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Thursday, August 20, 2009

entries for the past week n the half..

10/8 mon:
public holiday..
finali feel tat i can reali off one day..
the whole day busy slacking..

work as per normal
then lunch makan w fred, kenny n allard..
n continue to work..

after work,
went to dhoby to meet up w ferlin at PS KFC.
have my dinner there too..

after which ard 7+ 8 head back to adm...
then bought 3 pairs of shoes which were on offer..

n finish the jap drama - kami no shizuku..
quite like the ending..
quite a happy one..
family reunited..

went to smu for lunch..
sat outside the soya bean stall to kill time..

then have FB meeting for a new event - dpmt logo design
then at nite,
watch doc on okto
n ard 10+ i slpt,
not feelin well

work as per normal..
then head to foodcourt to makan
n after which to selegie to kill time..
then waited for time,
to go HQ for dpmt meeting..
ver different meetin

as the reports by managers were cut short
n there is the presentation of our FB event,
n also the presentation of the learnin tips from our retreat.
ver interestin..

work as per normal..
so much to things to clear..

then after work,
head to dhoby to meet up w mum to head to chinatown..
see a shifu..

then makan there n head back home..
so tired..

company event at expo..
woke up as per normal..
then took 969 to tampines,
n change to train to expo..
reach there most ppl already seated..

so busy takin pic,
if not i will fall aslp..

then whole session end ard 11+ 12..
then slowly slowly make my way to orchard..
as there is still time b4 meetin w my sis..
so can miss train,
read all the way,
n slowly queue for ladies w/o feelin frustrated or anything..

so finali met up w sis
n head to makan at cine.
n to our pool session..
my form as usual gone..
but mayb cos of my dressin,
not ver comfortable when i played pool..

then went to shop ard..
at ion orchard,
manage to get 3 tops each at less than $20..
cool.. n 2 bright colours 1 black colour..
walk abt to lido area,
then walk pass a CD shop that amplifys the music ver loud..
so it captivated mi..
group called escala..
ver nice n powerful music..
n got to noe that they also participated in the british show - british got talents..

n head to far east to makan n shop.
reali is walk till legs wanna giv way le.
reali home,
rest the legs
n slpt..

woke up ard 2.30pm :P
then stay home the whole day
till at nite,
went to chong pang w parents n bro to makan,
did abit of grocery shoppin
n head for home..

1/2 day gone as system down..
so cant do much work..
w the new FB event,
i encourage my colleagues to participate n draw some logos..

hav lunch w honey n shara at ard bugis area..
so warm..
mi perspiring like nobody biz..
n head back to office to continue to work

then system sort of finali resume,
but with onli 1/2 left to complete,
quite hard..

still ard 6..
quickly went off to amk hub to meet up w luipeng n cyn
initially wanted to watch Up 3D
but too late n tix booth hav alot of ppl
so end up we went for dinner at fish & Co..
& walk abit
n to Mac to have desserts (like at abt 9+)

so xin fu (sinful)
after which we head for home..

continue to work.
have lunch w fred, honey, shara, eunice n fairoz
at somewhere near bencoolen..
actuali ver near to our office building..
quite affordable also..
heard tat originally its ver expensive de..

then we were there updatin n gossipin.
mi n fred reali living in our own world
under the radar. haha..

end up work till 8 to clear my stuff..
so tired..

work as per normal..
then was findin colleague to cover mi for the next 2 days
as i was on course..

was 'fightin' w kenny as he also on leave..
n that he not feelin well so took 1/2 mc..
his face all white..

then hav dpmt lunch at pantry..
was there chattin w yy n fred
talk quite abit,
ie. further studies, career path, their relationships..

so chat n chat till abt 2..
continue to work..
again non-stop

n mi work till abt 9 to actuali clear all my work..
head home,
brain fried, squeezed dried..

but slpt ard 1.
cos next day course.
so mood not tat tense up..

left home abt the same time,
then train to redhill
reali ver ver pack..
like sardines..
then was findin the location.
but end up i sort of follow the crowd..
n actuali my course location ver near onli..

waited for mai to reach,
n we were busy finding the classroom.
didnt verify the letter properly & hr send us the wrong letter somemore.
so climb the same flight of stairs 3 times..
think in total today climb the stairs 4 times?

lesson was interestin
the lecturer reali has alot of experience to share..

lunch simply at a food outlet,
so mi n mai chatted
n time easily came up to 2pm..
n rush back to class..

then listen to lesson,
did group work.
but i reali think tat my memory is bad as i reali cant rmb the points
reali hav to write it down..
if close book, i cant rmb unless given key words..

lesson end ard 6.

then i train home (packed as usual)
then reach home,
waited to go for dinner..

after which use compie..
n did this long entry..
will watch one ep of anime n head to bed..

tml will be another day of course (last day also).

sally to mia for now...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, August 09, 2009

hiyo entry..

work as per normal..
cases nvr ending..
had lunch w kenny, fred & allard at the foodcourt..
then walk to paradiz to kill time..

work til abt 7 & head home..

work as per normal.
system as per normal laggy..
lunch w then same 3 at fortune..
then head again to smu to kill time..

workload ok ok..
clear my emails, fax, & new claims.
even manage to settle a few..

then lisa come ard & said that she need one more person for the skit
cos got ppl mc..
n the character needed is a kid..
so boss ask mi..
i say no prob..
anyway im also curious as to how they are goin to perform..
so now tat im part of it..
i noe wat they are performin.

went for the one n onli rehearsal for mi.
initial line: yar, some say spore, m'sia n batam..
pck fav line..

then ard 6 walk back to office..
clear abit n head for home..

thank god its friday.
wat a long awaited day..

have woke up ard 630
n dressed up myself n reach office ard 8.
then waited for ppl to reach n head to waterloo to buy breakfast
n see all the crowd there..

they started rehearsing.
mi stand there starin..
then lisa came n mention that i need to take the place of another person
cos that original was sick.
so went ahead..

ard 945 head to audi..
the 'kids' hav to go for pledge takin..
but i didnt noe tat i have to go up the stage to say the pledge..
butterflies not onli in my stomach but whole body..

after which.. made a difficult way back to level 8..
n waited for time's up..
tried to get our way in..

n finali our time to perform..
the whole thing seem to end ver quickly..

n surprisin we got 2nd..
think its cos of the storyline ba..
then untie my crazy lookin hair n head back to office..

check email n went to makan w norman at fortune.
the weather reali not good..

was caught in the rain on our way back..
then continue to work..

ard 4,
head to meetin room to celebrate in adv lisa n jenny's b'day..
quite interesting..

til abt 530 - 540 head for home..
fred was sayin that 1st time we are clockin out on the same time..

walk our way to dhoby n we part.
mi head to adm n met up w mumn bro.
makan dinner n also bought ice cream to eat..
simply delicious..

happy 17th birthday JR !!

wake up ard 10..
then mi n bro prepare n head to sunplaza,
makan cavanna,
n met up w serene..

then saw jason..
after which head to bedok n met up w jr n jw.
makan at food center
n head to chai chee CC.
n sang k.
clever of JR to book the room in adv.
singin there reali cheap..
student $5, adult abt $8-12..
& one free drink (snow shake/ice blended)..

sang from 2-7..
then head to tampines to makan..
went tampines 1

1st time there..
used the touch screen directory..
then decided to go for FISH..
food ok ok ..

then mi busy playing w camera...
n then along the way,
took some more pics.

bought a cake for JR.
went to hunt for a location to cut n makan the cake.
finali we found it..

so sang the must sing b'day song,
makan the cake,
n chat.

after which head for home..
stand on the journey to yishun..
so tired.

reach home,
shower n slept..

happy 44th birthday singapore..

wake up ard 11+
then went to makan at adm w dad..
shop ard n head home..

catch up on my animes..
n then watch NDP from home,

use compie n upload pics..
n now bloggin....

n hurray..
tml is a public holiday..
means no work for mi.
im feelin so grateful for it..
nvr hav enough rest for onli 2 days off.

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

long entry ahead..
work as per normal..
busy day as usual..

then took bus to suntec to meet up w jeff n iling for dinner.
went tony rama..
1st time to the resturant & 1st time makan steak..
not too bad for a medium well i think..

then abt 9+
head for home..

work work..
cant rmb much i think..

after work went for pri sch gathering..
mi, yong jie, ulric, eugene, kelly, bao sheng, & xue ming.
makan at jap resturant at the cathy..
then wanted to go the mind's cafe..
but with the ppl screamin their heads off.
we opt to go else where..

so drank a bottle of heineken at the pub downstairs.
n walk to pei them go makan..
initially wanted to go pool..
but i decide to giv it a miss..
cos im too tired..
train ride home with yong jie & bao sheng..

wake up 12 noon
then prepare myself to go out n meet up w serene n cailing
at semb platform
head to orchard cine kobayashi for brunch..
then walk to taka n did my agenda for the day..

then shop ard at the same time.
saw xuan too..

walk to wisma..
shop ard.

then jason come along
n we walk the ion orchard.
too big..
& i dun reali like it..

after tat went to far east to makan dinner - wanton noodles..
n shop this fashion..

n head to ck tang & back to cine for pool session..
played till abt 11+
n head for home.
so tired.
by the time i reach home already 12+..

was awaken by my father ard 12 noon..
to go makan..

then shop abit n head back home to slack..
watch my animes.
naruto was ver touching..
now i noe y kekkaishi has the sharingan eye..

n after that my mum bought dinner for mi.

watch the fast n the furious 4 & also angels n demons..
interesting story..
n slpt ard 1+ 2

went to work as per normal,
prepared myself to go the subordinate court..
then eric drove jenny n mi along..
reach there met up w our lawyer
n waited for other party to appear..

jenny n eric took mi a walk abt the subordinate court.
even got to see ming yi fa shi..

so waited at the cdr area.
our lawyer mentioned tat it is mayb the onli place where ppl are relaxed
so our was the 1st case..
n that see how the lawyer n my manager plus the judge interact.
interesting to say..

after which head back to office.

but i was reali feelin ver ver tired after all the excitment,,

so lunch w kenny,
n head back office..

end up hav to go pantry to rest my eyes awhile..
lucky work load wasnt heavy..

went sunplaza to borrow books n buy dinner
reach home ard 8..
then makan, n head back to my room..
reach my novel.
n slpt ard 11+

woke up thinkin it was wed..
how dragful...

head to work.
work as per normal..
clear my cases..
fred on mc..
so have lunch w kenny at jap foodcourt.
after which walk to smu mr bean to try the soya ice cream..
mi find it not sweet enough..

after head back to office.
work work work..
cold cold cold..

work till abt 6+ then head to adm to meet up w mum n dad
for dinner.. shop
n 9+ reach home..
read my new novel,
use compie,
n watch abit of ang mo series..
not too bad..

sally to mia for now..

:D ♥; sally


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