression sometimes makes them the victim of more predatory characters.

10 June- 7 July
A well-respected figure which has excellent visionary qualities. Eagles will truck no nonsense and will fix opponents with a powerful stare. They have the power to rise above the trivial aspects of humanity, and are highly talon-ted.

8 July- 4 August
More often heard before being seen, nightingales always have something to say for themselves. They are however very much in tune with their partners. Their unimpressive exterior hides a personality that is just waiting to burst out.

5 August - 1 Sept
Another flamboyant and colourful character that is always exciting to encounter. They rush around at great speed and have a close spiritual affinity with water. They have a sharp and perceptive head on them, but can make them impetuous enough to dive in where others would fear to go.

2 Sept - 29 Sept
The swan is a complex character. While appearing on the surface as a calm and relaxed individual, underneath they are working hard to keep up with the pace of modern life. If provoked their natural graceful demeanour can give way to a violent temper which puts them in a flap. They are definitely someone to have on your side.

30 Sept - 27 Oct
A tough, hard-working character with plenty of stamina. Has no problem drumming up support for their ideas, no matter how wacky they seem. With a lateral-thinking mind they are skilled at dissecting problems and seeing the wood for the trees. However, with their noisy and exuberant lifestyle, you might not want to have one as a neighbour.

28 Oct - 24 Nov
A sharp brain helps kestrel people hover from one subject to another
without losing concentration. They focus on their life's goal with a single-minded focus, not flustered by what is going on around them. A confidence in their own ability helps them to soar to heights others may only dream of.

25 Nov - 23 Dec
Always impressive, raven people are a tower of strength. They are more intelligent than their peers and are adept problem-solvers. They enjoy challenges are stimulated by wild and exposed places.

24 Dec - 20 Jan
Heron people are deceptive. Although they may be solitary individuals for much of the time, they nevertheless have a need to settle in busy communities where they know everyone else. They may get bogged down as they wade the course of life, but have broad enough shoulders to cope with weighty issues. But their insecure nature often leads them to fish for compliments.

so wat kind of birdy are u?

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


hiyo.. time for updates again..

last sun.. my dad was off from work.. mi relatives they all say wat they wan off cos cos weddin dinner.. then on that day.. mi dad drove us to neesoon.. all together.. there were 4 of us.. my dad, mi younger sis, my brother n mi.. my mum went on a 1 day cruise w mi aunt.. then my older sis went to work w my another aunt.. durin the lunch we had some fun.. haha.. the topics we talk are quite funny.. n that my dad oso join in the fun.. haha.. like comparin the hand n others.. then at nite we went to the rojak stall to c c.. then my sis brought mi to play game at funland.. the rockfever was quite fun.. though i cant reali catch up w the beats n all the stuff.. hehe.. then i decided to help my sis pack up cos she wash ver slowly.. cant tahan her speed of doin stuff.. haha.. so ended up the wsahin was done by mi.. hehe.. mi mum cum to meet us at yishun when she reach spore.. haha.. then all the 7 of us squeeze in the car... haha.. kinda miss that squeezin feelin.. then all rush to toilet.. mi took mi bath at abt 2am cos watchin tv.. haha.. let them wash up 1st.. hehe..

then on mon.. i went to help out w mi aunt.. we went to chong pang market early in the mornin.. then bought alot alot of stuff for the rojak stall.. being the gds too heavy.. we bought a trolley that is portable n small.. when not usin it we can fold it back to something like a suitcase.. haha.. then the day went on slwli.. cos not much ppl.. northpoint food court has juz reopen from renovation.. so i guess more or less the biz will b affected.. haiz.. the closin up was done pretty quickly.. i oso bought one water bottle that doris wanted.. n off we went home.. mi use the com but too tired n slept off at the sofa.. until my mum cum back.. she wasnt in gd mood.. we noe the reasons.. so sick of them to treat my mum like that.. where it isnt her fault.. haiz.. talkin to serene up till 1 then i woke up at abt 3 when my mum return.. i shut off the com..

today tuesday.. mi oso went to help mi aunt.. but this timei went at a later time.. cos i had to accompany my younger sis to doctor.. she had rashes on her face n neck.. so we decided that she shdnt go sch.. then i took her c doc at abt 9 plus.. but we onli got to c the doc aft 1030am.. such a long wait.. but after that the timin was so fast that the both of us found it pretty unfair.. we bought some supplies like bread n cookies to put at home n oso our breakfast.. the 2 of us were like starvin.. haha.. then we went home.. i had my food n another sis cum back from sch.. arrangin my stuff i went off to work.. reachin yishun abt 1210pm.. there wasnt much crowd.. the whole day was spend quite relaxin.. i even had time to go to 'shop n save' to buy things n drew some pictures to kill boredom.. haha.. i went to buy a water bottle that my brother wanted.. its a larger version of my sis new water bottle.. at abt 7 or 8 pm.. that was a blackout.. i heard from them that the blackout occures quite frequently.. so nth to b strange abt.. haha.. then abt abt 8 plus.. ying cum to find mi.. we were discussin abt the SIM thingy.. SIM was the next best alternatives that i can think off.. cos if i was rejected by ntu at the end of june.. at least i hav a backup plan.. i guess i hav to take this precautionary step.. for which i oe i didnt score well at 'A' Levels.. then it was set that we will go apply tml n that we will bring the necessary documents to b photocopied.. we will meet abt 12 noon tml.. so hope everything will go on smoothly.. now goin to search for my documents..

Cya friends.. take care.. *SmileZ* n *huGz*

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, May 21, 2005


this 2 days i hav been to my ah yi stall to help out.. the ppl that treat mi quite will.. mayb cos i alot alot younger than them.. i considered to b te second youngest after my sis.. until now i still dun reali noe how to chao rojak.. cos i didnt hav the chance to try la.. haha.. but mi BBQ skills is improvin.. haha.. the coffeeshop uncle was nice.. cos he allow us to open CD of us to b hear at the coffeeshop.. haha.. for this 2 days esp at nite.. i was like rushin like mad.. haha.. cant blame mi cos i wanna watch my Jap amine Innuyasha n The Shaman King at Art central 11pm to 12 midnite.. my recent adddiction to say.. haha.. so on thur the 1st day at work for mi.. i was like gosh when hectic can reali b hectic.. when slack reali can slp.. haha.. lucky ebough i brought my book along.. then the aunties n uncles were sayin y i keep laughin when wanna i read a book.. i was like.. funny u noe.. hard to control ma.. haha.. that y mi mei like to say that im a 'hua chi' (flower idiot) sometimes 'bai chi' (idiot) haha.. i think becos of the way im readin my novel ba.. hehe.. then ytd was record time for mi ah yi.. we close the stall real fast.. haha.. after 930pm mi pack up bit by bit.. cos all the uncles n aunties will b cumin aft mi at abt 10.. so u nie they like to tel mi.. ger ah walk slower.. when u walk.. be careful ah cos the ground is fill of Algae.. that stupid algae almost made mi fall on the lst day.. no wonder they like to tell mi that.. it seems that 'Ger ah.. man man zuo.. ' is the common thing to mi now.. hehe..

now im troublin with my uni thinngy.. being rejected from nus.. no news from ntu.. im gonna chong to sim soon.. i hav decided that im gonna take bachelor of business ( accountancy).. mi dream subject since sec sch. hehe.. so mi gonna rush now cos need to bring something down to my dad.. cya guys.. take care of ya health too.. smilez always.. :)

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, May 19, 2005


hi friends.. it has been some time i last did my entry.. hehe.. so i guess i will hav a lot to write today.. hehe.. so let's start.. hehe..

last thursday.. mi met up w xinyi n penguin.. mi b4 meetin them i wen to causeway point with my mum to the bank.. then we ate at mac then off i rush to met up w xinyi.. haha.. then mi n xinyi to the train n went to city hall.. we 1st shop at raffles place then we continue to city link n off to suntec.. we shop n waited for penguin to cum.. haha.. then finalli when we met up w penguin.. then we went to esplanade n then we buy some drinks n off to the stroll at the park at esplanade.. hehe.. then at abt 9 plus 10 we make our way home.. penguin suddenly in the train say wan to vomit then we alight at orchard.. mi n xinyi ran abt to find plastic bag for poor penguin.. nso we went to marina bay for the 2nd time as we wanted to hav a seat to home.. hehe.. reach home abt 11 plus 12.. when i reach home.. so sad.. i receive a letter from nus.. they say i was rejected.. haiz.. then i was lookin for other opitons.. i think ntu i mayb oso hav no choice le.. so sad..

last friday.. mi went meet up w ying at 10 plus in the mornin.. ying was off that day.. so she called mi out to go out together.. we went to sing KBox free lunch.. the coupon was gotten when we went durin the new yr.. i guess is the promotion thingy ba.. mi oso saw my younger did w her friends.. haha.. singapore is reali small sia.. haha.. dun u agree? hehe.. then after the K session.. mi n ying went to herren then to i forget wat place then we went to take train back to woodlands to meet up with min ming n lee peng.. min ming cum out to singapore n then lee peng is workin.. haha.. mi oso met up w mi brother as he has to follow mi to do eat n go exchange for his VCD.. we ate at yoshinoya.. hehe..

on saturday.. serene off then she ask mi to go out.. this time go out w serene, frefree, jia wen, jia rong n mi brother.. we arrived at tampines mall then again went to eat yoshinoya.. haha.. then we went to changi.. play basketball a little n than wen to the beach.. mi n serene had a long chat n stroll.. that nite was reali dark.. cant reali c the shores.. then at abt 9 plus 10 mi mum called mi to c if we wanted to eat.. then we went back n ate our dinner.. then we went to take bus home.. on our way.. heaavy rain cum pourin down.. haha.. serene saw the lightning n then scared.. haha.. i let her hug mi hand.. then mi n frefree talk all the way.. if not i oso wan to slp.. haha.. so tired at the end..

on monday.. mi went to to help out w mi ah yi at the rojak store.. haha.. mi went at abt 2 plus 3 then went home w ah yi at abt 11.. quite nice workin but hor.. the weather is reali ver ver hot.. mi like broken water tap keep sweatin.. reali warm like siao.. haha.. then doris tell mi she download GB so i play lor.. hehe..

then today Wednesday.. mi was waken up by a phone call.. my brother call to mi to ask mi to pick him up from school.. he was havin a painful stomachache that required him to rest.. then mi went to adm to bring some stuff.. went back home.. i went to slp.. tired.. then at abt 5.. i went for a run.. return home with 2 red cheeks.. actuali.. i didnt reali run cos too long counldnt run.. hehe.. then walk walk lor.. quite relaxin.. the wind was coolin.. when i was abt to go home.. it becum to drizzle.. haha.. i juz ran n then the rain follow.. haha.. thank god.. i reali need it.. then i went back n did some stretchin b4 i return home.. then i had dinner w serene n penguin at sunplaza.. penguin did some chocolate treats for us then suddenly we plan to do some more together.. we brought corn flakes n when to penguin home.. we began our quest n than we went to cycle.. haha.. onli 1/2 hr.. mi n serene were sweatin like mad.. then we went back to collect our chocolate.. haha.. and off i went home to catch the cartoon.. haha.. now sittin in front of the com n then mi eyes on the TV.. multi- taskin to say.. haha.. i guess i hav to try apply for SIM.. if not i will hav no place.. tis is wat my mum say... so i will follow too.. cos its oso wat im thinkin.. hehe.. so friends wish all of u all luck n that gd nite.. hehe..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


yoz.. ytd mi met up w serene.. haha.. we had a reali reali relax time.. hehe.. she work half mornin n then didnt wan to go home that early so called mi to meet up w her to eat lunch together.. we ate at cavana.. then we moved on to Coffee Bean for our fav treat.. her ice mocha n my pure vanilla.. hehe.. we chatted abt everything under the sky n that we had some fun there.. haha.. the ppl workin there were funny.. serene always find the cheesecakes super temptin.. haha.. whenever she sees the cheesecake she go gaga over it.. haha.. then she receive one phone call from her mum sayin that she has entered into the uni choice that she wanted.. Arts n Social sci.. so happy for her.. hehe.. we oso sang songs that was played in the coffee bean.. the evnironment was so shiok.. long time didnt had that feelin le.. hehe.. somemore was for hours de.. haha.. she keep sayin that we are old le.. haha.. when she say that she looks as if she wanted to age sia.. i still dun wan.. haha.. i just b myself yea? hehe.. then at abt 8 plus we finally moved our butt out of coffee bean.. haha.. then we shop round sunplaza.. we went in to This Fashion.. n unexpectedly i bought a jacket which seem pretty nice.. hehe.. somemore more of a mature lookin one.. cost abt nearly thirty bucks aft the member's discount.. hehe.. serene says that finally im buyin clothin when i go out w her.. we went out so many times together but i think mi purchase something was like even a single hand can count.. no wonder she says its a miracle.. haha.. then after that we part our way.. i reach home abt 9 plus..

n today.. i went for a hair cut.. i went to layered my hair.. i feel that my thick tail has disappeared.. kinda of unused to it.. hehe.. this haircut seem to hav soften mi looks.. haha.. is this how i should put it? haha.. i dun noe.. the weather today is wet n cold.. wish to hide in my blanket.. hehe.. sure feel warm de.. hehe..

* now still waitin n prayin for mi uni postin.. wish mi hope ba.. hehe.. hope i can get in.. ^3^ .. so cya friends.. catch w ya later.. hehe..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, May 06, 2005


as i was watchin the TV showin the cermony of the cremation of the Late President of singapore - Mr. Wee Kim Wee... many feelings hav overwhelmed mi.. his contributions n his commitement to his family, friends n citizens of spore has touch my heart.. it isnt easy being a high authority person who still can b humble n from his heart.. willing to reach out n make ppl feel that they are impt to him as he is impt to them.. intergity, honesty, humble, a person with critical thinkin and willing to reach out to help its people.. is wat i gathered from the news.. all praises is all we could hear from ppl of all woks of life.. his simply yet meaningful actions hav touched many ppl n i believed ppl will continue to hav his spirit and carry on w life.. upon hearin the 'speech' made by his son and his grand-daughters especially.. i could understand how they feel as i oso experienced the loss of mi Grandfather whom we like to call him 'Ah Gong'

the time that he passed away was when i was in primary fri.. i could rmb how the news had shocked mi.. i was waken up at abt 6 in the mornin whenmy mum tell mi that ah gong has passed away.. i was shocked n i didnt wat to do.. i went back to my room along w my sister.. i went to hug the pillow that i was fought w mi ah gong.. the pillow was hard but the two of us like it pretty much.. i was coverin myself w my blanket n started to sob.. b4 7am we left home to my ah gong house in aljunied.. actuali on this day.. ah gong has promised me that he will fetch mi to school for my computer lesson at abt 10am.. but this promise was nvr fulfilled.. ;_;

on the day when ah gong was huo hua.. its was children's day.. the weather was wet.. the clouds are followin us.. the sky becum to drizzle a little.. it made mi recall the time when my ah ma was gonna huo hua.. the sky was covered w grey clouds n big droplets of rain cum fallin down.. but i couldnt feel anything except that i hav lost a ver dear person who is impt to my life.. they doted n pampered me.. brought mi around and play w mi.. made good food that tamed my tummy.. gosh.. they hav reali made a sigifiant impact in my life..

ah gong was actuali stayin in our home in yishun as mi mum n dad feel that we could take care of him better than if he were to b back at aljunied.. cos in aljunied there were no one to look after him.. i remembered that i was in the afternoon session for that year.. and so every mornin when we wake up.. he will play his fav hokkien cd.. which later on i was too addicted to it.. i will sing along w the song too though i dun reali noe the song.. hehe.. mi juz like the cheery tone of the songs palyed in the cd.. so it has becum a daily routine to play the cd and i will oso help out mi mum to change the prayer's tea.. at that time.. my parents were workin hard at the seafood stall they hav opened so ah gong was my company le.. and i was oso ah gong's company.. then ah gong will bring mi to sch if i hav sch tution.. ah gong will chat w mi.. since young i hav been known to teachers as a child who asked alot of qns.. like the cartoon at that time ' shi wan ge wei shen me'.. then mi always bombared ah gong with so many qn.. but onr thing puzzle mi.. which is that where the hell did i hav so many qn to ask? *_*

then when i sick.. ah gong will scold mi cos i was the onli one in the family who doesnt noe how to swallow a pill.. till now i still hav this problem.. so sad.. i can still rmb that time mi mum n ah gong was so angry w mi.. i did try to swallow but in the end i didnt swallow but end up vomittin everything out.. no wonder they are so so angry w mi.. that y i dun wan to b sick.. if not i c the medicine i will for sure be more sick than the initial temp..

ah gong's fav food is D24 Durian and pig trotters.. but due to his health problem.. my dad restricted him to eat pig trotter.. if mi dad caught ah gong watin it.. ah gong will get scoldin from daddy de.. cute rite? ^3^

at that time many monks appear on the roads or at the void decks.. then i will donate n take a wristband form them.. when ah gong everytime sees one new item on mi wrist he will smile to mi.. he went to the temple to get one band that can b wore round the neck.. it is of the same colour n pattern like my wrist band.. i cant stop likin it.. onli last year my wrist band was torn.. the wrist band has been w mi for 7 yrs le.. n the neckband is still around my neck.. those friends who are close to mi are wonderin when will i ever get the band off mi neck.. sad to say.. i wun get it off mi neck unless the band tore itself.. the band is of high sedimental value to mi.. i onli received it abt a mth or 2 earlier before mi ah gong passed away.. due to a heart attack.. it grabbed my ah gong's life away from us.. i heard my mum that the doctors rescued him three times but for the final time.. ah gong couldnt make it.. his fingers were turnin purplish- black.. if onli the doc didnt went oversea for training n that they did the operation.. my ah gong would hav survived.. but all this is fated.. so cant blame anyone.. i noe that mi ah gong has went on to accompany my ah ma who has passed away when i was pri 2.. and knowin that they will b by our side when we needed.. i reali missed them..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


today is a ver sian day.. wake up at 11 plus when the giordano yishun branch called mi to inform mi that mi dad's jeans is ready for collection. then mi went out to eat w mi bro in the afternoon.. when we reach home.. i was supposed to continue to teach him his maths homework.. but dun noe why.. mi temper today dun seem ver gd.. poor him today get alot of scolding from mi.. but hor he oso dun wan to cooperate.. always make mi scream here scream there.. then we 2 sort of qurral.. so his maths homework oso half completed.. then i went to read mi book.. but hor i oso dun noe wat the book is talkin.. i guess the book im readin isnt a gd book to mi.. c until i oso blur.. dun noe what is wat..so sad.. then i brought him to dinner and reach home abt 945pm.. then i continued to teach him from where we stopped in the afternoon.. i was like multi-taskin.. mi was doin ironin of clothin ( mainly sch uniforms of mi siblings), coaching him maths and also watchin TV.. mi teach until i abit blur.. but hor i took it as a chance to for him to do learn to trust his own ans when derivin it.. i think its a impt factor for daily usuage.. haiz.. finali finish mi ironing and followed by the maths coachin.. i went back mi room to read the book.. but still tryin hard to understand wat it is writin about.. readin more than half of the book i finalli gathered some clues but still i guess i dun reali like the book.. the plot not interestin and ver messy... takin a break mi cum out of the room to freshen up.. then mi er mei (ivy) asked mi to help her w her project.. haiz.. can c that she was reali goin nuts.. so again i help her type the part she needed.. i think i gettin the hand it.. haha.. jokin onli.. finish typin her document.. i decided to cum here n do some entry.. sian la.. im gonna slp soon.. so nitez everyone..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, May 02, 2005


wat up doc? hehe.. tis few days nth much to update.. hehe..

for the past 4 days mi hav been goin to northpt.. so sad.. 3 days in a row.. haha.. n for the 3 days.. mi hav been visitin giordano.. seem that its a pity i didnt work there.. haha.. jokin onli ah.. hehe.. mi oso went to c mi ah yi work.. hehe.. her workplace reali ver warm ah. cant tahan.. hehe.. cos blame mi.. im always in search for air con.. the weather is reali bad n warm.. so sad if i had to go out in this climate.. but hor.. its a typical day in spore.. haiz.. so anytime.. mi hav to melt like snow.. haha.. i think i need to prepare a portable freezer around w mi.. haha.. so that it can harden.. from this u can c that im siao n oso ver cold.. haha.. dun need to care abt mi.. hehe.. nuts mi.. crazy mi.. hehe..

today serene off day.. then she ask mi to go out w her.. so i anything lor.. hehe.. actualli wanted to meet 430 at orchard but due to some hiccups along the way.. mi n serene met at 3 plus at semb.. mi almost ran out la.. hehe.. wanted for he bus ver long.. haiz.. sit there until i sian wantin to rot abit.. hehe.. then mi met her n so we went to orchard.. hehe.. when we reach.. frefree then met up w us.. so instead of 2 becum a company of three.. hehe.. so we walk walk.. chat chat n wait wait.. cos singapore ver small.. nth much to shop la.. hehe.. so onli hang around the same place.. sian.. hehe.. then finalli hidayah darling cum le.. hehe.. mi kinda miss her la.. hehe.. i think the way we behav today is as though we knew each other for years.. frankly this is onli the 2nd time we met each other.. hehe.. then we shop n chat n eat.. hehe.. went lego shop to find penguin.. 2 bad she off. so pei jie fu talk talk.. hehe.. kinda fun.. hehe.. the few of us are like chattin non-stop.. we ate until super fun.. got the feelin of wantin to vomit.. serene is the worse.. hehe.. then mi like so addicted to the drink that hid ask mi to control if not i will hav not drink to pei the food.. then went to the shop to b lazy tiger.. hehe.. aft that we went to giordano.. hid need to return something serene ver busy so ended up.. we three went to shop at WH.. we pei serene wait for SOMEONE until i again began mi crazy act.. haha.. of cuz.. being crazy is mi frequent act.. haha.. ppl noe mi sure noe de.. if i not crazy they will think im something wrong.. hehe... so mi need to b crazy to b normal.. hehe.. haha.. then finally time to go home.. hehe.. hid went different way from us.. n that mi , frefree, serene n 'L' went to take the train.. haha.. funny frefree always make mi laugh.. hehe.. then hor serene n 'L' ver en ai.. haha.. down there ni ni wo wo de.. if c i think mi will hav goose pimples cumin out.. hehe.. luckily i back face them.. haha.. now i cant say that serene zhong se qing you.. reali.. i think when she met 'L' at gio.. we talk abt less than 8 sentences.. so sad.. but nvm.. i stil hav darling n frefree didi pei mi.. if not i sure feel that im being a ver ver 'bright light' noe wat i mean? hehe...

so now mi sittin here in front of the com - updatin. hehe.. mi sis oso played vcd.. pacifier.. haha.. a ver funny n touchin movie.. reali like it.. luckily didnt miss it.. hehe.. lets do the panda dance.. hehe.. nitez everyone.. sweet dreams.. hehe..

:D ♥; sally


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- Fairy Cube *completed, 29 May 2010* -
- Hana ni Arasji *completed, 12 Jun 2010* -
- He's Dedicated to Roses *completed, 6 Jun 2010* -
- Kokoro ni Hana Wo *completed, 5 Jul 2010* -
- M.C. Law *completed, 8 Aug 2010* -
- Otokomae Beads Club *completed, 1 Jun 2010* -
- Power (basketball) *completed, 31 May 2010* -
- Psycho Staff *completed, 2 Jun 2010* -
- Shinrei Tantei Yakumo *completed, 1 jun 10* -
- Shinshi Doumei Cross *completed, 31 Aug 10* -


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