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Monday, April 30, 2007

my computer breaks down again.

so now mi in sch,
di di havin 1st mid year paper today,
doris also havin midyear paper today.
mei workin.
dad i suppose off to bank.
mum at home.

woke up 9plus,
then went to arrange clothing.
then cabinet ver messy.

after tat mi rush out to meet ying.
goin sch to collect law assignment.
shun bian study.
hav brench.
then come into compie lab till haven study.

gonna start soon.
n waitin for my father to call mi to pass mi the details.

ok mi goin to start studyin le.

Sally doozing off...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, April 28, 2007

quick one.
mornin woke up.
cook breakfast.
but we find it not ver satisifactory.

after tat mi went back to room to do work.
headache ah..
then eyes closing.
so slack at the bed.
but cant sleep so read a novel.
then abt 2plus mi went out with dad to adm.
mi need to collect stuff from hui zhen.
thanks ger!!

and also Happy 21st Birthday to U Vivien!!

after tat mi went to buy some stuff ie bread etc..
n dad fetch mi home.
busy sia..

reach home continue to slack cos ver tired.
after tat read finish the novel.
n download program to my computer.
finali it is done.
n no doin scannin.

think will go out with mum to meet mei at CWP.
she wanna buy office wear.
think mayb so i will need too. haha..

hav to buck up on my work le..
reali muz.. :{P

sally disappearing le..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, April 27, 2007

time for bloggin.
actuali nth much happen.
still feelin the slackness in mi.
so slack tat i read finish 1 eng novel n 1 chi novel.
can imagine it?

of cuz i try to do my work,
still do n got wrong.
n then busy thinkin of solutions.
haiz. thinkin of solutions actuali not tat hard onli if my brain help mi more.
haiz.. :P

help to prepare lunch for my brother.
cook porridge for him.
think im gettin the hand of cookin it.
juz standin in the kitchen i can perspire like nobody biz.
afternoon weather quite stuffy.

then do until eyes tired, lie on the bed.
n bro enter the room n disturb mi.
throwin my mei huggers at mi.
there playin 'bomb' haha..

then then mi went out to watch amine.
finish n continue with work.
help my dad to reply emails of the exporters.

think everything is goin on well n smooth.
happy for it..

now da mei in room huggin the phone talkin to her dar.
then xiao mei not home yet.
mayb with her friends or her 'ziao qiang'.
aunt also not home.
think she pei uncle, cos uncle tml goin back to thailand.
di di sleepin.
mummy watchin VCD.
daddy workin until abt 1plus 2 then come back.
n for mi think will stone.
will bring out my work to do.
while listenin to songs from compie.

i have added some new links to artists' section.
can take a look.

mi now still hav to wait in front of compie to see if the exporter will be comin online to chat the details on yahoo messenger.
im so tired.
dad wan mi to chat on his behalf cos he will not be home onli until later.
but i guess the exporter will onli be online ard 1230am to 130am.
boy i can juz slp on it..

*hui zhen thank u in advance 1st.
she has kindly lend mi some impt stuff tat is essential for documents.
Thank You my friend :) *

Sally eyes are dropin on her...

:D ♥; sally

time for entry.
damn it lor.
its not my fault that the compie is such a condition lor.
wat to do.. u noe u do la.. sian..
say easy nvr see u do anything.
do anything like wan to kill yaself.
find ya patience back ba..
im sick of such attitiude..

sorry for the above words.
juz venting my frustration.
good to others but not to family.
see le ver sian reali angry.

enough of it.
this mornin woke up n stone.
did biz stats then help my dad with compie stuff.
yahoo chat with the exporter.
then mi n parents went to sunplaza to eat.
n dad went off 1st.
mi n mum shop around.
end up shop this fashion, bought a top n belt.
not too bad.
then went to ntuc.
shop slowly. cos its quite cold near the frozen section.
slowly shop here n there.
n finali made our payment.
so heavy.
n juz nice bus come,

reach home, i slack.
my mum still can cook at the kitchen, cos my bro hungry.
sick still wan to eat rice. haiz.
after tat mi watch cartoon n ate dinner.
try to finish up the biz stat practice tat teacher gave.
few qn dun noe.
need to ask around le.
think got time will move on to other practices paper.

juz now also called cailing.
she called mi since afternoon.
haha. finali mi returned her call.
watch a bit of tv.
now using compie.
waitin for the importer to be online.
im tired...
n i hav reali slack too much...
much get back to studies.. seldom like tat durin examinations.

sally stonin hard... ;_;

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

now quickly update in case my sis come back.
hectic day.
wake up stone.
then watch abit of tv n help my dad check email.
then my bro called from sch.
he feelin ver unwell.
so mi n dad went to drive him home.
he rest, while we went to eat.
cos hungry.
then shop awhile.
my mum bought mi a new pair of shoe.
i say it is nice.

then min dad went to drove my bro to adm see doc.
mum went to da bao.
after tat we went home.
then use compie.
still see no sign from the exporter.
reply another exporter.
a problem with one,
solution probably a deal with another.
wat a way.

dad didnt go work today.
think cos of the import n export stuff.

mi didnt study either.
so read a novel.
finish it too.

now blog.
go eat dinner.
n begin my studies, until my dad come back from his coffee break with his friend.
O.. another exporter has replied us.
gonna get to work mayb in the midnite.
let mei use for sch stuff 1st.

think mayb tml will go bank with dad to set up a new corporate account.
curious as to how they do it.
n also how they will do the transfer of funds.
*curious curious*
so new to mi..
not learn in tb de wor..

sally disappearin le.

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

this pic is the pic tat i requested from ben n quan yifeng.
cos it is an opportunity isnt it?
goin to help him make a big big one n put it at the stall. haha..

and the below 2 pic are the pics of the previous stall ta my dad worked to build his biz n also the signboard that we used for so long think got abt 30 years of history.
but it seem tat the 'icon' can be seen in many locations wor..

mi tis mornin wake up n decide to cook breakfast.
n good tat i hav a good slp.
last nite chat with cailing on the phone for 3 hrs until 1plus in the mornin,
my ears in pain wor.
this mornin mi read my novel abit.
but then dad ask mi to help him check email.
so did i.
n good to see reply from them.
then my mum told mi tat channel u variety show that has host ben and quan yi feng will be comin down to our stall to shoot.
so i ask my dad to bring mi along.
follow him.
n in the lorry we chat many stuff.
mainly about his plan for the future for tis stall.
cos now they are tryin o build his empire.
n he wanted us (including mi) to take over.
seem tat he's trainin mi wor..
n about this qn, he brought up the issue of drivin licence.
he wan me to go take the licence.
cos next time will lots of clients to visit.
i was like. wow.. thinkin reali ver far.
mayb in the near future i will go learn driving ba.
reach changi 2 plus,
sat there n chit chat.
see wat live products they are selling.
now then i noe even live oysters they also hav.
my aunt come abt 2 plus 3.
Jason (ah yi friend) drove her there with auntie ida.
jason also like to say to mi 'ni da gor gor wu hor...'
haha so for no reason mi got additional gor gor le.
then they were talkin abt the match make he had which his friend has tried to him.
haha.. reali a funny one.
cos ah yi also want to help him get off the bachelor group.
he eat snake awhile n left for work.
busy ah beard next week he goin for overseas biz trip.
abt 4 plus the mediacorp ppl come.
seem to hav not much of a patience.
good food need to wait awhile de.
of cuz they were please with the results la.
even consult my father to some food qn they hav.
mayb quite rare ba.
host for the show is quan yifeng n ben.
ver interestin. now then i noe how a show is made.
not easy wor.
time is one main impt factor.
so when they finali film finish they got down to eat.
can see they reali enjoyin it.
mayb cos one thing is it is for free ba.
not cheap u noe.
but for publicity no choice.
think they will be airin this espiode on 10 May (thursday).
but wat time i dun noe.
think it is the 3rd time my dad got show on tv le.. ver li hai.
first 2 got on without knowing onli until later.
ppl filmin n he happen to be there.
before they left, i requested if ben n quan yi feng can take a pic.
they thought is mi, then i ask dad '爸, 过去!'
so when i say that, the staff of the show was askin my dad,
this is ya daughter ah.
cos mayb his age ba.
afterall he is onli 43 years old.
then mi, aunt n auntie ida ate some food.
mi ate not much cos goin home to eat.
but the food reali nice.
hehe.. enjoyed it..
la la, butter n salted egg crab(i didnt crab, tried the sauce), hor fun.
abt 7 plus mi made my way home.
took bus, study abit.
but im tired.
then take 969, had to stand cos full le.
lucky mi stand at corner dun need to being literali throw off when bus jerk or anything.
reach home, watch cartoon.
rest n chat with family.
now bloggin n is quite late.
thinkin whether to wait for my dad a not.
hav to continue to study le..
sally disappearing off...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, April 23, 2007

bloggin time.
yesterday one hell of a rush day.

mornin wake up late cos simply too tired.
then study until my dad ask mi to pei him go eat,
eat le come back the help him email his stuff to the exporter.
my mum ask my dad to watch 'a nite at the museum'
cos it is funny so i watch it also.
haha. i noe i shdnt but hard to control.

went back to room attempt my mei's maths qn.
n after tat i officially began to cram the informations.
imagine doin it juz one day before exam.
stress ah..

after 8 a quick dinner then went back to notes.
stone n study, study n stone.
then until my mei come back.
at least i notice im studyin haha..
finali in the few days..

haha.. cram n chat with my meis until they sleep.
mi slept at 1 plus 2.
but was a fitful slp.
seem to be awake wor.
even my mei wake up i also noe.

abt 5plus 6 in the mornin woke u.
continue to chiong for my macro.
read n write..
then wake my bro up.
chiong somemore.

abt 7 plus my mei woke up for work.
mi went to cook spaghetti cos hungry some more exam venue cold.
then both of us went to adm mrt station together.

met u with ying n xuan,
continue to cram.
n haha.. finali time for exam.
before exam still feel abit happy
mayb cos know tat one paper will be down.
strange mi!!

so now finish one.
now in compie lab n cyn is lookin at mi typin.
ying they all experimentin with printer styles.

goin to group study law later.
sian ah..

sally floating off...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, April 21, 2007

so tired.
mornin mi was awaken by my mei.
cos she late for work.
then make mi wake up.
so see her prepare herself.
mi rest awhile n went back to studies.
no choice.
quickly finish off the papers n read the notes.
have to do it..
i hav to do it !! (*promise to myself*)

then pei my auntie go adm to buy food.
mummy cookin dinner tonite.
n mi also help to da bao food.
walk home, shut myself in the room.
watch abit of cartoon 'happy feet' onli abit.
cos destressin ma.
then see xiao mei put her makeup.
until now i still dun noe n dun noe how to put full make up.
i dun wan to put!! haha... :P

then continue to study!!
about 330pm, mi n bro prepare ourself to go out.
goin to Changi airport to jie flight.
dad is returnin to singapore today.
he brought forward his stay.

so both of us went.
but hor, even before we walk to bus stop.
below my knee, the jeans was alrdy soakin wet.

on the bus,
we share mp3 n mi was there doin my studies.
every timin counts ah!!
take bus n reach changi airport terminal 1.
then walk up playin escalator.
take skytrain, went to buy bread for bro.
then wait for dad.
look at the arrival hall.
but dad was alrdy outside the arrival hall.
he come out from another way!!

went to take cab.
the cab driver is dad's property agent client.
wat a small world.

after tat reach home, we all talk in mummy's room.
chat n hear my dad's experience alone in manado.
he say ver lonely.

study n refresh myself.
hav my dinner.
study again.
now i bloggin.
so i guess i hav the reason to be tired.

to all friends that help mi: Thanks!!
and of cuz Jia You :)

sally struggling off....

:D ♥; sally

Friday, April 20, 2007

im feel so messy now.
eyes tired but body seem to be lazy.

mornin wake up quite early.
so study.
then abt 11 went to prepare myself breakfast.
reali gettin the hand of it.

slowly eat.
slowly read newspaper.
wow n the readin took mi abt 2 hours.
until my mei come home from sch.
i help her cook lunch, for she haven eat.

then my mum wake up,
mi too cook for her.
all ver lazy to step out of the house.
sun ver big..

help my mum prepare dinner (juz peel potatos)
then continue to study.
study until i sian.
dun noe if they got in.
got this feelin is no.
haiz.. wan to cry.
then feel the urge to go jog.
so i went.
mi so long didnt exercise.
nevertheless i still enjoy the process.
cos i notice myself rottin at home.
haven step of house for quite sometime ba.
as if im in retreat.

like the greenery, the cool air.
ver shiok.

perspire it out.. feels so good.
juz hope my mood for study will come to mi too.
come to mummy!!!

watch amine.
and ate a delicious dinner prepared by my mum
hav to control myself.
cos too delicious, hav to left some for my siblings.

now bloggin.
hav to retreat to my room le.
study le..

now 9plus,
juz now i receive a sms from my dad.
he say he will returnin to singapore tml.
think it was the original plan
before we change the return flight to mon.
anyway think mayb will go 接机..
so exciting abt it. :)

sally bouncing off to studies le...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, April 19, 2007

sian ahhhhhhh
im so rottin with my studies ah...

mornin wake up.
study lor.
then chat with my mum abit, then continue with studies.
read until i blur, do the qn im so messed up.
chat with serene on the phone.
wanted to find out to study but she got tution.
so hardworkin wor..

after tat mi went to slp.
cos my eyes reali ver tired.
ver ver tired.
my mum cos i didnt rest enough.
hai i dun noe wor...

wake up le.
then walk around my house.
n get myself settle down to study again.
attempt the qn get wrong.
sat there thinkin how come i wrong.
walk thru my thinkin process.

watch my amine.
ate my dinner.
now mi doin entry.
gonna stop here le.

*to marcus.. jia you for ya studies..
sure can de :))

sally gong gong le....

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

im so tired not becos of studies.
cos im juz tired.

slept onli at 2plus.
but was flippin here n there dun noe y.
before tat i was doin some stats. haiz.
ver little progress with it.
then my mum was packin for my dad's trip.

woke up 6 plus.
i refresh n prepare myself.
mi goin to accompany my dad to airport.
that i was i shd do.

then slowly my mei n di n dad woke up.
by 7 all left the house.
mi n dad manage to fetch a ride from dad's friend who was driving his children to sch.
both of his children are considered to be my junior.
Boy now in YJ, ger now in northland pri.
reali my juniors at different levels.

road quite congested.
then uncle let us alight at terminal 2.
dad n mi head to the counter.
n hav breakfast n Mac.
time went by quite quickly.
n soon was time for dad to check in.
went i see him enter,
sort of emotions overwhelm mi.
still see him walk until he is not in my sight then i left.
slowly walk here n there.
look look around.

then took train.
wanted to hav train journey home,
but end up take train less than halfway,
mi went back to tampines to take bus.
think it was a faster way too.
read my eng novel.
enjoyin the mornin.
still my eyes recently mayb it is too tired.
want to close on mi.

finali reach home, then watch VCD with my aunt.
n mi went back to room to rest.
cook some noodles as brench.
n slpt.
simply too tired le.
then around 5 plus,
my dad sms mi.
sayin that he has arrived n hav found accommodation.
at least for now one load off my shoulders. :)
just hope tat he can achieve wat he wans n the deal is on.
everything a success.

inform my meis n uncle abit it too.
then went back to nap awhile.
still ver tired.
watch abit of tv n watch amine.

goin to eat dinner.
n i hav to start staudyin le.
reali hav to le.

afternoon, my boss ask mi if i wanted to work at a wine fair at carrefour,
may 7 to may 27.
no break or off days in between.
i was like, i reali dun need break hor. mi not super human wor...
the pay not too good either.
mayb will reject it ba.
somemore ver long hours.
see how ba.

Buck Up Sally... :(

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

entry time.
today seem to be quite a busy day.
wake up abt 11plus,
but didnt wan to touch the books.
so touch another fav book of mine - chi novel.

then help my dad with his online stuff.
so confirm my dad tml goin to manado - indonesia.
mi help him book tickets online with my card..
thinkin whether tml to go airport see dad take flight.
goin overseas along alrdy ver cham le.

then went to khatib.
mum wan to visit doc.
so i went along.
ate my brench n then go shop shop.
around 5 plus then reach home.
slack abit.
then my mum ask mi to prepare dinner.
cos all lazy to go out.
so cook spagehitt..

cook here n there ver fast all settle.
n all feel full.

then watch my mei do her art research.

n now mi using.
think will shop here.
wanna watch some movie tat my aunt has rent.

think im too slack le..
help mi get my focus.. arghhhh..

sally signin off....

:D ♥; sally

Monday, April 16, 2007

bloggin time.
lazy mi today..

lie on bed until abt 12 then wake up.
finish one novel.
then prepare brench for mi n bro.
he juz come back from sch.
cook spagetthi...

then my mum wake up so i cook for her too.
soon xiao mei come home,
cook for her too.
so wash dishes 4 times,
cook the spagetthi 3 times.

help my dad type quotation.
n also send email.
think mayb the import crab biz can be done quite successful.
hope for it to go on smoothly.

then went back to room to try biz stats paper that teacher gav us.
abt 6 plus,
accompany my mum to adm.
she wan go see chi doc.
mi help her bank in $$ n then transfer.

then went for dinner.
n saw Uncle Lee.. (uncle from OCBC).
he was findin his friend at the condo.
then will drop by my house later.

mi n mum reach home around 9,
n i watch amine.
n abt 930pm, uncle lee come to my house.
until now he is still at my house.
enjoy chattin with him.
friendly uncle. :)

think will stop here.
study will continue mayb tml.

sally signin off..

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, April 15, 2007

so full.
mi wake up around 11plus.
attempt one law qn then do went to wash my face.
sometimes juz hav the urge to do the things before refreshin myself.

then prepare brench for mi n my bro.
had macronin spagetthi mix mix.
quite nice.
then after tat went back for law.
do here n there.
chat with serene on the phone.
she also quite busy.
do law.. LAW!!!!!!!%$#^%^$&^%&^Y

then gave myself a rest by readin a new novel.
interestin one..

continue with law.
then ate my dinner.
ate quite early.
later goin to do ris maths n continue with last qn of law.
then i wan to throw the law aside..
i hav to...

sally signin out..

:D ♥; sally

entry time.
can say same old stuff.
n finali today i step out of my house.
after 2 days of stayin in the house.
enjoyed tat.

mornin sun reali ver big,
afternoon rain also ver big.
the temp n climate seem to pretty drastic in change.

was chattin with my mum while doin the law qn,
sun one moment, then the next time she enter, it was rainin.

then rain stop awhile,
we chiong out for brench.
ate n mi went to buy bread.
mum ask mi go home 1st.
cos they dun noe how long they are goin to stay out.
so i guai guai walk home.
bought food for my bro too.
reach home, try to study.
but mood gone.

so flip here n there.
got so many qn in my mind.
but no ans to them.
sometimes it is quite frustrating esp when u wan to learn them.

then finish one novel.
read half way try to get the mood into law.
quite good a method.
haha. pressure mi to finish the law qn n continue with novel..

then mi watch VCD myself.
interestin n touching.
many times tear brim my eyes.
of cuz many time i try to hold back.
so tough to hold them back.
its against the law of gravity.

then hav my dinner.
n attempt mi mei maths paper.
as usual stuck here n there.
memory is failin mi le.

biz is reali all abt trust.
currently mi in the middle of engagin biz thru email for my dad.
but not tat easy cos both parties are trap at the terms of payment.
cos of insecurity from both parties.
serious discussion i believe will hav to take place.
juz hope tat the transaction can be a success.

and hope the other exporter can reply us asap.
seem to hear no news from them.

think will surf around for some details.
take care n Jia You to all :)

sally disappearin le..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, April 13, 2007

bloggin time.

wake up 9 plus.
then study awhile.
see law until im so blur with it.

then abt 11,
mi cook breakfast for mi n aunt.
shall not call dearie breakfast.
if not ppl misunderstand.
haha.. :P

then read newspaper.
wow i sat there read for abt nearly 2 hours.
time juz fly like tat.

then watch some TV.
continue to do law.
watch TV again.
do law again.

never mind treat myself with reading novel.
enjoyed it.
finish it earlier than expected.
so do law again.
attempt 1 new qn, mind got many many sub-qn.
how to handle?
dun noe this can apply, dun noe whether to add or not to add.
sian ah..
some more onli 4-5 marks,
need to write how much?
goin BONKERS le la...

8plus, eat dinner.
thanks wu didi for the chix wing.
nice n yummy.

then watch amine.
watch TV,
now bloggin.
help my dad to make a reply to potential trader.
dun reali noe how to type it out.
cos my england ver poor de.

think will continue with law le.
later go in room,
see wat my meis are doin.

sally must gather her concentration le...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, April 12, 2007

mornin wake up made my dearie breakfast.
so full.
was readin the newspaper as i was cookin.
readin abt the wage increase in the minister pays.

then went to study a little while.
help my dad with his online stuff.
so do here n there.

rest n went back to study.
watch abit of TV.
help my mum in the kitchen.
mi reali no skills.
haha.. :P

then watch amine.

now bloggin.
later goin to eat.
study again.
law i so sick of it.
still cant do it.
crack my brain like crackin an egg.
seem tat my brain is easy to crack.
not too good yea?

signin off le..
cya n take care..

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

blog alittle.
today didnt do much of law.
cos was helpinmy dad with his stuff.
wanted to import crabbies to singapore.
so the 2 of us whole day look at compie to email potential exporters.

finali at 9pm, we stop.
cos i wanna watch amine.
at least dun derive mi from my amine.
onli watch 1 hr tv a day.
as compared to last time reali ver little le.

then now got a bit of free time so blog.
i hav added a new link called -lao zha bor.
my mei tell mi is it the actress in 'Just Follow Law' who acted as fan wong mother.
reali a funny one.
see n i believe it will cheer u up de. :)
even my dad see le also there laughin.

ok think will serach of some law stuff n continue to do the practice.
get in the momentum sally!!!

sally mia le..

:D ♥; sally

come across a passage about the how we should look at things.

imagine a situation where an Englishman, a Frenchman, a Chinese and an Indonesian man all looking at a Cup.

Englishman: That is a cup.

Frenchman ans: No it's not. It's a tasse.

Chinese comments: You are both wrong. it's a pei.

finali the indonesian man laughs at the others
indonesian man says: What fools you are. It's a cawan.

then Englishman gets a Dictionary and show it to others:
'i can prove that it is a cup. my dictionary says so.'

frenchman agrues: 'then your dictionary is wrong, cos my dictionary says clearly it is a tasse.'

the chinese scoffs: 'my dictionary says it's a pei and my dictionary is 1000s of years older than yours so it must be right. and besides, more ppl speak chinese than any other language, so it must be a pei.'

while they are squabbling and arguing with each other,
another man comes up, drinks from the cup and then says to the others,
'Whether you call it a cup, a tasse, a pei or a cawan, the PURPOSE of the cup is to hold water so that it can be drunk. Stop arguing and drink, stop squabbling and refresh you thirst.'

think we should at the purpose of tthe presence of things and not juz fight over some superficial things, afterall it will still lead s to the main reason y the thing is made n present in our life.


these 2 pics are the before n after of my breakfast.
made it with some help of my mum.
but the taste come out reali nice.
think i will continue to prepare for myself.
yummy yummy.
mornin wake up.
feel that the environment ver serene.
then arrange my bed n sisters too.. (a habit le)
then prepare my breakfast.
then read newspapers.
went back to room to look at law.
later goin to write out 'da gang' for the past year qns.
hope it will keep my mind moving n motivatin mi to do well..
now goin to sign out le..
sally signin off for now..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

bloggin time
mornin woke up.
then went to refresh myself.
then now i noe the construction is actualli downstairs.
then proceed back to room.
Do LAW n LAW n Law...
drink much water. think got 3 big big cups of water that made mi go toilet abt 6 times?

at abt 3 plus,
went to brench with parents.
had some jokes.
bought the essential stuff.
n home.

reach home continue to chiong law.
then help my dad with his biz stuff.
do here n there.

continue with law,
7pm, watch amine.
help to do the maths for mei.
too long didnt do maths.
got stuck here n there.

later will still continue to try solve the problem.
now quickly blog.
goin off to study again.
cya n take care..

sally disappearin away...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, April 09, 2007

computer timing says i have last 4 mins to type today's entry.

woke up in distress.
cos upstairs dun noe which level is havin construction works goin on.
reali feel angry abt it.
but recallin wat i read from little book,
my thought suddenly cleared up.
then my feelings settle down n was not longer affected by the noise.
i even can study under those noisy condition.
think my thinkinhas slowly mature itself.
n to the state of calmness within my head.

was continuin doin the law write out.
though juz takin out the main points from com law tb,
there is simply too much le la..
nvm shall perserve on with it.
dun giv up is my motto for this semster.

afternoon abt 3 plus went to sunplaza with mum n aunt.
think it has been 2 months since i last stepped foot into sunplaza.
hav lunch at the new foodcourt.
their theme i believe is white n brown.
change till i find it abit messy.
think will get use to it ba.

then mi made my way to library.
had quite a good 'win' today.
manage to find the books i wanted.
so happy.
but on the other hand, as i was choosin the books,
i was thinkin if i got the time to read time.
then i tell myself sure can de.
haha. so i borrowed them.

then went down to popular to buy pens.
n went down to ntuc to find my mum n aunt.
think we were in NTUC for mayb more than an hour?
no wonder all of us felt so tired.
bought quite alot of stuff.
canned food, milks, fruit juice n etc..
reali heavy still hav to carry.
cos mummy cant take heav load.
so muz act that i can take it.. haha..
anyway hav been doin so, so not much of problem tryin to cover up.
still of cuz it will show, so i walk ver fast.
to can put down the load n wait for them
haha... my logic.

then waited for bus n reach home.
unpack the stuff to their respective locations n went back to room.
again continue with law.

then 9pm, watch amine.
*gathered that trust developed from the heart before us knowing.*
interesting isnt it?
once things get sorted out, maximum power/ achievement can be achieved.
that is cool, isnt it?

after that refresh myself n went back to room to chiong law again.
hope to finish the current chpt before slpin.

drank lots of water today.
think 3 bottles le.
not easy for mi cos normali dun drink one.
weather reali not ver good.
so ppl out there take care and as usual DRINK MORE WATER!!

*when u want to do something, juz do it*

sally disappearing le. ^.^

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, April 08, 2007

back from work.
dun noe y so tired.

mornin wake up.
find the room quite bright.
think cos of the new curtain ba.
not too bad i feel.
can be interior designer la..
dream on sally!!

then refresh myself,
went back to room to study n writ out abit of law from com law tb.
at least i went out to work with happy mind.
cos understood wat is 'joint n severally liable'
lucky got room.
be prepared then to go with empty brain.

then went to work.
nothing much happen.
chat with deva.
then mi start to do work.
within the 1st half hour,
sold abt 5 bottles of wine.
not too bad.
the whole day basically sold abt 12-14 bottles.
not too bad for a no crowd sales.

there is a regular,
come to chat chat with mi.
basically she is like tryin to pass some knowledge of wine to mi
so i guai guai listen.
nice lady.

went to lunch,
read my novel.
was enjoyin it.
then went back to work.
choon kit say he wanna change the tags.
n with my presence it made it easier for him.
of cuz la,
the names n stuff he dun need to noe.
he onli need to use his strength to settle mi.
mi in charge of makin the wine section proper.
do until abt 540pm.
he was callin his staff who loves to drink alcoholic drinks to fill the wine up.
cos he find it a pity to dispose almost the whole bottle of wine away.
i anything de wor.
as long he says ok. sure i pour.
chon kit department head leh.. sure listen to him.

then chat a while,
n he shooo mi off for home.
so one month later will i return to giant.

took shuttle bus,
n walk ver quickly to amk hub ntuc to find connie auntie.
she say she wanna giv mi some stuff she got from japan.
so went to got it from her.
n she went off.
her hubby come to fetch her home.
mi took train home.

reach adm,
as usual buy bread.
reali dun noe wat to eat.
so eat bread.
think this has persist for quite some time le.
see the food no appetite.
sian ah..

think m body quite heaty.
ulcer, throat abit pain.
this means need to get high on H2O..

finish watchin a show that i hav watched b4.
at least this time round i finish it all.
gonna settle myself down,
n study again.
reali need to get into tat momentum le..

*Jia You to all :)

Sally settlin down le...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, April 07, 2007

back from work.
again no crowd.

mornin wake up,
did some law.
initially beforedoin law,
my eyes ver big n awake,
but once i touch law,
eyes become ver small n wan to slp.
understand wat it means?

then went to adm to help mummy buy 4d n return vcd.
chat awhile,
purposely miss one train.
n read my novel.

then reach amk,
waited for bus
bus come n mi board.
halfway thru, the shuttle bus broke down.
wat an experience.
so stay in the bus for abt half an hour,
n waited for the next shuttle bus to come to our rescue.

then reach work place,
slowly pack the stocks.
got 7 new wine comin in.
n so i was there thinkin of how to squeeze the 7 new wine into the shelvin.
shift here n there..
n finali done.
look quite satisfactory to mi.
then 'lao ren jia' come along n ask mi where i put them.
so i show him.
he say i ver li hai.
then i call ah yi to inform her.
she also say i ver li hai.
i was thinkin,
mi not li hai,
cos there are 2 lanes that are empty,
so try to shift here n there to settle it lor.
of cuz brain cells killed quite some no la..

then went to buy curtain n 2 more thumb drives.
then feelin hungry went to eat.
has muslim food.

when i was makin my purchase,
saw an uncle wearin gold.
ver BIG BIG jewellery on each finger.
even watch n bracklets all are gold.
reali 'kim dan dan'
mi see him carry the gold, mi feel tat it is reali heavy.
he say take it as an exercise.
wat an extravagance way to show off.

went back to work.
nth much to do.
so walk here n there.
then chat with uncle leong.

n finali time to go home.
walk out of Giant with 'lao ren jia'.
mi go take shuttle bus, he go makan.
then reach adm,
wait for mummy at provision shop.
then walk up to foodcourt.
while they eate,
mi went home.
cos reali dun noe wat to eat.
think appetite not ver de good.

now using compie.
juz help my mum to change my bro's room curtain.
nice nice..

gonna put all the songs into the thumb drive le.
wat a troublesome job.

later i shall continue with my law..
no choice is also a choice.
tryin hard to knock some 'logical' sense into mi piny little brain.

sally disappearing le.

:D ♥; sally

Friday, April 06, 2007

this is the pic i wanted to upload.
this is drawn by me n cyn, with kelly as our editor..
mr potato, mr sunny, mr cup are drawn by mi.
mr potato was later edited by kelly editin some additional features to it.

as for the 'stick gers'
there is a reason for the presence of the 3 ger.
before law assignment, we are all normal.
then we get stressed up n go bonkers (3rd ger)
when we think we settle, n about to print things we look like the middle ger
n when reali everything is more or less done,
recover back to normal.

so this is the 'vicious cycle'
haha see this word familar?
the teacher for prices n markets uses it.
but i apply it in a different way.
so can i say we are applyin wat we have learnt?

today wake up.
stone at bed for a while.
then climb down to finish off the novel im readin.
title: King of Torts by John Grishman.

not too bad.
but it juz tell us to be satisfied with wat we hav.
dun aim too high n always consider for someone else in their situation.
its not tat $$ can bring the whole world down to ya feet de.
shd not abuse $$ tat way ba.
even though mi learn that money (paper itself) has no value.
it has value cos we recognise n gav it value.
still we shd not abuse it for wat ever desire we want.
once again, im applyin wat i hav learnt.
wu liao de wo...

ok. then after tat watch VCD with my mum.
had 2 bun as brench.
then went to consolidate the notes for law.
all in a mess.
hav to sort it out in order to study.

then watch amine.
read chi newspaper.
focus: 小活佛
reali find him cute..

from the chi newspaper,
read that 'zhou xing chi aka xing ye' would like Wu Zun to star in his next movie.
wat a news.

actress Zoe Tay is now alrdy pregnant 3 months old le..
her second baby is on the way le..

ok enough of gossips
later will pay attention to details le.
hav to check out some more sites for law.
y is it so tough???
goin hay-wired for it le la..
*friends out there.
diploma semster commercial law TB chpt 9-14
is quite applicable to our current law subject.
check it out...* :)
sally is disappearing le....

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, April 05, 2007

bloggin time.
went to sch early today.
was there to print notes.

then do n do until 130pm,
then mi n cym went for lunch.
then someone poke mi from behind.
it was Sharon, the administrator.
she say y i so tired.
cos i was tired.
chat awhile,
then mi n cyn went to buy food.

after tat we went back to class.
reali feel like slpin sia...
during break time,
mi n cyn went to library to photocopy some stuff for studies.
reali a paper day today.
after went back to class.
then listen to teacher talk.
n finali time up for home.
did i mention it is the last lesson for the semster?
so i pack my bag ve fast.
then saw zhen,
so we 3 sat bus together.
mi accidentally with slip of tongue,
said something funny.
so end up the 3 of us were there laughin.
as the train journey proceeds,
mi n cyn gettin lamer.

reach adm,
went to buy bread, pei cyn buy VCD.
then mi went to buy dinner.
cyn left for home.
reach home,
shower n ate my dinner.
hungry sia..
now feelin full,
n that juz finish watchin 1 amine,
gonna watch another one.

think will soon hav to start studyin le.
but i wanna watch VCD..
*conflict of interest in my brain - logic n desire.

sally disappearing le.....

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

my parents n aunt saw 小活佛..
so good.
they say he reali ver cute.
too bad i cant see him.
these few days dun noe y when i see the news abt the little boy,
i will read every single word of it.
but cos of today's weather tat y i didnt go with them.

was tellin my mum abt it ytd onl.
reali mei you yuan ba..
but nvm.
when my mum recall abt how she saw the little boy.
it sounds pretty funny.
normally ppl will go down to see.
but my mum shouted for them to turn around to see her.
how funny can my mum be ..
the 小活佛 uncles who happen to be the lamas behind him,
speak english to my mum.
my mum says tat they are ver friendly.
when my mum called home to tell mi,
i was actuali feelin reali ver happy that i almost cried.
a sudden surge of emotions ba.
think is becos the 小活佛 has bestowed blessing upon my mother.
reali felt happy abt it.
believe she will hav good luck
n most imptly - an improving health status ba.
waiting for the news.
see if they mention anything abt the 小活佛..
my mum say his cheeks pinky pinky de.

before my mum called my head suddenly was thinkin abt 小活佛.
juz the thought of the cute kid make mi smile.
think he has the effect of brong calmness to ppl ba..

after readin the report,
ppl ytd has went to airport to welcome him.
still after all he is a 4 year old child.
ppl out there try not to freak him out ba..

my aunt has make some spiritual connection with 小活佛.
she is able to do it for some reasons.
n that made her goosebumps comin out for 小活佛 virtual connections.
anyway it is a good sign.

now goin to do some law research n send to cyn.
tml mayb goin sch to print it out ba.

sally signin out...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

comin to the end of today.
woke up ard 10 today.
cos ying say the biz stats results are out.
so went to check.
not bad at all.
before goin sch,
mum cook me a bowl of noodles.
nice nice..

still i feel ver tired.
think the nites of burnin the midnite oil haven recovered.
even wan to slp on train n class.

the weather is reali ver WARM..
the heat seem to be trap within like a green house.
hate this man..
bring jacket to sch n didnt wear it.
reali not my style man!!
the climate is reali changin le..

today is also the law lesson for biz stats.
also the last espiode of the amine im chasin.
sad sia.

in sch, not reali revision.
more like doin qn.
so for rest the time,
i was actuali there drawing pic.
later then i scan n put it on.

after sch, went to adm to meet up with mum.
had dinner.
then i went home 1st.
on my way home,
saw xiao mei,
so go home together.

went to my room to pack my table.
so that studyin can be made easier.

then watch the amine.
so happy for its endin,
but so sad its comin to an end.
gonna focus on new amine le.

now watchin the re-telecast of it.
so adios...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, April 02, 2007

wat a day today!!.

drag myself to wake up for sch.
then went to sch.
was considered JIT
but then cyn, ying n mi decide to go compie lab to print Law.
we then slowly walk to the assignment box.
n saw many reports are alrdy in there.
that is ver efficient of them.
went to library to kill time.
for we decide to miss the 1st half of the lect.

then during break time,
ate awhile,
then mi borrowed notes from zhen to see wat i hav missed out.
thank you hui zhen. :)

then teacher continue with lect.
this time he gav an overview of wat we are shd prepare for.
so good
n today is last lesson for law.
goona miss it for he always thought us how to do 'naughty' stuff.

after sch,
need to sign attendence, cos they didnt passed it around.
so waited n waited.
then the 7 of us went to MegaBites to eat.
ate n alrdy n we separate ourself.

mi, ying, xuan n cyn went to CCK Lot 1 to sing K.
this is to destress ourself.
but of cuz mayb earlier on we hav spent too much energy,
n for mi lack of slp,
so im ver tired.
mi help Deva buy CD.
sat then pass to him.

n finali our long awaited K session.
sing n sing n sing.
drink n drink n drink.
after that time up for home.
alrdy 7 plus when we left.

then reach adm, mi n cyn alight.
she went to buy bread, mi go find mum.

saw Huiping, my JC junior.
she study until ver late.
poor her.
anyway Jia You wor!!

waited awhile n left for home.
reach home, rest n watch my amine.
tml goin to end tml.
hard to imagine tat the amine is the 'life supporting machine' for mi durin the weekdays nite.
it keeps mi awake esp in times of tests n project.
at least there is something i can look everynite.
keep mi goin..
enough of the senditmental moods.

now using compie.
not to do law.
but juz to browse thru.
such a good feelin.

finali i can slp untili shiok.
haha. will slp early ba.
i mean as compared to the previous 2 day.
ytd 5am plus then slp.

sally signin off le...

:D ♥; sally

wat a day today!!.

drag myself to wake up for sch.
then went to sch.
was considered JIT
but then cyn, ying n mi decide to go compie lab to print Law.
we then slowly walk to the assignment box.
n saw many reports are alrdy in there.
that is ver efficient of them.
went to library to kill time.
for we decide to miss the 1st half of the lect.

then during break time,
ate awhile,
then mi borrowed notes from zhen to see wat i hav missed out.
thank you hui zhen. :)

then teacher continue with lect.
this time he gav an overview of wat we are shd prepare for.
so good
n today is last lesson for law.
goona miss it for he always thought us how to do 'naughty' stuff.

after sch,
need to sign attendence, cos they didnt passed it around.
so waited n waited.
then the 7 of us went to MegaBites to eat.
ate n alrdy n we separate ourself.

mi, ying, xuan n cyn went to CCK Lot 1 to sing K.
this is to destress ourself.
but of cuz mayb earlier on we hav spent too much energy,
n for mi lack of slp,
so im ver tired.
mi help Deva buy CD.
sat then pass to him.

n finali our long awaited K session.
sing n sing n sing.
drink n drink n drink.
after that time up for home.
alrdy 7 plus when we left.

then reach adm, mi n cyn alight.
she went to buy bread, mi go find mum.

saw Huiping, my JC junior.
she study until ver late.
poor her.
anyway Jia You wor!!

waited awhile n left for home.
reach home, rest n watch my amine.
tml goin to end tml.
hard to imagine tat the amine is the 'life supporting machine' for mi durin the weekdays nite.
it keeps mi awake esp in times of tests n project.
at least there is something i can look everynite.
keep mi goin..
enough of the senditmental moods.

now using compie.
not to do law.
but juz to browse thru.
such a good feelin.

finali i can slp untili shiok.
haha. will slp early ba.
i mean as compared to the previous 2 day.
ytd 5am plus then slp.

sally signin off le...

:D ♥; sally

tell u all something,
haha.. i finali finish my law..
dun care le..
now left with printin n submission n its reali the end of it...

now watchin drama with mei.

went to work as usual.
but of cuz ver tired. cos i slept 4am plus in the morning.
reach work place, wanted to do ticket but compie break down.
so mi went to find deva to chat.
n time flies by ver fast.
easier we chat for 2 hours.
deva say i today look ver tired n tat mi eyes seem to be abit puffy.
so sad.

then i went to inspect to check if the compie was fixed.
n finali it was.
then print put n mi decide to forgo lunch.
cos wanted to go home early to complete law.
thought of many ways to do it but none was to my satisfaction.
finali idea come quickly write down.

at abt 4pm, lao ren jia ask mi to help him do ticket
n he even say that i can left after i finish helpin him.
so kind of him ah..
left for home.
met up with my mum at adm.
da bao food home, n start to do law at 8.
muz rest awhile 1st.

chiong n watch TV at the same time.
watch Zhang Guo Rong movie.
1st April is his death annversiary.
so sad.
his vocal is reali ver powerful.

then continue to chiong law.
now 340am, daddy dun noe y so late haven come home.
continue watchin the climax of the show.
dun noe if i can wake up in the mornin.

sally dancing off...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, April 01, 2007

u noe now is wat time?
its alrdy 4 in the mornin..
so happy April's Fools Day to all!!

as to y im still up so late..
think dun hav to think of the reason for too hard.

went to work.
was packin the stocks until 3 pm.
reali ver warm.
n no one to help mi.
so all by myself.
then went for break.
had malay food.
n sat there to do law.
not easy at all.
then back from back, went to find someone to chat.
cos i reali ver slpy.
if dun do something eyes will close de.
then 'lao ren jia' was goin to pack the rice.
so i help him.
afterall i did learn from Deva some skills of rice stocking.

by the time we finish mi also abt time to go back home le.
even on the journey to n fro to turf city i was doin law.
reali chiong hard for it.

da bao food home.
then watch VCD with my mum.
watch TV with my aunt.
n now listenin to VCD playin.
my mei was watchin it until now.

will slp le.
tml will hav to chiong Part B..
reali the last part to completion.
believe will hav lots of amendments to make.

hav to slp le.
nites n jia you everyone !!!

sally is the panda le...

:D ♥; sally


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