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Saturday, August 30, 2008

today's post is definitely goin to be a long one..
so bear w mi (:

Focus: Gathering w friends

met up w cyn at adm around 1pm,
head to take out passport size photograph...
after tat hav lunch at KFC.
saw li quan too...

after tat head to cwp to meet nian you n jun jia (come straight from malaysia)
mi n cyn head to printing shop to use the compie n to print out documents.
after tat walk around n then settle at foodcourt to wait for lui peng.

n nian you seem abit depressed cos come singapore cant find his gf.
so we decide to go on a '希望 hunting trip'.
his 希望is nicole.
so trained to clarke quay, then to chinatown n hav to head back to newton,
cos alan hav alrdy reached newton le..
n w connections, nian you managed to contact his gf
n nicole managed to find her way to us at a later time...

head to newton food centre to hav dinner.
i didnt eat much cos was feelin quite full.
n again walk to de coder's cafe.
this time round quite a lot of ppl.
i suppose cos of the end of examination for many schools,
n tat there is a birthday celebration goin on..

the games we played were quite civiliased.
hardly require any big movement,
until the last game.
Gers vs Guys on 'action guessin word game'
quite a tough one.
abit of 人身攻击' too..
the process was hilarious, n reali cant stop laughin,
n somemore got tension de.
haha.. we played it so fun tat the other ppl were lookin at our games too.

after tat was time for home le,
train back n felt so tired.

n below are some pics taken :)
*pic from de coders' trip 2 which is dated 2 weeks back *
members are: from left to right
cyn, alan, billy, jimmy, ah see, lui peng n me (: *

* de coders' trip 3 on tues. tat is mi n jimmy in the pic taken by lui peng.
members include: mi, cyn, lui peng, alan, jimmy, regina, wan ting, nian you, nicole (nian you's gf n xi wang) & jun jia *

didnt join cyn they all cos too tired.
somemore raining day,
dun even feel like movin at all...
so was at home foldin the prayers thing the whole day...

Focus: Interview & Trip to Vivo

woke up n did the forms for the interview.
after tat slack at home till abt 3plus,
then head out w my aunt to hav lunch.
n trained together.
she alight at dodby gaut to go vivo,
while i continue the journey to tanjong pagar.
had abit of hard time findin the interview location.
the interview went quite fast.
i think onli abt 5 mins at most ba.
job description focus on reali ver front line action de.
like bank teller, customer service for the 1st yr,
then 2nd yr will move on to superivorsy role..
so usual to wait for their call if im shortlisted.

n after tat i head to vivo,
they are havin the jason market place wine n beer fair.
similar to last time de.

saw many familiar faces.
n easier can see abt pinnacle promoters (or ex-pinnacle i shd say)
haha.. of cuz tat includes mi..
saw ah pat auntie, connie auntie n many others...
even one customer still can recognise mi..

chat w seemanti, then walk abt the booth while waitin for my Aunt gina to come back.
she is takin abtit of time ah...

after tat hav dinner - minced meat noodles.
seemanti enjoyed it ver much,
n i felt so full...
mi n my another aunt went to shop abt.
i wanted to go 'the face shop',
hav to buy some cosmestic cos once my sis bring out hers, im left w nothing.
but end up still can buy until $71..
so much for an investment to look awake..

after tat head to Giant to shop,
aim to buy a cheap phone, n earpiece.
n quite good deals were found.

then went back to the fair,
i was sort of the escort for friends doin the closin to the toilet to pour out the chilled water.
was there standin guard while they shun bian use the ladies before headin back to their counters.

after tat finalli all closed,
head to chinatown w my 2 aunts, faye auntie n roger to chinatown for congee.
i didnt eat much,
after the dinner for too full le..
reach home, almost wanna drop dead le...

below are some pics taken at vivo (:
*seems like the F1 fever has reached vivo (: *

*seemanti n i - last year*

*seemanti n i - now*

So is there any changes for this past year or so??

Focus: Convocation @ SIM 29 Aug 2008

woke up around 7, n prepared myself.
n below is the pic b4 i left home for SIM.

reach sch, settle my parents,
n head to 4th level to get dressed up.
the room quite warm as if the air-con wasnt switch on.
n wanna thank the guy tat help mi w the robe (:

gather w cyn, ying, xuan, kelly n gui fang.
so there helpin each other out... (:
n proceed to Grand hall for the ceremony.
quite a long 2hrs,
fidget around, n chat w edna too..
the process on stage is quite cute,
hand to tip the cap to greet the chancellor..
ver interestin.. had fun when i was up there though im scared at the same time.

there is one hp ringtone which is harry porter music,
n it rang at the middle of the convocation,
haha.. reali made mi feel as if im in Hogwarts cos of our dressing.

n after tat when the ceremony ended,
we were to walk out b4 the guest do,
seem pretty interestin actuali...
smile my way thru too.. hehe..

n then busy findin friends to take pic,
the ver few times i will be ento to takin pictures.
n bro is the camera boy of the day.. thanks ah boy..

then i receive my 1st bouquet of flowers from my aunts.
thank you ah yi(s) for attendin (:

n of cuz not forgetin my parents (: Thank You.

hmm friends i hav taken photos w are:
Cyn, Shazy, Robin, Matthew, hui ying, charlene, hui xuan, kelly, krystyn, edna, chester, esther, jing tao, choon liang, benson, harini, hua xiong, shawn, lui peng

the rest im unable to gripe hold of them,
school compound quite big n tat too many ppl were there...
anyway i enjoyed the day (:

below are the pics i hav combined taken at the convo (:
*the heading is my finali reached aim (: *

* mi dressed up for THE occassion *

*convo w my family*

*convocation w my frens @ SIM on 29 Aug 2008*

after the whole photo takin session after later than 130pm,
mi n bro waited for bus 61.
my parents head home 1st.
so i carried the flower thru'out the journey.
not light to say cos im feelin tired after the exhaustion kicks in..

reach home,
clean up n i did flower craft.
n the flowers now seem to be boomin to a even bigger size.
will take the pic as comparsion soon (: still the smell is aromatic..
after tat went to slp till abt 9 then wake up.
feel heavy n tired.
then used compie until now..

wan to say this to my da mei - dun giv up n try not to be too stress abt the exam,
wat's done is done, next time then buck up again... (:

think now i hav finali come to the end of today's bloggin session..
anyway all the best to all my friends (:
for those still huntin jobs, like i am, jia you (:
as for those we found jobs, enjoy them (:
of cuz we can keep in contact too (:

sally to mia again le...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, August 23, 2008

this week past by pretty fast.
but on tues mornin,
my family hav received a sad news.
my godbrother has passed away.
he was onli 2 days older than i am..
so upon knowin it,
we got down to their house fast.
my godfather n other 2 elder godbrothers seem to be holdin up well,
but my godmother isnt.
so i was there to sort of support her.

was there to help out in servin the drinks
n i sort of took up the job of askin my godmother to eat.
she didnt hav the appetite..

seein them teared, makes mi wanna cry too..
tears brimmin in the eyes...

somehow i dun understand y it happen,
but i suppose onli the dead will noe.
so i hav asked my godmother to be strong,
it was so surreal n kinda hard to take it..
though i may not hav close interaction with him,
but afterall still childhood friends...

stayed there till 230am..
saw some uncles n aunties that i haven been able to see since the sentosa times..
n my godparents relatives didnt knew of my existence so they were kind of taken aback.
so i sort of entertain them for they entertain mi too..

second day went down w my parents n mei.
they hav a service ard 8plus.
n when they sing the song 'amazin grace'
i felt so sad...
reali hope he will find his way...
around 9 plus,
mi n mei head to changi.
to meet up w my mum n dad..
stayed there chat for a while n head back home..

its time for a proper closure.
the wake was short,
n that we head to mandai.
we walked a short distance n board the bus.
i set beside my godmother n held her hand tight throughout the journey.
frankly it is reali hard to believe.
my father n my aunt was w mi.
i was kinda reluctant to take a last look..
n still i walk but not lookin..
i cant n dun hav the courage to do so..
n went to the viewing gallery.
the atmosphere was so sad.
i stood behind my other godbrother
n glimpse thru the process.
though i didnt see, still the cries for vincent was so heartwreakin tat i teared too.
reali ver heartbreakin..

after tat head to a restin area.
held my godmother hand n led her to seat n drink abit.
i was also there coolin my emotion down.
wanted to take the bus n follow them back.
but my dad says tat we shd go off..
so my dad, aunt n mi head back..
hav lunch before goin back...
reach home,
i went to slp..
was feelin so tired for a of a sudden...
the whole day was so lifeless...

i hope Vincent you will rest in peace...
& i hope tat it will be a new beginning for my godparents' family..
to be strong n close once again...
reali hope to so..

i hav also gotten a call from uob,
to go for an interview for the position of traineer senior officer.
it will take place next thur 5.15pm.
uob seem to like mi to hav interview in the evening time..

n i hav also been hungrily chasing new amines like Special A, Ouran High School Host Club..
n im not gettin enough of it..
at the same time chasin after my novels...
so intriguin...

these few days hav been quite cool days,
tat i hav to wear my big jacket around in the house.

n now i will be off to chasin the amines n job hunt again...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, August 18, 2008

*a group pic kindly taken by cailing*

*serene & i*

*brotherly acts*

*jr emo act*

*jr in his concert mode*

*jason in his crazy yet emo concert mode*

anyway 1st thing 1st:
Congrats the team of table tennis representin singapore in the olympics.
comin in second for a small nation isnt easy esp when u are competin w the big ones.

anyway quick recap of my happenings.

went to collect my robe at serangoon broadway studio w my dad n mum.
then after tat i head to city hall to meet up w cyn n alan.
they brought mi to esplanade library.
1st time enterin n i feel quite comfortable.
quite classical environment.
even havin an area of audio CD selection for users to borrow.

after tat head to newton station n waited for billy.
n then walk to newton foodcourt.
frankly speakin it is all seafood.
almost like out of every 2 stall, one is doin seafood.
end up at carrot cake.
jimmy, n ah see come to meet up n hav their dinner.
walk to de coder's cafe.
n lui peng was there alrdy.
played onli 2 games - cluedo n Bang!!
pretty much detective n tactic games.
n we had much fun too.
n after tat we head back home.

went to guan ming shan to pray..
then my aunt, da n xiao mei n mi head back home in cab.
mum n dad went to changi.
on the cab,
the 3 of us (siblings) were busy talkin.
as if we didnt see each other for quite some time.

then i think it is the way we are talkinn the funny things we said,
the cab driver also sort of join in the conversation.
upon hearin his comment all of us laugh..
so it was practically drivin a straight line..
da mei 1st alight,
then mi n ah yi alight,
n then xiao mei alight at weiqiang house.

mi n ah yi went to the coffeeshop to da bao.
i waited for serene to contact mi.
watch Step Up 2 again..
then rush out to CWP.
had yoshinoya for dinner.
then shop around.
went to the optician for the last stop.
serene cant wear her contact lens.
so i escort her home rite to her doorstep n then head back home myself.
slept at ard 4plus.

wake up ard 8am
n met up w cyn for breakfast at mac.
after tat we head to suntec for the jobscentral job fair.
turn out quite good n i saw many foreigners..
think competition reali ver strong...

waited to get in,
walk around the booth,
n then went finish our 'rounds' head to marine sq to meet up w lui ping n her fren.
had dessert but i cant finish it.
after tat we chat while i shun bian waited for my di, serene n jason to meet up w mi.
they ate n followin on head to royal sportin house.
cailing come by later.
then mi n bro went into creative shop w aim to buy mp3
end up bought speaker.
not reali expensive at all..

then went to fetch jr n jw.
n all went to ljs for the brothers to makan.
n finali went to kbox.
the aim of today.
n cos not enough room,
we were given the vip room..
reali ver spacious.
L shape chairs, projector screens, stage, pool table, n bar corner.

cailing was there watchin MTV,
sam n jw busyin playin psp,
mi, jason, serene n jr busyin singin like nobody business.
n finali it is 7pm,
slowly head to suntec.
on the way had strawberry chocolate fundate-- oiyishi..
head to aracade.
there is a game that serene wanted to intro.
n all ppl can join in..
throwin balls at the screen.
kinda fun..
n mi played it too..
reali is bu gu xin xiang..

after tat went to hunt for food.
end up all settled for NYDC..
busy tryin out each other's dishes.
i was warned not to try the dish tat my bro has ordered.
cos it is way too spicy.

after tat we sat there n chit chat..
quite relaxin.
n all shared one plate of orea cheesecake.
not too cheesey which is to my favour.

walk back to train station n part our ways w jr n jw.
jason n di seem to hav a lot to chat,
while cailig, serene n mi busyin restin our eyes.
at some point i even felt like i hav slpt.

waited for bus to arrive.
n reach home alrdy 12plus.
wash up myself n then slept le...

wake up feelin sore n tired.
chat w mum in the kitchen n shun bian prepare lunch.
at nite head to woody green for 7th mth dinner.
long time didnt see the bidding auction in chi way system.
think the very last one i hav attended was in my pri sch life.

the food surprisin is good n surpassed my expectation.
enjoyed them ver much.

the dinner ended ard 11pm.
n all head back home..

now havin washed up..
i soon head to slp..

did i mention tat i hav finish the amine - Detective Academy Q..
it is reali a very nice amine.
suspense n detective work..
cool n my kind of genre story..

sally to slp le...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, August 10, 2008

went for interview.
it was a position - purchaser cum shippin coordinator.
reali a lot of things to do.
n that the manager was kind enough to offer mi the whole prospect before we talk abt other things.
he ask mi to go think abt it as my studies hav no link to wat the jobs may need if i took it up.
so the question was left burnin inside my mind.
after the interview i head to daiso to do some shoppin.
walkin to n fro from jurong east to imm is actuali quite an enjoyment.
for it is cool and cloudy.
after head back home,
n i felt so so tired.

fri.. aug 8.
mornin woke up.
n prepare myself to go adm to meet up w serene.
we are goin to do the birthday card for jia rong didi.
hav brunch at mac, then i brought her to go mkt with mi.
hav to buy stuff to stock up the fridge as planned by mi n my mum.
after tat started to do the card.
end up not a card but something like a booklet.
not too bad i suppose.
hopes tat he likes it..

then froggy n da mei, wei qiang n xiao mei come back.
n the house sounds lika a market.

at nite, saw the olympics opening ceremony.
juz by waitin for the turn to see the singapore's representative can easily take up to a hr or so.
can blame it for they are 205 countries in total.
can imagine how long it is.
was lookin at the encore telecast w my dad when he return home from work.
and i was amazed by the last torch bearer's action.
he simply lift off upwards n started to 'run'
n the 'scroll' unrevealin itself to showcase the ppl who were involved as torch bearers of their own countries and states,
i can imagine tat the emotions are runnin high.
and tat when he finali reach the point where he hav to light the biggest torch to initiate the official commencement
the blast of fire i suppose was burnin in the hearts n mind of many ppl.
tat was how i felt.
ver moving for they hav come by hard as a country & individuals also work hard to make it a success of a start.
it a way for china to showcase themselves to the world that they are comin and strong.

sat. 9 Aug - 43rd National Day.
woke up late in the mornin,
watch amine movies of naruto..
the whole day was actuali rainin..

then watch the NDP..
n i saw my uncle in it again.
he is the person leading the navy platoon..
n frankly this year ndp i feel it is much better as compared to last year.
n i was at home describin the process n hardwork of the participants.
for i was once involved in the NDP 1999 (sec 1)
the acts are all full of life, and the dance make ppl wanna move.
the black knights stuns were captivating.
the point where ppl started to sing the national day songs,
were so movin.
reali felt bonded..
boy i felt happy at the moment.
was singin it along at home actuali.
the fireworks display was no letdown.
the (S) style firework is so beautiful.
somehow or other it felt reali good to see 2 days of fireworks live from television.

after tat watch the new english drama series 'calefare'
quite a interestin one.
benjamin was my mum's friend son.
i saw him in person once in changi..

sun. 10aug.
i woke up n read a chi novel.
after tat read the Straits times.
erm i sat at the livin room like abt 4-5hrs,
juz readin the newspapers (for ytd n today)
n mayb cos it is national day,
there are many articles written by ppl from all woks of life..
pretty interestin..


and there is one article written by Mr Adrian tan, a director at law firm Drew and Hapler, that make mi laugh as i read. n i feel tat i shd share it to bring more laughter into our everyday life.
here goes..

'Singapore made us lawyers.
... and i soon realised one thing. all singaporeans are born lawyers. we understand rules. we respect order. we value precedent. we acknowledge authority. and, like true lawyers, we complain about each and every aspect of the law all the time.

we do it with vigour and meticulousness. it was obvious in everyday life. we take the trouble to learn regulations so that we can circumvent them. we are unhappy about quene-jumping and other forms of disorder and unfairness. and when we are unhappy, we do not take matters into our own hands. instead, we appeal to authority. we complain, and we demand change - but in an orderly, non-disruptive fashion. we are a republic of lawyers.'

frankly when i saw this 2 paragraghs..
i felt tat it is so true...

n also further to mention of us singaporeans of being:

- Gregarious
( eg. KK hospital in the Guiness book of records for the most babies born in a single maternit facility which is held for 10 years)

- obsession with size
eg1. bigger homes ie. 3room flat but onli hav 2 bedrooms & so forth
eg2. singapore's land are hav increased from 580sq km to 700 sg km

- made its people tongue-tied
eg. on the topic of second language vs mother tongue.

- made its people writers
eg. bloggers who find solace in the eritten world for being so tongue tied.
'abhor public specking but adore public writing'

- made us owners.
eg. to own a car, a house therefore a commitment n thus responsibilities comin along.

thus if u hav the chance to read this article,
think u will be entertained by it also.
The Straits Times, August 9, Page A35
setion: Review. Insights
Title: We own Singapore - what fun

n now it is alrdy 9pm
n for goodness time flew past so fast.
goin to eat dinner le..
n watch Detective Academy Q recommended by Cyn.
reali it is a nice amine.
haha.. i also went on to solve it.
though the hints reali made mi blur at times.

sally to solvin more clues...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My authentic japanese name is 猿渡 Saruwatari (monkey on a crossing bridge) 久美子 Kumiko (eternal beautiful child).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

so i suppose this is my jap name..
quite like the name - 久美子.. hehe..

as usual nth much happenin..

but in the kitchen it is a different story..
hav been comin up with some new ideas of wat food to prepare with my mum.
did sushi, italian pasta, western style and also korean style.
actually not tat original.
it is suited juz for our taste..

hav been goin to cwp, n northpoint.
kinda tirin..

then ytd bought the DVD 'Step up 2'
omg the moves are so so interestin.
n the bonus features is reali ver long n the deleted scenes are in there too.

n with the eagerness of auntie faye,
after meetin up w her n my aunt ytd for lunch,
she help mi ask her co. hr manager,
n this mornin they called mi up to arrange for an interview..
n so tml i hav an interview w her company.
dun noe wat prospect as yet.
go there n see see 1st..
anyway this shd be consider a good news ba.

so tml is thur,
so after the interview in the mornin at enterprise road,
will most prob by myself head to imm daiso.
to shop abit n stock up some stuff tat mi n my mum wanted.
n then after tat may go back to meet my mum for lunch.
sounds like a busy mornin..

ok.. now i will go watch naruto movie..

everybody muz jia you wor :P

erm.. BTW they are on diff days :P

sally doin her usual acts again .... :P

:D ♥; sally

Friday, August 01, 2008

basically for the past few days i hav been goin to cwp,
to shop n to walk.

went to help serene to do the pastin of the tution thingy..
walk abt 4-5hr,
then legs got ver nice blister
haiz.. wanna kill mi went i reach home..

then at home,
help to do the prayers thingy..
then watch naruto shippuuden..
anyone got better website to watch it???
if hav muz tell mi hor..

rest my leg,
watch TV programs,
read novels.

n juz now went for job interview.
ytd they called mi,
then today go down interview.
muz see whether 1-2 weeks later will they contact mi anot.
its email correspondence officer (something related to customer svc)
seem kinda hard to escape from it,

nowadays hav been listenin to oldies.
so nice..
im luvin it..

saw jing tao also.
chat up abit..
nice to see him around..

ok la.. dun noe wat to blog
so hear from mi again..

sally to her amines :)

:D ♥; sally


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